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03-13 The Instigators HR 1

Mar 13, 2017|

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Your swing and Peters had great revenge. His fight and Pete Carroll hard. Good morning welcome to the SE gators I'm Andrew Peters that man right there is Kregg Avaya we are these two gators WGR. Sports Radio 5:50 and am asked gee we do have a call in question for you. What are you wanna see from the sabres the last fifteen games of the season call us 803. All 55888550. To five it getting the reason why we asked that question mr. Green Bay. It's because the harsh realities are. I think playoffs are out of the question although if you watched the game on Saturday. You probably think that this team looked like a Stanley Stanley Cup contender when he came back and beat the Columbus Blue Jackets but. Too little too late this point this season but still. What bothers me the most about this team. Right now is the fact that they couldn't even find a way to enjoy. That win on. On Saturday night and that. I understand the emotions of the team I understand the frustration and a the disappointment and where they stand and everything. But a game like that with the way the fans I was in the building okay so the way the fans were. Humming out of that arena. It was almost like getting care they were in dead last they just. They just loved what they see our excitement raised what they saw a team that was down and out could've been blown out. And and they came out with light. And enthusiasm. And fire ant bites and Robin latter came in the net and was was unbelievable. So just to me I think that the story for me over the weekend is just I understand where the team is by. I hurt for the fact that after a game like that they still can't even find a way to enjoy it from Dan miles and his press conference to the post game interviews with the players. Just it's too bad. Well you know what it I again when you go back to that game. A little bit frustrating for fans when you sit there and you're down three nothing after the first period you're scratching your head going. What is going on here something's gotta give up but what we've been looking for. The entire year is for this team not to quit and I don't think they they've they've never quit and games have they been their best no. But they've never quit they come out in the second period. Prepare for brewing after the first rightfully so that was an ugly. We first period totally understandable you know I mean you're down three nothing in your own building I mean that they want more from this team might think that there's more. That this team has to operate now I'm being down three nothing after the first you know what they've done they went into the locker room they gather decide themselves they came back out. And what do they do. They score three goals against one of the best defensive teams in the National Hockey League so now the games three nothing and they never look back they they continued to. Push hard in in in the third period and you know Evander Kane getting. A beautiful goal from a pass from. Jack eichel. Amazing and I in Italian this how how good is this power play. I mean you're already madam I'm listening you are I was I was watching I mean Jack had the park on a string here any fines of enter public this. The net. Yeah replete with guys just get on a on a streak goals and it just seems like they can't miss every time they get the pocket mean when a vendor got that part is it. Call or talk and confidence I mean as any professional athlete. The word confidence. I mean for professional I. Lead is everything I mean when you feel good about your game when you understand. Where to go on the ice to receive the Parker or make plays and having the confidence to do things. Yeah you almost feel like you're unstoppable and and have entertainer right now he. He is crazy hot I mean every single game he's again. And it's not just to both the goals he's scoring I mean what he brings to the game and how he plays the game. Is exactly what you want not to play mobile's started. Derek. I think it was I don't know who the cinema was McCain in the Lorie in the second period trying get some energy that's what those players are their energy type players of if that's the thing I love about a manner Cain is that. If he's not scoring goals he's not irrelevant. Giannone mean yes he is he is still an actor that's a very good. Point because when Evander Kane is not scoring goals which hasn't been very often the last you know there must buy only forty games. He is still a very useful player he does though he does other things that even when he's not scoring that's what makes him so. Important to this team is he can play a physical brand of hockey he utilizes his high end speed and yell. I mean I would I would just really love to see. At some point and opportunities he Jack cycle samurai and hired an Evander Kane played together and I understand why. Why why the coach is is trying to change things up because he's trying to. Arm strength and all three lines. But I would just love to be able to see Jack tackle Sam Reinhart and. And Amanda king power play is not enough for the Alec I mean I I understand what you're saying what about like so say it's not it's not just five on five. Can they not just come together. For the power play and then. Do what they did that game I mean does it have to be every single chip I'd only has to be every single shift with these guys together yeah but it. You know again like you know were. We're just seeing you know musical chairs. With this with this team all year they're just trying to find chemistry and they haven't found it it's been two years of of mixing lines up continuously in no one really has kind of file that tries found. Chemistry and at times there has been and I would just liked see some more consistency in in the lines you know all you know. I understand what he's trying to do I understand now bile was trying to. Arm strength and all three lines making sure that he he has. You know some horses on all three lines but at the same time I'd really love I'd love to see. Evander Kane played with Jack cycle and Sam on a regular basis and see how hot they can get by. 803055888550. To 550 Craig surveying and Andrew Peters investigator showed talking about the sabres win the other night. And what would you like to see from the team in the final fifteen games let's hear from you whether it's a player go on fire and scoreboards or goals the team win out I mean. What is it that you wanna see. From this group 'cause I think what we saw the other night was was pretty exciting and it takes me back to the initial question I asked Jeff the start of the show. Why can't the team in joy that we. The the entirety immediately the players the coaches. Thirteen games I'm sorry there's thirteen games left so what can the sabres do in a final thirteen games too well satisfy your appetite listen. I mean these guys these guys are true professionals. They know the situation that their their goal. In every team's goal is to make the playoffs and I just I think the team understands the situation at their and that they're not going to be in the playoffs this year and that's the reason why you play. You play this game to have an opportunity to get into the playoffs which. Then it's you have an opportunity to win the Stanley Cup and that's why these players play this game. They understand. And and know what's going on they've missed another. Playoff opportunity. And now it's. You know we they win a big game against an extremely good team in Columbus and you know there. You know they're not showing the emotion and and and building off. Off that you know every ought you know you you talk and listen the players after the game it looked like it sounded like they lost. But they had a huge win and they have to in that dressing room find the positive. And and bring that. And try and build something for the next they're all Linda and. There's criticism. Oh right I mean if you if here's the thing I understand and I asked the question here right here are going right I jump on the other side of it. But if they use not celebrate that win but if they do enjoy that win. You know I feel like it's unfair for them have to field away feeling it's unfair for them have to. Because of where there at the standings and all the reasons that you just mentioned that they can't enjoy. Are good hard earned team win and it's not what they played poorly the night before in Columbus. Actually played a pretty decent game. Tom didn't go the way they wanted didn't result of the way they wanted I'd listen to our. I listen do an interview from Josh Georgia's and he he basically. He talked about that it's all about wins right now it's not a boat just playing well they need to win hockey games. And it just seems like they're leaving games on the table. And the frustration. In the dressing room. Is mounting. And you know obviously this is the time a year where you know the reporters around and now the media people get the licked their lives because they get asked. Questions and trying create. Something. And it's you know. That that that the players are kind of in a point where they're trying to stay positive but there they're getting. You know the negative. Spin on everything and work. You know decorated some the other day little some some way to create well I think there were questions about. Note to turn overs and his style play in this type of play in and what it's. Know how he how he needs to handle it now what what kind of results need to happen let's let's hear from Jack himself. What his thoughts were on the criticisms I guess of the turnovers. More talk about the Philadelphia game curious. At templates and also cements. You know tenacity and make that play so and try to make it to. You know it works it works dozens dozens obviously it's up and the net net. You know pick and choose your spots that. You know slightly reminiscent this little earlier in the year. Stuff to put handcuffs on you know in you know they expect to create offense and things like that. You know I got to clear the puck Obama's victory in game so. I know mentioned author at some point and it's just. It's important to. Be careful where you do it and you do it. Let's. Offensive player that creates effort so I'm a definitive it. Police. Are right rear of questions that jocks rebelling. Does that sound like he's rebelling did it sound like for an example you know when I when I listen to the coach talked the other night. It was against Philadelphia correct. Yes and the team overall did not play. A pitch to. Particularly good game Jack had two goals and an assist. But Dan. Decided to. You know talked about he didn't name Jackson's name everybody knew it was flooded by he may he should be code he may well. Okay well I know what our goal. He's talking a vote puck management management and turning over the parks we all know how how how skilled Jack is and we all know that he's an extremely young player that's learning and and and when you say something. That we need to manage the puck get. Better the first gold Dan alluded to you know there needs to be a better decision made because there's a turn over in the pock ends up in our net. He's not sitting there picking on Jackie's not sitting there rubbing his nose and if he's saying. He's using Jack as an example because Jack is a player on this team that when you. Com talked about him players. Listen. If they talk to vote you know nicked the Lorie in the tourney to turn over he made no one's going to be sitting there you know even. They'll be more defending the Lorraine how that's unfair criticism of a guy that plays and and so now ovals so now we we fast forward and and you know listen dance trying to say we need to manage the puck that better and on the first goal Jack turned it over. Big deal. Okay he's not calling them out he's not running space and that he hasn't done that all year. Now all of a sudden. Games later three games later two games later Jack is still asking. Being asked the same questions. They're they're asking a boat you know. We know what do you think vote Dan's comments and you know years you know he can't make mistakes in this and that you're turning over the puck listened Jackson Smart kid. Jack knows exactly what's going on Jack has been asked. Keep he plays a much different style then most of the players on the team sold therefore he has the puck on his stick. More than any player in the team their four what's gonna happen he's going to turn pucks over and it's okay. It's okay they're gonna they're they're saying Jackson it or dance that it months ago. Jack if you don't try these plays I'm gonna stick. Now behind closed doors. They're gonna sit down and they're gonna have a conversation and they're gonna say I want you to try anything that you want but make sure it's in the right area of the guys. He mentioned that in his interview are they don't let him know we're gonna focus on that they don't wanna focus on all I wanna focus on my guy he'd he'd be overshadowed most of would comment on. Knowing the timing of when to try those plays and not make the plays in LLC that he might have taken out of class. All all all I wanna throw this in their too. Because this is this is. Amazing to me that that criticism can come of of this but. I'll say that he never once said hey not the only one turn in the park over guys. Why don't you go ask the guy that turned it over three times in one shift why don't you go I mean I can go through the entire team the entire team. There's a reason why Dan used that particular play and this is why. Because now your team is more aware. That you are. Of what you're looking for basically he took a perfect opportunity of a play that he could. He could absolutely use ready to use he could use make the team better to make the team better. Publically publically publically so glad you're really didn't call out Jack on. Coach that this is the comments of of of the of the process that that I ask the question coach said that he's gonna be harder on certain guys. Jack's going to be a guy that he's harder on because when your harder on Jack. And you kind of identified certain things in his game that Jack and you better people listened players in the dressing room listen. And Jack Jack had a great response U I I play hard. For sixty minutes every game which I think Jack does I think he worked very hard or there's still things that he needs to learn yes. The team asked him to make these plays he's going to make mistakes. It's just part of heart I don't put my point I know I love the response that Jack also said he says. I need to do a better job picking and choosing my spots when to make those plays. And that's. That's all that they're trying to talk about moving forward. Keeping a young guy who has a long neck long career ahead of them keeping him accountable. 803055888550. To 550 call it if you wanna talk what Jack comments Gregory and Andrew Peters talking about Jack's comments in the third continued criticism of turn overs. That led back to Friday's morning skate. We talked about the team's win the other night how they weren't able to enjoy it and also what do you expect to see from this team or what he won a seat. From this team in the remaining thirteen games. Of the season. So we're talking about Jack and turnovers he made the same play. In the second period. Against Columbus on Saturday. That he made against Philadelphia where he tried just stepped to the middle and snapped it backhand and try and slide it through a guy in and step around me go get hit him he made the exact same play. On the other side of the Red Line. And he made any executed the play and the park got down to the corner of the ice and he actually was the first guy on at any through the room. The defenseman it's. Between this the heel of the blade of his stick and the told his skate. So as the defenseman crossing over Jack cuts this week snaps back to his back candidate goes around and goes to get it that's what he was trying to do against Philly. Because what he didn't want to do was go back with it. Because if Jack's only option in that game though not actually going would hold over time I was with I was a constructive. Dialogue from the coach constructive dialogue that Jack. Is going to continue to make these plays he's gonna continue to be as dynamic as he can possibly be but he's going to be a little bit smarter and where he makes these. Plays on areas of the ice. That's that's. That's it in a nutshell that's all we're trying to they're not saying Jack don't don't make these plays don't try these place they're just saying. In certain areas you need to be a little bit stronger. And better decisions made. That's it. Squashing all the crap. That's going on right now around. Jack cycle his comments his reaction. And calling a moat there's no calling note this is this is a coach. Doing a good job identifying that he's got a young player and he can learn from this in this situation. Nobody wants nobody has any expectations for this team in the remaining thirteen days. Came to get a phone call 8030558885525. If you meet people want this team to lose Purdue Coptic. No that's not up. I was that guy. Years ago. I heard that I don't know about her. No it was not all you weren't you know you're I was that guy. Watching the sabres. Two and three years ago. And dying and tell you this when they won a game. I went to bed angry I mean I was that guy what he'd do way. But I'm gonna tell you we we got through those times picked up Jack eichel samurai and hurt. Pretty darn good pick ups movement for for nice franchise moved forward. Wrist a line in the year before that. This is teams looking pretty darn good rep are they late. I guess I guess my question is right none are all about I'm ashamed that I'm less and I'm not saying they act is I'm doubting I'm saying it because I masking. Look at look at has their brand general or some decent progression. From that time because I think people think. That you can goal from dead last. To making the playoffs. In a year year and a half yeah. I don't think my unit I don't think you look at Edmonton look at look at their situation they've had what 51 round don't put idol first overall please don't say that Edmonton situation is the norm because that's torture. I'm saying no that's not the norm I'm saying look at that organized nation at five. Number one PX. And they this is going to be the first year they've made didn't. I don't know how long I mean they've struggled immensely. And they haven't made the right PX I I look at I look at buffalo and I see a lot of positive. Pieces on this team is there is there. Pieces that need to be cleaned up and moved out. No question. No question but that's where. Emery has to make these these evaluations tough decisions and he's got a he's got to do some work he's gonna have to it's going to be tough. He's got to make some he's got to make some moves for this team and it's it's not it's not changing eight players. It's changing two maybe three players and and continuing to build. Allowing your young players the wrist the line and Michael there were or Ryan hurt and now all of a sudden you've got believe and you've got. Will hairy gay and Rodrigue that we we got a very youthful hockey team and and with time. And allowing these guys to grow this team is going to be a very good hockey team. Adam tweets in the actually asks us a great question what it will he makes a comment would love to see the team win out. It's going to be tough to do there aren't tough road trip but I understand what you're saying and build a tremendous amount of confidence going in the next season. Does does confidence and momentum roll over. You think into the next year. Listen I'd like to see pink monkeys fly but that's not gonna happen either for the sabres to win thirteen games and arrow. I mean not gonna happen. Mighty mighty channel this is a little bit different and be kind of a little bit more selfish. I want samurai and hurt individually. To get when Eagles this year he's got what sixteen. I want. So am Rhein hurt to get that one so bad got scored nineteen I will be so ticked off that he has nineteen goals. I Lou I would love to see Sam get to one wise it's important to you because. You get a bonus or something. Wish I did but I -- he just columns and need and he prepares he's Smart kid he's super team made. He he he does everything. I'm past the bomb. I just like the way to cute place TE put the heart and soul and I think. I think that I I just like him to get that that twenty goal mark. He's really strong season I hope. That he continues in policy consistent twenty eagle guy. Four goals and thirteen games is roughly that pace so he should be able again it irate getter done scattered at don's stamp might as Cano exciting get thirty. That's number two for me. What via when he arrived five bibles to go and it's he's got he's just got to continue to play. It's not going to be easy five goals in thirteen games. Would love to see him get thirty go I'd like to see Jack. Get pointing game here give them sixty points. You're on now why are we got my third. Well because he's all the overall optimistic. Optimistic circumstances for next year going back rate at a point. All week. It looked real 5588552. Pipe to drag on we got in recent leak out and real we ghostbusters when they got the first ghost Geneen pushes down on the body and week out why and here ago Ron and lack a wanna. Ronnie go ahead. They guys more either does I watched their article and then lo and vector into the leak in the soonest. I will sleep in the same mistakes I think cycles shorten that he completely unexpected and awful on that. And as far as a resolute in. I've as well as you can play and you can't I would put that man want that was the single in the right direction. And I think a a couple of loose we're not sure. People in the maybe what you put it up next here or there I was doing typically ago. You had me when utilities said challenge for the cup next year I'd I'd like to see them challenge for a spot that have you know the third spot in the division or wild card next year I mean it's a more realistic but again Ron to your point you make the playoffs actually terrorist point to you make the playoffs. That gives you the chance to is when LA won their first cup or. Their first attitude that they won. They were eight seed believe first uses one. Let me ask you a question. How many players in the National Hockey League. Are even an oral points. Per game player how many players how many players in the league. 35. Wrong Hong last answer last. Way less secret you member lower talking Jack Geico 48 teams played. Nineteen goals. 47 points so he's one under a point per games you wanna get fourteen points and X thirteen games so he's appointing game Yasser. There is only nine players. That are even or or above a point per game. Nine players make David Keene Crosby. Malkin. Marchand. Brent Burns hallmark shop. Showing how we got to go French honest there backstroke. Crapshoot come and are off this is a crap and you're just that lady bosnians. That's it that's the those are the only point you know I was the only guys in Jack is right there baby. All right we are gonna introduce you to a new segment coming up called a crapshoot. Wondered turn on the hits the gators. Steve you figure out how we came up with crapshoot to Peter's. Craig prevail or Craig survey and Peter might help you out when figuring that out. But the completely call that an acronym I don't know where hockey players will find out when the return WGR Sports Radio 550. And MSG. We're back which. Of the instigate us presented by and Pete Carroll heart. Welcome back to the ends. Gator. Us. Andrew Peters Craig Rivera AW GR Sports Radio 550 and MSG. Through question out of the fans there in the rules little earlier ago. Not too long ago saying last thirteen games of the season what you wanna see from the sabres we have a couple good responses here people starting to warm up in the brains are starting to file. Monday got to give a hang overs over up. You know the Friday night to Saturday nights where there aren't a lot of business are hollow yeah -- whole line. Everybody you see pictures of the parade down the first war over the weekend. Old they're still sleeping they're all still sleeping and they probably went for three or four days down there. I wanna see entertaining hockey taller wanna see. That's one tweets. And other ones. That was the best. We did push the call lines it'll 3055888550. To 515. While the one guy says they want he wants to seed them rebuild the defense. OK let's see what Jeremy and San Jose wants to say Jeremy you're on WGR 515 amassed she'd go ahead. Hey guys I had done that aren't. I. Victor and I just wanted to see. I seem identity being developed and ally its been great. In my act beyond the game. Entertaining guy I opiate and the jets are a lot of buoyed by. You have sabres Jersey. The whole popular and most important my man. So why are you calling us. We couldn't brown. On page paper and Burton I did I tell us more important sonic. I'm a bit bitter battle on them. Bush fit just right now they added that they had a big attic so me bump in the little more from Egypt Egypt right. Is it back into the match. You know what Jeremy your twisted man you can call into the show anytime you want reviewer seeing on your audio there are set up I give a fifty to renovate Jersey. Our psyche look at and it paid on time out on. They're little to no light I don't argue that yes good like Jerry does know he can haven't made. You know. You can have that made. Identity there's a word we started to use used at the start of the season. And that we we actually criticizes team for not having enough identity even during all the injuries and stuff. And it looked like they had more of an identity they had more of a team identity. And we've seen all year on Saturday night. In the second and third period just a fight in the fire yeah you know the the pushed back and he once after and a stark clobbered in the guys came and two. Stick up form is there enough steel on this hockey team. I would you know what I will say this when everyone's in the lineup I'll say that there is logged in more than a whole post was not line up. Yeah reverend apartment I'll say this I think there's. I think if we had to do a balance of steel bird's overall. I guess it's hockey. Players and and there's a Cali and things like that rights are scale as here. And physically quality part of the game is is here. Soil would almost say that there's too much skill and not enough of the other type of play is that not true. You're rolling right a view your top two lines haven't caught her body you have an incredible amount of skill and your top two lines of how much steel and how deep end in. In the roster you have a goal with players like you have in the top six. A lot scale. You want more skill and a one thing I want more sand Leinart aprilia one more skill and I want. Better defensive players is Justin Bailey skilled a few of easiest skill he's a very skilled hockey player but in the NHL is he going to be your skilled guy who receive a meter is fast kind of it would it would mean skill you tell me you're the one asking for more so I. When I. I am a big fan of Justin Daly I think he has a good piece. To this puzzle moving forward. If you're asking me if he is a skilled hockey player I would say no he's not an overly skilled hockey in the NHO but he has. Physical traits. That. I mean. Absolutely. I want you want an okay you want him in the line I need Justin immediately. To be up and down his wing I'd need him to use that. Policing blistering speed I would like to see him use the 215. Pound 644. Body and I held a lot more than what he does I wanna see him on it some defensemen. I wanna see him punish guys. But play him with guys that can really crafty players that are high and still guys that can move the pocket and he can just be that guy. That can be physical dry. He'll score ball lower goals he's a good solid goal scorer. And I think if you was given the opportunity to play with certain players. So you want so do you want when you say steal more then anglers. I want more more puck possession hockey players we do not have enough of them. We are we need more than skill to survive in this league you know that I don't need to tell you. You need more than just guilt to survive do yeah. I mean the tough guy on on Chicago has nothing to do or I'll just name me one tough forward on Chicago Jonathan Toews. Owning a tough player on Pittsburgh has Sidney Crosby on the new top. Or on on. Two years now years what is your now a year jets told league all your pigeonhole me in the my definition you are exactly what you're saying you want more physical hockey player I want on a more well round I want more well rounded hockey players I want more well rounded I'm not saying we need to get rid of guys we just need to teach guys how to be more well rounded and settle in the year your roles here. Position you have guys I would like less dump and chase I would like steel. Speedy guys that have great puck possession skills. I think top to bottom you want you win hockey games you win hockey games with guys that are going to. How the clock be able to possess it because they have to steal. And the speed dot what I would be looking for. You say dump and chase has and you sprinkle then you sprinkle and that's a bigger part of being stuff. Data thirteen R&R block will walk on role model part of being steal credit. Is actually. Being able to dump a park. Into an area to create offense from one foot inside the blue or the Red Line. That is being steal you don't know when ice and I don't have to tell me what I needed Bob Ellicott who dumped the pocket you can't just dumping it in to throw to win here say I gotta get the puck in deep you have to dump it amber with a purpose who. Well that's. Hold your. I liked about him strike you're not gonna have it may mean your your your dream countless there's not a 200 million dollar does go to the next team. How to how to Chicago. They'd MG's team. Other times I played in it or you can watch Hartman played. Q Hartman he's got how many Eagles averaged eighteen or nineteen. These or grade that you just brought him up you outline the plan. Play not with Toews know it Plame McCain you know bill went on the pork projects. Fort line opening Schneider he's skilled guy why is deeply to taste it is not well. He's got a steal any job in Needham and done the best in the league draw on the heat on the air out. That's a skilled player. But he has sandpaper. And therefore he's on the fourth like you would ever call somebody out there in this in this media world that watched hockey of people that watch that don't know the game will tell you that he's a skilled player or he's not a steel player that he is a very skilled player but he just he's not as steel to play or skilled enough to play in the top line. Or they have four lines of scale. You think he's just all skill. The skies of these cycles the parking goes and that he's got he shoots the shooters are told dressed kind of guy can go through the Buffalo Sabres team. And I couldn't prove my point. Chicago has 220 that's interest aegis tweeted in to so they have tough guy who. 22. To Tommy games that he played this year. The galleries on the roster the couple they don't care all the Kamal right about where you go ahead and make no go ahead now. We're talking him what are we talking about where we're getting off on a tangent here but it's okay it's it's hard inaudible I am asking. What I would like to see moving forward. Need puck moving defenseman you're not need the big bring users that are gonna be land based on I never works you need puck moving defenseman. You need guys that can play and and and have the agility to close quickly on a. Opposing player he's played forty games for. What happened the other ones hurt. She heard arguments and. I'm alike keep gone don't keep keep talking because I wanna go through Chicago apartments my favorite player right now. Right Hartman 63 games his fifteen goals. Now it's impressive he's. Was he not a high first round. Or first round pick Gregory Campbell as the first round picks I was vampire they were in the best fourth line maybe an art history at Boston next story please. He was first round thirties so. And in his career. Know who. Can heart mrs. Hartman and what Campbell you're talking Campbell sources the question we're getting a great career won a Stanley Cup where we honor. You're telling me about how skilled you need this team to be in order to win you want more skill and I want we want total opposites I don't want. Nothing to do a soft little gangly guys that house to do with guys that can possess the pock. Skate the pop up moved the puck make plays where they don't have to dump the pocket I want to possess the pock there should be enough speed. And and and skill on this team when I'm saying skill being able to make plays under pressure in small areas. So you can you can gain more offensive attack. I don't think that we have enough we do not have the depth we have super high end kids at the top at the the the top two lines. Then we then we really die our governor our third and fourth don't think. Craig is the chair man. Of the buffalo chapter of the sport and Thornton had a I. Below that great blue Dini. Never disappoints we won't disappoint you will get to the crapshoot when we return as the gators Andrew Peters. Craig evade WGR Sports Radio 515 MSG we're going to get to this crap shoot what the acronym for you figured out. We'll be right back. Yeah. We're back with more of the instigated it's presented by MP Carol hardware. Welcome back to the us gators Andrew Peters Craig rev AW GR Sports Radio 550 and MSG. Jacob we did purple monkey. With wings for a there's a senate seats or go check it out to get to see your purple monkeys flying. Where do you come up with a stuff. Tom time now for buy sell or trade buy sell trade. Presented to you by a Buffalo's sports free can buy sell or trade and trade good new and used equipment on McKinley parkway awful sports go check it out. In Hamburg tell my sent you say hello. Buy sell or trade your general's comments. Now trots Perry trusts John Toro I got ports port does porn is. Barry trucks comets are truck did you hear now let's hear what's your pre trucks had to say about. Marketplace. Jeter's comments for a game skid will make them better. If if I can totally understand what he's they've had a great. Super amazing year up to this point com they're going through a little bit of a skid. How border boy over me. First time. Longest goal drought of his NHL career ten games now. So. He saving at the playoffs. You know what maybe he is and here's the thing you don't want. This team is so deep. Offensively that they don't technically need. Talks over matched and you go and score every single night they need him to be a player much like in Evander Kane. To be physical. To be accountable defensively and when he's got an opportunity offensively you make you try and make it happen that's the players that Alex Ovechkin. Needs to be to be able to win in the playoffs but. You know what. What's nice about the capitals is they don't have to sit there and reliant on one player like they've done for so long. They are very very deep and you know what this is a little minor hiccup. Before they get in Q the last ten games this season I think that could be produced and that's where that's one of the things too about the colts are you buy it sell it traded. IE EM you know what eyeing an essay tying and go with torts easy he's outstanding coach I rocks rots torts whatever we're on the same drives there were there we go trots atrocity. I'm gonna buy it because I think he knows his team I think they've been very good he's trying to take the pressure drop off these guys and he just. You know they're gonna they're gonna fix things I I don't know I would bet and I think he's nervous. I'm gonna sell that train our own wanna watch for surety that. Course you would say that. I came and able to finish yet it's 1052. But. It's 1050 Judy Miller triggerman is season on the show. I'm gonna buy it. I'm gonna buy that he wants to believe it. I don't they think he believes that I think that if you remember Saint Louis years ago were one of the best teams in the league and they went on a tough loss of losing streak. Toward the end of the year yep and it can cost them. And one of the things I won disabled Avastin scoring drought I don't care about that because. Here's here's the thing with that if other things are working for your team in other areas why you have to focus on the star. Why do you to allow old bats and always be the star I mean if the team is when let the team be the star. I don't understand what you just said. Don't focus on bats and they always try to use my on the one timer on the power play so they have other things working they have TJ ocean they have. Guys getting shots through from the point they have other guys that are scoring goals not right now in the four games but I don't care about about skins. Point streak it's about how the team is going. Well it's notable points streak it's just talk goal post is gold is gold streak while there are four game musically talk yet how we scored scoring all you series he had 52 years ago. And now he's not scoring and that's been better for the team. Has it been better for the team. I think it's better for the team I thought I was just quoting something you said a couple of weeks ago. You're wearing what you say O'Neal does this 27 goals he has this year 56 points and he's at plus five and sixty games. So would you rather have battle that skin or the Avastin with 54 goals three years ago on a minus 35. What I would like is of an overmatched in its gonna give me 2735. Goals a year that's gonna play defensively responsible. And then when he's on the offensive side of the park just allowed to do it every once I do not care what you do with the park our. What I do care when we come back Gregory will be here. And we're gonna get more into the sabres crap shoot coming up and there's some animals coming up to that and talk about. I'll stick around we take some calls to 8030550. 88550 to 550 calling go on the full level gets will be get back. It's gators WGR Sports Radio 515 amnesty.

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