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02-18 Inside High School Sports

Feb 18, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You Gionta scored. Real fights maybe it's time to take a look inside a high school sports. Kelly cheering brought to you by mighty taco mighty tar who. Would go great right about now. My New Zealand's have you Italian sausage taste the difference quality makes and my dad neurological institute developing solutions to neurological problems faced an hour you. Good morning welcome inside high schools. Courts I'm your host Tony Caligiuri. Yeah we have a studio full we have Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's. We have Frank Wolf Roger Joseph mark Puccio talking girls basketball seeding meeting is going nine rate our arch absolutely. As we speak out. I got most of the Leno lineup from a PowerPoint not just waiting on some of the coin tosses. I'm not familiar with the tie breakers are boys and girls going on right now National Guard. And they're all I've gone Carroll wrote that the Bulls seized known on the used to read it to pew every year benign because ran. Harlem routed the bowl season all right we're gonna get in all of that and more as the show goes on before we start just from wall by your family in lake view. Moaning you all thank you rides. Her bright bright both kick this off with news. And notes there's a lot here torrents of spirit mean voiced hopes as you know down welts fit for 51 on Thursday. He is now the school has the school record for scoring in a single season. I should you single game 51 Kennedy had a season record. He's just CEO. 104041. Away from taking down a Richie Campbell's longstanding record. I and the Warriors also captured the EC IC three division crown is like ending a 54 year drought that was a pretty. How long time coming for them I believe they're there and they now have to wait for ten east in lieu port so little face the winner of that game and Cheektowaga and if down and it's. There he breaks record if not it's gonna have to comment but statement no doubt he's gonna break it. Girls troops on there. Is regiments Leonard. Get the seedings also I'd check it out on the section six website. And that's everyone cut the story can Wesley blue doubles what they did on Thursday night for grace Ferguson the senior that was out missed the entire season. Nice. Nice thing that the coaches from both teams and hammer was on board with a nice little thing for grace in their letter of author and score a couple a bucket. You know just so she can take part in the senior night festivities so. I said the royalties McKenzie marsh of Randolph and Rachel senate of Wilson had the 1000 point plateau congratulations to them. Boys falling sectional winners of boys were was west Seneca west. And for the girls was tiger we feel the individuals for the boys and the states or name Lorena tiger wheat field Josh know throughs for Trevor watch tiger falls. Malik Williams from through his bird Brandon beds away ski from frontier and he's out for use. And Tom clunky from Orchard Park to send back mowing this is his third trip to states. The girls had not to states will be Cameron spring Allegheny limestone. From spring of Elmer I had Gamal west Seneca west and east. Katie is seen by hand now there terrorist laurel valley Brittany great. Frontier Britney McCann use and from Leonardo Da Vinci. Rihanna Thompson all six bowlers will be and the states and girls' hockey last week in the flop lost the state finals to section three skinny Ellis five to one. But side next week's Sunday they will be taking and Williams bill for the Fed hockey championship this an 8 PM start are at Harbour senator. Boys hockey section class under way Thursday Kent he scored their first win of the season over Amherst it was a playoff game they not stop the Tigers. So they will face rival Ken west on Sunday out of north town starts I want north title Wanda. With another big upset they beat west Seneca west for a one on Thursday they faced will east on Sunday. Alou port double overtime win yesterday over sweet home their first ever playoff win congratulations of those guys. And west Seneca east knocked off will south than wrestling. These are all the rest are heading to states and although listening they're all practicing right now on at Lancaster from the large school division one. The champions 998 in revenue from Clarence won all six park arazi Lancaster won thirteen. Justin McDougall tiger we fell 120 imagine all Williams or south won 26. Willie McDougall from Niagara Falls 132. They're cousin and brother Warren MacDougal nagger weed Phil won 38 Rhein stencil. Lancaster won 45 Connor de era quite. 152 Steve and kept the kinki Laporte 160 Dominic Krauss with someone seventy Jacobs meter Hamburg. 182 Matt Chico old nag to weed Phil won 95. Larry Jenkins from lake shore worked who when he Mason of mastering Angelo laying shore from which he's been linked Lancaster into 85. To rod Rodgers now the at large bids for the sooner the small school division two champions. 99 Mike Evans brings a 106 stud Cusack. Pioneer 113 dulled Garner for on it went twenty David pop go wander won 26 nick as lusty. Poured Phil won 32 Hector column from for Dona 138 Phillies cedars from Dunkirk 145. Dillon and grow Falcons are 152. Can't Torres his teammate also from falcon and another guy from felt once sixty Cameron page 170 Trevor mice sect Maple Grove. 182 exact trimmed from make Maple Grove won 95 Tyler Smith. Pioneer 220 Jordan McLaughlin only in and 285 late Al suits from Luke port. Football why Terrell got the job it will least he's in new head coach there and shout out to dom prints the berg our Bulldog has decided to take his talent to Bethel university division to cool. I notice that I met when they had an opinion on Dominic princes are actually a student at Seneca ghastly chemistry I am not aware that only down side. I guess. I think it was one of tool that actually participated with the burger team okay got a couple things one thing they had nothing in the paper the other day about. Greg Dolan. And he said he had four assists and it. Overall though will self louis' record stays yak. Yeah and that's what I am question I'm waiting for my sources to get back to me I believe the assist record Wilson all along who law go pull up marketable. And the reason I say that is. Before his freshman year up policies gentleman that he said by the time Greg goal and finishes he will break. Policies. Phil stays yet scoring record and mark of poll is assist record so wait for some clarification that man. Unfortunately while on fortunately for. Clarence sweet home and hammers we can every cash flop final and I. In the girls tacky and now if the World Series of poker you might details and I'm. L Ortiz forever I guess. Quick question on Dominic god. Welch's performance. We some controversy I think we still evident FaceBook page about. Matty Williams from mama Diana went beyond 63 points. All Latin stars pouring down and all that. How would you feel about Tom Watson's performance against appeal. He had 29 at halftime they were up. Fifty summed it when he saw me play goal third quarter. Now does that compare to what is my what happened when Matty Williams and doc. I don't think so Kyra they're playing for division title. You gotta win that game. Malario. I don't agree. You don't agree. Maroney when you're out there to win a title but you've got to start on urgently at halftime in. We've seen teams crumble. He's usable okay take him out before court bully did they commodity in the fourth quarter well actually. He's got his 51 point. Right at the start of the fourth quarter. Hello I just. I'll understand we will now we have we bring it up with the girls we have to at least that analogy with the boys and it's all under one. Well if you want to chime in on the debate feel free to go to our FaceBook page and and join in post your opinion more everybody's opinion is welcome. All right guys let's get onto the the ten months after almost. Roger isn't. But but but but but a a are listed on the girl's basketball as a set Mike McCarthy. For mount Saint Mary's is here in studio good morning Mike in the morning to do. Have pleasure to have in studio. This is a big day for west new York and not only for the boys but obviously for the girls as far section six my senior Murton guys still have what another week to go before playoffs. Point third Rhea and I believes the last anomaly Urban League games and at 26 there's the playoffs for us what what's yet to be determined in my senior Marten. I think everything's tables kind of set. We will finish in the second third game 23 game. Obviously O'Hair is gonna finish that one spot traditionally do. Right now renowned as you thought sacred heart beats Nichols it's so completely sacred honor in net two pregame and whoever wins that goes to pace the game. Our hope you're back there. Who while when they play 43. February so treaties before the playoff game. Okay and then. Once the playoffs start where's is it at first round home court. And then you guys go to neutral floor always do you do or do read develop our okay so read it bill we're scheduled to play it's point six open will be there. And that's whose three game at some 45 it is featured game. That last game today. It's a nice is does that affect your playing at the neutral site does that have any bearing. Iron and the teams like you know if they're not familiar with their core. Of Durbin or Jim. And newsroom has done but it's about the size claws held a cigarette laughter yeah I got out. So that we lose that's our man is quite well we're not used you know and he floor bullet it's a great athletes are great kids the worker earning. To give me everything they can love you girls. I think many on the court Sacramento too much to us was open Mascoll. Practice and are never any kind of advantage and played her own engine rule do you think. I don't know you know basketball's basketball I think the in the orange tie and put. Well around I understand happened is the space there isn't a bank shooting and all I know where I I haven't seen I haven't seen too much where there's been many problems I think the biggest problem's going to be is your conditioning. The size of the core I haven't seen anyone who works putter to putter there have been quite a few games. I think that the size of the floor deftly makes a big difference so we've guys run a little bit more practices we were quite a bit okay yes I think we're ready. Right besides just what following her knees are very Cortland on our owners are running down the court anyway can't catch them. And I mean there won at least nine deepened with all the other Fulton and stuff. When the India was hurt and I think I'm Corey and had to go on a college prisoners so yes or opt. And they bring in their ninth intensive it also has India who Korean whom bruises as usually aren't there now. On the block that very job there I disagree Mike Meyer I've reiterated about their. Natalie schedule is here knows a little while New York State girls college basketball and mailed. Held their own remarkably. Coach obviously does a lot of talk about earlier this year and probably for years to come but what can. A team do to slow them down. Is there a way to beat this team and if so what can you do I think I think there's a format I'm not sure famous have ability to do it. We get Kobe Bryant to suit up yeah that's that's one thing he'd do better better idea. Last night and a like work tournament. Became a great way an actual bear down. And Jim cook. Doors the piano players. Definitely wanted to. Or whatever what about the popcorn reach so much smoke there Lisa about the way rarely right before what happened Milosevic did you inform a minute ago and I hate per pop for all all. Miller is their popcorn with his word midshipmen were saying seriously anyone got a lot we have to go to go up the door and I know I put her alarm went off. Wow. Okay that's what we've here. But I think that side and on the format suits us stopped them would be to slow down on them on a wrong they wanted a lot of possessions. The problem is is you know my time a team prices. Our players a lot of pressure to you and natural speed you up if you really well versed in coaching idea of slowly and down be patient run offense and it's very difficult do against them because there puts on an island one on one defensively. If yes he's very good skilled ball player's arm trouble pass and shoot. And take care of the basketball is your best chance. But they've they've done a great job there they're the character of when chase and they're councilor Sam that played basketball. And in all. For our girls we we we enjoy playing against them because they put so much time and effort into the game they flailing around in almost isn't division one scholarships and it is there. And this year all you say up with the Hendry India's injury and all add up. There's no doubt about it we've community hecklers out there wiser I'm sure they're the two best players this year in Western New York. Now when I see two best players I don't know alternates are the two best players this year. I almost think. Korean territory and maybe having a better years immediately I think he's a player earlier. I would I wouldn't doubt that in a heartbeat. She's. Angry and we're talking legacy Tony she may be as tall as you do that tall not all of our trade made it. We're gonna see him standing right and actually arrest but and you Odyssey Hershey takes charge on their court. Like I say India and I did notice against sacred heart the other day when they played they undergirding McHale I don't know and you maybe you don't realize how. Overall India's game is in the hall and out as a McKeon do that at one over by the unites against colonel era but then again who does exact soul law. But no Korean Dixon. I thought she got snubbed last year by not even make in the draft when he I was here she's got to be tough fight in my thing. While I think they're Corey I believed India's the most athletically gifted player there wolves in a long time here. She's unbelievable defensively can make plays any time she wants a distinctive Corey if you government to kid. She's she's salt here I mean she's an amazing kid she's the glue that team. My daughter works out with her every now and then. She's just a great kid to be around. I love being around her I love the way she used her teammates islands earlier answers out there she defends he can shoot the ball. She gets that one evolve anything you ask him to do she's gonna do it and for that reason as coach. She's a kid I'll pick average time to other kids pick up on that when they see it. You know a team leader like that do they pick up on how that are personal conduct themselves. Nowhere might carry over the following year in and beyond can set a standard I believe so I believe when you know on her country kids there. They're great kids and I think that you know Serbian is as good but it is he is. It's recognize this recognized by other young girls on our team and we recognize that you know she's a good just good sportsmanship. She plays the game are urged please serving she has and we definite pick about that. Were you involved with Pia BC and wife team and I posted this here coded and is it true I heard that. Korean was welcome on a team which you pass it up so somebody else and every absorbers. Originally it was for her sister said the team. Other guys simply with Angel. Correct yeah. That fits academy girls here myself and just six not that we were trying to because I believe she's one of top five players those self. Did you see those two passes she threw that where you have to sicker you know there are those two passes she threw stumbling all my original owners out when that's. Corey and sciences right. Amazing all I. In all of all the stuff that I've seen order due this year those two passes and our dorm I'm gonna have to Emerson were Michigan that. Losing their all their all been very very talented there's an element coming up who plays and my daughter and in a U. Younger days and really just hills does Saab and elders while more so. All Aaliyah. Please and my daughter on our summer's grade I ninety team I'm part of my ninety elite and this year where he's preteen and done she's very talented dual. So on there's more room. That's they don't you post creativity years this is something natural that the kids and I think today is habit I mean I think that's quite a lot of basketball I think it's going to play around play against boys. I think that it's just a love of the game. Seventh eighth and ninth graders you give me your group knows. Route there we'd actually have the cuts them. And I'll put them up against anybody and went long and we did we did this year we won three high school term was hungry team. So some of Korea and I'm not talking about you know Marita Berrian to lose us the elusive ninth graders as long as them that Martin play when us of his. No. All I'll excuse me. Alarms are also Claire sister play with us to my daughter in greater and I think god she's not she's with that team to go out and AJ green and it creates a lot. My daughter whose name occurred the how. This group cue from west minister. Dal it was a very very very talented team. Cushion there's a lot of young girl programs out there like BS EC where are these girls coming from where they learning in all the games. I'm sorry question simply be aware of these young girls coming from the six companies tree where they developing accounts one of some of the younger school. Or programs are on the area other than the SEC is showing when Ireland all go. Yeah I ninety bomb dumped the program more involved with. Is capturing a draw on from here and Albany. So we're seeing a lot of kids that win a lot of people are calling trying to kids involved. It's very tough to make the team obviously consider were taken a Smart kids from here all in Albany. It's been a great thing for our area. A we're trying to hand picks and kids meanwhile we see kids and and it would have taken player look at there's some talent we do Montauk their parents and me on the contact us checked FaceBook page and he was a message or. You know concert when the coaches think I'm. You know it's all about putting timing and and it's something that I'm blessed with a my girls amounts him areas. Did warm once best bosses are we put the time and now if you wanna be in a league best ball player it's going to be 365 days a year. And if we need more coaches more volunteers more people to say hey listen Walt on that Jim what about the fact that you're here. More more college coaches say they don't want the specialized. Kid they want summary this claim multiple sports. You know I'm not a coach on on the college level so I can't really comment much on what they're thinking and what isn't that the goal is to get them ready for college and him. Maximizing. Where they can go so I don't know what if they're playing multiple sports there that much more open to be recruited. I I would agree with that I think that you know basketball is and as a highly skilled game. There's a show moving pieces and moving parts and nothing's go over the same and I and I believe you just need to work and skill Matthew Kemp they'll exports. I think that's great fielder soccer player ever in on the basketball floor I think you guys you're gonna specialize in basketball. Make sure you're working on your skills but you're shooting or dribbling so I play the other sports British still getting your time in working on your sale there's and that's an order. Then yeah that's that was my point. Men's road rearrangement of pick one usually. I'm not fair I let's take a break we come back we're gonna jump in. To section six try to forecast how the seedings are gonna go. Obviously you can't pick where the coin toss is good. How desperately hope heads or tails. As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the way it's gonna work at that we are gonna pretty much you know playoff start this week. Next week and I were basing each updated each and every week is to. What's going nine without with all the winners sports would do our best to bring you all the updates. Voice quarterfinals are not ready so low which boys will be off state next year it's exciting it really is exciting times. Of this school year and it goes by so fast to me speak and where are you the baseball. Which is a good thing because then at spring in hands softball and sophomore when Carolina lacrosse I know we go on an island on there is. Barbecue that's even better thing to talk about. Mike let's kind of size up you mentioned before. Where you thought you were going to be in order be normal but give us a whole shakedown of monsignor Martin before we jump into sections six. Until we got to. The B. Mile mercies represented the first place us seem to be great allies believed to be going against narrative and somewhere in the championship there armed a couple of schools obviously and that an Irish Catholic Buffalo seminary park. I believe yet it didn't no mercy going to state game. You know there's an injury with Abby Adams and are you him the other day against ardent hoping she's doing well. I'm not sure what was what was something with a knee so she hasn't played that game I believe the mercy will probably beat them in the B. As far as the hey the way it looks things in the shake out is you know hostile era sicker are simmers Lancaster which by the rated on a great job this year. And Nickels and the nichols' team is really improving. You know in Obama is going to agree to our last few weeks for them in a money Dockery is on a different player last month of the season. Our Saint Mary's a very young team and are you hearing from them for the next three years I mean I think I don't know all I didn't get too many games since. I was in the game and Diaw is that the Alden tournament really early in the year and I believe they've started 39 graders I mean it. Do they start off three ice skaters and two sophomores. They don't Jason finals on those good job puts a lot of time and and on the older they get about a they're gonna get. I think they're next up is still plays really good competition to test themselves a little earlier in the season and I think that they're going to be doing brilliant things in the near future. Has anyone population younger Ruoff Maroney gentleman from earlier query who in the neck his daughters piper opted for a seniors outlined yesterday he's a freshman. Well now we're just got gray area there there at that all the way I think you for sent me picture of mr. and mrs. rock. It was great to see I'm in icu sporting a beard like we all icing great. Excuse me. Apparently the terminology is platinum blonde all we don't uses you're here I am sorry it and I know that adding get the memo. I just opened a section six guys what about the large school ceiling talks are a sorry you talk about the big schools well yeah I mean that's Russell era. Okay so Friday night is still playing game general Goran I. Closers I if there's a change from Pete it and get it. Friday night factor in 715 and bill will be a playoff game to determine what we're follow me for five seasonal. And men. I think Sunday is quarter for Curtis to the big school semis and a small school semis at fell off. And I got to 4156. And 74540. Violence us as well ago. Okay and let's get in the section six. Lot of schools could talk about here. Wherever you wanna start rod show how the scene is gonna go I know you said to be quite honest first or do you first. Well I got three because on one double lives I don't know much about the and I and on the top part of that bracket I'm feel on the front here locked or it's one of those two schools I got to give a lot of credit to the frontier staff. There are five out offense where it went nine to twelve players that I've not real to coach myself actually does a really good job with the leaders of that offense. Very disciplined team that lost a couple games recent mean that they probably shouldn't have the word tough losses at least Lancaster was one of them. Are you lustig Clarence and Clarence who was it two or three point game it was a one possession I think they law all the way against Lancaster to yes leaves we kind of hurt their poll rankings I dropped him down for that reason but I see them play against my daughter's team and you know they did a very good job Claire groups was playing very good basketball for them as a as an hour and greater and greater I love the family out trying to your come mount Saint Mary's on eighth grade. But lock for I'm never gonna count Caron I'll. I I do camps with Chara talks were often. Her brother do a great job in those kids play very very tough on but I still think clearance comes out of that on out of that with be on top of that bracket. Black forest is thirsty now they can also depending Lancaster is kind of off. I don't know if his system is about the best way to put it but there could be sort of a rivalry there because. A caring catalog all the four girls show left. Black Ford coached at Lancaster and she took over in four shot headlock Portis were Caron teaches and all that so law. Black reporters very inconsistent they get beat the best team one day and loosen the worst team and. Expect Kensing guidance counselors like worked her sister younger sister is a teacher at Lancaster. In a coach a question coach has Karen overthrown issue you during the game. No idea his footwork I haven't played her obvious go to camp and we do some things together bullet. I can see where she would throw couples who. Care her sister. Would throw issue they might both throw shoes as you I don't know sister but I think I can see character issue right where the coin toss is gonna. Meant a play on assault Barnette McKay it will be in and no class deed because. Franklin Ville and Alec Louisville had every coin toss. Believe furcal and go on to point. In a minute I thought I don't know it will. Reflect well. It could be wrong. Joseph how much does your procedures and policies he is and how we're gonna go down well. Yes. Okay you just want to potential off to a three matchups and on for you want the whole nine yards. Give me whatever you got to let alone a this'll here power and going to class and now sure I won't anyone will south is obviously the team to beat up. Our Grand Island and hamburger visas who went three. Hi check McKinley the foreign five will least would have to play Hamburg again Hamas projecting now what the quarterfinals would be. And does that necessarily true reform but I'm assuming always when I give me these match up. There's seven Walton beach and and it will be Manning and those are gimme games so I probably. I'm idolize doing it that way but in class. A one. The only team it could be it will solve than anyone in my opinion is low self. Yes tiger. So on our brand you know I've sounds funny Barak I think it'll play Hamburg. Yeah hamburger Gramm that great today you know NFL this year was very weak and we playground this year ten east. Literally dominated. Niagara Frontier League and there weren't very many close games in the rest of it. And again blocked toward playing erratically and all that I don't think black sport played up to their potential. Oh well keep reminded did have a couple distractions a couple kids that weren't playing games and I don't care does a great job over there what she adds. Okay H true to me that is going to be via. I mean you are talking. Ten or east lake shore in Amherst. Before five game is all Lee and hosting star point that's my dark horse. Your record. OK you're glad we're missing here here Iguodala earlier uncle house a year away. Debt. All all I am not only has only and you know they keep come up they move up to me too when you think is gonna effect government. You know that I age vs the bees. Dwellers of boys or girls or something in the water down there on what southeast corner of law should talk Laker whatever it all and seems to freedom and all that. They got. What number one or two scorer in western new your daughter Sarah flight for Irish it's just she's around. She did kick government should do its settlement should get them in ways you'll that believed but I agree with them off. That I hear employee don't know if oriental express you're going to get beat him but it was set up on semi final of law. Only in vs ten more Easton amorous verses lake shore which goes to out of the epic game it's the best. Projected semi final doubleheader this year in my opinion my senior Marc nor easy actually. Agree lot of off I ninety girls Derek Derek where there are. There copper that the two years look and act you're number three the number four number six and number nineteen. And a large pole. Fourteen. Know the answer to why you never know if the rock girl as one of for a pat days and all that we're counting on her again. Inconsistent and erratic put on any given day especially a 36 gamer for fight immediately those are those opinions and when it. You know maybe down and those smaller. School leagues and all that where they've already played each other it's more of a truer. Comparison because they play each other and hasn't been that way enough you know EC IC vs the NFL enough. Sees CC AC depending on what school we're talking about. Class. A month ago we were the senate side Easter or is titled Alou is a man. Am a breaker goes out and here's an ACL in me at all and all the sudden that leveled the playing field some fears. Easter or so impressive yeah. Thereof and number two seed. They bring anywhere near their eight game. You on one battle every chance you guys some with a puke puke playing real good now test Borg board Rusch is starting to play played good. She got out started the year she was still recovering from an injury. Then she had a concussion GM is an hour almost two weeks I think in December and all that. Finally did come back took her awhile the players often shape but I would say the last two weeks she's as good as anybody in Washington here. I would agree. Obvious Clark is a very talented players who for the few and they keep your mind if you also upset lakeshore this year's their only loss. You know I really like an accuser crystal as a batter were girls gone pointers over. You know no matter what it golfer active Q okay a little flat and well. Loyal wife. Inspiration to play would anybody. Classy. Wide open and see one in my opinion all that probably the favorite. What I who have favorite to the number one seed and golf large number two but three and four is. Reforms five Wilson is third. But that and it is fair tournament and it would be playing out Seneca in the 45 game I channel like but I know there. I could see the three and four warning going to the championship game. Modano and especially Wilson's. Rachel's side. That too many players in Western Europe sooner. And I reached got a thousand points he's here on the court you wonder how she hasn't gotten 2000 she's a team player but that was over 200000 points. Let's of the spiritualism that. I didn't get any kind of sat there and I had to learn and 1000 points just truly impressive is what it is awaited this and she's Albert whiny and right now dollar K 1000 points places. While too you know. The action is off. Mister W well it 201000. Points while welcome that was in front page and newspapers and great coaching Bates and oh yeah I don't have a good vibrations right Brian from Wilson. Think I had if they want and interviews at Rio for new Newman's really influencing him badly and I'll unsung hero. Absolutely okay see two old. We go back to the B the V you're around sir I think I think we're forgetting about. Who fall floor heads. Junkie mile like gambles that last year we lost to them and about a twelve or thirteen point lead early in the season. In. Her father first of course I've played with some graduate whatever that was the super senior year in 96 we are graduating gather. I thought he was about special player our senior year I thought it was best athlete he might be about as an all time. An analyst wasn't players here know who's not. I mean anyway actually he was that he and have a great season but he was that good of a player and you UC is daughter play you see a lot of him. She's strong athletic explosive Smart. And you can't count her out of what she's gonna do on a big stage I'm glad that's my favorite for the B ball floor it's. Well exactly and not how do you folk a chance though both. So earlier saying maybe that they can actually knock off Wilson to I actually believe that okay. Lot of old Kyle Boller. I'm going in dying over off Seneca and a 45 game it's a given I'll take that but I'll would you arraignment diner vs Johnson. How long we have another kid from I ninety some history girl Jed Rutledge who was on all of that teams' lineups that my girls involved in and out and I don't or MRI Zimmer Duffy sister does is greater on a brilliant genius yes me it's very very good too good athlete as well I was take a break guys when we come back. Will often shocked to see teens then. Wherever else we can come up with you'll listen inside high school sports and WGR Sports Radio 550. Look back inside high school sports. We'll come up fast breaking. We got us sell he lives down they keep thank senator for the guys Sabres game today beautiful. All right make sure you keep it locked straight here at WGR Sports Radio 550 talk Lamar Mike McCarthy. For mount Saint Mary's before we get back to seedings one thing I love are pushing on this program because I think they're so important our camps. And clinics incidentally I'm working on a clinic great now coaching clinic. And we already have geez McNally. Miles already signed on to speak. When I have a date I will pass that along to you. Your camps and clinics common up. Yes I do have big grammar school girls camp coming up next week for 221 twice second swing third. From nine to four. Me 85 dollars for the three days and it's an awful day in our skills and drills you can check it out I'm not Twitter and at I'm Osama thunder. Or you can reach me via email at alma McCarthy at MS I'm academy dot org. If anybody's interest it if you have a camp work clinic coming up. Please feel free to post in our FaceBook page inside high school sports get it out there we have almost 2000. People that are in it belong to this group. You get the word out that way. I rash that camps a year or with a mouse is that a concessions stand you know known all car I don't know that's gonna be for coaches are it. So that we get further RE RS coaches Mike as you know you never stop learning never. Then you know anytime I get a chance to go to camp I'm gonna try and do so so. All the time I mean you know these coaches are constantly being cut by the appearance in the stands and I hear all the time as right. You read my kids were easier but I don't have depth probably and I'm Roger I I I've probably talked about this all the time. I'm extremely fortunate I have kids and all but they Miami. I don't get them and they don't talk back to do is there tall and I'm very if you see me coach I yelled quite a bit I mean your trees chemical old school. In the parents let me do what I do and and I'm very appreciative of them as well as the kids. Nice very nice let's get back to the seeding is Raj quickly I would put Bruce burger in the same category is will self the only team I think it can be a receiver in C two and for that matter the crossover game would be Forsberg they're really good. Three talented girls that are out to seniors and a sophomore that are off. Leading scorers but he plays all nine girls and their fresh I can't see anybody beat mass. Class. Panama. Alec it Will Franklin will either one of them could come out of there especially now and I'm he is. Playing real while they're young guards theirs start. To come and play relies Berrian ball on. From the state runner up a year ago. And everybody was questioned you know how important is they have guards in basketball and all that they're starting to come along. Everyone's projecting Franklin and all of them could fill the plane championship game what might even be as good game is. Projected choose receive Panama. Vs Franklin bill and those will be down in Jamestown very interesting. Brian reality climbers to 45 seed. Three out whoever wins that game gets and I had a right to play up against his eligibility number one seed advance. But at least they'll get on to the semi final Shura Jamestown. Are given he had. It was we only a few minutes left. Anybody had a shouted at that you can legitimate shot at winning a state this year. A loss making state finals. All the state finals however comes at his feet because again they'll get to drop. Two years ago they had a players semi final against hobbled and who went and won a state championship and every three years at rotates well the plate this section in the semi dissection or as section. This year again I would project that the class. When or whoever comes at a class. I think. They could be the second third and maybe fourth best teams in New York State. I am pretty quickly out. Frank wanted to ask our coach McCarthy about the sacred heart oh women doc right after the pass service for sister Mora. Was a turning point for your season the very first time you ever beat sacred heart. I always say it was a turning point I think it was something there it goes in the memory bank forever on I have five seniors for those five seniors more for. Since I walked in my first Janeiro was JV coach when they allot this freshman. No we've been talking about setting records and and missed him doing different things and make their program amount since they won and we came in together. In that was one of our goals for years ago was as a varsity team to beat them to be Sigler that is and and it was nice silence it was a turning point as much that was accomplishment. I think we should mention not. I was at least bit surprised at digging for a while he was nearby and second of all they play man league game against sacred fire. In December dust and and perhaps. I hope you do have a worse shooting nights this year than he did that night as sacred honor we might have become well they anyway and they were. They did everything what put the ball in the basket I view you told me that. Mount Saint Mary's and I was gonna win a rematch I wouldn't challenge at an event. I'm Mike thank you very much respect and the hour with us we had a great time lot of great information out there that's luck to you guys in and everybody else. In the post season end in have a lot of fun out there but for all the players especially you seniors. Because this is a memory that you're gonna have this the last all lifetime we'll talk to next week for more inside high school sports.