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WGR550>Topics>>03-09 Tyrod Taylor Press Conference

03-09 Tyrod Taylor Press Conference

Mar 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But as well. Thank you. My smear. Where does it. Two while back and. It was a closely dorm room the most about I would coach Rico or regardless. Work with him before exe and chancellor coached currently and the Provo those quick quick week. Just being around those guys and actually benefit from. There's too much how's it from our reset and bin in this. Facility every day closest six hours. Get a chance and note to coaches and vision for the exchange. Just thought move forward. If we can work awesome profitable sides both sides wrong. There will be beneficial meanest place B process from day one our commitment sustained. This community. To do whatever it takes to get away tradition in umps. Committed to do on each day. War. You. And it's order. See out there so they. That I'm it was a few teams out there but are now still on the contract a wasn't like I was. At least thanks American do. But too much and wasn't looking to do. My focus this past offseason was to get out the first and foremost. Having surgery. On early January. March soulful Christmas. To get healthy. Let my agent. Are underway to to make things work here and we it is to get something done yesterday and makes it. I. At the end of the few good point when you lose. Bends and what happened it. Final week went. You boos to express your concerns and and and worries about. You know what you're future what's here how did you reconcile. What happened that at that point and and reward that. I have Tom on that I know. And I'll be back note on Martin no will with the next step was it. Bob Maher from that situation. And output at a time. New coaching staff here coats work for. Got a chance to talk to coach McDermott since Tuesday since since his first day here. Division ideas and his team. Our conversations. In Pittsburgh loses they want. Last output. What happened. Last week of last year's season army was I happy about it at the time know how Long Will this do for you me. Don't work outs and move forward yes but. Awesome at happy that I'm back here. Compete with the guys in his mark. When that happened was you know to have a week. You're sitting out practice to get to play whatever vision that this would be. We're going to be few months back as the quarterback and and on us here. I didn't sit outside his house floor post injures. But artists that I didn't know at the time I don't think anyone knew that it was uncertainty on as far as him coaching situation would be armed. This year Carmen it was a lot of searches think a lot of questions aren't answered that. And we have to. See with the next that was going to be as far as coach. Artest or summit coaches in their. Place when did the met him and if it. After side and numerous books. The only thing so. Bet you played this year. With the thought that your mind. It may or may not see this thing falling through that contract and how did that sort. No factor into thinking through a hole here knowing we could go longer. I didn't really focus on that loss assign the due on Mara. Our focus was to to do whatever it takes to outweigh gave them our season didn't go as well as we elected to last year. On a personal side as well as to what could have been better and. They chose to it's to read it read restructure we chose a researcher and think move forward as far as as far as detained. Two to cobra gets some more pieces of the best thing. From both sides do. You noticed any friends I don't know peninsula last season then. Essar really look at the leader and angry today yeah. Hamas felt that when this happened early in the year so I mean at that point wasn't gonna sit out. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to help my team went home. In this league is kind of hard to play at RG percent most guys. On under watch training camp starts almost forced it to make it two weeks six or seven moment Assad but something by arbitrators on a great job. Obama helped me manage that situation throughout the season and give me ready to play on Sundays waseige Sergio do not agree jobs well didn't it. With as he was rules. Current mission operations and you pretty what sort of what was you know. I didn't physically talk to any of the singing its own casual conversation with my agent threw me everyone's Tom Barnes and stuff like no official. About conversations seem to trying to do there. Yeah. Could track the chart shows ago. But yeah. Looking at you. You know we're in the thick of it. And seen that no Robert Wood and bat peace when back. What what are your hopes in regards to what receiving or will play given the fact that right now if you want you is it because it. Yes first off from Robert wasn't marquis is two definitely a very good players and a dessert. On the current certainty. As far as what's what else is out there for us. To pick him to bring gaffe free agency I'm not sure room. Right now but I definitely have faith in our. Our management. And coach McDermott to bring in town exception of this team last companies and fast for me siren. Really been able to to focus on freeagent Richard I'll definitely. Sit down and try to get. No idea where government do what we gonna do for. Us. Tom has some similarities. But also been in the system. One year from Baltimore home definitely. Some some changes in as far as play action pass and get known two just a very. Player from the system on the roughly a system and Armstrong's gonna lie it get a chance to move him around to different places definitely excited about. Plus have a talent in this in this game and different things that we can. Have a lot of big plays in this. I'm channels it came into this third position certain moments ago it's important to him and now after guys and we'll talk. You're going on her but she's in the store. How difficult or challenging news that. Our message SARS but there's also on this list and if those. Certain just happens sometimes known as I do situation you know but I believe Kosher denizens as a great coordinator for being with him. Arson four year. In Baltimore home he's definitely a great coach and I'm excited to see when he breaks it is. You mentioned accountability. These coaches. I was your relationship that we evolved from where what is this season. Hungry yet. We were able to come. Come together from our terms as as far as a country I think. Mean what happened happened we learn from it put them honest. It was a fair question when you send from today we've. Parks that we would get dividends. This is good. What went up about beauty shop. First time. I think it's worse for your care what wasn't that struck you about song for it. And and kind of went pre heat you know what on you to get hurt me think this is what he thought that works. Are very deeds. Very serious and has approached just. Then around him on not know much about Max and some guys. It is and has played for him on the the past couple years about him and saw good things. And just been around them and minuses to seeing them. Dated day while I'm over here working our rehab. Just casual conversation that we think he has the right message for the team and it. I'm excited platform and is the rest of the guys who abuse when he knew it. You mention us what it was that you felt at home alone you know it was indicative. Is there anything particularly beautiful portraits underneath her arm yourself. You must. Song Nara. Once they it was unfair and we were seven and I lectures and it wasn't great year for us some of the stuff we brought on ourselves. To avoid that we have the wind so and that's we've just we've had to do here and move forward. Just focused when talking pictures all. Were. Oh. Or. What's your sense. Your. Place. Is it. Right or promised there would definitely early just. Actually try to change the culture home. Change some process one gas to compete. I'm not been that wasn't Hamas before. They lost a guys get in there are normally very get a chance to meet coach McDermott and the rest of the coast cities court. Here on their depth received the vision for this team this definitely business business like approach them. He wants us to come in with a business process to come in and work our artists there compete estimated. Every position is definitely compete. I believe that brings out the best in players. I think Gaza gonna definitely are but it wasn't. What point in the offseason that did you and that these are considerate the restructuring to be. Optimal way. Sentence at what point in the offseason the communities are considered the for structuring your contract to be the optimal way to go companies. Bet I what was your sense quarterback mark. Our that your reading TVs in the street and everything from what's called out. The draft and you will exercise the quarterback. Another couple guys coming out. Romo still under contract. Brock still on the contrary to lead this country. I was a couple of situations that I had to go down but I believe talent wise we have enough talent to get the job done in this building. My process from day one I'm committed to to bring in this community. In this organization. What they deserve and. Estimated to. I think it's not.

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