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03/08 Jeremy White on the Tyrod Taylor Contract

Mar 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Roaring so you're working bird you're working your sources say it this afternoon nicely. Yeah I was a centrist people the down in the windy area. But. That it wouldn't some looting negotiate them on Applera. Taylor contract it felt because. Any restructuring got to ask like all right what they're for this guy more than a four deep. So. Yeah I mean I think ultimately what happened the built come away with a pretty good looking deal for all sides. And for Taylor. Now I gotta thank you would have checked the marketplace. And even though he can't technically you don't talk to other teams have become Biden would be real we will probably happen. Yeah and it's beneficial for everybody involved to actually go off because. You know that decision was looming. So in the white what your saying in some of these tweets is your fury on the restructure its fifteen point five million total. And I'm with you I'm sure that's at the combine his agent was out there working with other teams. And maybe the market wasn't out their forum but this deal for the bills seems extremely friendly and it sounds like. Essentially this says. Almost like another play year for Taylor and much like this year. Yeah I would think a little bit about Mike Lamb and what about Mike went to work two million dollars coaches didn't Q would you buy a big chunk of change. Our element we were about the same. And what the bill had. Or they'll have with Taylor is they have a leg up he plays here yet teammate he had friends and he does that excellent. And so like the bill would look at that leg up and for Taylor he's at the point is curry doing everything he can you expect carmaker much money at all. If you're in your Tyrod shooters you look at all the teams and thank all where are the best chance to you know put up good numbers we've game. The answer might beat the bill you know we've got a pretty good job for you see and so policy another year with whoever I sign. Maybe the bill would give read at best chance though. You know you go on the market the whole more than Michael and maybe what eighteen maybe seventeen would be guaranteed. But. He's trying to bet on himself for another year and then maybe a third and four. Well you wanna find the best situation and get this close you as an on the money her. And I think that might be part of how Tyrod Taylor is wired to the way that he came into the league and maybe even his side is comes into this Bud's. Coming in as a back up and then having to. Come to buffalo compete for the starting job he took less money to come here because he wanted that chance to compete for starting jobs. And he always feels the need Eddie's always proving himself I guess so why would he come back to buffalo where. He became aisle and sat at one point he hears a lot of the noise is about him from. Media members and fans to kind of prove people wrong about himself and what better place to do it and here. Yeah and you know when it comes through the money he was guaranteed on that option that was point seven million you know debated bill picked that up. They would be basically locking in a guarantee a 27 million. And if you shop around or come by and there right you know who could we're gonna met 27 in a beat twenty. I'm not get in there'd be a lot of you know off a lot of answers that the a permit their though. And org right. Cleveland city if your car completely you know all. I'm probably a bridge guy how quickly they try to replace it with the jets the jets are taking right. They're going in the wrong direction Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco maybe that's it ain't gonna think he probably really believes that. He can beat a long term starter here and I don't think that's all that unrealistic. You know he has the exact same C and he had had his first few years even though that is limited and not. Exactly prolific passing game if the defense sort of be fixed and air to win ten games. Well Egypt back the next year on the about a month stories in there you're just the kind of thing where the bill would say it let. You we can you compare that cup teams generally worked at the oil supper along route you are little more bond from the quarterback if you Bellic you edit Goodyear has all the cross. Yeah exactly an anti Iraq I think. He gets to know what. He's going to be getting this year whiff. The breakdown is an offense coming in something that he's that kind of familiar with and those guys. Being super interest in and around sell I would think the coaching staff has spoken to calm and he probably feels comfortable. Being with those guys supposed to having to go while improve it somewhere else. When I about it being a lot of these fields the coaches feel comfortable with him. You know for recurrent talk about work ethic and character you know your first time head coach. You're gonna wanna look like you know what you're doing right out of the gate at in Burkina not a quick start that whether that's with. A college kid that you don't know all the year and try to get the Knoll or its free agent the sign I had a couple months here to kind of get to know each other. So I'm Tyrod had a leg up with the bill and the bill title like Tyrod. And for me right the big takeaways that when I was afraid of the built picking up this option. It's because I didn't want them to get. Saddle NB desperate at the same time like Ali we. We have to keep this guy he's the best that we had in ten years old court we have to pick up that option. From the sound of how this all went down there or are absolutely going to walk away bold direction. Conversation about Brian Hoyer or such on our approach or built in contact reporter I believe that is true. So this whole pirate thing came from down in the last twelve hours it would not locked in order to get this done. This one of them kinda like willing to walk away from it and you don't get the most orbital quarterback they could. Financially responsibly. And it appears to me the that it could end up being Tyrod Taylor is that guy because it is a workable by. I mean you hear Sean McDermott say during his conference call and even on the John Murphy shall earlier that. They explore their options and that's kind of what McDermott has been billed as as this guy who can. Take a look at things and he's gonna take his time be methodical with all of that ended. He's back and seeing Tyrod Taylor because Tyrod has been at the facility with his rehab he's had to have had a lot of conversations with this guy. And I just think. It's usually a good fit between those two the way that Sean McDermott talks and that no nonsense kind of attitude that he brings it seems that kind of that would Tyrod Taylor because see you'd hear him in the media and it's never any nonsense he's pretty straightforward. Yep well I mean you know he would ultimately how it. How it plays out I saw a report that. Tyrod had kind of got on reported by more this offseason and now we see that. Our coach McDermott are moving pool tables and pay bar tables Paul business. At home is that I mean some of the best players really enjoy playing big onkyo. I don't know I we will see other ultimately play as well my guess is it. And and the putter story afterwards or they win a lot of games all of that renewed focus. On paying the non being on bill's real well. And it. Yeah always the story the story goes that with how the team goes a lot about that journey. Her dark if at this start lol they know their fight. It's a ping pong table and a lot of what ample. Yeah I mean you get get fifa back in their these guys while placing before I know your big fifa fan so I. You get it back. Everybody wants to put it up. I Jerry extra hard that they are. Jerry like I'm the AT&T hotline he had some contract details talk a little bit about those and those details will continue to kind of leak out. Through out this week I'm sure they'll beat me official at some point.