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2-25 Inside High School Sports

Feb 25, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And Gionta. Five maybe it's time to take a look inside high school sports. Kelly cheering. Brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would feel great right about now. My new ones have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and my dad neurological institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri along with Frank Wolf who from while Western New York. All Western New York dot com and the 300 level Roger Weis is here. Pro shop head coach at juvenile basketball he's in studio where we talk about everything. Morning guys. Morning on in your off. How lousy bullpen gets a quick look outside at the weather but that's all right by the time we got some lose. Nice weather come after it is miserable weather was medalist couple days. I mean you know it's February and the weak command are ready for spring I don't know why you guys but. Let's talk about as always Frank Wolf news and notes and I know it's going to be kind of a sad to started off with. Yes we we last two members of our high school sports family this week on game Kaplan who. Big into sections exports these UIC losses mother earlier this week sorry passers balances and of course coach Rick fall from Hamburg. He just. Clinton playoff game Wednesday night and unfortunate his wife passed away on Thursday. Now my thoughts and prayers are with the with the families obviously is very very reserved and then. Real quick down waltzes just 25 points away from breaking Richie Campbell's record we've been keeping up to that up to date on that each week here. And Chiron a lot from health sciences at the 1000 point. Plateau last night congratulations to them absolutely. Let's get started with some wrestling and hockey for a well in the wrestling there's a major upset. And Albany answered Mason who's from tenacious knocked off the number one seed yesterday. And the 220 pound division yet another win so he's two and no I'm Friday heads in to Saturday. With a couple of big matches but Mason who's a contagious is. Doing great things for sex for a Western New York pricing American Association in any sacks up the number one seed out in Albany FC addressed to him other winners yesterday. Moving out to today there were three from nagger wheat field Justin and worn McDougal. And Matt Chico. Connor de veer equate Jake up she meter from Hamburg. Dillon seeing growing Cameron page from falcon are moving and actors caught Hector column Bradford on your Tyler Smith pioneer. Jordan McLaughlin polian. Late L suits. Alou port. And if you wanna follow the action today from Albany times union senator go to arm drag dot com just follow the links and you'll be able to see how our guys are doing. Awesome. I'm Brett Wallace learned this they just couldn't bring things down Quebec they call a little bit but. That was for early night I don't energetic girl fired back you're giving him six currently a coach as he reaches for the garbage can. How critical at and who is is just having an unbelievable scholastic year all I'd you know in the classroom and on the mat and a football field that's Axel and showed Ilie you know. Actually can overdoing it we're showing off Alonso prowess and I think it's nice throws an honors student to know she's. Yeah and then you know and hockey boys hockey action right now. I'm Monday it's super Monday so you'll have for the Ryder Cup telling about the two months senior teams. Saint Joe's in kidneys just say you know lead things off at 4 o'clock followed by. The large schools on a section six Lancaster. And will north the play at six and then he'll be followed by Ken Morrow west and west Seneca east the small divisions. Did you see that goal west Seneca east I guess we'll ease was that in overtime. The last mom woes at the left side just inside just inside he wound up and let it go and it was why. Jack's it's Tyler aren't. He's been doing that are here and he's incredible hockey players non. Analysts in their hands full in west and east probably has the best goalie. I thought he had the best season of all the goaltenders and I'm not being biased because I love this team is jagr meeting. But he's been incredible all season and he was he was able to help shut down weasel east on Wednesday night they have. Arguably the best players offensive player in now might step on. And maiming and his defensive corps in front on their just incredible and they are in this they earned the game they earned it. I saw this going to be a big game Monday get them out and as at our percent that that's a key banks out evenings and on Sunday the girls play Williams bill. And the flop team that's frontier lake shore Orchard Park. And they're all included yesterday down at Dicky bank for media day. And they invited all the boys teams and for the first time the invited the girls' teams down which is pretty cool Mike Gilbert opened things up and then and things up to the football. Called all the teams up all the coaches out they introduce two captains and some of the players and was their special guest speaking. Might event. Yes patch Khaleda was there. Talking about his it was the tenth anniversary of the Ottawa brawl and so elated with that. Think it could be brutal way to influence the high school kids let's talk about as big brawl we have Freddy was there is in his personal enough gas it again. I was there Ricky was their Melissa a different voice in the I was there is. It was a nice moment from the kids you know Newman for get a those jerseys stink I gotta tell you guys watched those jerseys they. Stunk up the join hello. Yeah it is the only clean got to do some about the psyche. I had an out of his. The truck the baseline he should not Jeanette. When we're playing out with the guys at work we always played enough for awhile I'm not sure to August usually. So we just record is and that is one guy goes and opens up the absolutely out. Just like you Purdue as gave the previous spring trip I thought I was gonna. All all all well and man I love covered packaged like this definitely. It's just about you can't argue thrilled when I you can't and don't forget it let's put it that way you should take after us and tolerant pull everything out and hang it up my hair out all right and my wife would Levy where managers news second thing out Washington. And off that I swear he's. This equipment gonna walk on the ice by itself would be adopted. I got to forget that I don't miss that part at all or nobody does all right. Let's move by the boys basketball. Us talk with Earl sharp before the show. Andy is saying you know go through no real major upsets. I mean yeah he might be able to see some of your based on rank where they were seeded but they weren't really big upset. Maybe some surprises might be the margin of victory. Yeah the one game it seemed to stick stand out that way it was only ends victory over a merry go. Because Mary Ellen beaten them the first time and only and one pretty handily down down and only adamantly but still that teams were probably. A lot more closely match it was one of those games where maybe just got away. And then I look connect especially the monsignor Martin. Playoff to a command Nichols taking care maggert Catholic while shall receive CA. Conditions be chose Joe's was in the game. Goes at a great jab my coach Simon denigrate tablet that gave me just keeping it as close that they dead I mean they needed to make some sacks and I'm ports in the fourth quarter they just that scoring and now. You in any game like that and it was it was actually lost scored for three quarters but it kinesis opened up a hit some threes and saint Joe's an answer reports and everybody come up with a big shot. When you say no surprises Anthony ought to surprises. I mean. If somebody is woke up urban sleeper for a couple years and all that he's a what do you mean conditions is saint Joe's playing in the play in game. You know the 45 game conditions and Jo that is about as outrages. You know either though Norman is anything this year and the only go through the Cowboys in all four classes. Worst seat dinners or six there's nothing any warned to succeed are also exceeds your runners cheers of the boys. Amazingly true Warriors really you won twelve or thirteen and somehow sneaks in because of the crossover league seedings and all I don't and aren't earlier true indicative that this year. Yeah we've always pointed out usually might come out of the yell Koppen what somebody you know. You know because of where. The other losses within their own league. They don't get seeded as high and then they knocked off somebody gets higher seed. All of number ones and twos in the boys and on and the only number I only one number one and girls and to make the final four. So today that it will be the class B semi finals. At dove Villa Maria 2 o'clock in 345. Began Saint Mary's will take on walls that's a one vs a four. Cardinal O'Hara will take on Nichols. And then out of the class a semi finals at 53715. Time in verses can nation as one vs four Saint Francis vs park two vs three now we're looking at familiarity every these teams know each other. Yeah this is this is out and for a long time the Catholic league is bad and kind of you almost knew who was gonna others like an overwhelming favorite comment in this is the first year. That I know that pretty much anything can happen any of these eight teams can end up when in the near the B. And it's gonna be really exciting day there at Villa because. No it seemed like for example saint Francis of probably Biron had to pick a team I can't say who they had the best season. If pride we Saint Francis but in a bee park twice now there have to be in a third time because they lost the coin flip with time and into the to a seat. And timing timing cases. They just played last week and it was a close game until the last 34 minutes. And it's how tough was it to be that team the third time in the season we hear that all the time but in high school sports. Especially on the court how tough is that Barack and I chipped in road course I had early usually always as I'd rather read dusty that award twice during the year some of do you have a lot of ways everybody here. We had to whip that 2004 Rihanna three a three they would like stacked the same way it was a plant a thorough was a playoff game and as I rather be a team that knows they can win. I mean obviously it's it's always difficult to be a good team three times. Elise you're going in knowing you could beat the other team where the other team well you know they got they got close a couple times and and park having a one game was over time. Having said that those same Francis is as. Met their match in Mora both times so it'll be interesting day for sure. Yep we use in regulation young. Thirteen years ago since Randy pretty brewer offers his knees and Ryan's. Thirteen years hoping not superstitious it's time flies by so fast and Medicare then. I think that the Manhattan cup finals will be Wednesday. March 1 add to our kinesis council college counselor senator. And 605 in. Eagle five Eagles should be two great games whoever wins today both games will be great. You know in I'm looking your age you mention these teams of all taking turns beating each other yet exactly it's it's it's back and you know at the beginning people would stop park might be a prohibitive favorite comment and especially the way they played early add. And then Saint Francis has had an outstanding your grandparents that'd agree cabinet team sure and there and and if I try to pick a favorite beat them but it's by the slimmest of margins this time and time is certainly good enough to win the whole thing as well as his park. I like Walsh in the small schools those two Brothers your craft Brewers were room there where they put on a show. Even at park where they were there's a whole team was totally outmanned or whatever you want to call it post. Three guys are barely six foot taller settling their 65 and are. You know man judge child herself like that and just to watch him when he finds a way to get open and he makes the baskets. Let's begin coaching jobs anymore is there was smoke and mirrors and they have ninth. Nine kids I think they have the entire male population of the school playing as big as the school is and they have two very very good players they have another another kid who stepped up by us last they mens of her eyes and he played well. Against Christa central. But after that they have guys that are very new to basketball and they came up and they had some big shots too so I act I would now I'm deathly will be surprised that they won the whole thing. Well after the head of the reasons a couple more McQuarters is a rule says you have to have five by the court. Coaches at the time a year where you gonna see a team come out with a different offense a different look a different scheme. For. Most signs that. Putting which I didn't do and just because he had I think I think there's there's something to be said for doing a little it might be minor adjustments attract somebody but. I mean you're also given a message to your kids if you all of a sudden have gotten this Byron and you change something and it's like. Some castles you think you'll love does the coach Napoli Venice so I I am. I personally trying go with that the horse that brought him but you know there might be a couple of things about like mark Simon would would throw out random triangle and two in their sometimes there. But I think with the teams or is he today I think it's pretty much you're gonna see what you're gonna see overall you have to do what you do best yet and I think that after 24 games wherever they played so far I think that's pretty much they they don't know each other. No reason you'd be answering the Gurode cronje. Who had just turned this and he ought to we should if I want to seventeen now who hooked up. Nobody goes I stopped going there border right supposedly dance through the person and growing in. All right let's move on double a pre quarterfinal actions that took place on Wednesday. Had Clarence beating Niagara weak field that was an eight vs nine Orchard Park knocking off frontier that was a seven vs tan. Than he had quarterfinals Friday. Jamestown beating Claris in overturn that was a one verses eight. Niagara Falls over lock sport that was a five verses before are really can't call that an ops sacked and the band played and they had a band plays on. I'll Lancaster reading Orchard Park that was a two vs Simon. Can't blast over Williams filled north that was a three vs six. So that's gonna set up our Wednesday march 1 James town vs the falls Lancaster. Verses can more west. Changed around verses from falls and Buffalo mostly. Must be a Padre it's been awhile since that happened kind of realized. 51 weeks maybe your get this this Frankie draw a circle around somebody closure I throw a dart whenever I mean bring golf or any of any of the teams are capable of winning that you know Lancaster proud are being out gained some probably has the best player James draw last. In the group but cam or west is very athletic they have TJ Williams scored 32 last night didn't like Caster beat James towns and not to lose at the end then they do actually. Got weaker so at least they share the division one title in the CIC. So any of these teams the way it should be it should be great ball. Luckily cash to do this one host of the games with the but the that would mean we are jayhawks Tony and after that said how I was definitely. A jinx. I mean you talked about the Niagara Frontier League and just a tossup between. Camera west locked pour Niagara Falls on an island are entirely around. I hit it. Been crazy all year so the real close and no real advantage that I it should be it should be great and its third this this whole week about state is going to be full of like close games with them. Carl is always a lot of parity you're running rampant. And aid. Warren action we have Hamburg beating arched back. That was on Wednesday neat verses nine. West Seneca west beat gene Williams built east that was a ten or worse I've been so there's your their major upset. Quarterfinals head will south beating Hamburg I was one over eight. Nick can be in overtime over west Seneca east. That was a four vs five nor Tom I want over west cynical west that was too. Vs ten Grand Island older sweet home that was a three. Vs a six. You know first congratulations coach lot medalist psyches because they have to I think they've. They've gone down Wes saying he's gonna McKinley like five or six years on the last day for class and they hop in there and and took an overtime so. Peres said that wiggle south will be the logical to know when your buck. You know mechanically Achilles always gonna surprise you and and coach Dorsey talked about. The dancer with a horse sobriety I mean Darren of their press full court they're sent ten guys out and you're trying to outnumber them and that's that's another match up we've seen before by upstate Billy evil south the McKinley. An attack on a great Allen is those are teams that played each other nagger Frontier League so there'll be surprises there. You know than just about guarantee for about a 150 year and either well south American leagues I'm playing you want championship game. Yeah but that's probably true I mean they Bob and they've they've been a want for awhile label Bennett do it seems to have already there have been or like Roger said a hundred times that double state they have an advantage going into these schemes that's a plus state over somebody that's not an Iraqi exile. I think that's just that the players because the players change the coaches too because they are also known. A few things like the court the court it's happy longer would seem to be though most subtle thing but it's the most important thing a lot of ways because. We are playing bass like eagle I think from memory and your dribble in the hallway and it seems like. You're dribble on the length of them I had some kind of first night in Canada are we there yet and yeah exactly the first the first half until we get rain break ahead. The first step aside these games is awfully low scored for the teams that have been there before and if you if if you're what most teams you know hold the other team down you can get out there earlier McGrath the bunker couple years ago. Who had a great season and then they came in and I forget who played them. But there are they are the only score early time points in the first half and they just weren't used to the value in this outing and so I think there's definitely an accident. Plus you talk about the big crowds zillion yet it always on the other the pageantry you know shirt an 82 you had out Wednesday's star point beating air corps that was a neat over nine. Yeah important beating cam more east that was a seven overtime. Lake shore over pioneer there's another upset eleven over six. And and last night Amherst over sharp point one verses eight. All Deanna beating mayor of Al by a sizable margin four vs five. She to walk. Over move pork that was two vs the seventh South Park overweight sure that was a three verses eleven. Are so now we're setting up by Tuesday's games amorous verses a Leanne in Cheektowaga vs South Park. And the rest of bracket there I mean only and all and was quote down and here there back apostate again I mean they're gonna thirty have a tacitly hammers emirates. Probably is that the best overall team is bracket but it's my release my American. Saw part one the Al cop and they you know that's tough to do no matter what kind of years in the Al Koppen there. I like their team they play very hired. And 90 August got down Welsh and you know he's he's 25 points away as franks that room you know record will be curious to see if he gets it because. Sub parts that eleven Gannon and they they have the wind is game to move I'm so it that be real interesting and exciting play that game could the pressure. For Welsh to break it to that play into a factor I any negative way as its candidate candidate he's thinking about it and he just goes out like he's so good because I'll plays and get 25. It was after the game now while and it will be updates should be an up and down big South Park goes after yeah you know but I mean. They're gonna I think it Byron coach is up market make someone else beat me first. All right we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll get into be one. And beat two if you wanna follow along you wanna keep an update on the scores go to the view from center court excellent website. Think you center court Purdue was such a wonderful job let's take a break we'll come back with more inside high school sports. Say jeez those guys are posing for pictures what a ham Rogers I tell me. Welcome back inside high school sports I'm Tony Caligiuri Uros. Along with Earl sharp to go head coach Frank Wolf from all Western New York dot com in the 300 level and Roger Weis our resident troublemaker. Derrick Kramer producing. Are we left off what you would be nice let's get into the BY in the brackets. First round action from. Twenty the 21 ever send over all day and there's an upset the sixteen. Over nine Albion over city our honors at twelve over thirteen. Offered don't you Beantown wanna that was a ten vs fifteen. CS AT beating Riverside that was a fourteen over a lot then. Her guard beat amorous and that was an eight vs the sixteen and breeder mershon. They don't deserve a wolf wolf not to not this year berg are being average and that was an eight over sixteen. Don't Kirk over Albion that was a 50 vs twelve. Earl closure years for don't you're beating are proud that was a tad verses of south then I would consider that an upset. Double teams that are equally matched teams I saw Baltimore and then we had let's see. To QB dean is CS AT six verses fourteen and then East Aurora over berg guard that was one verses eight. Dunkirk over spring though that was a five over four. MST Seneca beating for don't the a two over it and new fame be deemed to pew that was at three over a six and on the semi finals. Our Monday you'll have east or taken on Dunkirk. MST Seneca taking on new things. Yeah. Four teams from like different corners of the planet plan you know if that's the great thing about some of these smaller brackets you have teams that aren't in leagues they don't normally play each other. Certain of a contrast in styles Easter or as games are very. Low scoring day they pride themselves on their defense so I mean I think they're game yesterday was was very low scoring and I've seen darker put up a lot of points lately so I'll be great at Cincinnati store only gave up 34 burger gap and I I would bat most of the players from honesty Seneca couldn't find new things so that will be a real interesting match up there. Sac has got a young team they're very there had underrated and all that side I'd be curious to see how they do and new thing to say a big win over to fuel so that they should be a good squad new face the strong all year round yeah they have been. I you know having having seen Don Kurt our ABC and soccer yet if you do fate. New faint beating if you is as gently as they did they think they probably have a really good sat to go to finals. And Izod bunker cameo Lancaster tipoff German actually knocked off Lancaster saw. He bunker is my pick in their brick and while our. Let's jump to beat two year first round action which was Tuesday. Southwest turn it over Buffalo are 213 over twelve warrior heart overheat and that was a ten being in a fifteen. Oracle charter beating act ran eleven vs fourteen that Arab Wednesday you had golden wand over JFK. Eight vs nine. Middle college over southwestern which was a five. Verses thirteen. Then he had a lot yet over Roy Hart in overtime. Seven over attack and Wilson meaning oracle six over allotment. And then the quarterfinals. Yesterday Madonna beating go Wanda that was a one over an eight. Health science being mean middle college. That was a four over five. Olmstead beating Lafayette two vs Simon. And then lock want over Wilson that was a three verses six setting up semi finals on Thursday apostate. Madonna and we'll take our health science Olmstead will take arm lock wanna. Again they're fourteens again I don't see each other regularly so be another great access. Almost that has been cast line under the raider earlier in the Buffalo public schools they've been doing really well advocate. Get Emery is scored 41 yesterday and considering the team themselves only 6070s. He probably did awful the offense. They're like they're playing a lack a lot of team that flown the radar also NE CIC four and let a lot of San along you know history of B and their minutes battle losses they've banned theirs all right be curious to see how that one goes. And that led though the one vs war they got the Lackey who just scores thousand point. And how sacks is a very athletic team against probably the most athletic person in the tournament. Jalen Cooper from a guy knows who could I'd seen him play a couple of times and he's previously athletic. Wow I like dead being skewed a line. Yeah he's employed for homestead do you he's yeah he's all over the place down there on August NBA yet you know Andy bush has done a great job with the program. In the preliminary around a thirteen seed. Southwestern act out the twelve seed Buffalo art. That is the only games throughout that entire bracket we're in a lower seed neck umpires see. After that and you know quarterfinals that was one through eight in a semi finals 124. Guys jump over into the CYC two brackets. She toppled lake beating cast today the valley yesterday that was a one over an eight. Allegheny lying stone defeating solemn make up those are five over for clean hill being Western New York maritime that was a two. Vs the south in port drill beating tapestry. Six vs 03 that I would consider an upset. I was a bit of an upset toward goal affair I have an Agassi poured all year tapestry had a team was up and coming as well. And died they are really good fourth quarter of the game was close and it pulled away in the fourth to win. Cleveland know this is Bengali heir and them their EC IC four doesn't get a lot of attention but they've been playing pretty well all year. And they've been there before you know Jason Chavis has been there are. Don't three or four times in the last five years so I think they have an advantage just from being there. And that it's not the lake is one of the few teams and it's a beetle again this year so that there's a lot to be said for that and they play. Caledonia stone that'll be at JCC. Gap on Monday and then you have clean bill cleats over support for him. I mean what they Buckley college they're going they're going in the south it's not going to be like the play offs they again so bright that be different but they've Benton at the end game before. It's a great atmosphere to ACC. And then the finals will be on Friday at 815. And C two you had Westfield. The between BAA SE asks. And that was an eight over nine global concepts beats over create a seven over and Randolph being Westfield sizable lead. One verses and a cruise bird. Over Maple Grove that was a four over five very close game he speeding global concepts. To over a silent member barker. Beating Holland a six over three that's sets up the semi finals Tuesday. At a JCC 515. And 645 we'll have Randolph taken out Cruz berg in east taken arm Parker. Yeah I thought I would think if there's an 800 pound elephant in the room it's going to be east in this one. They've played they've played a schedule against all the teams they're playing a MB games. Ran off ran up obviously has been there before and they've done a really good job I would anticipate a Randolph and east final day. But he says if let us isn't that these other three he's probably is that scene there or up we'll Marty Anderson is one of the top three or four players in the said he. Your score more points than they normally do usually you were watching east is if Roger says. Every year starling teaches defense. I still haven't go after me I can't we can stories he's also. He's also had teams that score a lot of points to go Noah and and he's got what he's got a horse he goes and he knows the right it. Exactly all the guys you are center court mentioned. Few weeks ago when he was in studio and all that the different cities team performance. The times as starling was not there verses or I'm right is night and day and you know you to take it away from me assistance but starling can motivate. Well he has and usual presence on the court that motivates people. Having coached next whom a lot of times in. And out the only. Lower seed dot net entire bracket that retires he is when number six barker knocked off number three are Howland. For the right to play against number two east. That's going to be it's going to be tough place aces and on until after all right I'll our d.s while d.'s these goes out to basically. Climber vs. Winner. Alec a villain Franklin bill and at alcove right the ball's going to be a really good game Franklin bill. And out the Bulls split a label on for Franklin or for palatable is a really good player Franklin mills got some real athletes that to me a couple of them. I would give Franklin though the edge. Just because I think they have a couple more athletes that'll be an interesting final. He has scored it has been great how great are great playoffs so far. I Roger get us up to date on the and the young girls. Okay my senior Marten last night playing games number four Saint Mary's knocked off number five Nichols. So they will play in Sunday. For the right to go up against Cara and all era. Our cardinal Arum might never be the best human misstatement there aren't that pin their neck. Then Mia other semi final game mount saint Mary as we say the third game. Reverses sacred heart. They Mac Duff secret are for the first time ever in her own barn they lost a close game to sacred heart and sinker marriage barn. I don't know I where have they were unable to hit the floor they shot they might of one minute game as well. Very interesting that's semi final for the right to play again so era and then. I can't say oh era is just too good. Yeah look at the voice has been all hair's been a clear cut favorite all absolutely. I mean you know. I've said it before but they like via terminology so I'll say it again. No lawyer girls this year schedule. Outside of my monsignor Martin was literally a who's who of New York State girls basketball game and many more than held their own against most teams. Yes again in neutral by Christ the king in New York City who doesn't. So law. Then and the job these schools in non mercy and I and I'm not mistaken. Whoever comes out of the Catholic GA championship has to play against a double play. So bad news throw aero is probably maybe in a school when it comes to law. Nobody enrollment and all that we'll have to play double A going again it's all big boys against near state. But and I guess the runner up and it came so I would think that must Saint Mary's a corner Warner Wynette. Actually represent the eighties and the Catholic state championships. And then for the bees. Last night Buffalo's I am Mac dropped Bagger Catholic in the 45 game they will play mound mercy. On Sunday and it's whose three game would feature in our men park I look for mom mercy c'mon there and a as soon be represented down state. Okay you wanna start or the a's are this season's section whatever you want to rush. It's three home all right. He's been so. On all the d.s in the season recounted. Jamestown. High school poised player GCC the girls down there in the smaller schools will play their semis and finals and it changed now. Right let's take a break gradually come back you give us update on our section six playoffs for girls. And little bit more true free to squeeze it and all right elicit this Sinai school sports and WGR Sports Radio 550. We're back one last segment of inside high school sports sales up next. And has a lot going and is this a great time year for sports if you think about it. You'll college basketball winding down March Madness coming up. You know and it felt free agency come and opted raced to make you see the Sabres make the playoffs. As a lot going on any match you would know high school playoffs. Yeah at Daytona tomorrow. Mondale June here. United's that there is an off. Gotta go on and lose Sabres decided to reach from the playoffs and at the video might as well let's have fun. Are right where we leave off Roger girls section six gulp. Okay class. To a street game very interest in Panama defending state runner up will be playing. Against el like you fell again these will be at Jamestown not. High school. And the number one seed off Franklin bill will be playing against climber. I think the Panama I'll get rows of Beckham's game I expect Franklin building easily. Be climber although I do not know. The older Haskell girl Allison. Did a number runner ankle and one in the early game so I don't know order status was I haven't been. Catch adequate. Jeff Driscoll yet but. Either way probably without Alison they could be climber who else is not available against the winner of the Elkins open and my game. And I don't I'm not crazy about Franklin goes chances. Classy to the only upset mailroom too early in the show where the only number one seed who did that make it to the semi finals. Buffalo east they were knocked off by. Eight seed Westfield in the quarterfinals. So Westfield will be playing Randolph. In the a four game and it's whose three game Wallin Forsberg. IC off root for usually going through that bracket. The and then eventually I think cruised through when the cross over game as well. Allegheny limestone tapestry will be playing in the 14 game and classy one. Cleve Phil again I got to go to around town are going down south. To watch Jamestown. I don't bring a lot of reserve money in the era. Guess slush fund for Cleveland held because they're making a couple troops boys and girls. Number two I should talk a little late will be likely fills opponent they back off falcon are class B. The job. We ones. The lowest seed where every one a college in boys or girls charter school applied technology the number twelve seed. Actually backed up by prep they will be going up against number one to pew. One of the most interest seeing girls games will be easier roar and fraud. For Doria. Growing Owens Cyrus sisters Easter or even with out. Am a breaker is still very competitive don't look past them I think Easter were reward a walk through that division was. With them a breaker now it was a level playing field and and and beat choose almost dead. And act off the dying out they got a cowboy athletes are excused real instead placement Dinah. That should be a very interest in game Buffalo arts and Wilson. That is by far the most interest in bracket in the girls' basketball. All the way around I think anyone a fourteen to come through I like Wilson only because Brian walk off. I'm so Brian Wilson. Brian Baker will be there while he's been there. Debts. Again the most increasing bracket. The terrorist golden coaches and she from time Wanda usually warrior. And T I'm not familiar with the coach and I do a lot of these teams I barely see if at all. And I apologize for that. Class a by far though bats bracket. Categories just walk through a nagger frontier early you were undefeated in. Girls basketball in the league schedule if I'm not mistaken and they're going up against who's gonna surprise you. All in made the final four shocked. That should be very interesting game in spite of the fact that Candice is a number one seed. I would look past polian especially with Sarah Pfeifer this girl can throw in forty you know. I don't know our off day yeah. Obviously the best games semi final game and all girls basketball in my opinion. Number two lakeshore against number three. Emerson hammer from Claire winds are. She's one of my pick for coal player of the year along ones Korean Dixon from law. Cardinal error. And lakeshore and they'll just comment yet they can put marrying girls on the court I don't know all of the bigger courts and they'll plan. I believe they're playing as sweet home as well I don't know how that will affect lake shore pull it sure is a pretty decent sized course so it shouldn't be. Too much of a problem if you if even three of those. One anger old Serb playing anywhere near their normal game I likely ensures chances but then Claire wiser good period hammers. Finally though yet does double days. Very interesting in light yet Earl says same with the boys. Enjoyed. Sectional championships who's going to get to Rochester you're gonna go up against some vision gurneys and Mia. Mercy Rochus who was in the world and if frost sections 61 thing you know those games. There's an investigation lead today at all number one Clarence will play number eight OP. Jamestown anger we feel that would be a 45 game now these are writing to Derek. Big bind because they play their championship teams distance. Same night that. Eighties and Beasley there crossover games are right now owners you'll do owner quarterfinals. Number two front tier numbers seven and was. Number three black poor against number six Lancaster. I like Lancaster and I'd like four game like frontier and Clarence. Clearance of frontier would be ideal matchup because they're the one in two. I think they may have split during the year frontier barely lost that Clarence and Clarence late in the year of one possession game of those games are played in our home court than they go to sweet home right. The quarterfinal tennis correct that higher seeds it's all team. Our guys who hit all of rush. I know so I know I saw tejada not a popular I'm not mistaken when I talked about the good age who bracket a week ago. I don't even think I mentioned candies and then shame on me for that. Candies deserves matter. I think I was more and grow a bit. 45 game potential between your cornea and all the hand which finally came true reform. Like I say. Good noses of Manuel plan and above stayed at least for the semi final same thing for the girls on the champs now for Panama they bring their brand. The atmosphere. Erik Kramer thank you for drew for that for producing we'll talk you next week.