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03/01 Nightcap HR 1

Mar 2, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's everything clears the rest were given the official call. And folks it was the ruling of the day. The small number 99 of the defense. Until you GR Sports Radio 515. All right it is. It's the nightcap always nights on WG RE trade deadline. Or I mean. I am I did this great idea and you you guys in your knee Kyrie making his trial that return to the radio I know there was a lot of well wishers out there were happy that neat is well wishers yeah well you may I wanna push you down one yet yet to throw money into it at the same time. Okay Brian as route ski as well hear Mike Ferrari behind the board I have an idea that we are gonna be great trade deadline day. In the boys and if we're gonna have. Trade deadline after dark you know what it turned out even better. The sabres didn't make a single move they did it your right now we have two hours of talk about wrestling no that is not who do we have to. As much as Hewlett like that and the and it's. We we're not we're not we're not talking about wrestling it's almost unless people flood the phone lines with their WW we caution which. I he has bodies likely tax and he looked called right now he's got them to howl. Tell your fiery he's got he's got three did you far it would get and Jeff are you probably all wolf phone lines up with just rustling calls because he's I know he's a big fan out there to. But no that's not. It's now we're talking about Rocco non. Obviously trade deadline aid disappointing day for the sabres know moves made and disappointing just because. I think is more disappointing because the build up of the whole thing more than anything else. See you go through these past few days and really back to the weekend and all these big moves are being made with Ben Bishop. Kevin Shia and Kirk on Monday march console all of the the big names really were getting moved and it didn't really leave much for. Today in terms of the big names in the sabres. Not getting in the action I think it is it's the first time in aid really really long time the sabres are usually among. Some of the more active teams at the trade deadline in today just. As it if you're listening to Tim Murray right before the show here he just kind of get a deal done it sounded like he had a deal done potentially with Brian Gionta. But Brian Gionta who is adamant that he must state here and see this thing for real witches to the playoffs I'm assuming. Doesn't wanna go so here we are not you move me by the sabres. And I'm just wondering what fans are thinking. I think there's a lot of he -- I guess that would cause a lot of angst towards the GM Tim Murray. Because. Hey this is the fans it's it's almost like that the do something Darcy days that there has been a trade here that Murray is made sense to pass a trade at the draft. And it's. Fans are starting to get restless fans are starting to get restless with the roster and what this rebuild. Is supposed to be so 8030551888550. To 550. Hire the phone numbers here. Me it's been a while it's been a while for you so what was your thoughts on on today's small lack lack of action at the trade deadline need. I know you're big proponents of treating people you like France. And everybody likes straight. Baghdad then you could call me trade gap yet amend the trades. Sure. I'm actually in the process right now of looking up. Only the point totals which were. I guess it's pretty similar. What's the 20152016. Sailors. Western AI ST 36 and eleven yeah ads there are treading too you varies similar season. I says this last year ocean. Same captain. Yeah I'm I am not a pointing any fingers at those three specifically what the culture of the captain. Did I say a third but now they don't choose to look at those student and. Yeah it's gut the team. I think the stock going into the season was okay this team at the end of last year on their last 41 games were at eight. 95 point pace so going into the season it was more like OK we got our coach he's been here for years the table knowledge system batter. The beat second here for Michael the second year for Reinhart. Evander Kane is gonna be coming back all the I'll be. This is the team this is the team we have we trade for cool off. Nine. Injuries happen at the beginning of the season came I call that defense is. Pretty bad political carpentry pretty bad. And no whole movement from the sabres whatsoever and I feel that's where a lot of frustration from fans is coming from. Is that they all see this team night in and night out and see the big issues within its and are wondering. When it. GM TM. The guy up top the eyes in the sky it's gonna come down and make a move and do something about it and this was the time to do it it wasn't even it was just about making the move I think for a lot of people like. They had to be had to do what they had to do you gotta get rid of these guys to get some assets that there's a problem with that thinking though right you're not gonna make this team. Better you're not gonna make the sabres a playoff team today on deadline day no nobody out there. If you added chat and Kirk. Whether it's today or over the past week. That doesn't make you a contending team especially at night yeah we just can't disagree with after who you know you'd have to give up. Segovia checkered. I. I'm not going to be an apologist for the day the sabres had. But in hindsight when you look at the deals that could have been made their names that were out there as trade bait. I'm not terribly disappointed. I was today if if you look at okay Gionta yet and say he could have moved Gionta. But he decided you know what I'm going to respect the players wishes. The captain's wishes which I think is the right move plot did I did not have a no trade clause. He had like a modified EF five teams to keep him put on the list he could be seen what about the other guy until he could have been on the move if he if you modesty the and the move I think it was more. You think one of those teams is his little listless and mr. Zandi thought he was going to Pittsburgh yes well something like that. But they didn't move on days still buys which is and I think that's the right move yeah I don't. Agree on what what is coming your return from Gionta. A third round picks on the back I think that's as valuable as sending a message to the league that if you want something. If fuel. At stuck with this team for. You know a couple bad years here. We're going to do right by the player then you look cool calm. Cool cop Timmy is see if you're timber a year and a tough spot with him because you're not going to get my history he's had a terrible year. But what's worth more right now it's it's Emery whatever you're going to get. In return for cold cough or. I am at this point expecting him to be back with the team next year or seeing a healthy cool look off return and hoping they can get something out of him because people were already criticizing that trade. If you let cool look on go for you know welcome a fourth round pick something like that that trade is going to looked even more I think that's why some people. I had him moved is because they're worried that maybe not in the long term plan school costs not there and the Fermi. Let's say to Tim Murray speak earlier. It was school costs health was a huge question for a lot of these teams calling in how healthy he actually was and I think that was a huge issue and I think they were saying okay is that we're not sure about his Howell like that offer little lots and Mary was just like I didn't know you know this is the value I am I on this player and I'm sticking to that. I just don't know if I care in the least bit I didn't make it's that they didn't build up this trade deadline like a lot of other people did I didn't I ain't. To be honest I realize that most of the action happened over the course of the week or two. And when that happens in any trade deadline right before the trade deadline when trades at a doesn't matter if it's I mean. Trades are happening FLC a two Garros. Like the NBA are like Major League Baseball whenever there's a big trade deadline typically there's no trades that we before it happens on trade deadline day or the day before. And now over the course of two weeks we saw teams who work. Necessarily. Time crunched and they made decisions to better their roster sooner rather than later what you think. Tim Murray and that was the big point that Bulldog me that I was really really into agreeing with on the way and was that you know look cut Gergen is for it for instance. I mean. Gergen sins goes from being as you mentioned potential elected captain people were like gourds and captain. And how hilarious and not listening at a bridge replacement level player I mean that's that's the way it is he's. Shows flashes here and there but it and that's. And I just don't know that I care that that they didn't get better or they didn't sell off parts because. Let's be honest even though they're with their 1% chance to make the playoffs is slam. We just gonna say I guess you're in France and and cool off and putt I guess we do in fall out there who have played well this season but then you're talking about get creative. Gionta and you can read. This is a lot to ask from a GM who doesn't have much leverage in the situation there expiring USA contracts I did you can get a conditional pick why would you. Drastically maker Timor's maiden address to make your team worse for a conditional pick that you're never going to likely get the benefits. I think uncool because I'm not saying that this is how Tim Murray is thinking but it's how I would be thinking when you're looking at moving him. For probably. Not much. At most. A third round pick the way he's played this year and people are one have questions if he's healthy like you said to. That they've questions if he's good yeah at all with the way he's played this year I mean if I'm looking at that trade after the trade I'd just may not even a year ago. Two media sponsor Marie I'm looking and then saying well I don't wanna look like a huge idiot here because people can't you know maybe I. Turning this year's healthy care high IQ so I he's like. I don't think I would care it gets to him because he's clearly said before that he's he hears criticism made it doesn't necessarily get to him but. Or bother him but he hears it and he's aware of it on Twitter in the on the radio and everywhere else. But I don't think he cares about that move having to pan out to either batteries roster or. Didn't HL level player because he realizes that the Rochester Americans they need more depth especially next year when they're gonna be subject to losing guys in expansion and I have to bring up guys full time now. I mean is. Bailey a full time NHL player now I mean likely next are probably. Hudson bashing OK there's another guy. Isn't you render any. So dire talked about pulling young good young players and as he mentioned all mark who could potentially be a casualty of the expansion draft so again I mean you're just looking at. How many players can he really keep in protective naturally I think what ultimately came down to a lot of these decisions was more about who players get perturbed routines to protect. Opposed to getting better at the deadline that's why I think they're more or less a lot these teams are propping. For the expansion yet I think a lot of these teams are kind of sat with who they think they're going to be protecting and obviously the they've known about this expansion draft for a long time so they've been projecting now looking forward and it. That's why I was wondering if maybe. There was there was the move of the day our need for Davidson from Montreal and had been ten and that was kind of a move that was like okay. Montreal's not gonna be able to. Protect every single for a Democrat wanna protect so they made this trading brought in to buy it's been so. I was wondering if there's going to be more trades like that where it like very sad hockey trade. Hockey trade after looking for where you're bringing in a player for player because teams are looking for for being the doubt that they have forward at defense. To. Be ready for the expansion draft and have people that they've really want to be protected. I think of Minnesota. And in time on the back and where they have a ton of defenseman young defensemen not going to be able to protect them are definitely gonna lose one. And maybe instead of losing a young defenseman. Through the expansion draft you look at that young defenseman and like okay who was a team that has a bunch of young forwards that they're not going to be able to protect. In the sabres are kind of in the apple way. Paulino in gear incidents in Larson Marie you don't know where these guys project moving forward in your long term plans. I would hope Tim Murray does. But you could flat one of those guys for me be a young to top six defenseman that could roll further in his role in the NHL and we did not see. Any trades like that. And wonder that. The expansion draft. I I think if only the league you're gonna start for the expansion draft or trades like that can happen r.s these rosters going to be the non moving. The only team that I look at and I didn't really study every single trade made around the league but the lightning. Did well moving on behalf space outlook than it being defenseman. Who in getting an expiring contract yet they they were going to be forced to protect. And in preparation for the expansion draft and losing some salary cap. Moving that defenseman said they really help their situation going forward and I'd still trying to sign a lot of young. Yeah I don't think they hurt themselves too much in the short term either so. They could still make the playoffs which is the other crazy thing is they didn't move. And pour enough parts at this point other than bishop but did you you could probably point out eight bishop really wasn't the future. They were gonna go with an army specialist Ian. That was going to be the way glad chaos that was right so they were gonna be able to sign him and still be able to keep had been in the future and be able to keep all these pieces that they have they were really nice core. And a coral by which took a pay cut their biggest. I mean that goes to a significant pick up the state obviously he was hurt this year which is why they've. They're in the position to sell at the moment but again they can still make the playoffs having done all of that retooling of their roster and their salary cap. That's just against these guys in ingests. Yeah he's IE he's pretty terrific yeah he's pretty he really. He did a great job by his salary cap but if you look at the returning may be part of the reason why the return wasn't so great was because of the expansion draft because of the cap hit and the fact that still below would have to be protected but at the end of the day and he is us to overseas and at a what is it like five million dollar yeah right yeah but your trading Phil Ilan who has like over thirty points this year. And in return at the end of the day after the second move you're getting a fourth round pick in return. So what would the sabres have gotten for their defenseman who warrants. Performing nearly that well thought the one name that bugs me out today is cynically Frandsen. IA and went into today thinking this is a move that you have to make there are enough people in the league. Given France's reputation error armor. Now what what are you trying to say here reputation now in his reputation given his skill sets. This isn't it upon this over and play mobility there are still enough people around the league who really like Cody France or at least say online that they really like Cody France and Washington gave up a third round pick for Mike Webber to be their seventh defenseman. They're hurt their could have been a deal there I feel and I just. I don't think I was losing that much off this team. You're just I'm moving I can't see him on this team next year right I don't see what else got a problem I mean while is moving it you looking cool calm I think. Tim Murray says. I see him on this team next year friends and no. And I think that is the one that really. I haven't many analysts liked just throw 100% of my support 92 hours beacons. He I I enjoyed Samaria I think he's also a joint hammer I think he's right after the jobs so I have no. I'm just not ready to give up on him so quickly or even files in my. Although I am growing more frustrated with asthma. Iced I don't think he should be fired I think he just needs to his players to buy and and in playing the way he ponson to play. At what point do you and blamed you know give that bright bright you have to. It's it's a fine line between who to blame for their recent play because it seems like. It's Emery is blaming the players a little needle easily let white in the jet plane or that the players need released except their portion of the blame and he also shoulder blades so. It's one of those things where who. In their recent struggles or why the are where I think the fan base wanted average them know that I have is one of the team to be playoff team and they're not. But I went into the season thinking. How are gonna be with just how close though basically in. Also. You have no deeper. Facts and you lose check for the first opening games let us that they've leveled off I expected what this team was for a little while for about a month or so and the idea O'Leary an fidelity after your cost IE Eagles came back. I was looking at that team and looking at there are pace when Michael came back and saying they're on. About 89 the issue a little above a nine dollar pace which is where we expected them since then they've Lou you know. Dropped off quite a bit in their back to basically where they started over the course of the year. But for a little while there I was thinking. That this is the team that I expected the problem is it. Whatever Walsh beat hates outward at strapped up that's a big problem it's apt you can't. This is this is what happened in in January and February up until their bye week there where once again I'm Nat. Bitterly they were winning I think it was fifty point 3% of their points which was 809596. Point pace which the edge of the playoffs right so that would about it if they played like that all year the problem is they need. Even even in that stretch. There are. Just half of games where they're getting so severely outplayed them they managed to pull a comeback out at the hand or eight. You know just hold steady and pull off a win but that's part of the issue is that the eighty consistent Lee. Are getting outplayed by a the better teams that they they are like the national national they have a great first period and gotten the rest of the game. Just terror score for yeah that's crap that. Our Brian has aroused he made here he rind eating analogy here on the nightcap which very by the board. Take some of your calls coming back to join in on the conversation 830550. 1888. By fifty to five via phone number seriously my cap on WG. Are back here on the nightcap right now as a route ski Anthony Geary hanging out with the ranking it's our heaven pretty. Policy heated but a nice discussion in here about where to fine and top four. And how it's done in Bryant Bryant really the driver of this conversation right now because he is a Pittsburgh Penguins and a horrible front runners and we all Aden. Hate unions actually about a Pakistan called me up or out front runner on they were the worst team ever for like five straight years Yasser anywhere fan during the Florida appeared well. And it was terrible. So I can't really call your front runner up. He was he was bringing up all the patents followed their defense. And obviously. He's got the tea which you're talking about dad's here your stunt guy and after that it's who word. Motto was drafted by them poorly I was drafted by them otherwise it was just kind of peace is at the cat found and brought him. And you look at put yes barely played this year Mata has played he's been injured a lot and he hasn't been days. Goodies he was his rookie year ever since then I mean he was scratched in the playoff run last year and this year he's been OK he spent. Decent but they have one guy. Who is are really dependable when he's in the lineup McChrystal tank whose greats I mean one of the best defenseman in the league. And that may have a bunch of guys who. Are good that you look at Ian Cole vary good defenseman. But they just out of it Cole was a guy who you wouldn't really think so it was like what the fourth defenseman in Saint Louis they traded. Port to lose so and a seventh round pick at the deadline to bring in Ian Cole. And now look at him he's so you know one of their top defenseman he's a mainstay on the Blue Line you look at some of the other guys daily. Before it was injured he was not playing all that well but he you know had a good. A little Ron last year in Pittsburgh they have. Geez elm I'm blanking on the line but this Andrew eagle was totally terrible read only gently grew Ito is in right now as. Basically injury replacement because dailies out and obviously they just brought in straight but Schulz Schulz when they picked him up for. That was like one. The third round pick last year certainly not even not even but they pick up shots and look at him all the sudden. I just think you can find these guys I don't think this sabres defense this is where I kind of search or point toward coaching. I don't think on a tale level. When you look at the sabres next year. There are that far behind you look at Bristol line in collecting is very good Jake McCabe I like a lots yeah are you looking Cooley. And I think Mo like on most people would say I like him I wanna keep them I wanna see him in buffalo next searched three defenseman right there. That your year keeping cool cop around if you're keeping cool cop there's four defenseman you need another. I'm gonna save big name because the fans want to feel good about. Bringing in a big name defenseman who you look at her name and you know. I can count on this guy this guy is solid in his own and this guy can maybe add a few things offensively. He is a very good NHL defenseman you need another guy like that and then you need to finding guys. That's something Darcy were year I feel like never really got a lot of credit for was he would find they'll and that's that idea he would find defenseman who. Just you know it seemed to come out of nowhere and play very well for the team in that you know fourth fifth the sixth guy role. And then like there was a really good article. There was a John Bogle who wrote it about how they needed to find. A deeper here like date they were selling when they found Avery air you know demean and that those kind of trades is that those player for player trades that. App and a lot anymore but yet it was just a good day cap era that we data is dreamed what how old. That pretty mediocre corps of players that he Drury all the sudden you have this core of pretty legitimate players need. They went to the Eastern Conference finals and then they changed the rules of hockey and yes that team is built very well I got the call your equipment Gerry and mark. Jerry you are on the nightcap. Hate but while. There are few weeks I mean that ball a couple months. An enemy Taylor Hall or acquired the tree and it kind of put me over yet. Like that back then our our other commodity is that this does not awful. And you don't find them in the second third fourth fifth row where you know your top that forward in the upper brow. The answer the first part team it's a golf. Forward. That the bad. The announcement IT team and the extra I have the ability at. The but it. Yeah I. I think you're taking a little bit too far with the draft for a first round but the overall idea I I kind of get what you're saying they are because. You're right there there are certainly dirt stud defenseman out there too and I. Mean you look at where the Saber attracted 2014. And people say well what if they had won the lottery that year and had air an apple and what is obvious to. Team won the lottery that year and still picked ranked car which. I kind of look back at that your all the time and say. Thank god does sabres picked second because if he chose Ryanair which at that time everyone was saying you need a senator you are deep at defense. I think there's a good chance that yet so what about the picky either way. Yeah you're right but in hindsight yeah you know in hindsight thinking about act glad on this team. All over Reinhart and how much better they would be ends. I mean I don't know exactly how much better they would be but it's did you got those top two defenseman with wrist though. And I am glad they McCabe still and maybe you don't have to meet the Nicole Cotchery did there to bring in. Another guy that you thought was gonna be a bona fide top four defensemen. So it's just went but the fight's been I mean I agree in this was kind of book conversation started out as well as they are viewed now. As much more of the commodity. Needed around the NHL and that's why you thought going into this trade deadline that the sabres were going to at least be active because they had two players. An expiring contracts. And you look around on deadline day. It's always these ducks defenseman that I end up getting moved around like you said earlier Mike barber for a third round pack. These guys are always overvalued at the tree down and I mean rob Haines the first sector around the yes. It's it's all those guys are highly valued around this time in. The sabres are team that knows why that happens because of their 0506 run. Where their defense got beaten up and you meet those bodies to be in your lineup even if they're not playing. You have to run that risk to bring those guys and just in case you get that by the injury. It's why I am not. I am not doom and gloom about the sabres and now I'm not doom and gloom about their situation on defense and awe especially from a talent standpoint we mentioned Pittsburgh I'm just flipping through. Looking at Saint Louis now obviously they'd just I'm trade relation Kirk yeah it's a big part of that blue line but. You look at what's left over Peter Angelo one of the top defenseman in the league they have Perrier eco. Who was just came on last year yet are homegrown guy got a younger guy out of nowhere and then the rest of ports who so left over guy. I'm ball Meester who lose is seen his best years so way before. Governor send. Who was picked up in a trade gap with the Toronto. I don't think defense is serviceable defense obviously that top tier guy is gonna be hard to get its debt is says it's gonna take. That's something we're Zimmer drafting but filling out the rest I think the sabres are already kind of halfway there when you look at me caving glee. Yeah and one or two more guys dependent on who you're gonna keep around softer project. Updating the future on this team right now with what they have and you're you're talking about Cooley. Probably being a guy that's on this team next year you know wrestle Arnold I'll be here. Yup hope let's hope so is right. I think people saw him on this team this year in the few games that he came up from the emergency recall on their like. How can we injure someone permanently so he can stay up here all the time. Think that's what people were thinking out there so you look at it restoring its gonna be here. Jake McCabe is going to be here. And that and but the notion he's probably going to be here. He's probably going to be here and that should be fine if you should blame on the third pairing these third period yet I see him out there and there's sometimes a lookout that Aaron C Bogosian and say. I really liked that played that just hit Bogosian just made. I I don't have a problem with the go ocean. I don't have a problem with cooled off I have a problem with Bogosian cool look off Franzen and kind of the whole group all they have on the ice to go right now to Georgia's. Playing towel and also be on this team next year. Yet you have to picture is so admits that not happen so that's why I don't want to mess that I'm sure what challenges yeah I don't wanna kill Tim Murray were. Now for not making these deals because I think. In the offseason and if he is serious about you know did some of these young guys who have shown really well in the NHL whether B. Believe that he's scary hey if you're looking at those guys you've got to find ways to get some of these other. These other guys on your team that baton. They've got big contract numbers around books for another couple years I look at mammals that it Tyler and this and that and that's aside a Bogosian and Bronson. Not for an odd George's. You got to find a way to. Get get a team that's gonna be in the bottom of the league in salary cap like how old Detroit Red Wings managed. For just swapping first round picks you've got to find a deal like that so you could shut some of the salary. In order to maybe. Bring in a free agent defenseman who I I was just looking over the last night it's obviously underwhelming free agency now always is underwhelming Michael Dell's Otto is like the name that pops out at me as someone meaty. The sabres would be seriously interested and but it's that's pretty. This thing moving forward as you still do have these these guys that are on fairly big contracts that you would. Wish that you wish you could be like the and I felt great just renegotiate these campus and become so much easier like that would go to camp to be like our body. Take a little more money down the line and I'll lower this camp it's like foreign aliens and five point one. Idea I just tend to look at the sabres problems. On the bank and is more coaching thing just because then it really is nothing to do with. You know me watching the games and you know coming to this is seeing there's really talent their edits being misused no I I don't think there's a ton of talent their but I look at this. Penguins lineup tonight here in Chicago. They're back again. First pairing is starting to Milan and hazy. Then it's Ian Cole and Schultz. And we have cool yacht and rue regal. And nobody is flipping out saying they're gonna be killed in the you don't give up five goals to the Blackhawks tonight IAE. I think it's possible I think they'd. Need suit. It's where the questions about Dem announcement comes in because. They shouldn't be as bad. In their back end and these guys say what you will about. Every defenseman on the sabres you just listed they all still play in the NHL. Cool calm nobody last year was saying in the playoffs that our cool cop Sacha such a problem this is all it is is a terrible as the Baston. The fats and all the Panthers in the first round series against the islanders so it's probably why he got traded. For a pretty decent price was that he had a great playoffs that's just when we start talking about defense in the sabres that's when I start looking at coach. And that's pretty you start looking at coaching and what's cool column that's. I wasn't I I went on Monday and said that I don't need cool calm to be moved I would kind of white to see him back here. Fully healthy because he had this freak injury which I'm in the same boat lost it's it's destroyed his whole season and you can look at is his advanced actually was in Florida and they're. The property believe look at Rambis wrestled lions. The dance dance and those are pretty and it look at Cody for instance and everyone loves a yeah Andy. I was I was saying this make Obama the relative corps received the highest relative core C and the sabres so it's like players that compared to other players on the team. Have a better course he percentage the highest one Taylor but it it. Taylor for doom the second highest Justin Faulk is because all the guys play. There are not playing against. The top caliber competition that each and actually NHL teams bringing out there. All right Brian has brows ski here Nate Kyrie as well relegating out you're the nightcap more NHL trade deadline to audience. Kind of charting out the EC birds heading into the future we'll hear some comments from Kim Marie regarding. His future with Evander Kane and we also got to talk about Sean McDermott he talked today. With our sell pot GO. He talked just generally in the media heated FaceBook lied things self hate that did bill sad they're gonna have this one voice policy. They really rolled it out today was shot McDermott who was there they're one voice throughout the entire day it's the nightcap on WGR. I'm not sure I'm going to do that there's a lot of bridges across before that time. But what I be open to it and in a scenario where a couple things he has going on off the ice go away and stuff like that absolutely. Right there's Tim Murray today he pad is has posted deadline press conference. And if you wanna. Catch that he catches in its entirety on demand at WGR 550 dot com. And they're the EU he was being asked about. Evander Kane's future with the team. And pretty much made it sound like if Evander Kane keeps his nose clean. And it didn't sound like he was really to interest dead. In negotiating. An extension with Evander Kane this summer and getting in front of and it sounded like. Going into next season heats Boxee beta came to was still beyond its contract year and be extremely motivated. And then maybe the sabres can find a way to put him at the deadline next year. Have a little more time to that kind of figure out what the are going to do when it comes to the salary cap which is. That's why I think this offseason is important to move out salary like mammals and into power and as you move those guys out. Fitting Kahne Ryan R&R Cohen suddenly doesn't look. Like an impossible task yet I he. I'm not scared at all by this salary cap situation when you start talking about Reinhart Steele Michael Steele. Teams have. Fit in a lot of big contract to for the salary cap keeps going up I don't know the specifics of how it works but my assumption. Would be that Vegas entering the league. Makes the salary cap go up. The following year hugged good amount the following year because it's more revenue via being brought in in the salary cap is tied to revenue here's another thing to think about Cain I'm not in favor trading Cain. All I have no interest in it but it another reason to. Kind of bring that around is. You look at Colorado. Went discard do you Shane yet you know who's. Commanding higher return right now. When its congregation. Or cape cape I think if you're going by performance. It would became rides like I would any not how I want to date is yet she would get boy highest return out of all those who disagree I think to be friends. Still it's I came in its way do we do know. The play with you Shane. We don't know much about nobody wants the play with him either way it's not Cain and that's an area right. The way GM's thinking they aren't so much on his arm vice yeah because of his off the ice issues of the fact that the and on the ice secured as hundreds of those three players I'd rather have. It's probably K okay yeah is under. About an and that's an exam done on the ice I'm looking to add a player that's going to give me the most out of what I have to give up. It's gonna be Evander Kane in that situation like. Like I said Eugene did a nice player but nobody wants to play with him when he went right old Riley got traded the feeling that Colorado locker rooms that ought to treat the wrong guy. Dated not a lot but by what they they. It didn't do share in O'Reilly had issues like they didn't like played together and it. That whole situation re the came back up during the world cup of hockey when an old Riley came on team Canada and sort of like war based Ottawa and it will do she AM was fed up and playing a power play and probably kill overdue Shane. And Chambliss cynics think of it so like now people. Liked around the league at least there's not really good talks about you Shane is being like a guy that you wanna bring in on an especially young team. Like a Toronto like would be great if Toronto could bring in Becky she's just destroy that tired. Idea I don't I I look at that more as I could tell that I don't know that I look at that Boris and mismanagement by Colorado than now on the shoulders of the shame because they gave to machine that beat contract who did or they gave Iraq a Riley wanted to. Be paid like that more or less play area then do Sheen. And they said you know we can't make that happen right now. They've really couldn't make that happen so he was on the move. Keller sat in his baton. EPS you need this I don't say I don't I don't think he gets enough blame though. I was. And exactly how Joe Sakic you know what you know what I Simmons doing great. Did you see him talk abouts. What trade deficits. It couldn't and today because it was yesterday but he was on TV you know talking about it at the researcher sorry did you see him. He looks good he puts on a pair of glasses or something like that's a real Smart guys are you looks like a total real Smart guys silver fox only. He uses just a touch of gray from just dramatic he does he added the glasses and you know just put in some artificial Garay is a sigh how pipes so not only does he actually make good moves but if he didn't I would still trust them just mentally looks. All right or to order. Who has the job pat a small top two sizes too small two sizes too small sort of sits it sits atop on sits atop this at all. All right that's Bryan has asking me Kyrie with you there Mike just fiery open us up on the board we come back. Well we'll transition talk a little bells count by coming up are stuck populist down there and John McDermott doing the media rounds today so we'll talk about some of the things that he had to say no decision Tyrod Taylor so what does that mean knee. Hasn't been here for awhile so I'm sure he is kitchen into talks and it just Gretchen all right that's Nate I'm Brian Brian over their his nightcap on WGR.