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WGR550>Topics>>03-01 Bills head coach Sean McDermott 1-on-1 interview with Sal Capaccio

03-01 Bills head coach Sean McDermott 1-on-1 interview with Sal Capaccio

Mar 1, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sean McDermott is here with me so much you know to reach your Sports Radio 550. First coach congratulations on everything's must been a whirlwind for you getting the job. All the evaluations getting your staff together coming become bank is trying to tell us about the experience of the last month and half was that like for you personally for you and your family. It's been exciting and they we've been embraced by the city and Denver graced by the people in the building it and couldn't ask for anything more in terms support. It's been. Challenging in terms of living really. Without the family but I'm excited to get him up and in buffalo. Working with Doug Whaley what's the process been like for you and really everybody and that side of the side of things the business side of things with just kind of tell us about your relationship how things work. The stars going to the process of valuations and things like that. He said he kubert process right I mean it's it's we're off to a great start in team within the team and we've worked together on things. You know say it would if this would have announced it would about that and that's what's that's the great productive healthy means hurled. When you put together your staff. There seems to be clear. Philosophy a lot of experienced guys have been in this league 2530 years lists on the U intentionally set out to do because. Your young coach you wanna surround yourself with more experience absolutely it down on the first time coach. And I respect that. And and so one put experience around the yen at the same time and guys with with great energy to get the job done it used as important as you've heard me say before all morning. And and yet but we didn't have experience I want and guys with great upside in terms. Some youth and so. Chemistry. It starts on the staff. The players see it in a month in the field and develop. It chemistry around. Specifically your office or coordinator Rick Dennison. What what is the philosophy of hiring him was or anything specific he did scheme wise were you looking for something specifically with scheme was a more about the personality in the coach. Well love that when in the in the equation in terms of that evaluation racan. That system and Rick specifically. I had my eyes on for years I know how hard assistant is to and from the defense standpoint. We knew looking. What coach Kubiak in the post Anderson down over the years together is really Rick's learn and had a front row seat to learn from one great play callers in the NFL. And so I'm very confident written for. When you talk about the system that he has run. Our return to more like his own blocking takes his system things like that rolling out bootleg stuff like that exactly means to balance attack in a remote is important and you do you do look at the running game. How that fits. What we do in buffalo and in the play action off that running game. Obviously tyrant has a skill set that would fit into something like that so now you're in this process trying to evaluate. And he said that you would take up till march 11 but he got us give us a sense of how where you are in the process right now. In terms of the Tyrod suggests yes I mean that's that's an ongoing situation right now like like a lot of Maher and critical decision. Important position in the NFL in determining success for teens and and so Tyrod situation I really enjoyed it and all. I've watched his work ethic in. Credit to him and our trainers and medical staff for for where he is. And turns his health status at this point in. He's won a number of games this organization so morning good position. And you we've got to respect the process. And. Situation. Tell us what that process as far as your assistant coaches Rick Dennison David colleague how much. How much you ran them when you're going evaluating film how does that work as far as let's determine if he's the guy for us who has that say how does all that work. Well all goes all those together right so they start individually. Looking at tape of a tyrant in the situation in this case and and then you know I look at and Doug looks adamant and and then our stance get together and we all talk and and dislike. Any great decision there's got to be. Healthy conversations sometimes it's agreeing sometimes that's. Being at not afraid to disagree and and that's all healthy that's part that's productive because at the end of the day. These are important decision. Was standing offer decipher a co manager Sammy Watkins can give us an update on his health right now. Yes enemies niacin is progressing nicely is on schedule and we look for again back. In your backfield and he said you're excited about working with LeSean. There's some talk that he isn't that the scheme I personally think if it's any scheme he's LeSean McCoy. Yeah you can ask any defensive coordinator in the NFL and I think it's bullish on not again face. So I've been fortunate to be which goes on Philadelphia. And certainly no skills and fun to watch develop years on and off field and other decision I'm like a loosely he's he's for some really terrific numbers the last two years he's an RFA. But he did Jonathan Williams as well so what's the process of determining you know I'm high you value might can where he fits in this office. Yeah another good player you know Mike and to watch him on taking it feel for his skills it's certainly good one. And I'll watch and his crew develop as well. You know like the rest of this situation and we have to. Evaluate every situation go through that process. Having very good conversations. Right now. Has Andrea Cyrus may be impacted what you think about your right tackle situation Jordan is were unrestricted free agent as well and yet of injuries on the left side as well Lester obviously with Chordiant structural situation but just it's in serious viruses that can impact how you go through your offseason what you do there. Well it's unfortunate situation but I know he's attacking that rehab process. Like we would like we would open and expected. Having said that you know we've got a good laugh and so line and offensive line as a group led the NFL rushing last year and led by Eric would. Kind Nino and so. You know accordion and it's it's a good group with with Miller's well so I'm excited were those that. So are the other side of the ball Kyle he said he's going to be back on who was it. Decisions you made with him in conversation with him he just come you say I wanna be here how did all that go about. Well let's drive them more direct question for Kyle has and the we have had some conversations. And I've always respected cow actually for it offers an induction cows of the probable couple years ago and I just watched at a pharmacy to watch and work even over there and and and he's he's he's our type of guys guardian and and you know I'm just looking forward with hound and knows them. As far as his leadership qualities and what he brings is that of the decision for you guys make sure you have people like that in the room and he's a trip for what players while the just and knowing you have someone like that home how good does that make you feel. Yeah when you build when you go good football teams are just beat teams in general leadership is a big party chemistry of the party now. Certainly certainly check the box sports Aaron I know you said they go through the process with him as it's gonna be more his decision because of his neck situation. Or is it the process just so valuing the players from a team standpoint as well at the same thing I mean you evaluate. Directed teams nightly roster understand a situation every position that's that's the take so long this process. And finalist who marshaled ours as well he's had some issues obviously that kept them off the field. You did hire Mike awful who seem to be a guy that might be able to you know hopefully gave. Gets maybe something out of him but have had conversations with him and you know where his his. His hat is that where he is physically right now. Yeah unaware that a Marcellus history as far as that goes them ourselves a good football players and an exciting game in his fourth three attacking. Philosophy of for on it and now watching this thing. And you said that were quick got 43 or you know maintain your basic 43 defensive philosophy you know pretty much Chad and Caroline Wright will be a 43 will be multiple and and and put the players again in a position to be successful. I thank you very much coach good luck again thank you so appreciated.

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