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2-22 The NightCap with Ryan Gates Hour 1

Feb 23, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But Knight capital addressed this this. It's terrible with the writing engage. Skate very calculating how he says that if they felt like it's spontaneous. Did not. And the egos and a lot of these things saying okay here's what I'm going to say about this coming up big about how much time he has good then he's coming up with the word scooped best. I've never heard the word oops that's that's very creative. WGR. We're all just. Everybody what's going on right gays take it out with a here it's being nightcap. WGR. So today every day every day right there's something new that comes out about. The Tyrod Taylor saga which we'll continue. And and and until. We get in any official. An official remarks from the bills about the future of Tyrod Taylor. And today it was it was nothing. I guess like super newsworthy it's just that the Buffalo Bills have cleared Tyrod Taylor medically which means. Essentially. He'd be cleared. For eco. He can be caught now. Without having to worry about the repercussions of the contract kicking in. And being forced to pay Tyrod Taylor at least that's. The understand he's medically cleared which means he passed the physical and now he can be cut without any sort of financial. Ramifications for the bills. So that that's the latest news in the Tyrod Taylor cycle and of course yesterday. Interim report went on good morning football and said that the bill's car probably. I am paraphrasing here leaning more towards keeping that actually cutting him. And the under Schobel were able to tell you we will have it wrapped port and shall be able to. 0:5 PM get a clarification from him about his comments that he made. And see exactly what he thinks about the situation with the bills in the whole Kara quarterback carousel. Around the NFL is it appears there is going to be. Quite a lot of movement in this offseason I can't really remember another offseason there was quite this much activity. And it's. The most important position in the game and this offseason it's looking more and more. Like there's going to be. A new face leading a lot of different teams Joseph was talking about it the Washington Redskins. Still being long term down with Kirk cousins there we've heard rumblings and you always have to take all of these rumblings with a little bit of a grain of salt right because you're you listen to warm. And it's sometimes it seems like just posturing between the team. And Egypt and the player. So there was there was rumblings about Kirk cousins he didn't want to be. In Washington long term that he would rather be franchise tag this year and then maybe at the market again next year. If if the case they could of could. The erratically franchise tag him again. But it's going to be huge huge outrageous camp. Kyle Shanahan moving over as head coach to the San Francisco 49ers that's fueling some rumors about whether or not he. With the success he had with Kirk cousins would tune. Rinker cousins in the fold. As the new franchise face of these senior Francisco 49ers. Starting as a new head coach so it can be very interesting and Tyrod Taylor is going to be one of the pieces in the isn't it might not even end up being as interstate. It seems with the bills that they just decide okay Roger guy we're gonna move forward Taylor could be fairly simple. It's straightforward for the bills bullet. It could also. Go somewhere else they could decide be like a camera give palm the the extension. And see if there's some way beak at work to trade. Maybe that's what they're they're kind of thinking now. Maybe they know that their soaps interest around the league we've heard huge accident the David Lee. Interest in working with Tyrod Taylor again he was the quarterback coach here last year obviously now with the Cleveland Browns organization. So maybe that's a thought. Then maybe they can work a trade for a couple of draft picks to Tyrod Taylor to Cleveland. Army the there's cut. It there's a lot of thoughts on the week. Tony Romo gets cut Jay Cutler gets caught. Tyrod Taylor gets cut and all the sudden this quarterback market. As a lot more viable names on it that it does right now and your bad guy is Kirk cousins followed by Mike went. Michael I mean is. He's one of those 2013 quarterbacks Reid got EJ Manuel Gene Smith Mike London. Right NASA and the bees are the guys from that class and it doesn't look like any of those guys are going to be fair he. Effective as an starters. Michael and in the that rumors flying around him to 1215 million dollars he could be potentially giving. On this market which I find just. Pretty much shocking that the guidance starts. Had. Your success thirty touchdowns fifteen interceptions. But he has started in two years and I don't know the money for quarterbacks on the open market is pretty insane so we got coming up tonight. Hammocks are in town right now amateur downtown aunt bee keeping senator. Like the Utica comments in there they do this annual we were comfortable flow to play games here. And give buffalo a chance to see some players that are down and farm system. It we we've actually seen a lot of these players already this year because they've all managed to make their way up to the sabres at one point or another we've got Justin being Lee. Nick that teased. Ivan Rodriguez we've all seen these guys this year. Elks meet Leander is on the airplane tonight and he's really been struggling to find his team. As of late so he came back from the world juniors and was scoreless in seventeen street games before. Finally got in one this last weekend. So the amateur at town Justin Bailey was and this morning with our Jeremy and will be bringing you that shortly. Got second with Blu-ray Wilson as well Bree in. It is yet keeping senator at the hammer scheme so red check in with him what he scene down there he pays attention. To a lot of the prospects and what's going on in Rochester so we'll get a little bit about Rochester update from him as well trade dab right. Trade deadline is a week from today so we're gonna. Listen to Scot Colin Scott Cohn was anguish over the Bulldog earlier we'll hear from him. What rumblings he's been hearing around the league into some some general NHL talk coming up here in the nightcap. You don't 30551888. 550 to 550 what the trade deadline. I think the the sabres. And there are writing on that. Add your position in the playoff standings. And I I just don't see this team making a giant polish too and making the playoffs got. Point three games left. There 62. Points write downs poll standings to make sure that I. Have got that right but. They would have to go on a pretty impressive run sixty games played 62 points so adept 42 games left. If the word to win. Fourteen of those games which would be pretty impressive for the Saber standards. That would put that meant at its. Right at ninety so they went fourteen of their last week to. Put them right that ninety's and not sure exactly where the projected cut off point is at. Right this instant but there's there's other teams making some real big push is right the pay actors who have made a polish their now fourth in the division 66 points. With fifty games played they've got two games in hand and the sabres cell. The actors that fire 81 and one in their last ten games the Bruins of them batters since they changed the coach. So I just I just can't see the sabres making the push to jump over all these other teams you still got to know how have you lost in. Forward the other divisions gonna eat up one of those wild card spots they've also got the islanders right there. So they're in this position and become more clear once the weekend games are over in the sabres get back in action they've got. Colorado. On Sunday in Colorado. Arizona on Tuesday and and the trade deadline on Wednesday so by the end of all those games will be. I think. Pretty clear what the sabres should be trying to do at the trade at a look at Brian Gionta Brian Gionta said that he wants did not want to be treated you sustain buffalo. Out of he had band aid trooper. For this team and some of the some of the worst years this team has ever seen so I would honor the guy. For. Being a local guide for being the captain and if being really a just a trooper this entire timeline. We in his career he came to a team that was inning complete rebuild mode when he could've gone to a bunch of other places like that you look at. Forty frauds boyfriends and sweet. It weakened form. Hopefully. You look at the defense much Cody frauds and Mike Webber batches third pick last year it's probably. Route which are looking for me even less depending what the ides of markets looking like corn cob. Pressure he can get furcal Cobb at this point with his injuries. And I would be kind of willing to. Maybe at the end of the season and give them another one year and approved that deal. It's OK hopefully you come into this season fully healthy you don't get the freak. Our whole body injury where you get shoved into an open door an axe you for the rest of the season. I would like to see some Powell. Some players get moved around so we did get these young guys up and really see what we've got we got Justin being. Wanna see what he has bet teased. Carrying is still injured. There are a lot of players in this lineup it's going to be interesting going into next season if depending on who gets taken in the expansion draft and they are going to be. A lot of competition for spots especially these guys continue to develop the way to the half Justin being the nick at teased Cary a Rodriguez. Alex meet later coming into camp we'll see if he. Came up his professional game before than. But it's gonna be a log jam kind of it forwards and you've got guys that mammal since still nicked or EA Tyler and us. And where do they all kind of fit it. The only. Fully you know your sins. Free agents. It's going to be interesting to see how this team it's pieced together and maybe if you can make a move at this stat line. Looking forward to having another open roster spot. Training camp time. Whether it's you can ship out a full read all war a year and since I know the big name around the trade markets. And that's been talked about a lot is Evander Kane. I've made it pretty clear that I am not about treating Evander Kane I understand trying to flip the depth and fill a hole that is. Parents and your defense's side but I just don't think you trade your your best school square right now. Get to Justin Bailey here he was on earlier with Howard and Jeremy. And he talks about he he begins here by talking about. Well what it's bad and he he's been called up a few times and what's different about being called up this time because. He is back and noticeable. And he is back and really good I think a lot of sabres fans have been excited for what he's bringing so what are different with just debate. I think oh please you know the plus all part of you don't sort figures are actually true hero les should. You must be excited. My ability to create please. Opposite of that plane went on consumer normally aren't going to. I'm not making sure simple or you know we have to play well and so on won't tell the commission government. On the charter pummeled the Puget. Do you think. Going back I mean you erupt in November you were here briefly in you know December January you went back and then you come back in early February. I I thought at that time like even your year when you were here in January that you looked more comfortable do you still think it was important to go back one more time to Rochester did that make a difference. Yeah I think in over the cross. You know she and her. What are you on palm Jupiter top and Austria discriminate or grateful so what are what their sexual all of local credit because military therapist just start and I'll tell you begin to click on the I think we're probably can't see it. Of course team and how it could happen at. My trigger telephone now specially. Secretary electric vehicle don't. You know how can correctional can't cricket back up so electric discernible political machine she you know pictures if you can cooperate typical problem to a carbonneau. Well your doing that with the way you're playing right now and either there's one thing I wanna ask you about your style of play Justin knew. I I would guess that sometimes with young guys you might come so to speak defer to veteran players especially when your on the line with guys like rally in a postal. But you seem to be. Very confident confident enough in your game that if you believe you can make a play your hold onto that pocket you're driving to the net what's that process like. You know wanting to make the play but also do you worry sometimes while a young guy I gotta let the you know the veterans of the guys that are supposed to make it. I'm supposed to pass to those guys. They socio there should. You're longer that your. Turnovers per that you're completely it. Hello I'm there were negative comments from council actually you know they know. I'm Marines were you hold on using their skills to create while current sanctions aren't. They actually don't think I'll hopefully it just kind of orderly. Great and I think all of which color one on loans to change their parents aren't more. We got their parents and that open of golf god what going to be able to so. I'm pretty things were actually less guys let's say time. You know picture in the church organ torching parts. We're with Justin Bailey here in the AT&T hotline how much does it help. That you run that line and I I don't mean this as a disrespect to being on a third or fourth line. But everybody wants to be on a top to lie no matter what team you're talking about you've I think you've earned it by the way you've played. You burn the right to stay on that line but how much does it does it help you. In your development with your confidence when you're on one of those top lines like you are right now. Our future site. In the curriculum strategies are. I think any validity you know you see your index to post reporters and you you think you're doing all season. Just so you know practice and no policy no wrinkles in June 2 top guys happen. Social fortunate where everything turn pro or attraction Charlotte took their trip. Get back up to look forward you know directing our church you on the transparently and that triggered a chain is. You know got pretty hot lately here. Mullen that the children to have this close finish or what it's all three putt at inopportune time. Order a longer record to load the state of balance. Guys talk about. When players make it appear Justin and they talk about and for that matter teams do as well seasoning you know having guys go through the experience of playing DHL to UN through it. You know Baptiste has been there Neal lenders going through now Rodriguez got through it when we knew if you're here for good. When you look back on your time in Rochester in terms of your overall development. What are the most important parts of your game or or what do you think develop what did you learn the most from your experience in the AHL how did that help you. Thank you for the various things we went from Honolulu just. That means she's becoming a pro richter a little thing that. I don't notice what color from junior obviously you know starting here you start the bottom and you know North Korea and prolific the restore its source Arctic. Don't you know it's fun you know your way. If you get trapped there and let the World Cup and then conclude that. Election and infrastructure market. Well mrs. Graham it won't be doing or go next it is chuck my collection. I just walked away got talent and her cluttered and how well they'll salsa. You know ever learn quickly which capped an article from wind and our approach shall we won't. Captain and we are. I'm sure. Whether it was sheer irony or else if you know your in the NHL and once you get there and you stay there and you're succeeding in your playing well you'd be ecstatic. But how much more does it mean to you that that's happening to you right now for your hometown team with your hometown team. Yet it's been that Switzerland. Is pretty decent food today after. Something that our whole efforts gentler than looking closely since longer the number of I do. Well it's. I don't take for granted loans you know after the inland third all over me. Tried. Always hear the tax folksy actor to do something their goal. Want people works for market dropped so or torture spirituality. I thought it was not clear collection shouldn't put in their own culture neutral. Something that won't look so hard. The last they'll and ask about we you know today adjusted as the ten year anniversary of the brawl. With the sabres in the Ottawa Senators that you would've been I think eleven at the time. Dick would you were you watching the game that night. Oh yeah I I'm more remembered. It's just use for a term rare should military. That I equipment while we're just aren't aware that all that thing was well prepared. Have you ever been involved in anything like that juniors. Rochester. Hedo I think. A signal. What. I know that. Especially in CA. A story cult like first you know you couldn't. Other planets in our future where the puck was dropped. To have partners or alone. Look at at corporate and that's leading them to then grand tour that's it. All all of those just proceed in the American League. In the crook of her home what do we computers so that nude. But they should try and then there so on the actual. I was gonna ask you know the creek you know the current what's crazier playing in the HL. Where's your more mayhem in the OHL but I'm I'm trying to were called just is I think that kinda tough in the rules about fighting over the years in the Deutsche all right. Yes I think there's your question is the Arctic and all sorts Newt but. Our fit the age of arts in our technical inspector in order you know. Started doing this for a living well a ball to sophomore. Trent. We're that. Nor what kind of repetitive fighters on. An incident there Clinton bank so they hear how air. Force her to have all well hopefully the chicken or you aren't going you can expect it so. The news. Throw all their. Cochran and we'll just the thanks for giving us your time. Appreciate you coming on good luck tonight and best the success when you're rejoined the sabres the rest of the season. There's Justin Bailey on which powered injure me this morning of course you can go to. Demand audio and check out there Syracuse and duke tonight I know Jeremy. Is at the Carrier Dome for the scheme cues not have being a great season sixteen and twelve. Duke there they're duke ranked tenth in the nation and right now towards the end of the first half in Syracuse duke is up 21217. So. I did see the bracket projection Brian. Cause he'll hear it WG are actually tweeted out. And it was a projection that had Syracuse being seeded in the tournament and it twelve seed and having them and buffalo. For a first round game and that would be. One heck of a home court advantage. At twelve seed team gets and I I get it I'll be NCAA standpoint god. Revenue you know the NCAA lost their money but how can you do that for a five seed who. In theory has earned its more than a twelve seed you're gonna give twelfth seed. He sued L home game and these are all just projections obviously so it's not anything concrete. And we'll have to see in wait until the alternate rank comes out to seed Syracuse even makes it because the art certainly bubble team. Well we'll see what it is going to new. What's gonna. Kamal. The turn it back in buffalo which is always agreed that I do I did go one year. Two of the tournament it was when VCU had beaten duke and then they came back really big on Pittsburgh. And I was there when they came back and Pittsburgh first forced overtime and it was really my first NCAA basketball experience and I've been hooked ever since I've. Kind of become a a pseudo saint Bonaventure span because my roommates and I used to live with was about a bunch of fans are kind of just. Picked up the torch is telling you like Bonaventure you're happy when they when you know what I'm gonna be happy when they went as we come back to their brain Wilson. Near the end of the first period at the key Bakes and between the earmarks in the Utica comments. Will get his thoughts on just in baby nick Baptiste all these players are playing in the game. And he's been seen from them so far down at the key big Saturn it's the nightcap to WGR. Welcome back to the nightcap ranking thing that he's here. And WGR the emirates downtown to night in buffalo. Justin being the Ivan Rodriguez. Nick fifties they all got sent down for the part we put their right back in buffalo right now with a game tonight against the you'd comments. Right now Rainn Wilson he's down at the arena watching the game pre and what's. What's gone on to look. I'll have a product depriving lean. Department I mean I didn't really think it was going to be their belt and under what event BC so you look at second and third period and the BI got but I mean you know it's so why bird he'd make better especially her out one big night February and you know not all of it never came but you know it's no good crowd here. And I was talking to you during the break and you are saying about the air Merck's defense that sounds like this the problem. Maybe organizationally. Because the average defense you say in front of lean assault mark who is anti war course down the HL this season has been. A huge problem and I've spent continuing to Nike tells me about that. Yeah no I mean to be hammered defense this year certainly had struggled any injury had been sort of looked back here but then again they're surprised they're up this. Not that great in the age now I mean they're top ward healer part you're you're Purdue had city employee. And if he played all the gathered here not Mercury which went one game at a ET point lead he would be leading the hammer. Lori when he was sent back after clear wavered after spending a good topic what the paper in early January while he. For that he'd leave her there guys like Eric Burke corporate work battery. Sheltered there are other guys but. I mean that the Rochester eat what they're with the beat that the lack thereof. I just putting a lot of pressure on the ball market leader Bob Barr has been but not all the security you played 41 game which is by far the ball laid out. Your. 1200. Ordinary shot is also the ball but he could not bring back our report both. In the league but he's got that their ballpark so hypocritical we get that record date for credit but. Compared to what they get it and you know how he played a 41 you're you know about that bat. Right in his he's going to be one of those guys that the sabres live to make a decision on he's an RF at the end of the season and well if cal Peterson potentially signing after he's done with his collegiate season. It seems like that the sabres adapting goaltending in the prospect pool is actually pretty decent line. Fans I know for awhile were upset with how it's playing and I've always been Butler fan personally but they do have a pretty good doubt that goaltending when he look at Paul mark and actually tell Peterson at the outside. What bail out of favor and forget that realizes that the neighbor that we had. A lot of the goal but throughout their. Your teen years and years to think that. Yeah I mean I just think of it is my eight version has fanned. It was Ashok a little bit of a rod and then in the Miller and it's just yeah I'm pretty phenomenal goaltending the entire time. Enemy within a couple of rough patches that it a couple of cool that we had and he got like he can guard and right that transition period between Iran and Miller. And then you know you. You don't let the I believe where Michael the labor. The guys but I mean really what you look at it I mean I think that hallmark. Ivy League ballpark will be guys that if he could be backing up rob latter in buffalo back. Kind of where I envision him being as does that Eleanor. And Utica at Courtney got a pit goal in front of lead at ball mark Hayes direct bottom. Front though the product up one topic but I mean. They'll get at the opening up let me get help Peter figured I'd take it if he beat you route. At the site go inside and created we somewhere else and that that it hurt the Saber quite a bit. But I mean if you if you really think about it out here like we are brought back here because the fact that all of our white. Have yet to come up in backup rob the latter in buffalo had to get. Rob latter you to do contract. The a bomb our contract and he's got it right now Peter and Bobby spared their war on what the contract once but I think. That the paper ball running deeper than acting here or critic Ebert are you ever get. Look out. Stop. Acting I'd be very quickly here are. Nice Hudson cashing out as someone I was gonna bring up with you I mean. He had he's been kind of a mystery he was up with the big club for awhile. At that point injury and then was. Out for about three months personalities. And back in the lineup in Rochester for a little while now. He's playing on the third line tonight. What's with regard with with bashing down their argument paying attention to what his game's been looking like. Well I mean you. Burn injury that he really had that it figured it really his career that he would deploy an injury that. Burton law was dated it. Any article crafting a little bit to get work to get back back Barack after you or you're out you're never get better. And I have actually iPod collecting it back in January when that are separate pot though. At the mall or about Friday that. You know it's never really got any batter it started work what the doctors say that well you know that yet but partly. Our record and it right at third reality that the distracted it let it. And it racked for awhile finally get a verdict be better by the late great Al but still he's not yet you don't back eating like you want. It training camp with the neighbor to the early on with the state are you the power forward got the frog leg. And really did you come back and he just deport a little weaker credit Pete and any you probably not a 100% but he probably you know well not just get on their life. Which is too bad because I know a lot of fans out there actually was one of those players especially towards the end of last season Cutler. Fans fans are kind of buzzing about and not to be able to see him this season. As baton a little disappointing but you've got all of these young guys now. All of a mark on the air right now with the sabres and their bye week they leave Baptiste mean Lander. Bashing you can toss in there I feel like I'm missing someone Kerry Kerry is to think of you've got all these young pieces and the young forwards coming up for the sabres and what they've been able to do in Rochester has got. To be really exciting for seers fans because you look at all these kids there. Between me Landers eighteen and then I think the oldest one is. Probably carry a and that listed at 22 so there is a lot of young guy on this team that's gonna be coming up in potentially are going to be players at this sabres team. Are going to be relying on why the time comes at their playoff. Pusher to. An annual basis. Swore an attitude that they all are on its to. What would be or have been able to do their growth and development yet we met here and everything but. You know what they are playing in junior but he went airplane powered we airplane while the bulk and Bieber for keeping an eye on that. What they come to Iraq chapter you know at her Libby if you look at a guy like that that the surge up the daily topical guys that first beat each struggled a little bit. They were just get their feet wet they simply. You know they were really playing the way that they paid maybe you saw in the only chulk but they're the only tells a completely different style hot it. So then get them developed yet weaknesses at the bat speed that they are right now. And you just see how party on and it's really pretty neat. A lot of the prospect or beat that are there coming up and playing right now with the Aybar then and playing. Rochester had a different you know hot that back seat. It brown picked up the Bailey back in tropic think that he heard round pick out of it even allow a bill that. Picnic that Pete what we know that their political and in the third round I believe in 2013 but yeah. Peace can see them and your leader around it but I've been goes you know early to bed round picks but I mean. So they're producing their putting up point I feel really good in secret favorite especially in the now we wanna meet and make that turn. Toward becoming a playoff contender and make in the younger rock they're acting as. Really didn't beat it like really and Rodriguez and that performing the way they are in the attic cal and self. Yeah and goes to show that it in the drafting process I mean a lot of these guys so I can't. Third round picks and it goes to show him in the drafting process that. It's a good idea to have like a lot of picks in those first few rounds helping me necessarily want and in the later rounds. But those second and third round exit you've got to arts to throw. You're gonna hit on some it looks like. Baptiste going to be nice had a Kerry was a second round pick of the blues but I mean he's a Saber now and the second third armpits are really start to come are out for the sabres and it's nice to have their draft currency and how they've got to squat up in buffalo where you've got your veterans. And you can let these young kids kind of stayed home in. Rochester and develop more it's sort of reminds me. I'll back in the B block out year before 0506 where. Or Merck's head. Miller and pot and bill Roy a band that they had all of these good players that got beat timed season down there. And I think that's what's been lacking with some of development of the sabres players is that they haven't been able to state downed in the HL for a long time and it seems that these players are going to absolutely get that opportunity. Right people need to be patient with some of these that they looked out the Lander EE two years old playing in the age. Everybody then what we'll Courtney did in the pre even look we needed it training camp with shoot out. Eating well and and being are looking like signing players here are the problem all right Alan you gullible Alec Eleanor had picked it up. And right now play like he's been a part of the shelf for all he's been at at their other night where he just looked like he probably regret being a struggling. He popped at not only that mean you. Not. You're not really up beat it right now and often be able to get the puck he could put up a quite easily get knocked out like the whole season is needed for good like Alex be ordered the mean temperature barely nicked bat he. I've not read at all these guys back there with Bieber might have called them up lack here but any. You were up here for long extended period of time like where Pete Bailey now and Perrier what would the paperwork. I mean Alex Avila energy in all these good being maybe even another half of the season. Down in Rochester he developing game he rowing typically in maturing physically and I think it if he does that heat for raping. He's going to they're note how he got the guilt that he got. Be unique hockey IQ that will allow him to be an incredibly successful player at the NHL level he's just got to grow physically in the HL. Yeah growing into that North American site where it is battle like. It and crawl cute they are quite correct me if he's able Joan accurate he didn't eat well but he didn't say typically active it. You know being out of the bank employees. I think that they're the check texture it the but the level for you. Yeah we solid William you Landers brother too he spent a good amount of time down on the HL MD and all the way that he's developed for Toronto is back and really awesome for them so hopefully I'll. And following it seemed. Now. Yeah and I mean you know what Al and art when will India and Europe and he brought the heat back when. He started he. He started upper part of his rookie year in Sweden and then decided jump over it lately it completely HL a similar thing he would. They're marked it was a bit playmaker. But he just wasn't physically big enough yet to compete in the HL. He played one half of the season and become the BHL. Beck he's been when you have one you've been quite a while if what you call up with a B I this year. Hoping you might want it now and he's been a unique dynamic player. For Toronto this year it and the NHL and you know playing alongside guys like opted happier. And I got like make smarter I mean bill but the chances that he's gonna get and Alec the article you'd get the can't speculate what Alec GAAP cycle. Actually bring these are coming out with me tonight man. Apple right. Brain while sitting down at he big center for the earmarks in the emirates plane right now. In key banks under way the Utica. IE still believe it is tied 11 soul. We'll check in with that at the break. Checking real quick here with the Syracuse game about six point nine seconds left in the first half 33 to 25. Duke leading there. Talk more about the the young kids of the sabres and how the future really does it if done sabres can stay more patient and Tim Murray has that opportunity at this trade deadline to continue to stay patient. And not really have to push too hard I won't talk about that coming up after the break this of the nightcap on WGR. Welcome back to the nightcap ranking it's stubby GR. Was talking about. The Buffalo Sabres then they're gonna have. Next you're training camp they're gonna have some decisions to make I'm players. Raging out it's probably going to be gone unless they decide. That he has used for the team for another couple years meeting site and do one year deal until he feels that he's done and we've heard from Paul Hamilton that. Brian Gionta doesn't want to continue playing after this season. So that may be one potential rush by opening up markets for Leno zug it's your it's and Johan Larsson all of restricted free agents right now. Certainly decision on those guys arson. Point 44 Leno 25 geoghan since 23 and then. Those young players don't own in. Rochester this season that I've been talking about Baptiste. Bashing who hasn't really played much. Obviously Ivan Rodriguez down there who has come up and show that he can play a pretty nice. A role as maybe third or fourth point setter with a lot of speed. Just in between the bees guys are all gonna come indicator next year it's going to be making. Tough decisions for the sabres especially when you have. Guys on contract like map Molson. In Tyler Ennis who. Obviously haven't performed stool at the level that anyone around here has hoped this season. Morse and his band pretty good as a power play specialist but it's a salary the five million dollars and it's the same thing four point six million dollar salary for. Another two seasons after this year which makes that pill. Much more difficult to swallow when you see these young guys come up here like while. The speed that they're playing well how big that some of them are it's tough to think about. Okay Tyler Ennis is Betty multiple. Twenty goal scorer in this league and has had a really bad bought this. Injuries lately and your hoping he'd be the player that he once was but that concussions. We we've seen in the past with unfortunately Tim Connolly. He had those had injuries and post concussion syndrome he never came back the same player. After that after that big hit from Peter Schaffer in the 05 or six point out he was never really able to reach full week. Beat reporter that he was before that and I really hope that that's not the case with Tyler Ennis but he does need to. Find his game again and maybe it's another offseason of trying to find the game because he was injured yet again this season and hasn't been able to put it together. And it's it's just a sad situation with power and aside I mean he was one of my favorite players obviously during that. Those dark days he was one of the most exciting players to watch during the takes seasons. And you want to see him get rewarded for being. Pretty much. On the bus dice during that process. And you wanna see him get rewarded with playoff games. Whiff. Goals with the broader performance but it just hasn't happened for aircraft also AZ you laughing at the end of the season so I obviously would. Expect that roster spot to open up but it's going to be interest in moving forward and that's why I think Tim Tim Murray has an opportunity here. At the trade deadline to be like okay I can examine some of these guys. Ago what does he make of markets Toledo assembly is geared incidents and you are Marxist. Those are the three guys. That I think you take a look at right now about playing around with the cap friendly. Expansion draft to walk. In the way that I see it it depends on obviously how things shake out at the deadline much Emery things but the way I see you've you've got your seven forwards. They're going to protect all right Eileen open also. Evander Kane. Markets Toledo geared incidents Larson. And William carry those with seven forwards protect restore and McKiver obviously the two. Cool off if you're gonna decide to stick with him and give him a one year deal attempted to prove it cooled off the other guys stick around and we Bogosian out in the open. Obviously you you did. Protect liner. So that that what do what do you do with that though those those bottom the bottom six forwards with the Leno. Gear incidents Larson one of those guys is going to have to be moved I think in May be you can make the switch to. And your senses still a young player he's 23 years old he showed flashes in this league is a good player and maybe you can flip him. And a peck or something else may be another young prospect. To a team and not get that top top defenseman that you're looking for an immediate top four defenseman. In meeting these deals don't co. Out until this summer and it's not something that's gonna happen next week necessarily. I would be looking more towards using those guys as a piece in the deal to bring in defensive help as opposed to using Evander Kane. I know you better king's going to net you a bigger return. But those guys. Where do you project I'm in the future are they really going to be a part of this team in the future one year making those pushes and I'm. A couple of players might not happy for Leno might not be. Yergin says might not be Larsen might not be. Some of those players might not be in the future plans and I think if you can use the poses chips as opposed to something more. Sure. Like in Evander Kane. I think in the long run down makes more sense to me personally. That it does getting rid of Evander Kane even Wallace values high and knowing that you're gonna have to pay him a big salaried on the line. I think you try to use those pieces to kind of fill that back and poll as opposed to. The piece of fraud. That has been really producing for you lately been scoring a ton of five on five goals can skate with I eagle can finish forum. I think you keep that guy on your roster as long as you possibly can. Especially you're trying to convince the fan base you're making this turn on the rebuild and that you're actually going for it. And still having the long term vision in the meantime it'll 30551888550. To 550 if you are at. Comment on any of that what do you think about the direction of the sabres what do you think their thought process should be. Going into the trade deadline it's one week from today one week from today will be talking about maybe the trades that were made. Or maybe just the fact that it. Really wasn't much going on on the trade deadline who knows Scott Cohen of TSA and I'll be ringing knew him in the next segment's stick around for that it's the nightcap on WGR.