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02/26 Fast Track HR 1

Feb 26, 2017|

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Western New York race fans each time down crank it up goal. The. The next hour the airwaves belong to you. See jokes dress pin and let him do a WGR's fast track. With your host and other evidence there. I'm Steve Buchanan. Good morning race fans 1105 here are eleven oath to hear a WGR Sports Radio 550 and welcome. To the Daytona 500 preview edition of fast track here on the lead GR I'm debut can't thank you for listing our second shell of the 2017. Season and it's a big one of course we kick off the 2017. Season for the NASCAR cup series the monster energy NASCAR cup series as it is now known. Bundles cult cups here's probably with today's running the 59 running of the great American race the Daytona 500. At the Daytona International Speedway and always kicking off the year without the biggest race of the year and it's gonna be a real big one today I think I'm really excited. For today's race I think it's going to be may be the most wide open in exciting Daytona race but 500 we've had in in quite some time. A great show Weiner for this morning a run for two hours eleven to one here today on WGR we will lead into live flag like coverage of the Daytona 500 you'll hear break here and WGR. We'll hand things software friends at the motor racing network at 1 o'clock with their pre race coverage. With our race coverage starting at just after two the official green flag time is right around 230 just you have wanna keep in mind if you're gonna be out about this afternoon and you want to. He'll be in your act out beyond your cowed churn for your radio just in time to catch the green flag that'll be about 230 Saul the you although the singing and praying they knew before the race that you that'll beat they'll be going about quarter after two semen on it I keep that in mind the green playground to thirty. Speaking. Tease me of the motor racing network. Let Kirk Becker who will be on the broadcast day he'll join us live from Daytona at the bottom of the hour here and our first hour of the program. Kurt any veteran motor sports horse racing announcer patients should add. I will join us with a preview at the bottom of the hour also coming up on today's program of course if you're. Familiar with speed weeks of course not all the action is just at Daytona there're a lot of short trek in and around. The area of Daytona with racing action that has been going on for longer than two weeks now. Tracks late of the Lucia and east bay raceway Newsom on a well. One of the drivers that picked up a wind down their familiar race fans here in Western New York tie them up. Who got a big win on Tuesday night at didn't at the new Smyrna speedway in the World Series a short trek recent guys first career modified win. And we're gonna talk to Tyler and about 11:50 here this morning on the program Tyler of course irregular with the race of champions modified series and at Tyler coming off. I his best season to date on the ROC series are showing a lot of improvement one of the up and coming young guns. On the op on that series so we'll talk to Tyler about his big win in 1150. In our second hour at about quarter after noon we're gonna talk to Alex Nagy from the June costs a motor speedway. Or as you wiper remember thinking you the motor speedway over and l.'s corners Ontario. On that racetrack is set dormant for a few years but it is ready to come back to life later this year. And it's coming back in a big way because us some folks have taken in over in the air investing some big money into that facility. Improving it repainting it adding some banking. And they're gonna return to action a later this summer so in the fired Alex to run the facility for them Alex is a former. Racer himself he's run with field cast car. On NASCAR Canadian tire now in tees series so organ talked Alex. About the rebirth of the cue the motor speedway under its new name Jim Costa motor speedway. By at quarter past twelve noon here on the program for our two hour edition of WGR faster but we also playing time for you race fans. 8030551. 888550. To 515. It's real simple to date your picks to win the Daytona 500 who are you pulling for today's race who do you think is going to win. And also if Yemeni Al season pixie thing who's gonna win the championship or who's going to be here. Up final four going into homestead for the championship you wanna throw those in there as well to. Love to hear that as well one thing though I'm looking for this morning that or the senate later this afternoon. You of course you know we have where coaches a few weeks removed from the super bowl of course then you go to Super Bowl party or hurt you. With the super bowl of course there art there is some pomp and gambling not not legal but you know. Wagering. Units on the game and more importantly there's always fun games to play whether you do squares or prop bats are or anything like that. But I'd like to know if you do anything similar for the Daytona 500 there are numerous wasted to have fun with your friends and cattle action along with watching a race of you have a game that you like to play your Daytona five our party I would love to hear about it. Just see what people watch for along with watching a race to see what kind of things they needed to add little entertainment. As they watched the race here later today. I know when I'm I go to Phoenix in my mail my wife's family. The you know they go to the the races at Phoenix double both times a year what they do is they get a deck of playing cards. And they they take got out of that deck that you only get forty cards and they write the rated name of a driver in the feel a lot on forty different cards and you. Puts in units into the pot in you get two cards. And oh whoever's driver has the lowest total finish you know if you if you have. Second the second place finisher in the fifth place finisher the at seven points of view of the lowest score you win the pot as a work. So what do something similar I'd love to hear about that for your Daytona 500 party also I don't forget our fast track fantasy league is up and running we got a strong field of 47 competitors. In our op fast track fantasy leagues so he wanna sign up. I check out our FaceBook page you can find the link on the air and also I will tweet it out as well to. On but you can just a sign up through. Fox sports that comets were playing in the game once again this year so I during next Prado to redoubling. But LC can find it over on our FaceBook page. But today's race nothing like I'm. Really excited for the Daytona 500 it is been a fun week. At least watching the cup cars if you watched the truck in exit any races we can you might be a little bit more nervous but I don't think we're gonna see. It's a similar turn out today but really I was impressed after the clash last Sunday and the qualify races on Thursday. I think it's going to be a fantastic races in you know the last couple years on. It seems like the getting I've. Two lanes of drafting and trying to get that second lane six cannot pull up alongside in intake a run at the leader it's been hard they usually sell out. But it's and they get to the front of the line but this year I think it's going to be a lot different and we saw some you know exciting side by side action. Especially on and Thursday's qualifying races so I'm really looking forward. It is seeing what happens later on today in the Daytona 500. Looking at the starting lineup for today's race. In qualifying last Sunday chase Elliott winning the pole his second straight pole position in third straight year the 2014 is on the pole position. He will leave the field agreed today now one interesting thing I was looking back at the winners of the Daytona 509 notice that. Eight pull winner for the Daytona 500 has not won the race since 2000 steal Jarrett did in 2000 Jeff Gordon did at the year for 1999. But since then a pole winner has not won Daytona 500 so if you work. Our eight chase Elliott fan or he is on your tennis he'll have maybe keep that in mind. It just dead. Just caught that injury and has been seventeen years since a pole winners state has won the Daytona 500 and of course will be joined. By dealer in her junior on the front row for today's race. And other performance by the chevys this week is the other thing that is made this brings a lot more wide open for me. You know it it's the Fords and toyotas have been so dominant. At the beginning of speed weeks and specially in the you know the clash last week and some of the yearly practice sessions but the ship visa stepped up their game. And they really impressed me on Thursday with chase winning his duel race you've had Dale Junior leading the most in his duel race until Denny Hamlin got by him or two ago. He sighed Jamie McMurray out there. You know doing a phenomenal job he has real aggressive. In his qualifying race on Thursday so that the shabby says something to say today as well too it's not just gonna be the terrorism Ford's dominating. It seems like that that chevys we'll be right mix well they're gonna of the the first few cars. You know on the front row for today's race 8030 flight 5188550. To fight fifty to go to Tony in Clarence Tony good morning air first caller of the year. Well I just wanted to make this thing here and thank you for bringing that the firm which. I would have been able to there are my you don't so you really do a great job at this. I just want to say that you know you don't mark felt so they brought against either the bills. As well I guess he's in charge your routine sport debate. Yeah I learned about this I did know about this until a couple of weeks ago but yeah fox sports one they had Jim Kelly on that the started speed weeks. And that let them do a feature story about how our color commentator our Buffalo Bills Brady network mark Kelso leads that. Director of operations for the GXEVGTGT. Forty racing which of course is AG all minding your steam. And I'll this year there are two car operation is they've hired Chris bush here. To drive a second car for JTD Torre and it's a pretty funny thing what happened to mark Kelso of course went to William and Mary. His roaming college who was tagged Schechter who wins the co owner GTT Jordy racing needs that he's the TNG and GTG along with his wife Jody. And then of course have Brad dory the former NBA clear cut college basketball standout. They're the owners of the team but they were roommates in college it and they fired marked the director operations I think that's really neat dead market is involved in the sport. Do you look at that I don't know where they finish in the wild buying but. That probably. Common eager to write this scheme and bush you're being cast out folk circuit dried also. Do you I doubt they're urging a disturbing idea they have. Basically. A lot I don't know if you didn't hear quite Asia on the bills should all get into week. It's a good forty minute let a let. The Greek. And god spoke the fact that Egypt's a lot of positions at top bit being that they can get that they'll be happy how do you see that chance instead they. And just ask also about your new child how the elderly or. Al thankful thank you for the phone call Tony Rebecca is doing great thank you for asking if she is 22 months as of yesterday. I know that that hole if you don't have kids you don't appreciate saying how many months old your child is boat. I can say she's one years old but. When she turned one last April of verses being a one year old now she's a completely different baby. And so that's why C she's twenty month she turns two and in a couple months she's doing fantastic thinking she's walking she is hopefully listening to the show with her mom right now. But JT you're Ortiz racing chances say unfortunately Tony they're both starting in April 19 so they're going to be at the back of the pack now of course we know. At Daytona restrictor plate racing where you start. In an indicative and higher gonna finish this race because with restrictor plate racing is very easy to come from the back of the field. To the front of the field of course so anything's possible. You know they're not gonna go out and you know be be a dominant team now all of a sudden the two cars it'll deathly help their operation. They'll beginning you know to input sources that data now on race weekends. You along with that the help they get from our CR of course so. It can only help the team and hopefully it you know they can get that at one of their cars in the chase this year baby AJ of course could pull off a road course win. You know Chris bush or gotten into the chase last year thanks in part to a Reno but he won a race last year driving for for remorse sports. So you know anything is possible it doesn't hurt when you have a multi car operation. So I I don't look for them to be favorites today obviously but. Can't can they win a race this year sure anything's possible especially when he got a guy like how many are the road courses. And they'll only get better and as the as the season goes on as they're able to record get more information from having to Parse the racetrack week in and week out. But I'd it's something if if your if you don't have a favorite driver maybe you're going to be watching today but you're looking for rate buffalo tie and there's one right there a mark Kelso. Being the director of operation of operations for GT GT forty racing and their drivers that Chris butcher. And it AG Allman near grand start out way back in row 39 Tony thank you for the phone call 8030551. 888550. To fight fifty. Real quick to cite a hit the front Ralitsa let's quickly run through the front row of the top starters and some of the Arnold all notable names in the field but wrote to Jamie McMurray and Denny Hamlin who won the second qualifying race on Thursday night. Kevin Harvick Clint Boyer of Stewart Haas racing teammates for drivers this year don't forget. They're rolling off for growth three break Kozlowski Kurt Busch admiral for Matt Kenseth and Austin Dillon your top ten starters. Trevor being former race winner driving fresh from a of course he's now the senior driver Roush Fenway this year how about that the festive Trevor Bain. Who is we've talked about how he MB that the young kid when he won this race back in 2011. He's now the senior remember we're Roush Fenway with the departure of Greg Biffle Greg is not in today's races and other. On a familiar name searcher race fans that is no longer in the cup series along with Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart. EO Greg. He and rush part ways and no other rights and materialized an now Greg has taken a role. Over and NBC sports on at the moment. You know Greg is not going to be an active driver in the cup series so being rolls off eleventh along I Danica Patrick it in a row six a course that she had a good run. In the clash on Sunday. Other names in the field calabrese general plus sixteen Daniel Suarez who of course stepping in for Carl Edwards this year Joseph Gibbs racing his first Daytona 500. The rainy expand eighty series champion he rolls off nineteenth Kyle Busch 21. Jimmie Johnson has had a rough speed weeks a couple of spin outs in the clash on Sunday. More bad luck and in his duel race on Thursday he will roll off 24. Kasey Kahne is 26 Michael Waltrip his final cup series start his thirtieth Daytona 500 of course he's run won this race twice. He rolls off in the thirtieth spot today. Marc Christian or of course. But finished second by much last year he was back there as well too he starts 35 alongside rang blini. Who's of course driving for the what dollars and 3630 position. Outlaw all one other I overlooked I should we should call out since the US and Canadian listeners DJ Pennington starts 28 today. In the field the first Canadian to start the Daytona 500 since I believe it was 1980 Trevor boys. I was the last time me a comedian started the Daytona 500. Shut until new attempted to qualify a few years ago but failed. So a congrats to to DJ and his team their it's obviously small operation and they got in by the skin of their teeth in their Paul fight race on Thursday so. Cool to see if you would now familiar DJ can intent. A long time driver up in Canada with the PT series they Canadian Tire Series late model race or two. From up north are phenomenal driver and he's he's run some X and eighty series races. And he will I start 28 today so a lot I mean if you look at the field there every you know everybody's there's a lot of big names towards the back of the pack. And you'll see a lot of comers and goers. Com this afternoon. It but it is so hard. So for me to pick a favor I'd be getting asked all week you know who do you like for the Daytona fight heart and it is hard. Two to pick one name unity you know sometimes you can see one guy or one team that's been bad fast all week. He and you know that they've been the dominant that operation throughout speed weeks but has not been the case you know. We we came in the speed weeks knowing the toyotas are going to be strong. The Penske Fords have been fans but then he had the performance of the Hendrick cars in qualifying on Sunday in in the duel race on Thursday. So it's you know really hard to pick a name but if the when he put my feet to the fire as it were. I guess I would have to go with Joel got no further for the for the win this afternoon Joey doesn't you know starting mid pack he's starting fifteenth today. But he was fast ease faster practice again yesterday he's been consistently. At the top of the speed charts throughout speed weeks so I guess what got always going to be might pick for this after you either hit him. Or I guess one B would be is teeny Brad Kozlowski legislate. The you know the speed that that the Penske cars are shown the consistency. They've been out up front for for most of speed weeks the only disappointment was really pull qualifying. You know he is an actually Erica moral to they were like the two last guys to go out in poll call finally a sunny and there are times wanna be in. Rather flat as you know and was almost shocking that those two didn't find their way into the top twelve after being the fastest. In the app practice session that set the qualifying order. Four the 500 innate it's kind of went out there and it was almost like it just a lead balloon in just they got out there and didn't even. Off after and didn't make it into the second round of qualifying into the top twelve so I guess that's the only misstep. That we got Ellis had speed weeks is pull qualifying. But Joey is an excellent plate racer he is one of the best in the series right now. And I think he will definitely be a factor on this afternoon he's gonna be my pick for the win. Opt for today's Daytona 500 get his second win in three years in the great American race are we looking for a dark horse today. I guess you can call me you make for restarting third I guess that makes a little less of a dark horse but you know with you Nancy racing now one of the power teams make Maria guesses. My guy to keep an eye on this afternoon and I thought he was really aggressive on Thursday in the duel race and he can really you know picking choose his way through the field. I don't much like Brad Kozlowski did last Sunday. In the clash race and he was. It was the normal to watched Brad in Jeannie the way they they work their way it's it was a play again before auger almost. Just leaping kind of from car to car especially Kozlowski last Sunday. You know get the side draft. And he'd he'd be able to get around somebody in and find a hold a switch a lane and then side draft bust somebody else and he just trying to cope not. Doug go back and forth lane the lane and go and work his way slowly through the field he was really aggressive. On Sunday in the clash raced in McMurray kinda did the same on Thursday to. So I think you don't McMurray is not my guiding kinda keep an eye on in today's race in the one car again starting third will certainly help. But. I I'd definitely someone you wanna keep an eye on just fur on his aggressiveness now maybe he'll he'll be a little more reserved today in a longer race. But he's definitely. You know has a shot here to win the race it. The former winner this race to don't forget wanna back in 2010 with you Nancy racing so he's looking for his second career win. In the great American race again 8030 fight 51. 88550. To 550 of course actions of thought last Sunday and Thursday in qualifying race had be really excited for the 500. Lot of people are worried based on what they seemed this weekend if you look at the truck crease on Friday in the spirit yesterday's six finish the race. On Saturday they have been. They were ugly there was a lot of huge wrecks in both races your typical big one you know that we get no restrictor plate racing. Especially. They swing the race yesterday I mean within the first thirty left the wrist huge huge multi car pile ups including one that required you know 45 minutes or red flag. To clean up I don't think. We're gonna see that today idea in ninth the big reason I think the further the major wrecks in yesterday's race especially the truck series. Was the lack of experience in the field. One of the I'm negative side effects of the fact that NASCAR is rolled back how much cup drivers can run in those series you know. On they can only in depending if Europe a five year plus veteran they can only run so many races. On the camera on the dash for cash races they can't run in the playoff races for those series. I forget the limit off the top my hat if it's five or ten that they can run and that the truck and extended the series sell a lot of the cup guys. You know set out the races especially the truck series you did see you know Kasey Kahne. I'm Dina swore as the couple their cup guys in the trinity race yesterday. But I you Kyle Busch wasn't in either received a so there was a lot of young drivers in the field. A lot of drivers that don't have a lot of laps on honor restrictor plate track and it showed big time. I'm both Friday and Saturday. Which is why I don't think we'll see a repeat of that today because he do you have much much more experienced drivers out there today in the cup race. You know pretty much just about everybody. Except for you know via a Dana Suarez. And Eric Jones who is you know starting today furniture row racing I think everybody in the field as being in at restrictor plate cup race. That is in today's starting grid so I don't think you'll see. As many. Of those major pile ups because these guys are a little bit smarter they know. How to draft better and you know push the guy from all the better than some of these younger guys do. In the east and the truck by a truck races that we saw this weekend so it doesn't mean we will see one I mean it's it is Daytona is you are sure to play a racing. You know they're not perfect so I hope there that you'll you'll likely see at least. One quote unquote big one. But I don't think it'll be as ugly as we seen the last two weeks and I mean we we soft fantastic clean finish in last year's race of court well wasn't completely clean when. Meant Kansas got bumped out of the way but didn't crash. But to see them come to line is closed they did last year and not wreck was amazing self I think you'll see a much cleaner race today. Compared to what we've already seen this weekend and I think you'll you'll see more of what we saw on Thursday in the duel races which. Again worked for nom on some of the best racing we've seen at Daytona in the cup series the last couple years. All right we're coming up on our first break here we are on for two hours today don't forget. Coming up in the next segment curb backer from the motor racing network will join us live from the world center of racing he is on today's broadcast the Daytona 500 you'll hear right here and they'll be GR. Right afterward and at 1 o'clock also still phone lines open for you 8030 fight 5188. By fifty to 550 your picks to win the Daytona 500. And here at Daytona 500 party teams how do you. Add to the excitement it means your version I guess of a Super Bowl squares you're Daytona 500 party love to hear about that to a point or we get accurate fast track on WGR. Hi this is Kurt Busch driver of the Haas automation monster energy Ford Fusion. You're listening to WGR. Sports Radio 515. Thank you Kurt Busch Kurt rolls off eighth today in the running of the great American race and of course Stewart Haas racing with the Ford power this year making the the switch Lisa price which. Actually yes you know that they do that of your FaceBook and you can see like your your post firmly years pass on this day. And actually couple days ago was to H Bremer sharing the post of your house announcing they were switching afford and how that has caught everybody by surprise that. Tony Stewart you know everybody thought he's such a strong Chevy guy in. You know there he goes any switches it to Ford and so they'll be up for. Extra Fords in the field today with the current portion of course Kevin Harvick Clint Boyer who is course filling in for Tony Stewart and are taking over for Tony Stewart Danica Patrick. As the fourth Stewart Haas car. If you are out of time of year Tony Stewart fan I would love Zell would Wear your allegiances lie now now that smoke has retired do you just. Graduate into being the Clint Boyer fan or if you have you picked a completely different driver have you gone over to the Harvick Kampala. Are you just a junior fan now or who is your favorite driver. If you. Worry Tony super fan or used your for Stewart Haas cars in general. That would I would you love to hear that 28030 fight 51888. Fife 52550. Are real quickly got her record coming up for ameron in just a moment but. Is he celebrity watch as a core for the at Daytona 500. Dear notable names on the National Anthem is going to be some by Jordan sparks today the former American Idol contestant. LT LaDainian Tomlinson waving the green flag for today's race the great running back from other chargers in the jets await the grief like you're grand Marshal is Owen Wilson who of course is. Gonna be. Bringing back his role of lightning McQueen for harsh three which also feature twelve different NASCAR person is doing voices. And out Lady Antebellum is doing the pre race concerts of your country music fan look forward to that I know. My savers really network colleagues up pet mallet car archer he'll be all excited to see lady performed a this afternoon they don't 500. Right now though let's go to the AT&T hotline and bring in. One of the voices feel here on today's broadcast of the great American race which are here right here on WGR from the motor racing network Kirk Becker joins us live from Daytona. Kurt it's Dave Buchanan here in buffalo good morning great to talk deal. Good to be what you're saying glorious day in Daytona Beach, Florida. Sunny skies temperature around seventy degree absolutely. And you are the political race. Yet obviously we had some rain earlier in the week but no worries about that today curt. And I'll tell you why did it with everything all the major changes it and the action we've seen already this week from the cup series curt. I implied that I never I mean this excited for Daytona 500 a couple of years this. Could this give you wide open race that are out what you guys think and over there and MR and. It is cricket field as a talented beatle is difficult. But you get a handle on one with name at the chalk or the paper Al. Over the war around the garage area. There are those who believe that Brett as well you. Port he tried Miller Lite or he could eat dirt than big winner Denny Hamlin FedEx. Toyota for Joseph Gibbs racing another driver a lot of folks have been talking about and admit you got that were a great day or third. We're going to war this year. Oh. Yet definitely unique and even the Chevrolet skirt you know we with qualifying last weekend with with chase and deal call buying on the front row. A lot of people were talking about the fortune toyotas coming in to speed weeks but they Shelby's since last Sunday in in Thursday's duels the chevys especially the Hendrick car showing that they've got something to say today's races well to right. They really do. All Hendrick motor oil altar and grow. Ample. Our Mike coming up put current hole once you (%expletive) follow up with him you're seeking get a a better better cell coverage and unfortunately. When you got a large crowd amassed flaky do you sell coverage can be sketching him. With with sprint pulling. They have to go out last year who knows what what cell coverage is like Helen cup races without a cellular provider. At the trek likely fed ballistic heater sell. Sole CEO thumb liking get. Kurt say get either get a landline or. It's fine somewhere better to get some sort coverage will trying to curt back on here and a minute. CEO of the large crowded is a sellout for the second year in a row. Are over 100000 grandstand seats they will all be filled today I think it's like a 101. Thousand herself. I as International Speedway corporation. Late last Alley yesterday announcing that it is a sellout for the second straight year which is great to see of course. As it's been up well documented about the the troubles. With television ratings of course and ticket sales at some NASCAR rents it is a a sellout for the second straight year. I for the Daytona 500 and course the second year with the the new Daytona with all the renovations they put in over the last couple years. The end you know than the new seating and everything they've gone it's really remarkable. To see that plays like he waited to get there in person I have been. Dinara and and quite a few years but opted to see what the new Daytona looks like you know that was the big story of course last year. Come with with all the major renovations and they did take out some seating you know they remove the backstretch scratched grandstands and everything. But ice this new steam experience that they've been calling it calling you know referring as a stadium palm. It certainly paying off with another strong crowd and and the weather certainly doesn't help. As well either course you know Wednesday the result of a lot of rain in the Daytona area and Wednesday Thursday to. Threaten the duels their but they did get those then. But it just watching some of the television coverage here in the studio at with the fox sports. With their pre race coverage and it's a break in the sunny day. For the Daytona 500 as a leading Carriker backer back here. In just a minute one of these a one and it talked occurred about what you course all the rule changes coming into this year we've seen some of those now common to play. Bombed just watching. Via truck and X and eighty series races already this week and we've gotten our first case of stage racing. And the five minute damage rule of course to where drivers. That I have their cars the image and on track incident. You know they F five minutes or make repairs on pit road or or they have to drop out of the race he no longer can take your car back to the garage area to make repairs you can't. You know bolt on new sheet metal you can only you know. Repair holes with with deal duct tape error you re a reattaching. Parts that have fallen off and it. On that big common to play a big time a lot of people were had it they were expressing their feelings about it. A social media to say the least especially in that you the truck race Friday night of course there was a big wreck. On the the second lap of the race and Stuart freeze and of course he was caught up in so long you know 88. Certainly. You know. Keeps the the the number of dove drivers you know. Running late in the race when there are big lot of crashes that we saw in both races you know kind of does reduce the number of cars or trucks running. I towards the end of the race but. Noble both occurred backer I'm back I'm here curtain I'm glad we got you back. Just talking about some of the rule changes current we've gotten our our first taste of the new stage formats and the new damage rules this weekend in Daytona. It and we certainly saw those common to play in both races already this weekend. Yet we we really did course in the race yesterday for the NASCAR trinity series. He had one not eighteen car accident he had another word nine core excellent ball. And a number of drivers did not meet number team but should they did not meet the five minute clock requirement and for folks who are. New to NASCAR or new to the rule. It is a new policy institute for this year damaged vehicle policy. You're involved in an accident. Repair have to be made on pit road you cannot replace entire body panels fenders door and things like that. There is a five minute clocked in the repairs can be made and that the driver returned to the track and maintain the minimum speed. In the five minute clock is canceled at that point and you're good to go but if the damage is such that you have to go behind the wall go into the garage area. Your day is done at that point. It you know these guys would leave the state racing where now championship point as well as bonus points for the playoffs are going to be awarded. In the various stages throughout the course of the race. I don't think there's any doubt that that has inspired a number of drivers to really put the hammer down and try to get into that popped in and when he stage concludes. Yeah it's obviously gonna play into a lot of teams strategy depending where they are running as the state has come to a conclusion. And though we know now it you know the pits will close two laps before a state is going to come due when and do you think I Kurt when we get to the end of these first two stages. Yom net as they start to wind down do you think we'll see ya a lot of teams that there may be running you know twentieth or 25. That they try and jump into the pits early and get a jump on the team's running up front in May be jewel pit strategy with that today. I don't think there's any doubt that we're going to see that to the to the point of pit strategy. Yeah before pit road closed loop at the conclusion of reached that stage. I think you'll definitely see some crew chiefs that are going to be creative. And that Calder came down to pit road I think you're going to see a lot of teams on their own pit sequence that the day unfold. And you know guys that as far that the championship point incentive to be in the top ten in those stages. Hearing a lot of conflicting reports out of the garage area today on the one hand you've got Kevin Harvick for example who's gone on record as saying. You better go for as many of those championship point eight UK at any stage if you don't five or six races down the road. You're gonna realize how far in the hole you are you're gonna wish you had done so. And that other drivers are telling us no way am I going to do that I'm not gonna arrest pairing up my car for a few extra point. I won a laid back and try to conserve the car and be there at the end of the day. It seems like her with these playoff points than the one thing that really get is is gonna get the drivers going about during the playoff point. Is the fact that they rolled over for each of the rounds during the playoffs. And it it really gives them a little bit of a margin near earth in KCL say they have a bad day at Martinsville on October they know that they've got those extra playoff points and it may be. You'll likely see in the first two years of the elimination format one bad day in around could maybe and you're season. This gives them a little bit of a margin of error if they have enough playoff points saved up. It does and that that has been met with a very positive response in the garage area from the driving community and and the other thing that. That we've heard mentioned the fact that recognizing a regular season champion as well that. That's a big deal I and I know that Greg Biffle. Who live on our broadcast yesterday he told us just before I went on the air he said he could remember one year when when he was leading. The point standings and you regular season with them by the time everything that preceded the start the playoff he found himself down around seventh rate position. And Greg pointed out that he's he's glad to see that NASCAR taking steps to reward that entire body of work. Our last thing occur you know one of the big storyline is going to this year is the fact that. Tony Stewart's retired Carl Edwards retired the aforementioned mr. biffle is also not with us in the cup series. And we got another wave of young drivers coming into the cup series couple years ago was Austin dealing Kyle Larson. Last year you know with it was chase Elliott and Ryan blini NL this year we've got the likes it a genial Suarez and Eric Jones and Ty Dillon moving into the cup series full time. This great infusion of young talent not only. Makes a promising for the sports years to come but what kind of impact do you think especially Suarez and air Jones they're gonna have on the cup series this year. Well this morning just chatting with my colleagues here motor racing network week we took a little spin and went for a stroll. Through the monster energy NASCAR cup series garage and we turn the corner in and there with the car that will be driven today by Daniel for an and one of our announcer. He spoke up beneath that you know it would not surprise me to see him end up in Victory Lane today. That might be a bit ambitious but you know Daniel Daniel been very Smart throughout the course of this speed weeks he's just been not gaining more seat time in the cup car. Keep in mind he wasn't expected to begin this Friday but the announcement came Carl Edwards with stepping down a few weeks ago. I think long term the other driver that you mentioned the the air joneses the tide villains of the world the I I think it mile future is bright for NASCAR. Don't know how many of those drivers will end up with wins on their resume at the end of 2017. And that doesn't happen this year I think it'll happen soon. Kurt what can we look forward to on today's pre race show that will be listening to here on WGR. Well we're going to have a little fun we we've got some segment coming up in our pre race today got my colleague Alex Hayden. He visited with LaDainian Tomlinson with LP whom you all mentioned just before I came on a few moments ago. Are Kyle Ricky sat down and chatted with Jordan sparks. And I had a chance to talk to Mario Andretti you know Mario. Won the Daytona 550. Years ago and as a result NASCAR and the officials here at Daytona. Have brought him back. To honor him he is an honorary race official for the day. You know what would that it was neat for those of us on site was just to watch the bands run up to look bad. And die and try to get Mario detention and he was so gracious you know he stepped around the corner signed autographs and posed for pictures and you know he is just a true gentleman and a wonderful ambassador operate six. Did you happen ask about that extra long pit stop that he would overcome late in that race. You know what we did touch on the back I asked him at the look I I know what you came here you'd roper Holman moody one of the most legendary teams in the history of NASCAR. And that Fred Lorenzen will the flagship driver. For that team and I asked how well did you know Brett at that time and and he's that I didn't knowing that all back in 1967. You that we did become friends after the fact you know Mario weigh in in the media that Iraq before we had a chance to doctoring he told the press at large. He kind of touched on the fact that. He felt like that really. Ford wanted Freddie the guy who went to Victory Lane giddy with the flagship driver but it morial quickly at a decent look I understand daddy I didn't understand the well back then yeah I look back maladies that any but I get a. We'll carry out will be little looking forward to the broadcast stay here and they'll be GR a great take chat with you we've had a lot of your MR earned colleagues up on on this program we've been on the air for ten years. So great talk do you have a great call on today's broadcast and thank you for the time. And we appreciate you all being part of the motor racing network family and look forward to talking to you again food and enjoy the race. Will do occur have fun today. Darker Becker from the motor racing network Kilby one of the deadly one of the acres in the Booth today. Along with some of his colleagues. On today's Brock is the great America racing in here here on WGR if you don't know what I'm talking about with Andretti with extra long pit stop. When he won the race fifteen years ago in 1967. On he was in contention with Freddie Lorenzen his teammate at home in the leader both driving Fords and the came down for the final pit stop of the race and Murray was leading. And legend has it that is his Coleman Louie crew was told to hold up. Mario just a few extra seconds on pit road so Lauren think he'd get out first because you know Mario is kind of just hired gun for the 500 words Lorenzen. Was going for the season championship. And so low renting got off a pit row first and and they didn't drop the jackets quickly for Mario despite that injury he came back in and pass Lorenzen a one of winning a race fifty years ago but that that was via that's why at and asked if and he talked to Mario about that excellent pit stop but it. Good to see that. Time has of course he'll loans between Mario and the late Freddie Lawrence and in the folks at the Ford Motor Co. Hi is that one of the the great stories of the history of the Daytona 500 are we give back I will talk to tell them out picked up a big win at new Smyrna on Tuesday night. And we'll have more here on the special two hour edition a fast track on WGR eight race fans it's DB can if my friends at Batavia downs at first off I just must say welcome back in thank you. Two of the TV down for once again sponsoring fast track. They've been with that with us now for three years in and really appreciate Ryan and everybody at the TV down for supporting this program. Really means a lot to me Batavia downs Dini is the Erie for your entertainment destination. The place is awesome I I drove by a couple of weeks ago was and its media that got the new hotel there. They've done so much work just the last couple years alone the place looks outstanding the whole main entrance has been renovated recently that he inflow looks outstanding to get tons of awesome awesome games there at Batavia downs and of course. Today would be a great date to go to 34 they've got all the big screens that maybe I don't know if they're gonna roll out the fifteen foot projection screen for the Daytona 500 but. Other way either way you should head if you're looking for a place to watch the race this afternoon 34 should be great place to do it. Tons of big screen awesome food great adult beverages are highly recommend. Heading down 34 Russia looking for a place to watch the rates today the TV down scheming is open daily. AM until 4 AM there right off the three exit forty can't miss it for more information be sure to fumbled a team need of gaming on FaceBook and Twitter for up to any information on all promotions. And several light the TV downs gaming is the area's premier entertainment destination till we heard about here on fast tracked high. This is rhyme lady driver of the number 21 motor craft quickly for. You're listening to WGR Sports Radio 55. How rightfully needed could be hit the wood Brothers there second. Daytona 500 win here in the last decade or so it was a huge upset for Trevor being right Bellini winning today it would I think it would be upset I mean like I said the Fords have been so strong. That's basically a Penske sadly operation here at the with a wood Brothers so I mean they they got just as good stuff has gotten to last you wouldn't surprise me. If vote right Bellini somehow found a way to win today's race Ryan starts. Deep in the field of 36 today but again get like it's added as a matter Klein. But I would it would beast a super cool he did it MP it wouldn't like is I don't think it be an upset him in beat. A pleasant surprise by I think with with a horse power of the force are shown in. He'd he'd be plenty capable of low winning today's agree American race as an outside shot 115060. Randall EGR Sports Radio by fifty trouble getting called the Tyler Kamal try again in the second hour. So coming up or coming back for a whole another hour hope you stay with us. Again 803055188. By fifty to 550 coming up at 1215 we'll talk to Alex Nagy from the Jim Costa motor speedway. Formally known as they keep the motor speedway handles corners Ontario. And and the rest of the will be open phone line so would love to hear from New York Knicks to win the great American race a year. Championship picks me being here a final four for homestead. Your thoughts on the rule changes. And again you or Daytona 500 party teams or wagering you like to do on the great American race debut. You view a pool of some kind or picking names out of a hat or does what you do to maybe. It. Do little wagering on today's rates would love to hear about that if you look like it's that earlier in the program I've I go. Of and Phoenix and little game were you. Take a deck cards take each carded ran dry a driver that's in the race on the card and everybody picks few cards and whoever is the lowest total score at the end of the race when the pot if you have something some love to hear about that too. As a Daytona 500 it Billick like the old saying goes it's the super bowl of stock car racing and Arab Felix have a good time. While watching this race every year so what of the year your thoughts on that as well to me get back for our number two of the Daytona 500 preview edition a fast track here on WGR.