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Mar 5, 2017|

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Yeah. The next hour and the airwaves belong do you. Sit down the stretch in inputs into a WGR's fast track. With your host of other evidence there. I'm Steve Buchanan. You know fuel conservation ballot matched the gas and make it roll bars and a leader Kirk march trying to donate outside her complex employ eighty. I. An abstract I'll Larson is not a NASCAR bush goes to believe why am Laney knows this. Three wide behind them up brought us. A moderate rain. More bullish all my himself but the part that we know what will he make it back around as pretty car lengths over I don't arts and in all bigger offer. Thought what. Kurt Busch leads at Daytona 500 he's never won before at Daytona a former series champion. He will expect that day wanting a 59 edition of the great American race. Good morning race fans 1103 here on WGR Sports Radio five. Fifty and welcome to another edition of WGR fast track and Dave Buchanan think glistening as always. And that's a you heard it here last sunny on deluge Shia are as Kurt Busch drove to victory in the 59 running of the Daytona 500. The call from MRI and with Steve moody Mike Bagley Kyle Ricky in Joseph Moore is they came to the line on the final lap. As Kurt Busch passing Kyle Larson on the final lap as Larson started to run out of gas. And bush had just enough in the tank to pick up his first career Daytona 500. To end what was. No maybe what I expected for the Daytona 500 but I certainly. Lots to talk about from the big race less sunny as it will do here this morning phone lines are open your right off the bat 8030 fight 51. 888550. To 515. To talk about the Daytona 500 what you saw in last week's race what you like what you did light. Could they crash a few Porsche this may be I don't know but lots talk about coming out of our last week's race a phone lines are open for you. This morning also were on Twitter at fast track fight if you can send us a tweet and also on FaceBook to FaceBook dot com slash. WGR fast track in their FaceBook page. Coming up odd today show coming up in about ten minutes or so we're gonna talk to Michael print up the president Watkins Glen International seem to talk to him right after speed weeks. You know because Michael's down Mary's right in the middle of it you know he gives gives a kind of a behind the scenes. Up perspective out on the event but more importantly big news concerning Walken Clinton this week they announced there. I schedule for their cup race weekend in August and big change. As a couple the tracks have already done this year they have moved there qualifying for the cup series to. The day of the race which is a big change we haven't had that. In the cup series and why he'll. Ever I'm not sure I don't think I don't think they made to mine on their own thing cup cars have him remain qualifying and race on the same day. To my knowledge at least let me be back in the day these duke but you retreat as traditional cup weekend over the the long as I've been paying attention usually they qualify in a Friday or Saturday. But they're gonna do it on race day so that was a big announced this week for welcomed console and talked to Michael printed about that as well to how that impacts. There are promotion. Of the event in how they operate their weekend of course we'll still have X and eighty series. Running on Saturday they'll have McCain any series as well to that we can as well so this'll be plenty of action throughout the weekend just. You're gonna you won't see any cup cars until Saturday when they practice session and then you get qualifying sun on the day of the race about 121230. And in the race this year Walken and it's our turn to 3 o'clock Easter which is also bleaching traditionally that's like going on 1 o'clock 2 o'clock start for the Glenn. But a 3 o'clock start and also might create a few extra challenges for the folks at the console talked to Michael print of about that. In less than ten minutes but the rest of this hour is wide open a few race means 8030 fight 51. 8088 by fifty to 550. And last week's Daytona 500 Kurt Busch getting the win. If I thought it wasn't the race I expected on you know ice I we're talking about all the wrecks. In the a truck and X and eighty races on Friday and Saturday and I said you know a lot of the headed view with the lack of experience in both field and I thought. We would not see the amount of Rex. We did it. In the cup race in the 500 and that turned out not to be the case because we had its it ID a five or six. Major incidents throughout the afternoon especially late in their races in his in their final state alone I think there was four of them. And it does turn out that these guys work. A hungry to get back on the track and really wanted to win the Daytona 500 now I will say right off the bat all of the racks were not a product. Of the new stage system I know a lot of people. Her some people said that you know that the the stages. You know made this kind of skirt things upping called fly direct Al think that was the case especially when you look at when the accident happened. That I think again for Manhattan after the N eight in the final stage so be you know that really didn't change things you had one happen right before the end of one of the stages. And one kind of in the middle of the first stage so I don't think the state racing had any impact and I'm these Rex being caused in. It was just may be more of a case of guys being. A little too aggressive or just making a mistake behind the wheel and you'll bump drafting the guy and at the wrong. Wrong place at the wrong time that to create a lot of these wrecks or non Kyle Busch's case when he cut a tire and his incident that took out him in a couple of team meets and bill junior as well to. So I don't think. That that is the new rules concerning the stages had anything to do with all the wrecks last week. That being said we also did though see the five minute rule. You know again come into play we talked about that last week I thought may you know potentially. The with the way it played out you know would maybe NASCAR go back and in look at referred me leaders are two plate tracks nothing at a NASCAR this week concerning that. And eight you know it there's the rule you get a lot of people were upset by the five minute rule. I get it I I get why they do this it it's faced team my teams money it it's being did you keep them from having to bring. Extra equipment to the track to make repairs to bring extra sheet metal. To bring those crash carts that they consummate these repairs and he's damaged car so that that's good to it keeps cars. Off the track that are heavily damaged even if they are repaired they still can't go anywhere as fast as the cars that. Are are mostly intact are completely intact in that also creates a safety hazard a competition hander out on the racetrack. Mom so I I get their reasoning for you know. This rule it any easier spending more than five minutes repair damages anyway you're not gonna have a car. Then it is gonna is likely make Kiefer win especially at a restrictor plate track that being said though race winner Kurt Busch. His card did have damaged received a one of the incidents and he got back out there before the conclusion his before the five minutes ran off for him when he may deem it prepares. So CEO. H it shows that the you know if if if you can get the damage repaired that quickly you still can be attention to win but if you're spending more than five minutes. Obviously. On you've got bigger problems and you're not maybe gonna win and again. That the chance to maybe move from 39 to 37 that's kind of gone out the window to with the fact that 36 the fortieth now only pays one point apiece. And and again and take some of the incentive for teams to get damaged cars back on the track as well too so. It's again on. I understand. A lot of the especially untoward that we had complained about this five minute rule done all weekend especially during the 500 especially if their driver was involved but. You know a deal junior wasn't gonna compete for the when their car was tore up. And junior himself even said that you know it he's almost glad he didn't have to go back out there because it was just so be up there would have been no point really him running out there. In just taken laps you know it's it's better for him to get out of the car to be done for the day because it was it was pretty tore up for the radiator the toe was knocked out couple things I heard him say. So again it's it again in maybe we'll take a look at what it epic curly no indication I had NASCAR that this there's any changes to their rule combing. For Talladega later this spring. Or the July race at Daytona for the flight weekend. Go to the phones first caller of the day is Robert in Genesee hill. Robert good morning good morning how are you good. I got a question above I am I listened to your neck out across. Covered yesterday yes. Boy they cater roll them across a fifty year. Yeah I'd say it's an interesting sport thank you for listening to the tough loss yesterday for the minutes. I tiger totally lost on them. I've played with deep in the don't touch or reservation our current. I knew a lot of guys are replies and across Europe there most of that time made it up and up Kurdish government. They've reached a block third scrimmage well. Yeah I mean that this the other sports grow and it's girl and in this area big tide of the man tell what to do with that did you did you have a racing Paul you wanted to make Robert. No I just want to tell you about that though. Okay well thanks for the phone call appreciate it yeah was. Tough. Or time loss for the minutes yesterday but they get a good win on Friday night and enjoyed being on now both broadcast this weekend. With John earlier. Just real quick rundown of some of the top finishers some of the aging performances out of Sunday's Daytona 500 and Kurt Busch getting when Ryan Bellini who week we talked about briefly. On Sunday show maybe he had an outside shot he was there. In that final. On you'll last dash to the finish finishing second despite starting 36 NHL and you're a good day for GT he'd already racing in and a director of operations mark Kelso of course. They finished third good run for them after they started deep in the field Eric Palmer Rolla. Paul Menard top five finishes for their respective teams that visa boosters are off the year Joey MacDonald my pick to win the race. Was there at the end towards the front but just could not keep anybody to go with him during that that last. Stretch run an up and at the end of the cease three the only god desperately wanted to get somebody to team up with them and make a run. On and on Lar sinner Elliott or bush there at the M but he could just not get a drafting partner to go with him at the front of the field. Bellini finally went with them but by then it was too late and everybody would start to run out of gas. But like got on had a shot but if Ortiz did not have the running partners to go with them. Nike seeking finished seventh Michael Waltrip in his final start how about that finishing eighth he was one of the few guys they didn't get any damage on Sunday I think 35 out of the forty cars. Were involved an incident at some point. And waltrip was one of the few that avoided it and he got eight met the Bennett got a great run for them in ninth and Trevor being around at the top ten. What do these things things about the top ten from the Daytona 500 it was. Ten different teams represented in the top ten finish at the pretty interesting stat bush of course puts you were possibly need with. The wood Brothers. Ullman nearer Dora GTG a merlot with Patti Lee gondola Penske Kasey Kahne with Hendrick Michael Waltrip. He remember the name of the team he'd try try before. I do about the data would go fast racing and Trevor being a rush friendly racing so ten different teams. For all the talk. Of all the different you know the domination of the Gibbs cars which deal they don't know a lot of them got racked. On Sunday in the Hendrickson Stewart Haas is the world yet ten different teams represented. In the top ten and then you go back you know its eleventh what Brendan gone in he drove for an independent team beard racing good run for him and eleven. And Larson for forget Nancy and then Truex was the highest finishing gives Carson really top thirteen. Top 1213 were all different teams. From the NASCAR garage finishing at the front of the field in Sunday's Daytona 500 with that let's go to the AT&T hotline and bring in the president of Watkins Glen International welcome back to the program Michael prints up joins us again. Michael it's been a long offseason away from talking to you aria great to sock deal. Do not a database or have a and the audit that I really appreciate that Israel. Our first stop how was your speed weeks and assumed you were you were down at Daytona last weekend. I was there was I was down there a lot I mean it'll almost trips every single week that it was it was awesome I mean. You know we're having weather earlier in the week you know the class who has. So whether they're too but you know of their 500 we can approach the weather got better and better in them. It was it was a good weekend and that was it you know there was quite particular what art comes. That he had that they the offseason is very sure in the sport as we know just real quick for a from that standpoint is working with your your colleagues at the International Speedway corporation in NASCAR. How much. Nervous anticipation was there behind the scenes you've had so much kind of coming this year you had monster energy as the noose cup series sponsor all these rule changes. Dale Junior coming back to all of that this stuff that was coming to a head last weekend how was it behind the scenes that everybody was just nervous that that it was all gonna go off just right in and have a good start of the season. You know I think that kind of a winner and some people. The associated you know from their care media because you know we have to live breathe and every day. You know rule changes were the rule changes sessions you know some people had some comments about Erik think what they're gonna see ago that only one raced Atlantic today it could be awesome rate EU they've got great weather to regime though so good to turn on the TV and give them a lot but. I'm. Really wasn't that bad monsters awesome I mean if I think you're great source. To bring along a brand like get up and against the red green screen went beyond just a wonderful sponsor would be with the sport with fourteen years. Months. Sterner sanctions bill come back and we had a lot of good news. Act and let me say you know Kurt. And in the kid go against but the wind up there. I'm fees so that last lap Kurt grunt is better status to the table and completely out become. Look big move to the left and it went around great guy so us. Yeah to race and I think a lot of focus David. All of course this week big news concerning Watkins Glen International Michael. You guys are the third track now to officially announced that the fact that you're gonna have. Cup series qualifying on race day it'll be up on Sunday about 1230 before the restarts at 3 o'clock. Just tell us what went into this decision how much he and and just talk about how this came to be with the planning the schedule for 2017. Yeah we all looked at America can become more track that come out and they'll and pocono and our bills I was probably from others in the that I have missed. You know we're looking at trying to highlight our weakened state that we can still have. You know Friday Saturday Sunday we Kane and Friday which is just awesome that you know as you know the leader up. Two that we can make in India in Saturday and cup on Sunday. What we're really took a look. Was much more excitement can mean quiet and you elect me they're action packed day and really take a look at there because there's the cultural. The hand. On Sunday that the only bright Sunday ticket so. No it was it's hard to take away a little content them fight it. But in the end of the day we're gonna go right where we're scorecard you're content on Thursday. We have obviously that made that announcement yet but we want our we want to have some racing on Thursday ballot those three series but we're gonna reluctance of other opportunities. And them. I think you hit in action packed today. For the fans have a little break in between. May come down China's pre race at some of those kind of bunting who beckons later though. I really think what the scandals see it is that here you careers this year. Come August that it will be the typical granite company. Did you know what he covered the Glen or there's all kind of good thing but the party the racing. Equality and Stanley kids if it'll all be it'll all be all over again. How much did the television partners and and it for your race of course it'll be at NBC NBC SN and NBC how how much of an impacted they have on this decision. Yeah I know that we were all at the table that collectively and we work with obviously our group with twelve racetracks across country. Now work with Joey Chitwood who has sealed. The EU and we can't have thirteen envoy to the table courts but we. We collectively got together we Joey and we all took turns in the we have individual congress recently Joey. You know for each one of our traction and NASCAR and TV or on the other side. America we all had an equal pay and how to do it what we thought would better. What we think would work in in the and I think yeah for Bakken play and we thought this might be a really good kind of show law. To be leaders in the alone at Martinsville pocono to really take a hard look at their sincere there's not trade it grows among some more business I'm on the. Now we've known within the printing of the schedule for this year you're gonna have a 3 PM start was the Dick was the day of qualifying was that always supposed to be a part of it or did that come after the your your start time was posted for this year. Yes essentially we did post an early one don't matter early it was probably. I think we'll take a week before a race last year. Forget it they're acting first. And then we start look at programming that day as a waiter can we got a long day now. And people just start throwing stuff against the wall once you would stick in them you know this is one of those things aircraft. In the qualifying Andrea we've got my could give the world and really showed a stanza. I equality. Not as I'm low quality before higher quality daily event. Michael print up joining us from Watkins Glen International so you'll have they McCain any scars on Friday. You'll have the X and eighty series race of course on Saturday with a cup series on Sunday but there will be cup cars will be contract they'll ever practice session on Saturday as well to correct. Oh yeah absolutely I mean any eviction ABM Friday as well practical. Yeah you you you still have decent action packed Saturday. I'm McNabb apart the other decision what we're making here. We were really cramming an awful lot and on Saturday you will making it tough credit facility for one report one. Opportunity. You know Rio Rico looking to get a decent track repairs and I don't mean to attract you know we email it to our code repairs. Are there other safety concerns and wake him up. During any of those other races so it really kinda lighten up a little bit Saturday and and made Saturday a little bit more relaxing the drivers. Open to expand won't see much of a different could the day still starts. Early in the morning and goes to the complete accidentally. Of course the one other thing with the 3 PM start time on Sunday Michael of course is that really closes your window in event of whether. Or say you know we've seen some incidents that your facility in the past that have caused some you know aren't code damage and you've had to make repairs. Eat you know with that they like we have in mid August here in in in New York State that really gives you a tight window to get that show in unfortunately. I mean I think we're. And neither do I think we get America around he recorded nine. I mean it still leaves just five hours in a good thing you can. Take away the rain since we are being a road course three to race in the rain so unlike some of the other tracks that. Have a leader starter we can't check that box on the weather aside you could I you know. All over including air currently we have a little bit less innocent I continued through your 4%. We've got a 100. I wouldn't feel a little cup guys go in the race internalize the bigger than it wouldn't let you know. That let you know Galindo. Yet if you have a knack. Accident you know we know that we've been under our recruiters war. You'll get better faster better learn some tricks and we learned a lot of street the last five years. So hopefully we can limit that window that there's any activity with your cup. A last question Michael about the cup weekend of course and fortunately Europe partner achieves it exited from that the sport after this past season that was your title sponsor. How is the search going for a possible replacement title sponsor for the cup race. Well we're on the two finalists right now. I'd like to say that we have something inked up in the next to the four week. I keep it you know they were witness for four years just an awesome Kellogg's ran product. I can't say enough about them being around you know there continues internally and decide to re direct their marketing of these amounts is as we with a Major League Baseball. Which is great partners but you know the two that we have. Are going to on the part of I feel really good about their Greek promotional partners potentially awkwardly so we can wrap that up and that. And get moving around for the rest the year 'cause we're ready to put your number two and as granular as well. You know it's accepted so we've been commitment action and we keep that ball movement so we did make mistakes but we won't quit and keep on pearl. All of course that actually gets started a lot sooner than August Michael your about a a month away from your hope opening weekend in and tell the race fans that listening is it a gives them an opportunity to it it's it tried their street cart Walken Glenn Wright for opening weekend coming up and about a month. Did you did you it's the seventh and eighth. At the seventh inning we donate attract some find it to a green Grand Prix organization they. Brings school with a stamp program they bring all over the northeast a little bit of the midwest. An inheritance I mean bring your car owned vehicle on the racetrack. I would try to line up the spectrum got the island very able finalized that yet but I wouldn't close but it. You know that many yields. Baseball football I say this every year the two go playing despite Emerson Fittipaldi Mario Andretti Baylor senior junior. That he can't and then you get what can buy and become drive the same course they drove an expert here you don't get that little by a while ago. Yeah that's come at the weekend Saturday April 8 April Sunday April 9 like look at your website Michael those the day's opening week and a walk and running yet more from each of the one dot com and of course. They'll have their Big Three events the same ones six hours which is on the last weekend in June. The NASCAR week in August 36 and don't forget IndyCar is back for your number two Michael that was such a big hit last year you'll have the IndyCar stars backed Labor Day weekend. Yeah that's awesome you know we have that it did this schedule is all but yeah we we are so excited at Indy car back and it's such a great weekend but. He read it would that chose Palin to pulled up front which is also met our global oil company there's so little large love sales product. People would get their move into them right in the quite successful NASCAR. IndyCar and in the event to get to that so we're pretty busy summer has always predict a little bit human IndyCar but we're happy they're back and and you know they broke in North America could record lacked here musical group again. Very good again more formation at the Glen dot com for tickets and a full schedule their events coming up this here. Michael always great to catch up by I'm sure will do it again soon thank you for the time this morning. Eight thank you very much every. I'm Michael prints up from Watkins Glen International again the big announcement this week that the cup series will qualify on Sunday of their NASCAR weekend. At 1230 with the race to come at 3 o'clock. And it just wanted to get. Michael's perspective on a couple of the decision that went into everything. Bring that to fruition. Ended just so what they had on tap for this year. We come back a wide open phones here for the rest of the hour if you wanna get in on and the Daytona 500 some what you thought about last week's race or what you think about today's race in Atlanta or. Are you would walk on and you buy tickets every year do you go camping at the Glen every year for NASCAR weekend. How does that the schedule change does that impact your decision that all I'm. When you go if you go you should still go but if if you go lower or how long you're gonna go for I would love to know that if your ticket buyer for Watkins Glen and that NASA carries so how does this. Impact do you are you more likely to go now on Sunday because you know you're gonna see qualifying in the race overlooking your thoughts on that too. A more we get back here and fast track on WGR. 1134 he earned a lead GR Sports Radio 550 gay Buchanan and WG arson fast track you'll get open fold for the rest of the hour here. On the program for youth beauty your thoughts in on last week's Daytona 500 today's race at Atlanta or. The announcer for walking on the we just talked to Michael print of about. As the cup series will qualifying now on Sunday race day. And about 1230 before the race goes green around 3 o'clock. In especially if you wary ticket buyer for that event interested to see what you think about that. Or does that make you more likely to be ticket buyer may be you've never gone. And you would you're even more cheating going now because of the extra of content I guess he could say they have free on Sunday with a qualifying. And other race itself at Watkins Glen International at first week of August are relentlessly a look at the starting lineup for today's race at Atlanta the quick trip 500 and Kevin Harvick on the poll notes not a big surprise of always strong on the mile and A half tracks of course so weak to out for the Stewart Haas organization. In the fourth of the party got one win under their belt last week thanks to Kurt Busch and now. Carrick on the pole for today's race Ryan Newman will share the front row for him good qualifying performance for the RC our team grow to Kyle Busch who's already got to win this weekend. At Atlanta he picked up the win and the extent any race yesterday actually Kyle did triple duty this weekend he ran both the X Canadian truck races yesterday. And will start third today in the cup race alongside Ricky stand house and wrote to. Breck has lefty Joseph Miller got all Penske row three in aunts and I'll get nasty role for the slick and Indy carries a hunt Jamie McMurray collars in a row for for the to get Nancy cars. Then you've got Martin Truex and Denny Hamlin rounding up the top ten starters. Archie silly deal junior roll off from grossed six year Daytona 500 champ Kurt Busch start thirteenth today. Other notable names in the field Mac cans at sixteen Jimmie Johnson eighteenth. A deal Suarez a second career cup series start he'll start 21. Danica Patrick start 24 and achy seeking former winner at Atlanta he'll start 29 today. And only 39 cars in the field they did not get forty so nobody had to go home during qualifying but that's not a a good sign I guess to say that the only didn't get a full field of cars and race to its. Not the end of the world but it the only that you would like to see if I guess a full field. It's. Always good to say guests seem a lot of car show up for cup series event and and not the case in Atlanta. In L arranged and see how those numbers turn out when the series heads out west for the next three races starting next week and at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Obviously the big talk of today's race Atlanta will be tires. As the east racing surface the Atlanta Motor Speedway is very worn out in fact it's so worn out they're gonna repay even after today's race much to the chagrin. Of most of the drivers in the cup series car garage. Also of course the lower downforce as NASCAR continues to take away some the downforce in these cars they started last year. And now. Kind of in starting this year also even more downforce taken out trying to these cars are almost a little more similar to the extended the series in terms of downforce at least. So you combine that with they warn Al race track and act makes for a driver's race where these guys are going to be. All over the steering wheels today for 500 miles turning left and may be turning right if you Tynes is to keep the car pointed straight. Especially in the corners which. Usually makes for more and skiing race although it is a mile and A half facility in in in racing on these on these style of racetracks don't always generate the most exciting competition. And it allows for old you started. To get stressed out little bit more will see if the state racing concept CEO much that affects it. Where is you know these guys potentially run a little bit harder in the now first two stages also keeps. You know it is the third one some extra cautions and and also keeps the field from getting strung out as a work. And come combine that with the lower downforce in the the fact that tires are gonna Wear a lot quicker today. Hopefully make for a little bit more improved product and here at the mile the mile hat trick at the Atlanta Motor Speedway but. You look for guys like the owner junior Kyle Larson you know they a couple of names to keep nine today two drivers that deathly love. Eight type of racetrack like this you'll see you'll Larson. Traditionally on a track like this'll be right up against the wall on the outside. That's his preferred line but you saw a lot of guys in the east Indies series race run well right along the bottom especially Kevin Harvick and he starts on the pole today. So hopefully see multiple lines of multiple groups developed throughout the afternoon. And it makes for emotional plea a exciting breaks today at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. And Harvick on the Paul Newman along side so agree flight just after a 230 this afternoon. Go back kind of finishing up Pope a couple of thoughts from Daytona from last weekend. The thing and after all the racks that that were in the race on Sunday the fact that the rakes came down to a long green flag run was. That was the most exciting part of it for meets for me was that we got a long green flag run to kind of run out the race the last caution. Was about 1153. Was the last caution of the race on Sunday see you had the final. 47 laps under green flag an Emmy for a long run to the finish and it turned into be a fuel run which was kind of surprising we thought with the stages and everything that. Fuel mileage races would be maybe not a thing of the past but not happen as often. And you don't often see few miles races at Daytona but that's what it turned into an aunt that that was like chase Elie you know his chances of winning. Were a dash there at the end also seem for Kyle Larson what two great story lines those would've been had they won. You know Elliott hit his first win it'd track where his father had so much success and you know that he's such a of great up and coming star on the sport and Larsson to date. To get a big win. Honestly that's got a huge of grassroots support from the fan base with his back earnest for Carissa everything delivering great stories. But fortunate fuel mileage took them out of the equation allowed Kyle Larson who urged India Kurt Busch had just enough at the end to go to the lead but. I'm glad it got to play out has so often it it seems like it in the past that. You even worse you're setting up for along green run green flag run at the finish and we always get some kind of debris caution. At the end to kind of bunched things up whether those are genuine or not remains to be seen sometimes they seemed suspicious when they do happen but. As long as the eye can see proof on my television that there is a genuine debris on the racetrack or something wrong I will all accept that but. Sometimes there's those phantom debris cautions at the end of the race when things are playing out like that. Kind of spoil things Fargo we didn't get that last Sunday. Is they let it play out which was great to see yen and elected wasn't the finish maybe we expected. With you know what we saw last year with a close finish between Denny Hamlin mark treks or but he was kind of bunched up but it turned into just kind of an eight car freight train at the end. And nobody home. Nobody really wanting to go. It until the last minute to make that run on on the leader whoever was the tiny we saw Joey Madonna a team like Madonna was dying to just get someone to go with and trying to run an affront forcefully. Time ran out for him. But then the few the few mild came to the plate guys are running out and that's what Rand that the excitement at the end. And set up another last lap pass. Which is like at least the second year row that we've had now last lap pass the Daytona 500. In allowed Kurt Busch to get the win in in what what a moment that I think this Connick complete skirts career EO he was a champion weight. Way back in 2004 I know it it seemed doesn't seem like that home ago but you know it's been awhile since he won his championship but he's got you know over twenty. Wins in his cup series career but he has said he is off the track moments he knows the that the drunk driving arrest the alleged drunk driving arrests. In couple years after the championship at the end of his days with brush brush racing. The incident a couple years ago. Early last year was it with his then girlfriend at the time in the allege the allegations of domestic abuse which you never were he was never. Found guilty of men in leagues exonerated for four and that but that kept him out a speed weeks you know because of because he was suspended. Bomb. So all all the off track stuff that's kind of in the be US. Against such a blow church on on his his NASCAR record day for all of his accomplishments he's always had these off track issues I mean he was almost completely of the sport a few years ago. You know just driving so almost one off deals just to stay in the sport on a weekly basis. You know the whole incident Penske when he he blew on the reporter. And yet like go from Penske Racing every Beck could have been the end of his career. And luckily he was he was able to hang on luckily for him. And I Connell and that's right it's two hours to Stewart Haas racing and an is once again. Become. Not now prominent with the remote relevant to the sport that's where I'm looking for. You know it's it's it's huge redemption for him. The dead and display all the rough patches he's had over the last a few years that he's able to add to his resume and maybe cement himself. As a great driver in the sport. And you may be cinch up his spot in the hall of fame some day now you've got a a champion a cup series championship in Daytona 500 title TE resonate. That almost will make it a lock for him. To meet the B I would make the hall of fame some day once he retires but. Good redemption Horry for him also his crew chief Tony Gibson. He is his reaction after winning how great was that. And after a halt after everything he's been through been through with this health over the last couple years that made it even more fun to me to see him. His reaction and Tony Stewart also as a car owner winning the Daytona 500 or something he misses a driver. He didn't get a chance to do but is his first Daytona 500 is strictly a car owner in the cup series. I get to Daytona 500 when his loyalties it was a feel good story all around for the Stewart Haas racing 41. I think the thing. The only thing that upset me at the end of the race was the fox broadcasting and you heard my choice say that we're going commercial free for the rest of their raise whatever it was like 45 laps to go. And what they do they go to commercial. I don't get that I think there was league lease the way Mike was putting on Twitter this week there was some confusion. On that they had to take a local breaker something so they came into the sport split screen for the local brace but I was fuming. If there's one thing I get more riled up about watching NASCAR races if you follow me on Twitter it is the commercials especially when there are a lot of commercials and we're supposedly gonna get. Fewer green flight commercials because of the sieges and everything. Tom I don't know I didn't notice a difference that we still got you know that usual first commercial break and about lap ten and it just seemed to go on from there but. The most irritating thing was the fact that Mike joy said no commercials and then there was a commercial. And and then there was actually two more commercial breaks and Tom that the builder of the split screens viola breaks recently have the action in the little box on the side of the screen but. To say that you have gonna no commercials and then have three breaks one of those breaks. Being full screen interruption was rather irritating and hopefully if they do it again today with the Atlanta broadcasts they figure things out and no not to say no commercials and still have commercials hadn't been split seemed split screen commercial I would've been as upset I get that you can kind of say no. You can say we're gonna go under uninterrupted. The rest of the way Indy split screen but if you're gonna say no commercials and then have a full screen break that was. Did not like that but again I think there might have been some miscommunication with. The the production truck in the announcers Booth at least that's what pal Mike joy it was kind of painting it on Twitter this week responding to some of the theme comments about that. And who doesn't love responding to NASCAR Twitter because they're all such. Rational. Can't be people rights are we give back final segment I hear in the program we'll take a look at our our fast track fancy league. Recap after race one we had quite a dominating performance from one of our contestants that wasn't me unfortunately but will take a look at that. In a few final thoughts do for today's recently and pencil time for your phone calls we can squeeze those in as well 28030551. 888550. To 550 we wrap up fast track here on WGR. They race fans as they became a for my friends at Batavia downs the TV downs gaming is the Ares for your entertainment destination with newly renovated entrance Gainey for a course that. New hotel they have as well to. And it Batavia downs marches leprechaun Lou month at Batavia downs gaming and hotel nightly drawings for 250 dollars cash with guarantee payouts of 5000 dollars or more on Saturday's card drawings from cast alone Chrysler dodge deepen the TV on Saturday march 25 and we accrue as you see this Zach brown tribute band a march 31 senior website or FaceBook for more details. Batavia downs Gainey a great place to go and watch sporting events to being go to 34 rushed Thurman Thomas is sports bar right inside. Batavia downs they've got tons of HDTVs they've got the big fifteen foot projection screen for big events. Seen go there and watched the race today there's a hockey game later did he do logic course a college basketball heating up as well to the B a lot of big basketball games coming up to watch. Throughout the month of march. He intend. So featured had a 34 Russian check that out as well too and discover why the TV down scheming is the area's premier entertainment destination with over 800 of the hottest in in demand video game machines lots of great new titles with new ones regularly added. And make it a night to remember by visiting one of their great restaurants staying the night at the hotel. Wagering on live harness races all that at the TV downs gaming. And tell me heard about armor here at fast track. How to start junior proud of the nationwide exulted Chevrolet you're listening to WGR Sports Radio 550. And shoot here. 1153 earned WGR Sports Radio 550 coming up today on WGR it's a sabres game day and mid late afternoon early evening game as there in Pittsburgh take on the penguins face off just after 5 o'clock this afternoon. So pregame with the man but he Branko in the coming up at 4 o'clock today here on WG arts are WGR fast tracked fancy league. I did not go well for me last week I had jointly gone of course he's my pick to win the race didn't win but finished sixth. So like Gabby decent points but I bad day at a junior only five points Betty for Kyle Busch. Only four point Sprecher has lastly fifteen points march Lex despite being involved in the crash with junior and Kyle Busch came back finish the race thirteenth. And because he started so deep in the field he gained 2.2 positions from his zest from a starting spot he actually deemed the most pointless week 51 of fortunately. The only total of a 120 points that puts me mid pack it finished 22 over on our gastric mutually. But the fantasy player of the week was Gary Gary W. He blew everybody's doors off put 273. Points he was about seventy points better than anybody else. And he actually is ranked 26 overall on fox sports for. For everybody that played the game and he had a reels what turned out via cell line he took blini. Who finished second and also gained 34 spot from a starting position. All in the same thing finished thirteen 35 spots we get 74 points for each. Of blini and home ending that's more points I score total marcher who acts he also richer exit Yeltsin team a lot from Truex. Any game lot of Kasey Kahne finished seventh seventh and gained nineteen spots is only. We spotted him on it was Kevin Harvick who lost seventeen positions finished 22 only down twenty points but a total of 273 points. And it's given him a big heads head start here on our fast tracked instantly be cute he is up. By almost seventy point and it's next closest competitor nick W who had 205 points and then our next feisty now 182. So amazing how how things can play out but when a lot of the pre race favorite wreck out that this can happen and usually the guy that made eagle off the wall with his picks. That winds of doing bass or whether he is either an evil fantasy and ask her genius in somehow knew that. Spice starting Bellini and home ending her. Then starting city in the field he knew they'd be near the finish or he just got really lucky I don't know Geary you if you can tweet me your. Semi email let me know what your strategy was I'm 22 Paul Hamilton is thirty seconds like beat Paul that's all that matters Pollock 32 we will we wound up. I'm getting a lot of entries late during the show last week we gained like. Over 1215. Entries we actually 64 people sign up for leagues that's really exciting so what will keep playing. On foxsports.com and all I was gonna say who like head pick today for my idea fancy picks the nine he'd open window back up I had Dana Suarez. On the need panic he crashed out obviously last week. On. And but he starts deep in the fields a 21 so I'm looking for upside there that he is a good day in dean's recent spots. Also Jimmy Johnson starting eighteenth. But I think you know. He can be Europeans that'll CDs some extra points but going with some guys turn toward the front to Kyle Busch and thirty got to win this weekend. Chase Elliott always at it did well last year in his first Atlanta start. He starts eleventh today and Angela break Kozlowski who always seems to do well on mile half tracks. As well too so he starts fit so a lot hopefully rebound here with the fast track fancy team. And I hope we play long to also during a race today of course feel free to send us tweets at district by fifty through watching. And a follow long you can beaten continue our discussion on. Social media next week and is Las Vegas will have the race next Sunday here and a media we don't today I apologize due to the sabres game this afternoon. But you can always lists in Omnia PR and app they haven't happened website you can stream the race on if you wanna listen to it. On cope hearing dot com is there website but we will have the biggest race next weekend here on the station. And that means I think we may be dialing upper body Doug rice for next week Scholl will trying to tetra dog or somebody from here and to talk to next week's program that'll do it all tucked next sunny thanks to listen to gastric here and WGR Sports Radio by fifty.