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03-11 Sports Talk Saturday HR 3

Mar 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WGR Sports Radio 550%. Supports talks Saturday. When you. Yeah. We here at sports talk Saturday don't want Saturday to and that's what we bring you our free here's what's out there and keep your wealth may make eerie right gates who momentarily left. The station here in the studio. He's back accommodating year. He's back. It looked real fight if you want it 85222550. As I mentioned in promised earlier in the program we are gonna transition over to hockey in. We are about fourteen games remaining. Eight of their last nine Brayton they've lost. In I think I was talking to somebody true certainly not pretty addictive do we we might have been talking about yes Iran. That now that it was it was our analyst at somebody but in Frank Wolf earlier this morning that I was talking to about it it's just crazy to me how. How much different place this team could be in had they not belong to three goal leads beat the worst team in the league in beat nick how the coyotes like they should at. Where this team to beat. In his recent stretch you're talking about racket that he keeps his they'd blow another 23 goal leads prior in the season and correct thinking. Well this Gillen gonna come back and hurt us and this one's gonna come back Paris in this one's gonna and a losing almost nearly every shoot out to your losing your pricing on a point there as well right and of course not having Jack I there's a lot of factor yet gone into the downfall of the sabres this season but. It's it's really not looking pretty especially with the with the way that this team's playing under dim miles. And that's kind of where I wanna go to guys is is the future of damn bows and a coaching future. Maybe you know you might be right by asking that question I guess my. My thought process behind this to guys is. I don't know if Terry Kerry can Google it can release cell firing another coach after two years that that's that's the only thing I think evidenced. I don't think they can sell not firing another coach Democrat I don't think they can combat with the and vials were next year with the way. This team was in a position when they reach that bye week you know they wash cargo which. They played a lot of hockey but it is not a position but they were in a position to. Be there to be in the race until the end of the season. And I knows it out of the last nine if you if you sense the bye week it's seven I'll the last date that they've lost. This is crunch time and they blew leads and. Not to mention they lost that big games Chicago right before the bye week that relief just kind of sat this whole thing up yeah. I. Coyotes game that that second coyotes game was the one that really that irks me and obviously that first game back. Paul alluded to it multiple times that it that's a difficult. Place to be coming back from a week break. In the altitude that's a difficult it's that that. Right there was to go but that's the worst team. Fifteen freaky wins like you got half that game it doesn't matter about altitude that you can't go down three goals that early and it's still almost comeback in a game and in the thing is to that I think frustrates me the most is. The comments that allows me maybe maybe we made too big of a deal of the comments about to bow to me the other night regarding Jack cycle even though likely had three points it was the clearly the best color on the ice in that game. And you gonna call Jack out that there's so many other guys that think that that he could've called out in that instance in calling your bass player out. Your best that your youngest player who was going to make mistakes out there because I think people don't realize that it is the twenty years old he can do it legally for a week. I don't really have an issue like OK EE called golf more turnover on the audio bass player that night yes absolutely or was that. Play that he shouldn't be making it should be called out on. Yes absolutely you. I'm not gonna sit here and say that I'm mad I'm Ed because damn miles would clearly isn't getting the most out this team and there's a disconnect between this system and what players want to be doing. And what they feel like their strengths are and I feel like they don't. Think they're being utilized properly by the damn house in the system. I have a problem with him calling out Jack Michael I think it's a good thing he's calling Jack like you want people calling Jack Michael you have people that's not gonna take this crap obviously. Andy T that's part of the growth and development of this players that he's gonna have to do it is lost and he has to know what he's making these mistakes he set out to shift. And you want Jack cycle to respond in those type situations when you get called out you want him to respond in a positive way the thing that kind of you know I think irks a lot of people about damn Viles with comments. After Tuesday's game was that. He weeks before he got a couple weeks before he said we want I'm turning the put the puck over or we're gonna bench him Jack cycles going out there trying to make plays on a consistent basis every night. Last night he was on the ice spurt over 21 minutes in the game. Trying to make plays who's arguably gander bass player on the ice that night he didn't register a point loses eleven game point streak but the thing is he's going out there creating plays if he turns the puck over guess what he turns the puck over in damn miles but after that play specifically. Call them out port out and I was just kind of like. I get it it's it's a risky play but I mean it's not like you're turning the puck over in your own zone you're turning it over at that pretty much at sunrise almost. And the flyers come back they score. Just you know that that that comment that damn miles made just didn't really. Sit well with that not only myself a lot of people Howard and Jeremy didn't sit well with it and you know you want your best players to be your best players Jack eichel is our best player he's twenty years old he needs to be making these type of plays he needs to be. Creating opportunities for himself and his teammates and appease doing. What he's doing out there I'm OK with that but. You know don't go on don't go out and say well we want to turn the puck over then right after that saying well you know week. I don't want turning it over and it I think you know he made. I do think you awesome turning the puck Alford trying to make plays but he also wants them picking his spots and I don't think that's. I know people are gonna be like us the first period gave me it's volatile spartans. In the team picks it. You can still pick your spots the better than that and it's part of becoming a better player and you need someone to be able to tell him like. Be yet go while there'd be creative and I think that's part of the issue that maybe Jack I call may be other players in the system is that they feel. That their creativity is being. May be limited in this system because it's a system that wanted to get into the corners and kind. Also extremely complex and if this is something that goes back to Pittsburgh days where. You hear a guy like Jarome Iginla who's been around this league for a long time saying things like. In about the system was the most intricate most complex is that he's ever played in the National Hockey League or over the course of the entire playing career it was the most difficult and most guy he's got laid it only that that does not you don't want that's not the kind of thing you don't hear you don't you don't want hadn't all right there's no system what you don't know why I. Nice happy that I really can't these ailments like I was happy medium I I think it goes into a lot of what we've talked about with not only the bills but just in professional sports journalist you want a coach. Usually utilize this system that best it's his players not a coach that says I need you to fit my system I don't care what you have to do you need someone that I think can utilize the best parts of everyone's game and your lineup in if you don't have that and I think it's time we need to move got to find some and that. Can't do I think back to a conversation that Howard in Jeremy had Interpol pony probably a month month and a happened L talk about Tim miles mine and they'll pony said. That Il involved with took over from a shelter area in 2009 when he won the Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh. He basically was running Terry insistent and letting Crosby Malkin and all of the star offensive players B star offensive players and guess what they excel they score. They produce and they won the Stanley Cup than when Bob we'll put in his system the guys. Or rule that they were all plus they could they were formed the way that they were the year before. And so I mean that kind of just speaks to with actress speaks words there legislate on it you know when he implements his system to a team and even a garlic Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin can't perform at the way that they normally do and look at them. Now Sidney Crosby is atop the league and in goals and malt in his right up there as well Malkin leads the league in points per game. It's it's just. You look at that and you say on the other succeeding in and files what comes here and it's the same Soria mean. I just I just don't know. I honestly I've been saying this for the past few days I think the 2 April 10 and it's I would not be surprised whatsoever. If Tim miles with no longer the coach at this hockey team. And I guess it's really just a lack of direction and when you go back to it I I agree a lot with that Braden with what dangers that in in you look back at. Teen USA. In the stepped back that they took all piled bounce that was there I just think you have overwhelming examples. Of wide aisles and hasn't had success opposed to why he can potentially have success I don't see a lot there that suggests. There is a way for this team to to turn around with the current pieces that are in place I've. That there's argument be made that you know what. A problem appeasing and the back I know and I know no injuries. I. Asks please in the eye ball to those of you can't really plays ball goes on while I'm not saying that I'm not necessarily. For bird known. I think he'd. Should be probably gone because I'd just don't think. The players. Like playing for a minute was part of the problem and this there players' league that's not it is not a coaches is a players league. Yes this player star and won this. Team wander through. Two seasons of intentionally bad hockey to get a really good hockey player and not all under utilized if that if I happen where it doesn't like the coaching. You don't want amicus hostess depth where gets everything that he wants. He's coming up to a contract year. I get is coming up to his first contract year and the you know only if the EU wanna make this guy happy in the long run here in buffalo. So you gotta do what kind of make sure that this guy is going to be happy for a very long time and you need to find a coach that. It's going to match with this player for a very long time that's really. When it comes down to we need to find a guy that Jack Michael's going to respect he's going to listen to think they can have a back and forth. I think that's what's really important in having a coach is there needs to be it can't be just a one way street of communication there needs to be. Like okay we're we're gonna listen to what the players have to say and won't make tweaks based on what the players have to say I think that's what goes into being a good coach in if this coach isn't doing that right now he's being so. I guess stubborn to stick with this system and what he wants to do on the ice even if he doesn't have the correct pieces to run the system that he wants to run. You have to take a look at that issue and think OK is it coaching is that the players not listening to the coach even if it is that's. There's clearly issues if that is the case and you need to. Address it. Actually let's go to Dwyane who's been on hold Dwyane and title on you're on sports talk Saturday. Agriculture. I. Thought back to the call you don't. Try to implement a tiger and played. You try to find that there's been a player and a boat anchor. That's what we can't give it long but you don't you'd you'd you'd you'll prime. And build out. And I hope. I'm not. The players. On the girl bundled up like feeling the coaching. Well. It not. What you want to add that. There and take them all or she needs to Baltimore. Back that night. The eagle or I get a job goaltender and not play. Players how shot and took it out and act. Here well it could buy dot. You know. Minus your bottom port and then. And the effort it's just never there for repaired and it's consistent problem and it never. And you know you can only to parents they all you know your bat deep counts for so long. The coaching in my opinion the coaching and weekend and travel about Burton I didn't I thought you'd. It actually hurt you don't look at her new coach Ollie up. Yet Wayne I like your point and and my but he drew just sets of the union imposed is up in my Twitter. I'm reading them right and if you go to the very bottom there's a quote in the very bottom. Non says it quote yet says there's still a lot of angst towards Basra for ruining the best years of Crosby Malkin by consistently pairing them with guys who weren't anywhere near their level. And I think it hits really close to home when you start to think about. His inability to find permanent skaters tooth does get a line would Jack like Randy got babies is big shortcoming well. You know you got San Reinhart that's that's a good out. Have there but. Files were consistently likes to have. Here airing instead for God's not trio is not a would you lie traditional way to do it that's how you should do it and you've got a dilate. Evander Kane that's played incredibly well with. Jack and Sam right our markets Eagles played well with that yet but then again like after three or four games he decides well I think we need to switch things up I'm gonna put. I don't know Matt Olson on that line and that Molson is. Is 3132 years old and he's having a difficult time keeping up with them because. Those two young kids eat he can move at a fast pace whether it's skating or whether your minds moving at a fast pace of Matt Olson just can't seem to catch up or keep up with those two. And and that's why I think a lot of people are are calling for the sabres. I L now apples at the end of the year to something with them and you know it's it's hard argued that media should but. I mean the fact is that. It's it's really tough for Ian miles as he distances to present a case for him. For this because his team can. For the past I mean since coming week it seems like teammates. Yes exactly come out they come out and beaches don't play a full sixty minutes and they're just knew that it looks like some guys that are really isn't there that's an. Issue all year long though before sixty minutes that's been the every every single time they get to a point where it's like okay. Four points within four points of the playoff picture playing this team that if if that sabres beat this team will jump ball from in the standings and then they always have some sort of deflating loss in that situation and I'm not sure. I mean these guys are pros I assume these guys come right have played there's there's something that's not. The disconnect yet it easier than others that are there there's another quote from this article that is really gotten it says. He's the perfect example of a coach that's in way over had he doesn't know how to adjust to his opponents he doesn't know how recover his team's weaknesses. He doesn't know how to play to their strength either which I think is what we were just talking kind of goes out there throw something out there and says go get it tell me this is in the truest thing that you've heard all day. He value specialty players who are only good at one thing like blocking shots are killing penalties he doesn't have a clue about running a power play because he was a fourth. Weiner himself he downright players he looked Craig Adams in Pittsburg because he was that. For flying guy who is good at base ops and would land sell out and throw his body around into all that. And be a really good gritty player and that's how and that's with him piles of values but I mean if you listen to the intermission report last night with Paul Hamilton I mean. There's a couple of times that he was thrown out there I mean like. Something she is such a change could happen I don't know what it's gonna happen put. I mean he was it seemed like when he was talking that dim outlook isn't probably going to be the coach lying you know probably her in the next month or two I mean. If he's still the coach here. It would be I think surprising to it to him and probably to many I trust Paul I mean I trusted us with what he says and what he does because he does a great job and if he's saying that. I'm I'm I'm I'm out even an anomaly. Portland that are that it's done not what's at stake for tonight's game against the Columbus Blue Jackets brought you by the historic Riviera theatre is a Riviera theatre dot org to see the complete listings. Of all the great shows they have coming up so Britain. I I need some keys to tonight's game and I need something that's it's gonna get me to watch tonight because yesterday right and I thought he doesn't so be. We didn't get to watch yesterday's game and I'm pretty sure were pretty happy that we're at WW ended up watch the game but yeah we need a Riviera theatre. Us at the states to set stage for tonight's game if you well the sabres are gonna have a morning skate today they'll be. Addressing the media around 430 stumble we'll find out who starting goal but it's expected to be Jonas corpus Salo starting in net. For Columbus tonight again Bobble last night. Getting goals from Ivan Rodriguez Josh George is harass mistress like hey that's good thing two of the three goals came from our defensive group cell numbers sliding getting what I thought it. George is getting his first of the night and nick to Lori he scored its first point in the season last night he assisted on Ivan Rodriguez's goal last night but. And if you're looking for anything tonight. I mean Columbus is looking to a break a franchise record for the most wins in franchise history there at 43 which is tied for their franchise record. And if they win tonight they'll of course go to 44 break the record. And then the sabres if you're looking for anything. Jack eichel broke his. Game point streak yeah so maybe you look for him note to come back with a nice strong effort maybe I. Give back out and you know get back on the saddle again and and trying to write another point streak but I mean again. Less like Jack eichel was arguably the best player for savers on the ice he was skating all over the place he was making plays he put up four shots on goal three of them in the third period but I mean. Still he's creating chances for his teammates he's trying to. You know. He's trying to set up things for for his line mates whether it's Reinhard Molson Leno whoever's playing on that line and he does an exceptional job but he's great but you know. I just I just wanna see a better full team effort from these guys dad on last night last night it was an entirely their. So it stays that brought you by the historic Riviera theatre tickets to all shows are now on sale at the Riviera box office world Hollywood entertainment inside McKinley mall in of course at Riviera theatre. Dot org also I don't want people forget that that there aren't very many weeks left of the sabres season a dimensional with fourteen games left so only a few more weeks to get your chance to 100 dollar gift certificate from firth Jewelers. For your favorite for moments Twitter contest make sure you're following at WGR on Twitter tells her favorite for moment from the past week's hockey game. Be sure to use the hash tag first moment that app by RTH. Moments in your tweet. And then every Saturday want answered will be selected and contacted via direct message from Twitter. So that's why you must be following WGR at WGR 550 on Twitter. If you win the winner will receive a hundred markets get certificate of birth Jewelers you can and it has many times as you like to just be sure you're following as I mentioned so we can message you if you are indeed chosen the winners draws by the sole discretion of the stations after will be one winner each week. And no more than twenty total winners all season long and of course to be Jerryd general contest rules apply and are available. Adobe DR by fifty. Dot counts so. As we transition back in hockey and we can probably talk for a couple more hours on the sabres and so far the disappointment that that season has been for them. But we are gonna tradition back in a football talk live here. Now accident I'm Mike unity from spot track joining us he will. We we've got some a lot of pretty basic questions for her for Mikey was on with Merck yesterday. And he's gonna educate mean he's got to educate Ryan and hopefully educate you on some of the terminology that's just it kind of gets thrown around. Especially during free agency that people may not necessarily fully understand. In an especially talking about you know yearly salaries and an and how old you know. I hope the cap work right. I don't even know there's a lot there's a lot of questions and like we were talking about to about if someone is to get treated can use their post June 1 for the dead money. These are all things guarantees incentives exactly roster bonuses things like that so we'll get into the details Knox is Mike he's gonna join us for a spot tracks you wanna miss that you won't want to miss that I should say. And there's also if you missed any of our two interviews from earlier with Chris to paso or Josh treaty can had the gotten an audio section to be Jeff liked to dot com and catch that there. So as I mentioned Mike Kennedy joins us next espy track. You won't want to miss that are you won't sports talk Saturday under each year. What's thought Saturday they Geary. Ryan gave some great Wilson bringing you your weekend. Entertainment. I'm I'm also can be. I can be bought as we can entertainment is decided to with you're not fundamental yourself and your side businesses. Well adjusted so. Iran and scored WGR on Twitter and can take care of your side and our team needs. Like if you tablet. You know a broken gutter and he needs them to fix it you just DM yes yes I will do that's Gloria and Arlene and if they don't have my work I mean I'll be fixed very well well. I'll slap some duct tape on the. Our let's get our cap guru in here much unity from a spot track. Mike how are you thanks for donor program today. Your record there tomorrow. Awesome so obviously you know it's been a kind of hectic crazy couple first days of free agency not only for the bills but for a lot of teams across the league and it's one of those things it's a right think a lot of people especially there the common fan. Doesn't necessarily have a good grasp of a lot of terminology that gets thrown around during this time a year you know dad happened post June 1 designations are just a lot of stuff. That I think the common fan is just expected to nobody may be doesn't have a full grasp of exactly what everything means and I know Ryan and I had a few questions for its it was well. About some of the the certain cap implications and everything like that what it is and specifics as well but. You know I first want you to talk a little bit about you know some of this terminology that we talked about to burst. First and debt cap money and first of all how it affects teams and in exactly how you're dead cap figure is determined. And and how teams kind of have to maneuver around that. There so especially Specter is. One of McCain's computers either a base salary in Turkey. Which essentially is owed the player whether there with the team orbiter broke. There or it Boehner signing bonus. That is paid to the player. Upfront but for salary cap purposes. They take that bonus and they divided by the years of the contract so a ten million dollar signing bonus. A five year contract accounts for two million in salary cap per year so what happens as the players recruit those years and played all those years. That bonus that pro rated issues. Become what some a lot of Dutch right two. Force 6810 has gone so a situation where you've got a player you know. Which one you're locked in their contract if it got any remaining signing bonus allocation what about that deal that turns in the debt cap. So they're relief if they're traded. That's what they sign with a team when they release a player so so this time a year that we look for signing bonus. That cap operation on the contracts and two along with that and guaranteed salary. Example appear together corporate notes Brock are making million guaranteed salary. You can wanted nothing to do with that salary so they essentially traded him with a with a background at Cleveland and out completely own that sixteen million debt cap B are. Mike I guess to you know another term as just talked about two was the post June 1 designation which teams can actually utilizing now. On don't have to wait until they June 1 deadline to decide. A lot of the the post June 1 day basically what it's doing is spreading the money down in the in the later partially there. All of the years I think you could spread over two years I believe the next season and it essentially alleviates some of that cap penalty that your gonna you know crew by cutting a guy early. How ever I'm interested in your thought and maybe with a teen use of it you know because. A lot of times in especially with this bills team as everybody just wants to restructure contracts and move money down later. So that they can create some caps race now to spend on players but I've always wary. Of moving money back because you just don't know what's gonna happen and were three years so for the post June 1. Ten that get teams in trouble and and just exactly maybe explain that a little bit better for folks that don't know. It definitely and it's a good look at it. It's probably one of the reasons why are we are designate one player this time we're here. Because. So mr. Rangel that's right there's. There's the juniper designation which the built up over the air ruins all use them in an example here he he carried a six point six million dollar cap. Four point eight of that is that cap. OK so the bill was section one if there were repaid. And split that. Between two on seventeen about an eighteen now one look caveat there is. Because they released him this week. And designated him acute first pick. That entire six point six million dollar salary cap cities with the bill until June 1 and so that that's something that that many people have overlooked this time here. That that cap doesn't even hit the bills until June 2. So he's still essentially on there on their roster right now in terms of the cellar until you church after June 1. He's gonna have you know somewhere around 2.4 million that kept this year 2.4 million next year. In that situation were to build occurred in trouble probably not but. You know the players like a career overall pick you know either post your purse designation as well it might expect compression. There are looking at numbers like ten million in eight million between this year and next year so. Could their cake and eat your nineteen million this year under down their cap that that it you know released all one time. Maybe but that situation where you almost are forced to put that over two years now so there's. The example of both. And really stuck in the GM VP you know forward thinking and and being able to see can can we handle to treat million. For a player that we cut two years ago you know our aperture eighteen. And it's a balance to it but it happened GM had to be very quickly you know because they certainly can think you've come next year. And we are with that post June 1 as a nation we are just going through like a scenario in here like with with Jerry Hughes was the good news that came up right now he's got. Two point nine million so fewer to trade that player post June 1 what that you did that can't cap that you would take. That's right but so everything after June 1 transaction. You're looking at splitting that up between seventeen and eighteen. So you're looking at yet two point nine million this year when you split the double that connection or so that's a situation where exactly. That could come back the bicycle because that's an awful big hit her you know player will be played tomorrow. Right there's one clear that up and and another thing is with with guarantees incentives. So. Mike hi designs builds and gets fourteen million guaranteed got Stephon Gilmore he gets shot 3940 million guaranteed with the patriots. How does that all factor into the capsule you have your guaranteed money in the your incentive waiting deals so how do these incentives work with the salary cap. Some of the incentives unless they're they're like the year so there's two different to look at them they're like in outlook here in China especially. If so if it weren't allowed editor at Jack's question your friend and an incentive this year is look at 500000 dollar and tax. Well not it's not likely and that based on last year's production so that that's sort of how the contract it is it a shot in terms of votes and wouldn't out of there are never guaranteed. They're just there either likely to be heard her not elect behavior and it will likely to be hurt they change salary cap that year. So that we are looking for good looking for an incentive that it like we which means that it is part of the salary cap. And then cash go the preamble you know whether or not the player actually earn it. It has opted the cash hero out of it it is worth of Alexander were intent that indicated a partner about our own. And the bill at nick out of court this year they would be adjusted and touch your accordingly so that that would carrier was infectious killer app for. Actually makes a lot of sense you know I also interest into an end and maybe you can shed some light and on this. You know I'm always interested to see. You don't numbers being thrown around for value especially for a player in free agency and you'll look at a lot of guys. This year the you're looking at some value numbers of around 1011. Million dollars for a couple of guys is specifically like Terrelle Pryor who ended up settling for one year eight million dollars in Washington and similarly. The L China Jeffrey deal where he gets the same deal in Philadelphia where a lot of people had originally put a you know of failure a market value of about twelve million on those guys. It how does one I guess determine. A market value for it for that type of player and how to project what help potentially get. And how how much did these players in these agents in this league really use those kind of numbers as a as a launching point when they're negotiating contracts. You know what we're we're seeing a lot and we've we've been doing it internally for about recorders now really just decide that that's sure to make a lot of that public. And analysts doubt our our market value players. And since we've done that we've had. Quite a lot. He's back from agents and in thinking that this is something like that so there's there's there are a lot of chatter about the numbers are out there and really when it comes to an agent. And he dual use absolutely anything they can elaborate how are up at any orders but number out there with any kind of validity they're gonna use that leverage in the negotiations. Are we certainly back in terms of that. How do we get there we we have kind of developed the formula anyhow here that. Combined a couple of things in a basic steps for a position advanced stats for position. Playing time injuries things like that. And we kind of melted into a formula that whole lot of numbers for us and what we do you base it off the past two years production which I think might be a little different you know. Quite a few other people do it but it we were well we're not looking for one when you wonder project where I look at if you are ever actually at UC. So you know our Robert Berry a little bit generally speaking though with that with a major players were were pretty close our valuation. You know for a situation like trump prior. We had him at about eight point nine million and that candidate he's just under eight with the right so. Or what really what happened with my receivers here it is and I haven't spoken to yesterday a judge ever show it I think. Agents players and our starters are out that this notion that a long term deal. Just in the best way to go anymore it looks pretty on paper but you know what comes out of it the Steelers to a three year you're healed any rate they'll. While record results in a position where I could be locked into a team of five year plan. That case like outside Jeffrey he'd love the market had. You want to get a huge you know guaranteed paid anyway. He Arkansas and at age 27 to one year you know nine. Nine million guaranteed deal with a decent Eagles team. And he gets its bureau organ lecture I think that might be our a bit of the trend started here with you oppositional players that. Where relevant equipment helping her. You know of the rest of my career essentially Sony's older players aren't registered circle round or two year deal and try to keep you the train moving a little bit you know. It might go to some with what the the cap and I look at the Cleveland Browns right now in the amount of rule over cap money that they had. Going into this offseason in. I know there's some sort of cash pouring caps sport there cap for the you have to spend too but with that roll over money is it something that Cleveland can kind of keep compounding and they'll keep rolling over you have to spend all of that roll over money in the next off season you've acquired from the season before. Yes we have we'll continue to roll. They will be bigger or they'll be asked to get through at some point I believe they're OK they're capped. Just based on the track or things like that I believe the readers working network traffic post. That four coming into the offseason. To me it didn't mean need to make some big expansion in the army corps back with a Mac like that just protect themselves okay. Payroll. The thirteenth or certainly. Toeing that line and but more than ever in this evening your more than right. Cap space in the 70s80s and nineties and in the middle of march that I ever since I mean that either these numbers are certain right now so. I really at this point the question is. Where he got to China he echo we're going to be so I think he witnessed a lot of a lot of extensions really big money extension. And and really you what what should be happening which I've not seen what he's created and it. If you got that camper and you're your first two years should be highly highly voted with you know usually from loading the deal so that. If and when the player is a great value for you you've got lower cap hit calming. Injection here and that's something about increase was doing even though they've gotten ninety epic (%expletive) Yeah which is a little ridiculous if you ask me specifically Mike I wanted to get your opinion and the Stephon Gilmore contract that he inked up. In New England with forty million dollars guaranteed. And you know on a five year deal 65 altogether. I think as a maybe I in maybe you can you tell me if I'm wrong but I think they exceeded. Some of the even up just. Kind of the common known number that I think a lot of people were thinking Gilmore would get somewhere close to about twelve now is first. His first your captain is gonna be fourteen but it does go down to believe twelve in year two and three but I certainly am a little. Surprised. Especially who came from from the patriots. That he did invest so much into Stephon Gilmore when they have two guys on the roster they could have resigned in house and probably gonna significantly cheaper. I completely agree. What what I am when I'm even more surprised about is how quickly that happens via jump over the generally with the patriots they waited out there patients they let someone else. Kind of make the mistake and that may comment and I think and clear them out a little bit. I'm most surprised that that stuff on Gilmore went before eight illegally because. We with the younger player he would essentially gonna brought there and get the monster contract and while the numbers look bigger. But on Gilmore actually got Morgan are you a better cash flow to it deal with a essentially better on paper than beliefs so. And older in BP I don't need you left productive uncle last year. Essentially did better with a way better Keane then it is do we who we tribe your building is going rejection so. I'm surprised that how much surprised that the structure surprised how quickly that until what the patriots. Right away but you know. I think it's one of those things where it that this one might it might come back to be that the patriots may be outsmarted themselves in the situation. Because when you look at Gilmore is game and I mean most those cans can tasked. That there was no way it didn't matter what the cap situation wasn't buffalo that they that. They thought this upon goma would be worth fourteen million dollars annually forty million dollars guaranteed. In when you look at it. You know people are like god it's these going the patron so there at least a little bit worried about that aspect is that he's going to the patriots and if and a Bill Belichick thinks there's something there have been clearly were missing something but not I agree wit when you look at some of the other guys that I was expecting you to get paid. I didn't necessarily think it's Gilmore would be the class of his position he's essentially one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league where. Tale a wise I see him more as a top fifteen guy not a top three. Here are funny. I hate that our I won't disagree you because certainly not in our public area are are all right lot as well who went he might be happy in our case is. Well we're looking at. His play in terms of an effort standpoint and you know at a lot of time that it lacked what where we we saw that he played. But I'll I went when I put into the market very. Formula speaking out about four Q in the year and so goes somewhere along the line that the step further than numbers that are so rookie. He was projected to be a cup article quarterback that's certainly what he is now in our our very surprised that the comedian so the. Right and I think that's related the shock of it it's really not the money earned more or less but the team that gave it up and and I think that's certainly the end the political like Mike. I appreciate you hopping on with me and I know you can have a probably busy last few days and I'm sure it doesn't get any easier from here so good luck on your. The rest your season it's by African I hope to have you on again soon once we you know once we get into the draft time. And know a little bit more about what's remaining left in in kind of going into the season so I look forward to a to talk in the future. Alternate date appreciate it. Much nitty from spot track there. Great stuff is always if you miss it and if you can head to reach here by dot com and on demand audio section. In find their accordingly all right let's had to break when we come back we'll close things off the day as you know we only here or 2 o'clock. I don't know what's happening tonight there's a sabres game. So that'll be on today. I don't think we have any other program in the history of coming up next after this I'm not entirely sure so it's real fight if you want Tripoli fight to to fight to keep the ebony parting thoughts. We'll take your calls a tree here and the beach. The Canadian. It's brighter feel like it's such a local fans. I was candidate wins like I was inspired to do that sodomized all the way we are here with with little. I know unfortunately my age you know recent health. Issues have been allowed me to. Party. Yeah yeah it was good time good show great jobless if you're listening you probably I don't get my package I scenic way it's a bunch of times and I I think we should play their music more. I put there music you get off your view you do give them the credit they've that they ultimately deserves. It's it's it's nice because you know they're nice local product out of there hit in the tore the road now so there either you're doing well Britney closed box from him. Yeah pretty closing fire. And not takes. I wouldn't say sell you guys like me you guys don't like to manufacture optics. I just see things in the have to deal with consequence I see things off the air in them like one and student on the year. That's me now Sera Euro look back and regret yes exactly. Like or regretful and well whatever that. Scout I I root for. I ever gotten things that I talked about with my colleagues and everything like that off here now and again on the parents it's not saying yeah well that's you know it's called filter Brayton and you know some people actually appreciate the fact that you have a filter. Where are you guys just say ridiculous things. Off their off the air on Twitter off Twitter. You know I mean we shouldn't Arcandor profile unless Marlins here I won't say. I will say tomorrow selection Sunday in college basketball that's that's just you right selection Sunday. Take from Britain right there the it is selection Sunday but more importantly you what does your tender profiles. I don't have I was just getting. I'll my size I use this is as distraction from my creeping substantial drowned. How many hits that you gotten with that theory. You why you have confirmed number that's going to kill count. I'm not killing one of those people. They take you for joining all of us here. Turn south quickly at it's that's always the last segment it's the out the last call don't don't don't meet that's the last calls the moral of the story I and a and I. Dark here I've got some stuff going on this week I'll be enough for you on your your your ticket holder for me on Thursday because. Going to see will come in Toronto with me I'm sure Lasik is pretty jealous when it front and he can't go what will go and he can't go because his Johnny cool song plays hockey all the time. That's what happens when you're an adult and you have to be apparent. But it's good parent yes yeah pulled you know I don't let hopefully he loves going to those. Oh yeah you know out of San I feel like that's how is up my dad always that you really enjoyed I'm sure going to my gains in washing mean to them you know. Debt problem deaths in identical. Debts or are here. As I expect Jack. All right thanks for joining us as I mentioned I'll be back on on Thursday I believe I am back for an abbreviated version of sports talk Saturday next week as tournament placate suffering here and to be GR. The official. The of the sabres tonight as well on the take in the Blue Jackets that'll be here pregame starts 6 o'clock polling both pre game with Franco's deal. He'll bring you right up in a puck drops at seven from keybank senator if you're gonna gain tonight's make she bundle up if for you haven't long walk for your parking spot like we did for WW yesterday. Bundle up it's a cold one thanks again for again joining me today Braden Molson Ryan gates make eerie sports stocks Eric all right Saturday. Deluge.