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03-04 Inside High School Sports

Mar 4, 2017|

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Gionta. Five maybe it's time to take a look inside high school sports. Kelly cheering brought to you by mighty taco mighty tough goal. Would feel great right about now. My New Zealand's have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and my dad neurological institute developing solutions to neurological problems faced in our community. Good morning welcome this side high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri. Earl sharp head coach or do you build basketball is in studio we are talking basketball today along with Frank Wolf from Western New York athletics in the 300 level. And of course Roger Weis morning guys. Morning you know all over the brook Curtis girl I want to Bob time we've had some seasonable other. All of a semi agree to a loose early in the year and it's not right. I guess I'd just say we have officially started scoring twenty days earlier the earliest it's ever. This started hey I'm all for it I love it solid. Road have you a lot of lot planned their go to law DC for us Jerry blossom festival at the traditional time of year. Bad move couple weeks earlier this year with the cherry blossoms you know whatever also heard that this is going to be a brutal year for allergy sufferers like myself. All boy I'm really comfortable that I mean like you don't say it while you're you're excited is gonna get nice sound like that you yard back in shape but then you sneeze and blow your nose constantly your eyes are watering all man frank don't forget us are bringing up pepper shaker and distribute well known on Tuesday Aetna. Not too happy to get through the hours. But yet we've got a lot talk about today and frank is gonna start off news and notes. First and foremost. Big shout out to looped towards late Els who's from last week big winner at the wrestling state championship 285. I division two state champion from section six graduation state and and also the kids from mega wheat field just to MacDougal. 113 second place division one finisher and Matt Chico. Third place 132 pounds division one and at their place finishers well. And good luck the sections it bowlers today there around Rochester west Seneca represented the boys and girls out there good luck to them. And you're actually club hockey champion ships had taken place this weekend out in Long Beach, New York star point Saint Mary's saint Joe's in cages on action today we start last year so whether golfer repeat. Could be. The New York State right now auden. And good luck to them good but I'm. News and outside spring sports right now their enemies are on the Carlo a way that. It's you went elbow an outsider right now but some programs elegant for coaches in game surged in a realist to those. Coaches vacancies that are open and some of the teams are good for games and baseball for sure. The wind out west steered maritime charter and Kenny east they're all looking for games softball Dunkirk have a future mile mercy city honors. They're looking for games as well Alando will east global concerts and pioneer while has some coaches coaching vacancies they'd like to fill. On the track said things go wind boys and girls coach is needed how inning grand Allen track coaches as well. Guess for don't do is look at for me. Football coach knows him yup obviously. And football you get as Tony just mentioned frontier Amherst and Hamburg are looking to fill out their assistant coaches. This some vacancies their volleyball Wilson to a sister this it would assistant coaches have to be teachers at the school we know the head coach does. Girl you know for assistant coaches asked to be. Teacher. Not always it kind of depends on the district in the you know if there's different negotiating units need to this policy so so it depends on the teacher country soccer now. Short answer the good and much better for you know you can peak at NBA coach he has good. Cob yeah volleyball Wilson needs coaches that both diversity in JV level. I'm soccer they're looking for teams to thought the Kevin's diamonds tournament which is held the first week in a September Helton central. Give Mike review it qualified be 5391000. And in wrestling. Tony. You have said it was from every yard just get the Lenny who bit off front of this program for years. One of the yard top notch wrestling coaches in our area from Rockport high school is retiring. SA because Joe's does so much for Western New York wrestling. Every year is he has a fantastic or has had a fantastic program a block parties. You know highly respected throughout the throughout the community and and wrestling community he is going to be missed in Joseph best of luck to you and your retirement. Wish it wasn't so when I'm sure the lock port faithful are also feels the same way. She returned as a teacher and a cold shiver. I don't know if it's as a teacher but I know I definitely as a coach most. Be involved as an advisor for sure obviously he's got young kids at home wants spend more time there is what I'm hearing there John Dunn if real reports on as the one again now with that so. Com bud and he mentions that he wants and more time kids will still be around a program I have a feeling is this kids get older you may see him. Come back at some point we can all on it'll be good news this encouraging here. So now last weekend's. Outer harbor centering keeping senator there are some big hockey games we talked about last week here on the show. And girls fat hockey championship last Sunday Brooke Brecher leads the Frontier League sure Orchard Park. Team over Williams though they won afforded to. Maggie spice hit 22 saves for the winning goal for the flop bleacher Lansky scored both goals for the bills. And the flop is coached by first year girl's head coach Bob Cuomo it's you may remember his name he's been with frontier voice for seventeen years. One year he steps away into the girls' program with a champion of the show off to him you know could accuracy Columbia which. Yea you do get losses here and Dolly doesn't support that by reconciliation word for it. Well the key. Ago. Now this Monday are Andersons and shared in driving the ten more Grand Island debt combination teams they're having a fund raiser. Between foreign seven if you go to the girls sites on FaceBook. A Western Europe girls that hockey if you go to there has website he could print out a coupon. And bring it down to Anderson's four to seven emblem. You know on ice cream you know Rose be sanity can't run their toys don't Ariza eyes just lit up as many Tony's days maybe Google over after the show for please think that's. Now on the boy's side if things super Monday took place this past that week. And hence usual saint shows started things off with a and a decisive victory over kinesis for nothing. I'm gradually ciscos Croshere and one site game there all the way and jackal Alley the captain defensive. Player on this the marauders had two goals Donovan ambush here had to shut out for saint Joe's. I'm now. This Sunday though played the the state finals against saint Anthony's from Long Island. And assess and Long Island and all know that here oh it is up 3 PM at Harbour so last year was out there seeing Orioles beat them in overtime. This year as seen in these roles and with a eighteen and all regular season record they will be a very very tough match of the saint Joe's knows. Question they won nine that was Germany go head winning goal in overtime for the moderate so they play. Again tomorrow 3 PM at Harbour Centre get out there and support the writers and boxing shows Western New York team. Now on the large schools will north defeated Lancaster. Last Monday three to two. Has a good game overtime winner scored by Adam bats he had last year's game winner for will north as well it didn't Lancaster tie it late in the game they did shine cross ties it up his second goal a game with just seconds remaining. And you know he sent they gained over time and it took just sixteen seconds from well north. Chewed to take. To score of the game when their instincts story just before the game. Evander Kane was down and honest and posted a solid two kids from Wal-Mart then it's taken to get a picture on the Ashe or whatever. And so and banking literally had his picture taken with this kid just. You know an hour before he scores a game winning also the green you'll throw for the kid in and of course for will Nora they seem to find themselves in the scheme every year. Now they will face off against west Genesee today 6:30 PM that sound calm the most New York itself part. Question any day but they wanna section three in similar fashion they beat Syracuse in overtime to make it this far. They're outscoring opponents in the regular season 98 to fifteen minutes twelve and one. Regular season record they've got two players on their team with forty plus points or more. So they're stacked and a lot of marked the football has been saying all year that West Indies in the team to beat. There heavy favorites no doubt but when you have coach Rosen and burns and Josh are Witkin. They're veterans Holland yet if the great goaltender you can't count them out so best of luck to them today again it's a 630 start. And I would be following at W and wife and hockey. For updates. From that team and I'm sure there's guys from nor squall there out there you know their Twitter and only to shut them on Twitter small schools. West Seneca east defeats can more or less three to one. They win their first section six fed championship in the small school division. Coach friend the second season there's head coach. Now insisting he played as a spurt back in 2005. When it was nor does marine Midland arena. He play and they came as a junior and lost and got back in the locker room in the Al thought they'd be back there but they never did. So. However many years later it was they thought he brings as head coach of the spartans he brings them back. And today at the expense of my Blue Devils Ilya. They the hockey gods shined down on him and they win this game and it was didn't take over time this time three to one winners over Ken last. Tyler aren't had two goals he's the one that scored the overtime winner against will Easton just days earlier in and night jagr may be 127 c.'s greatest name and I accurate and Pryce out to support us and New York. But he's really one of the best goalies him and olive New York State right now he's just a sophomore who now they're gonna take on Brock for today 5 PM that day. RIT it's only about an hour drive away. If team get down there I know mark will be at picking in the section chairman for Shearer follow my Twitter at W and like that hockey for us for updates from that game. Just a little bit about the team they're playing Brock for fifteenth five in the regular season. Three you know in the playoffs they're outscoring opponents fourteen to two. In those three games now here's the thing about the spurns. You know it wasn't an easy trip for them by any stretch to get here they had to go through will self. Who is playing their best hockey at the time that arguably two of the best players in the league they beat them 43. And then they faced off against grand Allen division three state champs are occasions division three chances section six he smoked them five to one. And any take on will eat who seems to always be. At super Monday there always one of the top teams and they beat them in overtime 32. And and they had can west division for champion beat them three oneself the path to get here was not easy to playing teams at their best. And coach frank it's that time and again he wants to be playing these teams. Because he thinks that a given the advantage sure going into today's game so we'll be ready there it's unselfish group. Again they price of one of the best goaltenders going right now and if they can if if will north and west Seneca east win today they'll be back here next week. To play for states. Which is held at Harvard senator so just be ready for that next weekend. You know we have to show you know the state that we can support high school hockey here. So if you're listening in you can get down Harbour Centre next week and please do can be loud in and be loud and and and support these teams. And and you know if west and east. Doesn't make it if will north doesn't make it we still need you to come out and support hockey because. You know this is hockey happened there really is no matter what the professional teams doing. You know this is a place where you know he gets a monetary area allotted. Dire hockey fans no matter who you support get out there. Because we haven't come in again next season. And then if they if we do well we can have it for who knows who knows how long we can have it here but bright we gotta have the numbers so if you can get out there ever senate next week and support. The state hockey finals. Our cat we also want a safe pass to block. To the cheerleaders who are headed out to Syracuse today. Before the New York State cheerleading championship. They are six teams from Western New York Grand Island which is sending a coed squad west Seneca east and west frontier. Miree bell. Here Corey led by head coach waxy. And out best of luck to them there out in Syracuse today. What defined to Kuwait cheerleading squad boys and girls. Yeah I know what I mean should we move on now are now one week. Larry and I think you're annoyed one tour amuses me in my soul I I honestly don't know. Just bust a lot to them. Hopefully they win that's what we're looking for. Are right let's move on to. Boys basketball. Or start off with a monsignor Martin. What a crazy season. It's been. What poured the year at dark OK it's going to be park on on and I'll go no no it's going to be Saint Francis none on and it's gonna be time and time is going to be mostly bikinis. Congratulations kinesis. Yeah I have to really say that I mean this. You know if skittish is weighing a messy American isn't like some major surprise out of the air but. This year wasn't a team that that anyone weren't expected to be as that they were near that nearly as dominant as they've been in the past matter fact they were there at Atlanta playing game at a foresee. How he's gonna say they had to win three playoff teams and when my junior and Dennis HL's gave them around for three quarters of the first game and the two semi final games on Saturday Advil or ball unbelievably good games the the park game with Saint Francis was classic in the same Francis gets on a lot higher because. They've been winning pretty much all game apart came back out and and and they stepped up when they needed to win. And pull it out the end of that time to kinesis game was back and forth then. Cases I mean did the exact same thing. Earlier any idea where all those people that orange pill that they partner pairs. I'm still trying to figure it out they might at a park at the two way malts and look at the Tony this place you know my view picture Kessler novice eyes on either side of the court. Is that there much difference but at Kessler you got balls and an eagle mega roles they don't have dead end job Villa whose line read on both ends. I reloading just to keep that timing is off the court and at one semifinalists. Was an adventure but. Salt while they're all here in all while they gave me and they let them out and as they were Latin amount just as many were wait and alls. To comment and if you haven't been a Villa Maria you pictured their parking lot I think. And read these part of last dwarfs those who Maria Bartel outward these people are I don't ever plural. I part that the count then I think I've joined them on now but I gotta I was able to get a lot quicker I mean you're right it's an it was an incredible crowded him. Because of the size of bill is such a great atmosphere yeah exactly it was it was unbelievable you have basically all camp in this also game for good as well with sister Mary Earl. That's an accurate. But about the small schools are well. I say Mary skate through it and it ended up winning I'd Nickels Nickels in what with what could be called upset beetle here although Nichols pretty much outplayed in the whole day. And then not Saint Mary's follow up real. Dottie. Lost lives who had you know. Basically had in play while squad yeah other well cause I'd rather coach for a while Andy Moore is a great job all you with basically two players and you know six guys from the glee club their. And it it's no joke and read and can't believe it's not a knock either know what's that mean they just don't have a very big school and and their players aren't big had happened what barely six what via and it might be at our heels yeah I get there to guide the two count Brothers Ian Batavia and and and the other guys first name but I'll Ayala trial that ball the ball really stellar players but. You know it's not like they snuck up on anybody coming into the game obviously. Keying on that and at the beginning late tape and was dishing other people in and rightly gets a point where they're kind he had hysterical opted scored. But Saint Mary's was the better team in May pull out victory respectfully way to fourth quarter and now. They'd defeated Nichols then then Wednesday in and now they're going to the state tournament and for the campus schools and Paul rep as a really good job with those guys they're they've lost a lot of guys from last year too so what's it like you know. They're like them that ready for prime time players come and a prime time and they did a really good job. So now they've went to Long Island I believe so yeah it is his place today and billet new home. Against that New York City team who you know I've I've bat out there so I'm not sure how while there I mean this is a team that kinesis. Case in and overwhelm anybody but they got a lot of Dotson. You know he put the test today and if they win may play Long Island that's right and that's correct what they get thinks Saint Mary's has a week offering now. Oh excellent excellent job by the Messina Murton schools and hopefully they continue bring home a state championship. We would absolutely love that but love the parity in Muncie are fantastic honor applause I I thought it would and I can't predict. Who you'll who's gonna win it you know and Lotta times were able to sit here and begin the year. And fraud and name and it's sticks and that's that's who wins that are. And you know as I mentioned earlier the back and forth the upsets here and there induct stick it turns beat the child yeah. Apart look really to be getting your park ever thought par was immunity because they really had a lot of talent coming back it's up but. You know about the other Catholic school stepped up and it was a great year for them. Go right way and how many park as. Everybody coming back next year there was once a year and it's quiet while. How about for the rest of my senior Marten as everybody else is jungle or having Saint Francis graduate a lot separates us greatly it's. Timing is got a young team I mean as a pretty young team too so I that we might guess this morning and I shared here. Or through the daily insurance Ireland. You go to there was nearly junior has not. They did a different go to guys so on number three. Playing. Well while you're like we're gonna take a break and you come back we're gonna talk about dom Welch we're talks section six boys. Basketball we'll have all that and more. And inside high school sports. I think we need sports fix your guys. Arrangement out here. Yeah is that high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri Al losing his stick blog with Frank Wolf Roger Weiss we noticed and girls chunk. This analogy it's finally setting and it it happened three years old. Ways. And not not all of us are sold to start right edge. Frank you had to update on how people can catch that can teach his game yes if you want most in a brace Hopkins called it's always analysts in a bright side. Man can Asia's high dot org 2 PM. Aren't there you go and we also fruits like you or is no one's tonight is not color commentator is not an owner in Ohio State only come real. Really inject cool. Yet you guys may have heard during the week we have a new Western Europe scoring leader and dom Welch of Cheektowaga congratulations. He did it in the game against South Park unfortunately. It. Wasn't a good night for Cheektowaga South Park and it Cheektowaga season but Tom. Surpassed rich Campbell. And of course to you can almost put it on. I accusers say all right here comes a criticism and three to want to follow no he did he played more games and Richie. And here's my thought I on that. They have a when equality season record or career record whatever you have it. It's they don't count the games if soul OJ Simpson. Would still be the all time career rushing leaders since he broke 2003 yards he did in fourteen games. Eric Dickerson broke it in sixteen games. So you could have made eighty an argument that OJ could rush for our 200. In each game of the last two games let's say. And nobody would be close to his record. Down corporal Derrick wanted to veteran Allen Jim Brown only played 1212 games yes we give back that up and say OJ I still cringe when Nathan. As good as OJ and Walter Payton more. Jim Brown was a little bit on higher pedestal and mine period porch unfortunately. People like myself there's there are many of us around and were able to witness Jim Brown but those are witness Jim Brown while. Greatest athlete ever. Yes you can't take anything away from Tom you know he TE he put the points and he deserves it. He deserves the accolades and pats on the back of. Must go through the basket yet and it up as it's. You know I mean pathetic and you also make an argument. Was his name from batted Thursday can. Yet courtesy you know three point 03 pointers terps so you know you could there's all kinds of ways you can dial. Look at is erratic and a couple of guys that played for me back in early two thousands are now stand out some like the old get off my lawn yeah. Doesn't cut it could end up like at the K it can't hurt it I mean an end he had. That they gave out and badly missed Tuesday's who's in on Tuesday night. Eat he had some unbelievable assassin get there and I was in order for you to get their South Park was was playing on top and he hit incredible shots and he got. He got like yeah I've really out of the way early at seventeen or eighteen right away never know just a matter of time. He's so smooth West Coast of the basket. While hull yet he I mean and that's that they he's been he's been playing as America man all year and he's still doing this so all the credit in the world them. The arrow I got her like a thrower questioned by well. At what point in me he says is that order event happens. To used after the game for all the ceremony. Then tonight that was about the only hiccup South Park here in my opinion not hold my other and obviously trying to stop. Down from scoring. The one run Cheektowaga ahead where it looked like South Park was in trouble. And Reid and the reason I guess at what if they want to have been two minutes left in the game. Yeah it's a tough thing obviously they prescriptive the whole thing because they had the bought in the parents and and then Richie was there when we gala they were and they weren't out there it was gonna have to happen because you know all the guys with the news cameras are common enemy and this is this is bad and thirty some years since this happened so. If I don't know I is that Ryan is what you say if if he hits a shot with one minute ago and it ties the game up the solace happened while. They couldn't even wait till the end of the third quarter and consultant like it was just right in the middle of playing at. I don't I didn't get a chance to talk to off Pete who Jackie after the well I would love to hear his thoughts on why here's the thing. We when we've had I've had a bunch as a thousand points he would usually go over the cart before a game I'd say so it's those twenty away for a thousand if he scores out call time out. And what it is Pat Hughes one of his timeouts and pick it was like a super ball timeouts that turn out is. Although all the people knew the news networks were there with cameras come out the field mad dad. They can about the court or Hoggan analysts also won a little extended you know it is what it is. We'll move on but I don't have to worry about it through real ounces drifter and a I think again yeah still addict just the whole play all like South Park was in total control the whole time. You know from that I bet they're right up there what Lleyton for us second quarter. And you're just having a good Ole time and you know now I guess their roster it was are gonna make sure the other four guys in real. Yeah and I did a pretty good job that's all part was very impressive Anthony area resident I spoke coast rusty during the week who coached rich yeah gamble any set records are made to be broken. And Donald be the perfect guy for it to say that you know behavior because he had that either the mentality. I can't be a bit. I move and I know BA games are going I'm all throughout the week apostate east war and Dunkirk. Yeah. Don Kirk unfortunately. You know according keep up with the east or in the long run they they they took a big lead and looked like they are really comfortably. Got to go and by the time the third or fourth quarter Izturis stepped up their full court pressure and the guys from Don Kirk. We're just a little casual with their passing and all of a sudden the thirty point lead turn to about five you know end when he wanted to fight in the fourth quarter so yeah because and they they went from like totally in control to get a little nervous and you know you get nervous in the game it's elimination game and he can almost see it and are just tried a whole lot of momentum gap and are there are still op bit that they're up and then her up in the last met a stormy couple buckets of value to believer first time are really long time. And then. Somebody from doctor needed to make a big shot at the turn around unfortunately did. We had that MST Seneca taken on new thing candles and knew they played very well decade that the game with new thing Easter Perkins is going to be ago when today. I sat and had made a gaudy comeback as well they couldn't quite get there aren't that Al is realism first time I'd see Zach collier I was really impressed with their poise. And that Tuesday you had will south of McKinley yet and at. Have supplies us all right all right I was playing McGinley yeah Buffalo's net and that hasn't happened in 51 weeks now and because Dorsey would tie it is one of his more explosive teams but their guardian played really hard and they hung in there for about three quarter little more but. You know ways to south to sit too many guns for me to pull away in the end. I nor Tom why they tried champs of the Niagara Frontier League against Grand Island gap mark Grand Island. They yards in those as it was a first time in a while Buffalo state and as a coach your biggest for a bubble status commented at not being able to score early and and it happened for the entire for stamp program now on just never got their feet feet flat. Game they had a lot of people. And I actually got a lot of people's attention. Niagara Falls in Jamestown. And one of the things about this is why I I endorse Al Constantin north that he. Is awesome coach in Western New York needs. Sits down one of his bass players in Europe for the first quarter because he missed practice this is this play after that. But state it's all I want you lose your dog. No he put discipline first. It right to sell lot of credit is there's there's some kids around in that school. That probably are better than some of the guys he's got out there on the weren't throwing things that he now I gotta tell he'll go other always we get our five guys at B yeah I mean I mean an anti gay he totally gets it you know I am especially a place that Niagara Falls where there's laws tradition and stuff like that. That's why they're up there as far as academics and to be able to end up on academics. A year winning yet. And you decades right now the two represented the school you don't have to worry about the men and exciting like that because you know you. Your your worst fears or coach told you get the big setting and some may lose their composure for like 3000 people and you know you don't have a real problem was this just plays so hard. Especially the fans of yes especially defensively so I mean that's I think that's probably want a bigger upsets of the week. Yeah but it did it's it was a bit of an upset but this year James on you so much of their got so much her scoring through the Rojas kid. And yeah I when you made that talent dealing they have you know precisely camp rotors three people government glee club that basically is what James flounders this year. Have some good players but they use Ross course so many other points and is a big guy to score points somebody's got to get you the volume at the guys take the ball at the court and what. Never fault it was they made their heart guards were really really hard to get the ball to absolve. It kind of made it more difficult form they went to turn the ball over life and make that big turnovers Simon they just mate you know it made it they cannot say ugly up the game but they made it very difficult for teams how to score. And on the contrary they got some turnovers and were able score some fast break. Points on thinking a renteria I wanted to reach out through law or did you see the band. That's good and I know I did tonight that was an air for a decade but. Big thank you to Mike's a variety. During our during the week they can certainly promoting our inside guys school's board show all know and I can't believe it or not. He apologized. To reunite after the Niagara. Falsely or maybe it was one of the later game and I got there late and when you apologizing for. Well the problem is when Niagara Falls game every time as a timeout the bands are playing and I can't make announcements over the but Buhner I don't know if that's the way I view it. We can't think of enough people Holler this year all I bet you we have moral listeners this week just because of his promotions point of your listening thanks again. I really appreciate the support. Lancaster camel last night that I split from Lancaster I was in Rochester recruitment. People are at the gates told me they're very impressed with the out Lancaster and yet to Garrett to score twenty points each and tonight's game should be a really go with Niagara Falls graduate or what we're doing the games are when J. J. Arrington was playing now was an assistant coach who. Thanks to Anthony and you then yeah it's true but. How about and burst against all Ian. Well Amherst that was the same dal thereby amorous all the way in and now. I thought they might this is probably Jeff this aging great job coaching this year but as far as like tail wise apparently in the past he probably didn't have as much. As many skill players they were as explosive amorous is a very explosive team especially. Cooper was it was a great players solve. But who knows if those are nine minute quarters sort of eight to wail and came back and therefore other or score finally started landing nose reached. They had so many of their three point yet I mean they weren't. You don't air balls are bricks they were ribbing in and out and all that through three quarters cooked you know the clouds and a fourth quarter and a starter going in and out. It got tighter and I had an idea Madera in a health science that was Thursday yeah valid that was interesting is the same they Jalen Cooper. Was the most ever but what a player I think and in the whole sack chills. But he's that Garrett he's a big guy so the guys at the of the ball in. Health science basically their idea is they're gonna try to turn each game into like guys street fight is gonna get out there they're get your face plate full court the whole time. And lament that kids couldn't handle the pressure they. They throw a lot of passes to these scorers table and other places are just. David carry a chip by the pressure in jail inmates are really spectacular plays being get the ball enough and how science is even though they didn't score a lot they wore them down. And they'd they'd get one to turn over there and appropriate times and ended up. It went pretty comfortably fourteen points may be. By the way if you wanna follow along the scores are you just wanna check it out later Ron the view from center court is great website. To get updated as to where we are with the basketball. All stead and lock wanna. That was a fun game lacked was got a point Garrard fired back kid who's sophomore his name is. Nolan graver and he's got some swagger to him and he really controlled the game for lack awhile and they made some they made some big shots at the right times they've played out. They switched defenses played 23 zone played a box of one play at 32 zone and they kind of struggled stud out of the key moments at the end. He threw but loved gonna composed through tomorrow and yeah maybe each and every course how it's gonna grow as a sophomore how about a huge congratulations to should talk relate. Yeah great win for our players are yak. And that and that they'll be interesting game with them and ran off on Tuesday the ball come out the Ball State you know for the the scenes drama adventure to people from Jamestown got to go up to law. Ball State to play crossovers and you know you had yet east that Cleveland held on down there SAI saw -- tail task at Franklin field picking up there are getting that was their first out there vs twenty some years now to gradually it has yet they never call that a great job with that team they've they. They cut out won the job the bubble or the the rubber match with that Alec a villain and eight they'd they pulled away from a climber team last night in and they're brother I'll write to our Rochester now. Awesome I was take a break when we come back Roger give us updated on the growth side of things. All that more and inside high school sports. This huge field. What excitement inside guys in sports we backup no net right. Got. On sports dot Saturday it would be myself and and your. He's a wonder what you guys are gonna talk about all night I don't know how to save is highlanders preview tonight in Atlanta about on the team. Pick up the we can talk about the Cubs and and how there. They're looking pretty good to repeat but you know a I mean. Spring training there has really been much going on in spring David Price that is right yes that's gonna get into seven to ten days to rest and then they'll reevaluate a yes so it doesn't look like that his injuries. As serious as maybe once thought. It keeping keeping Q. All right guys thank you Britain tune in to those guys coming up next. All right Messi or you have an announcement before you get into the girls update well remind guys house night facetious remark actually turned out to be while I Mena. Derogatory term and voice inflection about the should chocolate Cameron player Randolph above statement crossover game that game has been moved from. Ball closely to at who. Jamestown community college you'll now we have double header down there. Deceit cross over game rightly will start at six and the boys cross over game Clancy was there at 745. That's a change originally scheduled for buff state will now be played at Jamestown community college Tuesday night. One thing dollar Jones. Cancer and I school's class of 1976. And also boys basketball sheer. Percent and we worked accent and I hope we get them out to enough people thanks again and Larry and others who protects agreement changed. Aren't real quick before you get into discourses we just mentioned baseball are Joan behind me if you remember him he's on the program. From Amherst high school draft by the Orioles traded to Tampa Bay sonic game. This week he had a double in almost put out a guy at second so keep it going John I you're gonna get called up sooner or later. Few between honesty region Joan ordinances circle in Tampa Buffalo south yeah exactly I rescued us updated on the and the girls. Okay monsignor Marten girls' championship games today. At. 4 o'clock. Bill Maria and I guess the use of the boys are playing in new owner will Maria's also looks like now here. Okay. Merit and playing ball close I'm. What a story about Buffalo seminary Anthony how many teams over the years can you say that won exactly one regular season league game they've already won two. Playoff games are merely I think whoever heard of it pay as it gets out of first disclose. Class a game if you will cardinal aaron's sacred art. Okay you know not only in order Shaq here and a one. Debt and the paper looks like a mismatch for. And you local teams that play out cardinal are girls this year looks like a mismanagement. I guarantee is sick or are we show up. Should be an entertaining game. They seem. Have a little bit difficult the other and I colonel lawyer did against Saint Mary's Saint Mary's of Lancaster probably played them as well as any. My senior Murton too you've played them this year Harold Brazil gym and all led by. Herb maybe they were looking ahead of the Warner seek boss sacred heart mount Saint Mary's but. But again 4 o'clock and 6 o'clock Google Maria today. Okay class double A they had the semi finals last night and to top seeds though they weren't true reform number one Clarence will be playing number two frontier. Fronts here of very feisty team I think racer. Two freshmen sophomore. Good future and there are you like say players championship game today. Are acutely Tuesday night. Class a wind. Will solve will be taken my. Home school district Hamburg. Probably. Odds for Hamburg to really gonna and I only greenery here you have to bring a double A game if they're gonna back off we'll self. Will south will be missing a player. He handed dull on my younger sister of Greg Owen has a hairline crack over angle and is probably done for the year. I don't think Cameron will mr. that much in today's game. Zaria McCall can still play against. Gave Hillary Hillary from my Hamburg. What I do suspect I'm jumper and gone saying it will solve once a day. They may miss Janet Dolan when they played the winner of the age who game which you'd be very entertaining. All the hand the number four seed knocked off. Can ease the number one seed the other day and clam excuse me hammers a third seed backed off lake shore classy two girls. Arguably the most competitive law. Top matched top girls basketball section in western new York and I'm including my senior Marten and had scenario. Classy. Oh. So you want Allegheny limestone and she talked link below my dad this of one and two seeds say went through form right through in special Catholics have a little time that Roy yes. Receipts to him will be third seed fruit is Bergen foresee Randolph I really like Forsberg in there and I actually like. Cruz for possibly in a crossover game Tuesday night they have to. Of course won a championship to vapors. Class C speaking of the schools there ever a good old time. And general and coach jaskol in particular he won the boys off class. His girls will be playing in the class Steve girls' championship at. 6 o'clock tonight at Jamestown community college and they will be playing against. Class fees here for years excuse me. Like I hear something they'll explain it and stuff Panama. Now pantomime defending. State runner up. Last two years won the state championship. Yes Franklin drills a number one seed yes Franklin Ville has the Haskell sisters who were very impressive. They still got to get by Panama Panama getting better every game this year. Jerry graduated both guarantee you're going on guard play is enough high school Earl. But the youngsters are coming along so until Franklin relax up to champion Panama. I wish I could be a date came and went daily data via an awesome game. Not next weekend we have boys and girls taking on Rochester. Yes. Girls will be here at. 110135. And seven at Ball State. The boys will be gone to visit Russia and rush every area are great venue great venue for Houser for the girls the year gall. Next week. While we got a mission Tuesday an idea we still have crossover games Tuesday night. I'm saying as far as when we're lining up against Rochester man. If you win after that is the following week and you go for the our state final four yes and avoids this year's Mac and plans falls from next three years it will be at Binghamton right the girls. Will still be an at Hudson Valley right guys stakes march we'll talk to guys next week with more inside high school sports.