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03-08 Sean McDermott Conference Call

Mar 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's gone out but he needs a security. Buffalo I'd just take us through. Some of the specifics in in how Barack. We're like go back that it you know the process and the thoughtful approach. That we take and it will. Back in January and if we look really hit and reaction explored every. Opportunity that available to us. And we just feel like this was the Sean good Karachi from the news why why do you think this has put the best option worked out. Tyrod. Appealed to you to the point of it out trying to find a way to keep them here. Yet thinking really start whipping of the character individual we're talking about years. And it can't get help little it had done that we assertion. So. Character and then secondly the work ethic. I can't observe and then is we had a little. The property culture against self help in India and that's been very admirably alone on all lit. Ian body has been Barry. Our great quality writing and these are there any end to. Build yet another game. That date that they had a chance to win it in his last two years are brought in here so that's really where root out progressive. I would intangibles. That's that's right started. Shot it saw war with the Associated Press. How did you reconcile. That run. I'll. Note before you got hurt and help at the he's brought the band's expressing concern that one. And ball below at the open what you got the day and and and in the team league you won't matter what. You know it is first and foremost as a critic Tyrod. You know we we've. Been in touch. Really since the first day on the job. He made it so there is available in their regarded so I really appreciate that. On his candidate. Now we we've got a very good. Productive healthy conversation then and eight and first class the whole way so. You know it it was. Is it that they did that shake out. Right the right way and that is to get collected. This is a good movement in the best interest of the organization has. He got that Jersey how Butler earned in the consistency shown passing. It was. Okay yes can keep it yet you know when you look at the new look at all our players I mean. That's what we've got to do we got to number one put the players in position to be successful and and ordnance. And and then after that is developing the players it is they can possibly be. And and and then you know putting putting pieces around people that you as we've built that team. Good luck to get it the best chance went hunt on Sunday afternoon. If Charlotte they get on 300 yet but he might have brought in bulk load up my question is. Simply. Interested in what Tyrod to human terms it is a lot of it. Oh is in the clear and early on a process for her for Tyrod. And our relationship that. And that's when the first thing that that we that we discussed really it was. Look at you wanna be here in and so we we got we got out the way very early on the process for us and it very clear that. Sure I'm very crude Keegan is this something. It doesn't preclude you pursuing. A quarterback in the draft. Well we're live we're gonna look at every position. Quarterback you know if we're always looking to do what is best for the football he. That's what we're doing billing it seemed so you know as a nation before her. Last week. And create the look to create. Competition and at every position and crawl. Them again. This year he's strong numb your children are legal rock rock your. And though that what quarterbacks you are excited to work for the Slater wrote. Tyrod so. Development learning ability and idiocy. Factory had and that's what the next consistent and you keep him healthy and also developing the pastor. That is fortunate enough to be around to. The mobile quarterback in my career. Dominique Philadelphia and then they can't duty Carolinas so. You know I feel bad it is familiar ones Indy. It fine line to. Like you don't want the ability to to make plays and eight. Situations that are not of grave and the old I'm very fluid that is. Always shortest it does come up to that part you use that elect honestly that it kind of put out there and over and if you sit. Yet that your question in regards to our ability there. Yeah. He had an unknown what that might. So but I get off line here let me know and president and the question. Forty years. They can't have done two. You know really boxes them in and there's never been used on. And yeah there's certainly some some movement in that system that they the and and then you know Tyrod going to be at a decent thing that does not think it it could fit in and that's so strongly about that. Taking pace dog the double Dahlia in the channel that in just wondering. When did the Bible decision or white what decision made that really trying to especially the ads don't Wear. That you do Tyrod going to be the guy and and what what may be that big bet I'd put you over that or it's. To make you think that our will be a guy pretty guys and in Oakland beat. And you really when you go to the process you know it quite difficult to pinpoint one moment. Worry more say yes yeah. That was it it's really gathering information being hired. And that methodical. Approach does mention before. And then just after that watching it come together. Game giving credit. It'll work Norton can't meet gain in terms. On the negotiations that thing and then Ed pieces are outdated and it is great job. And make this the right fit from both sides. They Sean self taught you don't you're torturing a practice or. Can you Kara tell us about the role that may be assisting coaches had here Dennis and also you know David Colley maybe even other coaches that may have. You know had to go back and watch film and what their role was in this entire process. You know they they did a phenomenal job and back in. That's routine everything that he effort from the start with with gaga is that and and the coaches as well and evaluation. And David and David Cullen Rick dent in the analogy and along the other coaches it is new every talk about the quarterback position not only. Isolate that that the district alone quarterback effect all positions and so that's what I'm hired the came decision and it. Wasn't just those that do. That's we're certainly originated from. Should I saw how well look again. Even look at what happened two years owners belt or. Beat. What would you wouldn't rate him and that he liked the seat as Juarez on you or there. I rod and what would let let. Companies like. I go back in it there's an element in the executed that just like every other player whether he thought enough of the football. The quarterback position at defensive football. Playing middle linebacker Allen is the players execute execute. In either natural ability. To make play in and we're doing our job as coaches let me put them into. (%expletive) in this system around their skills and so that that that vary between between athlete and that themselves. Actually out here. Shot and young with Time Warner Cable news here in buffalo what does this decision say about the organization's feeling within. This team is are ready to compete for a playoff spot and then potentially hopefully from your perspective which championship. Competitive and and we're gonna compete everything we do that. And other things go look in and and I expect that from myself like that is. From our players and coaches and in at Morgan earned their right that means balancing the right way we may as the elite eight. It was prepared to play games. Currently in here with the start of fate launch in early April and the right to win games and you do that. By being that hole and sticking with the I've been process oriented. That you're. Putting yourself in that. I don't think the right way on 888. Sean tell you why you like your tortured if I that the game can a little not mr. anti Iraq this is your first armed. Chances ahead coach to go through the process of the contact period in things like that. What is it been like for you over the last you know 48 hours and I heading into tomorrow especially. As it's been it's been really rewarding when you look at being out how we were able to get this deal done. Think that came together the right way. Again. How hard work by a lot of people. Drive and so it is seen in game that is it was a team effort so that that I don't want it. Oden should should feel dissent accomplishment. Because. It. It came together the right way and it feel good about gold afforded. To get Tyrod. You know all the conversation the it was actually gone well this is where we ourselves. To this day forward for vocal. Donna I don't characterize that the way to team is they're gonna approach. Agency from here on out now that you have that restructured. You know we're looking at every hour. Really hard. In terms of trying to improve our situation our football team and and that's really what we're gonna we're building eighteen and outrage do with that. Now in this situation in any situation going forward this has seen both short and long. John mapping of a pandemic maybe a heavy question kind of building. Operable it Vick get asked. Do you feel like you need to add more weapons the offense because her. A lot of last year it seemed like Tyrod Taylor is dealing with Gary depleted wide receiver corps and just in the last ten minutes it looked like guys are losing. I'm not matter how big a priority is that. David Brody didn't do last year. Yet. I guess we're thrilled at every position you know it set me. That dynamic receiver for residents they got other guys on the roster who we feel very confident. Al. Having said that it doesn't mean we got here and get to continue to work. There's no. What is apple political relaxation center is actually. It you'd ever get into work. And explore every opportunity to to improve this football. John Albert Albert and strong moral and tablet market Google the bit to keep Tyrod Taylor Eddie that it reached restructured deal. It in again. How much how much more difficult would it could be a key Tyrod Taylor on this roster and not walk in. Elect. Let the walkway. The deal if you're not restarted the god. While we did we get you know we really felt like it did for us to do. And in doing it this way woods was asked her for us in the organization it was a good fit for Tyrod yeah I'll never know that because we think we can go down. We didn't mean go down. That road so to speak so that you. Can't do it. And we feel good about it obviously is in order to get a delicate that. The army before I finish here maj wanted to. I guess just wanted to let you know it we had agreed to terms with that are part Paul Schmidt. Plenty of that nature that get that he got. Our report. There's reports that Patrick remarkable spectacle. Yeah yeah I I can't comment period on the old players that the and we didn't leave it at that right now.

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