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03-11 Inside High School Sports

Mar 11, 2017|

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G yards. Horse real fights maybe it's time to take a look inside high school sports. Kelly cheering brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would go great right about now. My New Zealand's have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and my dad neurological institute good. Developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome to inside high school sports. I'm your host Tony Caligiuri joined. But Earl shop head coach to Q bill we have Frank Wolf from the 300 level in Western New York athletics dot com Roger Weis is in studio. All's good guys. Moaning here I'll. Well Roger and I figured you'd be happy this morning because when there is matchup popped while dodge that badges this year and Showalter is premature whether you know it's free that for another we can nap for Anthony it's about time we wanted to Andrews you know conducive to lose. Respective seasons march you where you could. Now wait. A credit I put him in line I'll put up well you know it is everybody those been a crazy week. Hopefully. Anybody out there as usual crazier than usual language you get your power back. I know we went 28 hours at our house without power. And when you have two little kids that sell a lot of fly out you know it was great open so you know that we lost power at 130 in the afternoon. And Dario bring kids okay. Org and make an adventure ride this is it. By 8 o'clock the adventure ahead and dated it started turning a theater so they were really getting worried and you know as I did my best to keep them. Common and warm. Never went to bat I stayed up the whole night rules. You know it's just gives you sit there and you anticipate. Are any second part of my righteous as I saw a truck out earlier all yet they. Knowledge never did so. 28. Hours later we finally got Cologne was even born here is our friend of mine says I'm a drop off the generators is my generator wasn't working. And that's okay grace has been around 330. He shows up in the time he got their national grated out it was down the street. As that you watched Jack after you get this all set up driveway the powers gonna come on insure an off an hour later the. Our team and fair but will us to we. Dances. When you start to generator which is why is sump pump there's no water in there and all that I wanna cup of coffee. Shall I start to generate eruption plugged in numbers are copy whatever that is sure is that thankful a's and not that I went out. Seriously though are people off about a mile away from us over in the cold rolled wore road section of Orchard Park. It probably won't have powerfully tonight all man and it's. Hole yeah season opener while they give an example our house was 55 degrees. When I got a whole thing was that Thursday. And isn't and this is impossible. You know again I go on the host Tampa I'll sleep and you know to try to fallen it was going to work and so lone power came by that cushy have everything to do yet laundry and the worst part about for me was throwaway food. Right all human know how much I hate to waste food. And I just card shop in the day before ouch yeah so all that food and the garbage. So miserable. But anyway. We got through it now today a little bit of snow I'm actually gonna get to use rational throw for the second time in. This went her current bird Becky go without if our real guide to I'd prefer that but I have to use some of the guess they have to say that the I don't know why impressive adjourns Browns in a world of live via. Snowblower never have to use and community betterment if you recall last year bought a new one and that would work or get any snow so I used it three times last year. It will be the second time to Emmys on the broken in yet. And I'm hoping anonymous. You're now or those that are out there with a snowblower and in my honest moments on the driveway could be blown away with a leaf blower now now now has that we have daily these three as I don't know started all of a sudden you hear noise was sadness and they were two or three doors away using a snowblower on you know a Trace of precipitation. Yeah I get to whom yeah it gets up who got an article there he'll take it away when you get past that and that's my theory you get it all right. Guys we usually start off good news and notes today we're gonna push stepped back a little bit. Because of our whole Lotta things go to start the show off with an interview and every invited out. Former WGR employee who are Dan Hager is on the line the morning Dan. I do what I do a great long time no hear from its a great just talk to you. Again and we're gonna talk about that today is your involvement with rugby and it's something that you and I go back from. I say even I think you were producing knots and cheer behind was aghast and we're talking rugby and oh the things that he used to and Campbell last. With their rugby club and you had said you know I play rugby too so united in got into a discussion about rope now we both played rugby and how would both love the game. Well since then is really taking off at the club level I don't know what would Jerry did a camera west stand. And not cal Phillips and everybody else is just doing a great job of promoting that even though still a club sport right now. It is moving forward and you're gonna promote the Buffalo cop which will be rugby championship this year. Yeah it's do don't we play. I told my actual rugby in New York State played under. The father and Kovalev rugby New York in you can check rugby New York dot org. Bring new web site all the teams links to their website on there as well you can call longstanding. And scores on a regular basis yeah and brought to kick off in about a month from now. Might my home my high school club Greg I'll be taking on. Came over it Tunisia the other nations. So varsity club which actually I talk about COLT sports commission is just promoted that are a club rugby team to a varsity level hole also I think the first. His first article. Well McCoy in the area but Quaid and equate over in Rochester is also over sea level sold to private schools in our league are herbal person level. That via. Now can more that all become more boys and girls clubs I really set the tone for rugby in Buffalo hunt scored the Buffalo Bill Conrad and and as you mentioned you're not a close friend of mine. But also really taken it upon themselves to spread ball. Boys and girls rugby in the area and it spreads you Orchard Park as a team. Self spot for now as a team on the Grand Island club kinesis as a team. The end again in ten more so. What we're looking to do with the Buffalo caucus. Get more of those team is in Buffalo so as of right now we have games just talking from Grand Island. We have to travel all the way to Corning and Finger Lakes were for game. And those are those early games. And that's tracked on I don't we kept but he was hurt in the end. Over the last couple of years we've we've begun that purchase buses to take on strips because it's not a school's board. So therefore we we produce are on buses and when you zone in on funding for that so fundraising as important as it's always been in the sport but. What we wanted to go to Buffalo cup is basically. Get all the teams and Buffalo plains get each other in their league. Don't have non league games with the kings in Rochester with the teams even in Ohio and Pennsylvania. But really get a core group with teams here in Buffalo because this is really a hot bed or rugby in the area. Starting at the club global demand clubs would be former lock courts seem to know us felt awful rugby. You be herbs are the PRC book or cobol voice. And also and I was seeing in not north before as well. Those three men called teams really push being. More opportunities to play then traveled on the college level which that immediately true doubled high school level so. In ball four alone we have the most rugby players per capita in the united entire United States outside of Denver that are outside of Colorado cool. Which is where USA rugby is actually recorder. So Buffalo is really becoming a silent. Hotbed for rugby in the air. I mean like he did an accurate combined upper. I can remember. Yeah yeah I don't that a popular sport for people to goes you know what people want to they don't really. Understand what's going out sometime so I noticed it was for us but that. Let's see that's why you are not a player to play right yes now with a more and more players coaches. I'm ashamed bottom approaching Bonaventure alumni played rugby through about a cheer for four years. There are multiple saint Bonaventure graduates. Who coached rugby throughout the year there are multiple men's club. Numbers that coach rugby at quite school over Europe Europe. Glenn and off with so awful rugby helped there it runs the also on the shuttle and six programmable would no doubt in Orchard Park. They know that's a huge rugby that's that's middle school rugby. It's all the way from five years all the all the way through history. There's also canned Moore has a huge rugby program no one of that double at six starter. Talent that we have. At Grand Island we started and it's great club this year just put out a general interest meeting letter. At a given time guys about who have no idea how to play notes brand new to them but they wanna try something different. So we've kind of adopted this club which were approach we've taken this not look to become versed B level sports book really. Be part of a club be part of something a little bit different. And what it's doing Tony it's it's creating opportunities tree a lot of opportunities for. After the eagle please sport college community might not able to err on the basketball court or on the football field. They get to prolong their career they get two cheap play. Which was there an actor I'd sort of Internet years ago there was a sixteen over. And yet it you have two teams thirty guys fifteen guys an aging all over sixty that's pretty interesting to watch. Wow. They're put Reche came in. To golf he's rugged. All. I cringe at the thought of trying to. I know deep down in the middle of the scrum again. All my body anxious thinking about it you know I love the interest in and I love the fact that it that it's grown leaned. And it is a popular sport like you said and it's a lot of fun to play you talk here and when you look at. College coaches are saying we we want multi sport at least for football players what great way. To keep in shape to keep playing field and have a sum this same skill set to use on the football field you'd goal reply to rugby. That's right and that's with the opportunity it offers I mean. I know section church is going to limit the amount of cart take these players can get and a lot of plays he's going to be a lot of games these guys can get tropical policies have. Well now we have a sport in place that allows them to work on those skills when they're playing you know in the spring time you know what football is only six months away. Just in the weight room just she endurance or just some running around the important aspects of sprinting errant balls. Everything is done they can really help. You know build both sports Ohio high school rugby has really benefited from this Ohio State Ohio high school football has really benefited from that relationship with the lord. In here's the other the other thing two more games Dan the other thing to know get to. What you know football and in rugby is the shift now in full ball to implement. Rugby style tackling Gerry I mean I have conversation. After conversation. About the importance of vero put the head to decide what you do and rugby to make a tackle. Pete Carroll's Seattle Seahawks. Talks about it there are college rugby program is great now. Where that the universities are going to them. In seeking. 22 Orioles and how to tackle rugby style. That's right and it's it's as simple approach that put that had to decide we call sheet to cheap. And USA rugby has really taken it upon themselves to. Push at tackling did it get proper tackling to all the coaches I know good friend of mine nick Bauer over tenacious Playskool. He had the football coach in high school come to him looking person chips on high school are you having coaches come and Arabs are having players go and see how. Rugby tackles two tackles on all the technique behind it is done. And idea territorial at Grand Island his you know doubted that a big proponent as far as helping me with understanding the football or understanding. Different aspects of football that I can bring in the rugged helps those players that play ball sports. So it's it is that connection is coming. The biggest problem that we've had and this is probably where where you can come and Tony is that. Is that that culture changing their culture I'm sure the cultural group a lot different when you were in college that'd be what it is today. Who here we don't need to go there with a the thing and that's that's been the challenge of bringing that can handle their culture to go away because their culture bill love for the sport if amen and I'm about to go to an event right now with the south awful rugby team a called I was part of what I played. And we do things with the women's team in the men's team and we all get together they just took a sixty person trip to Barbados Spain for Fergie. Well people men and women making a trip together. To play rugby. But not Q you is that negatively. You know we've brought their culture double high school level after games are played. We have a dinner afterwards with the opposing team get cute so we get a meal. Some of the mothers and fathers put together a nice spread to after the game we get to talk about it in get together with the other players. Need the other players because then when the players go to college likely got you toward more and then maybe there on the same team or they're on the same team and they get cement holes. So it culture is still alive. It's just not. Extremism was. One when you were probably playing in what I went at the beginning of my career. What the similarity is is that you know when we do with finishing game what you just mentioned. We would get together with the opposing team and there would be a party afterwards. And it was great because you you get to talk to and learn about you know what they do with their school and you know about their lives in a funny story is. When I played at UNLV we were playing a team. From. New Zealand and they were nineteen and under national champions. Well they came up here cleaned our clock on the field but afterwards there asking this question like OK we'll casino do you live in a lot. There impression of losses that we all live being there in the casinos they know that Las Vegas actually had houses sounds like they're pretty well scouted if you everywhere. So I thought that was funny and it was neat it was always a good time. You know even at Ball State when we played Bonaventure. We got together afterwards we'll play you beat we got together afterwards. Taylor made easy guys you played Bonaventure everybody notably the Seneca Allegheny casino to handle usually it was that close I was to the. Thus thus far but yeah I know it is very it is the start it'd sort of a cultural fusion is we are spreading their culture and when new guys come into play they tend to really enjoy it because. It is different from other sports the culture is different it's not just going to pressuring him going and play games. It's more than that you feel as though you are part of something and that's something that the coaches in this very specifically. Really pushed to build both the high school level at the college level and at the man's club well. Push to get the most out of each athletes athletically. Just push the most that get out of they don't each athlete academically. And also love and have a good time all the duel sure and that's definitely question that's a really big you know that that's really our our whole motto behind. Why we enjoy doing it a lot of these coaches and are being paid for their time. It's pure love of the sport we're not sure alumnus. And I'm sure it relates to win football and on the right invest more time horizon this in the forties and fifties and dimpled ball way before that. Did that people do it because they love it matters that. From this rugby cultures it's really interesting to be part of it and watch and it's. It's it's I enjoy it more and more every year I can type that hasn't you know that the hype there that the college ball. You will be a lot of mature bolt just played just bolt had Jean de Las Vegas for the Las Vegas seven German. And more and more rugby in the air the ball part of division one A rugby. Which you know along with Penn State and army and navy in the wind juggle it all these bigger schools. The college game is growing and becoming more. Or national games this more publicized NBC sports put a lot of games on TV for people to watch. YouTube does a great job with game so. Now we can see that we're seeing the growth it's really a a really interesting thing to watch her being come from fifteen years ago what it was that Albert cultural rugby and what it's going into tonight. Dan with the popularity that sentences have any new match and NBC sports. And a lot of his success they have been showing the seven's our tournaments and you match that they went and played in in Vegas. Is there any talk of. We do have seven tournaments after the fifteen seasons ago the way it's up right now is there as a JV teams in the JV teams play and on time. Until numbers picked up a no hit the netted fifteen on fifteen for Versteeg level games. But then there's also. You know scheduled in Buffalo which was scheduled seven tournaments coming out. And also Buffalo's putting on war can American tournament potential candidate introvert replaying. Both the men's global level culpable in high school level. So there is more and more seven times more exciting game there's more scoring. People returned to enjoyed I think that's why it was and that's what yeah so widely multiple. Wide open game against you when you play more more games as well in the you know as the games are you play more games and today as well you played you know org or seven games and today there are shorter games. Alleged ruling on the body and they're exciting to watch you would return with a lot on the watch. Yeah it really is I love south ends and we used to practice it. You know we start up in the spring and while we're in the jam it's really tough to you know put a scrum together so a lot of what we did was Simon's. And it's it's exhausting and need national cemetery in our cultural beyond that NBC sports are coming up I believed in Philadelphia this year. Cool cool are we have one question and went frank question though is there any rugby bars like we had the masthead. At Ball State whenever the game would then we'd all shoot over there as there is is is our one spot that. That you guys like to get together that. Well there with a three to her mens teams throughout the area there's there's multiple. Just goes multiple places you go we oval were flying by himself also singled to play -- and that's generally where we do a lot of our. Arm will call meetings. And we also I mean I would like all of a cold yes snow going back and kind of grade do you can talk to guys who played forty years ago this right great stories in. In and also talk to guys that are playing you know playing today. Sounds possible is always a has always been kind of rugby out and Byrd for guys that's that's drug orders and stories at least. Awesome stop a damn best of luck with the Buffalo Koppen and all the yard. The rugby clubs out there and just have a great sees it keep us posted over we got our FaceBook page. And elect a sec cal Phillips has a great job of keeping people updated about camps and clinics and things like that keep the common. Do and we really appreciate this opportunity get out and and talk about rugby pitch I of the connection would you Tony but I'm not speaking on behalf of myself regret our drug yourself off or be the team's unaffiliated with. I'm talking up to have small smirk rugby and and it really is growing and it's really shouldn't be a part of. Great stuff buddy great to talk to you. Aren't you two Danny here does a great job of talking rugby with him. Aaron but we come back and give it to some basketball talk lined up section five vs section six time boys and girls we've got hockey style. To get into we have all that more and inside high school sports. And side tires. Roger after bogeys so we're gonna jump into things look pretty different. Dead picture Roger bogeyed eighteen that's a scary thought and not. Roger has to split so he's gonna get this updated and and the girls before we jump to the boy's side things so letter rip mr. Weis. Okay my senior Marten last night down stayed. Sacred heart and class say was successfully move onto the state championship game for a class a Catholic high school. I'll cardinal narrow loss to the double A Matta surprised trouble they really Catholic schools down there your playing against the rest of the buzz. And also an iron and draft a decision last night and class pretty. So our only. Hope for a golf federation and participant from the Catholic schools will be sacred heart if in fact they can win this afternoon. And about a half hour and go find the section six vs section five. Girls games start taken place and Buffalo state and 11 o'clock. Am Hearst will be playing. I believe it's hit manned and from ma. Section five. Now Pitt men and is rated probably one of the iron teams in the states. He Anthony you know I feel about the state ranking exactly they compare apples to oranges and all that so I don't take a lot of credence. Hammers probably is the underdog. Boy emirates is tunnel last week or so I think they're ready to play the game they've smacked off all Lee and lakeshore. And will south in their last three games as oppressive that is not too shabby at all. Excuse declare winds there is playing out. She right now is borderline while one of three girls along with a two girls from Moreira artists should be used three finalists for a player of the year girls basketball this year. And she's got a supporting casts. Couple freshmen are open on that Lisa which is their kid sister. Excuse me as a freshman I think series graders okay so there are I like cameras chances Grammer Frasier he might think they can win. 1 o'clock that's a different story. Clarence is playing against. Mercy of Rochester. How good is Mercer Rochester they've beat bishop Kerney from the section five championship. And I think we all know about bishop Kerney they are scary good register mercy of freedom. We've put it to you this way of Clarence wins the game this afternoon tonight to. In investigations and I don't know I think geno or yeah modest step about it so I got. You've got us he's a liar poker step and there's fuel deserve. Clarence has got their hands full. They played just serve three good games they breed front here. In a rubber match this year. Chances are there was they've played frontier in a best of seven I would probably go seven games and congratulations and Mo lady red doubles. And front here. Hold your head up high on next couple leaders are looking good is they were very young team players you get any can't I'd look out. The 3 o'clock game will be the class. What can you say about them once again main act off Franklin go with that school sisters and all that. They're playing well they were state semi finalist two years ago state finalist. One year ago C runner up actually and then. This year again by the luck of the draw. Assuming they get by the game this afternoon they could go to the state finals once again do better chances slowly I like their chances alive Panama will coach the question they had this year. Was replacing the two guards they lost a year ago. It's work they got better as the year went on in the beginning of the year award and given a much chances but stages. Build ourselves up and got the peak at the right time so I like their chances. The that would be these 3 o'clock game at 5 o'clock game will be class seat. Bruce burger like their chances they got three players are not a one girl team on her sophomore again be. Pale Locke Cole hit three point shot with two seconds left into a tie game. And all the real and their big girl playing real well on the post season along without cancer and I can't think you're in the last name but they they have three players. Class. Section five classy team can act as a trio one thing that is the real deal and the other supporting casts off the bench. I coach doc collier rotates. Nine players in and out would be general one girl you lost to injury earlier you don't hear the end of the regular season I like their chances a lot. And then team I really like their chances. 7 o'clock game tonight for don't yeah. Boy are they peaking right time they've had a good tough schedule all year long. They beat Wilson. In a cross over game BP B Wilson I got news for your good yeah you are and they won the job. Final at the what is it gonna be one final as well against a pew. Great coaching jab by coach circle. Coached gay at the pure as a tendency to play. Six players that most. And coach circle I've thrown your rotated 78 girls and and how do you she had fresh players and the court at all time and it showed at the end of the game last Sunday at Buffalo say I really like. Cronies chances and Candace Albert never ceases impressed me she's getting better and better. I'm almost in a point to bring out whatever is that they I might. Movie and a cyber prison for a person on my all the Western New York team wall so law. I like a no other and Clarence I like everybody's chances and they yes Clarence. Excuse me camera left of ordinary game. But other man I'm looking forward to spending next week in and outs and belly. Outstanding will vest look toward girls today and I don't kill him and hopefully get out there to support them okay Jim. All right let's get updated on the boys Earl we had. Pitcher Steve weekly not just today. Yeah I spent it I spent a day Beckett fourth in Rochester with wind and everything's blacks in the A game was canceled due to wind and it was. Rescheduled and it was canceled again those rescheduling candidates moved around. And now the sectional spinal site of the regional site has been changed yep because of the way and it said Genesee community college right. Russian Maria rush Arianna apparently he still has some power issues out so their play they're playing the same the same way they're clearing the gym at least once for the Niagara Falls game. With the fair for the SI start until 9 o'clock because. Of the anticipated crowd. And they've done a lot of resale tickets and apparently there aren't a whole lot of tickets left for the the double A game and the only way to get now is to be at the A game at the NBA game. They're gonna sell the tickets until this all out. How does the. The differences seating capacity at GCC compared to Russia. Maria I think there and it aft from my recollection is pretty similar it's not a whole lot different they were gonna they had they had anticipated this this was something and it's estimated before. They're gonna do this clear the gym because they know. Fair for brings a huge crowd I saw that last Monday and go blue cross arena and and also Niagara Falls always brings everybody in any including a band including the bad there absolutely and the band plays and that's where he's surprised it's fall's getting this far. No actually not I mean. It was a pretty even. All the way across side double A this year but the balls played really good defense and they did against Lancaster again. And they scored enough points to hold them off at the end today they're gonna be at their their hands full. Airports a really solid team they have. 45 guys that are going to be playing in college next year they're they're guards that the of the advantage they have is they're they're big. There are. Their guards 06263. In the falls don't really have any real tall guys that match up well them their forwards are six months for their serve actually they have they have I Sadr. Who is esque 66 who was. One of the difference makers in now. In the game at double cross arena his name is. Ryan out here. He's 68 actually. Pesky anybody he was very effective self the follows is gonna have to score some that to keep up with them. The want they'll say is the boss played guy university trap really topped that an early in the year. And you prep gave. Airport everything they collided at the at the blue cross Serena final so it should be I think he'll be a good game and I give airport a bit about that but the falls the way they play defense you just never know. Well defense that you said that that's the key it's gonna be and these big jams because there's that sometimes is now a lot of scoring you know. I am getting eat every key Harris is look at a scenario where team is just not used to be impressed me is fair port. I'll be impressed before. They have been had there at third guards are study. But that they opt type of thing might bother them some I think there's gonna be. If Matt funny match I think that the pressure defense is gonna make a lot of differences some of these other games today to obviously you create turnovers that way. If he can create turnovers plus you on the boards you have a legitimate shot down and getting it seems rather copper level teams they're used to run an offense a real traditional sat up offense. Now that you got guys all over your your you're gonna have to like attack them back Eric and they cannot force you to play faster your wine in you have to be really ultra disciplined and yeah. Have a plan to be able to succeed against them. Okay would we have nexus anti OK don't be a game is north catalog that against around a point now and see is like the Cinderella team because. Nobody expected to be weighing both south and that when they've beaten Louisville south nobody expected be hammers and they're the jet they have they ever really solid team. They played a lot of zone they have a lot of guys with blank ending a baby. Hater ID buy me a great thing the coach Bowden has done is he uses all his guys. And Derek yeah they play with a lot of poise I mean the thing that impressed me in both games was they really didn't seem to get rattled and NB a both. Both games they were they came that is an underdog and it was you know to their credit. At the end you're looking at now they honestly deserved to win both games it was no it was not float. Another plan around quite team that is like 231. And their ranks at either first or second in the state right now on class say. And I just are rather quite Wednesday and they're they are Thursday actually as bad as wind out Wednesday and they have a really solid squad as well they played great man to man defense. But what they almost say north title while it is cases they played. Rather quick played Wayne and Thursday and Wayne kind of shut him out for half plans on defense and erratic way kind of figured out they hit some threes. And they ended up when a bites quade at the end self erratic what is deathly the favorite but you just never dog. I think that that certainly they've got out. Score against their pressure defense out full court pressure but it's man to man and they figure right in their face. And are aggressive and they switch really other big guys are able to gather Garrard so if your sense of paddle ball screen a sudden they just switch German. And so I really don't get an advantage was screening. And deep offensively they've got I. They got to keep they're at their best player erratic ways Wes plays a guy names extend Lang who shoots threes really well and give up three they were pretty deep team as well. If they can keep that for making a bunch outside shots they have a chance that's what Wayne did for a half. Now they go for two ethnic they have is that we're about bees the b.'s gotta be probably the most interesting game what is said that before. But dom Tigers is playing health sciences and dobbs. Miter sight seeing quite a few times I've seen how sacks is a few times. And MITRE is played. Early college in the semi finals of the beast that matters is also like 23 and one. And MITRE is winning by 29 points in the middle of the third quarter. And how sciences look like they were just taken a nap and all of a sudden they got some kind of full court pressure they got really Grasso out of edit the game totally flat they went from 29 down house axes to having a shot to win at the buzzer and this was solid like maybe eleven minutes. So so why did what it told me is a team that can really press these guys could give them some trouble solve. That's what else science dies they gave they pressure coming off the boss basically they're gonna get that 38 your face the whole game and they're gonna make you score around now. The question as I would say you know Midas is still a bit of a favorite but. Have they learned anything from that lesson that day they almost lost it's early talent it's going to be a fascinating game because. It's 32 totally different styles of play and which several wins outs gonna win again. How good is a guard play for reminders. It's gut it salad and had I think was a difference in the Easter or game they were top black you know especially when Owens when on the bench for Easter aura. That's what else science seemed to jumped into my game and all. Well it's it's a Mike the might of the old Mike Tyson lies that has got to plants Liggett. As ten area and realistically that's what else science does make his role people had to throw people let you. And what they really dead how science against Easter Ariza kind of warm down in the second half he story had a really good plan and they got good shots. But eventually they're just not used to plan and that's nice court for that long Beth bass. And that's. What would it how sad is make you don't they don't they don't play with a whole lot of like structure or discipline or wherever they have some really good players and really they like to play with disorder. You know Aussie going to take some while to get warmed up good they get stronger as a polite yet lines that are running out yeah. It's like organized chaos it's organized chaos and organize shelters don't forget it earned your right hand and by god and man that's exactly what as in if they if they make at that kind of a game. Midas to be in big trouble. Who introduced the game how like I'll sciences on chances as good as any of the five classes and might have been real yes I let's take a break when we come back. Will look at those. The others and I that we've got hockey to get into a friend hopefully I won't talk to you guys for two weeks I'm hopeful to be in Nazi valley next week and so. Good morning you are ahead and aids ride what's up to you when you get back. Take a break we come back more inside high school sports season. Last Clinton's side boards and it will affect coming up next. Little sports talk Saturday action and it talks until street game and the little Sabres discipline are needed those goals and another fullback but he thinks. 83 dollar number enough of that. You never have enough fullbacks I'd make you keep it locked straight year WGR Sports Radio 515. I let's get into the season RO. Okay so we have an interesting game Norris are Christians atop will lake. Bomb it as any team has gotten this far you're on like a big kind of winning streak as it is to talk a lake is one of the few teams that beat. Maybe oleander during the year and Eric comment that comment op a pretty great when and they have to release good players haven't all been aaron's wind. Where there are two other captains both Garrett and north park Christian. He has a Garrity who is a sophomore. Whose name is miles round of 66 beat. And he's already scored a thousand points is sophomore year. Solve both the ball ball ball of those teams have have some really good guard play. As with the smaller schools usually that way it should be pretty up and down game both those teams like the score you think evenly matched or extremely that I give the sector by team a little bit of an advantage because they played. Tougher teams they played at some city Iraq tester teams they traditionally play a tougher schedule but. I mean if you if you've beaten only and you obviously are good enough to ever really chance to win. Okay let's take a look at damage he has a really interesting now you have Franklin bell. And and chiles that he now I've I don't trust many relied a Frankel up pretty well to us many we have our point guard to freshman. Played at me last year I saw them lose the Panama in the regional game here. Solved they have the experience of them bad Darren almost. Almost made it and they have I'd Q when your name next Harris who just scored his thousandth point yesterday. And are in the last game I yesterday and dot. They bought they seem shoot a lot of three pointers. And Franklin has three really good players that that kind of turned your season around their. There is. It's nice. See wept there where here real here's. Sammy Erickson who is the one of their captains he six war very athletic. They have a shooter Isaak cop who's had some the cap family is legendary prices during three pointers. And that made during the season they picked up what Brack Leach transfer from Fillmore very athletic six to look at. So they're gonna match up all teams pretty well what's gonna happen is both teams shoot a lot of threes. Franklin will play a more traditional man to man defense and then he'll probably go after Franklin mil though there probably fracture full court. I know that's gathered their desired way of playing so it should be a real interesting gay men. And a good for Stevie act to anyone is going to be a lot of threes up a new year whom nice and fun game. Are now in my senior Marten would we have a lot yes I've. Saint Mary's the only wild which coach wrath good like they go to actually and it almost it probably at a floor warming up there at Fordham university in the racks they're playing LaSalle academy from New York City. Okay and does kinesis tenacious loss last week I was last words in their seat their season is finished so. The bad see your American flag is being carried by the way answers are right go get him answers. York. Yeah that. Yeah that's a really good question act. It's our is like winning this game. I am I almost like Roger I hate to sit up but not middle Aram. Health sciences may very well have the best chance today because of the way. Because of the way they're planted that the style they're playing I would say that the best chances for section by section six the winner probably the smaller class of the case. Is the BCD. Excellent art Franken is up today I'm rob yeah I mean a rugby and hockey cities it's okay. We did of course mention that all the games today for boys best bowler Darren has GCC because as a the wind right and also I know Joseph Krause meant he is and down their with similar Watkins are covering the game for a follow them there on Twitter there there was WNY. Ten west had some signings this past week is part of news and notes hand Galvin is going to queens Khaled for sacker. Then Serrano Kyle plant are going to be playing baseball a nag university. Mom off play. I can never pronounce his trust in the soccer player along with Joseph Patrick. There heading to Damon. Are Arnaud Jardine is gonna play for polity CC LE four Morelli is gonna go play rugby for. Who walls pretty much every record that camera west NL central's hockey she's heading to. Christian central academy go looking for an athletic director of varsity boys soccer coach in basketball coach as well. Pioneering global concepts are still looking for mercy supple coaches. According to the section six website now today. Donna harbor senator you have four games four DI New York State. Hockey high school championships. Four games today and then the chant that winners will move on tomorrow and play division one division two. Last time I checked. There was Pelham I nothing over Brock port and then the 930 game that's one verse five seed there. And they will take out the winner of that game looks like pal will be taken either be in town. Or saint Lawrence now saint Lawrence was a ten seed. They knocked off the three last weekend they're taken and Bateman town a four seed 1145 and and down their for that. In division one. Section six long haul is Williams will north. I'll last week they defeated. West Jenny. 32 in overtime. So they gonna face the number one seed man run back. From section one they won last year on the looking to repeat last week and Griffin green scored the game winning overtime goal for north. From last year and actually before. Betts has scored in overtime winner now will north has had leads twice late in the last two playoff games that they've surrendered the tying goal in the dying seconds. So hopefully today and I talked to called frozen Lance just yesterday and that's obviously the biggest part of conserved for and I'm but. Last week it was six on four power play when they had scored Wes Jenny and then north got a power play in overtime and that's how they were able to win the game. So hopefully today they won't need that memoranda number one seed and rightfully so but you know well north definitely can beat this team. I I don't think it would be upset at all it will north was to move on and deplete playing on Sunday but I know we'll north. On day at the band yesterday east taken around the school and it was really neat. You can you two better FaceBook at and what's our FaceBook page and set high school sports so it was a nice sendoff for the spartans and you know really Western Europe we have to fill that harbor senator these. Almost 2000 people on their I think they hold. Her 3000 whatever is if we get 15100 dominant this weekend specially for that will north team this afternoon that's gonna really tell New York State that we can have high school hockey year. On the on the big league I'm big stage here you will north side they support their hockey they did well they went down last week a number of home down to Syracuse. Our Camilla swarm the game was and is a very hostile environment for wheel north. And they came out and they wanna game in and Nate I expected be hostile wherever from memory today even though they are repeat I division one large school champion. West Seneca east fell last week they can get the job done it they had a lead we had a lead but they loss denied the division to. So they won't be playing today. But coach friend and a phenomenal job at those kids this year. Messina on number ten team. They play number three Pittsburgh following that will north game then again the winners will play tomorrow at 3 o'clock in harbor senator. And it's going to be great day for Western Europe hockey in general showing off the Harbour Centre everything we have to. Offered on the nine on number of media guys have come in and we've been talking to inner very impressed with what's going on down there of course they had posted it last year. And we have and again next year but we really needed to fill that we're sending. Absolutely in you have easily and a social support is good for the economy's been brilliant all these outside teams brother's hockey. Basketball whatever. It's good for the area Earl thank you so much. And frank can Roger hold please have a safe trip they can make scary for producer will talk to next week with more inside high school sports.