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Mar 12, 2017|

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School yeah. The next hour of V airwaves belong do you. C Jones dressed in admits he did WGR's fast track. With your host of other evidence there. I'm Steve Buchanan. And Laurie ray stands at 11020. Yes 1102 and at 1002 here on WGR Sports Radio 515. And welcome to another edition of WG arch faster and AB can't think for listening has always been happy spring forward day yes if you. Your phone it doesn't do it for you you must set your clocks forward for your car you might have to reset your product clock on your card to do that this morning but yet with. Cellphones and everything nowadays how many clocks team to reset it's like the the microwave the stove. May be your car and that's about it in and it doesn't really matter excellent you found the most self so hopefully you know what time it is because we're on the air here on WGR Sports Radio 550. As NASCAR on the station today we've got today's race from Las Vegas coming up here on WG our coverage starting at 230. I agree flight just ever 330 this afternoon at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for today's event the cold ball 400 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. And our friends of the performance racing network we'll have coverage of today's action. The war on for the next our talk and you about that plus lots of other motor sports action here's what's on tap for today's program coming up. And at the quarter after or and it talked about cockroach in espn.com. Bob covers more sport's most prominently NASCAR. And we'll get Bob's thoughts on the race today in there's been all sorts of NASCAR news this week as well too we'll talk more about that in just a moment. Also the IndyCar season opens today at saint Petersburg Florida in debt coming up at the bottom of the horrible talked to Tony Tony disease though. From NBC sports. And did his thoughts on the IndyCar season is figure you drop the green flag and another year. As. Lots of news heading into their season as well big manufacturer switch for one of the biggest. Teams in the sport some driver changes including a big one involving team Penske. In the last talked about going into the 2017 campaign for the Verizon IndyCar Series in that it's going add about 1230 today on. Think it's AB AB theory ESP and so while lots are racing. Free to check if they know today's a big college basketball they for some people but their lottery thing Hannity too. As he got the IndyCar race and that should be wrapped up just in time for the cup priest to start to differ 330 deceptions really did double header. Once we get off the year here this morning. And and it's cold out anyway so just says sitting couch and I watched the carries and most into the NASCAR race here at WGR. Speaking of which phone lines are open for you at 8030. Fight 51808550. To 550. Anything you wanna talk about the world motor sports the phone lines are open for you now also. We're on Twitter at fast tracked by fifty incentives to tweet also on FaceBook to a FaceBook dot com slash WGR. Fast track. Look at the lineup for today's race for Las Vegas for the cup series' third race of the year recourse for the monster energy NASCAR cup series except that right there was almost gonna say spring in their somewhere but I. Dodge that bullet break as husky picks upper left off last week in Atlanta he'll be on the poll which of course he won last week in Atlanta thanks in large part. To a late race pit road speeding totally by Kevin Harvick who dominated. Most of the race until late caution and that pit road penalty. Relegated deep in the feel a lot can Alaska to pick up the win last week to give. Off the folks from. Off forty. Two two for two starts of the season after her push to win the Daytona 500 or so for a two rings win streak to open the year. So Wike on the pole will be joined by Martin Truex junior. Who has been fast all weekend in his Toyota for furniture row motorsports wrote to Ryan Bellini continues his solid start for. Other wood Brothers slash Penske he'll start third today in the 21 car alongside Matt Kenseth. Row three Kyle Larson's been off to a phenomenal start Kyle has been contention now to win both races to start the season. He was in contention the end of the Daytona 500 of course until the 'til like Kurt Busch got by Lena racing power and I guess the last week. And alana. Kyle was actually leading until Kozlowski passed in late in the race and the old Larsen for some reason did not protect the bottom line late in the race which allowed Kozlowski to make that pass for the win so Larson is off to a great start. And he is I gonna see if he can finally hang on for windy day at Las Vegas 35 alongside Joey would got out. Kasey Kahne start seventh and Elan Sayer Joseph with a rookie impressive qualifying performance. He will start eighth today. So both of the furniture row cars in the top eight Kyle Busch Jamie and boring round your top ten starters deal Suarez rolls awful eleventh while. He's struggled so far his first two starts crash at Daytona. In that not a great day last week in Atlanta either I thought Suarez would be the one again after the better start compared to maybe hear Jones but he is curled his first two races. But ask Arthel start eleven today chief Elliot will join him and wrote to Elliott is also head off to a great start just like Larsson. He's also bidding contention for wins the first two weeks of the year. Which is great to see by the way I I was hoping. This is going to be year were or some of that next generation. Natalie earning contention to win races but all season long you know get right into the the championship picture even you know with the departure of Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart the you know for this year hoping to see some of those guys. You know. Really just give the Jimmie Johnson's in. Kevin Harvick though a run for their money this year in the points inning so hopefully. On the east it's only two weeks obviously but hopefully Larsen and only can continue this performance throughout the year. I think it be great for the sport for two of the younger drivers like that it great years. Other noble aims in the starting line today Clint boiler rules off thirteen Denny Hamlin fifteenth. Jimmie Johnson sixteenth her Busch seventeenth till June 18 governor nineteen bottles big name for in the middle attack there. Right and rose 89 in ten. And then scrolling down and not too much else worth mentioning in the rest of sir Lancelot the big names. Towards the front of the feel least know of the first ten gross the first half of the field you've got all your major major players. The first half the field at Las Vegas Motor Speedway a another mile and A half track of course. You know we saw last week Harvick dominate at Atlanta up but Vegas of different. A differ mile half track basically because of the surface you know we lot of talk last week about Atlanta. How old it is how it chews up tires how much the drivers love it. And this week it Atlanta are Vegas not so much it's it's old it's not bring any surface. So that the public character and a but not to the extent that the Atlanta surfaced it last week so tire Wear won't be as big an issue actually I was watching some of the the practice coverage this week and I saw uninteresting. Think for malaria nick Reynolds against Goodyear. Rates the racing surfaces on a scale of one to five with five being you know perfectly smooth pretty much bring an ash fall purses one which is old worn out asphalt. And Atlanta outranks a one on Goodyear scale whereas Vegas ranks threes that kind of gives you an indication. Just aware tire Wear might be today and as they have this really cool. Technology to kind of examine the surface and how and how would it how it did him how worn out it is and you could see. With this computer graphics the use that it was a quite distinct with when comparing the recent surface in Atlanta vs Las Vegas. So what tire war won't be as big an issue speed will be an issue. Not be an issue out there is they are running you know close to you know two miles an hour all the way around Europe top up pull speed for this week and 183 miles an hour so. It'll be fast. In should be hopefully good raised much batteries that we got last week Anna and Atlanta as a kind of Harvick stunk up the show until at least late race pit road penalty relief. Spoil things for him but lots other NASCAR news much more worth talking about this week the manager breaking down today's race. And some involves Las Vegas Motor Speedway actually big news this week is turning the 2018 schedule we started hearing rumblings about this last week. Is that Las Vegas is getting a second cup date for 2018. So if you are a fan of going to Las Vegas or if you've been to Las Vegas immersed in it for NASCAR is good news you've got now two chances to go. But next year they'll get their traditional early season race in March and now labeled giddy race date in late September which used to belong to New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Attracted venturesome view Western New York have been too considering its proximity. To our area plus the fact that it is a and pot bad for a modified racing your modified fan I'm sure you you've been out to the magic mile. To see modify erasing its New Hampshire Motor Speedway so. Of course Speedway Motorsports. Robert Smith they own both facilities New Hampshire they own Las Vegas they don't Atlanta Sonoma couple others. They are fully within their rights to do this so what they'd so burden finally end in this had been rumored for some time or since he bought. New Hampshire Motor Speedway is they're taking the September cup date at New Hampshire and moving to Las Vegas they also acquired. Some X Canadian truck races. One was from Kentucky he and the other one escapes me at top of the moment. Basically that all of the actually was the the standalone truck race at Vegas later this year they kind of shuffled those dates around. So now Vegas and not only have two cup races turning into when he team but they will be triple header weekends both events. Of course last weekend it was just her excuse me of this weekend for Vegas it was just six vanity. Cup next year it'll be truck peeks into the cup for both weekends in March in September so that's that's huge to for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. And dad to have a trip to triple header weekends. Going for it it just shows. How watch pro sports is attracted to Las Vegas I mean look they let NHL franchise. They are potentially weeks away for me be gaining an NFL franchise and in the raiders addicts last place I was getting pretty close to maybe. Getting some kind of voters something to approve that move and Elliott to NASCAR weekends. In twenty teens so pro sports. Continues to have the flocked to Las Vegas for obvious reasons. In dead now to be more NASCAR in sin city as well we'll see you obviously. With the talk there's so much talk about declining ticket sales and and television ratings little ratings have been up the first two weeks of the season. You know will. A second week in at Vegas will that cannibalize. Any of the ticket sales for the march 8 for you know for this weekend next year will that hurt ticket sales. In apple peel people just choose to go to the September race vs the march priests. Well people you know buy tickets for both weekends on obviously what they're banking on his course is just to bring more people for out of Las Vegas area. To the two in September for that second weekend and hopefully it. And then hopefully the local community mediator picks one or two or decides to go to both race weekends. So IV so that'll be the biggest thing to watch and we'll see with the tenets is for today's race. Two gorgeous eighty degree day in Las Vegas so that obviously weathered nav hardly ever an issue of Las Vegas. But we'll see what today's attack does look like. And see if phenol. Going for but with the two choices now to go to Vegas on. Next year if people respond by going to both races or if you need different groups of people to attend that events. On 8030 fight 5185525. And he never been I Durban in Las Vegas Motor Speedway here it's phenomenal. The neon garage that they have in the infield that you allows you to kind of get up close to the garage area without needing a pet up at a special you know grouch pass. That's great today they are one of the better track and comes the fan amenities. Indo will see if this a second weekend. Will be a big hit for those folks out there in Las Vegas, Nevada other the other big story of the week. And NASCAR about really. It's Morse I guess speculation but the fact that there's been talk about. NASCAR. Quite in the engines of the cup cars and from left of table lists for just a minute because we got Bob rockers come here in just a moment. But off there was also report this week for sports business journal that NASCAR head is possibly in the says that high analyst at parties I I just want to preface this by saying. But that they are looking into potentially quieting the engines of the cup cars I'm not dramatically but just lower it somewhat ends it might. The more on the positive for race fans the track allow them to converse with people sitting around them. On we get more to that little bit later in the show because we got to go to the AT&T hotline and bring in for espn.com. Whenever a favorite here the program bop pop Hurst joins us this morning Bob it's AB can end here in buffalo great to talk to you again. It. Always a pleasure to have you Linda. Where Jiri our race three of the season. And what's that what's the biggest takeaways so far you know it's only two races so far this year Bob what is been your biggest takeaways here. With the states formats at the lower downforce and everything we've seen so far. What is the the biggest thing you notice so far this season with the monster energy cup series. What that is the two biggest thing I've seen is that. Press stop everybody is still learning the stated then. Exactly maybe what type strategies you'd use than what might be the best way to go about things especially. You know your crab in either. 8910111213. Get them to the stage you know. But for the state and exactly what you do and then the other thing is another kind of learning process I think that the Toyota is in revenue. Bodies as they went that when he eighteen T everybody you and that that change coupled with this. Another reduction in downforce. And they haven't shown the strength that they had. A year ago so. The interest of the seek out how they're learning curve themselves. Do you think. Last year the trade is did dominate so much you are the Fords right now the manufacture at the event and thirty think it's kind of an even playing field at the moment. Well you know I've ever that I think well look towards won the first two races but that. Look at Daytona Daytona. I want they Kevin Harvick had a pretty good day. Last week at Atlanta. And and if he just stated. Beat out Pete arm on pit red he'd he'd he'd be fine he he would go quiet. You know and and obviously he can afford to let. I just wouldn't say that you know hate that look forward to that much has that. As everybody else because I still think you guys like you know Jay Elliot. You know it was was pretty fat than you like it was pretty fast and Atlanta. Largely been that this weekend I want they have they get so in and we count. On that board is head and shoulders above the rest. That. You know I would say that. The biggest concern would be Toyota's again that are they that that Chevrolet importer are are closed and I'm just not that was sure that it is artistic. One thing gone back to year what you're saying about the stages the one thing I'm glad we haven't seen it's kind of that. Face pom all make you know it like the first caution clock grace with the trucks they wrecked at Daytona on the first and the trade group qualifying at Daytona there is a big wreck you know. Some of these new initiatives. By NASCAR the crew chiefs kind of maybe almost over think in over strategize and while it it winds that make America look foolish and I don't think luckily we haven't had that moment with the stages in the pitting and everything you know. There. You write they're being kind of very cautious and still trying to figure out the best way but it does deal what their strategy with the stages. Yeah I mean I think everybody's still. You know X. He decried the big question is do you try to over think things that's right yeah that could impact car. And if you can dictate your strategy. Or them all raised that and the best way to go. And you know I think we'll start seeing things when. You know purse up when you have more winners you know right now bracket while he could take chances maybe to win a stage are well point Kurt Busch could do the same. But they're going to do that if they don't collect it. The car that necessarily could win you know they might. Did something with either tired strategy you're. Our pit strategy book you know get contract positions so that you really can't stick with prudence dictated out where they are. You know on the track and at a given time that we get more drivers win he might seem more different strategy and men. You get it the guys to veto it if they're really. Am I. On the borderline on the bubble as far as points they're really gonna have to start we straightening and these stages that they provide a lot points you know potentially so. An epic it sets in again you know what they're coming at them opt out this season. Ethnic get more are thinking get more creative that they want. Yeah especially if there they need to get desperate towards the end of that that regular season about talkers in ESPN joining us. But let's talk about today's race was Vegas and you're not dare she not getting the you know inside the garage perspective but you follow the sport. And you know enough to give us an indication here what kind of race do you expect today do you see it like last week in Atlanta were guy like Kevin Harvick. Can dominate her do you think will will see a little bit more this lower downforce package come in the plea today. When I think he'll be allayed somewhat like Atlanta I mean much they get ten duke the but they get tend to be a race where the leader crank it out. And there's the you know you can see three or four wide balanced report bit sick but not necessarily put the lead though. Is that so I expect permit similar race. But thankfully you saw in the exit the race yesterday is that restart. Aren't as. It is that kind of defend a point for the leak there yeah maybe it was at Atlanta and you know that there really have to decide what they want that the apple in the bottom line. In. And and so obviously with the stages you're gonna have. You know you have a couple guaranteed. Restarts there over the first half of the race at the Beckham making quite an interest in. Yell last week and if you were on the outside line forget about you were gone backwards and a bigger than inside line was much better then what will see today. Of course of the other big story with Las Vegas Bobby is the announcement that they are getting a second cup date. For next year. Do you think today's attendance might be an indication of just how lomb. Maybe kind of predicting the future on just how well this is gonna go. I didn't I never you don't hear a lot about Las Vegas sellouts or anything so it's Alec there was this over demand for tickets in the market for NASCAR but. Do you think this was a Smart business that decision by Speedway Motorsports to to add a second cup Dayton and have to triple header weekends next year. Yeah well I don't think today's attendance will be an indication. You know I think. Vegas has cut that feeds just like New Hampshire but they go about it seem that the Morse beat basic about I I have. But what lot they get says that they have that a country corporate suite you and and there are I think they're cracked a lot nicer than New Hampshire's 3930. You know I think that this is a dilemma that they really in in that they can really push corporate. Picket lines were quick to reply to make a lot more money. The part of the deal is that 500000 dollars. Of the 2.5 million that the track it from the left Vegas tourism authority had to go to advertising the rays yeah opening the race. You know this is. That they'll be they'll be actually that seen most tracks and markets they go from one race that you rate. You know they kind of independence. In the sense separate spaces you who have been the year not one. If they get could be. The one track that and that it had two races consistently because look. They they say that 94000. People come to this trade. Who are at a town you know and yeah we seek a country but that. Yeah. That this is not something weird reaching well you know you have reliable local market two times see here right so. You know every image in the C. You know it's a shame in the sense that look. New Hampshire rid of their and it has waned a little bit but. You know that there's a lot deep racing roots and heritage. In New Hampshire and see what those tractor try to do now is. Have. Have a second event there that that doesn't include cup cars. A bit of the sting at the end kind of change for the bank. Wrap up here with Bob pock Chris from my ESPN. Bob bubble. For today's race that is one last thought on today's race that this who do you think it is gonna be that driver to get the win today who's your pick for today's race. I think I think every time you get an intermediate track in the last three years you say Arctic. The cup whether he's driving a Ford or Chevrolet. Probably drive and a Condo or need to ask for whatever. They've always been pretty. They've pretty is you know I think it can out eat. Could be strong. And and I think Modano obviously whenever I get flat thanks any race can be strong and in another kind of break talked about how Larson. You know he. He's on the brink last week two win that race at their Harvick and Q and you know Anita the kind of track that you like. Very good Bob well what can race fans look for two this week it espn.com. For me when your colleagues on the motor sports staff anything special that we should. Keep an eye out for. Well I just think you know it was seen that happen that they hit and then. And then going in that vinik I'm sure they'll be allowed top at Phoenix. About the reconfiguration at that track coming. Board November 2018. Very good Bob I as always I love the the four turns with you when Ryan McGee Ricky craven some of their folks in ESPN I always enjoy read that every week in. The rest the work you do. I know it's kind of an off weekend for a slippery she'd take the time in talking to us and hopefully we can do it again soon. And it I pop rockers and ESP NE to follow at Bob Parker is he is always a wealth of information. In if you ever have a question even the most. The littlest silly slope question it if anybody and Twitter in the next turkeys can answer your question no matter what. It's Bob that's how nice a guy is and we appreciate his time here this morning because he is now at the track you know off weekend. So we really appreciate and spent in a few minutes of us here this morning we come back Lola. We'll knock off the founder symbol talks of open wheel racing IndyCar Series gets going today at Saint Petersburg. We'll talk to tone is Tino from NBC sports we get back here and fast track on WGR. Hi this is mark tricks Jr. driver number 78 furniture row Toyota you're listening to WGR Sports Radio 550. When did New Jersey blame march Orix. Get such a southern accent holy cow he usually sound like that either you must he covers it up on TV but he had a really good old boy XX and there when he did that. Forests. Of course church starts second today in the cobalt tools 480 hearing your Adobe GR. Pre race coverage from PR and coming up at 230 green flag just after. 330 more like 345 just so you know feared seeing need to be the radio three times one even heads up. Real quick as I didn't get to go into this more because we have Bob on the phone on during opening segment in before he gets Tony dizzy in your talks in IndyCar. The again that the report for sports business journal. And stirred we've had on the show in the past export business daily I apologize. Same thing. Actually is it was a proposal for NASCAR to quiet the cars in the cup series on again this is just one of many things NASCAR is looking into it's not high analyst at birdies. Arm but it is something that they've talked about it too. Tim muffle the engines. Somewhat again it it would they wouldn't change the cards know at least we'll be V8 engines basal run you know on on ethanol and all that they wouldn't this wouldn't become electric cars or anything like that. So eat it it would be slightly muted that I don't think it would be a dramatic reduction in new ways because I know. That's part of the deal were mortar sports is the noise is allowed itself. My instinct take canvases like no this is a dumb idea. I think you know you think about a little bit more I I guess. It it makes sense is the young forwards to for younger fans now exposing them to loud engine noises. These sociable aspect of the social aspect going to a sporting event being able to go and talk to people like gas. I'm just it's like I'm on the fence on this might think but I lean more towards don't just leave it the way it is. I know IndyCar erred. Several years ago Whitney muffled their engines and it way it was an improvement and it's been a positive thing. But right now still leaning towards let's not let's nacco crazy year and put put my foot from the cup cars and again it it doesn't seem like this is. Guaranteed happening things is something they're looking into but on that was also a big topic of discussion on in the motor sports world this week. 1135 here on WGR Sports Radio by fifty Gaby can and in WG are fast track we're gonna go to the AT&T hotline and bring in. From NBC sports Tony does he know joins us Tony is 80 Kinnear buffalo good morning. Good morning Dave Perry funny if Deng and think people really happy to get unique art sees earnings scorer at seventeen. Yeah and it's it's funny Tony it's dizzy all right in my pronounced that correctly first of all. Are right. You know it's funny you know going into the Daytona 500 a couple weeks go in NASCAR there was you know that big Wall Street Journal story campaigning and negative picture about the sport in. And you know the problems with in the France family and it it's almost exact opposite IndyCar he actually had a real positive story in the New York Times recently. And you know this schedule is look you know there's no controversy with the public the boss and race last year in. You know it's sponsorships pretty well on the sport in it seems like there's a real positive vibe going into this year for the Verizon IndyCar Series. Yet there really is it stability is kind of a big buzz or in the attic where the artists being the changes are about the driver and team is pretty upbeat. Not you know what is that a this year he's doing differently what race early. What what the out of this deal that you know and not operate that moderate on through all of their did genuine excitement going in that there's a buzz that this. The opener that I really haven't felt in a a year's. It's great to see because they're a lot of talent up and down the only one partner there's a lot of surprise potential. There's one minor issue this weekend that kind of sort ever done it better on the product is called brake issues. But other than that it's been a it's been a positive start I think everyone's kind of readied stop talking get the car ought to actually pressure right cover. Yeah speaking of brake issues Brian hunt 3:30 crashed this morning in the morning warm because of me a break failure rear brakes trailer. And I I caught a video of that during the break on Twitter actually things to Ryan hunter. Hand yet he took a pretty hard hit the terror Beers or he's gonna be scrambling from behind today. But Tony what is or what do you think is the number one on track story. What is the biggest change of with that the drivers is it is it getting SE switch to Honda this year what is the biggest. Change for you that going into the season. It's a one and one day outburst. The new firm is inaccurate in Chevrolet on the ship without the power to Wear the cute top team in a separate aero. In and eat situation compared element both at Chevrolet. Honda made the big power gains this year so they're pretty optimistic they did not out at all and offline yesterday it popped her reference they only got. Five cars in the arsenal they all of he years ago a total for the heat and while and they got foreign yesterday so they need not distraught on the engines but. And then from the driver's standpoint the nuclear Joseph new guard the other from that car battery. Eat eat and get mine that eatery to quit talking about the changes you want the changes are meant to Charlotte. It really integrated in for it in anger is great strategist. He did he should have a black it'll be very single watch how quickly. He progresses in the new environment. Yet he had kind of a break out year lesser actually we did I chance to talk to just that they tree brought him to buffalo. In in promotion for the Indianapolis 500 they brought him he Chicagoans of course. A home but out right after he qualified second for the 500 they brought me to buffalo. Very nice young man and he seems to be a breakout star and also he may be most importantly an American star for the sport to Tony. Yet not the good thing if there's a lot of art in Al theatre 980 and I think all these drivers that aren't that being got him Monterey. A Graham ray ultimately saw the last couple years Marco Andretti got Bryan herta distracted many got a new way out in Iraq is by owners. Conor Daly monster pig it. Charlie Kimball been around for awhile you know you other guys are Peterson you wish was in a car but but it's the worst thing you can say is. They're guided you know did three and as he races and McCarty got a point one really talented driver all the way through. It's if he really get about the overall health series. You mentioned Alexander Rossi Tony who of course won the Indianapolis 500 kind of a surprise a surprise winner obviously a little bit of fuel strategy near the end of the race to win it. For entry auto sport on the L it was kind of focused on trying to get a Formula One career started in this IndyCar stuff was almost like a fall black fallback plan for him. But out. I don't know how much you've talked and going into the season but. But where do you think he factors into this year and knowing you know that he is kind of a star in this sport now he's gonna be attacking the a full season. Four Andretti and possibly being a factor for the championship. Quite a bit on the I don't I don't source BM in championship contention but I think he indium more than in anger. If he imminent entry last year eating really know what street portrait like yet never driven on 00 yeah and it was very much a it didn't happen vibe that he wanted to be here but the impression. You really really integrated into the attic into the American now. Cheered the environment eat just blows being aired only so much out here you can just. How Hulk there's a lot of optimism around in the teens admit engineering changes he would you know that you guard and air terminal at this year he's got a race strategist that worked. Beauty killed. Both of them as a criminal use. That Kern got that I have either you break got to have as replacements up I would expect them to win at least once possibly twice in the Canadian. 67 or eight point situation I think I'd be a really good year one in five would be would be really it. Tony does he know joining us from NBC sports here to talk about the IndyCar Series which show opens their season today at saint Petersburg Florida. Lots of big name give me and talked of about Tony but two with a big ones will power and Scott Dixon in that kind of now the cagey veterans of the sport I guess. Is that another of the year for them to maybe go head to head for another championship run it's become a great rivalry in the sport. It has but that the weird thing is that they really haven't had a direct head to head she should battle the addictions on the championships degree air power that a little bit off. He you know they can beat Montoya a couple years ago power had a really tough point thirteenth seeded. The year after he walked that she should tolerate so they really haven't had a direct head at about. If the Honda performance gains there more track and I think Dick in Indian air and up what they got him on the Nat. That is the guy that has dragged more. Bad situation car that the good result and I don't think people appreciate how idiot will literally get mindset coming into the year that we need bother. He's got he's got the strategies change as well I actually have will. As my pre eating championship ticket because I'm not sure how well armed and out no response that the being that. And number one that you east champion of the creek here always is a bit about all off the next year you both being what Simon does not that you can't. Being well and about her health situation and what I'm last year quirky at this straight. And inner ear infection. So oral asserted scrambled to get in the car allotment it. And addicting thing is is that another very intriguing very well ducks but the thing is you've got you know I ever stick. Eat in championship contenders out of the gate and another seven or eight garlic and win races after that. And now how about genes into cliff the course not far from us being from Toronto. As big fan support in this area. Another full year back healthy after the the scary incident at Indianapolis a couple of years ago where does he stack up going into the season. Into the not a wanted to get spot where it. They actually there really get this issue or they didn't have any changes you know caught you know continuity there adding that an engineer and strategist being crew. You really happy back in just you know not having that talk about the comeback on the back then to India couple years ago and now. It's just it's just all spoke at her and then India they should've won only once possibly twice last year. I'd be surprised to beat up the win at least once this year and again he did not. Think the seven point one train torque. I don't think the Hondas could not the only get into the top five with more than cute cars but I think if he gets out to an early start he's got a great qualifying a pretty. Here I think he can I think you know a really solid year. Ales thing forgo Tony I guess again ask kind of a dumb question but you you use the term race strategists a lot talking about the different teams. Can you may be kind of explain that you know we don't talk about IndyCar a lot on the show compared it to to NASCAR and and short trek racing but. What is the race strategist role in any car operation. Right in layman's terms is just it's just a case where they guys. That's where the guy basically called the raid one to pay what are the right trip was the right position Libyan when you get the lead. And then not put in his itself. Com I if you have a battery strategies you can move up on the field it's kind of like a crew chief in NASCAR it's that they do they're the main person on the box on the shot. Very good Tony does Leno NBC sports he can find more motor sports that NBC sports dot com. Tony thanks for our common in in at the last minute says it ticked join a C this morning appreciate notes a busy race weekend for you think for the time and hopefully we can talk again soon. You bet thank you ground on it. All right Tony Dziena from a NBC sports he is a real great it's kind of season preview article kind of talks us in the points that we did two in a little bit more going into detail. About the IndyCar season now will power on the pole for today's race and Scott Dixon right alongside him in a row won the Penske can Nancy. Drivers Jeanne tinged let's starts third today Joseph do you burn starts fourth in his first start for Penske. As he takes or for Juan Pablo Montoya who was only gonna run Indianapolis this year for Penske Racing. To do this Otto starts fifty grace for injury auto sport the season then Tony can nine. On Macs chill thin. In my apt as locked up Alexander Rossi. Charlie Kimball and Kimmel and Graham ray hall of round up the top ten starters for today's race it's the Peter Berg for the IndyCar Series. We get back below wrap up this week's edition a fast track phone line's still open here we've got open phone for the final segment 8030551. 808550. To 550 NASCAR IndyCar or anything it's on the table here. And we're at a fast track we get back here on WG RK race fans as debut came in from my friends at Batavia downs march is leprechaun Lou while the Batavia downs gaming and hotel. Nightly drawn church shorter fifty dollars cash with guarantee payouts of 5000 dollars or more on Saturdays. Card drawing some cast along Chrysler dodge deepen the TV on Saturday march 25 there's a couple weeks away plus what do crews and see that Zach brown tribute in a march 31. For more formation check up Adibi downs what Slater FaceBook for more details this girl like TV down in these areas from here. Desk and entertainment destination with over 800 hottest in demand video game machines lots of great new titles with new ones added regularly. And make it like to remember too by visiting one they're great restaurants including 34 rush Thurman Thomas a sports bar right Sabatini downs. Racing college hoops hockey it's they have at all on all the big TVs they're they're forest the great place to hang out watch some sports. And of course they got the new hotel their two epic TV down he can stay the night as well make it a great weekend so what check out. All of that at the TV downs and find out why they are the area spear entertainment destination their open daily 8 AM until 4 AM right off three to forty Batavia. More formation follow them on FaceBook and Twitter and discover why the TV downs of the area spear entertainment destination until and he heard about a right here on. Fast track. Hey this is Burnham pool driver of the number 48 DC sort of aero you're listening to WGR Sports Radio 550. 1151 here and WGR Sports Radio 551. Other thing I'm looking forward to for the IndyCar. Opener is I now have the cellular provider of the title sponsor of the IndyCar Series in so there's all these. The little. Bonuses you get by being an. A member of this with the IndyCar apps I'm looking forward to some of the bonus features you'll watching the race this afternoon which come up again 1230. On ABC and then of course the NASCAR will be here until we GR can coverage at 230. Courtesy of the former three network Doug writes in the crew will have the called green flag to step for 330 sleek and watching a car and angering to NASCAR good motor sports double header. Any jury is off this weekend but they're back in action next week and it Gainesville Florida for the Gator nationals big any sure ray news this week though. Concerning one of the all time greats or maybe the all time great John force. He and Robert plate have just swap crews during this a couple of weeks off for the any jury. Smelly old drag racing series they've been off a couple weeks after going out west. To start the season so force and Robert Clayton does the whole crew crew chief everybody is is swapping. Before they had to Gainesville so. Forces currently fifth in points are the first to reach this plate is a ninth in the standings. And it is forces previous crew chief Jimmy track he is going over to the plate team while off forceful I'll have Mike Neff. As his crew chief. Going for so some big news there. Concerning the funny car ranks and insurer also in top fuel I'll probably get Pritchett she is two for two to start the year in top fuel. On this cheese Leah last year Sheen who started the year. Won her first race in Arizona and then a couple of months later that Bob vinegar freezing fully she went with the rest of the season scrambling to find a ride she did she made of they had a lot of face time on some of the fox broadcaster most the year because she was out of the driver's seat. I pretty she landed in a right by the end of last year but this year has teamed up with the Don Schumacher racing she's got really good sponsorship from Papa John's. In a she's off to a heck of a start to for two and also was setting AS speed record at Arizona Chandler Arizona couple weeks ago as well too so what. Great start for the approach it and again now her and the rest of the any cherry seriously back in action. On next weakening Gainesville for a for the Gator nationals NASCAR heads to Phoenix next weekend you heard. About pock Chris mentioned opening segment big news concerning Phoenix they could talk about this rate to a couple weeks ago they are kind of real lining the track for next year. Where the start finish line is going to be moved kind of where turn two is now at Phoenix. And then it's going to be the the start finish line they're gonna move the grandstand they're gonna tear down the old green stands were the front stretch currently is and expand on the big. Knew were ceding that kind of goes around were turns one and two are right now they're gonna expand that. Any and move the start finish line which makes things a lot more urged incas you you have the start finish line and angled street that dogleg. So I that'll be interest the the racing shouldn't be that much different budgets and guess you know. When you get to the end of the race and in everything. Coming to the the checkered flag almost on a term verses they eat straight away. Make things that much more stirring and that is set to debut. For the November race at Phoenix next year the them the mark Trace next you'll still be injured the currently out. But between. March of tweet team in November of twenty team. They able moved the start finish line in and think actually bright after next weekend's race they start died doing some improvements there Phoenix and adding more grandstands and everything. Bumpy as that there's been some work there in recent years but I still some of the facility needs to be upgraded. The media centered the the officials tower above the greens and the means for those of kind of did those are due for some up greens are at Phoenix so that's part of this big. Project that they're gonna do you a PIR. And again it should be ready to go forward Ichi playoff race in the 2018. Panda would be good time for meted abet them might be good opportunity go back to Phoenix from him that their few years I love going to that racetrack. And maybe debt that will be it maybe there'll be when I take my daughter to her first Oscar race because actually I am thinking about that this morning. IndyCar is tweeting pictures of bombed Mitt Mickey Mouse has a show called the making the roster racers in my daughter loves Mickey Mouse. So it's Mickey racing so it's not a win win for me in and now there's a big. Mickey bound mascot with checkered flag at the Indy carries today in the of an IndyCar with Mickey graphics so I wanna. I wish I could takers and touched so she could see that it if you get a kick out of that. So that's why I'm thinking about you know getting your record her first race sometime since she's been to local races they Petr are already the Lancaster rants and they'll buy it. Now I get a Gator to the two big show that'll do for me thanks for listening this morning again now. Coming up to 38 and four appearance pre race coverage here and only GR green flag just after 330. And then right after the race today will have and cease NCAA selection Sunday coverage here on WGR courtesy is in radio. To say to what's coming up on the station your day thankless and we'll talk to next week here on WGR.