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03-06 The NightCap with Ryan Gates

Mar 7, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But Knight capital addressed this this. It's terrible with Ryan Giggs. Very calculating how he says that it may sound like it's spontaneous. Did not. And the egos and a lot of these things saying okay here's what I'm going to say about this coming up big about how much time he has this then he's coming up with the words cook steps. I've never heard the word oops that's that's very creative. One WGR. You'll just moments. Everybody right gates. The nightcap and WGR Jody B Osce stick around hanging out with me for that night to no and there are. Another another fun weekend for for the sabres today. Shootout loss. Over the weekend to the lightning they could've popped over the lightning lit date regulation win. That didn't happen and then yesterday looking good three to nothing lead out of the first period with the pines and that goes away. Real quick and so. I mean. I was I was sitting there watching the game with golf irons and and another friend who. He likes to spend his time trolling. Either buffalo sports troll solely aegis has made comments the all time body once is enough. When's this gonna turn around the sabres gonna blow this lead in the case. Abrasion acquire. Your preview of the choir we we we love this before. But he you don't have control us about blowing blowing leads the sports stroll by the way. The worst. Day can you pick a lower hanging fruit. Do you figure clobber by trolling buffalo sports no it's the least clobber sports steamy control. Because. They've had no success no neither of these teams have made the playoffs and so on keeping your being so clever trolling buffalo sports got a I got no word for a you're not. Now being clobbered trolling these teams. These teams don't meet any trolls. Control their fans all the time so. Your Buffalo's. Or so sports fan. In any controls on you about your buffalo sports team just know it's like that's like the bullies in high school. They're just like god they you got you got a zit on your for an. Nobody but your third guy. Leo I'll Wally that was super Carter. Don't worry about those guys they're not. Deny anybody. It 30551888550. To 515 be I think Joseph GM meetings are taking place right now. I doubt in Boca retire and Florida. And these are going to be talking about today. They they have these these things every year and I'll Wear the GMs will meet and this year it's 31 GM's future urged quick feet of the biggest golden lights hanging out with the rest of the GM's now. And they are doing all these things now which is pretty research and development project were they get together in little groups. And they brainstorm ideas about OK or what's ways that we can meet the game better. What are ways that we can improve the game whether it be adding more off balance. You know. I think that's mainly the goal for most of these ideas that come out is heading off and speaking to game a more fun to watch for fans. And every year they've they've been doing this for the past few years now they'll meet up groups and they did that today and there are some interesting ideas that are coming out about. About how to change the game and at some things that I've heard previously even on this radio station and I've felt kind of crazy so we're going to be taking your. Your idea is if you got any idea of a way to change the game make it better. Whether. DB three to one point system. And I have. I agree with well a lot of what your besides with the three to one point system I've got a little bit of a variation. With that it's still 321 but other than to buy a point system lead Iran would tell what I think about that. But there's ban some pretty interesting idea does that have come out if you got any ideas about ways to improve the NHL game. Give me Angel call here we're going to be taking your your calls on that. 8030551888. 550. To 550 so so he's GMs get together in there. Good to have nice little brainstorming sessions I'm sure they're the real well taken care of the probably get nice catered lunches. And they get to talk about now. Ways to make the NHL a better game in the future whether the improvements in technology or. Lately it's gotten. Making the goalie equipment. Smaller between the next bigger always seems to be an idea that comes up in these GM meetings. One of the biggest ones from today that his back and kind of getting some steam. And it's something that I've heard here before on WG a fee and had called and with this with this idea. A product to create more offense make became little more interest staying. And it's one that's really kind of gained some some traction throughout today it was one that was recommended. From a group. A GMs including. Brad from truly being. Stand Obama and Joe Sakic can power in a race year old rock acts stolid Jim Rutherford cabin shovel a day off I see that right I'm not really sure. And it's to change the location. Of the faceoff dot in the offensive zone so instead. Of having to face off dots in the offensive zone so that when you're kidding can and elementary school high school and your drawn diagrams of the hockey rink you you know what the diagram looks like you got your gloom on Iran bind your goal lines. To face off dots each offensive zone. Well bill one that they are thinking. Of changing is those two offensive faceoff dots and it's thought of having a ball off. On one side of the goal here the other day. The idea is to change it's just one faceoff dot right in the center of the ice and the reason they think this is OK so you've got. The face off. Doc on one side of the goalie or the others we have faceoff play. A lot of the times the Epoch or go into the corner and there are some board player medium to the boards if you get a clean way and you know teams usually can either get out dissolved or. Create some offense but those non clean wins that you know go to the ball words it's scrum along the boards. And that sets the idea is instead of one when the faceoff gets. 12 is one side or the other. Instead of going to the boards you're gonna have a ton more space to use and this could create a lot more offensive opportunities the Epoch won't be. Just buried along the boards there shoved up the boards get out of the zone. It would have to be more kind of a nice place to get it out so it's a one of the ideas and so. It was a while ago and I was answering phones in this blog conversations that was being add on WG our defense that hey I would consider. Instead of having to face off dots per one in the middle I thought it was crazy. And I still got to figure it's a little crazy but maybe it's just because I like the traditional look of that hockey diagram that I was drawing. Back in elementary school but it's something that. Would be it would be certainly different in you can just to envision. Right now so you've got its its its weight in the games say say this is a change that goes through and I'd try to imagine this in the sense of watching the Buffalo Sabres. So sabres are our downed the ball. The other team places that got Ryan O'Reilly out on the ice Evander Kane Jack Michael Sam Reiner Kyle postal grass mistress line and you got to being out there and they are. Instead of to one side or the other the air right in front and that Indy multitudes of different place that you could kind of create as a coach. You could run a 21 side or the other bring it back to the points. Have players lined up in different sides I just think it's a really cool idea. They in that kind of chess match kind of aspect of the game. Of opening that in tiger's own up as opposed to just having it on one side or the other it's. It's an interesting idea and I'm not saying that I'm 100% for a public to see it and how it's. Don whether PNTHL libel or another minor league system meeting juniors. I would just like to see how it would affect the game obviously before changing it on the the biggest platform for the game throughout the world. And to see whether or not it's something that could create more offense. Is it more interesting are now but it's it's certainly in a sting idea. Ford changing the game is eliminating to face off dots and having one in the Middle Ages. Thought I was crazy I thought it was crazy but GMs and the they're getting together now and they're saying hey. Don't restrict it if you think it's a crazy idea blurted out there anyways because maybe maybe it'll stick maybe you'll stick me he'll be an idea. Tim Murray was on record saying today. You know. At one point they were considering banning the forward pass in the NHL. That wasn't a great idea but it's it was one that was floated out there. So do you got idealistic ideas how to make the game batter hit a 30550. 1888. 550 to 550 if you are outside of buffalo will be taking your ideas are now to the Cheektowaga Tim you are on the nightcap with the Jo and Ryan what's going on man. They guys side not much man the first thing I would I about earlier would get rid of offside altogether just get to the Blue Line and that way you don't have those. Really really frustrating stoppages in play in and I've the other aspect and I didn't even think of one out talking earlier what is. When they stopped the play after a goal that taken back to review the op side. You wouldn't have that anymore. And then. It's our understanding their concerned I like the way the NBA does it just get rid of the that third column altogether and just do wins and losses either win or you lose either you. Yeah that's that's something that was actually brought up today Lou Amarillo all. Even though the Toronto G easy GM president. He he brought that up see the two points for when. Just zero points for a loss that was his idea because they're also. Talking about potentially the three point win for teams in regulation. And he's what you just why why even mess around with three point win by and you can just do two points per went zero points for a loss make it super simple and just have a win loss column and that's how you decide it. I I still personally I'm I'm 3210. Kind of guy I'll get into that more a little bit later. But it's. It's certainly. I'm I'm willing to figure out ways to switch the standings because you look at the it regulation overtime wins are what really determines it passed points and you've got the shootout wins the shoot out. I mean it sabres fans right now with I'll shoot outs have been going this season I think there are probably among the most frustrated fans in the league. With that's the way that some points are decided. And any way to kind of negate the effects of the shootout is something that I'm 100% foreign that the just. Basic. Two points per win and zero points or losses something that definitely negate that fact as you have teams going for it to win the game and get those two points. As opposed to just zero point and shoot out at at that point you when even need the points that you just need the wins and losses right now are going to be a points race so there wouldn't be points that would just be. Wins and losses so that's that's something and has even talked about is just going to me. I mean the emerald sent just two points for Windsor points or lost by and it essentially it would just be wins and losses that added up beating mark down hands. I'll put down on the record books beat Murray on the cell phone merrier on the nightcap. Kate what caught our guys are here my they got a few. Number one. All out in the NFL goes to go to over sock NHL it should stand officiate. I mean that's that's one of the toughest things to get in any anywhere you look yet gone. Eliminate eliminate jobs clutching grabbing and trying to like you know how old was coming out of a lock out sees that open up again. And got a couple more states. In cocky at six foot wide by four foot tall gold seven foot wide and fight at all and open up some scoring I think I needed to negate the six. Haven't goalie all. Our. You know any other thing is what they met in the NBA quality and eliminate division school conference proper -- they beat copper they play out arrest URL. Simple as that. Yeah that's another thing they're they're going to be discussing this for the calmer I appreciated yes them some good points. A home the B playoff system is something they will. Take a look at it's on the they're going to be discussing. And I'm with you got I didn't have a problem with the one to eight seating of conferences. I get the idea of divisions because it can create. Some nice rivalries and I just think back you mentioned all 506 season and how they are officiating back that would something else I agree with. What you think about. But the Ottawa. Rivalry that was around act and a lot of the reason that rivalry existed as you were playing Ottawa. Eight times a year indeed you knew that team in hew knew what you're getting on that team. And why it's two good teams like that. It's it's a lot of fun and I think moving forward. Kevin Toronto will be in division and both of these teams. Very young role weighing. I think that's going to be a rivalry that we're going to be enjoying around here. For along time to calm so I think about the rivalries and now but I don't necessarily need that to be shelved upon us in the playoff format where it's okay. We wanna make sure those rivalries really sing again. And make sure that these teams I guess they're gonna be seeing each other a lot during the season and made you heated up even more and you force him to play each other. In the playoffs as well I don't necessarily need. Because the best teams are gonna sort out and if two of the best teams from the same division and up in the conference finals Selby. I think it's a good thing if ozawa a sabres Toronto Maple Leafs conference final in a few years and it's Michael Matthews. I I think. An idea it's. Really fascinating and would be super hot around here and all talking about the sabres in the playoffs I get its I know. But it's the idea of a playoff series against the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's something that is really really hot. And it's something that they're trying to force those rivalries with the the current playoff format I would just like to see the basic you still have the two wild card teams. One of the things that they're discussing to change the playoff format is. Kind of like what the and I'll beaded with the play in wild card games. Oh really like that I mean what if it goes I gonna have continuous overtime. In play and while playoff. Wild card play in games I mean that would be pretty cool thinking about Kent and a triple overtime play in game but. Don't necessarily need a play in game to me it's more now. A longer process the end of the NHL playoffs are super long as it is anyways. I'm only nineteen to make those longer so the plane gave her wild card spot. Does it doesn't hold a lot for me I don't need that I would just like to see a won a playoff system. Just like he used to be because. It's always should be its if you paired the best team in your conference in the team that is the lowest. In the conference that qualify for the playoffs. It's really simple. This year in the playoff system have to pull up the standings real quick but you're going to be getting some mashups where it's really good teams vs. Really good teams and. For it for instance Montreal right now who's leading their division it would actually probably benefit them more to not win their divisions they can play Boston with ten points as opposed to the Rangers at Rangers who have ten more points so there it's almost like they're being punished. Her winning division and he never. System that's the case you are right now with how the standings are in the wild card he got the the islanders are the second wild card they would be playing Washington's would be some new one points vs 95 points. Dan you have the second two teams in the metropolitan which is a dominant division this year. Columbus and Pittsburgh both at eighty points right now there's 64 games played they would be facing each other and like Joseph said there Montreal. Winning their division be forced to play the Rangers at 84 points and then Montreal irks in Ottawa in Boston. Get free gas is essentially completed a play each other as opposed to Columbus or Pittsburgh which is the way it would be and yeah I just. It's not right. And book the book how close Pittsburgh is that while her by the Rangers are four points away from taking Pittsburgh down about wild card if your Montreal. In what world she you have to play the defending Stanley Cup champions in round one with eighty points in their that's their two games away from that happening. And the way they didn't necessarily. It's it's not true for me to say that it was just by points one through eight because the division winners dead gets. The benefit so you could have last point is division winner and still beat three seed. And complain about that and in the Southeast Division was terrible and they are playing like super team at the six spot. People even complained about abandoning me worse and I'm looking at it the standings right now as as if that word just a straight 18. So the match ups would be. Washington vs islanders would be the same could be Columbus vs Boston Ottawa vs Pittsburgh and Rangers and Montreal would still be the saints would be the same match up in. And a couple of the pairings by. Instead of the second and third and have the same amount of points right now those teams and the metropolitan going to be forced to play each other it's going to be. Potentially the stuck in third best team in the conference that's as I get playoff system right now and it's something that. Definitely maybe maybe things would be dear friend with me a different points system. Maybe things would it be different but the the way that the playoff system as currently constructed is something certainly. I would like to see trained changed we'll get one more call in before the break and get tough we get to Morgan calls afterwards he got Jonathan all the jobs and what's up man. Hey you're an arm Murray cream has been beat Hewitt I think dot com NHL to go back to the air arm. Tibet who way to occult preparation called the way it did that it I thought that in just a lot not a remove the cut she grabbed com or call and dumped. The players that you barely but it. PP 21 point system and top eight though. A tube all point to when not working age also beat up but what system. Thanks for the college and I hate I can't really touch much on the 0506 officiating and it's something that Paul Hamilton talks all bow. Pretty much any time this conversation comes up about improving the product of the NHL and Powell. The game is currently officiated. And how far away they've gone from that and ten miles and I was asked about it earlier this season about. Obstruction. And he said he would like to see even maybe a little bit more of it because it protects defenseman. I think about those all five or six years. And it wasn't because there was more power plays I think the first 0506. There was more power plays. But eventually even doll because the players learned how to play. Within the rules and the rules are still very rules haven't changed from the season's they're still right there on the books and they could be called by those rules. But for some reason the NHL doesn't want to call those rules anymore and I. I look at a game where it's Evander Kane. And he flips the pocked on the ice from the Red Line. And he uses his speed and his big body to get on the ice super quick pick up the puck behind the Nat. That's what it should be like but half the times he's being shoved by someone by two feet away. Being blocked off by someone getting in the way. There are. Instances where you'll watch it and won the playoffs come around you'll see even more of in the playoffs obstruction is. Ridiculous. And I guess that's you know he want the players decide the game but. It's a penalty the penalty. He got a call you're not letting the players decide the game for not calling what is clearly a penalty so I am. Not a record as saying BO 506 rules it yeah you gotta go back to officiating the game. The way it was done more scoring back then. That was part of the reason those rules were implemented and how we're kind of back in this era where scoring has fallen to levels of before the lockout and that was mean I wasn't the reason the lockout happened but it was really one of the benefits of the loch countless. The came out game opened up there was more scoring more speed. All of that happen because the rule changes in the end the NHL slowly. Retreated from truly officiating those rule changes. 030551888. 550 to 550 on the phone numbers here more of your calls coming up what can make the NHL. A better game the GMs are talking about it down in Boca Raton Florida. So what what are your thoughts yeah could be anything crazy. Joe's got this idea where he wants to eliminate two blue lines make Peace Center ice red line the Blue Line and that's it. So what particular ideas like that global here from gel that idea coming up next we'll hear about my. Mike variation of journeys to 321 point system. All that's coming up on the nightcap your phone calls as well this is WGR. We're back here in the nightcap rankings show dvi SC came out with your talking about all. The NHL ways to improve the game. Somebody at the G arms right now they're down Florida talking about it there come up with some crazy ideas get rid of wolf faceoff dots in the offensive zone that you won right in front of the nets. They're bringing back an ideal for about like ten years ago. This. Montreal Canadians GM Bob Levy suggested that back there making it illegal to leave your feet to block shots he wouldn't be able to go out to the Lehman. Dive down to make the shots wide. Slide to play the two on ones. I know leaving your feet to defend something like that so that's not. That's another idea. As being floated out there were looking for your ideas they'd be crazy ideas they can be civil ones we've heard from multiple people talking about just. Calling the rules at the way that they are. Or five or six to go back to those roles Joseph what was that you are saying about the the penalty minutes. So this season. It's the Minnesota Wild believe that leads the NHL in Allen estate 700 in 49. Do you expect to justified six right out of the lockout the leading team that you're with Pittsburgh with. With nearly 16100. Almost even while and left her or her a lot more pounds and last and west that year was a New Jersey doubles at 948. So. So there's about even if Minnesota like. He goes off with penalties like yeah when he game for the next. And gains there aren't there and it'll just barely. Bats an excellent arm and one team and that's the number one team compared to the the number 32 team number thirty excuse me. And number thirty team the NHL on sex I ever Gary Bettman was asked question about something like that last season and still there for the audio but he remember his answer was something along lines of officiating has changed the players have learned to play bad ruler have learn the rules. Which actually from this hit point of view is actually got the best argument he'd come up with but it's after. Yeah that's probably the best argument that he can come play but I don't I don't buy that that makes you beg the question does Gary Bettman watch the games. All right so you you got any ideas in give us call it a 30551888. 550 to 550 shoot us tax debt 55550. If you can't camping out on the phone lines. I'm on Twitter Joe's on Twitter I'm Ryan underscored WGR Joseph what's your name don't feel like. Anti BS EW here and interest balance DI BI ES EW GR. Perfect on Twitter I'm money on the money here we go back to the fall and the Franken Rockport frank you're in the nightcap. I don't write and on Monday at the gap would be to make that more rivalry that we. And it snowed out wait rivalry is back in the ninety's now Ria robbery again don't me all the leads the Billy the upper. Believer neighbors. The more oil on it he is you player when your division I'm I want to see you played them or I'm in a row. Now back to back night I want he is there one day third day prior Tuesday. Third day Saturday Sunday play import time something bad happened. That people are gonna Putin critic in a big hit making him a couple flight. That's you're gonna get a hold on the bench clearing brawl but it's going to be more citing these guys going to be battle on. Then what that fifth game I want although let games it Greek person in your division he's in your vision to play at the last two to three weeks to deceive them. So those games matter. Solid within the division you've got your your little mini series that you're suggesting should be. Just a hypothetical. A buffalo and Toronto have any of them all week long four game series and in December. And that towards the end of the season late march. They they they played the Maple Leafs and the rest of the teams in their division again. To La make those games morgue more meaningful. Be more of a push and then that we'll see people who then because my body's always called it a lot track because not gonna happen but. If you get a big hit one game and a couple quite happy you're gonna beat people tune in the next game. Yeah right a review it yet that's. And definitely part of the rivalries I think is the physical aspect of the game I mean we we've seen fighting decrease all these years. And I'm not one that necessarily needs. I like fighting in the NHL I like a physical game like big hits but I don't need to see. No offense to someone like Andrew Peters but the a lot of those flights in that era fighting I felt like word they were just set up like all. Our fighters gonna fight your fire for something that another guy did I don't like flights in that aspect I like it in the emotional part of the game where it's. Two players who are really getting underneath each other skins going and it. Not just two guys that are there strictly to flight. It's exactly and that that's where you'll get it is when you're playing on the got a plane the next night and you've been any any other inferred to retreat came down arrow. And that's gonna stop in a break now. Yet so it's interesting idea it's like mini series within a series and against all of your division rivals and and your right I mean you even can see it and back to back gains Walt we'll see you back to back with the sabres coming up this weekend. With the Blue Jackets so if you see something happened in May be the first game and then all of a sudden someone might have to in the next game. You pay for a big heads all our pain and just just things that carry over from game to game. Between teens because when you're playing each other like that as we see in the playoffs all the time. Like things carry over things do carry over Andy it's not just like one game at a time at that point you get people. Who really. Like okay. Over. This happened and we need to make a statement early on. And that he can just continue to carry over throughout a series and it's that kind of intensity. As the intensity. And Howell aggressive it can be at that. You don't necessarily need to see bench clearing brawls big fights happen all the time but even when you're watching the regular season games. The games where. You watch a team you watch the sabres is just like they're going through the motions. There it's not a very energetic team there's not a lot of offense. And then all of a sudden see. Two players get into each other all of a sudden there's a scrum around and not all the sudden there's a scrum in the corner and the intensity level gets raised up. And that keeps Scotland continues to get raised up raised up and that's one. These gains really become super entertaining is one that intensity level continues arise. And yet so it's definitely uninteresting idea frank thanks for the call appreciate it. Go now to ten in south buffalo Tim what's going on. Almost go on yeah erupts on. Throughout the year and preparing and act by watching the raps that Ratner an inch in the early simple idea prize always let. Opted out or whatever but on. The whole thought processes strike it's probably. Shorthanded. Score goals shorthanded to release that player from box. So that kind of slates like the crowd what they're on or would it matter what it is because dealers. I mean basically coming back in there are proper player got contraction. Right so it's a one year short handed over to kill off a panel the use score shorthanded goal. And maybe players would take more risks because you you scored shorthanded goal that he you block a shot like let's say I'll Ryan O'Reilly blocks a shot. Instead of just skating center ice and dumping it down heading off for change or something like that he can attack because maybe scores a goal and an update their natural candidate anymore. A martyr and victim ignored the crowd Q well you're talking about well I don't know all the other stuff and be used to score shorthanded goal. Bigger teams down and also on that player released after that the tunnels like I'm sorry again and so. He keeps the power play. Have an appeal honest about everything slows. The title until. Yet so that's a it rewards you for. I mean you're you're in trouble on the penalty kill because of pop flared into baseball's too but I got I I think about it I I think about like Jack Michael being on the penalty kill and a right now he's twenty years all these. The most defensively responsible forward. I'd say you know thrown in their because he's probably gonna have to learn how to do it at some point in his career a better time than now. But I think about so Jack cycles out on the penalty kill a guy with speed like that can attack forward and he scores a goal and the player comes out the penalty box. The U right the the arena would ignite especially with me a big coast to coast play like that would get the crowd and so much Eric yeah appreciates and thanks for the call 30551. 88550. To 550. Our phone numbers year got a few tax and about this as well. A little bit of the long one here Sega pass stay with me it's not hard to fix the game forage is bigger always around the goal. So I guess would be 614 by five before the same goal has been used since 190 something. I'm not sure when that schools implement either but I think like forever I think for robbers right time. Guys are bigger pants are bigger scoring sells the game guys of the games are boring with no fighting no scoring no fun more fighting. More cheerleaders get rid of shoot outs fevers tale over hard work three and three. And a tie if nothing that kind of goes into my idea for the the points system. My ideal for the points system. It's it's this Jeremy White as the three to one system mart's three points for regulation when. Two points for an overtime win one point four heard that the loser so it's two points for I guess a shootout or overtime win. My idea is three points for a regulation win two points for an overtime went. I decided that just recently mean Joseph we're talking about this studio. We're gonna eliminates the shoot out completely. Have like five minutes a forum for five minutes of three on three for overtime and that if it's still Qaeda and each team gets one point for that time the losers you don't get any points doesn't matter when you loose if you don't get any points. Zero point for the loser. You get to overtime guess what you're getting if you lose in overtime. You're not getting anything. You're not gonna get anything if you lose in overtime. So I think it would make teams. More aggressive. Towards the end of regulation games towards the end of overtime games that were the case. Just not having any sort of point for the loser I think would change the way. That team's approach the game and I think about the the three point system for regulation win when it comes down to this portion of the season. So the sabres have dug themselves a pretty big hole here. But you think if they could stick together regulation wins to get those three points out of a two point win. Decadent immediately help them. Climbed the standings a little bit if other teams are are going to overtime are tight games in in my. In my scenario. If that's happening the sabres inclined standings by finishing games in sixty minutes as opposed to getting into overtime. Which would be I think teams would approach the game differently. Towards the argued and of regulation. And in the last time the sabres made the playoffs against Philadelphia at the end of the season we saw that team. Where it was like the last two minutes these two teams are just. Skate around because they each got one point air ball walked into the slots in the playoffs. And that's where they're going to be so there's like okay whatever we we both gonna get appointment that's cool by me at school by you. Why it's just a Cisco that cell. On eliminating that no loser point just get rid of well why don't like I'm not I'm not a person that's going to be your legal. Move the participation trophies are ruining are youth or whatever I'm not that guy bullets. Loser points in professional sports back. Now for me you lose the game you don't get rewarded for going to overtime. Symbols. In a 30550 keep those calls come in and with the your ideas could be called points system could be. A you score shorthanded goal the guy comes out how he docs we're taking all calls here I think you got you can text us tweet us. 55554. Year text messages in the nightcap. You're listening to WGR. People are complaining players and coaches this year about from. Preston in the schedule because of the five day break that the players association insisted on so that we can up the three on three at the all star game and a little bit from the World Cup we wanna have. The best possible regular season and for the playoffs and to disappear for almost three weeks is pretty inconsistent. Gary Patton in. On the body. Tim Murray actually had some good thoughts about the guy we could at the GM meetings when he was interviewed. I'm trying to find those real quick. That's like in and tell you those but before that's I was just talking about the points system. And Lou Amarillo was talking about the points system. He Heber first of these two wins or losses zero order to its for a loss. Two points for a win. Zero points for a loss and just like the old days 01 no one for a tie is his quote I don't like three point games gnome like them. Sounds like Dr. Seuss right there a little bit the way Eddie he says that slate I don't like green eggs and ham no I don't Mike -- Buddy Guy Jones. I got your number I you're Tim Murray colleague Eddie. Arts and he said about the bye we can had a bad experience with a so I don't like it but I can't speak for other teams. We had to fight a Colorado and play a mile in the air after five days off so it was no good it was a bad experience for me. Some teens came out of it and won it he's basically saying oh and he talked about a rule that would. Say that coming out of the bye week you would your first team would guarantee the. The same time zone. Yet that's solved. Instead of the sabres so we may now mean else on the sabres took to be nice little vacation. You know we got social media now so we know. Jack cycle Evander Keane they were down hanging out in the sign in the water on the beaches and in Cabo I believe sell those guys. I'm not sure what their travel plans were. But they could've potentially just been like OK Thursday Thursday night flying into Denver. For their practice on Friday and then they got game the next Saturday. And I'm not blaming these players for taking vacations it's much like to mean we're talking about the O'Dell back on. Going down to Florida before a playoff game being like not to use seriously enough. It's just like if you add jobs. This other guys' job and all every one all the fans wanna take it super seriously. But hey if you get chancellor vacation. Especially if you're those kids cooking a year twenty years old. You're nineteen years old you're Evander Kenya 25 years old it may get a lot of money. Can go down somewhere where it's and so on and it's fun need to be young like. You're you're probably gonna take it. You're probably gonna take it I know why would. I would certainly be taken an opportunity. So that's the bye week. I just think about what the bye week and they're looking at it changes with that you should just compress it so everyone's bye week is in one month. Maybe January maybe February. That'll be tough next year because of going to the Olympics they got take that Olympic break is that in fact what they do with the bye week. It's it's something that's gonna be juggled around her first few seasons I think this bye week and we might not have any clear. I guess a solution. To this bye week problem that. I think a lot of a lot of GMs. Are taking issue with I mean the record coming out of those bye weeks. Only four wins for teams I think most teams have pretty much finished their bye weeks are now. So in all there's a lot of a lot of teams that don't like the bye week that don't like the way it was crafted something. That's gonna have to be experimented with for awhile and does going to the Olympics changed things does. An all star break change things I just think that all these should be held within. A certain period and then after coming off by we got like Murray's idea of the you don't have to leave the same time zone even if your players may be leading the same time zone. Play you don't have to travel far from home maybe have the game at home maybe you away earlier in the same time zone and I just think you have. Dubai division if you want. Do it by division each won that division it's their right week. And then they get out of the bye week and you're playing a team. That is off the bye week and I know not all the divisions haven't even number of team there's some. Team divisions with seven teams. So we're at work completely for that but it's it's an idea it's to toy around with. Four for the bye weeks while more call before we hit the top of the hour sports here we've got Greg in North Carolina Greg you're on the nightcap of. Yeah yeah Google it you guys thanks. It should not see. It makes its. Yeah are. But anyway the job improving game a little background about this for awhile you used to live there is that relate the penalties. Where that team that actually you know take the panel there are apparently are apparently is kind of rewarded. If you have a delayed penalty and I EU trip somebody or October whatever. And the team scores the Kobe doesn't cut it in and of course. And that they're not playing up so I think if you have a delay penalty and you know my team's court that it probably should still be at. Or I think it's a rule they've kind of played with in College Hockey that's how I know I called College Hockey until my junior year of college. I'm that was a rule that they had been committed on at least the division three level. That even if a team's scorers and you have a delayed penalty against you the penalty is still enforced so that team has the opportunity to go on the power play still. Even though all these scored while the delay penalties happening. Right now I think that should that should be at the NHL out of the only other thing at the NHL level and the food a situation I don't know if there's another. Op parallel with other sports where you get a penalty and you get a purple. In hockey if I take a penalty against you I get tight the pop. And I don't think it should be allowed and and think about. Of this strategy so other powerful penalty kill it to gain possession. Put the pocked on the site all the way to the other enemy get off the ice and change then who will most boring period. All the car when when when I I watch or are where it's oh god there goes the popped out to the other end. They gave they set up another color back the other way. Just think how different the power play it would be if the penalty kill could not quite apart. Yeah I would make it how all of a lot more difficult woman and your point about. Those those break out sometimes on the power play. You get those break outs where player skates up and then just leaves it at center ice and then they go backwards again and all the sudden it's forty seconds later and your team finally has possession and there really got that drives me nuts though. Yeah all right thanks guys appreciate men and good call there from Greg in north aligned we got take a break here Amman pretty late so we'll be taking more of your calls on this when you when we get back here so if you if you were on hold you left us. Give us call when we get back in 030550. 1888550. To 550 talking about. Hey we want to make the NHL game or adjusting if you've got ideas we while listened to on this Joan Ryan the nightcap on WGR. Took penalties and automatically gain access back on hills and input for an excellent same thing happened last in the spilled in and say things happen a few times worsen the past few weeks boats blowing leads and I find ourselves out of us. That is check eichel following last night's loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins sabres had a three goal lead over the defending Stanley Cup champions but squandered it away half to lose in regulation. About this yesterday he's not satisfied with the progress of the team however he is happy with the progress of Michael. Over the course of the last stretches producing over point game and he's nearing point game for the games he's played this year you know were imploring Jack to develop a shot as a weapon and I think he's done a better job of doing that it really trim the progression as you can decide whether he's going to be 35 goal scorer forty you'll scorer or a guy who gets thirty goals and fifty assists and and he can be anyone of those players and he has been for us last stretch. That is buyouts Michaels now on a ten game point streak is three goals and ten assists in that time the longest current point streak in the NHL the sabres will be back in action tomorrow night against the flyers from keybank center on the injury front preacher who Kabul not return tomorrow will carry still not skating with his knee injury. The Pope also be one of the most important weeks of the NFL offseason throws the first eighteenth can start contract talks with unrestricted free agents. The new league year begins Thursday at 4 PM when teams can officially begin signing players for the bills the Big Dig deep I and it is Saturday when they'll need to have a decision. Whether to pick up the option for Tyrod Taylor nothing new in the Taylor front today we may have an idea. Of what the bills wanna do wide receiver though is which reports Jason Cole was that the bill is one of the strongest candidates to sign free agent mark ache in Aiken spent time on the bills' practice squad. Back in 2011. Also the bills and announce they've cut. Five players being released is Dan Carpenter to Kyle Roby Coleman. Longtime sponsor ever gears and Sanborn tight and Gerald Christian and safety Phillip Thomas. And finally run the NF NFL after hitting a snag with stadium funding the raiders have now secured financing from Bank of America for their proposed Las Vegas stadium. For updates to the top and bottom of every hour or sports news breaks and Jody B Osce for WGR Sports Radio 550. Just want to note that good rhythm with the Bryan gates knows yet he has sticks and right away like he's. But in coming noble family doing. You've got to go on crossing over. No way my whole way was his garbage. Close garbage is the nightcap on WG are engaged Jody the Osce and now with the you're taking your calls I'm pleased to meek. The NHL game better my parents my parents were out of town this weekend. And other little disappointed they went down to Houston they're visiting my hands. And they're all you know they're excited for our rights doesn't show like you should listen to it so they want to. They want her to listen on Friday but Allison on they're already home. So why why give a shout out to and char she was probably listening to in Houston so why hate and I haven't talked you into a really long time but if you're listening. I want to see what's up and to both my parents I know evil tax me today. And I didn't answer either review which means you're probably listening to the radio to make sure I'm alive I am in fact alive and well. I did stay in the house this week and briefly and dad at the beer that you brood is delicious though the. They get that out of the way wanna talk a little bit about college basketball. Coming up because it sides to get that to be that time of the year. On March Madness the turn and is gonna become an buffalo next week. And the conference tournaments are going on UB women's basketball. Are ready advance into the second round of the Mac tournaments with C 61 to 45 win over Bowling Green. UB nines Doby in action tomorrow facing the winner of central Michigan. And Kent State which is going on right now and that's just getting in the second half under way. And central Michigan the eleventh seed up 55 to 44. I'm Kent State who is the sixth seed. They'll go on to face you. To mar row in in Cleveland so that's all coming up a mansion seem Bonaventure is well will be taking on. The winner of saint Joe's and UMass. Once that teams decided I think they play saint Joe's and UMass to Holland Bonaventure. Will get underway NBA ten tournament. And Wednesday at 230 so that's the best ball actually going around. It's that time of year. And it's given me a while this time of year when it comes to basketball right now. But we're still talking about the hierarchy and the GMs right now. They're down for another meeting abouts. A slew of things one of the things I'm their agenda. They have like a little numbered agenda that I saw. And for some reason I can't find it anywhere anymore. But one of the things that was on their agenda I think it was the second. I don't. The definition. Of off sites. Now got a problem with this because this. Could go down a real stupid path. If you go down the stupid path of the NH NHR and a ball catch the what is a catch what is all sides. Off site is literally one of the most easily defined things that there is. If you're. In the offensive zone before the puck you're off sides. If your state is on the Blue Line in the pockets in the zone. You're not off sides. Terrence defied all sites. Curtis that's the definition of all sides I hope this isn't a long discussion with the GMs because. It's pretty freaking easy. Surprised me of last year when Mike Milbury and NBC. Advocated for making the penalty reflect the puck out of play in your own and making that subjective call. Subjective call this so like either refereed be like he didn't mean. To to flip it out of play intentionally really what he wants I think it's there's only a minute left that really don't wanna call panel be here and give that team power play so. We're gonna give me out here so I don't ethical. Yeah no I'm not so I'm not for that's enough for that I'm not for. A defining having a discussion about the definition of all sides. A much of their talking about the definition of how it's rubbed you mobile especially no reason to have a discussion. On the definition of oxides. It's bad one of them. At least my brain hurt unless you wanna meet the definition of offside you wanna get rid of the blue lines legacy is a suggestion. You wanna get rid of all sides all the gathered OK we have that discussion or why make it like a maybe I wouldn't be in favor of this personally like soccer rule where it's you hurt. Can only go to the last defender or your all sides if you're talking about it in a massive change like that. Sure have a discussion about it but if you're keeping the blue lines as are there is. No reason that discussion about it maybe they wanna meet the blue lines and arched like the three point line Ohio and I'm welcome Melissa and if they're gonna make a drastic change but if there's going to be like okay the player. Is it. The team dumps the puck in. And where is over on the line by its no one touches it before. The players I don't I don't even know where I'm going with this so I can't even finish that thought because it's completely asinine and sells the discussion. The definition of offside strategy and meeting that go back to the phones here we got Korean hammers courier in the nightcap. They had long dead and burst of ball. I wanna they are PK libel for bring it back the band I care of my life. You cool with that. That dialogue. Second thing for an update our perimeter people avoid. Which didn't suck this year I love in the begat. He did a great care is. Valuable big daddy to destroy the red dog beer with them is that bottom. And then not very evolve my idea order the I will be killed something to change everything up here would actually be too. Has two things that you're not you know it just as did. The third icing when you're on the beat cal would actually be deleted in healthy and everything it that would Beagle gave. They would have strategy to add something to be game ready to pay attention or your ad now I want to place and it would create more often in the people be more at it and if clear and they get happy to. That's that's interesting thanks for the call Korean appreciate. The red dog beer reference it was a big red dog fan and a lot about red dog memorabilia. When I was younger just because I don't even know why I had it but the one time my mom like throughout red dog that I had. And we had merlot and a duplex at the time and we have some appreciating neighbors and the next day mom throughout this half. And the kid next door had had gone and I just about lost it probably threw a temper tantrum away for the the Boston Common driveway. How was not pleased with that red dog happy given away so. Good read out but about that that idea that would make kids. That's an interesting idea because he still it's just eliminating it completely. You still get a couple opportunities to ice the puck. And then you have to do what you sat that about where you are on the ice. If it is is an opportune time to take your time in Euro zone and make a break I'll pass out just slapping it down the ice all these things would come into play in the and yeah get a delay of game penalty. For the third one. Isn't the same like 33 or four clearances and penalty kill and you killed off the penalty. That would definitely change that sort of mentality when approaching the penalty kill if you word to. On meek make changes to the icing rule and not sure if that's something they would discuss with GMs about about the penalty killed just may be getting rid of icing or this idea. But it's. Especially never really thought about before. Tonight with with these guys Conan in calling in about. Icing on the calculus one of those other rules much like the faceoff dots in the offensive zone it's just like not something. I've considered even changing because it's just what I know. And those are the types of idea is that really need to come to the forefront because it creates a discussion about it. And then maybe you don't go all the way to you eliminates icing completely and get to that idea where it's too icing is in the eye and a delay game penalty. Or irked. Even maybe it's just too light scenes and that and you get to clear twice for free. And then if you do the third time it's just a normal icing where comes back into your own zone. And yet take the face off with a faceoff dot now directly from your not and set that aside. But who knows these these changes could create domino facts throughout the week. At two inches sing Texan that I wanna read to see what you think of them first not limit. The penalty kill to three players so essentially. You can go down to delete icon to. Or five under point academic that would have special effect over time yeah I assume because the threat threes you'd be allowed three on two. Power plays in overtime sent fourth theory right and the other one is when you pull the goalie the goal is to. The goal is to silica to total. So it's like it's like Mario super strikers like yes exactly like this is exactly right the super striker. All where you can you get the special goal or whatever it took. Politics you don't you pull the you're the team. That is pulling the goalie and it's two goals it's to go now would allow only down one goal and all of a sudden you get a double goal. In my mind. That would create a lot more situations where maybe you're down by one in the second period in Uga power play meager gonna go to six on four to try to get those two right there. Really they're gonna see a lot of might seal of the. Just polling polling the goal we randomly in a game to be like you know what we're we're down we're down own 62 here. Need to double its its we got up we got a power play. Rippled going to second period let's pull the goalie here because we got a power play we got a nice six on four and maybe we get a shot at a double. You know that's not my favorite idea. I definitely am not an advocate for double Eagles think you know you put the puck in the net wants counts is one goal but. I'm a little ridiculous little ridiculous but I like the idea became common it's a fresh idea something I never thought of Sophie. You want you want a double bull shark. I'll discuss that. In my early. Think about too much you know think that the GMs think about it too much but hey. It's it's definitely. A different idea some taxes and about boats off sides get rid of all sides all together and hockey and two line pass into excrete increase. Scoring. Agreed off sides find no reviews loud if more than two seconds have been played in the zone. But the killer from all sides mistakes happen guilt that I can agree with that especially hockey game so fast they go okay periphery. Especially with these off sides challenges where it's literally like him micro meter in between ski in line. Your game is her and for goals so bad already. Well why do you wanna take away a goal I reviewing someone's skate blade being. Being the space between my finger and thumb as tiny as I can make it. From two minutes ago to get rid of a goal it's. Asinine to do that's and so I I can agree with you know getting rid of that review system because. In you'd hate to see and the game two and if I did these these these guys these refereeing sometimes they go over to adapt Booth where they'd look at. The one time it wasn't iPhone. They look at these tiny little tablets with four K images for case rates. Tremendous pitcher the depth in four key is unbelievable. We Russians title screen. Why not just have everything you're trying to. Just if if I was in charge of review some of the reviews going anywhere. But there's never any reason for an umpire a refereed to put on the had sat and look at a screen themselves. They should be able to just could stop on the handset if you want if you want to direct communication. From ought Toronto or where ever. But there's no reason. To have these guys look at video you don't need the refereeing is looking at the video you just need to have a objective guy in an office you hire me to do it if you want in PB very well to do it. I'll watch every single hockey game every night and tell you other guys off sides or not or whether that's legal or not. I'd probably do a battered and you're already doing it so he can't be much worse. But. Why don't we gotta love the rougher we look at the video doesn't make any sense it's close game down so much. I agree but. The one that counterpoint I'll have to that is in the NB AD directories to look at it but it's way more efficient if a screen they can lift up and that pretty good size. Like computers almost immediately TV screen yet and they can just lifted up and and can control every play and it takes like a minute. Yeah that would be sweet. I mean still it's still your right is taking more time in New York situation which is what you should do but they are subject if you're gonna have refs look at it the NBA's ways we quicker than. You can understand. I think originally won the NFL with me and implemented replay they did just bought like this. Because there's the eye in the sky looking at the replay in deciding whether or not it's a good call or not earth that's a touchdown or not because like okay who is this person. Are they being influenced by outside things as opposed to look at this refereed here Mike did he asked to be. Objective I guess so let's make sure he's the one looking at that and getting the final say on the call. For me just put to the guy who's watching all the games he need to have it in every stadium where there is a person. Hired by the league that is fair for every single home game and is watching it and just calls down access and that's this is the call. That's at this. I think it's really simple apparently I didn't understand frank. So he's back here to clarify because I got his idea completely wrong frank taken away. I want. It'd be important that. Should be great up and making me. Or. About Eric Holder are. Our what are your. Pop up you know what I'd put the patient. Is well. Find a way to find a way to get it out without just clamping it down the ice I know it's not ideal but the eight year on the you're in the penalty kill you to compel the got to pay. But your dad thought a lot of talk. You can order are wet but he's. This is it's an idea that's being floated around generally from some of the callers here that OK so if you're on the penalty kill. You would not be allowed to ice the puck and I understand like OK what are you supposed to do but that's that's the point is is to make the penalty kill. Harder so that it's okay you're really you can't just slipped on the ice and have the team go retrieve it you have to really find a way to get out of yourself effectively as opposed to just slap it right down gas. Isn't that what the dirt. And make it this year a lot work. You guys. Critical that it bought. Are summaries and a record company and take themselves. And great human and it really physical players also were coming from. And those are changing here we get it in. And I have. Credible actor protector you're. And all ages. Elgin a common problem here. Yeah I'm not sure where it really seems like this year it's it's really taken over where. And you'll you'll see a game and you'll see two guys who are about to go added they're like they got their hands on each other. The novice on the Ralph Reed Johnson. And sometimes these players even drop the gloves and one player has a huge advantage because the referees Hagen won where the our guys socket on the face. And this player is defenseless. Because he's got a refereeing. And dual. So I don't know where that's coming from either and and maybe it's a mandate from the league because. They're the only league that's fighting is allowed in and you. You've played in the NBA you get suspended you fight in football you get suspended you fighting. What's the other one and I'll be I mean there really even flight obviously kind of Guinness rounds usually liberals. They have more brawls than football in basketball basketball doesn't have brawls anymore because. David Stern sold. Came down so hard. On basketball brawls that he was like this isn't happening it's just not happening and if it does happen you're gonna. Be out of the game for a pretty long time so we came down hard it's not that that the NHL. Fighting is part of the game and players notice a players get in the game and it's part of the entertainment value. Having a fight in the game you know it's not ideal unknown like you know wants you one. Kids just a fight. I know I played pond hockey have a nice little fake hockey fight was half the fun dropped gloves your body grab his Jersey. Gumbel this little you know sock to the jaw. Whatever almost fallen. But. I'm what you frank I don't know why these are freeze this year have really it seems like they've taken it upon themselves anytime there is. They these two guys are there dirge dirge on the church and at each other. They're shaken the globs and two linesmen come in and all of a sudden there before anything can happen. Let it go its part the flow in the emotion of the game and part of the entertainment of the game as well. You may not want to showcase fighting in your lead but there's no denying when there's a fight. At a sabres game there's a fight at any of these Arenas throughout the league can't get on their feet. Fans get excited for it and if you are about appealing to your fans I'm not saying you have that. That there needs to be behind brawls like there was in the 1970s when that was out of control or even in the ninety's in some of these games where it was really out of control sometimes. But that. Intensity that fight here that emotion is all part of the NHL game. And if it's two guys who are going at all game they're trading jabs the train spears are trading slashes the train crossed Jack's and then they decide they want to go edits. Woke up. I don't quite get in the way they're gonna sit in the box for five minutes anyways so it takes care of itself usually these guys fight. Yeah apple bold job all sharp a little more but. It's not often. The only time I remember really guys getting in the multiple flights recently has banned Evander Kane. And Patrick Beck went Cain is going to and go to the guy and that's what. I'll still awesome. I was still awesome if you ask me so I would know on allies linesman continued jumping on these flights I agree with you for a car. He got I think Joey look like you say something of an and app hunter fight last year went to probably about a dozen games yeah I need to win that game out my favorite game years because yes it's was on fans while that. It was probably loud at that arena was the entire time I was there. Last year. I can believe that they can definitely believe that that's the point that now fights they're not great I guess if you're. You're looking for. I don't know like different ways to solve your problems but in the NHL. It's. As part of policing their own game and sometimes. While liberties to begin. And you feel like it hasn't ban. Properly taking care of by officials. And that's this vigilante justice I think is what they're trying to go against but. Fans love it fans love it and they don't think it's like a barbarian activity. New York State just opened anime back up the we don't need and we don't need these rules to tell us what entertainment we can enjoy we know we enjoyed we enjoy fighting in hockey let's just leave it at that. It's pretty simple. It'll 30551888550. To 515 good stuff keep the calls come in and this guy Jerry in Amherst apparently wants fighting outlawed we'll we'll get him get him coming up after the break this is Brian Jones the nightcap on WGR. Fighting. He made the rounds people love that guy. You can hear the crowd there should drop the gloves cargo lots. Of people like fighting. Your camera by Pete apparently doesn't like fighting. Maybe a call back. A news just in. Kurt Ian Rapoport the bills have giving and running back might feel asleep in our original around our feet under. A source tells them that was the fifth round. And that they will try to work an extension so at this point today another team can come in. Tried to. To outbid the bills for my queue mostly service and defense team. If the bills decide not to match that team's offer. For Michael asleep that team would be required to give the bills it is fifth round pick in exchange for Mike Gillis Lee. That's just come in. From Ian Rapoport the bills giving Mike Gillis we in any regional round. Our feet under and of course about news from the bills today they did release Dan Carpenter decal Roby Coleman long snapper garrison Sanborn. Tight end it Gerald Christian since. Christian Gerald Christian just Christian ended safety. Guy I have never heard of so that the bills make five cuts today Phil Thomas Philip Thomas felt sorry if you're listening fill up I don't and I mean push down with my lack of knowledge of and I thought safety spots. You who have become by the Buffalo Bills they now with all those cuts have a rounded 24 million dollars in cap space to work with. And if they decide to. Not pick up Tyrod Taylor's option. They now go rounds. 39 million in cap space depending on their decision there so. They tender Mike you're asleep then we'll see where that moves our forward from here we've been talking about the NHL. Ideas to make the game battered the G yams down and opera time. They're talking about that as well. In 30551. 888550. To 550 if you got any thoughts about that college basketball it is March Madness time. And the UB women's team me are going to Cleveland I believe they will plea on. Wednesday. Not sure exactly policy. I'm looking at right here march 8 Saudia that would be Wednesday. I'll be taking on balls states in Cleveland time to be determined. But they move on to Cleveland after winning. The Mac championship last year and they're looking to repeat there of course the UB none have gone back to back in the Mac championship. So they are also looking to move forward. They are waiting around until March 9 and they will be facing off the winner of Kent State and central Michigan. There and action right now. And I can state has made a big comeback 8481. They now lead. And about five minutes remaining in that one once again UB gonna be taking and the winner. Of that of that team and will will see what UBS has done against either of those teams are state. And I feel like when I was younger paying attention to college basketball Kent State was always a pretty good pretty good Mac team go to the eight time. A saint Bonaventure I I lighter earlier I was misinformed. The first round games will take place on Wednesday so that will be UMass vs saint Joe's the winner of that game. We'll go on to face saint Bonaventure and tip off for their quarterfinal game. Will be in court file first round second round whatever you want caught. It'll be and Thursday 2:30. PM tipoff for the bodies on NBC sports network. Makes me a little bit sad because the last couple years but part of actress had. The later gained either at six or 830. And I've been able to go to the thirsty buffalo which is the local saint Bonaventure bar and buffalo and all the bodies meet up there and former roommate. Who was Bonnie so I'd go there with him and be with. The good times drinks would be at jolts up. So. Of course people know or if you don't know. First round common to buffalo Jackson is and you spent racquet technology right now it's a big named schools projected to be pulling in buffalo. Yes where the first they have playing games sixteen seed which you know the Oki was the mount Saint Mary's vs north Carolina central. So beard smaller school and and other three they have defending national champion. Villanova projected to be point here in buffalo got pretty nicely and then 89 games here in buffalo they have. Currently projected as the U Miami vs Michigan. Miami vs Michigan and of course their head coach. John Beilein yet is he buffalo native I know he coached here and members fees from. I below. He appears Carolina. Have to. Obviously search that real quick but yet he. Is from Bert New York. On or that is. But he is the coach he he goes coach Jack teaches for a little while he coached at new theme Erie community college Nazareth. So he's been around. Around here tonight count. Niagara counties are just SO yet John Daly and the local guy. I'll be nice for him coming to buffalo and coach his team if that were to shake out that way. So yeah I mean the tournament is coming to buffalo. IA always enjoy. The tournament. Mean I think everyone does this one of the the greatest events in all of sports to get those big upsides. I did go a few years ago I mean a few years ago is this little liberal at this point it was the year that VCU. Had beaten duke and then they went on to face pet. They are down seventeen points to that they make a big comeback and VCU. It. They lose in overtime I was like really close to the pit cheering section. And it was it was a it was nice experience because the NCAA tournament. Is like nothing else and getting it here in buffalo buffalo volleys complemented very well. For the way that they handle the tournament and now there's more and more and more to do. Around that area so these fans who have been here previously. If they travel from you know a few hours away. If they're traveling in with their schools this year whether be from Villanova our from. North Carolina central they're coming into they've got a lot of options of things to do down there and I'll really be able bushel off the growth of buffalo. As as an area because it's right down the arena simplest six popped up about new bars down there. It's it's an area that has really improved in buffalo and it's going to be showcase as the attorney comes to town. So our royalties in Niagara can he says they both were eliminated from the and AAC. Tournament the beam natural athletic. Atlantic athletic conference. Wanna yes something like that that they're done. UB gonna be an action on Thursday. With their quarterfinal game. Against either. Mail yet yet either why I've read this group know nevermind I am I can't read right now. But they will be in action against the winner of Kent State central Michigan plant real close game right now 87. To 86. And usher this is gone anywhere for your local UB fanned out to watch this to watch these teams so it's and sorry I can't have you. And he further ESPN two actually no its that's a lie. That's Narnia Caspian to points and you're. But back to the NHL rules changes. Jealous Ali you have some yet submerged in one's there. Are so my life for my idea was. Due to the blue lines. We're gonna make the senator Priceline which currently serves no purpose we're gonna make while gas pricing. We're gonna make that the Blue Line we're gonna eliminate the neutral zone Gannett to offensive zone to any side open up the game. We're missing a lot more goals can be a lot more room to skate I think. That was my first idea. And I'm always in favor McCann and expect maybe not a whole foot which. Who called and 77 by 500. Feet by five I was thinking more like a pock pock and a half length on each sides you know. A little bit of a difference and of course and when you get. Goalie equipment weed out. Yeah the goalie equipment. Will be. We'll be interesting to. They always talk about how it's I brought this up earlier how it's they always. Talk about how its safety safety safety by their pads are so big yet you have defenseman like. Mike Weber and gene Rickey back in the day or blocking hundreds of shops a year. And they're the same shot that goalie stopping in their fine yeah it hurt. While they give her more often Henman has let it happily there it's. The players' safety indeed you get these guys are celebrated for running their bodies on the line and goalies are all different beast because they are all little crazy for taking these shots at them all the time I would have personally do it. These guys are a little bit crazy. I'm not saying they have to Wear the same pads as a defenseman on to say no they don't they don't need all what they have yeah it's it's. A lot a lot of equipment right now I was watching NHL network for the team. Yesterday and they had the Pittsburgh Penguins feed and house facilities Pittsburgh and announcers roots sports. Medium biased. Because we know I was watching the sabres and their network but these guys were awful it. We we my friend and I. Were sitting there you know join a few beverages playing a drinking game every time. That the color commentator and don't have these guys names. Every time the card commentary would mention. Under is Nielsen's height we would drink and probably finished a solid two Beers because of the amount of times this guy imagined under Nielsen's highly. Six sex. I wasn't sure exactly what honors Nielsen it was honestly until yesterday but I'm ever going to forget now so I guess he Camille Little bit of service. Me reference is split similar game like that back in the day except instead of something like that we would. Those playoff game we would have to drink every Dampier require mentioned where somebody played junior or. Well be gain the active act too intoxicated. I'm pretty sure we did last through the first period yet no that's not a game you can keep up. And is now gain and keep up listening to appear. The list off all these things because. He kidding here it's every time he says a player's name. He mentions where their point where they grew up a college team junior team any connections name may or may not have any connections that the mere mean I have. All eyes are bringing up one more quick. Quick. Text and TU 55515. Brainstorming new NHL rules as many goals as you can score during penalties gold is now free the player from the pound box serve the full time in the box that matter why. I think that's something that has also discussed meeting and GM's circles let's that's been brought up on the station before. Ways to increase scoring. And yeah that's it that's another one again like that an unheard of orbit that you serve the full two minutes to tuck the penalty. If the our team scores used in the box because that's applaud you slashed back. Even if it is Portland call. You know 30551. EEE 550 to 550 Q my game and any last minute thoughts with me. Otherwise. I got a little issue. With some morning so I'll get in to that. More in the last segment here in the nightcap listen to WGR. Hat off to. ESPN radio four that night. Quickly. The caps Andrew Bogut he cited the cavs. He got the game for about two minutes and he now has fractured his left tibia. So Andrew Boe gets run with the cavs. Did not last very long sorry for you Andrew Bogut cavs get a ring I guess you'd still get those so. It. For point two minutes yeah aid eat it he got in the game for very short period of time in nine the he's on the team. Now what's his name got a ring let Andersen version I gotta wring out your order was on the warriors. Saw a hole. But Turkey gets he gets a ring littering and also I want to say before I start talking about an issue half way it does so much equivalent. The and I. Don't have them rate front I mean now. But. And they signed their first player in owl in the official team in the league. And they can sign players read a duke. Reid duke is this kid's name Andy is going to get his opportunity. To play with the biggest Golan Heights he plays for Brandon wheat kings correct. Yeah alongside known actor. Who. Gophers. Probably it probably will go first overall sport. So this is Neil duke character in the first ever golden Ali. 250 points and 300 in six WHO games with a lot bridge and read and so they got their first player George McPhee staying out of the GMs at the at the GM meetings at Vegas scope and as soon. The expansion draft is gonna be coming at us in a few months so it's it's fun to think about the it's one thing about civil war I'm sure all. Have plenty of time talking about of Vegas and the expansion draft and all those facts coming up in the next few months but quickly here. I'm the kind of guy that and not really. I get to what sites are not super needs and believe it or not IE kind of when Sam dirty on clean up after awhile. But I'm definitely a little Massey a little bit of the slot. And I think a lot of roommate turnover lately and I don't consider this any faults Mario. I was living with a couple guys one guy moved out the word I could afford rent anymore so I moved in with my friend she kicked the other guy out that she moved out her brother moved in in his front moved in. Now we're in the situation memory and now. The being whipped on the original roommate that I moved in with her brother and now it's front. And the mother brother for. Abouts. Since may of last year may June of last year. And his friend recently moved in probably around December so he's done. Good guy good guy liking now with film we get along and no real issues he's you know Massey that means in Canada and haven't three guise of you know 222325. It's there's there's a lot of lot of Massa goes round ends. Now so we don't have that the queen is pleased by about a high level. Of patience for that kind of stuff really. Clean up a little bit everyone and do their development but one thing he's been doing lately it's only started lately that's been driving me insane. I'll go to the bathroom in the morning everything will be normal open in my cabinet. Commit to brush out. Why it underneath the faucet. Look to that toothpaste. And the capital beyond. And then I have to squeeze the toothpaste. Through this hard and a little hurt. That it has made its way on the top of the cap because it's an air rating for a few hours he goes to work earlier than I do I multiple hours. And I have to push out this this harding's toothpaste. And then get to the regular toothpaste. For something that literally takes two seconds. Not even a minute it takes two seconds to scroll on I kept the toothpaste and meant God's sake. His stock and other remain about how much you know but having a lot of patience lately with with her body. But this is doing is I didn't get fired up all of this over this toothpaste cap a it's so simple he would do it so quickly in its that makes a better. Chief brushing experience. For everyone else in the house two questions first yeah weapon to birth before the toothpaste yeah. And then you re wedded again before brushing. I what I what the or what the brush and then I apply the toothpaste in the night what it again and IE brush a second question. Why not buyer into this all let me tell. This is my toothpaste. We ran out of toothpaste we hear surviving on little travel toothpaste and my friend is getting from work so that I went out and I bought toothpaste and this is the toothpaste I'm a guy who likes to share. If if we live together you know we're shared a lot of things are shared dishes are sharing like. A rat occasionally if Cameron now a proud again your breath my brat figure to face is my toothpaste. So that's why get seated gets me even more because I provided this toothpaste are provided the service to the house getting toothpaste. And that's how he does mean he does need to return the captain toothpaste one quickly quickly to the tax line before take off year. WTO if you work on the radio and can't afford to let alone tell those cheap guys you need a race. To the combine multiple toothpaste so I let alone which is hey. I don't know where you are out there. Text guy but. It's something that is in my mind so maybe later this week I'll I'll talk to the powers that be. And hopefully I'll be able to buy my own toothpaste that shared with anyone it's your money nice apartment with myself in the meantime I would suggest may be tied to this. Oh a lot of back and why these kids of toothpaste. Any doubt bill that dual happen don't force them to go out and buy their own toothpaste this kid born haunts my toothpaste down forty buys its own toothpaste on. It's gone. I have got another tubes and their two missile are really wanted to I could just open up my own toothpaste and capital time but it's it's more about the principle anything. The principle of taking the two seconds it takes to cap the toothpaste. But all he doesn't listen to the show I'll think. About Obama will be like Dan listen. Just play in the thought. He got he got capped the toothpaste he's got to do it it's on the simplest things that's ever been done he's got to do it. I can't do it forever. That's it for me. Joseph thanks for sticking around good show thanks for everyone who called in the expert or tweeted texted us. It's it's been a lot of fun talking about the NHL and I will have more for you coming up sabres back match tomorrow in a BC seven game. They got the flyers at 730. So. Trouble about will be down at 716 with pregame I'm back Wednesday Thursday neat Kyrie will be joining me and the sabres back in action once again. And for writing an extra one for contributing SPN radio coming up next nightcap on WG.