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03-13 Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander on the John Murphy Show

Mar 13, 2017|

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    them come up later in the 2 o'clock hour. To talk with Matt Bowen former bills' safety about some of the bills moves and some of the league wide moves coming up with a 1 o'clock hour. But joining us now via Skype is a good friend of the show. Very happy I am back on the buffalo bills' roster he agreed to turn for the bills. This past Saturday just two days ago happy to have Lorenzo Alexander back with
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    coming stick around you can always follow. On archer or I'm a Buffalo Bills that. Cleveland Browns still waiting for the other shoe to drop the Texans and the browns. Made that deal Brock asked whether goes to Cleveland.

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now bias Skype is a good friend of the show bearing happen Ambac on the buffalo bills' roster he agreed to terms with the bills. This past Saturday just two days ago happy to have Lorenzo Alexander back with a separate. Special free agency edition of the lowdown Lorenzo it's John and Donald thank for much of an album that's here today. Am doing pretty good illustration of Neil congratulations on the deal tell me how this all went down. Yeah you know I want free agency Powell was in negotiations with. Jim for you know two or three days. You know after you know going back and forth came to an agreement that was great for both parties in. Signed a deal very happy in my fabrics I welcome back to buffalo relief and I loved what. The stadium the fans they at a community as well all the relations we do connect and build an option guy like yourself and doubt. So definitely. Great to be backing can't we can be due to a panel Friday. Bet you this speaking at a low down did you get my tweet at the it was announced. And art I've been I've beaten we will what did you say I think norm with. That. Alessio event you know about domestic fuel and once again and I wasn't and crazy crazy. Call okay look at NCA everywhere yeah I know me you take shots didn't have time to time so the top that is kinda shy away from. Immigrants are everything you accomplished last year including the Pro Bowl including MVP in the Pro Bowl how much do you did you approach is free agency period is like. This is it now's my chance to to make a big mark contractually and and two you know quite frankly maybe sending your last Patrick in the NFL and and go out strong financially. Why they didn't offer that would the that the plan they would do that given maximizes Lazio you know being 34 and actually season starts. I know what my numbers today's in his are my you know my numbers there are limited in his leak. And I definitely wanted to argue that this deal Marcella Raymond that would buffalo. And I mean my family figure out so obviously. This is great I'm against a great start one vantage point that nobody at the age of you know start Beckett 22 this time makes it money on average. So this is that is a great time here are for me my family and I continue work when I'm done but definitely please allow me to get out of it. Money wise guaranteed money in. The biggest thing though was shot garment and I'll be for the staff belief in my who become me. Contribute on defense team along the locker room so that's almost about not being paid volunteer. They get us off this playoffs and I don't mean to make it play out here and play for championship. Now I know you think how are good friends or families are good friends with the with each other. Did he had it you have to say to come back. They cannot sell non Nidal Hamas still has to make sure you can email us and Iraqi side back and I gave him and I needed. Another person that locker room that are related to Bob's that we got probably 20 this guy this roster right now understand. Arms albeit mathematically you know who knows times are not with the young guy as well and approached from different angles. Was definitely a that you outside for me outside and bad is it an especially excited Tyrod back as well. I'm definitely gives a chance to win it people we division. And hope we find ourselves in the player. Here with Lorenzo Alexander just resigning a contract with the Buffalo Bills restricted free agent returning to the Buffalo Bills east. Like with the spies that are exorbitant every opportunity here you've mentioned a couple times about coming back to buffalo on what that if you especially. With a foot of snow bearing down on us for the next few here at the next few days here so I. I don't want to dwell on this because you know it was a lot of back patting that goes around here around Western Europe which is fine but give me a sense of what you picked up in your one season with the bills that. Makes you think this is the right place for you in your family. I mean what the committee itself I mean it was really opening welcoming you know you'll be in there and had enough for kids forget live was up there. I mean this is a real. Down our blue collar city. Very passionate fan base. In Allah and I really love you know maybe take my kid got two Orchard Park part bearing down. Hang out play soccer be integrated to the community at the local YMCA there was was huge because bounces I need to be happy but my wife and kids are happy. It's hard rocking in and be successful in the field so. My kids are actually more excited in become a veteran who really love the community love your school. So that was. Really made eat from the side back into you know just. As far as clinical what we have we have Bob attack on Iraq we had an action he's willing to put together so hopefully on the new release is Sean McDermott. Another NBA together right my cabinets in all offseason I would definitely taken a bigger role it. Via more vocal more upfront in people's faces are making sure that we are moving in the right direction. About I only have a couple of years left to not only my only regret to say well maybe assists in a little bit more I'm only draw out there in the locker room and on the field. So have you had a chance to look at. In view of the rest of the bills trees assignments. I watched us all Tyrod hospital bills unsolved without also Micah hi from Green Bay. I'm in a couple other guys mops out I think Michael play I know he's very versatile player to get it done. Glad that we have sort of knew that is where kind of solidify the offensive line and compete and make your job a lot better because he's a part of that no more rushing attack last year Ganassi Tyrod. Definitely gives the vicious winds will be key to grow in its third year be enough being our leader at quarterback position. I'm excited he got back healthy here with Sam they would do. I get healthy sum I'm very excited about moved forward in see unless we decide to bring in an ST NT movie it creates. And so what you mentioned about be more vocal wondered did coach McDermott maybe ask you to do that or did to assume that role went out and conversation with him. No not at all I mean I think yes that was part of my staff evaluation at the end of the year just kind of looking back and see where we're kind of morph me into network and I've done more. And I didn't do relations god it's kind of compliments I've put some top policy gains in meetings on the field or are whatever it didn't necessarily. Nick in the right in America wait. Moms are definitely wanna be more take more initiative in that aspect as far as you speak up as soon classy. Cut it out and then let's move forward and get better so that we can win more games. It was it's a senior here you say you wanna be more vocal because it's really the same. Tara said the same thing too with last week yeah wanted to be a lot more vocal when you're leader on the team viewed these necessarily have to be vocal. No you don't I mean I think there's different ways about going about it. And you know particular I'm more comfortable being in the kiddies are forgotten about you professionally each and every day on the show you how it works you how to study. On now I'm you kind of violent foul. Mom and now that I wasn't vocal last year as far as talking about us I think this morning team atmosphere Mateen said he. Speak up because a big mama voice. Is little bit louder this year Hamas incumbent in any situation we have got like how William that are already there you don't wanna come and in this kind of this is my team all the simple people felt like I felt a weight to it. Saw my class last year when Malcolm Rebecca are to be a member of this team and understand who god is always a machine at the weaknesses are I can speak to all our big. A little bit more easily anymore state and receiving more because they know what I could invaded and imaginative production kind of backed it up with those two things coming together. I think it is a lot more well received from. The organization. And your teammates when you see can never be able to get people say. We're live via Skype with bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander signed a new deal with the bills. Reds owed this question I mean it. Donald and I talked about a lot over the last couple weeks what your role might be in what yeah it's gonna look like a different defense we would think what I know about them much that you did did. Yeah yeah sound a lot about that on mobs who got to know each other just a little bit as people. But as far as this game on me pretty much what you live like you Thomas days you know. Outside San back in a 43 system I've got to be on a line of scrimmage and affronts. Off the ball over front which I did last year to a in the year we're kind of running a little bit more of Robb. I played in Washington where elephant behind London Fletcher. I'm they don't third downs you live in various ways VNA Joker this theater guy around sometime blitz is sometimes dropping. You know we also had SPX while one of its Arch Capital loss rob Marciano or Colin they wish I could gates. If you're tired of being Russian Olivea about yourself amstel I'll definitely have a fluid roll. It was changing McGahee. But I'm issue winning you know people ask about the sect members are reproducing come at the end of the day or care about their noses six. Sixty numbers. That we did it's what my career not gonna do be there for me I'm all about winning and trying to get to the playoffs and we get a championship and extend me is playing off the ball out secondary. To get hundreds of Russia's. I'm OK with that because at the end of the day you really remain in his Lee from a football standpoint as far as going to perhaps and ultimately win a championship. You just read about six different jobs for yourself there but if he got acquainted that I would probably operator. You know I can imagine that being added element exports and yet. Yeah Osce the barricades punt kick off. Com and is well I'll I'll I'll return I'll see Las Vegas that back in that role because I do love the team here. In the big waves where so I'm definitely looking to kind of have the same role idea pretty much last year youths and a lot of different ways in. We had a big impact on on the field in different phases so I'm I'm excited about that you can continue to show people that. Calm down more than just a linebacker or it's not echo what's best teams guy I'm I'm a football player and that's probably not enhance it. You Ewan days Harrison must be on the scene work well. Both. Wachovia did good the more you play it. Yeah it is you don't take anybody who all the right things in off season. You know I Apple's appears out there pretty much your thoughts on ethics act it out of rocky. The opportunity on net you know you'll tear me down what you don't want ever got a brother and you had to. Get. Could you know for the fact that if Crowe you know back yet maintain a theater it's legal a long time. Do all the right see every single day even an offseason like that from London Fletcher he got about how Williams. Our Tyrod when he got like that about her former picked up little things here they're from what my career. To help maintain my health in. Along gently you know I guess it's hard core cardinals won't. You eat you definitely had a six bag idea he had is he like half moon of love and the Nintendo all. And every thing was that the I don't mind if I don't read though you can tell we're excited here in the show to get to back here into the low down and and we're happy to work that out and you'll be Becker and a couple of weeks now three or four weeks right for the yeah the first offseason workouts that. Yeah yeah I've been different all concentrated stuff on the side of the net when is he fits in you know start move forward to start with some more football. Great great day heavier congratulations we're really excited to have you back there until thank you very much. Our Richard guy before we let you go though you have a bullet event coming up. Yeah what motivated. Mark JT is actually Oakland California. To raise money from my AIDS Foundation you know you're going to revise or that are not award if you wanna donate here are some people in New York can come out to live. If you played. Be more praise in the community to get a glass of last year I definitely wanna bring more my pace foundation and a lot more mommy she wore to the to the buffalo area. I'm can help out these fans that you engineers will also definitely look what we've got morning community this year. Like Hitler until thanks very much we preach it. We should do your.

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