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2-27 The NightCap with Ryan Gates

Feb 28, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time now for the nightcap. Finally in New York Jets against the bills Marty Lyons give it to Jim Kelly after the incomplete pass. I'll fight breaks out. That's everything clears the rest were given the official call. And both it was the ruling of the day. Yeah. This phone number 99 of the defense. Until you GR Sports Radio 550. However that's an official penalty now given on the business because if that's an official penalty it's apparently I've committed. Multiple atrocities of over my lifetime giving people the business. It's going on right gates and now the years the nightcap. Lots going on what's going on around the hockey worlds. A little bit about Tyrod Taylor drama over the tweet comes out. He gets deleted shortly after. We'll talk about that. I mean there and the western New York County community really lock very disappointing weekend. For the Buffalo Sabres obviously coming out of their bye week. Everyone was hoping for better out of this team coming out by a week playing the two worst teams in the league. And we all know what the results were and now I think. All the fans across. And Doug Boston New York fan base are in a position where they just think. Okay this is this is where we is where we are it's time to sell off the assets that we have. And give some some good prices and T even look at the deals that have taken place around the NFL. NFL NHL. In the past few days two days yesterday and there's baton. Let's see five trades I think in the past few days. Starting yesterday yesterday you really need. I mean there were already some some of those big trades going nine over last week. Michael Stone was moved around Hanes he gets a second round pick. Patrick Eaves gets a conditional second round that could turn into a first round pack and then really just heated up with the band finished a trade this weekend. To the Los Angeles Kings which. Is the trade that I don't think many people were expecting or really understand. From that king's side of it's I mean panda shot great goaltender playoff experience. Putts I mean Peter booed I am playing really well for them all year. And soon. Kono here you're taking a big salary was and passionately discuss Jonathan Quick Pak her stand if you. Are it's really 100% sure about him and his injury status going into the playoffs by. I think Peter good I was really that bad of an option to go into the playoffs with I know he's been a career back up and ambition to Mark Rubin by. I've played really well in Jonathan Quick at absence though either way I bishop comes in now to the Alley kings. And bush picks prospect treated. And often but the real real rate in nine. Again another big trade this time console Martin console would only need to. Minnesota Wild. Lots of picks don't and that 11 round second round fourth rounds. And then a couple Ryan white's and a fourth picked the wild as well the wild also treating team pull Kynan. To be water coyotes and they just put him through waivers and then today in about an hour sell three trades go through oil. To the Maple Leafs a second round pick their Jordy guy and Greg pandering gets switched for a practical as the stars in that borrows. A nice prospect going to make an ox for Alex burrows and the senators have extended him. And Jonathan is that do you mean is that you were saying it joke yet do you lean do you lean OK I would send Dahlan. But. So why don't per ounce Finnish hockey names like us it's also up pull pin and so Paul can infiltrate its its Koppel kind toppled its pulp and and well that's why once again I'm not good at those. That's Scandinavian. Scandinavian area really throws me off with their names so. A lot a lot of movement now. All and break here coming up later in the show here from TS islands cried bought in he was on with the in theaters today. We'll hear from him we'll also hear from popularity grow which should ski with Bulldog earlier it's going to be a lot of hockey coming up on WGR. I mean trade deadline is. Very close less than 48 hours away. Right now about 44 hours away from that and I think people. Are really expecting the sabres to at least move some of their assets cry Constance between earlier saying that. The phones in buffalo and bringing a lot more lately. With all the movement over the past couple days you can go back and check and the TS entry date listed Dmitry cool cop now fourth on that list. As somebody who can be moved behind only having shared Kirk girlfriend Thomas manic in man to machine down Colorado. And the way these returns have been coming in. It looks like the sabres could really get some decent stuff. For even a Cody Franzen. I mean Corey frauds in. We all know we've seen Cody fronds and but he's a player that can add depth to defense. And he's our power play guy which of these teams value going into the playoffs so it he's an older guy. In a cook off are obviously number one and two on the list of course there's all of the rumors surrounding Evander Kane. There's Mike commodore former player I think we all know him from Carolina he played he'll supply for the senators for awhile in the Blue Jackets. But he's out there stoking fires. This is what just like he was in his playing days like a little bit of it. Investigator himself he's fanning flames and he put a tweet out there that side. Talks between the sabres and the predators are real Evander Kane for James hash tag real deal Neil. Is as the talks there. I'm not put any faith in those rumors but he did he even put in tweets out all week ending he really he thrives. In the I guess this part of the year. Because every one of its two weeks it's pretty much hash tag pack your stuff. And you can fill in what to stuff actually is. Me and it's gonna read some of is some of his tweets. Elks girls say goodbye to those tap in goals from the C deems and then has stacked pack your stuff and get out now. Over the weekend. Got to find it. Buffalo back to back losses Colorado and Arizona every single Saber hash tag pack your stuff right now get out. So does what we've been hearing from. Mike commodore Connie 22 if you wanna give them a follow on Twitter not sure if he isn't an actual Communist. But there's only one way to find out and that's by following him. And Twitter so. We kind of know where the sabres are. And it's. I don't think they're errors. I certainly expected better from the sabres this year. They're they're trending right now I mean 62 point 62 games which means they're training for 82 points and 82 games. I certainly was expecting better from this team is expecting around a ninety points at least. And it's it's disappointing and awaited the season's gone and definitely. The bite me the bye week is something that the NHL is going to you have to play with a little bit I think this year. The experiment with an overall I think is a good idea to have its. But the I think there needs to be just be a concrete area. Maybe a month long period where you have every single team in the NHL tutored by a week. I don't know like halfway through December and halfway through January. Right around the midpoint of the season. Do something that makes it a little more uniform. Throughout the NHL so it's not just these random teams going on rakes and in the got these teams who Dinah. The sabres for a five day breaks and he's been on six daybreak coming out and playing teams who are kind of in an hour. OK you got two teams come off a bye week help those two teams play each other so that it makes it more of an even playing field. I know all bets. The sabres were probably one of the teams in the bus position. To come out of the bye week and really do a nice job I mean back to back nights. And also weighed on the old. Mountain time zone in on the West Coast. We have the avalanche and the tie yields in the avalanche game adjust early on clearly team. Wasn't wasn't completely there they they battled back a few times I mean there were some. Horrendous. No calls especially towards the end of that game and Jack cycle with a trip. But I mean Campion deposition if you're the sabres and you consider yourself the team is making a push for the playoffs and then obviously once again. Two nothing lead going into the third period against the coyotes. And I wasn't actually watching the game I was. I was I wasn't paying attention to game constitutes a staffer on the apartment. I am on the NHL app in the NHL app moments here your favorite team. You have your favorite team and I'll send you updates throughout the game so I see you know. Goals sabres goal Ivan Rodriguez and Mike on the ice Iran and a couple public schools and couple mites. And I am going to third period I'm like a no rights if they can pull out a couple points against Nashville. Like OK now I can I can forget those of the boss against the gaps in the end. Next army. Oh boy okay years ago. Our old friend Jamie McGinn OK it's it's tied. I'm sitting there I'm not Monica okay what's what's going here. Now indeed the last update comes in 1941. In the third period. Redeemed for a lot of them but there it is unbelievable this team collapses. In the third period against the coyotes who. She don't in the middle of that team pretty much. He didn't openly criticize management is owner or anything like Appleby he got pretty damn close to it by saying I don't know how the direction of this team is anymore. Still trade in a way assets. And it's. It's just disappointing for the sabres. Because. I think when you look at the totality of the rebuild and where they're supposed to be. This is kind of where they're supposed to be at but they made that big push at the end of the season. So you're like OK and he made the big push at the end of the season last year maybe they can get all turned around. And now it's back to all right you've got to assets you've got. Are restricted free agent assets that you should sell immediately. And I think we would've and there are no matter what with Cody Franzen. I think Dmitri cool call this a little bit of a different story because obviously. We it was a trade of defenseman who had some value mark the second. A lot of people out there were really really really really really really big fans mark Panasik I don't really consider myself among them. Bullets there was a lot of big fans of Marcus a guy out there. And he gets traded furcal off swap a draft picks ask one's doing while. But so is the prospect that that the Panthers got a Bee Gees like in the top five it's going in Indio HL as a teller some models leagues I'm not sure haven't seen that prospect yet he's he's orderly while he is. And one of those Canadian junior leagues and has back in. I foyer so they got a good prospect thereto in Florida news slot defenseman. And I feel badly for court costs because he has dub the freak injury he clearly hasn't played his best I think he'll be the first to tell you that. But yet you look at his games sometimes. And it's. I think my biggest issue with cool cop scheme is that sometimes. You you look where he is out on the ice and some of these goals where it looks like a sabres defenseman this kind of laughed to himself from now. And then all of a sudden you'll see cool cop dripping with the player back from the Blue Line because cool profit followed him all the way up there. And I'm not sure there's a reputation that he had while he was down in Florida. But it's that it it doesn't work all the time to kind of doing your own thing and rolled around. Like that so. Cook off is. He's only 26. And that's why I think even for cool coffer mean I think it. He got talked to you got to talk to him and see like OK what are you going to be looking for. This offseason in the unrestricted free agent market and I know this the city right now. Is definitely trade Hungary. It's a trade hungry city because that's the way we get where were those that do something Darcy cry out. And doll it's the do something or freak out because. We haven't had a trade from timber Ian watt. Some subsites at the draft we have an entry from Murray since the draft so like. Well again Nancy where did Nancy here trade deadline is upon us all these all these moves are being made. And we're sitting back watching all these teams received second picks being thrown for Brian Boyle a third and conditional fifth for Michael Stone. We're simulate a commodity. That's Costco that trade machine going to him and I'm a little more hesitant I gotta be honest I'm a little more hesitant because cook cook off. I just don't think we've seen. His DOS game. And I I did take a look at some of his advanced stats while he was in Florida. In and they were not good he was there that relative accorsi. The relative core C was not good for him while he was in Florida so. I'm not shirt exactly the credit announcement that he's supposed to be but he still young. He you're figuring it's still be a top six NHL defensemen and depends on the numbers Eddie's gonna get and what is being offered in return for cook off for me because I'm not the person that's gonna sit here and say. We should deal with 26 year old defenseman. And he still has years to give. That might be high quality years for this guy. He's been in the league for a long time since he was like eighteen or nineteen. But he's he's still got miles on them to give him. I get that second round return. You know when I have to look at it but I'm not sure that's what the sabres are looking for in return for trades and I'm not sure if they want to draft tax. I think they've made their picks and you can continue to pile those picks and those assets but at some point you got to. You gotta start turning round or what's going on and start going more for I mean Murray came in and he sat immediately. I'm looking for guys there are two to three years into their development. To speed this thing up. And he did that he got rile rightly Evander Kane he ends up bringing in. I'll post so as a free agent and these are guys who were more. More into their development and the blur just like bringing up these prospects the entire time. I'm not I'm against the second round pick I guess I mean to say because it didn't in the NHL draft you got take your shots in this team is going to need constant reinforcements they're already up against the cap. So there's gonna have to be moves may need to get salary. And then a few years down the line I mean. I've been a big proponent for TB Evander Kane because I think he plays a great game. And I think key can fit on this team long term if you can get him at the right price. But he's gonna be difficult to fit it in. In the long run. With some of these other contracts that you've got coming up with a goal and nine are you still got mall soon on the books you still got Tyler Ennis on the books. A Bogosian. There's there's some big numbers here. And you see these teams. What are usually make the playoffs and the sabres haven't made the playoffs yet. But they usually what they make the playoffs they have to start making some moves to shed salary and obviously build the big. Example this is the Chicago Blackhawks every time right. The aid trade away assets all the time trade away residents somewhat. When he is young and scoring goals and they give all they have to give a mob because they just know they're not going to be able to pay Andrew shop Patrick Sharp. Does happen over and over and over again for the Blackhawks and their selective of who they keep obviously they're tied to tees came. Marion hopes. Seabrook. Key in the goal and now and all the other guys. They figure out ways to that fit everyone else and it's a role players and they paid panera now so maybe that throws a wrench into things but they find a way to make things work under the cap. And that's what the sabres certain that they're already have to be cognizant of that. And it's gonna be continuing to do that. Every single year from now on now causes a team that's going to be making that push for the playoffs every year in 030550. 1888552. I think people involved in the conversation. Geology he got something or there you see something solid. I was gonna add dust and awful and that all yeah I forgot after the first call those awful again and shipped out there for prefer big time prize since. But really they just got to find that they have. Michael who can be either cater taste yeah I think right hurt can probably develop into one of those two or Reilly kind of paired with that taken. Make that work I think they ever Salina one of those two defenseman I think these don't have they definitely don't have that second one. No all right they don't have the second defenseman. And it's. Anyone I look at it I look at O'Reilly as though the host of the group because he's supposed to be like the veteran presence country where a guy yet to waive veteran presence savvy. Michael is more of the I guess I would say that the came that's supposed to be really be all out. Offensive points guy in the maybe one day right it's gonna develop into such a great two way player. That he he's gonna be looked at as the taste type but he is he still play the wing and doesn't look like that's gonna change any time soon so it up 30551888. By 52 part of your phone numbers here we hear from Craig and coming up next segment he says a lot about the Siebert season thus far. And a bunch of that stuff and what's gonna go on at the trade deadline. One of tee signs insiders see he's always gets awful all fit in jobs in all the here before he had a break Jonathan here on the nightcap to man. Era and on all the other live prime time EA armed yachtsman Gergen and have arm. It doesn't hurt her more I plan that I call yesterday you against Arizona armed and all piled up again and a lot of heat by. If these secret button that I'm arguing about might he be fired at an hour later. I think piles ma is facing a lot of heat especially after this weekend and it's it's spend their all season long with piles ma. Too late get more out of this team and I think people have been expecting. So much more on the sabres and hasn't been there and they're looking for answers and it always. Tells her go back to coaching. And I think one of the biggest knocks on miles mine and I'm not sure if this has to do with him. And it's something he preaches. Or it's something that the players just gained their mind and I don't think it was necessarily bear. And last night's game because the sabres had a lot of chances in the third period they had a lot of shots in the third period. One the sabres get a lead third double asked in the NHL of course. It's like 38%. Is there accorsi number whenever they have a lead. And I'm not sure that's something piles law is is part of but it's something that shouldn't happen to me I understand they got to play some more of a defensive game but. Quite frankly in my opinion the best offensive team can play is by keeping the puck away from the other team by being in their zone and peppering their shots. I'm taking a look at the ice time right now. Jiaka 1651 over Michael's 1552. Evander Kane 1457. I think that's not a guy that you'd probably want out on the ice more. Ryan art their all their right around fifteen it's it's pretty evenly split among the forwards. In ice time. Anywhere between fourteen minutes and it all right we've been high obviously because he's. Just their their work course at 22 minutes and they got Ivan Rodriguez and tyrant as. Poll and job mammals in the fourth line all around eight minutes everything else is pretty evenly distributed so I think that shows that. Files what was pretty much just roll in three lines. And what I you like to see I go out there are more than Jian told certainly and I think that house mom probably. Thought to watch and and Bailey I'm an author on this next because I look at Bailey's game sometimes and look at him in the offensive zone. And he does tend to get lost back there in his own zone sometimes about where he's supposed to be and I think you saw that on the game winning goal you just kind of floating frog and that's. He was another body in front which caused Nielsen to be unable to see that shot and that's what happens in. I think. These young guys are still learning how to be defensively responsible on the NHL and that's why you see. Jihad to get more playing time. But I'm I'm with you. It did Jack I go out there he's gonna be the one that can probably get its into the defensive back and heard the other team's defense that the quickest the fastest hands. You see that shot that he posting yesterday. From anywhere on the ice again he did something like that in 030551888. 552 market via phone numbers here got a quick break when we come back we'll hear from PS ends. Craig bite you resigned with Andrew and Kregg earlier. And we'll talk about that Tyrod Taylor I do need to talk about that we coming up. We'll talk about that all of them more coming up on the nightcap you're listening to WGR. OK so the moments are back. In the NHL. Over the weekend five conducts players missed their scheme against Seattle's city. Because there either diagnosed with the moms or they have symptoms of the moms and now. Zach we say in geez in parliament hill both diagnosed the months and Ryan Miller over the weekend making jokes saying that. He's gonna send teams that he doesn't like. Pretty much smallpox glee kids moms infected blankets from his teammates. The guy doesn't have to open up an investigation. Who can't say that Ryan Miller did not get his old friend Jason Hoffman bill hope when he gets that happen to be infected would months. Still there way to make the cut went this the only way to make the Canucks win and oh in the NHL's gonna have to open up an investigation now because. It's. It. The moms are back in the NHL. Amazingly. The mumps are back and see another tweet here this from. Right Ian Burgess. He does sub par stuff for the NHL the NHL CDC has issued a call brake warning for months teams are urged to immediately quarantined their players. You're about the mumps anywhere else besides NHL locker rooms amazing though that after the last two years how much it's trying to. Caller on the lead that we really haven't had it here in buffalo wants no yes and buffalo its not about an issue but I mean. You jeez remember those pictures of Crosby looking like a heated jaw breaker from Adam and I. That's what it looked like. I really get that Craig button here he was on with the investigators earlier and he starts here talking about his his impressions of the sabres season thus far. Let's put call raw hole at Arizona site okay me. Most of game that I know the western caucus got what you got to beat the two worked into the league you got to find a way to win those games I've been applied last eight years. This week he six point today after the 62 it's a whole different story here now. I believe it or not it is almost four point George difference maker what you what you write about it who are on the road at a yet. With respect you know but you know I think that that. The sabres. I've done some really good things here and in terms of how they like I mean. One other thing that they got to shore up and it got to find a way to shorten up that they give up. To make sure we give up too many great export chat about can happen when you have young forwards. At a younger defenseman on some defensemen that you'll probably need to be upgrade itself. You can make all the most recent can cure but I think Jim Murray can look at if she even understand that you Gutierrez that I got to approve broad. I did you gotta be relatively happy with the way of goaltenders who played for the most part. I mean they've got to even out of germs are unpredictable but overall like I I don't think debate. Then. Are problematic letter really shows Weight Watchers that they're gonna. Try to sort out the back up that they should let me I think they've got some really good element should I think about what favorite admin I think Craig and a group. You can probably younger players come out and play what do you think that people that we got the Billy. And though there are a couple of guys like being covenant marriage don't wallow okay maybe there that there are these guys should come in and help put and I think if you look. And look ahead in the future I think you're a really good thing for the Buffalo Sabres you know I think one of the challenges for the favorite that they looked up at the role. The across Lake Ontario and they see what the Solomon Lisa doing. And I I. I even though police have done pretty well this year I think that they've added up benefiting. From birdie at number. A number of points. And in the overtime area you know all I know that I know what can the thirteen but. They'll be because at some point to make it different and that probably recently the couple more that we guard. I think it came time. You know that the Buffalo Sabres outlook for the future is pretty good but it got restore life and you've got Jack cycle. He's got a real plot that player to view it and have Reinhardt a better candidate picked it up. So I I think we should really good things about the law and I think they can strike or that she's. Joining us on the phone as Craig button TSA an analyst and TS and director of scouting you can also follow on act Craig. Button. You want NASA's got I'm Craig you're you're. You talked about you know there are some Wright's thoughts. With the Buffalo Sabres and and and people. Every every single team throughout a season identifies that they need to make little tweaks to their line up. That'll that'll give big benefits in the end. What is the biggest need. That you think the sabres need to address. Either now with this trade deadline or draft or. You know. Under stricter free agency. Q that would be easy here's what I would say I'd like and again I talked about the young forward and then you know the the younger defense. An expert defense not big enough defense of the all the old court together and the ad. Yeah you gotta spend more time at Gatwick the plot. Ed in the offensive zone you can do without the pocket and defects original and I think they're. The older the areas that they got to look at improving those are the areas. That that they have operate I I think we've got to get quicker on the Blue Line they got there yet those guys got the beat. Guy to construed and move the pocket and you know the quicker uniting your resolve the quicker you get albeit track the defensemen don't have to be. Guy can contribute point. But the gonna be guys second term get a pot be pressure that make those quick decisions up the ice. What a peak stated that our past and adopt is now get back not teams teams can't sustain pressure on your result. So I can't get that got to be a real area full. For the for the Buffalo Sabres going forward it. You know coming at Bristol wanted to know if there is Camilo is the real. To meet killer type of that and then I I really object to the love the wager that Jay McKee compete. Everything that goes up but. Community that rebellion in anger he doesn't really are delivered a lot you know doctor ordered equate to reach record profit but it does appointment. What would you start to get that we used a the lot giggle okay. Who is. The number three defensemen on this came had started to go OK yeah I don't think it becomes. Our. Left and obvious what what what they're challengers are going forward and where they have got great about I really believe it got to be on the Blue Line and they got to have some support for those two youngsters' interest alignment and got McKee who got denied it ordered real to good building block. Craig button joining us TS and hockey analyst. When my message last week book coming on the shore wanted to talk to buy your top fifty prospects list and I'm wondering with the trade deadline coming up. First of all he could just tell us. You know who are some of the sabres prospects in the pipeline at UC coming up. That we should be excited about but also we'll any of these prospects be on the mood move come march 1 trade deadline. Yeah well I mean I agree that you you know without interruption when you talk about. You know who could be. Treated at the deadline having what are the things that I really think now I think you got to be really really careful that. It is. You know you need young players young players are to be able. Took care of your life. Add if you don't have those tiger lineup I think you're gonna have a tough time you know what I'll reach out there and teams are more it seems to me it seems more willing to trade. A dropped out there they are a are real good prospect but I think number two while my left. Without me I I think gallantly letter I shut this reminds me so much to jolt it. He can play left leg right wing cattle point on the power play he can keep it surely could make plays competitive edge marked yes. Like I guess he saw anything down Saturday Landry gave it just screams. Important important player and I think that really be. You know we add more still haven't. I like articles like it upholstery but a real good addition of the it but you Lander were what were they got in the draft and I would a lot of discussion last year about it that bad but. I mean Alex newsletter meet. It just get taught them what rapper got wanted a different type of player but he but he can't keep Pargo played I think they're looking at your satellite. You get a player that can do it and I wouldn't trade offs you know because they should contribute up on the scoreboard. Eat a player that. They're really really I think can now add to what repeated again I talked about players not being an you don't feel about the lineup that can't pick like used to say. I can't get you all we got I collect about what does that we scaled up the line. You know you guys saw Redick who are really good he did back then he got lots of rock attached. He's unique hybrid development despite playing in the NHL this year. Acquitted himself quite well he neutral I did get the ball went about the American legal wrote he could do it actually bubble. But he is that good yet but they're caught. I feel that Peter I think that tiger looked that bat that level are like where putt. No word of that group don't want you thought about this is a fighter so. But what we're up past BP had a lot that they seek. It got so he can get you forgot I gonna be idiotic it will get irked me about how good your bad. But a lot that night so he looks like a real good cop bad. You know I bought the ball really got the ball that is. Tiger that would block about you know bigger bags we need to act like Robert Leonard you're the elder tree. I. The list the line and I gold you Lambert the lion heart. I mean you get up like up high. And the ball was able to bat really well he didn't know what I call a little player. The log in the other player to come at a riled up and really contribute about their bill. I wouldn't trade I would trade any lead on electric Britain Italy while much straight now down in the latter I'm not treating Ratliff one. You know there's just no way I'd add is that little did you wanna make a really good opera days you want Clint Cooper I'm not big jumper or short term right. Yeah how he hardly knows what a third rounder sir river he was the third rounder right who. Yeah I mean I would steal I mean I was I was an absolute steal. I tell you those two guys you got great kids to eat at courageous I saw that he or not long ago on good he can be every single day. When asked. What what's the time line on on some of these still. When we had the ability to watch branding glee come up this year he played one nine in nine games or something like that. I can tell you right now he looked as good as any defensemen that we have on our team. And with time to mature. I think physically. You know how much time do you think he's gonna start the minors next year. What you're big you're up or evil. Craig you gold stopped some developing at an affectionate and what it takes a that you might be playing in the NHL will daughter and shook it. But your lower rate your lowering your yelled you're practicing and you're always trying to grab hold a different parts of engagement and trying to build electrical building blocks in order. I know this sounds stupid. But it didn't have facts sometimes a player. Player like Brian Cooley might be easier for and the planet National Hockey League you're. They didn't junior hockey because the game was more orderly because he was mortar structure. Sure and you know he could do it beginning to scramble in June here in the heat try to do too much. And now he gets out of position not actively happening. These are scrambling player. But that's how we didn't got being so. Particularly I think Brennan goalie and he's he's got development. Now. It is the key can prohibit what kind of conditions you'd put a bit of a national level we're gonna get overwhelmed. We got to get put in of those situations where he backed up against players each an adult so. That can take place in the National League level that he did he can't speak and yet there is an idiot the good. You know kind of via. That's about it gave it what yes so but but again Michael's battle those clock work that opera. The guy at the characters can sort young defensemen with a with an expert at the light up because. You're going to get overwhelmed and the good teams are gonna overwhelm you I would try to get. So can Brandon that. Can read and start in the attitudes I think he could but you gotta be a bit bigger or shuttle maybe got a goal. Doubt for tiger what not a peak at your peak yet concluded all the while. But but he didn't he is a good prospect that at your right he does look good because yeah. Let me ask you this is a former GM and and and what we're year what would be your thoughts to bring up branding coolly to play him in your fifth sixth on the and on the sabres. Worries playing 1213 minutes a night or do you think it's more beneficial for a player like that to go to the miners to play eighteen to twenty minutes tonight. You don't I would say album I would say that it does I mean it's beneficial to try to actually quite a player. Lee you'll let everything get ability dark political situation that he can maximize the talents. You don't give me example I don't think hardly any young plants we that there are more. Robert review your told him look good and didn't go to ignore yup. We haven't updated your crap chuck and ended up and we had talked apple and those two guys were incredibly. Important to those young players. But just because they could handle the rigors of the demand. But that they can work with those players got government help over the hill all the high end people so again so. I would have no problem. The red ugliest play international articulate a supply ship and if he's got support a lot of if you got a guy that can get people settle that. You don't work it would have taught it was a bit helping them become a better player. It couldn't put bread and delete this little 56 roll your way to end. You'll playing more minutes or you don't really have to support tablet that I would put doubt in the mind. So without beating a dead horse I think that the real objective here without further Bockwoldt labor is really did try duck. At some blue lighters they can't really support their and it's not just. Britain Italy it also Jay McKee that's also wrapped at least a wide and it felt at. Otherwise altered older but I think at the same time you know that's work you don't maybe have a look forward captain. Can vote to allow camera go explore some different options but I think that could be a but not only for Brenda but also beat I could significantly your vacation. There's TS cents Craig ball and a lot of good information from there and you can hear that again or you know in its entirety on demand at WGR. I'd be gone in on demand audio. Before you break here in soup relates I just gotta give you the latest from NHL insider Mike commodore. I mean. 22 and he's it's a source or not folks in this guff port again have an update for you guys my source just told me at the LA kings have a lot of interest. He'd be anarchy. So that's the latest from new NHL insider former. NHL player Mike commodore I know you guys are all eagerly waiting its next update. Legitimate candidate for me he also says he also says Steve god Thomas Mann act pack your stuff right now and start making your way to the airport so we'll see. We'll see how legit this mean justice are gonna break here we come back talk about that Tyrod Taylor tweet that I mentioned earlier. This in the nightcap it's WG. Welcome back into the nightcap right it's hanging out with you here. Lots of NHL talk we'll hear from Greg was shaky coming up next break. He runs the puck daddy who. Sport so earlier today. There was he tweaked that came from terra McKelvey. And god cares McKelvey sometimes. Measurement it's here in BP WB ER and but he does Xbox on WB and talking about his financial. His financial business. Being a financial. This financial guide financial advisor. And there is right on top of this page to go to his Twitter. He would go to his Twitter it's like him giving a seminar to buffalo bills' players big bills logo on the background. Earlier today he sends out a tweet and then delete delete sit like. Five to ten minutes later after its tweet it out. Guess who staying with buffalo at Tyrod Taylor hash tag Buffalo Bills hash tag buffalo hash tag deals mafia and it's him. With Tyrod Taylor now. The details behind this are unclear. To just about everyone must accept Terrance Calvin I would say in Mimi Tyrod Taylor. But. He sits this out there and if keywords associated bills bring him in to do like financial seminars with some of their players. Maybe Jimmy Tyrod Taylor have a relationship. Because eight Tyrod Taylor it is potentially if this is true going to be making a lot of money BB it was a financial advisor may be. You know it though the bills let him to tears McKelvey. It makes sense but it's I'm deleted there's nothing official from Tyrod Taylor his agent the Buffalo Bills. So it's just another little wrinkle here in the Tyrod Taylor saga to life to keep us nice and thirsty for more. And Terrance Taylor knows what it's gonna happen. I would say dead heat has to have a pretty decent idea of what's going to happen now about if this guy is any sort of financial advisor anything for and that he would also yet that sets. It's so tough because. He gets put out there it's Twitter some people hop on a real quick of course it's archive two you can probably find archive dot org great website by the way. You could probably find it there it's just. This is not a pitcher in the Tyrod Taylor got who have come back to buffalo Tyrod Taylor and at Taylor's tagged in which is the best thing in its past ten bills mafia as we know. All the bills fans out there that big time bills mafia we're looking right at that as a team out. And now it's just another talking point for us to be like. Well we got this guy whose financial advisor who knows him and Tyrod Taylor capital relationship may be that you know something that we don't know maybe there's a waiting game going and the Buffalo Bills and Tyrod Taylor that they want wait. To announce something either weeding to announce the restructuring. Mean the biggest week to announce that they're going through with the deal. I don't know what's going on an actress I'm not I'm not Mike commodore NHL insider. I'm running gates not insider to anything except via the comings goings here at WGR and apparently know what's going on there silent even take my word on the comings and goings of WG are really. But that it's out there it's out there you can find at there's been some people I'm sure that every treated him founded I think. Yards per pass. Has it up on their Twitter he's got that post bills clips Hampshire feared I'm bill's Twitter that you eat you follow that guy but. It's it's certainly an interesting development to at least kind of talk a little more about. Yeah that's going to be. Interesting to see if anything comes of that especially. Because I would think a lot weaker cue from knowing officially he doubts about. 123456791011. Days is not a lot of time for weeks so. If this this might also want anything better hurry up. Yes yet you do you can see once again recap real quick appearance in McKelvey heat is. He financial advisor he has a business here in buffalo. Scott Tyrod Taylor picture with and assisting with buffalo at Tyrod Taylor actually Buffalo Bills buffalo last bill mafia. And then he's got another pitcher in this one as his pain to tweak it is pinned tweet or right on top of his. Right atop this Twitter. And it's hair moved well looking like he's getting some sort of seminar 2.2 bills players. I think I see. I think it's a budget bills rookies from last year carry on Jones's influence earners. Might be. It's just that just something to to talk more about and it's certainly interesting knowing that this guy. Is a financial advisor Tyrod Taylor if the contract goes through. Restructure or not is about to make a lot of money. In this financial advisory put those two together and mrs. that's pretty interesting. Are acting in a break here we got Joseph with sports and he's taken off. And hear from Greg wishing ski puck daddy coming up next segment the nightcap listening to WG. But Knight capital fest this is. It's terrible with the right engaged. So he's very calculating how he says that if they felt like it's spontaneous. Did not. And the egos and a lot of these things saying okay here's what I'm going to say about this coming up big about how much time he has this then he's coming up with the work group. I've never heard the word oops that's that's very creative. On WGR. You'll just love. He's second hour nightcap peer rankings hanging out with here but a much time awaits us today Tyrod Taylor tweet from parents McKelvey. Caused some speculation that he's likely to speak. And then just to lots of regional trading trade deadline rumors who we're gonna hear right now from a guy that. You know some stuff about the trade deadline so we're gonna listen and it's. Puck daddy Greg pushing ski he's here with Bulldog and he talks to begin with the chances that the sabres movie being McCain. I think there the chance but look like he you know when it comes down to Evander Kane. They're they're the operating consideration now these teams all do their homework I mean when it comes to player like him. We're the temptation is there you acquire him because it's offensive skill that is. Amongst the best in the league. They're gonna they're gonna do due diligence you know he talked into the favors a ballot in the pocketbook out of about. And really getting a sense of of whether he's sort of turned the corner as far as maybe not you know getting in trouble again. So I think the possibility is there. Only because of that level goal scoring is always going to be attractive. But but I don't know abated it it really depends on the it team wanna. Gavel that second year contract that five point 25 billion. Yeah and and there's you know beat the the the reason it's even being talked about your army you've got you've got and it. A package of things of course the all places a part of it. Also the fact that his deal is up after next season. And as the sabres continued good to have to build this team out. Jack Michael's rookie contract is going to be up Sam Ryan Howard rookie contract is going to be up there's big commitments on the books already. For Ryan O'Reilly column post so. To someone of a lesser degree but still significant arrest mistress the line and you'd think at some point they're going to have to acquire another defenseman that. Maybe even. Be paid more than risk the wind in his. How to YE thin everybody and that's that's the big question which came like I I can understand any sabre fan not wanting to part with him now that he is scoring like he is scoring. But hitting him long term I think is is is there's a piece of the puzzle here. I and then and you except you said that you rent the situation next season where all the sudden. Conditions change so there aren't great player all of sudden fall lap. Well now you're talking about a situation where you might you know Lou you're either. Deal him for diminished package of players and and and and then after that. Britain what you could have gotten permits here forward it an area which is something you know then there will put states. Based for the last couple years you walked away for not so. It's it's that they be proposition but like you said I mean I think. I think the goal right now. To try to clear out some salaries they've made some big commitments. And like you said that DA the plate that need right now. With due respect the amount of old but he can pop in Korea is on the Blue Line which has been I think the Achilles heel with season. And may end up costing them about my job. Yeah let's let's pick up our map before we've you know continue to Buick forecast in and look around some of the big games and even players. That are available as rentals from the sabres on the Blue Line it it it we've been hearing both locally here. That. The stretch before the body was a big one. Four by Al's mom they come out of the bye and lose to Colorado and Arizona on back to back nights. And I guess the timing of of doing something now all isn't somewhat with Luke. The idea of saving your season in mind because there's twenty games left in their. Eight or seven points out of a playoff spot at this point depending on who you're chasing wild card or third in the division so. I don't know if you can really salvaged that but long range it's inflict areas some trouble here with. This group of players in this coach. Yet that the dealt the eighties on watch. I find it I find it hard but the use of the trigger would be pulled this quickly auto especially. You know within a reasonable vicinity. They he's in which they tried to loose debris in the occurred and then him and keep that on players are added to the roster. And and yeah within its its hard systemic. Yet yet receivers are better start doing the other team that we're in similar circumstances of them namely the editorial hurt me with a especially it's probably believes. And how the team to start to turn the corner and the paper cup and shall and any indication that they are and that's frustrating but it at the same kind of hard to imagine that you're just gonna create. Another problem for the team another consideration for the Q&A in the op here but firing opera but. You know the the fact that this team is in better I mean I think a lot of it have to do with the personnel defensively. But you know there's no question about how they're able to get much out of this group. As maybe it was anticipated. Right I I could I could understand Tim Murray being reluctant to move I mean it's it's your crew of a five year deal. There's ownership for what it's worth just fired the football coach or greater for a wider deal and help. I guess there's a bottomless pit of money but at some point you might wanna stop paying people would not work for you. So but but more to the point. I think if Murray he is sort of wrestling with Greg the idea of allowing. A disenchanted group of young players. Who toppled the coach but what kind of precedent might he be fearing he's setting for again a young group of players. That figure that there really good point and Anna and like that I think a lot of it that comes from the fact that. You know that the group of schools now have its reputation all the firing a coach Rick about a problem. And you know you bring up. The idea that you know the inmates might run the asylum birds that are like a better term. And it make you think of that situation that that had been in went through where you know the Oilers went through several years of losing the orbit into. I showed up in any kind of turned things around that you've been. They went through a bunch of coaches it ended up damaging those young players in and a pretty significant way I mean you know god like Taylor Alford who. Are among the better Young Communist League have a competent proper or how to competence problem. Because they went through coaches that didn't establish anything. And and you know what would it came down to a date simply didn't know how to win and part of that was being consistently behind the bench. Right so what what do what do you do about that read if you had a bad right now. Certainly though the long shot at this point is that he gets fired between now and the end of the season I like I would say in my view. Maybe them favorite I would say is he starts next season what is on watch and in somewhere in the middle is you know once the season ends. They move on and try to replace them and start fresh next you're the queen flight what do you think of that board. I'll take door number two and they're hinting at five clear that you hear that you really do anything that. But I think the idea of you know you're victory. The expectation that they should start pushing forward especially as if Tim does look necessary in the top seed in the buildup lineup a little bit. I think it reasonable expectation. And you know it's it's it's not easy and the units. It's a league where it it's typical two to move players typical to acquire players. You know the expansion draft throws a monkey wrench the entire process. But but it's it's pretty clear that there needs to be. You know up focus from the Blue Line looking better on on on on defense and then once that happened in the week and judge. File moved a little bit better as far as you know what are threatened to fit for the student. The scary thing about that to me is starting next year already with the players maybe no wing that vials mode is. You know aren't aren't fit nicely that they can they might just feel like hey you know we'll just wait this out he's not all and and I hate to see that happen. Which is weird by the way because it had no vote players so any when he came up with Pittsburgh and one cup. It was because Michelle period was that pain in the you know again while we came up with the players guys in and knock and and in theory you shouldn't be a guy. If these these players are waiting to see dismissed for the next the next thing to come through and he should be because they're playing hard forward. Try to keep amid opposition but you know all hearkens back what Mike Babcock said about the Bruins firing both Julian earlier this. This month. You know or the real last month from losing truck tire tread that line. I'm but he said that you know. Make sure that you got a better option in my. You know than a fire your coach. You gotta make you got someone else thrown in there that's gonna make it different now granted. Would with the yet that that the Buffalo Sabres haven't so far as you know the salary copper coach you probably could find it pretty decent. You know option he decided that fireball. But he's also really good coaching and I think that anyone watch the team knows. That there are deficiencies in the lineup. And an whole in the lineup that need addressing. It's not that it does take file off the hook because I think that include that in his. I think fifteen underlying numbers are troubling and kindness that many players. But there's no question I think that he's not necessarily been given them the a strong hand to play in the vote. Talking with Greg wish and ski puck daddy. From Yahoo! here on WGR joins us here on the AT&T. Hotline so all of the deals that have been made already. What do you make of the return the prices that are being paid in the case of say hands holier even Brian Boyle today. Well it's a lot of pick which was expected it. It's not the strongest strapped to your overall though I think a lot of teams are pretty comfortable with giving away high picks in this strapped. For and I NL so it sort of the situation and you look at the Minnesota Wild in that trade and the last night. You know they'd want to touch their cool prospect they're all real good. And you know that go to the players that were they are being asked about the idea that they can flip a bunch of draft picks. For a guy who gonna be a straight up rental program. One on the outside count will crazy on the inside it's like. Pretty much what they wanted to accomplish. A hard the most recent trades are really viable oil Lou and try to make believe. You know that you're gonna end up getting up and how to pick in the draft or what essentially a fourth liner that can walk into the season. But it you know when we talk about you know let's talk about like young team need to learn how to win. This is probably going to be a playoff game. He fit a need for them up the middle he's got experience he's a good guy to have in the room. They need it the sort of move that you may signal you're young you're young players pay. We recognize the effort this season start thinking about being a playoff team effort is thinking about you know rebuilding team heading into those. Early Smart move on the flip side it's treated him down. That was you know you got me in Europe it is Alex burrowed view with the Ottawa Senators like pearl 35. Not only betrayed a top prospect for them. They've been signed him to a two year deal. That is reminiscent of one of the worst trades that. Meeting reached an NHL history where the Washington Capitals with kidney tilt Forsberg. Mart near and Forsberg right now at one of the premier Gordon we didn't. I mean I I think you're in the upon my gas yesterday. Well that's the feeling this and. Did not that did not end well yeah I'm seeing a lot of chatter on Twitter about being amazed that that bending wanna trade. Yeah yeah. You can candidate and link it if volunteer at the real feel like he's he's put up some amazing numbers that you know overseas and and you know it starts he's one of these guys that. You know it started built YouTube highlight reel from felt that it's pretty stunning that they get it up I mean. They look senator is that they are strict while the iron pot and enacting it you'll like it got. A special little team this year they've been able to do it with smoke and mirrors in some cases play you know they're. Second in the division pushing for a person Bobby Ryan persona non Grata which opened the AL stock common. So it's it's you know it is whatever I think they're gonna look back and regret giving up the prospect they give up he'll. Yeah I mean burrows nine goals this year you mention his age of two year extension it's sort of smacks of the kind of deal. That. You know that that the non sexy than non big market the non. Go all the way to the cap ceiling teams make like we were gonna get this guy and we can afford to pay him. And keep him and that's as good as we can do kind of deal. Yes yet and of course the other one that was really had stretcher yesterday it was yeah and there's a yo and I want to ask you about the LA in the more you hear the argument you know lightning talk about it there is no more it seemed like it sure it was a necessity. From their cap perspective. Not only that sent apparently there's a anyway they could keep vote and and not let you even. But they had a bunch of lake bonuses to pay players and in order to be able to you that was the cat without suffering apple bridge. They needed to keep him out ASAP. The kings requiring him the real weird part like you know the they have done in quick just came back from injury played pretty well there would over the ducks. And and they happen signed through 2000 point you obviously he's the guy go forward by. We're talking about it is that Ian bishop are gonna hear a decrease for the rest even mean it obviously you know they didn't use the word insurance policy that's undoubtedly what it is. But I mean for her acting team that's not to play out but right now that scratching on. For goal of the season and the idea that they're gonna find out that that piece acquire another one number one goalie and that kind of baffling. Yeah I it does make sense considering the injury I get that but yeah I mean. You have to be thinking I guess if you're kings fan that this is not going to be the only move because goal scoring is what they need more soul. Than that but sure the kind of injury quick head. Like I can buy an insurance policy but yet again got to find some goal scoring. Bishop other Warner rob bishop for since the moment the last trade deadline. But whether they would make the move to vessel left ski and they finally. Have done that in waterworld will. And in Tampa is selling Toronto was biding. And I'm still on the outside looking in my apartment and other moments brink of playoff hockey here Greg. It is Cadillac you but I mean you know I think that the real the real story about the bishop traders that a kind of a chill. To that goalie market you know that the penguins or should not mark Albert Larry. Said today he had an apt retreat but obviously they're looking to move on. He buys and that today that the LA kings were his only option. You know trying to deal Ben Bishop would just creepy when you think about some of the team. Better you know in the playoffs slipping around the play out of my one at a poll and thirteenth Ottawa in like Calgary for example. And east and the kings were the only dance partner so that the case there might not even be a market for. I went to traders worried that if. We're deadline that does not that surprising I remember it's going through this with Ryan Miller a couple of springs ago and ultimately Tim Murray did make a deal. Or Miller. In advance of the trade deadline that was on a Friday night now remember what do you date of the week the deadline was but it was a few days in advance of the deadline that he made that deal. And there was a lot of talk then about like what. It's can be a peculiar thing to trade a goalie. At the deadline. Big salary off then and just you know what what what are you gonna be able to find and return them. Maybe you'll love maybe we'll see that I Yzerman was so it was Smart to get this done we don't when he did instead of waiting in Indian stock with a guy. Yep and it's usually not. There. You know number one guy he moved the deadline that's more like I put in climber who are moved you know. The shark and they have electric bill kind of treated the one usually happen that line and to shore up positions so. Yeah I mean I didn't think that Hillary would move to begin with at the deadline. Actually think the penguins earned such as a prime position to try to defend that cup that. Keeping him around is the better option personally. But it is if bishop it became the only one in the in the market for Alec and that just that make you wonder exactly. Comedy gold collection he moved which is kind of interest advocate like. You know I think that the expansion draft that obviously you know in effect defenseman. Considering you can only protect three. But in collect a one goal so there's going to be some pretty decent name available. Aspirin it's that they get goldeneye configure some of those names. You know might move around the deadline but maybe not let. Which Hinske Yahoo!'s puck daddy with a through this couple warm moments here on the AT&T hotline so I can't. If you leave Philly out of it and maybe maybe you should maybe should include them as potential sellers. About ten teams that amount including buffalo in this that would be firmly in sell mode. The Tampa buffalo Detroit. Philly New Jersey Carolina and then out west you've got obviously Vancouver's made their move Colorado definitely Arizona. Vancouver so. Would you anticipate even with the early action in that there will be enough buyers out there. For Tim hurried to do what he might wanna do which probably only includes Demetric cooled off Cody Franzen and may be a long shot I'm Brian Gionta. I think I think so I mean here. I think what you're you're gonna have to be years you know teens responding to another team has done that for example in the in the Minnesota Wild now. As ample a guy that was covered by some other teams they go street keep up the middle or you're into the Western Conference you know. Three qualities that are tree at collier well and get one. I think look I think they're happy that there are more sellers. Right now than need be we anticipated there would be about two weeks ago it kinda cut and separation what are our along the playoff bubble both conferences. So if nothing else in the unit in immediate and aspect crisis. A little bit. Now that there's going to be a bit more name a few more name on the trade block. But I think there's going to be inept team that are buying where you're at the open group of people and it other than as we see every year with the trade deadline mean it all comes down. You know the situation in which. You know it seems they're helping out their team the salary cap in Chicago Blackhawks in the you know making about trade deadline or other came to picking up not the amount of cap here. And hitting it we're gonna have to see again and he wrote we heard dot. With the handles trade would caddie picked up 50% of the hit. A lot of movement in the next 48 hours and contingent on. Thirteen that I have a lot of cap space helping out teams that are against the healing better. In that category buyer. So what do why were all I expect Ford Demetric cooled off saved me and and Cody Franzen. Is it is it reasonable to look at the second round picks and have been kind of tossed around here. Pretty pretty easily as as at least a return to war cooled off its not plants and. Sure I think so I mean you know you you what we decide that automatically win. A bidding war for Brian Boyle by acting out picked it probably going to be in the top fifty in the in your draft so. I mean again at the port wine. Under strict created have so you know for you guys back in place some quality minutes in and help the other number of ways unequivocal case. Via a pretty stout defensive sentiment on the stand. You know it's the cricket could be around there too I you know it really depends on need. And it it really depends on other comparable players that are available. It's the crapshoot and and I think that they're going to be keen they're looking for help on the that it's gonna be a matter how saturated the market and the thing. Biggest name to move will be Shatner Kirk or do you think there is better than even chance that he stays in Saint Louis because they can Max out on return. It's it's it's a tough call it error about that they apart that is the idea the you know boom boom return date yet. From a team that we'll have him signed for multiple years let that yield that they were working out what happened lightning. Vs what they'd get from a team out that it just renting them and knowing not gonna say. It's pretty stark so it awkward back for the Rangers means it lives lived in your shelf. You know families there vacation in the Hampton cook Brian Leetch and like you want the arranger or at least a period east player nor the so. It undermined it a little bit of that McNabb situation where you can afford to trade to the Rangers beat her mind a little bit of of the Martin family situation which with the same kind of geographic consideration that that shot maker has. I think at the end that day. It comes down to the Rangers and and whether or not they want to make it you'll now and I'm chapter to a a longer term deal before. The expansion draft which create a whole new set of problems because the top four guys that would protect from the Blue Line. Or that you wanna wait don't like bird not treated any young actor for him. And just silent. And it's going to be an interest in called you would happen there and I think a lot of the compact. Whether or not the blues blank. And drop their price. In which case you might feel that the so facilitated trailer look at a bit quicker working their efforts. Net's biggest name moved this cholera and you the I mean the young pieces in Colorado go Greg thank. It's it's you know the it became trade the click it it could have. Some legs to it. But it the more you hear the more sound like it they did move somebody. He'd be media around the draft. For the trigger now the one thing the avalanche have repeatedly told team. It got their prices and dropping these are guys that are still part of the solution vs being part of the problem Colorado. But at the same time they know they've got a lot of hole but they'll. But they're not gonna lower their prices to move and I think that the important thing and I and I think they're gonna stick to their guns on that and you know. You change the guy that I think could be a real game changer a lot of team looked at the national predators for example. And adding him at as a second line center out there would be amazing and I think the buck and groom are keen that could look at immediate dissolution on the link. Vocal inside that that the Colorado one. But it just matter of whether or not they actually wanted to writes what they're asking for Greg. We shouldn't ski is the editor of the puck daddy blog on Yahoo! you find him on Twitter at. Portion ski Greg thanks a lot great info appreciate the visit and look forward to talk when you don't want. Yeah I. There is Greg machine scheme curator of the puck daddy blog on Yahoo! Sports. Really for breakdown and so we come back here talk about to be more undesirable hockey stories that happened much New York. Over the weekend substitute that's the nightcap listening to WG art. I'm back here in the nightcap Bryan gates here with you on WGR eight. Couple of unfortunate incidents over the weekend. Involving. Western New York cocky and now I'm not talking about the Buffalo Sabres losing two games ago last place teams in the NHL. One that involves our colleague here at WGR. And go sports entertainment. Andrew Peters and he he was involved in an incident I'm sure if you're listening you you heard about it it was all over Twitter. It's all over the news. And it's just something that is is really unfortunate so before I get into it he was still on the investigators this morning. So all he did he got the statement he said as much he cut and I want to play Jeffrey guys here. First I feel there's something I need to address. I think a lot of people I've been talking about an incident that occurred. Surrounding our team this weekend and I'm the coach of fifteen new junior sabres hockey team. You know in the game resulted in a lot you know a lot of penalties in and on ice altercations. I just wanna say that you know most personable. There's no room for for what happened. In new sports writing news sports is absolutely unacceptable. All sports doesn't not just hockey. It's about it should be about you know good sportsmanship. Developing skills. And being a good teammate. I didn't I didn't do a good good job this week in communicating. Any of those skills to my team I think. Going foreign I need to do a better job. You know and as coaches in general I think we need to do better job. I can't discuss. Anything in regards the altercation. In the incident. So. He would just you know I'd I'd have to move on from that. It's their site into -- this morning he was still on with a it scares you heard him earlier talking with crime. I may have gotten to know Andrew just little bits and I wouldn't say that. He was he was one of the guys that work with four and I really don't want them first opportunities here on WG are filling in for shall Bulldog rather poignant. The WGR golf tournament and I just know all the kind of guy that he is in at least from what I've seen of him and I know that he. Wouldn't intentionally do something to hurt anyone and I know the optics of the situation are. Really bad he walks his swing looks pretty violent and I don't think it's a punch personally. And I think it should have been handled in a completely. Different way. And obviously I think that's. The the opening stated anyone could say that it obviously should have been handled in a completely different way by Andrew and it's. Fifteen year old kids on the ice and they're getting into it and it was apparently be re heated game HAB game. And we all know that hockey can be a very emotional sport if you pleaded obviously if you've been a fan of the Buffalo Sabres in. You've watched the game you've seen Andrew Peters play. And I think that's kind of mentality that he talks. On the bench and it's it's not the mentality that he should of talkie he continues to think of these kids as part of its his team. He's the head coach this team and he knows that he is in charge of these kids and he is to protect these kids. For home. Any sort of harm and this this was going on right in front of his punch in how I wasn't there and there is a investigation going on. In two. All the circumstances. Of what happened on Saturday at Harbour center. And it's certainly was not. The the proper way to handle things from Andrew Peters and he'd. I think he's he's willing to accept that and he knows that he's in a position. As a coach as a public figure now. That he has to be held accountable. For these types of actions but in his mind these kids are now his team. And he is still. A guy that is going to do whatever it takes to protect his team when he was a player it was going out there and being an enforcer for the sabres and now. That he is the coach he saw the skids going into his back and say they are mixing it up with his players and from what I saw he goes and and he is holding his players back Indies. Attempting to to push away. This this kid who I feel bad for everyone in the situation because it's created a microscope on. Everyone involved in that situation and I'm not a person that obviously has kids. So I don't know role as as parents how parents feel out there in this situation. It's it's something that's completely out of my realm. Thinking about it in that aspect of watching my child be on the ice and it's seeing a coach who was a former NHL player. Essentially shove my kid they'll looking very violently as the run for re comes over his point can weigh in my kids in a way there was no. The kid looked fine and I'm sure. It's. I'm gonna say it's from attic for the kitty he's probably the I don't know what he's feeling. But as a parent watching that situation unfold. And seeing. A guy that you know in amateur Hamilton bulldogs junior blogs know Andrew Peters bulls coach I'm assuming analog appearance there knew that. Two to see that happen it's just uncomfortable and it's not a good situation for anyone to DN. Andrew Peters is. Aside from from my scene he is a very stand up guy he a good hearted guy and he wouldn't do something like that. To intentionally hurt someone. But he put himself in a situation. That. Is not it's. If it's it's something that he's gonna have to deal with. It's gonna be something that's on his image for a long time and he's going to be answering a lot of questions for a long time and needy. One day he'll be able to open up a little more about the entire situation but as of right now the investigation going on it's just not something network. We're gonna hear much from him about. I don't know it's just. You can't put your hands on on a kid like that. I've equated it to and I said this earlier with bull dog when he was kind of opining about the situation. And I and you can't put your hands on a kid there but it for me it's kind of like when their was a flight in high school. And teachers had to come in to break it up. And you had to get a little physical. It's not ideal it's not what you want to happen. But it's something that has happened to and the altercation. And part of the issue is Andrew Peters didn't have to put this his hands on the kid Ted and the altercation. That's that's part of the problem. But the refereeing was there. Too to probably at least get his hands on the skin and trying to get him away from the bunch. He was thinking about his players in protecting his players it does not leak what he did right and any sort of way. I'm just trying to put myself and what he was probably thinking at the time. And what he's continuing. To to think about over and over again in my guess I'm not a person that. Those has has kids and has had the opportunity to watch kids compete in that kind of environments. And it's just. It's it's it's a tough situation. And obviously. For me. Obviously should be suspended from from coaching and if or up to me I. I think they wanted to put him on air so that he can at least make a statement about it today. But I I would of personally. For were me. And I don't have any control around here. I would've not Andrew Peters today at least until the end of the investigation. In that and the move forward from there but it's it's just a tough situation it's something I felt I need to comment on. My take a break here we come back we will also talk about the other incidents in in Western New York cocky involving any CC player. That's coming up next nightcap on WGR. Well that's not gonna happen. It. There's no bills came under announcers and it's lovely Dan gives voice though it is nice to hear I guess my dad. Micah Wright is saying now with the use here. Able asked yesterday so there was the injury Peters incident and Saturday and then yesterday a video circulating very quickly around Twitter from Sports Illustrated show wing. And ECC player. Taking a huge role in the ads are rafter read in the and GBC. Double A championship game ECC is on their multiple times and they've lost the past couple years. To this team in decode. But it's. Another ugly ugly. There. Situation there today he he's in the penalty box at the end of the game. About forty seconds left in the game comes rushing out. And he just hammers this refereed. The referee goes down car right on has had the end of the game in town the referee off. He has been charged with harassment disorderly conduct and criminal mischief in Peru pony. For that and it's another. Obviously this kid IE heat warnings. Do you that in in a normal situation was obviously. Highly emotional. Indeed national championship game and he is absolutely going to pay the price needs and charged. And no assault charge but it's. Assault charge in York Stater. It depends on serious injury is from my understanding. So he's he's being charged to the fullest extent of the law and he is going to have to face up ECC is saying something about it's insane that obviously this is not an indictment on our athletics department. Mean mark all the cars has come out and said that mean it's it's not right. And it's just it was just such. A tough week and former buffalo hockey in general. You have these two incidents and the kid obviously it is. Remorseful. We've guy and statements from. The athletic director at ECC. Saying that. I think. He probably did it and he was losing his mind and he's gonna have to face. I'm sure he management and other sorts of stuff like that after he goes through this process of the law. And he's done he's probably never gonna play any sort of organized collegiate hockey guy and you equally in other lower leagues but it's something that he's going to be dealing with forward. At least the next few years he was only a freshman Eddie CC silliest probably. Going to play a few more years of college in May be trying to transferred to a but it's it's not going to end well for him and it's another investigation that's ongoing and it's something that Hampshire. JC double A who is ending about hockey national championship because there's not enough teams to participate anymore. It's something that they're gonna be probably coming down I'm pretty darn I'm sure ECC. Will be looking to come down on it pretty hard. And it's just that it was it was a rough weekend of optics Bork for occupiers around buffalo. And the sabres you know it didn't count too much with some power play. On the last coasted just overall the rough hockey weekend in buffalo from me in national perspective all right Diana dying before the night's. Sabres back in action tomorrow. Nationals in town they'll be facing off against them haven't seen any. More rumors from Mike commodore. The new NHL insider. Has not come away anything new so nothing new from him. I'll be back on Wednesday neat Kyrie should be Miki is trying to return to WGR. So that's that's exciting news I'm Ryan gave thanks for listening ESPN radio coming up next the WG.