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03-13 The Instigators HR 2

Mar 13, 2017|

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Eaters could aggravate welcome back to the as the gators show WGR Sports Radio 550 an amnesty if you missed it Corey and I were just talking about how old Reyna says. It's it was discovered on this day in 1781. And that's just an almighty god fact that we. Discovered here today so all. 236 years ago Saturday hearings was discovered I just think that's interesting so today is your estate. With that being said. It's time now for the crapshoot and we bring that and how we came up with a crapshoot as to see ours treasure today. And eap. Is Andrew Peters and shoots not spell it correctly but it's you know it goes well it's close or what hockey and I do you didn't hear some of the news if you're not like down with the global hockey world of what's going on. There is a hockey league in Norway okay they have more than just skiing and she's over there all right so called the they. They set a Norwegian team you know two Norwegian teams. Takes two to tango played. To a world record. Eight over Tynes. Eight over times. And I don't know what the longest game NHL history is and the sabres had that one. Perhaps it was plain against New Jersey with burger in the net but longest NHL team. I think was in the 1930s Montreal maroons play Detroit Red Wings and it was. A one nothing win. With six overtimes. Longest NHL. Game in history. Last twenty years or did you just did you know that or did you read that somewhere. We looked it up this morning all you can watch the game. I was curious to see what the law if you're honest at least here on this one you know this is I just a note I was some useless knowledge eight overtime periods. That is incredible how those guys bodies are not shutting down. I was I was actually part of the eighth. Longest game in NHL history it was back in 2008. And we are in the playoffs playing the Dallas stars and we had four overtime. Periods and it. I felt ill after the game that's how much talky there was and a 129. Minutes played. And to give you perspective. The Norwegian game with 217. Minutes. That's. It's that's just incredible just incredible. How those guys rebuilt even able to escape just this past. Cricket there for a period up. Here dodge siege army Boudreau. It's part of a crapshoot. That's a crapshoot I don't care about them regionally or. Mum Johnny who Johnny or why diving and embellishment this was part of the fun game hockey along time ago was. Players getting away with. You don't trying to get penalties called YouTube. You ever dive. We're watching this on TV recur on the on the video right now TV is it that is what he got fine for a fine for this. The player got a penalty for. I don't understand. Well that's kind of my point in the heat gets a penalty for embellishment yeah it's fine. But I don't think that's a penalty. Three Soviet missed that the guy hooks of I think he he looks like eclipse and in the face put them but controlled. Does go down to his knees rather easily army. If your you know you gotta he's a 150 pounds. Chernoff. Jake was it was fine for the same thing. That is surprising to me because Jake Muslim who is. You know warrior type defenseman in he plays the game properly. IE. It that to me is is interesting but. It's that time a year. Any thing that you can do to try and draw a penalty right now. She will they cash ago fell more tears no you know masters you went into the sound launched a sports sacred there these guys are snakes for I've changed. Your mind Amman Monday. You gotta be stronger than matched you embellish body had access that. About his team either that does not as he doesn't do he just doesn't use Berry. These guys but he doesn't balusters doesn't sell now in over the Astros Alastair was an article. It's a good one article that could be one of the greatest. Of all time he drew more penalties. For our hockey team than any player in the national park won't back in the day I'm almost convinced that this rule is semi injured because of Matthew Barnaby. You know there was another one and I'm not saying it's a bad thing it was effective and it worked but there were there were a lot of others here Roy it was one that we played with that was constantly on the lead watched list for. For dive being always you know embellish tales optical and Alter the big bloody let you know like the old guys look at raft. Open applaud. There's always embellishment with a rising. You do you think the league should fine guys for embellishment is it that embarrassing because what we saw that embarrassing to the gamers just that a bare bursting to the players are. I think there'd there'd just trying to you know. Keep guys they they want to had no all alleged that there's there's eyes in the sky. Do you not embellish because you're going to get caught everything's on video. But. Yeah I think both I think both those two plays are very questionable when it comes to them on making that call on both the players in them finding. Do you seek capital shot and Kirk suspended two games for charging. Japanese catch this is all part of the crapshoot because I don't eyewitnesses to me. Leaves us fees. Comes across. Doesn't square up with the player that he's going to hit and makes direct contact. So he gets suspended for two games. You know that's not why Washington brought him in is this even his style you know he doesn't have a mean bone and that's why he's got caught area this guy does not a head shot and Kirk. I don't even know what he's doing and for checked he's behind the offense of Nat he's not supposed to be there in the first place secondly. He. Left his feet and that's why is getting a two game suspension he he drove up words. In to the opposing player's head area are very that they can hit his head but it's the the the attempt. In what he was trying to do his wife got spent for two games so in why you can't do that. Now that's not a poet simulate. That's not a penalty. That's not apparently all that's not his apparently not a suspension while he should be suspect that's pretty borderline call there but they're just trying to you know keep guys accountable. You have any idea how much from what you're into this thing raider two owners have a I can't even give you an example women do this board all there's a lot of lol. You're in trouble for our right. There's another topic. True Ben Bennett to see that's crap last night. Was asked yeah I was last night Truman Bennett Sam Bennett congaree Jacob true okay. This was incredible people can't see this over the radio Rachel did the first of half the thesis is Stuart. So Stewart goes behind that had to get the pocket just absolutely blows a real and I feel bad for your sex it is hurt but just no water around. Look like a sniper's section 221. Got a and then all of a sudden you have troop and Sam Bennett in truth is way bigger than that it. We are. Is not a big hockey player he was drafted for his skilled play and he's a very spirited. Young player what does he want white fourth overall. To cal Gary a few years back. He is a tough little player on he plays the game properly he's he's getting better as he gets older but. He he certainly caught true ba. With one good one because both players walked noted this altercation with the blood on their face and Sam Bennett's got the snorkel bleeding got a ticket true about that looks like more like a visor cut that is a visor remember when yup. Like and it believes so much worse. Because there were getting a clean cut its pressure cuts he probably got hit. With the visor. Knuckles to the visor goes to the ghost in the face and you know you get cut instantly so now that was pretty Cleveland wants him when he knew this effect for. And. That's what it sounded like and probably felt like one of those punches hitting hitting square so but you know what you too young players that are just. Incredible warriors you know I got to read this tweet during the crapshoot here it's amazing that they called both is it a trip or dive can't be both a can't be both. That that's what's confusing to me the player has his stick inside a lot of talk. If he gets let's see if we go ahead you're watching the the mullahs and call is they probably look at it after the game. They looked at it. Where the stick came up. And Mars then. Felt the stick go close to his face did not hit his face but reacted. From that to try and draw a penalty. Therefore after the game. They do not want you embellishing to drop so you got fine for much of them do that. Soccer over in Europe let's soccer's. F a soccer watch for the embellishment. You know you see the guy that has told super market goes down he's got like you know has trauma. Broken legs broken all. The rules are kind of trip you got these guys roll wrap up their hair's not out of place never never replace and ever notice now all the kids and all the guys all the hockey players are doing the although soccer soccer haircuts ago all the tight she gave up top with just like one. Patches here that just goes back if you like every guy that has ten issues as that. Has that haircut. That's when I feel like right are should be NHL make Vegas. Expansion list public that's a topic rid of them you wanna you wanna talk about this. EE why wouldn't they please that's a joke if they don't make that public. Every fan out there wants to see that they want to be part of this it's an exciting time and we all can have a lot of fun with this. We all can sit there and trying and meek and think what we would do to make our team once we knew the expansion list. Up every single team we give literally sit there with friends and and family and what everyone I do and have some fun trying to pick a team. That you would think Vegas would would want and I mean there's going to be some really really good hockey players available it's gonna be a very exciting time I. I think it would be. So poor the NHL does not make that list public. I receive the Minnesota state high school all hockey thirteen. For 2017. Visit one of my favorite things that you get to watch all the kids skiing up and they got all the dues I have watched all the last five years of this. The last five years of these kids cut their hair some of them have that huge long and means of hair it's it's it's pretty entertaining do we have that. If we don't have a Thomas should be fired back there but no I don't think we haven't. But they do you have. It's on the UC and you too yeah and it is. Every year and one of the things I wanna say this our our team won state championships yesterday and they toddler they Ari talked about. The hair what to do if there's something they can do with their hair and what is it about this I mean it's like is it did you guys ever bleacher hairdo or something crazy with your hair back in junior is reality star hair blonde. And I was still against it. I was so against an added nothing to do it. Not being a team player but I just kind of like why don't wanna go look like a bunch of idiots I mean what if we lose. My thought. Go there are show operative point but that's not what it's about this is a usual it's a boat going over to a billet family's house. And haven't all the boys over there and you have people that are trying to. Duel in the dying Ing guys are sitting there with towels around their head and everybody is just getting together because you're no you're you're doing something as a team it's a boat doing thing as if things as a team it. It was a lot of fun I remember I remember coming out of there with like white blond hair. With a Mohawk I think bad day it was like I mean guys taken it do different levels but it was a lot of fun I mean. That was that was just part of it you can actually I have fight on YouTube with my hair bleached blonde from junior played for the Kitchener Rangers it was set and your YouTube. Me fighting Derek fox from SuSE memory back in. Whose 2000 maybe it was in first and only round of the playoffs. Science sports that I think hip Rios was two in the collar comity into the game actually and yeah my alma pops off and there's the there's the flow there's the it was orange like it was a dye job gone bad yet along here at the back together on scene like that it was now. Now it's the same buyers and through like barring. Very very blah now I'd say. Just kind of when you're into it I retire and now I've never seen demand more product in your tires I spoke to Maurice and Gary here is the high school hockey. They re here these guys are the ones you're talking opened product and there. Is skating up to the street and they are like this is not bad he's got the actually very this guy's got the full blown mole a going. Like that's a Shia on the side most guys got to had a salad that look at is stash on this guy. This guy politics we. Music Bjorn Borg and the stylus like Bjorn Borg wow that's not practice. That average that's actually that's actually pretty nice that's arch this guy's always a little blue acts of a sudden all their so you Oglethorpe. These are some highlights. That's terrible. You have to go back and check out the show to sees some of these but. These are just high school kids that scare up and they all think they've got the sweetest flow. They all look like criminals. Right they just look like criminals like grace period of play it the opening of that is you didn't flop shot whether introducing. You don't put all Kerry Collins and he's in the building. McCracken you know the whole team is live shot there at the end and they all come out you got oh he'll move Thorpe it's like with. With the strike they all stayed up in the got the mopped his weapon in the win. I don't have a sound effect for it's being called in from the 030550885525. If you'll find segment they're called crapshoot you wonder how we came up that. Yeah. That's that's on your. So one of so some of the things you went over Norwegian hockey team sets world record eight overtime periods. Johnny Kudrow and our kings defense twenty miles and find both for diving embellishment. Kind of joked I don't mind the diving in embellishment specially if the crystals in the command. Getting called on it is that like isn't that part of. Don't say it. Hillman don't say why don't say that doughnut is a part of the game but isn't it part of the entertainment value when you have a guy that. Absolutely just flops and sells it. At a home in the rafts blows the whistle down off goes the other the other what is so interesting house sports. Different sports can beast. Interpreted so differently yet you have. Soccer over in Europe which you can go a game without at least twenty guys embellishing something. And you have. Are these the Q first embellishment. Pedal lines of the year are not coming off. No both both of them term are really you're really gonna find these guys for that. Yeah is it just doesn't make an and a great scrap was another was another one of the topics that we. Discussed it was true when Bennett the other night it was a lengthy one and two guys that I just. I mean troop I would never I mean he's just not that type of players in. He's a big kid in any of Bennett who's who plays a feisty game but. I like true about the most crappy. Australia and I like them both and then we did the high school hockey here team and obviously the face expressionless should they be made public I think they should be made public that's probably going to be one of the more excite. Is the most exciting part of this whole processes. To see. Las Vegas nights. Build their team build their team and at the same time people at their homes and how some fine. And build their team that they would pick and see how close it is going to be to the actual product why don't wouldn't day. I've no idea maybe they're just keeping everybody in suspense and maybe they wanna keep it as quiet as possible and then though bill released information. You know a couple days before it happens I I think they just they're they're looking to not embarrass anybody order. You know the players that don't get protected or some players that you know. I understand and if that is one of the reasons I can appreciate that trust me. I can appreciate that being a player that probably wouldn't have been protected or picked up but might the fact of the matter is is that. That's the side of the business that we're in now. That's the part that's the nature of the business that we are in we are in and the business of you don't knowing what teams are doing roster transactions. All that stuff and I wanna know who Tim Murray gets to protect and not protect whose Boston protecting who's Toronto not protecting who were these teams. Letting goal and so for me I'm with you like do you think you're going to do it. They got it how many rookies are on. Toronto. Large part of that team they don't even have to they don't even have to protect. And then there's players like. James van Riemsdyk who is an unrestricted free agent I think after this year I mean he doesn't have to be protected. They can they curve so he doesn't have to be protected if you just leave and sign in Vegas anyway. Or resigning. And they don't have to they're there in a very good situation. Okay well I was I was just thrown out there Columbus how what that team and he just and he is going to be a lot of teams that are in trouble but that. You know 30550808550. To 550 into Peter's program today. Fun little site called the crapshoot talking about the sabres today on Friday was a great game Friday was an unbelievable game I was actually at the game and the atmosphere in the building and one of the things that Craig and I talked about the start of the year some of the guys that won't be protected and lot of guys that will be protected as they still can't find the reason or find. Any kind of enthusiasm excitement in wind like they have on Saturday because when listening to the fans in the rank from the end of the first period. To the end of the second. To the end of the third it was absolutely incredible swing. Of emotion for the team just to come back when but the players can. Yeah I you know I I just get to I get. You know nervous for this team moving forward because you're going to be playing some create T strong competition in need in the next week. San Jose is rolling I mean they are a very strong hockey team they've got. Everybody going in the right direction. LA kings are very dangerous team because they are still. Fighting for that last wild card spot. And Anaheim Anaheim is rate now fighting with the San Jose for that top spot in the Pacific I mean they are going to be. In toughen their next three games. And then we know we all know what happens when you're on the road for that long. You get fatigued you have to travel from the West Coast back to the East Coast. And you have a tough game against the red wings at. In Detroit GAAP you know what the great things about the game against the Red Wings' number one it's not a home number two it's against the red wings because it could be worse you could come home and have to from the road trip and have to play a team like Pittsburgh. Well what's worse yet you you play yet you have your get to have an East Coast game on the road against it a last place team. Before you have to play Pittsburgh are a last place team maybe they are but they're still a tough. With all the travel and the time change and everything else you play three tough games. Then you have to play Detroit. To make things even worse you come back and you have to play the Pittsburgh Penguins on back to back night. That is a very very very difficult schedule coming up the next five games for the sabres. But you know what. They they are that team I'm telling you rate now he got all your Vegas odds and everything else going on I would never. Ever bet against the sabres I I wouldn't. Because you don't know what you're getting. This team could literally easily get beat five nothing by. The San Jose Sharks in the first game Bryant tiger right now. With out of question. They can beats annals. The BM here. Correct. There's a debate come back to wasn't three or was and that's why I am saying nine mean. It's going to be different winner in the shark tank or what's hot what's harder than we've heard this question what's harder going now they're coming this way. I would say probably. Coming from west to east. You're losing hours. But. Here's the thing all those were all those teams from outlast. They're used to it because they do all yearlong. The teams from out east you always stay in in your conference right I mean her. It's a it's that the track oval. I can't Amy tell you the difference between the two. I've played in Montreal for all those years sabres for all those years nightly. A year and a half men and San Jose. It wears on you. Times double. Play you know the West Coast with how they travel. It's much tougher on the bought. In skaters on MSG and WGR Sports Radio 550 more with Gregor grander Peters when we come back after this. Welcome back against gators Andrew Peters Kregg repaid. WGR Sports Radio 550 and also on your television on MSG. Call lines are open 8030550808550. To 550. And it tells handed out. Eighteen. Suspensions this year. Eight fines this year last year. You ready for this. 39 suspensions 26. Finds. So I ask you this 39 suspensions last year and 26 finds this funeral and eighteen suspected really down. So my question is this. Is the game that much cleaner deal. I would say yes. I would say that. The game has changed. In the sense that that the type of player that is going to be taking the suspensions. Is no longer in the league anymore. For example. One of the suspensions that just happened a couple days ago. Was Toms to Speedo and he hasn't played in this in this league for. How many years. He gets called up to do a job to make a statement he did and he got four game suspension he's getting sent to the minors. So it's the type of player that's in the league is the reason why the game missed the game's changing the game changing and is it changing for the better. Some some parts are better in some parts are not better I mean the entertainment value I think that physical. Aggressive player had. A huge entertainment value I think he has a on a big part in in team. Make up chemistry he's the guy is that he he makes. On people in this on his team feel comfortable. But the problem is right now there's nobody that it. Teams in the league don't have. Enforcers anymore they don't have guys that are going to be taken suspensions their foreign you know it's almost cut. Half right now but you don't think that there can be. You could find other things. And I'm not saying that you need to go look and an overlooked but to me that's a significant. Drop off I mean of the season word and today that's 21 less. Suspensions. 21 last and I can't say that in one year I've seen 21 last heads. That I couldn't suspend dollars for I can find I've seen hits around the league where they haven't suspending guys would. I've seen the hits are a league where they've suspending guys and they shouldn't. I mean just because the numbers lower to me it doesn't necessarily mean that the game is better or cleaner or they're they've done their. Jar I think the games cleaner. Gain as much cleaner. Because back here back in you know we're having more spears. We read spears and I thought ends ya know. We've had some spears aren't I'll watch the same game I don't see. I don't see the aggression and nastiness that. That we saw years ago we're talking one year removed last year there was 39 suspensions and 26 fines. This year we have eighteen suspensions. And eight fines. I don't think the players are getting smarter. They're just changing the type of player that's in the leak. If they want they want four lines of skill they want for lying to scale that you talked about earlier. Sabres need more skilled. I would Ty Law I would like. More skill you eat you know. Back. Years ago. You had to have two very strong lines of offense you how'd how one checking line and you had to have a very physical enforcer type line. Om and that was the make up of your team you had to have at least. Two defensemen on your back and that were willing and and more than willing to drop the gloves and you had to have a physical presence from your back and things have changed immensely it it's not a vote. Crashing and banging anymore and making. Players' fear you because that's out of the game. It's gone so now instead of having the big physical brute on the back and you need very smooth. Hockey I Q type defensemen that can move the puck out of the zone that can close gaps that that feel comfortable like. You remember back. You know ten years ago you have a defensive defenseman his gap with so bad because he didn't speak very well. Now every defenseman in this league skates. Very well and if you how of players like that you will spend the last time in years in your defensive zone there for. There's more offense and opportunity to score goals better transition we. We need we need better defenseman. With transition let's start with a forwards because we are talking about. Building a team and you said you wanted more skill up front when and and and you who you were criticizing me insane that I wanted more sandpaper or wanted to tougher team know what I want. Is is. What I think William care create can be on this team that's what I want. And I'll take them. All take communal one a right of where we talk about William Cary what what is the first thing that comes to mind with him. Hard nosed hard nosed hard place. But what are the assets that he brings to your hockey team. Skating street Pete there is an absolute rocket so you put together speed. Team speed more speed more speed. Team speed with a British killer style with he's he's extremely tenacious. Here's the thing he's the on hockey player. That right now just wants to make the perfect play because he just wants to stay here what happens when he starts to gain some confidence. What happens when you've got the two nations in this in the game. The speed in his game we all know that I think that he can actually make hockey place he can make good solid well I think waste heat. Can end. That's dealer and a key player won and everyone criticized when he was put up on that top line is playing with a postal Angel Reilly for a while and it's not about. Putting a player up there that can score 35 goals while putting a player there that will do the simple little things that those 35 goal scorers won't do and shift now go to the corner. And take it hit the chip apart behind the net. You know how many times we see guys on this team. I watched two games live this weekend I cannot value and I don't know how many times you've seen this where a player comes and if you have the part. In the economy and he kind of angle and you back away and you try to guess where he's gonna go with it you're standing there in your your backing away I can't tell you. I've never been taught that. At any level was I ever talk to stated no guy's fast they can slam on the brakes then back away industries can pass. Never been taught that I've always been talked to stated that guy and finish your check and then play the park. Eliminate the body play the part why do you think guys are stopping why do you think guys are not here in quick enough they don't like confidently that way to know ideally it's called I hesitate confident absolutely there's a body check this enemy. Doesn't take confidently you continuously. Pass it it'll be fortitude and you continuously. As a team have breakdowns. Guys start to second guess what they have to do you guys start to slow down than they second guess our dial play from the drop of the park. Could you about a half a dozen forwards in this team that stayed at a player. Some of the best players do it and then they peel away but they're square up to a they back off of and they square up to Albany stand there and they get their stick in the lane here. Get the stick over here they get the stick over here but what they don't do what they don't wanna do what maybe they've never been taught to do were told to do is eliminate the body. Hard drive through bodies. You can actually take the puck away without knocking him out of the air or intercepting a pass despite finishing upon each and nose of the types of colors. Those are the types of players that you need to see Lewis hasn't Chicago has them. So when you talk to me about skill players does Mary hosts appeal laugh tracks you might not go run a guy through the boards. But Google went and lean on a guy and eliminate the body just contain a guy yeah so we can either knocked the puck away he plays the gamer. Plays the game right. So when I when I talk about our team. I I think one of the locking elements of our team is is beat. I I believe that I I believe that this team does not play fast we play we play slow now is that from. Our defensemen. Lacking the ability to move cleanly out of his own and moving the puck so our forwards attack. Three with with speed is that is that part of it. Possibly it's an area that needs to needs to improve. Our forwards. As a whole when you identify each and every player are we a fast hockey team. The answers no. We are not a fast hockey team and an order to be successful in this game. You need guys that can play both ends of the rink you need your dynamic hockey player to be dynamic each and every night. But you need to be able to play with speed creativity and right now I think we've we've got too many players that lack. The ability to play fast. Just not just speed fast Hubble mentally fast. There are some guys how many guys that we played with Rico Fata to I didn't play with them. He was way he was so fast he was too fast for his hands in his brain. And I'm not start criticism you remember him I know he's got his he had great hands and great skill but act at top speed. You know it just it was kinda like you just couldn't you couldn't put it together armies and I argue the opposite he knocked out of his physical yeah physically. But he sold fast mentally and that's why I think he. Doesn't survive in this league I think that's what's right Eric sells mostly because he is so I hockey I Q it's the most important part of both. Game I mean you. You need to be able the think the game quickly at a high speed Sam. Makes plays makes players around him better he's calm I think Sam when when I look at Sam he is still. A work in progress I mean he is still a young player that hasn't even come close to tapping into his full potential. But it's exciting. Watching him. Every jury member to hear him go if your counsel who meant two years ago. When when Sam was here. Or actually news it would have been three years in in the summertime. When he went to camp he looked like young little boy. And he he has gotten better every single year and that's what you wanna see from your from your top players this kid this kid. Can he is and how it all torrential he. He Jack had a tic tac toe play in the third period the other night it was it was like child's play. And it all started with with Jack. You know spinning up and looking up and speaking of past the defenseman cycling it down low Sam cycles it backe kind of goes to the middle I mean it was just. It was it was child's play but it's the case he sees the game and sees things you are all of these are real life there is not a whole lot of players that can sit there and play with Sam and Jack and think the game the same way they're thinking at different levels. Why can't try to find a player played like them he'd find a player that can play. With them. And that's not gonna dominate the pock and entertain you need a guy with speed that can keep up to a Jack Michael Cain. You need a guy that's gonna go in there to that in the corners. And adds some daily physical reality. To the line change you are guys that can be a school score and that's where Marcus got himself in trouble after the all star break or deal. It was an all star break in Montreal. He gets put on line with Jack in the markets has been really really good but he has put on aligned with Jack in each I think he for a moment there he tried to beat. Jack and Sam and that's not who he is he he has the the not the same abilities but he has great offensive abilities and instincts. But his game at that level is just more simplistic and and and. And hard hard fast. Tough brand of hockey get to the front I just don't be here's the thing I know Imus and we're both big fans of of Marcus. We we like what we see and in his game and what he brings to this team he's been a very solid consistent hockey player in their has not been a whole lot of consistency. With the sabres this year that being said. Every player in order to play up to their top potential cost of be put in the end and that in the right situation and what I'm saying is. Yes you can put markets for Reno up with Jack and Sam but is that going to benefit the line is going to be that the best thing for. Marcus. And this hockey team and I don't know if that's where he should be. Moving forward will finish the show with summit Jack's comments when we come back in the as the gators WGR Sports Radio 550 and talk a little bit about his thoughts the other day it was brought up again the turnovers. Jack article one return WGS which if it to him. We're back with. Instigated it's presented by MP Carol hard. Welcome back it is skaters Andrew Peters to aggravate final site work today sabres heading out last Jack got some questions the other day. Just about the comments he made the comment really have just basically summing it up I just have to know I'm paraphrasing here time. When to do it when not to do it time of the game. Location on the ice all that stuff basically summed it up so will all that. And that's the that was the key to to the comment that he made that I thought was most important because that shows that he's either one been told. And or number two. That he knows nobody. Nobody in the back. And asking them to make plays make plays they want him to use his skills that we're gonna make players around him better. As a young player I think the coach is asking you. Make the right choice at the right time and where are you making these place where you making the dynamic place to make make players better. And it's it can't be. Just over your defensive blue line. You have to wait till you get in the offensives own before you start making these plays and it's it's just being accountable with the puck at the right time. So I don't think are so accountability team plays while the other has Saturday heading out west. Where they gotta do. Going how last is turnovers you turn over parts against teams like this these three teenagers and replied they're gonna gobble you up you are again how of serious serious issues if you're going to be turning pucks over. Like the sabres have done and the past. They they just need to be a lot smarter with with. How they play they need to be strong defensively they need to not beat themselves just play a proper brand hockey. And I believe the channels her the the Buffalo Sabres have an opportunity to win but they have to play. Top and hockey speaking at top and hockey and winning Seahawks yesterday I did it. I actually had an opportunity to watch. The buffalo junior sabres EU fifteen hockey team. Win right there by the way the New York State championships. And they will be off to. Scottsdale Arizona. Foreign nationals. And I could congratulations to you and your hockey team it was a it was a great game. And what a game that was exciting yeah I'm gonna say this goaltending was absolutely incredible and I know Borough referenced our goalie saves leader in the game and five on three but the early stared goaltender their goaltender capped. Cap them in the game ball was kind of rhetoric credible. Both goaltenders were incredible. 00 hockey team to about eight minutes year guy a. Saved break aways and he made. It's a one nothing game juniors to sabres are up one nothing yet take a penalty with four minutes left. No big deal are it will wolves kill it off and you take another panel the which now it's a five on three I'm thinking to myself why is going on there's three minutes left in the game he would kill your first one off. Your goaltender. Makes the greatest save I think I've ever seen in my life. Good for him. All the coaching Lorenzo Alexander off the top of the show with Jon Murphy and Donald Jones right here 12 o'clock you're not gonna wanna miss that. I love Lawrence. So stick around here that John Murphy show coming up next with Donald Jones twelve to three. Andrew Peters Gregory thank you very much room for coming in today appreciate. Appreciate have in. Marty's back tomorrow Marty's back tomorrow Greg myself. Dumber show coming up next WGR splintered by fifty NM SG.

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