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2-16 Schopp and the Bulldog Hour 4

Feb 16, 2017|

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Might chill yeah I'm really upset. Because I feel like I'd been doing everything right. And you just exist. You know your loop on the bench the rest. You've got no no brain in your head at all. You've got no brain in your head at all but your great kisser. And the other guys are all talking about how everybody else in the house is hard if you wind died you do show up at your great care surges like yes you need to know Bulldog. Myers my wife about this once and she said well you gotta get later vegetables you can't. In the end we know chicken like what I'm ransom note chicken it's looks shiny so should get in there. If you ever come district manager what happened and you don't let me just vegetables would mean. I know people do grapple what ever does not mean how do they do that I don't I don't know eight non WG ER Sports Radio 515. Kind of soft. Like that in here. There needs to be some. I calorie. It out did he do you know most I had last week I came here but in and the sesame chicken salad. That was good that was very good. But I didn't look nor. Queries what exactly. How personality this outlaws. It tasted really good. Addressing a slope like this probably like him. Don't respect again to sell it by means. The audits are soaked in like some stuff that's beaten us. And on sell itself you know on sellers and help us probably healthier or salad choice then that it was it was delicious. At the steak salad. What he chicken Caesar is Hillary's right that's right. Re letting what are you to win without the resting her mistake but what was the points. The point is that just not live. Well I you have to put something on there quite well we sure don't you need yes. That there are lighter options available. I know this IE I have quite a lot of salad. And I try a two goal for the U you don't or curtail options. I don't expect that if I'm ordered to sesame chicken salad off the menu you let them them figuring I'm probably getting the goods. Your salad expert personal from please note actually a lot of sells you the guy who says Nichols says that it season tickets and more I know I know but yeah I would notice because I've watched a lot of sports and I've read a lot of child to want me. Colorado their files with just their call them a very very dangerous team to look past that is a quote we have 32 points they have two points. Six fewer points than the secret almost. Before the sabers at them this year through fifteen and 39. Minus 75. Goal differential. A fourteen losing streak to boo. It's just a page from the Rex Ryan Cleveland as the best all went through team I've ever seen at least that. You know just calm. I have to get solemn honesty from sports these days because it's just where else is it. Colorado is a very dangerous team with past okay. There was a time this week when a mismatch like this team like this you would expect like a easy win and equal with that record. I wouldn't expect that I wouldn't expect on what either eaten and a zesty and there's just no right and that's. That's why I mean you know. Why I think he there are some proof that what it's I mean it is the NHL they've got you don't buy stock in and seen him whenever they get some guys became that are you if you think you're Lebanese army. You know it's not there's no easy night. Was even thinking about this you know. You know what do you like with Las Vegas comes in we will not be a bushel. Two systems. Defense. While he should conflict all of it like it it doesn't matter. That much how detailed picture team that is. As it pertains to being in the game. You just don't see teams get Ron out of buildings just doesn't happen and I would predict that all of previously idle I'm not you're telling you all have a good record. But they won't be losing five to nothing all the time or written my QB so hopefully close to being just like an age old. Let's just like the sabres two years ago they were a lot of game that's right rob ray was in the league wants people don't know most people think of him as an announcer. But rob actually played in the league a long time and seen his days there were there was the greater capacity. Four blowouts like that. Rob far be it from us in buffalo to talk like this talk down about another team by guys are that the avalanche are 22 points behind the sabres. In points behind. The 29 place team in the league so shades of the sabres from three years ago when they ended up with samurai or. When you were beaten the league in your younger days you would have teams like that you would see you games where scenes were really mismatched numbers that. The first senators teams'. We're like really tennis BL right. Am really terrible and there would be games where they were just you totally blown out that's that's a long time ago this week unite I wouldn't predict that. Tonight in those or whatever means that the other you can river themes can your river games where like. This is a joke goes. Yup if we get going and early years of and expansion and things like that you're going to game that's like yeah I use it. But in our case to meet you bring up Ottawa. I don't know how good our record was against Ottawa when they first came into the league it seemed like we with the team that we in their kind of underestimate him so much and they witnessed it and you know they beat us in the game sort of a cameo and you think about how far away that concept is now as the also because the sabres have been at the bottom of the standings against you know I even the other day the tree and in the Ottawa. He's going to be said in the morning he says it we have to take the favorite sorcerer's. There are problems over the issue we've not taken answers. So I can see teams doing that an awful especially this day and age more than back. Years ago because now guys are we more confident than what we were back then. So I would I could see guys going. Now bathroom and wouldn't rack them up the makers of point totals and at this and that and have that expectation that thought process and then you get yourself. Partner and jam. Just like the obedience to grind now. Means the user's personal hard. Let's see yours. I would go and even know those teams that are through the evidence they have. A couple of years ago I was never really that game where he got totally sold mark. And it was there was one side right seven point one yeah happen let's let's appoint your make your voice guided edit his heels are have a parent oriented such a small. I don't know difference between that team that's sitting in the suit team that is you know six point oh. Realistically how much differences which means they often products and units that bloggers on our members required count up much. If not march through through who'd been more consistent than who it more. Underneath the worst in the shootout and that who got Demetris you know what point. On Tuesday is another example you can there's a lot of walking. Because relieved that the sabres play Ottawa. But you know they rightly that the Bill O'Reilly overclocking the radical that the leaks that owns it it's a split mystical. Michael Garcia got it's not an accident but he hits the pot but I mean can't really have agreed it it would go after that area you're trying to connect actual pocket on. Directors is hoping you know that's. A and O'Reilly went. I hear from the Cisco. I don't even know the equipment was going to be outcome of the well here's where I can anyway. Anything in mind is waking up and just start. Well they they continue here to exist just on the outside are media tiny bit more than just. On the outside of the playoff thing what what you hear inside. While there. Their attitude about that mean there was frustration. Last week that they haven't been able to you closer. I think I asked you yesterday if you think that there's any sort of resignation and he's no or are they. Confident that they can actually make that ground operas are different sort of live with the. They're they're they're more than off these guys in on when you watch and listen and even with what went on the unity with Robert and that. You wouldn't even have known that anything like that happen. If the media and our lives 500 Euro target target market the morning and then. The way guys reacting in Iraq each other. No Hewitt it's I think things are better so easily forgotten now that it's it's not carry over guys. They don't hold the guard that is you know whatever it's over with you on Twitter that some parts I think from our partners and over a period. Remember with certain things felt like. But it's too easy for now then just forget it move on. Oh they they honest to god in that room think that they can they can make it. I guess that's good watching the coaching staff after they were pretty darn excited about the win. A bill it was very well. You know you're down underneath there come up with a they were they are fired up so. You enthusiasm there the thought there that everything is there that needs to be that is epics cute but they're they're not going into it thinking there on the camps or. The trouble with at the execute. In the in the lack of consistency Berrian. It is this a team that in in all your experiences watching teams in the league. And watching buffalo team that you were either aren't that you've been working on the budget for which this team that could use the jolt of a coach and changed. I look at it mountains. This could this coaching staff does an excellent job of preparation they'd make sure that these guys know exactly I think it's. You know there's never any you know going into the game that you know they don't know how to beat the other team it's matter just going out and doing it. I think it's more. As as as some individuals on the team that need to figure out what. Pay a player they are and and what their role is on the team I know it's been. Pointed out to them what their role but they have to find out. At a conversation a Beirut with with somebody. Talking about a player. That. It's it's higher up in the management and infinitely. Minimally that you guys recently for ten years or close to it still doesn't even know what his role as her or what his what his game news. And because the figured out that he's going to be in trouble he's going to be. Maybe not done here would it be done somewhere else and so I think that these guys. As a group need to figure out each individual guy that was what they need to do what there. With there being is on the ice what they need to bring every night and it's it just seems like whether it's. Jack cycle when ladies. Not willing to take the puck and then that next that he's willing to take the puck in the end didn't. You don't want make the deer jumping into the play trying to help out the next record of sort of sitting back display and people who wait for somebody to back from. There's no consistency in and what they're doing in turn. The question is do they and they really know what the right. And while they have to have those roles bin. As far as you know clearly outlined by the coaches slick guiding got a roster which should there be confusion no portion any kind of views on this team at this point indication that they have in the numbers. And that an amount of time they spend arm. What they're supposed to do know there should be 00. Question on. Who's supposed to do. So why would that exist Pakistan outwardly there's a breakdown herself early break down. Because if there it if they're being told and but yet there's still some confusion about the all right you've got a guy their identity your regular role we may see a. It and its willingness to do you know the desire to do it. I think a lot of keys to a lot of guys think they're in Austin. And they're not doing. I'm not taken putting all the blame on the players either Tuesday on news it goes around and it's there and there's group with no. North of dark holes not putting all the blame on players there's going to be wearing. Coaches maybe we approached and opening. Maybe too much information. And views maybe if everything to speak to accept back in simple thing this practice. It installs way to give back to read that. Game now. Rush it happened you find before and Rutland pretty sensitive. Sold. Due to send. I bet your. And interviews on pregame shows and things and I think usually it's like it's it's obvious to me he is not like being questioned about injuries. Because he's like I've had two injuries you know he he seems to wanna. Jump on the question but no I I it to injuries that doesn't make me injury prone he doesn't like that that reputation thinks it's unfair. He's playing a lot though we played the back to back over the weekend and again in Ottawa and apparently again tonight. Working on and I talked about this yesterday. 39 shots river was so two goals on 39 that's the number is good. But despite a user who witnessed original person Estes of do you think he stole the game that well though and he's so big it. That may be like if you were six inches shorter it would look more like skewing the game if he made 37 saves in the game again whatever was the number. I don't know what would you think of Lederer and it is. The news and his reputation. Or to the site because they give them. They criticize him Somali years. Horror. Wrong wrong reasons whether it's what they treated to get him this quarter because you're around him more. To what extent you'd think he cares about that or just how we use. I don't I don't I don't think he lets. What you entire NC bother. I don't think that he lets. And speaking that it was gave up first or anything million dollars and you're not doing you know what it's supposed to be done. He he knows what he needs to do and he knows that it means there is a proud guy that. When he's not playing well he understands that he knows me does we have to do to try to get himself back out it. He's he's a competitor in the game make another one of those guys who never gonna question. When he in the game whether he's gonna give you everything he's got me he does that he competes and start to finish today let's in the bud that school. Here and there but for the most case I think he's actually good for this hockey team because news. He attempts to keep them accountable maybe he attempts to keep them motivated anyway and he's that guy that. It's I think it's at the other day right Miller guy and try to be a leader in the room but he couldn't be the leader in beat the goaltender at the same time he it's got all messed up in between. This guy he doesn't need to be as focused as what Ryan Miller needed to beat her a lot of goalies you can you can come between. Timeouts and talk to the bench and talked the coaches and talk to the view and say this is what's going on let's let's figure this so. So it is mind is always going in the game. He always communication amongst the guys well he's on the ice to his credibility yes with the other players. So in case he can stand up and say what he said the other day in and nobody's gonna sit there today in Russia tomorrow in the what do you know Cocoa Beach in which sand because he has carries enough cloaked in the room. It to be it was you that. And at the the more he's playing and and playing more and more that it's it's helping them it's getting to where he needs to be. We talked blow out losing weight and shape and it crap we got it got to play is rated on an invalid certain buoyancy in the better idea what people vote. I think it's important for the team. Trigger what do you know about because you got to make the sit with him at the end of the year what's what's what's former. And you know but you know stock. Step in to be your number one guy and and Robin Jeremy totally straight now to be that guy and you better buy the crap out of him so when you go to make the decision. At the end of the year you know exactly. That the decision making his right. So like this will be his fortieth game. And it's the team's 58 so what are it's realistic that he'll get into the high fifties. If if he keeps being used like he's been used here. So and that's a good call I mean you might I really like to get this sixty whatever but like you don't beat maybe we can get their results but that's a nice the real nice body of work. You know and. I think by the way you you shouldn't need to test him but to the Max like that you shouldn't. You shouldn't either intend to play them like that in the future is because you're you know he's your number one goal shouldn't eat deploy him should want a player more than sixty games. So in the year but it went. But rain now realistically I think if you look at it. He's your best shot usually not in the game yeah also by playing him maybe more than normal rate now you couldn't put him. As an individual to see if the audience breakdown and but because as broke down. Inordinately it's oh maybe upset when he questioned. And play it out shooting and doing it gets people so help you go through all this than you or regular years in the audience. I would not give them both schemes this week ago. No because you know the problem is and it was a team thing they did. Before the all star break the hand or let's say if we don't U partners team. And it's going to be almost two weeks before he gets another start right vote in your group. Rob thanks thank you. Rump Rangers at once excellent re index. The avalanche in town the worst evenly. Someone else is the worst finally a refreshing Colorado a while oval brigade next on WGR.

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