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02-19 Fast Track with Dave Buchanan

Feb 19, 2017|

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Western New York race fans it's timed out crank it up a goal. The next hour and the airwaves belong do you. C jumps dress didn't let him get WGR's fast track. With your host of other evidence there. I have a deep Buchanan. Good good morning race fans we are back. Eleven out to your WGR Sports Radio 550. And welcome to the eleventh season of WG are faster I'm DP can in thinking for listing it's great to be back on the airwaves a WGR Sports Radio 550. Can you believe that this is our eleventh season on here the tenth anniversary of our first year back in 2007. Mean at the life feels like a long time I'm. What's happened in this that that this decade for me I'm. 34 now I've gotten. Engage Mary had a child had three different day jobs outside of working here a lot a lot has happened in that ten years but we're still here on the air. And it's good to talk to you once again. Here on they'll be GR Sports Radio 554. Are regular listeners phone lines are open your write up that 8030551. 888550. To 550 for news program pre production and mining DB can and I've worked here at the lead GR since 2004. As a producer. Work pretty much with every show on the station in my main duty these days is working with our Buffalo Sabres broadcast producing those most of those. For the sabres radio network. I'll still having great love of auto racing and motorsports which led to meet getting the show back in 2007. And we do it every Sunday that's not during football season except last Sunday we didn't think we should have been on the last Sunday but we weren't. Or back here so from now until bill season starts up will be here every Sunday morning talking racing with you. The big primary focus this show is usually NASCAR that's the big big thing to be lead in nor NASCAR coverage but. I'm always open talk any formal order sports will Indy car we went to any carries last year lock in plan. Eight straight drag racing. Anything more sports related if you wanna bring to the show please by all means feel free Shimon. Also local motor sports is big on the show was well too on top of my duties here WGR SO work at Lancaster in rain civil speed ways as a track announcer. Also be some PR work in Lancaster speedway and so I love local motor sports we have a great local motor sports scene if you're not aware of it here in Western New York in southern Ontario we've got so many great tracks. Possibly well run track that I might get to later on this hour. But as we have a great local racing scenes we topple a lot of that to on this program more so as we get to the warm once obviously not much going on in February locally. But of guilt here if you've got us in this program are the basis you hear a lot more local racing talk as we get into the month of April may and you. June and so forth so that's what they show us all about beats for your first I'm listening thank you for tuning in for regular listeners welcome back. Again phone lines are open your 803055180. Date by fifty to 515 others so much to cover. And if there's something that's been eight H that you you wanna talk about feel please feel free to bring your this morning. Also were on Twitter to act fast tracked by fifty that's at fast tracked by fifty if you wanna tweet at us. Also we have a FaceBook page to FaceBook dot com slash WGR. Fast track coming up on today's show. What should they show got a little cold water thrown on it I guess if caught I guess cold rain water thrown on it thinks the NASCAR and last night of course we were hoping to watch the clash it's the clash. Shoot out unlimited now it's the clash again the Advance Auto Parts class vessels be lessening Daytona the annual U pre season all star race. That got postponed by rain in it's actually going to start hall or on the air this morning they're scheduled to take the green flight about 11301135. So it kind of spoil my fun you this morning you'll be competing against that hopefully couldn't turn down your TVs in and keep your radios turned up in the race starts this morning. On fox sports one. But we will still go live to Daytona Nate Ryan for NBC sports will join us in less than ten minute flight from Daytona. We'll get meets dot Sidon the offseason and speed weeks and everything in between so that's coming up. On again about quarter after here on the program but the rest of the shows wide openings early guest this morning slots at time for your phone calls 8030 fight fifty because. It is a much different sport then when we left him we won't last we're on the Airways which was I. Think in November think we did that one show on the buy weaker when the bills and a Monday nineteen. We had that one. Playoff show that we we get to do every now and then. And since I was last Amir a lot as happened. More than I can color I think maybe in this this fur show and good thing around for two hours next week because I might needed just continue to catch up. From the Osce but this is a that the sport has changed so much in NASCAR as change so much in just this short amount of time. Oh since we've been on the air Jimmie Johnson won his seventh championship. Good for Jimmy as. As I said. Last year you know if he was gonna win the seven Jed chip I was gonna be OK with it I'm OK with that great for Jimmy. It's cool when he's tied with Richard Petty and Dale Senior now. And it was surprising though that he wanted it had things played out the way I thought they were going to would have been. Carl Edwards her Jolie or Madonna winning the championship but no they had that little crash at about ten laps ago on that restart. For caution that should never been called and they wrecked each other and Jamie got the opportunity needed in was able win in when his seven championships are good for Jimmy then the offseason came in it. The changes are coming fast and furious every couple weeks it seem like something was cheating at started in December at the banquet why now we found out finally found out that. NASCAR we knew NASCAR is getting a new series title sponsor cleaning the deal's pros out. But we didn't know when that that sponsor or who their sponsor is going to be with that we hear about it now October didn't happen we hear about it homestead. Finally at the banquet Las Vegas in December very late in the process they finally. Gotten monster energy to sign on the dotted line to become the new title sponsor for the major top series of NASCAR. He and bony announce that we you know what it can be called yet. On there's a lot of talk about the phrase cup series going away we hear a lot of references to the the term premiere series being thrown around late last season. But right before Christmas they threw us another curveball when we they announced that it was gonna be called the monster energy NASCAR cup series. So the cup seek. You need a cup series name was gonna stay. Which was a big shot but the other curve ball was they change the logo NASCAR updated the the series logo gone as the familiar NASCAR. Iconic and logo that we've known for about the last 3040 years. And now we've a new NASCAR logo but it's so the cup series so we got to keep that call at the cup series so I was fine with that but it'll be the monster energy NASCAR cup series not. The NASCAR not the monster energy cup series but in my thirty NASCAR cup series that is the big change do. Is that NASCAR comes after the sponsor which is. The opposite that its been since they start calling at the cup series in the seventies when RG Reynolds can abort. So new sponsor new logo but we're still hung up the cup series cool. And that changes kept uncommon in the course the big change is the change in the race formats for this year. While ignore last month during January. Terrorists are actually all offseason there was a lot of talk about the format to the races changing. And we heard things like heat races in tiger races at an all these ideas were in thrown around the industry and what was gonna be the change. Because of course NASCAR has been facing these slumping television ratings although pretty much everything has been facing slumping television ratings even the NFL. And NASCAR was looking for ways to make the sport more attractive to younger viewers tuned supposedly a shorter attention spans although I don't buy that theory completely. So we knew something was coming and finally we found out last month. That we are going with stages and outbreaks when Adam as best they can if you haven't heard about this yet. But for now all races in the cup. X Canadian trucks years ago and broke into three stages and roughly bigamy broken down trying to 25% point 5% in the final half. App for the race will be the third and final stage. Amy other racial start late they always do they waved the green flag and then they want it to the end of stage one. And they will waive a green checkered flag it'll it checkered flag but with green in once and a black and white. And at the end of that first stage of the drivers in the top ten will get points. The guy that wins quote and quote wins the first stage it's ten bonus points second gets second and 109 innings and six all the way down the tenth. They'll have a caution period won't stop the race the cars looming on the track clothing come down to make pit stops. And then after all that they'll restart the race just like they would after any other caution period. And they'll go until the end stage two and in the same thing happening green checkered flag will come out. And then your top ten in points get points 1098 and six by 4321. And on another caution period and racing resume and then the final stage it'll be just like the end of any other race the race till the end of did he scheduled distance or the race goes into overtime and I'll take that into account. And at the end the winner is the way the first got a crush whose line is still your winner he gets the Max points he gets forty points. And second it's 35 points and it goes all the way down 343332. In league it's all about. 35 who gets two points and and the guys that finished 36 the fortieth each get one point. And you know so it's still racists is broken in the stages it's Connelly inserting a little air missions or hurt timeouts are commercial breaks whatever you wanna call it. In the middle of a race and again. I wanna be OK with this well to I was a free I was against key races because and we saw on the eastern miniseries that that he race format they tried was boring as hell. We don't get there we barely get enough cars to show to make theory says it is he not sending guys home through heat races that it they just rode around it was a great setting. I hated the idea of timed races I thought that I just couldn't get on board with that. If you if you're in a sports car racing you might be a little more K with that I wasn't that didn't happen I'm glad. The caution clock which was experimented with in the truck series. Last year that didn't that got tossed thank god I thought that was that that stack caution clock timer in the truck race that me my skin crawl once caught on TV last year. That that's going awaits you that sell all three national series are going with this three state form and I'm OK with it and it. Eight gives drivers the impetus to go race for the race for race to the front of the field throughout the whole race there's no all riding around. You know especially at the plate races were a lot of guys hang out in the back in a lot of people got upset last year. At Talladega with the Gibbs cars hang out the rear of the field data wanna get involved in the crash well now. They they can still do that but you risk giving up a maximum twenty points. By not finishing in the top ten in their for those first two stages. So alive that's great in it hopefully will make the whole racing exciting more exciting. And he you know you don't just have to watch the start last fifty laps that hopefully that middle section will be something in there to keep you occupied. And keep entertaining also good news it means. Less grief like commercial that doesn't mean no greens like commercials but apparently that I know the people at fox for saying that this format will mean about 20%. Fewer green flight commercials which is great to. That's that was my that's what won him one of my things I was hoping for is the complete elimination of green fly commercial leading get that. But of bills supposedly be less TV commercials during green flag racing because the networks now know that they've got at least two commercial breaks. During these during these and a segment transitional periods you know they can in they can. Daily deluge us with commercials that they'll do less of it during green flag racing which is excellent. The other part of this format. Is V implementation of playoff points in the chase which is no longer call the chase it's called the playoffs which is great because the chase. Was a silly name and we just kept calling at the post season in the playoffs anyway. You know NASCAR wants you to call the chase it's no longer call the chase is just call the Playhouse. And there are playoff points to connected to all these stage finishes and and of race finishes. I'm top of the guys that finished first at the end of each data they get ten points for their season points and nobody else get a playoff point. And drivers can accumulate these playoff points to get one point for a stage when he gets five points for an overall race win. On that means you're the first guy across the finish line with a checkered flag waves at the end of the race and they can tally up these playoff points and they said item until the playoffs start. And it all rolls into. Dead their points total that I ads and their point total going into the post season. And it can help them. You know better their chances of advancing to homestead in being in that final four run for the championship. Another great implement idea by NASCAR because. No longer now does the guy that when the Daytona 500 next Sunday. They can they day they can't turn their the next point five races into an R&D session because you hear that like guys who win early in the season they played great we can do. Testing you know at at Texas of that weekend. Come up with a set up to run the Texas chase race with you know. Now I can't do that because you you waiting here in the last yes but. You also now that earnings playoff points because everybody else in the chase is gonna have these playoff points to when you hold so that'll virtue. In the chase their playoffs. If you don't have if you don't earn enough playoff points during the season which is amazing. By the way Nate Ryan were openly talking to him a minute older middle the National Anthem at Daytona so. I don't know if it's gonna wanna answer his phone during the National Anthem but all have need Ryan. Up from NBC sports lightning Tony here in just a couple of minutes. So again you can't write a run of the back because he missed out on race points and also you can't. Turn the rest of the regular season to a test session because in the set a playoff points so NASCAR did a wonderful job I thought. Putting implementing these things into the regular season races to keep these guys. For a to keep these guys going fallout for the entire length of the race every race each and every week. We'll see how it plays out once they get on track you know will see next week with the Daytona 500 in in further than the first 26 races how well it does play out. But I'm interest in an app I'm I am I'm very positive about it going into this year gamble we'll know for sure. You know once the cars get on the track into it for real. The only thing I'm worried about of course is how the crew chiefs can market up because I talk about the self time today. It isn't it and they're job to do this but the crew chiefs go and race engineers they go out of their way to find. Every little loophole in every way that they can take advantage of these rules and Bruno for the rest of us from. No NASCAR's always the best intentions with things like group qualifying in cautioned clocks and all the stuff they try to do. To improve the program and and and and crew chiefs. You know they they figure out awaits. To circumvent these rules are taking advantage album. And ruin it for the hands and fortunately it and we CNET time and time again Woolsey Howell the crew chiefs. Are are gonna do that with these segments now. When the segments. Were first announced NASCAR said they were gonna close pit road. During the final five laps before this segment was going to end but I didn't think NASCAR walked that back and I'm not sure if the it is going to be closed at all towards him he said we'll see what happens but. We'll see if driver of tee start short pitting or how their pit straight gonna play out with these. With the stages. Let's go live to Daytona on bringing Parise sports one of our favorites are the program Nate Ryan joins us live from the world center of racing native Stephen buffalo good morning happy race day. Am not here and am. A joke. All right lug Joe's turning get Nihon. And now hopefully will get to him here shortly but again you know the teams are gonna try and you know used the pit strategy weather if you running outside of the top ten and you don't have a shot. To earn any points. You know if you're running twentieth you know your acting in the top turning points do you trying pit before the end of the segment. And try and maximize your track position where you can stay out during the caution period and maybe pick ups and track position that way that is always. They know that they'll be something that teams will will try and go with. As a strategy. Once you know as we get to the and the the stages but when. Pit road is open leading up to the embassy it'll be a machine see how that plays out how teams take advantage of it. Also you know if if you don't hit it if you don't hit it into the segment stay out you know it'd be a lot of teams utilize extract track position also that guy running maybe twelfth or eleventh they're gonna have to get they'll go may be a little bit harder at the end of the segment. Even if it's just to get one point. You know they'll be running that much harder just to try and maybe get their way into the top ten before the end of a segment. To so they can pick up that those crucial crucial points at the end of each segment. An 803 oath by 5188. 550 to 515 but we are gonna try this again and go like they Toney joining us on the line from NBC sports. Is Nate Ryan Nate good morning happy race day it's that they be getting your buffalo gonna talk you again. I appreciate I know we're about to go green in Daytona and what do what do crazy it's in a season full loft changes why not just throw another curveball and your mate and make us run on a Sunday morning. Yeah hopefully it's not a harbinger and become they are a lot there were about a lot of delays we're allowed to late last year. Think well. I'll tell you what they I did try to keep up with with all the change in the offseason with monster energy with the stages. The rule changes with the damaged cars but when they announced the in the new penalties I just I just put my head down like I can't keep up anymore there's just too much to keep track of going into the season is that is that how your feeling right now. Yeah in our pockets. That I agree with much. What NASCAR's done especially enhancements and I think airbase that a lot under store. The changes they're stages in the playoffs and out finger will be effected they're hacking a month ago and everybody. Had sufficient time to digest that board that you know how that unfolds. At the right and it built the last cup which is there are a lot. Thrown at us in terms of penalties and you know last week they were the damage car policy and that the state team. But a lot of I think it well intended and you probably eager good. And tactful that I think it any person. And the news media group rebuke in NASCAR sat missile a few select official who claim to a grabs all of this might be getting a little bit critical a lot of that you felt. What is it what do you think it's all gonna mean once we go green next Sunday with the Daytona 500. All of these changes. How much of a different product do you think we'll see contract once we get everything in motion here. I don't think it'll be that much different their how to act act like this race. So this isn't probably the few others on the schedule sort of standalone regardless. What kind of machine you might put on them I am at obviously that the intensity and and yeah attention. And for each. Surrounding this season opening event. Stand alone. And I think if you look at the perspective it's a sob have explained yeah especially out. Not America and yet that our daily show or can we can talk about that a lot. And really the Asian synergies due caution flags each and Angie breaks during their incarceration on the case that the operative Valerie. Have guaranteed caution flag at two points each and there are many races that thicker greens are inaccurate and injured on the greens so app that perspective I think he much just that. Obviously keen to encourage peaceful out. Well a bit more defined strategy on May be when they want it when they watch it tired because. Because they you know and yellow flag I think the racing itself they probably. For this race probably won't change too much I think. The intent that is that the reason it was created what about. Enhancing the drama that it cannot buy it yet this race stand on them. Yeah like most changes that I know we'll we'll get to Atlanta and then see how everything plays out I agree with Steve there. That the biggest thing with with the of the stages and the points in the playoff points. After getting. Winds are the most important thing sent to believe in beat indoor heads the last couple years. Dick do you think we go back to. Where guys are becoming an of this car saying Wii to good points day but they the concept of points racing overall wins that that seems to be now a more valuable strategy once again. I think it's got eagle I don't think it's to proceed with it and gave that our. I think you're right I I think that there will be more conscious placed online com you received a lot performance which I think is important. Yeah that was. I think if I had a major. It's thick with that this system for fourteen point sixteen I think it delivered it did championship playoff drama. But I think it's it's fatal flaw was that it needs regular season virtually superfluous and in a lot of ways and and yet at the same time. Is still emphasize points because. There were. And those three cease and they're working ever time where. The entire playoff field was filled by winning drivers drivers you got into play half a point and then you to Ryan Newman at first here. Almost won the title on points so. I feel like this strikes a much better better balanced and doesn't mean I'm I'm glad they emphasize winning I'm glad that they've they've done that I think it. Trying victories divert from the playoffs and advancement is to get bank that act like this that maybe you're really. Good blend of the old and new I think that there are merits cute. The seat long point performance that we're complacent 75. To 2003. And I feel like this system should blend the best elements of that with the best elements of what I'm NASCAR type place and 2004. May Bryant primacy sports joining us here in WG are fast track meet last big question your before elect ago. 2016 will be remembered is I guess the year of gives it in Toyota's domination although Jimmy Johnson did win the championship. Where do you think the hierarchy is going into the season it are they gives car still the cars to beat. On the Ford camp now has the inclusion of the Stewart Haas racing cars who are some of the favorites going into this year for you overall. Yeah gig at that figure question David I think the base stuck on sixteen. On the phone service slowly figured it straight and it seemed to be that if you look deeper in chief said. Jimmie Johnson won the championship and to meet the last ten races of coney sixteen anger burst or turned the corner yeah Iran. You act like they were matching or get racing toward the end of last year figured if your trigger gripping wasn't scared I think during the and I I I think in Gallo the deferred even though they want for what have to. I think last year I think that team it does have a little bit. Performance and then as you mention any restaurant going for suspected. Very cute that you made it to be you know a home run right off the bat and Kevin Harvick might happen to be might give you. It 24 teens title here again you go the other way could there could be some Gergen are so it's. Definitely always they're watching about power and there's a little bit more. Layers to it this year. Nate or let you go where can we see you when your NBC sports network colleagues on TV next day and what and what what which we looking for two on the website as well. Yesterday record here that and the Vietnam is not where NASCAR America Ilia next week on Monday through Wednesday and 530 on Monday it will have fossil recap of such date caught lying and he clash. And then not NBC sports dot com slash NASCAR's that they feel RL or NASCAR coverage myself just so long can you passenger got out the alt right. That web site and I'll have a story on Tuesday pretty big story on Niger really don't know who you talk Gordon and how they've got. Really Opsound each other in a way the last year and that's what made them about such a formidable. I do so encouraged people got that. And if your podcast first in person look up needs podcast the NASCAR and NBC podcast it's on iTunes Spotify and stitcher. May I can't say listen to all mate but the ones I have I just listened to check canals one recently that was phenomenal. Tony Stewart the one you and dusk Mon did after Carl Edwards retirement announcement. These they're great listens. There I think you do a phenomenal job with them where did the idea for that come from. Our dubbed the the podcast and in general live and I I just became all of her many Rockefeller and music podcast a little Q I'm news and analysis. Podcast I looked in other sports Arquette and they did and that ought to get a B it aka. I just felt like gather at void there that possibly QB spill site I appreciate your support and loosening we got to get it. Year now that we've been doing it and other come out on Wednesday is that you have to expect last week have workers Rodney Childers check out the first two Croce we had a they're very insightful. And Wednesday it augur well. I almost don't want it that. Jinx it when they we should have I want its name about that when they shoot up depending where he EE. Daytona 500 on the part SS agent that should drop either. Mid to late afternoon early evening when they're possibly Thursday morning at a map out. Nate banks are being inflexible enjoy their race this morning and we'll talk again soon. They are yet mate Ryan from NBC sports I think we fed need on the show at least once year every year since we started and really appreciate his time. Especially with the re scan postpone and you know he's their cars were literally on the racetrack it's these hockey miso we'll preached they appreciate that. We get back will will try not to get too distracted by what's on the TV but I hope you're still listening and I hope they'll call to. 8030 fight 5188. By fifty to five that we've got open phone lines the rest of the way. And they'll get Jim try to help you get caught up to the start of the new NASCAR season we get back here fast track on WGR. I guess something new for this year are are lovely. Read joints featuring all sorts of NASCAR drivers will be fierce pursing those throughout our shows this season. Andy they think you'd see you love our friends at the motor racing network for. Recording those during the media sessions in Charlotte during the media tour last month solos that that's legal tradition commercial those I was real. Excited to hear those making and I spent I came here to produce the sabres came and spent spent a good fifteen minutes of that of my shift is listening to all of them and having fun of them so. That was drilling 1136 here on WGR Dave Buchanan and WG arts fast track and they are green and Daytona. We are racing into when he seventeen and they are three laps into the Advance Auto Parts clash. Brad Kozlowski leading the big drafting packed on the backstretch as we speak Jamie McMurray right now already in second Danny Hamlin in third. It'll keep you updated on if anything exciting happens if there's a record thing right now one big pack riding on the high banks of Daytona. I tried to it as best they could just talk about the stage format for the new races this season of the other big rules changes going into this year. Is regards to Damon's race card and is that this causes as caused a lot of discussion that especially. Oh with with race fans. And again a full line growth you're by the 8030 fight 5188. By fifty to fight the do we get open phones for the rest of the show. But the no longer can cards. If cars or damage in a crash. If you take your car back to the garage your day is done there is no longer taking damage race car that was damaged and crash. To the garage me your parenting coming back you know hundred something laps down. If your car is damaged in a crash in new rule states that you can break it down pit road you have five minutes to make repairs. And you can't put a new body panels either yep did just repaired the existing body panels and you've got five minutes and if you can make it back out there within five minutes and maintain a minimum speed. Then he can continue on you only have five minutes to make. Damage repairs to your cars and pit road you can't do it in the garage. On its different now if it's a mechanical failure you know if you transmission goes there and I'll be on suspension part breaks you can take your. You can take that back to the garage fixed the car bring it back out but it is damaged and crash you'll only a five minutes to fix on pit road. And you know is that a number reasons for for that addition to the rules one you know it sees teams are saves us from having cars with pieces flapping in. Riding around and if they fall off. You know that caused the cautioned. It stays teams money they have to you know they don't have to bring those big crash carts with them. On that to make repairs at these men having to buy you know as many extra parts to bring for race weekend. On. And and also bed with the points changes with the guys that finished 36 to fortieth now each only getting one point. You know there's a less incentive to kind of maybe you know maybe used to make that repair and in. Even though he eighty left and you go back out their cause you can maybe pick up two positions and even though that's two points is two points. Now if you could only improve from 39 to 37 thirds. You won't gain anything by doing that so overall optimal key of the rule change a lot of something and got up and arms and about a place. I don't see negatives. From that rule changes wealth that was another big rule change. Armed. The other big change this year. Is the drivers of course obviously we we talk about that every year thought we had one major driver change that came out of nowhere this offseason and that came last month. When Carl Edwards all of a sudden just up and retired from the sport and virtually no one saw this coming that the best news stories and ask are the ones that don't get broken a month before they happen. Stewart Haas rakes and switching afford. Kasey Kahne go to Hendrick these are those are two stories that that jumps time I had that we head. No sources leaked sources in advance of that happening at most times something happens in NASCAR. We know about it a week or two before it's officially announced because one of the reporters finds out about the garage area and breaks the news. But this was one of those cases where nobody saw coming and it caught everybody off guard especially Joseph Gibbs racing. As Carl Edwards just that this you know decided that he is done at 37 years old. With a no championships. It's cup championships to his credit couple's second place finishes and close calls but never winning a championship. Carl Edwards deciding that he is done with. At least for now. To being a NASCAR cup series driver he is retiring from racing. And he's gonna goal live on his farm with his family in Missouri and he apparently it's gonna be content with that. Nobody saw coming. And it required Joseph Gibbs racing to do some quick work because you know they only had about they only knew about it about a month before Carl made it official on. You know Carl Abbott sometime in December went to Joseph given its told you this is how he was feeling and so. You judge Joseph Gibbs racing at about a month it's kind of figure things out in. Luckily for them they are stacked with the you know what a tale of young drivers. And forcefully one of their best young drivers are you had a cup fright for this year that's Eric Jones a course he's going to be driving a second car for for a short this year. So they went to that the next driver on their depth chart that was. Luckily for them the reigning extending the series champion Eagles in this war as who is gonna drive the nineteen card this year but eight it's pretty shocking. That you know AdWords just up and decided to. To do this that the you know Karl ET it's he was physically fit. He's a very Smart race car driver you know he's the kind of guy that to probably do this till he's into his late forties. You know if he wanted to he's just just that good at it and you know he he. Was really hungry. Sit at when he got into the sport that the stories and tales of him and how we tried that get instant ten NASCAR's major national series and what he. What he'd try to deal all the networking he did. As a young man to to get into the sport it's amazing that aegis. Decided he would hit Enola appoint his life Rita said he didn't need to do this anymore he's got polonium money obviously. But a lot of things came into this decision one of those was this health of course he seen what you know Dillard her junior's going through with his concussions in new juniors back. This year he's you know he's gonna be racing at it in the 500 next weekend. You know that was on his mind you know being around and his family the the the deal that having it be on the NASCAR's circuit for you know thirty weeks out of the year that day all that all the traveling that it. In tails and all the time at the track Indy way for your family you know that also waiting to diseases decision as well. So the I I respect his decision and in he was very sincere in his press conference and for someone that's always so put together to see how he acted in that press conference. Last month at at Joseph Gibbs racing trying to explain himself and the emotion he showed in any you know even you know giving coming to tears at one point when when I was taking questions from the media. It was amazing to secede that raw emotion Carl Edwards because he always looks so put together on TV and he's now got that. Interviewing stuff down to a science Jimmy takes sunglasses off and he's just always are and he is one of the best spokespeople on the sport. So. I take him at his word a lot of people don't which is the other funny part of this is. The amount of rumors and speculation surrounding this you know why is it why is Carl retiring their resolve this. Speculation any key announced you gave us the reasons and even now and Pete some people aren't satisfied. Thinking there's there's some ulterior motive in year. A lot of people say that you know Karl's working behind the scenes with dodge and in he's gonna. You know come back in drive for dodge you know it when they get in the sport the supposedly that that might happen there's people saying that. You know Joseph Gibbs is paying him to sit out this year so they can sip promote deals forests to the cup series or. That you Carl's being paid not to race this year he's gonna drive for Penske next season I don't believe any of that. It's it's not out of the realm of possibilities dot I don't I don't see it happening I take hurling his word. On it and even com and an off season test Carl Edwards attended offseason tasks to help deal Suarez get acclimated into driving a cup car. Inked Carl spoke to some members of the media at that test and he he just couldn't he was astonished when they tried it when they told him that people want believing his reasons for tighter it's it's pretty. Pretty amazing. That you know that and didn't know once believing them by Karl said that you know it's for now he he never used the word retirement but he stepping away from driving. And he also added that if he ever gets it still wanna get back behind the wheel the car his first car call is going to be to Joseph Gibbs. On because that's who he was driving for a Matsui he worked for and until this time. On if he ever gets back on the wheel will be keep it driving a Joseph Gibbs racing car. So I hold I I believe them I I think he sincere and I you know I won't be surprised if he gets back behind the wheel at some point maybe after year to. But if that if he does I think it'll be till like he said his first call beaded GG ER and you know obviously if they have a seat open former or whatever they gotta do. On the make it happen I don't think he's leading some charged with dodge combatants or he's gonna wind up driving for Penske next I don't think those two things are happening. But. You know I think. You know I I again I take Carla as were the most interesting thing I thought out of of of the hole. This whole topic bomb was there was also hinting about political aspirations and I think Carl be perfect for that he's you know name recognition. Good looks well spoken. Com you know and when the announcer was happening I east lives in the state of Missouri and I I looked up Missouri senators and one of their senators Democrat Claire McCaskill is up for reelection in twenty T. So that that's number one MI a list that that Carl might be getting prepped to run for a senate seat in his home state of Missouri next year. On and there was even one reporter. Debt went as far up political reporter that is that and so far to say he's running for he's running for senate in in Missouri tweeting market down it's happening. Carlson that isn't true right now bought you with politics you can't believe anything you hear anyway. But that is my most logical. Choice for what I think Carl's gonna do next I think he there will be. A senate run into when ET or some other political aspirations whether it's. And the winner governor's up for reelection but just looking at the fact that a 88 democratic seat will be opening up in the senate and eight Republican like Carl Edwards he flies that don't tread on me. Flag on the roof of his race car. I know it's it's Beano prying for its very fitting that I could see Carl ran for the see what happens. But yeah I think he'll brought in his next race will be a senate race and pickup bracelet and then maybe he doesn't win. You know maybe then he decides I'll get back into racing you know but by that time will be close to forty years old so who knows. But again an in net income ask edwards' departure you've got Edwards now retired you've got Tony Stewart of course who's retired. I'm we have maybe you'll get Jeff Gordon out of the car for the fortieth this year. Although he was retired for most the last year he came back you know that that leaves a lot of big holes. In this sport that's three very popular drivers that aren't the sporty more likely. Dale junior's back this year but go on our. You've you've got some you know great people filling their their shoes on the race track here Clint Boyer driving fourteen. You got Suarez who I think is an amazing talent and can lead to you know bring you know whole market if fans that I know NASCAR's been eager to attract Latino market. And you know you've got on. She's Elliott in the 24 Redick a great rookie year made the chase eat coming up Vick coming very close to getting the first crew went. You know he's a he's a great figure for the sport as well too so. And and a lot of people are getting upset with all the driver retirements but I think there's a whole a great group of young talent all coming in the sport. Caution out at Daytona Kurt Busch just went sliding through the infield in the grass distort the front end of his. Monster Ford for sure heart racing has another big changed the Stewart Haas cars going to for the year. But caution out at Daytona on lap eight team with a crash for Kurt Busch. We get back organized close out this season premiere fast track in I don't come up the top of the hour south of pot she'll be live from the TV down they've got a big. Sports memorabilia shows basal cell be live from twelve to three it and WGR. And let's give a shout out to Batavia downs and entity downs casino because they are proud sponsor of delete years faster equal react to wrap up the shown next here on WGR. 1154 here on WGR Sports Radio 515. Just on a caution at Daytona. What happened was that Jimmy Johnson got loose off return for a fortune his car turned sideways right into the right rear quarter panel of Kurt Busch's car which sent. Bush into the wall. Hurt. Apparently OK but he's done for the day as though they're under caution coming up about lap 25 he don't forget to sign up for our WGR fast track fantasy league. I can just tweeting out a link to sign up on Twitter at fast tracked by fifteenth. Also there's a link on our our FaceBook page to if you wanna sign up we do it through fox sports this year we try to ask your seem pretty. Popular so we're gonna stick with though the fox sports scene is seeking for a year number two. On. And I I beat Paul Hamilton last year which is all that matters to me because Paul thinks you know he can just throw darts at a board and do better than he saw I've proved him wrong last year although he's beaten me in the textbook by that method. But hopefully can sign up elite I just tweeted the link got F Estrich fight fifty or check out FaceBook. Dot com page. Or email meat to DB cannon at WGR fight fifty dot com you can email only to reckons and it went that way as well to. Speed weeks of course not just at Daytona all the short tracks in the area have been you know getting underway on the dirt with Solutia. In east bay raceway in the course of the World Series stock car racing coming up this week at new Smyrna speedway. On modified drivers in the Syria heading down including natural costs fell met Gershon and Jimmy Zacharias. On Jimmy Zacharias that's awful win last night at that kind of a kick off to the modified action Newsom Myrna tracked down south called Bronson speedway. For a sec hero they held a special modified race in Jimmie won that actually. He was running third to. Right increase and that Hersh when when those two tangled racing for the lead and Jimmy was in the right place the right time and was able to win. So Gretzky Jimmy starting off his season with a victory. Also the Camelot family is down there Tommy and Amy kettle on how are driving modified to mail slaughtered Jimmie blew it to drive for them this week at new samarra now. All the dirt guys are heading down the mob undercard modified action starting up. Et pollution this week all the teams for among western and central New York they're having down run the big block modified races speaking of local drivers. Getting into bigger and better things you're freezing do we get on the show last year mean his. But can't for a truck series debut. Last year he is gone full time this year with the truck series. On him in the folks from hallmark international sponsor his dirt efforts and they've been sponsoring us truck they formed a new team. And they're going full tank truck racing and they've actually hire Tommy Baldwin to roaming operation Tommy course. Then running Tommy Baldwin racing but they're stepping away from full time competition this year. Elliott Sadler drive for them the cup series at the Daytona 500 next weekend. But at Tommy Baldwin's gonna help buster freeze and and the home our folks with that truck right this year and Stewart changed numbered 52 which is great trip nice tribute to his grandfather stand. So low best what this do this Friday night in the truck series opener at Daytona and hopefully we'll get Stewart here on the show very soon. To talk more. Are coming up this week you can hear me Saturday night I'm doing the Bane it's broadcast with John burglar as the day and it's hoped to turn their season around. They host Toronto this coming Saturday night he can hear me on that. I'll will be on 1520 for that and then next Sunday. Were on for two hours 11 AM to 1 PM. Leading up to Covert the Daytona 500 which we will have to yearn WGR. No effort in sabres game playing against it for this year which is great. So. You can hear the Daytona 500 here WGR shall be on for two hours preview the race from eleven to one so while we'll talk to you then. Coming up next out the pot July from Batavia council BR from twelve to three he'll ever buddy rice has and our Iran and again thanks to the TV downs. For sponsoring fast track once again the season we really appreciate it we'll talk to next Sunday here on WGR.