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03/01 Nightcap HR 2

Mar 2, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Deadline day has come and gone and the Buffalo Sabres made zero trades today Tim Murray says he got calls on Evander Kane. But going for he sounds like came under its contract season without a contract extension. On the ice this year he's played very well I think next year going into his contract here he's gonna be highly motivated I I think most games he's highly motivated when he steps on the case I'd like when he gets on the ice he plays again if he has to start to his your next year that he had this year without the injury I'm sure that they'll be a ton of interest in his services and I'm sure there will have interest in talking contract going forward so that's to be determined at a later date but this play will dictate. Both of those scenarios. That is Mary later in the press conference very did say that he would be open to resigning Cain in the off season. There's still few bridges to cross before that could happen was incredibly slow day around the leaks a familiar names sabre fans got moved today. Thomas and it goes in the red links to the Panthers for third round pick and prospect in your Stafford was dumped from the jets to the Bruins for conditional sixth. Continuing coverage of the NF any NHL trade deadline Adobe Gerris presented by daily home center shop quick shot easy shot value the Riviera theatre set the stage of the historic Riviera theatre. By holiday in leisure except now for dipping dots all ages fifteen under leaks and buy low seen gains he workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys working hard for hard working western New Yorkers. Two bills Sean McDermott announced today that Kyle willing will return in 2017. And finally bleacher report's Mike free reports at all of the six NFL teams had a head coaching vacancy this offseason reached out to five time national champion and Alabama head coach knicks even. The bill for one of those six disconnecting doc to the bills reportedly would have reached out to Nick Saban before hiring Sean determine. Truck its top and bottom of every hour I'm Jody B Osce for WGR Sports Radio by fifty. Nightcap it was a surreal experience. I've never quite done anything like this with Ryan geeks. Yesterday I had seven Twitter followers. And two of them were my grandmother because she forgot her password and had to do it over. And now I have a couple hundred which just seems bizarre to me I don't know why people care what I have to say. On WGR. All right it's boys' nights. And the boys nightcap Brian has aroused the in any Geary. He would be here we were talking a lot about kind of projecting out the future of the sabres and especially the defense which prognosticate and you could say prognosticate and you're trying to teach me words this time your guy took it took some time don't bother doesn't work that he has no retention he took some time off nearly you know what I read a joke I'm gonna get one. Wells are dictionary word of the day calendars ET'S_T. He so we're talking about the sabres now well column buying time yeah mine is taken in the knee is back and even beyond your era Saturday written. So yeah and it's gonna be answers you know you'll be talking LaSalle. We talked about guys running. You Bogota and got running. That jumping. You know partly well. Sweating perhaps are sizing. Yes that's what's got yeah that that's what's gone on an epic online and Sean McDermott did a speech today he spoke on. Many different levels he was one and one with ourself by actually catch that. Online at WGR 550 dot com. He was also low in front national media local media. And he did a FaceBook allied segment which I'm wondering you know this the doesn't have kids do that bills had the same PR director for a very very very longtime couple Scotch. And Scott. Birch stalled and they bring in. Haired boy go from Philadelphia Eagles and lo and behold won the first things that he probably does like you know we need to do. Little outreach and social media outlets get a baseball life. Question and answer with the head coach Ghali. And I think we're going to be seeing more stuff like that acts as we move forward more like direct fan interaction stuff. Went with the U one voice the one voice of the Buffalo Bills. Don't think we're going to be here and a lot from double lately anymore we're gonna be here in a lot from Sean McDermott. And he did say today there was a couple of days ago that Sean McDermott musical cat yeah he's he's just. Too easy easy easy as deals he has many leather bound books and they are all about football. In they bound by rich mahogany room. A lot of so today the main take away from his press conference was there there are few. The Kyle Williams coming back Theodore this season so that's that's pretty nice. I figured those two probably get along really well Sean McDermott Kyle Williams. And that and it's it's about the quarterback which can days from now the decision's gonna have to be made on Tyrod Taylor they sat still. No decision made it. With Tyrod Taylor there's still all. Evaluating him and he also said that Karr dale Jones is potentially an option for them. As a quarterback going into next year which those two things together are pretty interesting coming from behind coach it makes me think. They're still hoping to get something maybe in restructure. Or maybe they're looking to. Find a team like the Cleveland Browns who heads reported interest and Tyrod Taylor. Willing to give up some assets form be like hey we've already got this deal on the table forum if you take that deal you take all the money. Just give us what ever on an island would be a third round peck. And Al will be cool you don't have to go out and spend that money on free agency. Mikey eventually it's free agencies god is god give us a little bit of money. I've beaten. India and it's Manama. Neatly that's. You bet I'll be there for so long to figure out just like lead you into some Tyrod Taylor topic and you talked for literally fifteen minutes straight. You're usually pretty good at this year's market that got him you don't talk about music. Because Ari are you like me. You don't care homes I just I'm just go beyond I'm I I don't know if it was this last season or maybe just be collected seventeen years now. I'd just done a I don't care what you do just whatever a little bit of me. I mean he's always needed time titles that's what I was gonna get a I've always hated. Now it's. Yeah that's been accused of have been accused of being hater now here's the thing sell. I I was. I've been. Saying this to random people what her listen to be like hey you know I gotta tell it about Tyrod Taylor's that I could say that you knew it and I could use use a reference. Nobody. The thing that IA I guess. The reason I don't want them to pick up the option and bring to our direct it because I think either way if you. If you do it there's two scenarios. That I think could ultimately. Well there's just there's I don't like to be okay we're listening. I don't care about the money the money at it just doesn't. It's not it's and should be a money decision if you think you can win at with this guy at cornerback because this is. What you pay. It's courts and it's strictly. Decision based and what it's saying is like here's my plan is well we think were kinda close we think Tyrod gain. Speed. Good enough that's what that means. Yes that is exactly what that soul. I don't want to. You and I don't study does is slap like week one of last year where and that only the after the rams game I think is the one that reflects after the Baltimore the site. This is exactly what we solve most of last year we thought it was indeed Barry did it adds I unveiled the first game of the are OK I'm just saying. We've seen his ceiling so it's in the heat. That deciding to not pick his option up to me. Shows me that they have eight planned long term plan and that's really what I'm most interested in for this team in for Sean McDermott took the ring. Is eight planned and how to figure out their quarterback situation because you know what. I think we've talked about before is the biggest fear is that Tyrod Taylor goes so where does really successful on bill's fans like all we get it attached or. LA it but it's like that's exactly what's gonna do it and that's what's got everybody the same time it's like. Tyrod Taylor is not going anywhere but I unless he goes to the Broncos. And he'd. Then maybe you could talk to me about he might have a chance when mr. ball. Seven to thirty other teams other than condemning the patriots in he probably isn't going to win a Super Bowl or very many playoff games in the near future so. If you can't do they care what makes you think that he can do it here with a very very limited salary cap tons of holes to fill. I don't know it just doesn't really make sense to me it's it kind of seems like the sabres. Signing Matt Olson. When they did. But this team get denial sixty is still denial that they need that it though they don't need to read of the reason I'm gonna you know knock down that that comparison the sabres still had to reach the salary cap floor as the bills don't have to re I didn't like it's hurting them doll in. But that intra many ways it's hurt that contracts hurt them because it hurts our Drexler. But I guess my point is is even though it's not about the money it's a little about the money at least for me past the a little bit but it really it's not why I don't want to ultimately I just don't want it because I don't think it's the correct plan. And whether or not I think that they should be bad I don't think he should be bad I just think that they should potentially think about. It and doing this whole Kylie and say where he's deathly coming back glad to meet chose that they're doing the opposite of what I would. Because I wouldn't have brought panel is back I would've tried to get out from under contract figure user were to try to get out from our contracts like. Our client browser I get start start over pretty much about it for a crucified Chris finding a way everyone and you put on the browns right now the brought just. If the bronze wanted to be good this year think truly wanted to be good they can go 100 baby odd dollars in caps what they won't know it's gonna do they're going to draft. They're gonna shoot topped two top twelve players in this draft possibly veto any at a pretty deep. Draft that quarterbacks likely three court actually be taken so really good for detailed gonna drop back in they might end up with two defensive studs. And decide they're gonna take a quarterback next year like one of these. What's the key for USC to never start Arnold arrow arrow ones everyone's. All you know. God shines in the guy that owns enough I'll. I am among kids the kids played good eleven good collegiate football games but I don't know it's. You just don't think that in the long term that Tyrod Taylor would be the right decision for this franchise and you're you're much you much in doubt the Bulldog camp things that brawl that I'd like Tyrod. Yeah I think you'll be good somewhere else. But right now it's not what this organization needs to be selling to the fans that if he is not. This solution to sell you know they need to sell got to be a young quarterback or it's got to be eat something hopes I don't know but. They sold this are ready and in a year or two years supposed to be about selling things because. It. Hasn't been need to be selling really cheap powers or something to give me invested. Back into the steam. Finals and lost early can tell it like a down payment for a car yet. Too bad it carried on now. Yeah no I don't think this new items that. It's. So you think you think Tyrod Taylor would be successful elsewhere and I can get the bills have a lot of holes in their roster and not a lot employee with the salary cap but if you think. Bert Fermi. Did you hear about the. It happened you know on the long term for so long how many times has this team attempted to. Especially rebuild on the fly try to build years every year they have got to disable they had a couple of Foreman seasons but it's not like. They had a bad roster really some of those currencies didn't have that ever roster that it is a bad team that in a that's that's not common denominator or anything what must. At the end it's always it's always been about the quarterback and I I get finding that you at quarterback is. What the number one goal has to be but it is. I was looking for a week ordered right I'm hearing what the league cornerbacks are looking for and what they haven't even tried. To find one. But they hate you and happy elite of the elite they drafted more quarterbacks than the bills during the drop. Yeah you're right I'm not the year right you're 100% right about that and the bill's always do try to be like in a role with this guy for life hell we're gonna. Right Fitzpatrick came in all he's. He's pretty decent I don't let's pay him that Taylor came in my own I think I might need to like try to direct message column icon collared. Or try to get Allen Davis our program director who. I meant to try to give me an in with Colin because. Of regionally win. Colin Collard was really critical of the bill's signing Tyrod Taylor yeah in the spring time right around this time dollars and in the summer. What does the data extend them until like muscle training camp are almost treat it yet okay erect but. Either way that criticism. That he had about the bills specifically kind of taking like a slight jab and Allen the organization becomes in what city a little bit. So that I guess I was you know. Geared up about that yeah it right. I mean the holy hamstring themselves it's it's the same point that it we probably made a hundred times but. They didn't have to do anything with that contract last year and now they've put a timeline. And what to do yeah and OK it was worst case scenario this this heat or you wouldn't worst case scenario but I kind of. Come around to IA had very much back in the camp of like they should have done that deal but what happened. He has he has the same season. And what is what at what he's he's looking to free agency being like I could probably make more money on free agency that and he just believes in free agency. It forces you to make a decision but you're gonna be. Forced with a decision anyways in this might about a way to kinda keep costs down. At the time he's yeah he's touching the same amount of money if not more and opened. I just think it was negligent. To think that inaccurate harassing your ear you're investing in to gamble of course it's always a gamble and it's always gonna be block when in comes in terms of trying to pick a franchise quarterback. Or to find one are on earth one. But it it just to me it was a poor decision to put themselves in this type of situation this vehicle situation where. They're prohibited to choose instead of giving Tyrod a bridge contract which I think they would have maybe had the potential to do what about it I think his. Tyrod leverage at this point they gave Tyrod all the leverage I'd ask that the dose of all the leverage right now I mean I I disagree I think Aaron has more leverage. Okay not not necessarily staying the what I mean is okay what do they call it he's gonna go probably make the same amount or more so that's what I mean by that is. Right now so you say I didn't know how I felt I had a bad Reyes really renegotiate. Tyrod Taylor is contracts are his essentially his. Electric didn't raise his value on the open market he was gonna do it would maybe get on the open maybe an eight saint quarterback. Ers a lesson at a seven and eight core or whatever wasn't here six and eight was his record this year Sen. Seven and eight. Seventeen million next year maybe maybe not maybe it's less than that but now. That's at least a starting Maria say if he decides herb and the team decides to move on from Tyrod. There well I was gonna get seventeen million metric at least a starting point a while a tee box or work that and you were I had I just think that there's. Tyrod Taylor is getting that money no matter what. Taylor was going to rock thriller starred for 86 games and got eighteen million dollar an hour. And sure maybe teams are like Cotton Bowl will take a look at that but if the problems are there is a franchise tag. EU want okay you're you're worried about money I don't. Is there. I know but at least been able to give my contract in and work out a deal they thought was fair but the thing is is that I'm able horse and sell like a fair deal. I think people look at the Tyrod TI contract adds if they've ever. They are you wondered the other. And there is no middle ground. So like it. At least he always had the franchise tag in your back pocket that's an organization that's their safety net for any of their top players. That if they performed at that level they have that franchise take at least keep them for one or two years if they so choose which Kansas City is doing. And. You've I don't know you mean you mean Washington know Kansas City did that with Eric Berry. They they franchise mpeg two for years and I 'cause well. You know it in and that's a whole other can of worms is is. I feel sign all people look at that situation with Kirk cousins as more disaster. Probably every disaster if people look at that deal that what they've done with Kirk cousins it's like on the disaster I wonder what Washington fans think of Tyrod Taylor. They probably are like man I wish we extended Kirk cousins. I'll I think a lot of people look at Tyrod Taylor around the league in a venerable big Hillary positive lights. They look at him as a great guy. On the Buffalo Bills which I the Buffalo Bills sales had talent have the worst reputation. In the league and I say that knowing Cleveland exist. Because I think people at least people look at Cleveland and they don't. I don't know that look at them and say you know all they got to rebuilding plan their rebuilding I think people just look at the bills ago. This is well are always there's still a team yet. I don't know him we are. In the they'll start like cheating this year as are weighing. But the it's it's I would say it's never too late care I would say it's never too late wouldn't would you have like an issue with the bill's cheating. The president kind of cheating and I wouldn't I don't I don't care its why I moral compass is all over the place on the accuracy here yeah yeah you do seem to struggle. Yeah I am really had this is huge in her fight with yourself you have a lot of demons. Let the demons and so that when it comes to sports you know the girls what morals like sports cronyism. You're about or before talking about sports talk about this stuff. Barbara Bush side but both on the east side bus is going on here and the like yeah. Well they they thought you guys. The that you probably didn't seventeen million dollars from anyone tell you to break this is a bridge you'll if we wanted to be. Okay. And the if you pick up after we want to be a bridge. Seventeen million dollars from somebody guarantee you can't pick you lack of late this year. I think because it's what you got the UUUU offensive coordinator here and. That we get a decent bet not real helpful the quarterback at forget about it about him not being around whenever. I'll be there at our coaching staff as usual here Hannibal. The simple thing of managing the clock and about half are at a mitigating now in your parent couch watching the clock right and you know what we call. Out you're drinking your Baird you're actually right. Think about how bad that it act I didn't heal up accidental by people like Bill Belichick. Became a minute be. Enough. Okay well if that's that's buzz there needs. Blood says get off Tyrod. No I. And out to be the answer because you know are taught to get off Tyrod that we three of last year and you steer them all year long and that in mind that we are living there they'll need bodies album to prove your point that like it week fourteen goals like I assume what you have a up here neat and then all of a sudden now it's like. It's the last week Paterson you know eighteen years I think a lot of people just. It depends on where you are. Wave the franchise and it. You're the person and that's is like okay we need the long term plan in order to get this 100% right and I think Sean McDermott. It's kind of of the same mind set where he's takes everything. Very methodically Andy's gonna really analyze every cited it at the time. And then make his decision he's not gonna try to rush anything which is I think why they're gonna. Go until the buzzer. Where this Tyrod Taylor decision is because they've got a guy like Sean McDermott who is going to. Take a look at all the options. See what the best options are and then make the decision. I think if you're eager fan and your season ticket holder and you bought the team to win and you're looking more at the short term Imus isn't an honor and whatever you're I don't go to any of the games you don't count as the season take. I do as I like the worst kind of season ticket all the ones that. That but yeah I just got its not to discount at subway. You bought season tickets he can get the discount somebody that I can even use flash while the year you're doing it wrong you can give us some cross the street as a don't tell your financial advisor. I don't have one at our our recent most financial. Deadline here's my healthy minds isn't takes care of elderly. Yeah I your financial wise enough things. But if you're looking at the long term like you are I think a lot of people land on move from tyra if you look at the short term and you're like you know what. The thing that the bills need to do most is make the playoffs and get this stupid drought done with Salinas stopped talking about it. I think you're like okay Tyrod is is is good enough to where weekend. But the good defense and running game Shawn McCoy is only got a couple years laughed. We got to go forth and I don't think it depends on what kind of path he wanted with the franchise Q I take a long term path or do you want it short term path. I think a lot of people just take the short term papers why 'cause of the long drought in this offering listen. Matt McConaughey Kate in true detective said it best. Circle. Or something like that that many feel like folded the paper and it never. That whole scene is the Buffalo Bills like in the past seventy I'd bet scenes I remember watching it didn't make sense to me no and neither did that. So yeah that's that's organ and I third did that Brian Price here. So we got we got that in sound so nice either grassland there's so much to talk about this week he's palm so we got we guy get to and if you wanna call and with any builders sabres thoughts wolves will certainly entertain those you know 30550. 1888. By fifty to fight if your phone numbers here it's the nightcap. Rustling talk UFC talk when we come back on the nightcap it. Card Ellie do look at what he did in college as part of the evaluation. You know I've gone back and my staff has gone back and we've looked at all the practice tape it his tape in the last game of the year they're so. We're excited about working with Carnell just like we are the rest the players on the roster. Yup that's. Some coach speak right there John McDermott is the new coach though you're gonna hear him speak with the one voice mentality of the bill's going forward so. You know global scene and we'll see what happens during the season doubly Lee was a guy who came radio station and spoke a weekly basis on. Howard and cheer me but if they are really serious about this one voice kinda mentality that they talk about taking moving forward you might not be hearing from Dudley the even here anymore. It might just be Sean McDermott shouldn't Eric would almost be the one voice. Eric what Eric what would be Eric what Al Williams I think you will be pretty good for the the one voice mentality that they like they blocked Fred Jackson. Hey Fred Jackson wants to come back he must come back and retired as a bill so. They bring them on the. Our staff. I hire an outside voice like the movie trailer let's try to get Bill Polian again. Bill Polian the guy says Chip Kelly is the guy he's clearly in the best state of mind he's spending his entire career and life. Yeah that's always he's. What did Paul Keating he's peeking watch how all this bill points. Eighty. I don't 73 party older. 74 he had some I think that's it that's pretty yeah Brian let's what's what's new here what's new wave. Pretty lost art what is in Europe where we sir if you see with let's get that outweigh talk. So there's well there's two big pay per view events this weekend there's two UFC ended WW weekly basis there on it you'll see 209. Is Thompson would lead to rule. As the main event which that was. Fight of the night from the league Manson's where garden card and you UFC to a five. Day turnaround pretty quick and in this. That's that's usually they do like what you you'll see guys do like two flights a year typically. I mean it definitely varies on the guy that got what cheater in the beating. For sure. Certainly the beating in this will be hopefully it's as good as the first fight laws come really looking forward to question yes. Can and you poker was advocates know. I tried to weekend in Las Vegas don't talk about the one buffalo. But it's quite as hey guys Vegas should have been listening we were hooking people with tickets all week long leading up to them audience now name where Loria. He can't I can't win tickets he's an employee of can be yes. That's true which is why tomba was OK you're gonna get that all these are. You know what we all find a way to work around it. That was SL on. That's going on this weekend it should be really fun events in just announced today. Now was announced last week GSP George saint year returning to the octagon I will tell you know about George saint Pierre Thomas rushed for his work program I was it's like a video much like. And Zelnick. And I mean style he throw punches kicks and stuff. I was on for a while you do a lot of a lot of squatting you know. And it was really bad for these street people from NC I'll simultaneously. After doing for two you got Katy. Yeah he he can't owed me he gave me the tko. Without even where I mean there'd be a CIA's Russell and college. Com in the dorms he's all these like brawls. Law that's rustling. If if we're Talking Heads on wrestling I am you know like are fired first. But if you if you are our first on that point secondly I'll helix well what's it like a beer chat. After the hurt our system well. Free arm are your job post armor be Russia and by that I was signaling a shotgun yeah I could tell there was an stabbing motion perilous each. Sure well it'll be. Julia yes he's back first action since putting gates on the disabled list for what he's got to take on Michael Bisping they're gonna fight for the title it's. Yet to be announced. Where on yet dvd where and when. This is going to be it's kind of a rarity that an ounce of fight but don't announce a time and place he's like an all time GSP Ariza fan favorite all time he. Down wives career correct. Well he hasn't fought in I'm. I can't say how many years at an artist on a long time he left he just left on a humongous winning streak one quick laugh at people were saying he was one of the greatest fighters of all time would you sweeping brings him back. Money money I think and he's just not done when he left. He wasn't done well he wasn't supposed to leave he last fought in November of 2013. Members side Johnny Hendricks. And he was not supposed to leave he says the GSP now is better. The money left yet because he's I think you want ads that much bigger and ready for just months months months at a time so I think he you know wants to test himself also wants to get paid which she will rule for sure so watch over the coming up he was huge industry uses speaking of. Flights that are coming up I've actually I've been out for awhile and also I haven't really seen you. In awhile so. Hasn't McGregor Mayweather now I am I wanna know if you think that's really gonna happen all yet I you don't happen I yeah it is true idea I turned the corner. May be a few weeks ago I was in a say there was. I think it was after McGregor. After that first initial offer where they each were gonna get like this but the pop a ten million each for it was that was that the deal. Yet 125 million each yeah and maybe they get no they had not shot even though he said not a shot. I still once once the first offer at the table. He's in the act idea for me it was when Mayweather kept going on. Boxing pay per views and talking about yeah kept talking about it and eat it kind of became clear to me that you know what. He keeps talking about it. McGregor there was never any doubt in my mind that he's serious debt because he's proven in his MMA career. He'd just gone down what ever fight you wanna throw as well yeah and now he's at a point where he wants. The big. Money fight yeah wants to beat the highest paid fighter in the that's his new goal he's Ari the double champion IE you're not gonna get much better and that's I Ariza compliments accomplishments in the ring. So this is his new goal I think that you weigh what it does for the sport of boxing. Is can't really even be measured I don't think because of how old especially when you have the potentially right now the most recognizable UFC face of USC. Deciding that he wants to take on the the face of boxing the face of fight fight. The face of fighting it or not you have seen not MMA in the prior. Prime of his career going up against maybe like a patriarch of the boxing in May be the last one like maybe like the real last. Grady popular. Current boxer that's left that. It could still least Whitey it's not Pacquiao can still play he's going to fight you know that he had Roy Jones junior her is gonna fight like. Of course those guys are still great boxers but when you talk about the best I mean what it is forty now 39 and now. It is never lost the fight and say what you will about his style he's still gonna go down as one of the best. Players of all time and I think if he can somehow and I say somehow because I think in that fight I think I'm taking her. Them. I'm not no I'm fits boxing with I don't I I gloves and boxing rules. You don't beat the best boxer in the world having never done it yourself before. You know part of the power part of vote YE he's able to knock people out McGregor re talking about is. There's so many other things Jeff to look out for via one year in the octagon Brett boxing you're trying to punch somebody. I believe in McGregor is punching power. I think that if you. Had a and it's going to be boxing rules Alia I'd you know I don't yet know one she get that mistaken that this is gonna similar Mayweather was going to be our guys agreed to Yahoo! anything different. But they keep boxing rules with me beat. Mixed martial arts gloves that's when I. Tactician in tight he's just he's a student of the sport and is truly is like his mind for the sport is so good that. Even if McGregor to get a good shot in there what you I think he will that's the thing is is I think at this point is grenade with his career he still is the quickest most. Whatever you wanna called gadget guy that really is ever bought. But the same time if he catches and once one was the last time Mayweather is really been. I'm looking at is is is not for. You don't authority is she 49 and now not 39. No no no Mayweather yet these I think before Portugal on yet he has the points a BI has had any. Fighting going on fifty he has the played a one hour simmering. That would make sense to me I think it'll happen and I'm interest to Z one happens where it happens you have by Deane Dana White is saying that's. McGregor will his next fight you know it's going to be the winner of the Habibi Ferguson fight that this weekend. Which so that's so interesting that going into this Mayweather McGregor. Idea yes it's. I think something has to happen soon because they have to after this weekend to decide who's going to be weird they're going now with this lightweight picture in UNC. Switching gears and OK it's such a big week I wish I could've came here a better news. Pattern is better is that is. Is it is that bad news well it's it's tough news it's tough news to take for me. Because the last night on smackdown loop current where everybody's well is your boy Luke are everybody's favorite western new Yorker. Lost a match to AJ styles. To decide who would face Brey Wyatt wrestle mania for the WW we all ship. So he's not he's he's well shenanigans can always happen in the world of wrestling I am still hoping that they do. But I'm not I'm always pulling for the month my first time ever doing play by play yeah maybe Luke was right next to Lou carper. You am I doing it with few yet he was on the injured list and then the next time he was in the ring and I was calling his action. IE. Am really hope at the very at least after last night look harper put on such a good performance. I'm very put on such a good performance at the elimination chamber pay per view that I think people are asking. One or does Luke harper fit in. And erect in the wrestle mania plant these huge aunts and he's great yeah he's great at everything beard idea. I'm excited for that at least that people are asking you know where does he fit in in the last opinion somewhere I still have hope that Nolan be squeezed into the so why it. Title picture. Coming up assuming it which is super close but first. You have to get through the road to wrestle mania the road to wrestle mania I am which which comes where we are on the point oh let's talk about let's talk about. Best first yet we gotta we gotta hit that I mean there's bubble there's lot of good stuff happening in the buffalo show. This show on paper looks like do the best WW we shown buffalo is far as I can remember back I just I just know that size are you posting stuff about a triple H Brock Lesnar there's a little match not when no when the show was first off let's start with it's on a Friday night's. Pause let's go win right there that is a W I how show on a Friday the pre. All of a lot lot I'll I'll I'll. Free throws action. So you have that going for you that's one thing you can't get when you have these TV events even a paper view that he's on a Sunday night's most people want to we have got I got them don't they don't enjoy it a fresh sites yeah about Monday or Tuesday. It's a little soft plus how show is always better person. Then the TV event that's true so you have that it's a Friday night first Aussie had that gone for. When it was announced rock listeners would be in the current. Brock Lesnar. Is that advertised right now to take on the big show which I'm preachers that is the match that's going to happen is your main event ice it will be brought listeners only his second ever official match in buffalo his first ever one on one match so what is in buffalo. This is the L week from this Friday at the arena. So is next Friday night that spent. Yes okay so it is that Lesnar his first ever one on one match in buffalo yet that's a look forward to that's gonna be Austin. Also advertised was Samoa Joseph who made is to be WBU. Well is also debuted that's that's will be advertised as it states that blow today you made sense corrected it is. WWE. Buffalo I'll take you okay because they are first saying it was his buffalo debut in and it's a little bit of a revisionist history but he's going to be here. Didn't Ballard advertise for the show is resign now it is his first. Advertised. Date back from injury. So you have day he might return this Sunday at the paper view which will get to a second but will be here also triple H and a Tripoli each week. From the other day and a leads me to believe. That he might be in action your average Eisen OK he's gonna make an appearance. Between the picture of himself. Inaction. In nine you know full effect doing the corner posed. Saying the destroyer is coming. Yeah welcome welcome the destroyer three times three alive in buffalo Toronto in White Plains, New York 326. So I. And kind of looking at it like that might happen. In the rain plus always in Zain is what's advertise for an ad on my change depending on what happens this Sunday but if there's one how shall matching WW week. That you wanna see. That is the one is always easier in Zain and as of right now that is one of the match is going to happen Friday a week from Friday in buffalo. All right guys taking a quick break we got one more segment coming up after this the little more about that show and then Brian and talk about what what peer reviews this Sunday Brian. Fast lane this sunny day bill Goldberg and the main event. Bill Goldberg back beanie is the nightcap on WGR on the nightcap you realize it wrapped ice you know. I did yeah. Now all all give its the other. You know. Hope our ranking aides and Brian Kozlowski. Who meet eerie out here for a couple more minutes and now the pit reporters NASCAR's pit reporters gonna be coming at you after this Brian has gone on this Sunday this Sunday at. Fast lane. We're gonna have neat singing gangsters paradise all the room in Ottawa. That's the pre show that's appreciate the free show gap and then it's a once you get incidents grey Joseph Thornton's. What you get into the actual events two matches I'm really excited for one you have Samoa Joseph. Making his awful WTO it's afloat rebuke that's about as accurate as it was when he was announced as making his buffalo debut in buffalo. He's taking on Sammy saint especially great match I he would there's no reason why that shouldn't be the mansion the night. IE I don't know what's gonna happen there because there's this looming. Demon if you will fined Ballard who I would expect if he's going to be a buffalo. He's gonna make an appearance he would have either Sunday or Monday you would think he's going to make an appearance so there's that's a watch out for that'll be fun to watch. And then eight and Weathers are not set Rollins. Makes an appearance in that match. The main event cabin Owings defending the universal championship against Goldberg. This is. Really intriguing for a number different reasons one Kevin Owens is the one guy you look at and say oh he can put on. A good match with anybody. Yeah that will be put to the test this Sunday when he takes on bill Goldberg who in his only other match won in just over a minute. Over Brock Lesnar at survivor series. There's many different outcomes you conceive for this. Goldberg is taking on Lesnar wrestle mania so if he wins. Death match arrests coming in becomes for the title which would make sense that your main event Lesnar Goldberg wrestle mania for the universal championship. That makes sense it also makes sense to keep the belt on Kevin Owens just because he's. You seemed to be building this angle here where. Tripoli chance Samoa Joseph working for him and they also kind of on the side has really bending now edged yet. Has Kevin Owens working form and of course the big Kevin Jones Chris Jericho storyline which everyone expects that to be the big wrestle mania payoff is well. That could be a double title match easily. And you could have almost all titles always walk away with the universal and the US. Championship and it would also solve the problem of they are being. Different match for every single title which with the amount of titles there are in WW we now would make. Wrestle mania even longer than it was last year which I didn't think was on a possible. That wall might be we'll find out more green about maybe pre and post pre imposed on Friday old we might this this whole crew here Brian knee high return to our pre post action on Friday ourselves fault. It won't be easy. Our get out of here we we we might I'll get together again next week is this month so we should which do this again and coming up next it's deep pit reporters in tomorrow. The senators. Sabres and coyotes doll at the arena so to go on that. Have fallen. This nightcap on WGR. I.