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03/08 Night Cap HR 1

Mar 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Her everybody welcome and it's the nightcap on WG are gonna have a pretty good show here Fauria Tyrod Taylor obviously good news of the day overshadowing. One of the other. Big quarterback moves of the day. Vince Young signing a contract with Saskatchewan in the CI fell Vince young and making his return to professional football. I think it's we don't wanna overlook that I just want to get that get that all the way quickly to make sure that hey you might have heard it first on WG from me. Vince Young is making his return to professional football. In the CFL so we got that out the way we're gonna have Sean McDermott's conference call coming up next hour. We'll hear from his conference call with the media we didn't get deployed on WG I our target that to you and Jeremy White he'd just released buyouts. About half hour ago were cell. Nazis some some details about the restructure. Tyrod Taylor's contract and the way that journey makes it sound and questioning whether this is eight restructure or eight renegotiation. And what the hell the differences. Because it's being called restructure. By all these outlets. But from my understanding of what restructure was it was just taking the money and moving it around to Biden nothing real lead changes guarantee wise. It's loans as journey says in his tweet hearing TDs guarantee and restructure its fifteen point five million total. That sounds like it's a renegotiation. And not a restructure but I'm. Scott talks on the radio so without an all right. Industrial 551888550. To 550 are the phone numbers here. If you get in on the conversation about Tyrod Taylor are happy that he's back a what does it mean for the Buffalo Bills moving forward do you view this is just a short sighted move to make a push for the playoffs and ignore. The gaping hole in the quarterback position that is back here cents. And engine. He retired. Or are you happy to see Tyrod Taylor back and they're getting excited for four season should be pretty entertaining. With hand them understand her with a new coach with. Maybe. There's going to be new wide receiver rounds here at some points there they're just asked to be. Because the only foreign roster right now art Sammy Watkins hands does Lewis and called realist and be in wall Powell's. You're gonna see some you're gonna see some stuff but what does. The Tyrod Taylor restructured contract. I mean it to you as a fan that's what I wanna hear. For me in a 30551888550. To 550 and it's it's an interesting. It's interesting that this came out because earlier. I just minutes before Milosevic ten minutes before John moral. I'll be Associated Press came out and was talking that the bills had been in discussion. Well if Brian Hoyer Brian Hoyer has the potential. Guide that the bills were bringing in. And then really shortly after that and Shia after reports. And that's saying that the bills every structure Tyrod Taylor's contract and the bills just announced it themselves. That Tyrod is in fact going to be coming back and eat restructured deal. So it's going to be a good time it's gonna be good time right. That's all these bills fans are thinking out there there's no doom and gloom. Now from what I'm hearing. I. I don't know I don't know about that I think would put this deal and I kind of got into this a little bit when I shop and the Bulldog on the on their briefly. It's the bills were pushing for the playoffs this year and there was no doubt about it they were looking for ways. June make the playoffs I think Doug Whaley. It's his job. Is the key he might not necessarily see it or Nolan might come out and say it. But I think he is kind of on the line here this is his roster had to tell now this is his roster completely. And always got input from coaches. Obviously got a lot of input from coaches and this decision. For keeping Tyrod Taylor round. But there's. Going to be. Consequences this year I think if you take a look out what the bills have coming up with the salary cap and next year. Going into 2018 so after the 2017 season here the bills will only have. I mean it's like they signed Patrick DiMarco today to a multiyear deal he'll be around still I guess I'm sure they'll make other other moves as well. Only have 25 players under contract going into next year Kyle Williams is going to be. Out of his deal Eric what is gonna be out of his deal Corey Graham. Gone these are all contracts that are gonna be running out at the end of the season so I think the bills and maybe specifically when he Lee. Sees this as like I have to make a push here now because. Next year. It's gonna be even tougher they're looking at sixty million in cap space next season after next season. They only have 25 players signed. It's 100 million dollars that they have invested. In those 25 players so they're gonna have to fill out to the B roster somewhere else so for me. I think this move is completely about. They're making the push for this season and maybe this is a bad read by me because the bills never seem to be the team. Who has the foresight. But I would just think the bills don't make the playoffs this year especially now that Tyrod Taylor is gonna be background you brought in the new coach they Jian this'll be. 2014205216. Points and he'll be his fourth year as GM. How much time do you need as a general manager. Even with the new owners to you kind of shell that you can. Craft a roster that. Is going to work or find a quarterback. I think the bills look at their options the bills are there options Sean McDermott says it is conference call they took a look at all their options. They must've realized that Tyrod Taylor was probably among the best options they're gonna get an. I would kind of wanna wait until I hear from Jeremy White about these these contract details. Because I don't think there's there's a scenario that might have played out between the team and Tyrod Taylor that. Made Tyrod think okay. If I restructured contract and comfortable here in buffalo. And this new coaching staff does a lot of good things to say I like what they're saying. I I know the offensive coordinator Rick Diana say I know what he's about I've I've done with him about an assist dom. And I really wanna give it another go here in buffalo maybe that's part of the reason why he took the view buster money deal. In order to stay here because this might have done a better situation for him. Then what I think potentially. Could have happened to Islam and that was the trade to the Cleveland Browns in I don't have any authority. I'm saying this I don't have any source is anything like that. But it it seems to me like our. A real scenario there was these rumors flying around that the bills would hurt the browns were intrastate and Tyrod Taylor David Lee had gone over there. The quarterbacks coach here the past two seasons and Rex Ryan and key while working with Tyrod Taylor. So I think there might abandon a scenario or maybe the bills are like listen. We really do like you lobby figures are bust option moving into this season. Bloods. The Cleveland Browns have an offer on the table that we really like if you aren't going to be willing to restructure this contract. And we would like you to restructure or we're gonna pull the trigger on this trade and let's send it to Cleveland. In May be Tyrod and his all conjecture it is one I wanna make sure this is out there this is all conjecture mute sounds like okay. To really don't wanna go to Cleveland. So call all. Restructured his contract for you so that you. Can't you feel more comfortable with me as the quarterback to be able to open up some cap space. And bill will push some things down the line and we're still waiting to see the full details I don't know. When these four details are going to be coming out about this contract. But may be that that was kind of the thought. And then my ideal with. All of this is. You look at next season and the bells have a lot of money tied up in the that the top part of their roster and next season it's it's a very top heavy. The top ID salary. When you're looking at it. And they came in and who journeys saying. But as reports on the salary that it's going to be eight million dollars after this season if the bills decide I think in part ways with Tyrod Taylor. It'll be eight million dollars in debt cap. And then you're looking at other guys and I think if I may be the bills go down the route of the New York shots. Where it's okay where we're gonna try to. Strip some of our older veterans are are guys that are making a lot of money and cut down to reduce and cap savings and kind of it. Go with the youth movement on our roster. And there's there's guys that. Going into next season and you could you to part ways where even. Dare I say Marcel Darius if you're if you're into that still. You could cut Marseille there is June 1 2018. And the death cab money for that is eight point seven million. So the bills were looking and may be. The B reached the rebuild the rebuild of the team maybe there are looking had a two. Okay this year. We have to make the polish Doug Whaley said we're close how many times. So you know and his mind that this team is close that it wasn't going to be this year. That the the rebuild happens and I don't think you'll ever happen underdog lately I think he's always going to be pushing with this roster it says roster. It's the one that he created he's always going to be pushing for that roster to be in the playoffs. But maybe. If the season doesn't go a certain way and it's more of the same more of the treadmill despair the eight needs to seven and nine. Maybe at the end of the season it's Doug Weight Lee who is on the chopping block they bring in. Now they've got Sean McDermott who has connections all over the football world because that was part of the reason why did you leave that Doug Weight he stuck around and Bubba the coach search was that's the goal is really didn't have. A lot of connections in the football world and they didn't want to lean on someone that they knew when they trusted it which was Doug Weight. So there could be a scenario where this season doesn't go as planned. Tyrod could be. Hey you're not be good quarterback. And they could decide needy halfway through the season be like this isn't working and to move to a Carrie Jones or maybe they draft someone. And now in about a month now a couple months. A lot of different scenarios second play out. Depending on how this contract isn't that structure that's why I really want to talk to journey SuSE. To get the the details on this and in the meantime. Mommy taking your phone calls here it off 30551888. 552 by fifty if you like join in on the conversation. Gonna start with the reckon buffalo Rick you are on the night kept going man. They need. You know they averaged out me and you know Carmel becomes a quarterback. All of this is a knee got I got stop you right there is is Ryan needs is a much more he's got a lot more expertise in corporate America he's confusing me. Also has a lot more fiery takes an idea. But you know this better than system I've seen it in Denver. And you know it is predicated though I'm establishing the run and a the past yeah I drug that stretch. Did the quarterback on the bridge in with Tyrod being on Tara grant. On the edge not amnesty and in the pockets beat six point seven York linemen. Com is getting to do that I think. You'll be able to hit receivers on the run in the system faster. It was more predicated around receiver sitting at home. And when you run that type offense receivers are going to be on the run and he's going to be able to out you know it used his speed user whether they're them. You know I think Tyrod is going to be a good fit for this particular opera and then. The other and who knows maybe get lucky to get home maybe in the second or third round. Let him develop that one at all. You know I didn't think he's a good fit for this particular opera. I think that's definitely part of the reason why he was brought back I know the coaches BO. That Tyrod Taylor is a good fit for the offense that's why they were interested in bringing them into Denver and a few years got to back up in Manning there there's a reason why. There was the interest Denver offered Tyrod Taylor more money than the bill's dead but Tara came to buffalo because he wanted the the opportunity to compete for starting job was to us at the it was here for obviously he went only want the job so it was here for a minute paid off from taking less money to come to buffalo for that starting job. And I also got to remember with this Kubiak system. This Kubiak system had. What's it meant shop next shuttle like the league in Paris. One year under this Kubiak slash data sent off its. 5000 yards for match shop. So there's clearly. I don't think anyone's saying you and and match job is this great quarterback and he really kind of ran out of Houston. After his picks next problem that he had their for awhile. But this guy he was able to really get a lot of match job. Gain and kind of offense and if you can what are things that. I think people like to go to pick on for Tyrod Taylor is the bills passing offense was you lastly. 32 week. Also worth 32 in times. Cell. It makes sons. That makes sense of their last in the league if they are attempting the fewest passes. Doesn't mean they are they necessarily had the fewest amount of would drop taxiing out Tyrod scrambling back and stuff. But they had the least amount of passing attempts in the league so it makes sense that they would be. The last team in the league when it comes to you know. Passing. I got to a bill Hamilton belliard and and I kept. Hi guys listen I I don't have a problem with them restructuring our bring Intel back. Because if that's true that Hoyer. Was in the mix. That that's pretty scary here I think. I don't think. Those of you in the media with all due respect. Now lives I am extremely found dead. Who are going to those games playing hard earned money title on adult C a team that. But they re building are not competitive they want I don't see a team that okay admittedly not going to be an appointment but that gonna give them game. It all are we ribbon at the Miami game without all the games we lost it but we with the help regain. Yeah I know I I completely agree with you and I think sometimes. People my position can get wrapped up in story lines. Over the maybe. The entertainment product on the field and that's what people are paying for is an entertainment product and playoffs are clearly. Part of that but I think that's part of the reason why. A lot of fans. You would see these polls were on other PRI and WGR is page or by someone on Twitter. And it was usually a majority of people not a very strong majority of people all but a majority that want to see Tyrod Taylor back and I think it's because Tyrod is an exciting brand of football. That. The idea of having him it was Shawn McCoy and Sammy Watkins is really appealing to a lot of fans and India and that's weird trying to reach out to with moves like us. Well that's that's true and Anna and at the same look he has not. You know you know where he's rated he's not the greatest quarter the bad at least. We get a better defense that sea effect to improve a little bit. I think it's making huge difference you know I'm I'm OK with that bringing them back if I don't speak the option that the bills that were very very good. And you know role model and forget that it put away this guy would come. He and I agree with you there. I'm happy with it and an especially I think I'm happy that the senate seat ticket holders who know hopefully I can see at least. A competitive game when they go there because I think any respect other people are paying the ticket. You know I mean. I know I agree with you and buildings for the column I'm a jump in here. I agree wholeheartedly I'd I do think that sometimes it lost in the translation gain what we we can do here. Is the fact that when it comes down to it. You should be trying to put your best product out on the field every year and I know we went through this contentious cake. This divisive tape with the Buffalo Sabres and a lot of stands. Our Canada each other's throats over it. But I especially in the NFL where there's so few games and really I take a look at these teams like a lot of these teams can beat each other. On any I don't really think there's this huge range you've got your top teams who are you like your top four teams your bottom four teams and then in between. I think it's it's there's so much parity going on that at any point one of these teams can just come out and be better than the rest of so I think especially with the way that the bills are built right now. And they do have tail. I believe they have tale. He with Sammy Watkins Shawn McCoy. The last out of the line marked up you still got the question mark over at right tackle obviously that's gonna have to be addressed whether. Or why and the draft comes around and they're still Bristol polls to be felled on this roster. But you got one of the biggest question marks on the way what Tyrod Taylor and now you can focus on making this roster the plastic to be moving forward for this season. I know there are fans out there were like you know what I. The bills have done this so many times they've they've gone with the solution where OK they might be a borderline playoff team but it's. Is that really going to be good enough when it comes down to it. And I do think there is a certain obligation to the fans to be able to say hey. The bar put our best effort out there this year and then. I'm will and does say you know they put their best effort out there this year don't make the playoffs again and you bring in a new GM. But that's when you can be like listen there might be there's going to be a transition period you don't wanna use the word suffering. Like RC are geared dead heat you called a transition period when a new GM comes in and can build the team that he wants to build. But as long as is the same gee I'm. They're there's not going to be a rebuilt in my opinion it's going to be constantly pushing. To get to the playoffs and then potentially. If a new GM comes around that's maybe why you see changes be needed and the bills go towards more of a a bare bones roster that get him closer to the top of the draft. That's that's the way I view it at least if real by fifteen you've got Jimmy in buffalo Jimmy you're on an IKEA. They out to go on guys. Is Jimmy here first and long time. Our Jimmy glad to have you. Oh yeah so. I'll post it here my truck thinking about this. And a much what has stated that you guys and he had my kids you know last time the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs dollars changing diapers. I'll tell you the last time the Buffalo Bills were in the playoffs I was. I was pretty much in diapers. Exactly. A model wave right now I don't Utica. And little fighter jet stream diaper changer I car right now. It's quite some time quite some guys. And so right now my children there there's start to think about college and what are the next step of their life's gonna come. And let's take a similar love scene on this as well I'd talk to them. And you know what I think Tyrod Taylor he wanted to play an awful. And they need maybe Hewitt playing hard ball and he wanted to go out there and see if there was someone will not take things rent them but you know what. There's something about playing here in buffalo that worked stands for. And you know that he'd he had got built around on the guys that he had a relationship with like what you gotta go to Cleveland and had to get out. You know what what what a million dollars Pinochet. And yeah I think so I think that's what he wanted to do. Yet big things for the college Jimmy I I do think Tyrod want to stick around to I think Tyrod is he's he's wired a little bit differently. Then most. Quarterbacks in this league and I think most players in this league. I think you take a look at Stephon Gilmore. And I don't blame anyone for this but. So far Gilmore is going out there and he's looking for the biggest payday that he can get it doesn't matter what team that he's on he's looking to get the most money. I really don't think Tyrod Taylor is wired that way from the way that he came up in this league. By being a backup and then having compete for the starting job and and winning that. I think that makes you. Think about things a little bit differently than coming into this league and elite level being like you know what I need. Team in this league got. A high level of play at a high level and getting paid. And that's what's most important to me is getting paid I think Tyrod. He's hurt and it gives her some of the stuff from the fans here. I really think he wants to prove them wrong. I think he wants to be able to come in next season be like. You second to throw over the middle you set I could do this you side IA could make anticipatory throws. Well. Yes chance to prove. Everybody wrong I'm not saying he's necessarily going to do it. But he's going to have that opportunity moving forward all right. Gonna take a break here keep those calls prominent button next to Jeremy while he's going to be joined the program he's got some some details on Tyrod Taylor is contract. And I wanna get into those Sean McDermott has conference call coming up later and a more from you guys might capitalist and WGR. The credit Tyrod. We've been in touch really and the first day on the job he's made himself very available in that regard so I really appreciate. And then we've gotten very good productive healthy conversation and he'd been first class the whole way so this thing does it shake out. The right way and just to get the legacy that this movement. It vestiges of the organ. There's bills head coach Sean McDermott the one voice for the Buffalo Bills. B and a lot from him coming up in the future ends right now we had to the AT&T outlined a boring in and Jeremy whites to. Talk about some of these contract details between some stuff out about the contract details of Tyrod Taylor and some guaranteed stop Jeremy thanks for happen on the tonight. Or up Aurora now I'm doing well how about yourself. Roaring so you're working burner you're working your sources and the senate and see. Yeah I was this impressed people with down in the win. Area. I. But. Noted that some looting Oguchi cinema on the Tyrod. Taylor thought Erica hill because. And restructuring got passed by Derrick what they're for this guy more than a four team. So. Yeah I mean I think ultimately what happened the built come away with a pretty good look and feel for all sides. And for Taylor. You know I got to thank you would have checked the marketplace. And even he can't technically you know talked to other teams at the com Biden would be real real probably happened. Yeah and it's beneficial for everybody involved to actually go balk because. You know that decision was looming. So in the white what your saying in some of these tweets is your carrying on the restructure its fifteen point five million total and I'm with you I'm sure that's at the combine his agent was out there working with other teams. And maybe the market wasn't out their forum but this deal for the bills seems extremely friendly and it sounds like. Essentially this is. Almost like another play year for Taylor and much like this year. Yeah I would think a little bit about Mike Lamb and what about Mike went to work sixty million dollars coaches but didn't use widget or a big chunk of change. Our element were about the same. And what the bill had. Or they'll hang out with Taylor is they have a leg up he plays here yet he may yet friends and he does that explore. And so like the build up at that leg up and for Taylor he's at appointments were re doing everything you can to what extent the carmaker much money at all. If you're in your entire prosecutors who look at all the teams and thank all where are the best chance to you know put up good number win game. Yeah it'll might beat the bill you know we've got a pretty good job for you see and so policy another year with whoever I sign. Maybe the bill would get read at best chance so. You know you go on the market the whole more than Michael and maybe it was eighteen that he was seventeen would be guaranteed but. It keeps trying to bet on himself for another year and then maybe a third and four. Well you wanna buy the best situation and get this close you as you can on the money in her. And I think that might be part of how Tyrod Taylor is wired to the way that he came into the league and maybe even this guy is comes into this Bud's. Coming in as a back up and then having to. Come to buffalo compete for the starting job he took less money to come here because he wanted that chance to compete for starting job. And he always feels the need that he's always proving himself I guess so why would he come back to buffalo where. He became aisle and sat at one point he hears a lot of been always about him from. Media members and fans to kind of prove people wrong about himself and what better place to do it and here. Yeah and you know when it comes through the money he would guarantee on that option. Point seven billion. You know the beta build picked that up. They would be basically locking in a guarantee a point seven million. And if your shop around the Columbine in there right you know who can look at amassed 27 going to be twenty. I'm not get in there'd be a lot of you know a lot of answers to the a permit their so. Anything that origin right. Cleveland city if you're clerical in the Cleveland you know all I'm probably average guy how quickly they try to replace you with the jets the jets are tanking right. They're going in the wrong direction Kyle Shanahan and San Francisco maybe that the same kind of think he probably really believes that. He can beat a long term starter here and I don't think that's all that unrealistic. You know he has the exact same season. He had had his first few years even though that is limited and not. Exactly prolific passing game if the defense sort of be fixed and air to win ten games. Well Egypt back the next year on the bottom monster raised in there it would just be the kind of thing work the bill would say it let. Fuel we can do from get a cup teams generally worked at the well supper along route you are little more bon from the quarterback if you Bellic you yeah at a Goodyear has all the cross. Yeah exactly and and Tyrod I think. He gets to know. What. He's going to be getting this year whiff. The breakdown is an offense coming in something that he's kind of familiar with and those guys. Being super interest in an armed sell I would think the coaching staff has spoken to calm and he probably feels comfortable. Being with those guys supposed to having to go while improve it somewhere else. When I bet it means a lot of these field the coaches feel comfortable with him. You know for McDermott Stockwell wore out that there are you know your first time head coach. You're gonna wanna look like you know you're human right out of the gate at or in thirteen about a quick start that whether that's with. A college kid that you don't know that you're gonna try to get the Knoll or its free agent you sign and I had a couple months here to kind of get to know each other. So I'm Tyrod had a leg up with the bill and the bill title like Tyrod. And for me right the big takeaways that when I was afraid of the built picking up the option. It's because I didn't want them to get. That'll NB desperate at the same time like always we. We have to keep this guy he's the best that we hadn't ten year old court we have to pick up that option. From the sound of how this all went down they were absolutely going to walk away bold direction. Conversation about Brian in orbit but John are both approach or built in contact order I believe that is true. Goal this whole pirate thing came from down in the last twelve hours it would not locked in order to get this done. This one of them kind of like willing to walk away from and you don't get the most purposeful quarterback they could. Financially responsibly. And it appears to me that that it could end up being Tyrod Taylor is that guy because it is built workable side. Having you here Sean McDermott say during his conference call and even on the John Murphy show earlier that. They explore their options and that's kind of what McDermott has been billed as as this guy who can. Take a look at things and he's gonna take his time be methodical with all of that ended he's back and seeing Tyrod Taylor because Tyrod has been at the facility with his rehab he's had to have had a lot of conversations with this guy. And I just think. It seems like a good fit between those two the way that Sean McDermott talks and that no nonsense kind of attitude that he brings it seems that kind of that would Tyrod Taylor because Z you hear him in the media and it's never any nonsense he's pretty straightforward. Yup well I mean you know he would ultimately how it. How it plays out I write a report that. Tyrod it kind of got on record by more this offseason and now we see that. Our coach McDermott are moving pool tables and pay bar tables all business. So called is that I mean some of the best players really enjoy playing on QL. I don't know I we will the other ultimately play itself my guess is it. And that put her story afterward or they would a lot of games all of that renewed focus. On paying the non ping pong bills are really well. I yeah always the story the story goes that with how the team goes solo about that journey and. There are good at this start lol they know their plight. It's been going on cable and a lot of what ample. Yeah I mean you get get fifa back in their these guys while placing before I know your big fifa fan so I. Get a back. Everybody wants to put people. I Jerry extra hard that they are. Jerry like the AT&T hotline. He had some contract details talk a little bit about those and those details will continue to kind of leak out. Through out this week I'm sure they'll beat me official at some point and you'll be able find it done spot track and I'll those fun web sites in Israel 551888550. To 550 are the phone numbers here if you happen on the conversation we got Dorian now Dorian year on the nightcap. Acknowledges. You know rapidly. Up and I didn't that open book on what. I. And if we hear about the army could they don't believe. Me. It is eager. I did. We have not crowd out off the apparently even last year when I say this year we pitched. People are that belied the ID I'm obviously book and others who might take it right I could guard knows he'd. Ignorant terrible. Totally love the quote probably won't happen right. I. Can't capital market art it definitely. I. Adori are gonna all you're just because on off your speakerphone nerds just your outside in the winds are taken effect here but. I can barely hear you indefinitely and right tackle is a huge huge need your right in Jordan mills last year was. You. He was he was picked on often. So be adjusting to see where they decide to deal with that they were reported to have interest and Ricky Wagner. A right tackle out of Baltimore. But he ended up signing. Unofficial lead when the Detroit Lions for nine million dollars and beat the bills would have been out there. With what I mean that in that price range. But they do need to shore up that side of the line and it's going to be different different kind of luck to all of their blocking with Dennis and coming in because he runs this zone blocking scheme there was lot of pulling guards. And stuff like that. In in the previous scheme I guess he would call it the Greg Roman scheme because that's who really created the the the play book by its. Moving forward that there's there's so many holes on this roster still. L wide receiver you'd talked about on the offensive side if you just look at the offensive side. They don't have a whole fall back because they just signed to a vote. I gotta I gotta say. An early every huge issue with them bringing into full vaccine if they're transferring one to a running back. I know you guys like to be mad at the bills because they're easy being that third or bring nine. Not every single one of those players is gonna stick around. So I'm not really worried about two fullbacks. They gonna bring they're gonna have like thirteen linebackers. Alberta August stay around. Some are really worried about two fullbacks. So all a Twitter rage about two fullbacks. Shawn Shawn you know I'll base my opinions on the. The whole bill stands by Twitter because Twitter is the the stock this in our capital of everywhere. On this planet. So if you're worried about the the two linebackers don't worry they're gonna have. Five guards and seven tackles. Four signers. Eighteen cornerbacks and probably another fourteen offensive lineman on the training camp roster and I'm an election now. Not all of them are gonna meet the team so I wouldn't be worried. About a two fullbacks. And he could see there they're interested in. Kyle you Jack. Allegedly. And he got a four year. 21 million dollar contract. From San Francisco 49ers. The bills are paying a combined. Kimberly do math all agreed by. 114 back slash running back is getting one year one million the other fullback. And that's all he has he is known slash running back. He's getting four years eight point whatever million cell. It's Friday it could've been worse they could about investing a whole lot. More money into the fullback position but I think today they would donate aid in better path. And third I was getting some questions about Jerome Felton he is a free agent so it's not like the bills are good. Moving ahead with payments while he was a free agent after this easy this season column. And then they brought him back just on a one year deal so that's why you're not. Hearing anything about Jerome Felton. And Patrick DiMarco was graded as of the bust run blocking fullback throughout this season according to pro football focus. So Lee is gonna bring in need. And ice blocking dimension and the falcons had a couple of running backs who had a really good seasons with the obviously attribute that to fullback bots eight he was he was part of it. He is part of it. Yeah 30551888550. To buy fifty more of your phone calls coming up after the break here we'll hear from Sean McDermott on his conference call. At top of the hour does the nightcap UST the WGR. The fact that the relationship between him and his team seems to be good any sort of and seems to have been smoothed over new coach new coordinator whose very familiar where. There's your import from a couple weeks ago talking about Tyrod Taylor. After he had. Yeah report something. Like Ali that that tyra Taylor would be open to restructure his contract and it turns out that that is come true in Ian Rapoport. Always reliable. He was he was right on. Yet again he also just recently fifteen minutes ago put out the bills are working hard to try to retain pass rusher and Alexander. So that's clear priority he says for the bills and yeah so Lorenzo Alexander. Still is the still any. Option for the bills still an option for the bills also I just. The bills expected to have. Right around it point nine million dollars in cap space heading into tomorrow sells ads eat some and keep in mind for. If they're gonna be adding safeties tied hands dvds all of that stuff. If they're gonna be adding that it'll 30551888. By 52 IP of the of course if you can't get in on the phones you can text us your 55550. You get after me on Twitter and GAAP. Right in underscored WGR. If you wanted give me. Give me there I got to next year I in the second guy Mike Tolbert is at least talking about four back that's supposed to be for short yardage game. And goal line and maybe it says that they know they're not going to get Gil asleep at jealously. He's kind of an interesting guy because. They did put that that turned around to get an original round pack and it's. If they were to go out and Mike you closely. Was signed by another team. And they could of put about another million dollars that the was about 950000. Dollars of any second round tender on him. I think the bells are kind of baiting a team to be like hey you want Mike Gillis leave that bad. Curious. Walt take a fifth round pick form. And I think it's that bad of an idea I really don't. Last year before this year we are all out Carlos Williams what a great running back. And they get Scott and Mike jealously steps into the system might kill Wesley great running back. I just. There's so many running backs this year coming on the draft. Jonathan Williams I know we did see a lot of them last year hints he might have some odd discipline issues to deal with the from an incident over last summer. I just don't think Mike ghostly. A backup running back when you've already got. A big chunk of money invested in two LeSean McCoy. You've got he got in eight point eight million captain on the Shawn McCoy you wanna put my Q closely there for another two and a half million for her. Ten million on the team for rate for running backs. I'm not sure if that's the be best equipment patient while. Implementation of of money for running backs so. Maybe I mean that's the case. I really don't see another team there there in the bills are allegedly trying to. Extend my deal mostly long term and he doesn't have a lot of miles but he but he is a 26 year old Jack in the do tend to. Hit a wall at some point and it's not just because of miles on the body button he gets body gets older. Times so we got Mike in Jersey here now Mike in Jersey. They were more call before we get the top of the hour and then I'm going to be bringing new Sean McDermott's conference call Mike what's going on man. Peg at all. But opted to talk about Arab League today think. I think we had no choice whether or not she got a couple of the big people to give credit to deal. Commitment dollar back up from the view we would Taylor now. I just hope that we continued to new at all. How did you plan and until getting a quarterback and that is coming out not active YouTube again next QB nobody wanted games. We might even not on I'll prospect but I just all bad. It worked worked out best world. Com and of course you know but what I elected you do about it and you'd. If you got a pig would be keeping track and or an Al. In a media but we want to eat popular practicing bowling ball in the middle. Working out this new receivers. Yet there there were reports last year that that was happening by its and oh what an it was the conversation when you are talking to coaches and our aggregate Tyrod Taylor we're all we're working on. This aspect of his team the answer is part of that. All of that was once the ice he's looking much better over the middle by. It's it's like coach speak any you never know Watson wanted to he really get out under the demon. Get some live bullets coming at you what's what's really gonna take over and and we saw that Tyrod was. A little. He get happy feet and willing to get outside of the pocket and I'm open. This offensive system supposed to focus more on the short routes and worked timing routes and I think that's really what's going to be important is working on the timing with his receivers especially wind. Sammy Watkins is the one he's worked with most extensively. And he's an injured a lot. Well I still there buddy yeah yeah that's all one more power to me did you know. I think we need to we need to sign a safety and we need to blocker you're acting but got a mom. Angled I think you I'll put religion guides and yet are you all and he's beating so he played pretty well locked here in the battle over an old but I think we have good. Are you talking about operate in the foul. He was he was actually recited by the evil angles today so he's he's no longer an option for the bills unfortunately. All right no problem but don't hesitate to. Yeah thanks Mike cycle shop there at the end and Mike injures he everyone. Get stuff from my cans will be taking more of your calls coming up at top of the hour here got a couple on the line stick around I'll take you ever gonna hear from Sean McDermott is a conference call today. With the media talking about this move with Tyrod Taylor it's the one voice. The one voice Sean McDermott's V voice of the Buffalo Bills known not John Murphy. It's Sean McDermott we're gonna hear from him coming up next it's the nightcap on WGR.