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03-09 Sean McDermott Press Conference

Mar 9, 2017|

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Yeah let me start off only give credit to this entire organization this is really. Entire team effort and look at the number of players we've been able to sign early in this process. That doesn't happen by itself and so you start with ownership and Terry Cain and and the via via allocation of resources and then dug his staff my staff you look at. Jim over north Kenton he yanked him in the hole the really the entire building and this is this an entire entirely a team effort from day one. And in the credit goes aside so. War woods wrecked oh here. Right. Or just blown. Up. Well you know this is this is a tough time a year as far as that goes this time a year and you know there's some players and those are good players and a and and we wish them the best in terms of their careers you know we're gonna do everything in our power. To continue to add pieces to this roster in guys that fit the DNA. That we're looking for and in competition at every position that's for missions against. Iran. Well as a football decision strictly football decision and that that's a talk about a tough are the business is a tough time a year. And and that's my toughest parts in my job as it is when guys leave this building and you know that. So last week when you look at aaron's career when he left Texas a great career and and he's a lot for this organization so we wish the wish Aaron well when. And we're moving forward it as the organizations of football team. Yeah Mike you know and you look at me look at the list of players we've been able to add to this point. You'll see a lot of overlap there with intangibles. Toughness. Versatility and in. In his case as is accused of Mike and when you look at his career he's played multiple positions he played at Iowa had a great career. We find good football players and he's played in nickel position the corner position in the safety positions so and we just felt like this is a great. And great value for us and good football player and he's played in big games and and so we're very fortunate to have Micah. Shaw worked pros won't get it Hillary Clinton at this point so when you say that Aaron Williams what football you know that he can. I try to try to go what does that exactly means if you could expand it was you know whether it's it's. Players as well so on work or what might be. Well irons good football player and and we just feel like at this time as an organization and our philosophy moving forward. That we're going in different directions this time and so when I say it's a football decision that's it's lemon. Three. And a life. I. Right you know again when you mean the question with my Canon and Jordan porn are different so. Versatility. Smarts intangibles. Toughness is restart and and then you look at the skills and on the field ball skills. The ability take the football away in score on defense or put her set up our offense and scoring position of the big for us. Moving forward in and just the ability to run the defense and be that quarterback in the secondary was exports. I know that crazy just aren't really never ends. I don't envision. What are your linebackers right now it seems like there's some that he's had some players who. It is sabres cellular in the secondary when those guys that he's not looking for specific skill sets to the ordinance. But I mean that's we have to be created we are gonna look to add at every position like I mentioned yesterday competition death at every position BT. Linebacker no different. We've played with two linebackers in my career before 7% of the time three linebackers. So you know another percent of time so. You know you you take what you having and you put the players in position be successful and so that's where the creativity comes in with in the system. What this signing. Sessions two fullbacks got. Hurtful but what if he's. Say much hope what does that say don't have those guys. Offensive. Plant. It's just not typical. Paula soon common reasons why this next statement seems. Before buck fullback is is a big part of this nonsense and in and let's let's say it's it's not limited to playing the full back position. There's versatility within that position that's and that's what might bring to the table as you mentioned Mike Holmgren. And I had a chance to be around Mike for a number of years in Carolina know what he brings that table in terms of leadership intangibles again. And what happens in that locker room on Monday through its through Saturday and so that's a big part of it and then. Mike's versatility on the field with the ability to play fullback slot up at fullback and also a transition to have that position he enters the football he's done extremely well so. I had a front row seat to it to observe what Mike Steele said is both on and off the field that was key force and you talk about it again it's been a probe formerly. No different with the mark on this case. We have Melissa there your cars. What all. And that's that's a question France. Where would it Hitler's you like. Over those days that things. The told those are I think you get a feel pretty early what what he's all about I mean he's. First of all as a family man and that person. And and ordered be greatly you've got to lead by example and you see them on a daily basis with with the man of a Mike's caliber off the field. And what he does in the communities. Is phenomenal as well so he's he's just got that it's that people gravitate towards. He's he's known as it is solid dancer around around the locker room. And when I think you'll enjoy it team if and when he gets in the and Sony who likes to showcase some of those town so now he's he's a good addition for us. Race culture change she's loved sports it sounds like that's the type of guy that he would come and make culture change. Critical for him not just a guy like that guys like can you maybe a little and say it's your philosophy. Changing cultures make sure this team which was. I don't mean culture is big and and and in order to have him resulting chemistry you've got to first have the culture and so you bland. High character individuals with with talent. And you had a chance to have that culture and so that is a big part of this and in moving this organization forward in the right direction. There's. Or did you know that he could influence and be okay. Classroom use. That is so when it was thinking. Well this is this is a business and we talk about you've heard me says before earning their right to win. And you know that's. That's we've got to stay focused on the task at hand and and I'm I'm all for as we mentioned chemistry earlier and and billing that chemistry in the locker that's a big part of it. Yet we've got to make sure that we stay focused on the task at hand and that means earned their right to went on a daily basis and and and so I just. No I don't I don't believe that playing video games. In the locker room is part of earned the right wing and and so. We're going to be focused disciplined and accountable football team and and the media you do it one day at a time. I'm so I don't lose hopefully it. Take our real heat cream but. What. Coke glory but his thoughts about receiving position and people's judgment. Going into this game and how you might. Think about dressing room. Knowing that there are always. Right thing you know we're gonna looked at every position wide receiver no difference we do have some house with the with the losses but the team mentioned earlier so we've gotten. Its merits we need to address them and a look at every position no different and wide receiver. Cameron looked at and methodical way and and put this team and position in football games. Because locals band OK go through what was. It. Was qualities. Or network may. Use this. There. I'm sorry to the quality of people are looking for. Work record isn't better. And again just. Guys that wanna compete and got intangibles and no different that the quarterback position I'm looking for certain type of an individual that's why are the right way. Loves to compete. Lost the process. Is gonna put this. Football team and positioning games and and and so. Whether it's as a starter that back up for the third stringer. Burnett good football players this team. And there we're looking every option. And versatility alive to speak feed. Inside just how important is versatility hybrids and rolls on. As soon as that term that we use called you know. Position flexibility for versatility known position flexibility same ads right and so that's important you look at. Micah Hyde Mike has been a return Ares played safety and mentioned corner and nickel so. That's important for us Mike Tolbert played both fullback and halfback. Extremely well so you're looking for. For that value in seeing guys in them when you when you add that component in the locker room. With with these individuals that's big for us. It's. Well you go back to the process and really since day one night when I entered an building in January it's it's been a total team effort and again credit that's got to go to the staff and Doug and his staff the coaching that coaches in just the whole process has been phenomenal. We've had very productive and healthy meetings and and and look when you had healthy means that means sometimes you have to get disagreements and those are those are good those are those are healthy and so. That's been part of the process and at the end of days is a decision we all agreed upon that this would put this organization. In the right direction this time. Certain groups with access. To. You. Murder. Why else would work I'll let you know later. It and stuck or. Process and well and you'd it to now as you go through it I mean you look at every option to say hey. We've got Tyrod and and you look at. The quarterbacks are roster than you you look at that freeagent coolest quarterbacks and and you look at the draft system quarterback so. Like I like I mentioned earlier we're gonna we looked at every option Marie continue to look at every option to add pieces to this to this roster. That are gonna allow us to compete have great competition and at depth and and no different in this case and in yet to look at it certainly from all different angles and you mention them. Really think. But Stephon Gilmore moving. You know focus your attention on you bouncy or to. Step up because it is start for Republicans. We got a lot of lack confidence and in both rounds are being. And keep on as well and some of the other players Russians that position so. Having said that you know we're gonna pursue every opportunity to improve their position as well on there's nothing off the table at this point. And. He says it and the fact that. It was the funds he's. We don't know if you're brave of you guys all important is it freed brings you guys and we're. Yours Leslie Frazier. Maybe some preconceptions from the book what it was like your lies. Well you know you gotta start somewhere certainly and so. You know it's important that we do bring guys in. Basically get him in the ball to learn from day one right and learn together and and that's a big part of the continuity. Builds that communication writes when guys are around one another they did though she communication and it did fuel from one another and in and you build the chemistry and and the communication on defense in particular in this case this is vital to our success though. That's important and as we continue to build this thing. That camaraderie. Just being around one another whether it's off the field in the locker room. And I deleted on table by the way. Pack so oh or you know whatever I mean that's that's that's important. I don't know anything about it. Ball skills. All. Does that still. Work. Yeah I'd again you know just like Gary position nothing's off the table and look to add to this roster in every way shape or form and were up there right. Came down earlier it's only a dozen and going right back up that dug in his staff for up there working as well as much to have so we're at pieces. To this roster nothing's off the table corporate officers. What's the current plan that. Mills. It's. You know we've got some pieces there and you mention a couple of them see Georgetown some good things for this for this organization. And I am looking at it hard just like the other positions. Thanks to us.

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