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2-21 Nightcap with Ryan Gates Hour 1

Feb 22, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't care about there. I didn't who even got to have big plans. And and tweedy. Sports Radio 515. We'll start out everybody write anything about what you hear it's the nightcap on WGR for the next couple hours and then we'll have a NASCAR life coming to you right here. I'm WGR four earned the night's. We look at the news of the day. It started this morning good start this morning right in the middle of power in Jeremy showed they were talking with our. Our intrepid receivers beat reporter Paul Hamilton. When Ian Rapoport who went on good morning football. Inside that he thinks the bills will all. I wanna make sure I get the correct wording of this it's like. Well there probably. Stay with Tyrod Taylor are something like that so does it really new users a more or less just speculation. It is. Unfettered speculation is what is. But you know that's what we throwing around year ended with the Tyrod Taylor situation it's. Always going to be. Oh well what's going Tyrod let's it's it's ninety days now until that situation well. Come due and and and and you know maybe we will stop talking about this what reports that. There's probably a better chance that they keep Tyrod out there and actually cut it. So we can talk about that we talk about Africa next two hours you Colin eagle 30551888550. To 550 but I've got other things on the market. Shall Bulldog they're just effort for four hours they covered every angle that I can think of I feel a little under the weather here so much talk about something that's gonna make me big a lot more happy. Then the speculation on Tyrod Taylor that is going to continue for the next few weeks and I didn't three hours of yesterday. I'm the odd beat John Murphy show so I'm gonna putting out here and tell you a great little story. About a man named Weiner shock. For those of you who don't know who wage was he has he's found himself in the news. Late yesterday and into today he is a English soccer player. For the team called saw in the united in the fifth tier of English soccer. Now in English soccer they they have this thing and it's called the FA cup. And they just take teams from the top teams in different leagues. And did they go it's like it's like champions league except just for the English teams so they get. Teams from all different leagues and they all play each other in round robins. This was the quarterfinal. Of the FA cup in southern united in the fifth year. They managed to get out get into the quarterfinals. And it was really great story because this is a huge underdog team that really. Didn't have much business being in the quarterfinals and they are facing you know arsenal. Of the premiere week the top league in the English football. Soccer hierarchy wherever you are. So good sides. This this team that doesn't really get a lot of lot of publicity ads. Has a stadium that's a little over 5000. Is its capacity. And they're playing arsenal at home. In this epic self. For that for the majority of them is right there mister Cramer if for those view I did I'd imagine him here sold so there's Derek Keys hanging out with me for a little bit catalyst and never. Apparently the numbers right. The Beverly is better. So anyways this this team their in the quarterfinals. The FA cup. And they have this goal keeper. And goalkeeper coach. And also pitched keeper. Who was referred to as the bully pull eagle 46 years old. Six foot two somewhere around 320 pounds. While anyways yesterday during the broadcast of the FA cup this man was seen it. Eating any meat pie on the sidelines. And for those of you don't know why it. I would consider myself an expert on anything like this but I have bent over to one day and my sister doesn't live there so I do have some knowledge of these things a meat pie. It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It's a pie it filled with me and I'm sure you're all Smart enough to figure that out without mine very. Exact. Words there to describe wanna meet pious this man was on the sidelines. Eating a meat pie. Meat and potatoes. And people are loving it people who caught this guy is a hero. This guy is a hero he is someone who is unafraid. On in the middle of the game goes a bit eightieth minute. Of this football games soccer game. And this guy's just sit down upon the sidelines sit on the bench in a meat pie. So would that be the equivalent of like seeing chaired the rents and mowing down a pizza. Mike midway through football and who is Jared Lorenzen. Hefty dude the round mound touchdown machine. Just Google Jared Lorenzen. You won't be disappointed that. Our laws. For those that don't know Jared Lorenzen was a former quarterback of Kentucky. And up playing he got a super boring with the giants as a matter of fact backing up Eli Manning. And he is say. Say around a rounder guy he looks like you should be on the offensive line instead of at quarterback. But he was he was still listed as a quarterback when he was he won a Super Bowl I'm looking at him now yeah and yes Jared Lorenzen character. He is. White large yes and he also went on to play in it appears to be the arena football league for some team called the river answers. So Gerald. Well out here say the equivalency of be like mowing down pizza. I need time television you know media of all Jim stake stinger on live television that would be the equivalent to what was happening. In this soccer game while you know. The comes out after the match that it accompanied one of these lesser known betting companies where you can go on line and meek wagers. Actually he had a wager. I'm whether or not. This man Wayne shock would be shown on the sideline of the match eating meat. That was eight to one odds you could battle on this happening at 821 shots. And these bookmakers why do you know provide betting opportunities as well that's a pretty big match for people who were. Fans of the beside united. The playing against a Premier League team won their fifth here. Team. And slowly he goes on. And obviously eats the meat pie. And then after the game comes out that he he kind of knew about the bat from some of his France he knew about the wager that was on line. And Isa is having noted that. He confessed afterwards I don't know I have I mean anything all day so I'm given to go leader Ronny was Saint Louis Franz. Obviously we are not allowed to die. I think up fuel of the meets in a few fans have for the content you look back and say it was part of that. And we got our ticket money back the problem is now. This is what's called spot fixing and you'd think about the the greats. Gambling. Kind of. Am opinion for Derek controversies. Controversies in the past like the the White Sox and how they were. Throwing gain. And you know Pete Rose and yet Pete Rose for yeah FAA official yet the NBA official I forget his name by. Game fixing never really happened too much anymore because it takes so many different people to. Get in. Kindness but little bouts like this can be kind of fixed so what happened. Was that's the over had body. Soccer in England and gambling association started an investigation. And Wayne shock because they're pretty much saying that he fixed the bat for union meat pie on the sidelines. What does it really that much of how's that that much of an issue you decided to take the risk of hey. We're gonna go ahead and poke at this man's larger stature and pretty much make the bad of hey let's put a ban on that disguised and eat meat pie. Good for him for statement to him. I I would say. I think it was really trying to stick it to anyone his pinky Leakey team knew about it and was like you know what. It was like back of mind is that it was there in this guy there's pictures of him on Twitter. He he's the backup goalkeeper as long along with the goaltending coach. And the pitch keep very there's pictures on Twitter vacuuming. The badge for arsenal are on the field he was vacuuming and open sandals. And then there was also pictures of them now. Hitting out at the bar during half time. Of some of the games but some some peace and uniting games so this guy is he Eagles already does community outreach with the team. And fuels like a pretty cool dude but he was asked to resign today due to is. His involvement with this scandal of fixing the bat that he was an even meet I am sidelines now does have to resign from everything. Like is his back gulf oil and the team that he's he's no longer got a baggy goaltending career now. He does seeming to it to ten to the field. Our pitch and I should say he does he doesn't get too tan attitude the pitch it's. No longer he. He's no longer the role people eagle on the outside and united. He actually tweeted out early this morning great journey well done all the management players. And staff go again Saturday prior to be involved so united was pasty guy. He's smog nature that I knew that so then maybe that's him trying to. You know well. Senate senator right center right for the record show that you know what it wasn't actually. Pie it was a apiece. And this guy. Clearly a good guy paced team then. I'm back back back and what's a paste the sudden bouts of the company that. That was running the wagered these eight to one odds wager. And this guy Wayne shop eating meat pie on the sidelines they sent cost of them. Accord there Twitter five figures saw him after he finished the the pot and the tweet this out and it doesn't sound like. Very angry about it. It was it was cheap marketing for cheap I mean 55 figures solemn depending on how much money they're making as a booking company. Could be cheap but. It's still five figures and sounds pretty used to mean something solid ad campaign. Paper and keep paying campaign that some bouts and people are now going after this company be as the chief marketing campaign that whoever done. It worked out forum. Honestly I just feel bad for the guy winning shot what it he just was he on the sidelines maybe. Keene new facilities bodies had taken his bats and like I Nolan and eat this meat guy. On the sidelines four pasty actions today and it's equally Johnson worked for the essence it was a piece Steve. Yeah this pasty on the sideline and some of those bodies might have profited off so now he cast to. Be. No longer associated outside united hopefully. I'm sure he'll be all right there's probably a pasty company some meat pie company out there it's ready to pay him some money to be. The face of her campaign because of the publicity that he's been gaining from the fact that he. Was eating meat plants so I just want to share that story because I thought it was a pretty great story. From the world of soccer and we don't get to cover too much year ends I could see how they'd be confused because I Kubel each of them. What pasty and enemy enemy pilots different date. They both look very similar. Can you even tell the difference. Not if you're looking from a television camera your. Your silence speaks volumes really it's just. If you blink if you saw an up close and personal maybe. Or if you are devouring said food item maybe you can tell the difference but. Maybe maybe peace d.s just a a different word for her. Meat pie. And our rilya not really gonna get too deep into the differences between peace dean meat pie. Elegant side and that's and there's the point. You know let him back let him back it sounds like there's not much of the difference between appease Tina meat pies obligation to be back. It's no big deal it took it to the film. Street and as a meat filled pastry in their balls he felt pastry things are right now I'd I think taken. Pretty much be done with this meet Todd I was indeed. Labatt blue pond hockey tournament this weekend. And IE eight had a great time but I do think. That is part of the reason in Miami. A bit under the weather here today if you can hear it in my voice I've. And trying to power might weak through but though coming up next hour. Show open the Bulldog on Friday they had some time to play around it really well. You're at their past because it wasn't serious it was into. There wasn't sports scene. It was just a nice conversation. About chips. Specifically to read those and whether or not he should dip them. I'd call I've been calling it the great to read dipping beat debates of 2017. That garrido did meet the the radio. Well. Yeah. Death rate and up next out agreed to read though dipping debates degree to Reno dipping to be yeah I'll be coming up next are gonna play that. In its entirety. Coming up but in the meantime you know 305518885525. That your phone numbers here if you wanna. Comments on our buddy Wayne shot I think about reached out to them just to get him on the show because he seems like cool do and I like cool news. Anyways Jay Cutler. Your boy Jay Cutler. There are are not all reports out that Jay Cutler is being actively shopped. As the quarterback of the Chicago Bears there are looking for a trade partners in this deal ends. RA he. Democracy here and say I do I do have an affection for Jay collar. But I'm not good to see hear and see that I would watch him as the Buffalo Bills court you seem like a player not one to come to your team. You know that's that's normal while the other reasons that I like him is because he's kind of like gave a giant middle finger to the culture that is the NFL. Where it's like. You've got to go out there and it. That's really not great it's a great reason to like this. And how openly admit it's it's really not a good reason. That I like Jay Cutler but there's the stories of him. Where he is partially intoxicated. And he is at a urinal and comes up to a woman starts talking to on. I don't AJ. A big fan them. Bald what you do on Sundays as he is intoxicated. At a urinal and Jay Cutler just leans back and goes. Can't. Care. Which. I think is great because if someone like I'm not a guy about a famous guy call myself why am mostly in doubles C list celebrity and awful. Which is in which isn't saying much but I'm not this guy that people people recognize. Which. Great. I'm I'm happy with that unhappy people are approached me at a yearn all trying to talk to me asking me what might also bills and sabres. Doesn't that who exactly who that you know that death. You know what do you see it you see a player you know shopping might get up best by arrow and Irish you can you know that that's like an acceptable place to go I hadn't like. You know it's a whole afternoon and in the bathroom yet let it let the man you know at the end it. Peace there's there's a few things you don't do the pepper. One of the things is you don't bring your food and after. Correct you don't bring your food in the bathroom and there's a few months ago there was a Montreal Canadians fan who had. Brought his not jones' drink in the bathroom and placed it on the floor underneath a year at all and I wanna little rant about that Powell. Disgusting laws so you don't bring your food in the bathroom. You don't approach. People you don't know in the bathroom and try to start conversation with them. Especially if there you know semi famous people who are. Probably getting harassed all the time. From all sides by different people. The bathroom is one place worth I would consider it can be theirs they're peaceful sanctuary where they can go for a moment and have some time to themselves. In on a normal hours and yet not have to worry about people coming up to them and be like. He AG color I really would like for you to autograph my baby's four. I he has struck a place that's not the place to be going to. I mean really there there's people around here as people we we've got a bathroom outside our studios here and go in there and see some co workers at the level of bathroom talk but it's it's like your I know that guy right like you mostly. Most people that work here we know each other pretty much. Ducks a single large amount of us that you know you recognize who the orange what's gone on much you know blah blah. Rightly don't do it with. There's there's multiple offices in this build up area there's people from other offices there's better places and network if I don't know somebody here yet in Arco up someone with a handshake and being like god is great to see you what's your name not not the time the place to be doing that. But. TV Taylor is more likely to stay with the bills. God and to be caught by them at this point. And this kind of stuff has just been going back and forth this entire time like the bills are thing about keeping Tyrod Taylor the bills are thinking about getting a Tyrod Taylor. Has just gone back and forth so much that it's it's getting exhausting quite honestly I know for a lot of listeners is probably getting exhausting but. It's gonna continue. Hold on your boxer got two and a half weeks yet it's gonna continue. Until the variant of the stand by and I think because. The bills. Right now still hold out leverage. Over Tyrod Taylor. To maybe work out some sort of restructured deal if the is willing to take less money. They can work that out even though there was the report. Forget who dat report was from because there's it was Rappaport I was wrap party guy on the one that you talk to will achieve the courage of the Buffalo Bills that he wouldn't be willing to take lots money. That Ian Rapoport came out of you be willing to restructure the contrast but still not take less but not T class money and now Ian Rapoport has come out again. And sides that the bills are leaning towards us actually I am compare freezing needing towards keeping Tyrod Taylor. As opposed to cutting him. Our industrial 551888550. To five PDF this is true and as of right now it is. So public speculation because he didn't put our Twitter. He just went on good morning football pretty much that they're they're leaning one way towards keeping Tyrod Taylor so it's nothing official. Are you OK with the Tyrod Taylor going into next season as the bills cornerback. Wanna go back itself apart she'll earlier you were just listening to it at the kind of show open the bulldogs here he said something interesting. About Doug Weight the and his relationship. With the new coaching staff and how this decision was being made. And it makes any question in exactly the what WB's rule is. So I'll get and that we get back from the break this nightcap on WG. I think this is more it's not. It's not because we've exhausted options are we don't think we did well or another player. I believe because of what I've been told from the beginning here if this is right what if reports saying let's say they are really now. Looking at keeping Tyrod Taylor more so than they're getting rid of him if that's the case I believe it comes directly from the coaching staff. And I'll say that's because I think what they'll really set from the beginning that would be correct which is those guys are gonna make the decision it's really not gonna be feet. It's gonna be that you coaching staff and I I I said last week in two weeks out two weeks ago now. The latest information I was hearing was luck there in the process of figuring out he just got all these coaches on board now or two weeks later it would not surprise me at all if they are really close or that. Process. There's so much you know on earlier this show and the Bulldog. You miss that you check now on WGR 550 dot com on demand audio besides there. W Lisa that that is good be. Collaboration with the coaching staff that was going to be a decision Tyrod Taylor. That what are you doing. Am I understanding got a collaborate with the coaching staff and get them players that you want speaker they want in their system. You have the ultimate say here is it isn't that what was agreed upon. Is always talked about at the press conference pol Doug Whaley would have the final say on the 53 man roster. Well if this is the case here where. Ian Rapoport makes this comment on good morning football. And it came from the coaching staff saying you know what. We like Tyrod Taylor. Let's move forward with some. That I get it. Bullets. Rex Ryan was really the guy that's kind of brought Tyrod Taylor and now we have. Gone through this kind of dance with the ugly for awhile now where every single time a coach comes and he kind love. Duff blacks blame to the coaching staff. Every single time how many times of leaks come out of the front office saying. Awed the owners are hearing that. The detail on the Buffalo Bills as a play off caliber talent and it's the coaching. That is improper it's the coaching isn't getting enough out the talent on the field. Party's I have authority sounding like that if if that's the case in this ball. Obviously. Still very early Amy B Tyrod Taylor will not be back of this team. But if that's the case already with this coaching staff and Doug Whaley is already going through the process. Sane. Through different channels that did decision on Tyrod Taylor is in his. What does what does this guy going to start. Owning. Some of us I know we came hours into the season press conference that it starts with me. It starts with me but. There have to be some accountability for the decisions that are being made and already bird this this comment just. Cell site. Andy goes. Well for pretty much said that it would start going to be my decision is going to be the new coach's decision and my reaction is okay then what is your job is the general manager. Yeah that's it seems odd because the general manager is the guy that should have the overall state of the 53. I am rarely do you see coaches be able to balance that out with being able to coach a team on the field. And being the director of player personnel essentially. But with Whaley it seems like you know high set. With his and end of the season press conference starts with me sometimes test and with the you have to have the final say on some things. Mean he may be should be about that and set. Yeah and I just I truly believe. That it's. In in dugway Lee's mindset he's got to be thinking. Tell it to go after the playoffs this year because he's already bad here for. This'll be his his fourth season as the V general manager right after the 2013 draft. With the power shifted to him from body next to Doug Whaley after the 2013 draft went EJ Manuel was drafted. And Doug Whaley did come out and say that he played an integral part of drafting EJ Manuel saw. That was in a press conference directly after the draft Doug Whaley. Did see that you can go back to Buffalo Bills dot com it's it's still on Buffalo Bills dot com you can find that so I know a lot of people like to say. A way we didn't draft. EJ Manuel well. He was still a major part of why EJ Manuel got traffic nobody next. Wanted to win the franchise quarterback and even as is kind of gifts to Buffalo Bills franchises. As parting gift. It didn't end up working out glad I I don't like to see. The kind of deflection that's going guy when it. What happened and with EJ Manuel. In the past and it seems that there always seems to be some sort of built in excuse. Why insult being doesn't work out right. Like like in EJ Manuel and I know why and. Something else. Was really don't have an example armies like positions in this. To went back when buddy nix still GM if he he hit something Whaley would kind of be like oh yeah I was I was really got credit for the success of things like odd to Jerry Hughes straight. The Jerry Hughes tree there that's a great example that the example I was looking for the Jerry Hughes trade. Was still in that time period when buddy nix is Jia but WB so it Doug Whaley gets credit for this Jerry Hughes court trade body gets to deflect the blame to. Buddy next wanna columns about the EJ Manuel that you can't have it one way or the other has to be able. To the thought here we got it team Niagara Falls Ethier and and I kept. Hey guys sorry. Listen I've seen. I don't know what all the Doug really pushing it about I mean he's the GM. He's not the one calling plays on the field he's not the one managing the old players day in and day out. I don't understand wired the problem if Sean McDermott wants to make the call as to whether or not. I'm Rick Dennison wanna make the call as to whether or not they wanna work with Tyrod Taylor. But again and going to be working with a big dale not Doug whale soul I mean. He did that yep you're right he's he's making the call and then accountability and all of a great stuff but. Essentially. With Iraq he gave them all the players he had four. And he brought in indictments in the raw like Lorenzo Alexander and the other linebacker that's just yet background that you know and how many players made the Pro Bowl on this team and yet. The coaching couldn't put it together on the lots of it wasn't. Doug Leone that but it put it together that the things that that was that wasn't getting enough fun for the players it and that's that's true like that just. I think I think we'll see moving forward if that's true if this coaching staff comes in and makes us a playoff team I think that will be true. But this wasn't a playoff team before Rex came in and it wasn't a playoff team on Rex was here so I think it's got to be determined if Doug really can't create a playoff roster. Right but do you see what you're seeing what they were doing with world stopped up until you know he quit on the team. I mean the only real problem with the offense. And the next year when Tyrod came onto the team now has dug her own stuff. Been able to get you know a quarterback at the level looked Tyrod I mean average to below average NFL quarterback. Kyle Orton was pretty good here they have but the defense was was stellar. Right. So you know since rack they would just nothing but problems yet I mean I mean he's the GM what I'm saying that this guy's bringing in players to coaches. Want the pilots are that they want to make their system work it's not Doug where elite system on the field. I'm not disagreeing with you there I'm just saying it seems like if that's going to be. The kind of talk where it's like OK I'm just gonna leave it to the coaches to make the decision on this player and do hands off process. What is your job as GM aren't you supposed to be the one with the cancer decision making when it comes to the roster. To me it's just in dozens. It might not be in reality what's happening but the way that it sounds doesn't sound right it's in the EU when I'd sit back here in my. Armchair GM position behind a radio microphone it doesn't sound like it's the proper way that things are supposed to run in hierarchical organization. Right and I see your point of view however. You gotta take it up a step and look at how Google Republican bullet out of their operation set up when when Nate out fired Iraq. It became very clear that the coach the coach that I've coached. It is what they consider to be. I can't have probably used that basically the Nokia based on the the team the one that will communicate everything and the GM they were staying with Bullock basically on the same level. There have been meetings Rex. Doug and that's the bullet and he's certainly right so you're we're maybe like the way you're looking at it as meaty. The wave traditional leather sole and have been running their their stuff but I don't think that the bullet that. Yeah I you make good points there make good points I appreciate the call it the appreciate the discussion. Yeah right. I don't know for me it was just. I think people were kind of questioning what Doug ably lead role was during that press conference and media it's partly because of the way. That. Towards the end of the season with Anthony Lynn doling out in the press conference no gee I am no owner Tuesday. A short statement from these guys. Before hurt me coaching change was made and I think. That's where a lot of this kind. I guess backlash to. Bashing of Dudley the ads that you put an Anthony comes from is that. The media and I think for once wants answers sometimes and they don't wanna have to go through. People who don't really have the answers and when I came to the Anthony and press conference. The people out a guy who didn't really have the answers of what was going on. And now and Doug Whaley comes out at the end of the season press conference and says he wasn't privy to the decision of racks trying being fired. And you're right the the way that the organization setup was that Rex Ryan was reporting that the laws and Doug wave V was reporting to the populace as well it's sound it's it's the same way that it's set up right now. So your right about that the way that they have there hierarchy setup my guess is it's the typical all. Owner GM coach. Is coaches players except for a it's just. I guess I bought more her. Authority. And conviction. From person who is making final decisions on this roster to say. You know what. I will take information from all the sources I'll take information from the owners. I'll take information from the coach I'll take information from even. There's some of his other coaches I talked about as well. But in the Doug Whaley said that you know we got great coaching staff in an essentially it's not my decision maybe that was a wrong choice of words but if that's the case the that is. Not the coaching staff's job that's supposed to be your job and you have to work together yes. But it sounds like oh wait we have is. Our he's he's kind of skirted or are all and to that responsibility here for awhile and I know Doug morrow leaving. Not really his fault it was stipulation a contract and summerall and laugh to with a four million dollar paycheck but there was already leaks coming out. It indicted seven season that the team almost made the playoffs and about the coaching staff not getting enough out of the talent on the field. And that it was the same thing at the end of this past season with Rex Ryan. And it might not be 100% correct that these leaks are coming out of the front office they're coming through channels Doug Whaley. But to me that's. Where my assumption Lance because. We heard going into the season hot seat is on for Rex Ryan in the hot seat time for dog lately there were the reports of an ultimatum. Towards the end of last season going into the season saying that the got to make the playoffs or people are going to be fired. It sounds like this this Doug Whaley and I don't think gee I think is a pretty good guy when it comes to bringing in talent. You mentioned Lorenzo Alexander's background. There is tradeoff for Sammy Watkins well I do like Sammy Watkins was questionable. He's made other moves that. Are certainly questionable B Reggie rag and trade upn now that I look more into. That the draft ends how hold much about essentially crapshoot that it is I don't like the idea of giving up next forward. A player must if you're really certain about this and we haven't seen as a rag and on the field so we don't don't think about this guy. It seems like Jesus followed a wave through a couple of coaches to stick with the team. Even though oh. It still hasn't back and a playoff team and what the fans have bonded and fans have voiced their concerns about Doug Whaley as well. And Rex Ryan is the one that ends up falling on the acts year. As opposed to dugway alien out Doug Whaley goes out. These this coaching search it's him on the face of at this time like OK I'm gonna medium line. Running the coaching search and and it's once again kind of blended between the owner and the GM. So it's it just makes me question in what exactly. Is. How serious role because it's rolls to bring in talent and to kind of beat. Not necessarily go between between the owner and the coaches but to oversee the whole operation on the football side. But it just seems to me away. That. TK and shirk the responsibility. Of he really really important decision and be like oh maybe. Maybe in saline around I didn't really want to keep Tyrod Taylor round but the coaches want to keep morale so that's the reason I decided to. Stick with the option. And that's what I just don't want here in the long run. Yeah you want here's some conviction out of a guy who's supposed to be a person off power within the organization. And you know honestly that's not it doesn't seem like too much to ask me is a lot of NFL franchises have that. That's right L cable we're relate to break your only comeback. I'll take one more of your phone calls and I'm here to be great to read no dipping to beat of 2017 is the nightcap on WGR. Welcome back here to the nightcap brigades the Erik Kramer hang out here on WGR talk a little bit about doubly Lee and the the way things are run within his relationship with the coach and we haven't heard from Sean McDermott. Senses opening deeper is I guess introductory press conference. And hopefully sell pot GO when he goes to cool. The combined will be able to speak for Sean McDermott who will be talking. At the combine for the bills hopefully will be able hear from. The coach of the Buffalo Bills again soon I'll be really nice right now had to back out of the phones fluke in Rochester here on the nightcap. I. I think to blame Bo really. A solid vis a ballot. Decisions lately especially during practices aren't here. But beyond that Whaley. One. Particular era their personnel move. I have to site. Is how Iraq's so accountability from we the Iraq art call. Two and a rookie. Florida don't play pretty well. Then Rex came on board and around me right eaten through waivers. Which Iraq with that. Well it's hard isn't it isn't really his job to stop and at that point and say no we're not going to waive this guy. Well maybe maybe lately. Would undermine solemn I beat particular. Authority between. What what our a couple of cool relationship where blacks and really was where Rex had to report directly to the goal posts it seemed like bad. A little bit. More major. And personality and then then meet at current sample another example or are long pillar. Gary Bryan Taylor he brought in I can't compile the after you know the punching in the face of geno Smith. And I don't disagree with you on this point about Iraq's having a lot of control of the roster I mean you can look at the draft in how. I'll linebacker or linebacker defensive tackle were taken in the first three round by the bills I'd I don't deny that but I think if you're weighing the you shouldn't be relying on the coached so much to develop your roster I understand there has to be a balance there and you have to work to gather by. I don't think you should be just completely catering to your coach. It. And I. I'm just afraid that that's going to be the road that we're going down again except this time Sean McDermott and I think that's the road. That way he's gonna go down a guy and he's back at least at your offer too much longer. Oh right but I think you have better person now. Value hitter then. And that it's seeing that that at least in the last two years. And I guess I'm old now. Yeah that's that's that's exactly I mean time will tell everything. That's. The time we'll tell everything scouting is his ammo he is a guy the guy was brought up through scouting so that's really what is I think that. More or less there is a lot of power and why he's a general manager because of that. But the roster control and dealing with the coaches maybe that's the thing that. That kind of is lacking with whale. Yeah I'd say that's more of where I've I've. Ever suspected. Weighing the completely as a football mind hands. I think the the biggest problem lately has had his back and identified being quarterback the quarterback position that spent his biggest issue and that's only one issue that is a legal issue it's not just Doug Whaley who adds that issue it's a lot of it's a lot of GMs out there that have been having that issue I do respectively the as Italian value later. I think that he's done a pretty good job of building this roster I mean they've done. 798. In 89 and sound and in this. The past three seasons and I really do think that he's done a pretty good job of bringing talent in here. But it's just. I don't want him. Once again and kind of getting out of the way and saying there were other people making decisions I want him to. Have that conviction and an authority to say no this is what we're going to do with the roster. And still consult people about singing cast early rule with a iron fist like a dictator. Like fascist I'm not saying any of that. But you have to have. Convictions beyond just listening to your coach. Insane okay this is what the coach wants I'm just gonna I'm gonna do this because as what the coach wants Rex Ryan not hiking in a poly rubbery and IKEA Polly Rex Ryan wanted to check gloss and we're bringing in Shaq Lawson. Now I don't want that anymore that's the reason Rex Ryan's gone part of the reason Rex Ryan's gone it's time for Whaley to step up and be accountable Isaac. And you know what one Whaley has been the guy making decisions with drafting. Yeah spiritual qualities Emanuel pick but how many other egregious misses are there with him. You didn't even raise question marks about trading up for Sammy lock and you can raise question marks about Sarah squad Joseph who's coming onto his own now. And is eight capable starter on the left side it just seems like wandered doesn't have the mechanics to make it happen on the right but. Kwangju is at the very least a good backup for. Of them that we can really dole against Doug Whaley in distracting so far. I mean Hampshire there there's some place I'm sure people can get nit picky with it but in the grand scheme of things as as a scout. And it in a general manager when it comes to drafting players. So also assisting poll will do this real quick before we we have to break here and had to lose agreed to debate. Sammy locked in his first year as G apps it makes Sammy are constrained. Cyrus quiet jones' second OPEC. Preston brown in the third round pretty good. Ross' talk brawl. In the fourth round which he's now starting for the Steelers yet that's a pretty indicative and that's our own Richard says Randall Johnson and shots for Anderson. You got a starter for two years out of the seventh round pick. And really would have probably continued being a starter wasn't for health issues of the following year Knoll first pitch against Ronald army. Who for his first year played like a first round pick and John Miller. Who really came out the second season Carlos Williams minuses. Obvious character flaws was a good back in his rookie season Tony Stewart not on the team nick O'Leary. Who played at. Pretty well geez I know. And kind of getting there right now as a as a number two tight end and doesn't Lewis who has ban on the practice squad and then this year's draft pretty much and I'm gonna get into this year's draft and is gonna say everyone was injured. But at the same time there is some talent there check Lawson I think that it was worth the risk I think that Lawson has shown. Coming in coal no practices. No training camp he made a couple plays throughout the entire season last year when he was there. He made plays when he was active so I don't think that Shaq Boston's gonna go. Tell us. Only here we'll see what thought Sean McDermott system where he'll be a tough again. Doll and he's going to be a defense to what he's done fast well we'll see what we get out Shaq loss and full year of practice no surgery nothing like that. Now we'll see both him and Reggie rag when those first two picks to office Washington. You want to see where he fits cardinal John Stockton Williams called realist and be will be back this season Q by Seymour who I thought at a pretty nice rookie season foray cornerback. So his drafting your right is drafting it's been pretty decent it could be is still a little bit butter buds you could look at free agent additions as well Corey Graham a couple of years ago. You had Lorenzo Alexander in the background there's the question. The contracts that have been given now extensions have been a prop via our I got were worst super late summer or take a break here. When we come back V rates to Reno debates of toys have a team is nightcap on WG.