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03/08 Night Cap HR 2

Mar 9, 2017|

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It's tonight. No effect little red with the Bryan gates was this guy with the full. Will bands. Way get real yeah. Are back here on the nightcap right. Gates are you now with a here for another hour talking about the Tyrod Taylor decision it's over. The speculation is over Tyrod Taylor restructured his contract. He. Will be you be. Starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. Come. September. Just thought a tweet here uninteresting. Longest streak without a quarterback throwing for. 3400. Yards. New York Jets Miami Dolphins Chicago one season. And can help them throw for more than 343400. Yards is here. Thought he did. A much believe this and you know you can believe everything that you read on Twitter even better here like two years ago at any. I can't help I think so. Let's see I got a look at some real quick now because now it's been about me am I got to handle I think for more than 3400 yards by it. No he did not do not even throw for 3000 missing those final three teams this season are anyways. So Chicago Miami New York Jets one season without a quarterback during 43400. Yards. Buffalo Houston and Saint Louis while no longer Saint Louis now LA. For years without a quarterback throwing for 3400. Yard. The Cleveland Browns nine seasons without a quarterback throwing for 3400. Yards the San Francisco 49ers. Fifteen seasons without quarterback throwing for 3004 yard so sense Ron Amadon. Wow makes sense. It's just crazy rides with Jeff Garcia might have done when your bike gets packed yeah you'd think Jeff Garcia and ABB B you know I guess Al Smith was never that. It Jeff Garcia have both TO and your raced to his first or second you're. To me via on pews and Jeff Garcia yeah. You know real I think he won eight 550 to 550 gonna bring you. Sean McDermott coming up in a couple minutes but right now we've got them mark mark on the phone lines to get them here mark you are on the nightcap. How right I hit borrowers can term it the bulk of our Tyrod he looks aren't. Are you think they're. That the duels or who need to do with this aren't being and our. And the other part of our situation is. I mean this garden stinks it away because our something art doesn't smell right here because. Where week. Don't we meet team morale is said that he did not warrant. Right Doug Whaley did not come out and say that there was report from Jason lock him for a who has had a theory header missed. Relationship when he is talking about Buffalo Bills that there was. A fracture in between the two about what they wanna do with Tyrod Taylor but it's not something that Doug Weight became counts himself. Okay well and it over the thing that you are. There there are reports that are. But new coal wanted to bring him there he expects the king. Argue you'll bit don't we leave me this sorry just to meet the cool air. Thanks thanks Smart guy but he needs Tyrod Taylor signing originally to make Rex Ryan happy. It's. Part of the job is GM is bringing in personnel. To. Help with your. Your coach the coach gonna be in there working with these guys every day I think it's it's part of your job is Jian to at least take some. Some. Opinion from them some direction from them. Ultimately you're right it should come down to dog lately he's the one who's gonna be really tasked with the the idea Tyrod Taylor coming back. But I definitely. Think that suited to their rebels reports from today's market for ends. I'm not sure. Jason Huckabee for. I don't know. He's not reliable enough for me to believe anything he sounds about the Buffalo Bills he's just not. So one there's a report that comes out and I see it come all over bills Twitter. I honestly I ignore. I'll read it's it's it's a discussion that some people wanna have bought. If it's coming from Jason Parker for a and it's involving the Buffalo Bills I'm gonna be 100% honest with you I don't believe it. He needs to earn my trust back when it comes his reporting of the Buffalo Bills because. He does not have a good track record with that and I think that he wolf. Here are some things in mobile like you know what I'm is going to be put it out there. It doesn't necessarily matter if he's got corroborating stories which. You're supposed to have gone lead get a couple sources that maybe the story matches but he just hears things that he tells an out there ends. I relieved. I just don't. At least it seemed like his sources that a big Doug Whaley thank you team that everything he has reported is. So. That pro lately it. I think. 95% of the media is not pro Whaley. GAAP. Perhaps. I think I 95% media is now pro release of the it's really anything to do it g.'s market for a resources that is. Mean the there is a lot of issues of Doug Whaley. I think that might be done something worth talking about the odds. I don't know when it comes this decision with Tyrod Taylor and the idea that they are there was a or a chasm I think chasm was the word that was used. For this. It could be true because I don't think. Dog way we viewed Tyrod Taylor as his guy. I think he viewed Tyrod Taylor as Rex Ryan's guys who Doug Whaley brought in expecting to be the backup EJ Manuel. It turned out that Tyrod Taylor ended up being the starting quarterback. And may be Ariel Jones is now Dudley these guys and he wanted cargo Jones starting by. Sean McDermott took a look at Tyrod talked Tyrod looked at the tape. Mean he was matching the tape to what he expects reconnaissance offense to be talked to Rick Dennison talked all of his coaches. It came to the conclusion he's like OK I I want Tyrod back is what I feel happened with Sean McDermott it was he went to Doug Whaley was like you know what I want Tyrod back. And I don't think Sean McDermott necessarily cares about the price tag. I think that's more of Doug Whaley in May be Doug Whaley Sean McDermott may wanna Tyrod back and then maybe Doug Whaley says we can't have Tyrod back for that number so and he works to restructure the deal because. He knows that his coach wants the guy back by me be under that deal. These are ways that we can't have them back under that deal but we can bring them back if he's willing to restructure and and that's what ended up happening. As Tyrod Taylor restructuring so I don't know. I'd like aside I really just I don't give a lot of credence to. Jason lock and four reports and I just. They can never really be put down as year that you look at it later Ron and you're like okay that makes us he did. He did say Rex Ryan was going to be fired but I don't think he also did say that. That was good it could happen as soon as Monday it did end up happening in the season so I guess he was at least. Accurate. With that one guy. Have to give credit where credit is due got a a tweed and from a Michael Connelly C Mike apparently it was Jeff Garcia who threw for over 3400 yards in wanna do. So was Jeff Garcia wasn't Ron Amadon I guess it is 2017 and fifteen years ago is 2002 and not like 1997. I'll K. Yeah and accents. All right we're gonna head now to Sean McDermott Sean McDermott's this conference call today we didn't carry it I wanna bring that to you here it is Sean McDermott with the media. He's gone out but he needs a security. Buffalo I'd just take us through. Some of the specifics and in how Barack. I really like go back that it you know the process and let thoughtful approach. That we take it one. Back in January and if we look really hit and reaction explored every. Opportunity. And and they'll do it in and we did feel like this was the move for the bill. Chocolate colored sheet from the news why why do you think this has put the best option work out. Tyrod. Appealed to you to the point of trying to find a way to keep them here. Yet thinking really start with that and the character individual we're talking about here and that it can't get. It is definitely surgeon and so. Character and then secondly the work ethic. I can't observe and it is we have a little bit in the product that people are against self help in and and that been very admirably alone on call it. Our great quality writing and these are there any end to. Build yet another game. That date that they had a chance to win in this in this about it about two years about being yourself and really we're root out progressive. It dead what intangibles. That's that's what started. Shot at John Lauro with the Associated Press. How did you reconcile. Tightwad. Out. In note before you got hurt and how it at that he's brought the band's expressing concern that what. But the ball below at the open court you got the date and and and in the team and you won't matter what. You know like it first and foremost the credited Tyrod and. You know we we. Didn't touch. Really since the first day on the job and he made himself very available. In that regard so I really appreciate. On his candidate and then you know we we got very good. Productive healthy conversation that. And daddy is first class the whole way so. You know it it was. Is it that they did that shake up. The right the right way and I just to get collected. This is that good movement in the best interest of the organization has. She's only gotten security public order and earned the consistency shown passing. Okay yes indeed that yet you know when you look at the new look at all our players. You know that's that's what we've got the news we got to number one but the players in position to be successful and and that permanent ordinance. And in this. Developing the players it is they can possibly be. And and and then you know putting putting pieces around people there. You as we built this team. Good luck to give him the best chance to win hunt on Sunday. Afternoon. If Charlotte they get on 300 yen but he denies that Iraq in ball float it out my question is. Simply. Is sit in was Tyrod to human terms it is why it. Oh it in the clear and early on the process for her for Tyrod. And our relationship. And that's on the first thing that that we that we discussed really was. Look at you wanna be cheered. And shall we we get we get out the way very early on the process for us and he made it very clear that. Sure hundred crew together is some. Typical recruit that you pursuing. A quarterback in the draft. Well we're live we're gonna look at every position. Quarterback and looked at him we're always looking to do what is best for the football team. That's what we're doing it billing it seems so solid that mentioned before our last week. And recreate the look to create. Competition and at every position and crawl. Them again. This year. Sean numb your children are legal rock rock you're you're familiar with athletic quarterbacks you are excited to work whether a Slater wrote. Tyrod so. Elements running ability and how do you see. Heckling got an us against consistent and to keep him healthy and also develop an absurd. That is fortunate enough to be around to. Mobile quarterback in my career. Dominique Philadelphia and then they can't get leading Carolina so. You know I feel bad it is familiar one Kennedy and there's certainly a final. Two. And what you don't want the ability to they play. Eight. Situations that are not name the old I'm very familiar with that it. Always shortest it has on you ought to let perk you used that I know the dinosaur he had to come on out there and over and sit. Yeah I think your question in regards to are at the ability that right. Yeah. And the media and on Monday with that in front. So but I get off liner let me know in terms of that and the question. Forty years and I again it comes down two. You know really doctors and does that Rick and use on up tension and you know there's certainly done some movement in that system that they in. And you know Tyrod going to be at a decent thing that does not think it could fit in and that felt strongly about that. Take UK saw about double Dahlia in the channel that in just wondering it. When did the Bible decision or widen what decision made that really trying to assure the ads don't Wear. That you knew Tyrod going to be the guy and and what what may be the thing that I've put you over apple it's. May think that our will be the guy pretty guys that in Oakland beat him. And you really when you go to the process you know it quite difficult to pinpoint one. Moment. Worry worries that a yet. That was it it's really gathering information the entire. In the article approach that mentioned before. And then just after that watching it come together. Can't get credit. Jindal or door content in the game in terms. On the negotiations that thing and then indeed the current date and do a great job in making it the right fit for both sides. They Sean self taught you don't you're torturing a practice or. Can you Kara tell us about the role that may be assisting coaches had here Dennis and also we know David Colley maybe even other coaches that may have. You know had to go back and watch film and what their role was in this entire process. You know they they did a phenomenal job and it. That's routine everything that he's an effort from the start when the it is that and and the coaches as well and in the evaluation. In David. David Cullen richt and it. And it phenomenal job and along the other coaches it is new every talk about the quarterback position Natalie. Isolate that that the district alone quarterback effect all positions and so that's what I hired the and it. Looked just those that do. That we're certainly originated from. Should I saw well look again. Even the Tyrod having two years owners belt or. Beat. What would you wouldn't rate get in the he'd like to see as Juarez on you or it. Tyrod and what would let let. Companies like. I go back to that there's an element connect you to sit and just like every other player probably thought enough of the football. The quarterback position there defensive football on. Playing middle linebacker Allen in the players execute execute. In either natural ability. To make play in that we're doing our job as coaches that means putting them into. Shaping assist them around their skills and so that that centenary between between athlete and systems so. Actually out of it. Shot any young with Time Warner Cable news here in buffalo what does this decision say about the organizations dealing with a and this team is are ready to compete for a playoff spot and then potentially hopefully from your perspective a championship. I think that the other week out. Competitive and and we're gonna compete everything we do that and others. Go look in and and I expect that from myself like that and from our players and coaches. And and we're gonna earn the right at me. Lightweight and we've made a daily basis. And we prepared to play games. The only game. Inherent with the start of phase one in early April and earned their right to bowling game and you do that. By being that hole and sticking with the I copying process oriented. That that your. Putting yourself in the I don't think you're right what a candidate eight. Johnson got Jerry Jarrett torture effective Egan can a little not mr. anti Iraq this is your first armed. Chances ahead coach to go through the process of the contact period in things like that. What is it been like for you over the last you know 48 hours and I heading into tomorrow especially. It's been it's been really rewarding when you look at being held we were able to get this deal done. Think it came together the right way. Again it's the result a lot of hard work by a lot of people. One bills drive and so it is aimed. In game that is it was a team effort so that that. And one at. Oden should should feel that accomplishment. Because. It. It came together the right way and it feel good about all boarded excited to get Tyrod. You know all the conversation the it was actually gone well you know this is where we ourselves. It that they force for the Donna I don't characterize that they were the team is they're gonna approach. The agency from here on out now that you have that restructured. You know we're looking at every hour. Really hard. In terms of trying to improve our situation our football team and and that's really what we're gonna we're building eighteen. And over and do what's best. Now in this situation but every situation going forward this has seen both short and. Want her. John mapping they pandemic KB heavy question at a building. Upper lip stick get past. Do you feel like you need to add more weapons the offense because her. A lot of last year it seemed like Tyrod Taylor is dealing with very depleted wide receiver corps and just in last ten minutes it looked like guys are losing. Another option there how big a priority is that. David currently is isn't it lucky position. I can't work for a look every position you know Sammy is it. The dynamic receiver for us and we got other guys on the roster who we feel very confident. I out. And he leaked out here and get to continue to work. All political relaxation and that is actually. It is to get into work. And explore every opportunity to to improved as football. John Albert Albert and strong moral once again tablet market Google wouldn't be in to keep Tyrod Taylor any that it reached restructured deal. You know again. How much how much more typical what are could be the key Tyrod Taylor on this Gloucester and not want it. Elect and elect a walk week. The deal if you're not restructure because. While we get we get you know we really felt like it did for us today. And in doing it this way it was was desperate for us in the organizational. It could hit Tyrod yeah I'll never know that because being in go down reading reading go down. That road so to speak so that it is can't do it. It was so good about it obviously is in order to get killed like this. Is on the before I finish here managed wanna get. I guess just wanted to let you know it we had agreed to terms with that are part Paul Schmidt. And get that nature again does he get them it. Borrowed the there were oil that Patrick remarkable speech that. Yeah like I can't comment it is almost pleasure this and we believe that that right now. All right while that report is is out there India. He can't comment on its spots. Sounds like that benchmark that BA in Buffalo Bill once free agency heads tomorrow is going to be hitting tomorrow. Start of the league year in need Geary going to be joining me and a lot of you out there are going to be excited to hear his takes. On Tyrod Taylor coming back Hampshire. They are going to be just great. And this takes on two fullbacks. Being signed. We'll hear from me tomorrow. Our I martyr calls coming up next 8030551888550. To 515 my talks in March Madness as well. The UB women upsetting number two ball stay in the Mac tournament as they are trying to make in another run. Through the Mac tournament and into the NCAA is we'll keep an eye on hand and the EU be none and it. Bonaventure. Balkan be next mile talk about that as welcoming up his WGR. I don't think there's you know a wide range of opinion on the player on the field so I think you're dealing with a quarterback that's a little shorter than desirable that doesn't have a big arm. He's athletic clearly he's not a big time anticipation thrower which is something that is always problematic the more you play in the league I think its accuracy is probably a little erratic as ball placement is up and down to we know what he is so the question you're really asking is how can that kind of quarterback win in the NFL. That's what you really asked. Reconcile NFL films he's watched a lot of corporate tax. East votes. And the answer is dealing with cornerback who like that. You play great defense. And your on the football. In the bills brought in the defensive coach. Now publish on McElroy in the lead league in rushing the past two years. Is as true. These are taxis are facts. Might be the way. Q that you win here in 0305 feet deep got thoughts on Tyrod Taylor. I'm gonna have to just hitting California California doesn't Wear you out in California. Early California just outside there were Cisco. Not nice musty beautiful up there what do you got for us. It is searchers haven't been there aren't they are they gonna culprit it's if you are about ready to to go around or more time with that. I think the writing is definitely been on the lost the super bully coming back regardless some the national media reports and folks speculating that he wouldn't come come backed by I format the profits or shake the trees presumably. Of ONEOK and put could be out there are never know Romo might shake loose and not. You know they tested it out here that we haven't been in many years. You know it's Tyrod back to restructure or really a surprise that he knew they were able to get that accomplished. So getting him back obviously we're provide doubt in my opinion the best chance to win. Doing it lost 86 million. It is an added bonus. You know the bill until actual players today out there which is a nice change of pace stroke premieres though. What do we can do aside from signing 700 format and get a few more weapons around him. There right tackle unfortunately laggard on the way by. The next that you will be exciting year and I'm looking forward to building your and hopefully victory idiot not them the old that the Ryan administration. Anyway thanks again like all right appreciate. Effort here thanks Justin it's a lot of good stuff there it's gonna be and stay with Tyrod with the the weapons that they're going to be. Building up around a mine and old bills fans. Are probably like grades. Build in more weapons for around our quarterback plots. IE at home of the mind that says the U with this team right now. And indeed the players that they have under contract style and you've got Eric what. For another season you've got. Aaron Williams still on a contract for a couple seasons his future is still up in the air he's taking are coming back but I kinda think. The decision should be out of his hands personally if I aimed someone on the Buffalo Bills IE. Not really extent than Erin Williams coming back even if he wants to play I wouldn't be able have a solid conscious if you put him back out there after and couple seasons with a knack injuries and and something really bad happens in a physical sport it's it's not something that I would be. Willing to to put this this guy out there wouldn't be for me so he might not be on the team Corey Graham is gonna be up after this year. Kyle Williams he's back this year so. That's really where was assigned to me that that Tyrod was probably more than likely going to be coming back in the us they found someone they consider an upgrade. At the position. 'cause. If you're bringing back Kyle Williams at the salary he was making you're gonna be making a push for the playoffs. And right now the way that I've seen it Tyrod Taylor was the best option for the bills to Mika playoff push. And then maybe next season if things really go poorly this season. That's that's Bethel where I met if things go poorly this season I think that W Lee is going to be solely the one in the cross hairs obviously with a new coach year. He's gonna be the one that's in the cross hairs kansas' roster through and through. And it's gonna be all right you had your chance here dog and we need to do to make a change in the media to go through this transition period. That I was talking about I just mention. I saw that terrorists the cal. The rock to add me to his team just the cal he also was the one who gave us a little and that Tyrod Taylor. Is going to be. Returning I don't remember. Exactly what it was the last week at some points but he was he was out there he he texted a pitcher with Tyrod Taylor and said he B backs oh. He he knew. He do at least some people out there knew what the decision was going to be it appears and today was the day that it was announced the day before free agency. I think the bills just took their time with this decision. Knowing that may be they would have an opportunity. At someone like. Tony Romo or maybe their interest in Mike London. And I think they really took her time with this decision was like now we're gonna take a look at all of our options. See if we can get someone in here who we think can give us the same kind of production is Tyrod Taylor. And a lower costs and then just came down to it and talk Tyrod about him like listen we're we're looking for someone at a lower costs. All week we would like to have you back at a lower costs if if you're into that and they they made something work out. For the long term and we. Still don't really know the full contract details are still waiting on that Jeremy White scene that only fifteen point five million is guaranteed. And half the bills want to part ways with Tyrod Taylor. After. This season it would be in eight million dollar debt cap hit and it's not. Not something that's. On unbelievable I also got to say that there was a report from. See he's a guy that does some. Writing podcasting with coverage on bills Kevin sorry Al from seeing that right T was reporting that Tyrod Taylor was looking. Into property in Orchard Park a few days ago so elegant little clip. Thousands of Littleton pins. It turns out that Tyrod Taylor's gonna be here so maybe that'll Amara. A little more stuff than we we thought all right. March Madness March Madness is upon us. The ACC tournament must today's Syracuse beer Q stand. Already out and it will be interesting to see if there bubble team if they're gonna have to call it plain game or if they don't make turn at all which is a case that. Could be happening UB women earlier today they win they advance. To the Mac turn it semi finals. We'll be back in action on for Friday. Not sure exactly what time. That will be but they will be back in action on Friday looking for back to back wins the Mac turn at the UB back and they are tomorrow they'll be facing Kent State. Who won in overtime against central Michigan are really most about an entertaining game wasn't able to catch alassane around here. But once sixteen while sex can stay over central Michigan in Kent State now going to be facing buffalo. Tomorrow night's 9 PM is the tip off for UB tomorrow night so you'll be able attacks that and I think ESPN three. We'll have that if year if you're looking forward on TV and of course. Over at ESP and 1520 will have the radio call for you there so you'll be able to check out the UB nine were looking for their third straight tournament bid their third straight Mac championship. And dead a are in a pretty good position with the third seed. Looking to move forward saint Bonaventure. Score that's just coming down pretty recently. You mask over saint Joe's 7263. So Bonaventure is gonna be taking on UMass they just had UMass. At the Reilly signer for their final game of the season they're gonna be seeing those guys again. They came away with a four point win at the Reilly senator really hard fought game and Bonaventure gonna be looking to. Then they need to make a run and they need to make a run in the tournament to really have any chance at it I think after last year when we saw. I've done trying to get snubbed. It's built from the tournament. That to you you need to have an excellent season out of the eight time. To get in and out large dead ends Bonaventure went down last year. Kind of early in the tournament I think in the quarterfinals. To Davidson and that really hurt them in there and their chances at the tournament last year and they're gonna have to make a run. In order to. Get up there and I don't really think there even considered by a bubble team right now so. Hate the left that they have an afternoon game tomorrow saint Bonaventure 230. Against UMass you can catch that one on NBC sports network. And the last time I was taught when roommates more mild romance that allies a big Bonaventure guy who we were going in the past couple years. Cut to thirsty buffalo because that's the B dot Jabbar and all the games that part of it was playing I think they're always four seed in the past few years. Why are these evening game 6 PM or 830. This year in the afternoon. But last time their playing afternoon games he tells me was when saint Bonaventure on Iran won the eight internment with Andrew Nicholson and self pay. Mimi the magic still is there for saint Bonaventure. They're gonna need much better performances out of jail and Adams who is a great player has a great player. I grades. Guy to get the whole team involved. I just think I'm venture they they have a chance in this A ten tournament. He really did get him going more from the three point line just scoring in general. Not from all a lot of his points and coming from the pollen this year in saint Bonaventure as a matter fact who broke the record the school record for points need for free throws made this season just to show how much they've back and relying. Relying on the phone line to to get some of their scores so well. And it's going to be interesting and German time's always pharma I'll have. I'll have the A ten tournament on here tomorrow everything's on NB CS and and it sounds good basketball so I like watching the A ten tournament and I'll definitely got some that you begin tomorrow. And seeing the B women believe it's always good to have these local teams be doing well. So hopefully you beat tomorrow can get a wins in parliament round get a win and me the I'll keep Rolen went to see these local teams in the tournament. You know 305518885525. If you've got any final thoughts on Tyrod Taylor today he'd give me college here he's back. Tyrod Taylor is back as the night kept missing two WG. They did a phenomenal job. And that's routine everything that he's an effort from the start with gaga is that and the coaches as well in the evaluation. Data colleague Rick Dennis. And it's phenomenal job and along the other coaches. You talk about the quarterback position not only isolate that additional moment quarterback effect at all positions and so this is an entire team decision. And it was just those that that we're certainly originated from. Are there is Sean coach. McDermott's. Tyrod Taylor is back. Overhead in a free agency date the son Kabul fullbacks. They didn't sign another fullback valued Jack. 41 million dollars for four years. So on our deals around the the NFL's marquee is good when. Two years. Up to eight million dollars. With the San Francisco 49ers. It's how do you heavily incentive leading deal. 29 another one is Kenny stills so this is. To keep in mind bearing the wide receiver market because it's gonna be some in the bills will certainly be looking into me and this is kind of one of the bigger names to fall in the receiver markets and that's obviously besides Brandon Marshall who had pointed to the giants. What a great a third wide receiver core techniques each rule. I was I was hoping that Brandon Marshall would somehow make his debut in all those Buffalo Bills for one reason in Brandon Marshall come here. I'll would be a huge fan I've always been huge Brandon Marshall and these super interesting guy. But he send the giants that back Tom Marshall sterling Shepperd now there as bear. Wide receiver tandem but Kenny stills Kenny stills the other guy he was signing it recently. For your deal 32 million dollars twenty million guaranteed. So that's probably somewhere. Or Rollins. The B Robert Woods range if you are your thinking about Robert watts bar trick at stills at the high end. Projected at seven point seven million. He got eight million. Projected bullets are right around eight million so maybe gets a little bit more but who now as a free agency is going to be. Opening up tomorrow. And the bills. They've been intimate with some of so far they might not make any big splash is tomorrow. They might wait a couple. Days maybe a week to gay and those bargain freeagent. Areas that's where doubly he is really picked up a lot of his free agents as leader Ron obviously Lester gets an act brown. And so albums and here in the aptly intersection. And speaking of wage job Lorenzo Alexander report saying that they're still mutual interest there trying to get a deal on its high priority for the bills. And Zach brownie taxed exchange. With Preston brown Preston brown pretty much begging to come back and saying I'm gonna miss playing with you on Sundays so. Doesn't sound like that's pointing to any sort of reunite. Re unit. Reunion. That's the word reunion I'm on the radio guys I'm on the radio and I am today very wide vocabulary. Update on my roommate who refuses. To put the cap on the toothpaste. He did it again this morning. I went home and talk with them. Hey listen Dan. Got a bone to equity. What. He's put the cap on the toothpaste but it comes at me. Tell me about all iphones found cap off the toothpaste is laying on the ground so tell me the cap doesn't even returned the toothpaste. Arnold is leaving the captain to pace on the ground. Is somebody who is a mystery. The mystery I always but the gap on the toothpaste. I'm not the culprit he claims he's up culprit I'm not sure I believe him. My other roommates. I am sure people brushes his teeth who else. So while we got we got issues to be honest if you still with with the toothpaste but I did get a did giddy taxed in about this. It is straight out to get the toothpaste said he still still would have kept on this morning unbelievable this guy's got an idea though besides. Philip manes LT jumped. They'll teach a real quick not to leave the cap off the toothpaste. The lights. Now my guy. Not sure. That's how do you exactly did manes into the tube. It's up to a lot of work. Just put a little like just a little. Gettelfinger of NATO and in that toothpaste pole and pack it in. Because it's not that much work really I think about it but so it's an ongoing saga it's an ongoing saga with the roommates and try to train them. Trying to teach and become adults and just to put the kept Beckham toothpaste. The getting updates tomorrow I'll wake up in the morning on bill brush my teeth policy to camps there. At this point he might soon. He might just be leading the cap off despite. Which is probably out high possibility one more quick thing. And here to this exchange market for a he's reporting us and I just went on a rant about how I don't trust g.'s market for but he is saying the ravens are losing in a free agent. Guard a lot to do Cox. A three year agreement with York Buffalo Bills. So that's late signing by the bills year. Gone the day before free agency. Glad to costs. One coupon steel cut steel. Can't talk now want to steal apparently knows a mile from his time with the ravens. Why do costs can be a Buffalo Bill starting next year he started eight games for the ravens last year flood that costs your latest new list. Buffalo Bills the nightcap they are listening everyone makes for Conan tonight appreciate feedback who appreciate the conversation that we had I'll be back tomorrow only Geary. Gonna be coming and he's going to be bringing his top player takes if you follow on Twitter he's been going off all day so. I got to prepare myself mentally for you guys should too. Until that. Power Jeremy tomorrow morning. What else you got caught on Tyler Dunne going to be joining shop with a Bulldog in the afternoon we got console in around four we might have done to move some things round and expecting Tyler Dunne. To join the show as well they've gone. For listening to the nightcap on WGR.