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2-22 The NightCap with Ryan Gates Hour 2

Feb 23, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I just tonight. No effect Greta wherever we've Ryan gates was this guy with the full. Will it ends. And no way get real. Where were you ten years ago today. Meg sure the timing really works out but right around now. You're probably. Roger TVs with your family or your friends. You were watching must see TV. Because every time the Buffalo Sabres and the Ottawa Senators played ten years ago it was must see TV. And he got one of these. Wildest games and sabres history 65 win for the sabres in the shoot outs and of course the infamous line raw. Marty Iran taking out Ray Emery while Ray Emery taking Marty brown on the market right kinda tripping up Ray Emery and Peters coming in and parking Ray Emery. And of course I would be rough and primary screaming at each other but it was. One of those moments that as as a young sabres fan really shaped me into. Being a huge fan and falling in love with the team and the emotions that were surrounding that team just. I can't wait. For the sabres to be back in a place where it's that high of an emotion and I'm hoping that. This Toronto. As they grow. Continue to go down there path in the sabres continue to go down there path we're gonna have a really. A rivalry that's a lot of fun like that Ottawa Senators and Buffalo Sabres rivalry. Of the decade ago was because every single time that those two teams are playing. You wanted to be at that game. You want to be watching that game and you were making sure that you were going to miss it because he knew every single time these teams that debt laden. These teams didn't like each other they'd face each other in the playoffs two years in a row. And that's. That's a rivalries are created and I know there's a lot of issues take it width. Playoff format especially this year because this year when you look at the NHL standings. You're gonna get teams playing each other that if that word the old ways to do playoffs where it was seeded one through weight. You would be getting these these matchups you your potential lead. Looking at match ups of right now if you look at the wild card in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Won the match ups you're going to be getting is the New York Rangers and the Washington cap or excuse me the New York Rangers in the Montreal comedians. And that. The New York Rangers has more points than anybody in the Atlantic Division by six as of right now. And they're gonna have to. Go on the road to face off against the Canadians. Would be pretty good series and the need Florida. Verses the capitals. And Pittsburgh vs Columbus those are again. 82 points I mean it points for those two teams as of right now. So overjoyed to be two teams that are really high in the standings forcing each other. But it's about the rivalries in just think about if the sabres in Toronto. Every year for a little while. They're there carbon Ed and there either play each other in the first and second round because it keeps it in the division in the playoff picture there can be something that would be. A lot of fallen on buffalo. To Toronto for years the fans will be going back and forth to each city's. And that's something that I really hoping comes true with the sabres team. In the near future is having rivalry with Toronto. Just like maybe you know the ball peed. I guess. Adds physical. Because of the team and the way that's changing in the players that are coming in now affordable these teams are surely flights there'll be flights but a manager. You never know there's still an occasional. Using finger quotes lined all because mostly liberals now are there's two guys fighting maybe there's a couple fights and in the are three guys it's kind. By its. That's the kind of energy. And kind of emotion that. It's still lacking a little bit with the sabres team because they're not quite. At that key Kia where they're going to be pushing for the playoffs and Brian Gionta there was an article. In Sports Illustrated he mentions. Once you make the playoffs you become a team that expects to make the playoffs every single year and the sabres are quite there yet. I don't think they're going to make the playoffs this year I'm hoping they prove me wrong. But once you become that team that expects to make the playoffs. That's why and you released are expecting the past yourself and the cast your teammates are right now we're gonna go to Scott Collins and of TS and a big analytical guy he looks that analysts from all sorts sports especially lucky but he was on with each opened the bulldogs earlier he starts here talking. Comparing Jack cycle to the young stars of the economy David Austin Matthews Patrick and now Michael lines up with these guys. Oh how. Well he's right there with them like it I don't think. Later I mean I think Mick Davis is kind of head and shoulders above me not essential but I think he's clearly ahead of the rest of the group alms. But I don't think I mean and look like any of Matthews are great but I think Michael is. Really great to and so I think I think you kinda have. Been three. Three go to that next year that are thicker probably point per game kind of players that that some pointers not if not very soon. That are going to be. You know they're the kind of guys that you you build your franchise so I'm lawyer reacting Macvicar David is is just a rare. Rear tell the you're not going to find. And it very many drafts and so. You know he's sort of stand out from the rest but I diving like letting Matthew Michael living any of the teams. That have them have to be pretty happy with what they've got to builder. What do you suppose the Maple Leafs are inclined to do with a week to go before the deadline. Recognizing that. You know that the idea of building the weight they've been building here martyred he wanted to of course Matthews at the top now. Not trading away a young assets for trade deadline rentals. Just aging stars. Our date you think. Does it fit for them to do something like that don't try to either eight make sure they get an or even increase their chances of winning a round should they can. Well I think they're. They're gonna be inclined to be patient because the and in some ways this is the North Philadelphia 76ers trust the process and then the least I think there are inclined to kind of keep building the way in the building. And they know they need to improve their defense amuses one of them more glaring holes and in hockey is you know they have all this great young talent up front but that their blue line is pretty suspect. And and so. Yes I could I could see them making a move to to get somebody but I don't even sacrificing. Height picks are really creek prospect duo like I mean there there have been times this year over the Kevin shot Kirk rumor. You know get to appear in the all of you think police would go Foreman. I think you know of the plate he attempt chapter could probably too much for. This team at this stage you know because. You didn't that you cities you have one of these guys who rental you're looking for a couple months and that you know this doesn't mean that they can't find a guy. To fill that role for them but. I'd be really surprised if they started giving up top prospects or. Or you know for trumpet or some and to. To get one of those players in part because they think this summer with the expansion draft a finger there is going to be await. You know make some deals to get from defenseman you know a lot of teams are gonna protect treatment in the expansion draft them. Certainly if I was Las Vegas I would be drafting a whole bunch of number four defense and and then turning around and it's finding team that would give you assets for the and I I think. And somehow someway be between teams how they took the protective lists or or just dealing history with Las Vegas. That's probably the may police best. Plan of attack to to fix the Blue Line in the summer. Scot Colin from TS and analytic not just hockey all the sports. At TS and dot CA or blog yes you about the lead so what's what's go here you get believes the sabres ruins all the teams in the division that. It's BP and BP generous to the sabres including them in that still only a few points. If you if you look at possessions that's you look at analytics. What do they tell you about certain of these teams and what they should think their chances are don't stretch. Yeah. Well you know Boston is is the team that. You know that they've had some of the best possession numbers in the league all year. But they were historically poor shooting team. When they fired food fuel in there they were shooting about 6%. Which ranked 290 fixed over 300 teams or last ten years but he was just. Ethically terrible people. And it's and so. Whether they changed their vote or not they were almost bound to start scoring like you you just can't maintain that kind of shooting over an entire season. And so they've you know they've faired pretty well the first four games and Bruce Cassidy and you'll see how that played over but the odds are that if the Bruins keep coaching the opponent the way they have they're likely. You know to get some favorable results on the stretch and be a playoff to Florida comes to getting healthy. You know they got alligator park up we got Jonathan Huber go back from injury that two thirds of their first point of that was missing they've been. Very good until now I think there. You know I I don't I don't wanna say they're likely to make the playoffs I think they're kind of in this dogfight with the rest of them but Florida you know. For a long time this season it didn't seem like they were necessary they were maybe drifted a little bit. Now I think the cutter right back in the middle of it. That. And this electron Lloyd I don't necessarily keep making the great addition they've they've got decent possession numbers. This got really talented young players and then told you know they might score enough to to make the playoffs but I think you're gonna be kind of right. On the bubble. We're completely related I think that favors you know they've gotten. You know this sort of forced the way back into the race you know there there are not you know. Right among the top teams but not that far off like that if you you know you're strung together three or four game winning streak all the sudden you know that they're right where they need to be. And so they you know and I think if you're the sabres that given where they've been the past few years. Could you kind of keep pushing at it in and see whether or not you can you know. Make it close down the stretch and but I I also. You know that that makes her a difficult. Time leading up to the trade deadline because the future buffalo. And you have some of these assets the teams might want you know what whether it's a symmetrical look offer code friends than ever entertain her. Any of these you know names that have been thrown around on the kitten trade bait or. You know what what does the team that. That is. Kind of on the outside but maybe not that far outside your what do you do with that and you know but my guess is that over the next week that there can be some pretty tough conversation. I would think so but the captain frank yacht design that was two in an effort to free agent to be and yeah the one the one guy that really is separate there's came. Because he's younger and producing edit edit in Jackson had to make your two. Goals wise but Cain is producing offense five on 58 and he's young and he's under contract go for another year. That that's the one that's the one boom. Considering the sabres problems on the back end and made their doubtful on. That would be not your typical trade deadline cents. Yes noise that the because he'd be in the auto rental there's another year left. A bit. You know I had I think when people. Are thinking of guys that might get treated bit Evander Kane name always sort of seemed out there because you're not quite sure whether or not a team wants to deal with the other stuff. And great granted the other stuff is quieted down with Evander Kane lately any any been produced and but to me if if there was a point at which the organization thought well you know we could maximize their value in the effort. Now is probably about that time you know that 121 goals and 48 games and this is this new year where he's home. He's finishing in only the past three years didn't score he's scored on and on during an 8% of the shots this series up over 12% and you know you're kind of getting. A good run of the percentages that way for a guy who do we generate a lot of shots. You know. But you're here he's finally getting the goal production to kind of match that we can generate shots so I I don't know I I could certainly see teams that are interest in the Banta-Cain and and he's an inflated his value with the way he's played this year. But at the same time your buffalo. And and because two point one goals and forty game you better get something good good return. Right. That's where that's where you know the return is is obviously the key you mean in any trade Camby but also in my rental player yeah expired contract you keep you gotta be thinking about it. At least the top court appearance. I think if you're gonna move came at this point the other part of this that is where he fits in to their plan long range of the deal is only through another year for him. And then they're gonna have to pay Michael we're gonna pay rank higher authority payable rightly it'll hold so Andrus the wind and then just. How many more guys can you pay six or seven million dollars to. And adapt to come to question. Pull for sure and then look at productivity. Receivers decide they're gonna keep him. You know through the end of this year and you know in the end up with 32 goals or something well. If you which if you think you're going to extend his contract. You know beyond that though one years and he's negotiating from a point were you just scored 32 bowl you know you're not getting any kind of discount. For the try to who's going to be. A full retail. And so if you know I think that all kind of goes into the that the calculation you have to make of that. You know are are you going to be able to fit him in. You know in the club salary structure long term and then do you think you gonna be this productive for you know for years to come. And you know. Could you possibly you know get a get a defenseman do you really liked better and I think that that's you know whether that happens leading up the deadline or whether that's just something that happened in the offseason it I think that's. Going to be questioned the kind of hangs over overcame for one over. Scott column of CSN our guest on the AT&T hotline which opened the poll book hero to you GR Scott with respect to eighteen. And even the Bruins. Shooting percentage. Paul how clear views the landscape on shooting percentage and analytics how much of it is locked and how much of it is. Well I mean I mean. Look there's a a certain amount that is locked because. Then what I you know refer to the Bruins loses look like just because you know that seemed shooting as poorly as they were like it or not. And has an historically on talented hockey team you know if you can scrap together people of HL players and they were shooting 6% you OK well maybe it. Maybe that's you know reflective of the talent but the Bruins have. Know some guys who have scored two goals in the league. Bergeron Marcia and the Pasternak and back as soon and preaching like they have they have NHL scoring forwards them and they are still shooting at this historic report level. Treat you. You could kind of look at that in there OK there is some. Somewhat involved in and when it comes to a guy like Cain would like switching hear from team to individual. Teen is like a high volume shooter system is so his percentages tend to be low. But you know one of the movies with. School scores tentative Beatles course is they take a lot of shots. Because the volume of shots and to be. Kind of more consistent for you than than relying on on being a high percentage god and and so in effect became his tennis scene Israel. Bump and percent this year but that that would indicate you know he's having some good fortune. You know given that. You know the way he generate shots has been consistent for years I mean you infect generating fewer shots per game this year than he has in previous years but it. Don't you know he's over 3.4 truck again and that you know among the better rates in the league. But you know there are some guys who are hypertension or you know what Patrick whining here and within trial last night and you know this guy has this amazing relief to people wonder whether or not he's the guy who can deal with shoot 19% 119% of the obscene shooting percentage. In the NHL like if you can go over 15% in multiple beaten you know you're like Stephen Tim Colston new vehicle trucks sold. Tuning in 19% as. You know people oral. Is as much as we watch after an incident while we got this phenomenal released he has this amazing shooting skill. It's still can really hard that you can. To maintain their percentage over the long run and so you know. I think. Anytime you cut it too high in a way to buy an 1819%. Is really or your notes your score or Latino and you bench shooting a 70% for years while you're probably too low and then and no. Given the the types of situations as Evander Kane would find himself because he plays with other skilled forwards knows one thing after playing on the fourth line. To meet you keep shooting 6% because you know you don't get a break scoring opportunities but if you're you're playing. Cops patrolling. Playing with other skilled forwards the odds of you are continuing to shoot 7% or. You know generally pretty low and so they are viewed when you guys shooting that lol you're trying to hold out hope that the regression is gonna bring him up a little bit and you know if you're shooting or 19% like Patrick climate. You know your cutter of walking the high wire there but. You know the awkward and it's gonna come down. All right Scott broke. Real quick before you go he gave us your thoughts on some of the teams in the mix here with the sabres in the Atlantic about Montreal Ottawa at the top and Tampa. BP odds of making it for those three teams or something along those lines. I don't think Montreal com. Should be okay come alive mean what I really like quote doing as a coach so I think that's an upgrade for them down the stretch. You know they have obviously been playing great lately but I think Joseph we'll get them on the right track Ottawa. If they need to get the forward so because they've they've lost three. Significant forward and left little bit. I think they've been awfully fortunate to this point in the season. But they've also banked you know a number of points because of that so. Thing to Ottawa has a good chance to get their but I mean the kind of vulnerable author of the report possession team. To me you're kind of relying on a bit of a bit of what do. Do you try that in the tip with him evade and sort of surprise two they are a puppet do better you can go to seemed to improve. Until now. And I think they're kind of fighting uphill. All right Scott any questions for us the benefit of the hotbed of. Well I don't know going to have going to have what's you know what what is the feeling of buffalo about the favorite whether they think that the you know they've they've gotten kind of closer announces playoff race that might have whether this team is buying or selling sitting in connection with. I I don't I don't know what what percentage of fans would feel a certain way. But certainly just working here I've not gotten any sense all year. That fans are upset that were not talking about their playoff chances more. And what I've Bulldog pretty much never given that too much seriousness the playoff chance this year and for me the course he has a lot to do that if they get you know. We too many weak too many shots. That their numbers are really bad in the areas why would much sooner expect Tampa. To to get there to receive a removable 6260. Any kind of alluded to it to him you're your your responses that are. How there 45 game winning streak away from really. Injecting themselves and of the race and and that's that's true but that's happened. Half a dozen times this year where it's gotten paid for staying and you look at Michael next rankings. And then but it. One where it just this Sunday and don't forget Chicago's apostolic your points of patsy. But going into the body. They had a chance to really close the gap and they just got hammered it home by one by Chicago. And it it's like this constant reminder punched in the face you're not that good they're not that good. That's that's sort of how I feel pretty good at the deadline so I don't know I think number he's got a tough job on its hands trying to recruit out what to do because the gap. PE an unmanageable amount most likely by the time next Wednesday columns they play Colorado and Arizona before the deadline so they could pick up points. But what do you do mean you've just been. In this whole all your long. You don't love it I'm here to distance and all that different from what I what I get and I talked with us when to take a winner take all year has and they bring three or four game mythical okay that the jet to really start to go and then they lose your fourth and already have given up on the jets and then legal winter for the fist up and down up and down and eventually you get to this point this season and your your on the outside looking in. I actually had a voice as a child wants me please repeat please say who they are good and that it. Most of your parent. But I think there. I don't know what you'd be surprised that the client. Toys it's Scott thanks blog and I'll talk to get in 089 o'clock yet. They areas Scot Colin of TS sign. Good stuff there from Scott Cullen on the sabres into some general any child chatter. We will also have. It probably got it wrapped torrential Bulldog five. Marty brown 734. His weekly segment with Howard and Jeremy. On Friday at 330 freaks here valley follow sports and that will be to bringing it bull dog. On Friday talk more about. And regional stuff they don't trade deadline a week from today so it rumor should be heating up there's baton. Small trades rose like Michael Stone to the flames for a third and a fifth conditional pick from Arizona. Some minor league trades. Nothing real big yet but hey things always usually he'd opera on the deadline deadline day is usually pretty fun. If your keep an op on Twitter and all of that fun stuff just here in the rumors kind of leak through a cell. Well beyond full coverage on deadline day Jeremy in Bulldog will be here covering us up to the guideline. Coming back after the break talk more about the sabres and Martellus Bennett. On ET. Twitter a little bit of a Rea did Rampage in what is going on in Washington all Beckham and up next on the nightcap. Got a close game. It's Eric cubes cubes with a couple all the shots up. Fifty to 56. Number ten duke right now under eight minutes to go it that would be a really big wind. For Syracuse to a buildup there resonate for the NCAA tournament which will be here. About a month from now. So. Hughes needs to do is get so big waves as they just give it three but the need to get some big wins in order to get themselves squarely on the bubble. Aid this turn and talk about the sabres a lot and focus. Just. Entry deadline that's coming up at its next week and. I just want to see timber he he doesn't do anything drastic keys to good position to where the doesn't need the buying. To give up prospects or give up picks to make a push for the playoffs he doesn't have to sell off every asset that he. Necessarily ask you does that do either war but he kind if you watched. He didn't take a look at what he wants the long term this franchise and use this trade deadline as a building block. Towards that and I think he's got a smaller term plan. That is. Then slowly building and I know patients with. Some fans out there. In in the sabres and world. And and growing. More impatient with where this team is supposed to be in its rebuild. And as I said earlier if they wind. They got 32 games left they've won fourteen of their 22 witches would be just. I agree impressive. That he would. Have exactly. Ninety points on the season which would be. Damn miles misunderstood your goals in ninety to 95 points. That was 21 games about Jack cycle by two games without beer Turkey and Evander team score a goal half way. Through December so. Pretty good is pretty good point pays science Evander team start scoring since Jack Michael got back in the lineup. It's back and looking up much better. You still wanna see better play out the team their core CPR very well accorsi. Which. Doesn't get. It and you look at their accorsi and some of the other numbers. So you take a look at their five and five course C. Just in general there in the bottom three of the league to blow Colorado and that number around 47%. And they take a look at it when it's. Five on five when they have eight lead and they're leading course he is worst in the league at about 37 to 30%. On the season. That to mean just shows the mentality when having the lead. Is this setback mentality and not force the play in the other rat which I think. I mean this team needs to do with the defense and get enough to be. Sitting in the Euro zone the entire time and being under siege the entire time they need the off. Offense to be able to get down the reason at some session timed on the offensive zone. The beefed coursing numbers on the team aren't very good but I think those will generally in Peru. Once this team gets. Some other pieces here and next year coolly I think will be full time member of this team. Casey Nelson is down in Rochester. He. You still don't really know what you got him he is in line up tonight. For the armor X. And you need in need another and other defense and where you're gonna find that is really the big question. Coleen. In two next season is finding and other get a defenseman a top four defensemen and a top two defenseman. I deal lead to pair with crystal light and and that move forward from there and see how your team walks when he got. Some battered that's got some patterns that's hail it. On your team. But until then though the way that their numbers look especially were playing with the lead I yeah I hate to see. That the highest team in the league is still over 50% and having the lead in course he. Book for the most part it teams are some 50% because al-Qaeda tape foot off the gas and in the lead. But the sabres are still bottom of the barrel last dead last in the league at 55 course C. When. Leading game so that's something that I think it's definitely an issue that has to be. That and changed it going in to next season. Ari Martellus Bennett today he kind of went on a little Twitter rants in the end Martellus Bennett's. Michael batted people are very outspoken players in the NFL I think they're they're two of the balls on players to follow. For this reason is that it's. Hey these guys are afraid to. Be. Out there they're not afraid to. Say what's on their mind and give it to you the straight honest true. And our total spend has been out there saying that he's gonna test the free agent market he's gonna go out there he's gonna take all of his offers he's probably gonna take. The best offer he can get. So now he does he's got some flak. From this Twitter account and the tweet has now. Cents by deleted but I was from something was called in Boston sports news it's almost Twitter accounts Leno compiles. News from different accounts and gives it to you but they side. Something along the lines I don't have between front in the anymore because they've sent to lead that. Like okay Martellus Bennett joins the patriots. Patriots give them Super Bowl. Ali tells but it looks for more money than ground thirty year old Martellus Bennett looks from normally even accidentally sent your. In articles after this first ball with some respect them I mean it's Martellus. Probably because he spelled it wrong here. Said Marty. No tweets gone and the patriot and can't be anything mean nineteen meet spared that split. And you have no idea what I want if you don't hear it from means stop repeating that. And he goes on and starts talking about reporters. And how how reports and leaks. Our wake people in the movie theater trying to guess who the killer is the entire time. That's what he says about leaks out of organizations. You know I don't always. Believe leaks depends on who it's coming from I mean we've you know around here in buffalo. A lot of reporting from some people NFL insiders like geez market for a so of his reports tend to be. Your question those. You do question those reports Eagles ass assumptions. As recent as about those kinds reports. Then people started tweeting Martellus about it. It for him to take less money than Eagles all of you to take a pay cut then. He he just goes the he just tells the truth and the way that is. I love the way that these players carry themselves because Martellus about it is the guy. That really doesn't care he should check out its Twitter account needs. Pretty honest with all these people and it's while Betty people on Twitter will come after athletes out. About the performance about how old daughter Paige shocked about anything. And I hate. I think he handled this pretty well for people adding him to state take us money. And then he'd respond in response OK you guys take take take what you guys just because you're good fit in your company your gonna take a pay colony know your worth something more and you're trying to maximize your value. Makes great points. And he doesn't he doesn't care what people think about them in the long run are saying is cut your own grass dolby in my darting Cardin. Messing with my fruit while we are growing all over years anyways while you while I hope you'll get raised as a Martellus Bennett went. Twitter today to say and I've said it a million times I was an athlete and tell us about it definitely uses his Twitter to extend his brand he has in the agency. Which makes an immediate short swept and he does charity work. So he uses this. As wade to promote all of that. But the fact that you get just for being an athlete and just for seeing. You want to pass the market to cast your value in free agency as a player and you go how you do that. I just. Then you get a bunch of flak from. A bunch of fans especially fans from Boston. Why are you giving Martellus bad cramp in your fear from Boston. He came in rock was injured after season hit a good season for you guys he has got a Super Bowl ring. Vineyard just gonna go after this guy because he's gonna go all into the free agent market and try to maximizes value. I don't know I guess I guess we don't know. What it's like to be a Boston fan. But if I were in their shoes. I don't think I'll be giving too much crap to a player who just played on my team. Won a Super Bowl the team to give him a Super Bowl he was part of the team that won the Super Bowl yours to stand on the sidelines watching it. You're not part of the team. So I just some of these bands that get after players on twitters I mean. They they need to take a look at what they're doing and it. Just to realize. He's is is a regular human being that's trying to go out there. And make money. Yes he's going to make a lot more money than you probably ever will meet but he's trying to maximize his value. Much like you and I are trying to maximize our values and our job and I just love the fact that he keeps it straight he keeps it real. And he doesn't take crap from anyone and I think that's refreshing to see an athletes. In any sport. The NFL the NHL. Any sport it's nice to see someone who is straight shooter like that and the bandits are just known for absolutely. Being 100% real 100% honest all the time all right one more break here for the nightcap after I'm done here we have AD. Number NASCAR special motor racing network and be bringing new and order special from Daytona that's been become an up next after me is the nightcap on WG. Our quick update. In Syracuse a close game under two minutes and 73. To 72. Duke reading the orange right now house. I'll become more minutes before the documents with you know all the timeouts follows all that fun stuff that's that's going to be team while also. Saint Bonaventure they are in Philadelphia. Taking on saint Joe's and they have these six point lead 144 remaining in that one for all of you I'm badger fans out there. You be played tonight we find out. To get to outs just mean here tonight Saab and just you know by ourselves you being. Losing. Yesterday. If it was Tuesday yesterday to the Kent State complexion so. You be. Is they've been around six game winning streak there. And Dell lost yesterday too and that 73 to 73 under two minutes. In Syracuse a cool story. From the ever scheme tonight Tim Kennedy actually making his return to buffalo after a very very very long time. He. Obviously was with the sabres. Played in seventy teams for the sabres this season and ten goals sixteen assess. Had six games in the post season against the Bruins. And I and you laughed. And he's bad to a lot of places. Cents leaving buffalo. I mean. A lot of places. That Connecticut Rochester Florida San Antonio. Massachusetts and Jose Phoenix Pennsylvania Russia Finland Sweden. He's got all over the map but. Tonight he returned to buffalo and he does say in this is an article from the Buffalo News Jon Vogel writing about it. He's come to. I guess except the decision cities need in his past he's he talks about. Howell when he was younger. After that arbitration hearing where the sabres decided not to. Under the arbitration in the arbiter who gave him one million dollar contract citing internal budget. Into buying a team Kennedy eat away any materials for a little islands. Needs. Traveled to a bunch of different organizations. Science agency he did wonder. What would've been different if he had just accepted the offered at the sabres had given them. Al media's kids would be playing with their cousins but now he's happy with the the outcome he's back in the area. And he's certainly got a wealth of life experience. From traveling around to many different places and hopefully. I'm not sure how long contracts form hopefully he'll be able settled down here for a little while and get back to is stomping grounds his hometown it's our right. That does it for me reminder 7:30 AM tomorrow Marty Ron with Howard injure me 5 PM. You rapport with show and the Bulldog. Motor racing network decode Daytona. 500 special coming up next is that nightcap on WGR.