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3-13 John Murphy Show HR 1

Mar 13, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Speech John Murphy show. By well. And afternoon and welcome to a new week and another busy week you're one drive jumper offered them advice. NAPA Auto Parts dumber on my practice partner Donald Jones that we can go. The it is. It just opens up the order of welfare. Good as the mayor of to go back home movies so. You know time to pack up everything we you're really not getting help. And as people. It's become an actor with a beef about something and you know so that's just been trying to take it out on the listeners today if you would. In the community right Iraq but also got the watch you know you you've been trying to sell everybody around here on this Michigan team to sell anybody and you know there well you know so. Michigan obviously one the entire thing yesterday that the question is because they've what played four games in four days of them like that. Can they now going to run and win the entire thing. I have a friend who uses very highly respected basketball coach locally college coach moved immediately after the game said. Just went all the way to play. So I get my hopes up look there are seven C seventy which is for a reason they're not a complete team but there playing as well as anybody in the country's. I'm upset about her senate term in buffalo look for only the Utley all here Thursday and did some basketball OK with Tom comply with them upon that. And it's it was crazy because while much would it feel like I see people just talking about Michigan and I'm like okay we're in buffalo so I'd expect people to be talking about Syracuse which people work. Offset this they're accused indeed the invite to tournament but. You know as soon as you you hear that it goes right on too but Michigan is playing in the tournament yeah I is that. Well I think my friend John Beilein local guys had some impact on net but I think Michigan because of that the plane it's incident last Wednesday I think they were elected. The national story of the feel good story on him to turn America guys like Jim Nantz who played that up and does that do they need another plane accident than noble. If that's the answer is. No. I mean people onto him now they have a great weekend and four wins in four days. It's a good story I mean it's it's it's pretty good story with the talk a little bit about the tournament this week goes on but it's not like we don't have anything to talk about. Here at at one bills drive because the bills continue to make more so over the weekend right your Twitter feed must've been. Filled up with that some of the bills that move right. Yeah I mean that's what defeat dealer to everything I did everything tomorrow phones so yeah I mean it I think. The bills right now are making Smart moves they're not making the big splash rules like everybody wants. And and to be quite honest I don't know if you're gonna see that out of this coach you know everything that. He does this year next year free agency is always going to be about the Smart move for the team in not to beat splashy move would everybody want. Well and that gets us really to work we wanna be with via Twitter poll today in the bills now what they're free agency opened on Thursday the bills got busy signing. Mike Tolbert unknown Wednesday so we are. Four or five days into a free agency now and we want to hear from you as a free agency moves along I do think it's gone so far for the Buffalo Bills what do you think. Fault lines are open is always in 030550. And toll free 1888550. To 550 or you can join us by Twitter and let us know your thoughts on Twitter. And with the number signings what I have to doesn't signings including Tolbert so far. What they're for new what your great news for the bills free to move so far and that's our Twitter poll today. Grade the bills free agent moves so far. Today you know throughout since Thursday. And right now we got 470 votes in and 54% BO I think it's pretty fair say 55% of you say it's a beat. Give the bills of 30% of you say a seat great. 8% say give him in any 7% to government dean it's you know a pretty basic quarter pole but I think it's so worth. Worth I think I think I would vote be also Donald look we knew going and they wouldn't have a lot of money. The span but I think the economy the best of included a move today we're gonna talk about. In a second here. And I think they've made some adds Doug Whaley has shown us some targeted. Free agent moves including the move today and they've got some visit today we'll talk about them in the second I think they've kind of targeted what they wanna do when. And got about bottom you know doing their business I think they've come some good players who fill some needs. See I look at it with the money that they had. You know I think this has been a good treatments think they'd done a pretty good job of looking at the needs and finding guys without having to spend a whole lot of money now obviously a guy like Mike I had to spend some money but it's not like. You overpaid him by crazy amounts of money not elect. That was a great signing because of how versatile he is. Either way with lawyers the same thing agree Sonny didn't have to pay him by. You need safeties. You know in and he'd probably in the still bring one in through the draft went I feel like everything that they've done thus far has been Smart. They haven't gone out and spent a lot of money in the and they really can't spend a lot of money so. The people that they're bringing an end aren't good guys at the right price. Let's talk about what's gone on here over the weekend starting with today the bills agreeing to terms with the defense event Ryan Davis defense amend spent last season with the Dallas Cowboys. Brian Davis six to 260 pounder from bathroom cook when. Came in of the NFL's an undrafted free agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars and 2012. Five seasons in the NFL 47 games played thirty tackles eleven sacks. And in a number pretty good stance they're Ryan Davis and part time role with the Dallas Cowboys last year. 28 years of age known as kind of an edge sitting around defender first four years in Jacksonville and then to the Dallas Cowboys and 2014. His best year in the league nineteen tackles six and a half text Ryan Davis signs on with the Buffalo Bills today and thoughts on that. Well you know is coming from from Dallas that they had a pretty good defense music group part of that I have to do some more research on him but. You know when you look at this defense you look at the defense of lying obviously you know you have Marcel you know you have power coming back you know you have. Guys on the you know on aids what you need depth you know and in you always need depth in every position right so I think once again. You'd be as Smart about the guys that to bring him into being Smart about the money that's his spending you're not going on it trying to meet the B. So that move today Ryan Davis three free agents. On a visit with the Buffalo Bills today let's talk about them wide receiver Jeremy Butler is visiting the Buffalo Bills today and on tendered restricted free agent of the Los Angeles chargers so why he became an unrestricted free agent last week. He has played just twelve games in his NFL career for the chargers last year spent some time of the jets last season. Jeremy Butler played any games for the ravens and 2015. Played his college football at University of Tennessee Martin and wide receiver Jeremy Butler in for a visit with the bills today. Offensive lineman and tackle Andre Smith former first round pick the Bengals back in 2009. Seven seasons in Cincinnati starter at right tackle for six consecutive years the Bengals went 30 division titles over that span 64325. Powder. Very interesting now spent last year were Minnesota torn triceps put him on injured reserve list here. Andre Smith. You would think if he signs and he's in for a visit if he signs he would become. A pretty strong candidate for the vacancy at right tackle them. Yeah I mean I remember him when he came in the sleet he was. Like the best apple coming out there a year and he's he's been a start and in Cincinnati for awhile and and and obviously went on to to the vikings but. You know I think he would be a very strong candidate for that right tackle position. To be interesting I think it'd be a battle in camp between him and and Jordan mills are. Yet Jordan mills we're gonna get to that that was weekend news he was so re signed to a contract over the weekend. Also outlined Eckerd chain around Elliott. In for visit today another on tendered restricted free agents so he's out of the market strong side linebacker thirty acre games for Green Bay over three seasons. Yet you mentioned over the weekend bills that made moves on Saturday and as I said it was got a busy around here. All weekend long on Saturday a Jordan mills agreed to terms with the bills and a new contract. He's been around for the last two seasons started sixteen games. At right tackle for the bills last year. Earlier Saturday the bills agreed to terms with the one of our favorites on the show here Lorenzo Alexander we're gonna talk with him and a couple of minutes. As always backed Pro Bowl the MVP of the Pro Bowl he's given back you'll be libelous. In a minute to two out Corey brown wide receiver once we known as Corey brown an Ohio State product. Sign with the bills yesterday and undrafted free agent in 2014 with the Carolina Panthers and Corey brown three seasons there played in 43 career games. Starting 2279. Passes. Seven of them for touchdowns. Corey brown signs a deal with the Buffalo Bills. Over the weekend so. Let's get your thoughts and those some of these now we talked about Jordan knows what about Lorenzo Alexander and. I think Lorenzo we talked about it in knoller and those really going to be. He's gonna be helpful that is the Russ its position so I guess the president is also going to be. Helpful in the special teams we know that's where he's really really in this special teams. He's I think he's gonna really be a situation of dining guide that you can really rotate in and out with sacked him and we hear another side. Rizzo come in and indeed reasons axle week you have the same one that is not the same season better season have lasted that's who we all want right. But I think most importantly he brings that that leadership that they need in this locker room and I think that's something that coach McDermott. Looked that way and talking about. Getting power to come back and talking about bringing a guy like in the back you need leadership. On both sides of the ball in those two guys are the leaders especially on the defense. And Corey brown Philly brown used to be known Saddam. What do you think I hope so where does he fit into this bills for a look at him as a number three. Or number four receiver. I think he's a guy who is like not the fact that so if you watch highlights are not gonna see him to blow past people. Which reduced the is that you know running is running his routes you see him you know really work in the middle of the field in this slot type of position. And that's why look at him playing you know being on the inside a minute run a mass opposition and I guess he would be another guy who can help out. In the in the special teams were so. I think he's a solid 34 receiver but he's silently. I think so you know I was telling you what a couple people my impressions of Corey brown come mostly from exposure to human pre season in the bills have had a pre season games against. Carolina over the last a couple years and I was I was impressed with him as a slot guys you said in. And a guy with I don't know I don't even know what his forty time is but he always impressed me is. Is pretty good speed guy and dumb and down that great size 511190. Pounds but. Jackets team is a three year right I mean. Pretty much is a solid reliable number three maybe not the burning speed of the marquis is good one but certainly speeches and to make a difference servicing company. I mean I think he has enough speed to make a difference especially in the middle of the field. But here's the thing. You know are you available and when you look at his stats he's been available for the campus and that's the most important thing that was the issue that this team had last year with a wide receiver position. He didn't have anybody else right so this guy's been a guy who can stay on the field and if you can do that here he's got a ticket really count on week in week. Lot to talk about with the bills free agents getting you know some of the new guys and maybe some of the guys in for visits. We will discuss at all afternoon long Letterman to pass schedule to join us. Little bit later on in the show will pick up news conferences with Vladimir new costs and Ryan Davis the defense amend them come up later in the 2 o'clock hour. To talk with Matt Bowen former bills' safety about some of the bills moves and some of the league wide moves coming up with a 1 o'clock hour. But joining us now via Skype is a good friend of the show. Very happy I am back on the buffalo bills' roster he agreed to turn for the bills. This past Saturday just two days ago happy to have Lorenzo Alexander back with us for a special free agency edition of the lowdown Lorenzo it's John and Donald thanks for much coming out of the here today. And I am doing pretty good illustration of Neil congratulations on the deal tell me how this all went down. Yeah you know I want free agency Powell was in negotiations with. Jim for you know two or three days. You know after you know going back and forth came to an agreement that was great for both parties in. Signed a deal very happy in my fabrics I welcome back to buffalo relief and love what. The city and the fans they are community as well relations we do that and build an option guy like yourself and doubt. So definitely. Great to be backing can't we can be due to a panel Friday. If you're speaking at the lowdown did you get my tweet at the it was announced. And RB I did not get to we will what did you say I think norm was. That. Unless sale event you know about domestic fuel on once again and I wasn't and crazy crazy call. Hey al-Qaeda in theory ever yeah I know me you take shots at each other from time to time so the Taba just kinda shy away from me. Reds are everything you accomplished last year including the probable including MVP in the Pro Bowl how much do you did you approach is free agency period is like. This is it now's my chance to to make a big mark contractually and and two you know quite frankly maybe sending your list Patrick in the upper island and go out strong financial. Why they did you not to that was the that the plan they would do that didn't maximize the glass ceiling being 34 initially season starts. I know what my numbers today's in his are my no my numbers there are limited in his leak. And I didn't want to target the best deal for myself remedy that we'll buffalo and I mean my family be taken care of so obviously. This is a great I'm against a great start one vantage point of nobody at the age of you know start Beckett played to this topic to tackle money on average. So this is that is a great time here are for me my family and I can teamwork when I'm done but definitely please allow me to get out of that. Money wise guaranteed money in. The biggest thing though was shot garment and hope you can staff belief in my news become me. Could you don't defense team around the locker room so that's almost about not being paid volunteer. They get us off this playoffs and I don't mean to make it play out here and play for championships. Now I know you think how are good friends or families are good friends with the with each other. Did he had it you have to say to come back. They cannot sell non Nidal Hamas to make sure you can bet I'd say that I can sign back and I gave him and I needed. Another person that locker room that relate to Bob that we got probably 20 this guy this roster right now understand. Arms albeit mathematically you know who knows times are to come with a young guns well approached from different angles. Was definitely a a huge upside for me it's signing day is it an especially thank Tyrod back as well. I'm definitely gives a chance to win it people were division and hope we find ourselves in the player. With Lorenzo Alexander just re sign a contract with the Buffalo Bills restricted free agent returning to the Buffalo Bills east. Like with a spies that are exorbitant every opportunity here you've mentioned a couple times about coming back to buffalo on what that if you especially. With a foot of snow bearing down on us for the next few here at the next few days here so I. I don't want to dwell on this because you know it was a lot of back heading that goes around here around Western Europe which is fine but give me a sense of what you picked up in your one season with the bills that. A makes you think this is the right place for UN your family. I mean what the committee itself I mean it was really opening welcoming you know you'll be married and had enough work here street had lived without fear. I mean this is a real. Down our blue collar city. Very passionate fan base. Now and I really not you know maybe take my kid got that at Orchard Park part bearing down. Hang out play soccer be integrated to the community at the local YMCA there was was huge because I've I need to be happy but my wife and kids are happy. It's hard rocking in and be successful in the field solve. My kids are actually more excited in become a veteran who really love the community love your school. So that was. Really made eat from the side back into you know just. As far as clinical what we have we have by the talent on the roster we have imagine he's willing to put together it's often the new leadership Sean McDermott. Another NBA together right my habits and all offseason I would definitely taken a bigger role it. Via more vocal more upfront in people's faces are making sure that we're moving in the right direction. I only have a couple of years left not only my only regret is well maybe just a little bit more. I'm only draw up here in the locker room and on the field. So have you had a chance to look at any of the rest of the bills trees and sonics. I'm Bob that's all time roster are Jordan Leo not solve without also Mike a high from Green Bay. I'm in a couple of the guys. See Michael play I know he's very versatile player to get it done. That we have Jordan Leo that is where kind of solidify the offensive line he could he can make your job a lot better because he's a part of that number one rushing attack last year Ganassi Tyrod. Definitely gives the vicious winds like UT to grow in its third year of being not being our leader at quarterback position. I'm excited he got back healthy here with Sam they would do. I get healthy sum I'm very excited about moved forward in theme was we decide to bring in an ST scripted TV movie it creates. And so what you mentioned about be more vocal wondered did coach McDermott maybe ask you to do battered it to assume that role went out and conversation with him. No not at all I mean I think that's the most part Hamas that evaluation at the end of the year just kind of looking back you see where we're kind of more intense work you have done more. And I didn't do relations god it's kind of compliments I've put some top policy gains in meetings on the field or are whatever that you accidentally. Nip it in the hood right in and they are kind of wait. So I definitely wanna be more take more initiative in that aspect as far as you speak up as soon Massey. Cut it out and let's move forward and get better so that we can win more games. It was his decision to hear you say you wanna be more vocal because it's really the same. Tara said the same thing too with last week yeah wanted to be allowed more vocal when you're leader on the team viewed these necessarily have to be vocal. No you don't I mean I think there's different ways about going about it. You know particular I'm more comfortable being the kitty I've forgotten about you professionally each and every day on the show you how it works you how to study. On now I'm you kind of violent probably. Calm enough that I wasn't vocal last year as far as talking about us I think this morning team atmosphere Mateen said he. Speak up because a big mama voice. Is little bit louder this year Hamas incumbent in any situation we have got like how we and then argued there you don't wanna come and in this kind of this is my team all the simple people still like kind of fell my way through it. Saw my class last year when now coming back and are to be a member of the team and understand who god is always on the ship the weaknesses are I can speak to all our speak. A little bit more easily in the war stake in receiving more because they know what I could invade data imaginative production kind of back it up with those two things come together. I think it is a lot more well received from the organization. And your teammates when he's he can never be able to get people say. We're live via Skype with bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander signed a new deal with the bills. Red zone this question I mean it. Donald and I talked about a lot over the last couple weeks though what your role might be in what yeah it's gonna look like a different defense we would think what do you know about them much that you did did. Yeah yeah sound a lot about them often got to know each other just a little bit as people. But as far as this game on me pretty much when you live like you Thomas days you know. Outside San back in a 43 system I've got to be on Alaska to an affront. Off the ball over front which I did last year to a in the year we're kind of running a little bit more of Robb. I played it in Washington where author of how London Fletcher. I'm they don't third downs you live in various ways DNA Joker this theater guy around sometime blitz is sometimes dropping. We know we also had a C package while one of its Arch Capital loss rob Marciano. Or Colin they wish after gates. If you're tired of being Russian I'll they act and the rockets out amstel obviously have a fluid. Roll it was changing the game. But I'm issues away you know people ask you about the staff members are reproduces met in the dental care about the Eagles 660 numbers. That we did it's what my career not gonna do the better for me I'm all about image running into the playoffs and we get a championship and extend me is playing off the ball out second here because it did get a 100% of Russia's. I'm OK with that because at the end of the day you really remembered in this leak from a football standpoint as far as going to perhaps and ultimately win a championship. You just tried about six different jobs for yourself there but if you don't play death I would probably my whole career. You know I think the image is definitely yeah yeah I didn't know my next question yeah yeah I think we are. Kick punt kick off. Com and is well I'll I'll I'll return I'll see lots of tickets that back in that role because I do not see here. In a big way as well so I'm definitely looking to kind of have the same role idea pretty much less give you an illogical ways in. We have a big impact on on the field in different phases so I'm I'm excited about that you can continue to show people that. Calm down more than just a linebacker or it's not bad or special teams guy I'm I'm a football player and that's probably not enhance it. You Ewan James Harrison must be on the scene work down dive play. Both. OK I did good the more you play it. Yeah it sounds you don't take anybody who all the right either an off season. You know I apples who is out there pretty much your thoughts on it expect out of rocky. The opportunity on net you know you'll tear me down which you know whatever got a brother and you had this. Could you know for the fact that it. Pro you know got that maintain if it is legal a long time. Do all the right see every single day even an offseason like death from London Fletcher he got about how Williams. Our Tyrod when he got like that Bob Marcum picked up a little easier there from throughout my career. To help me maintain my health in. I longevity. You know and it's it's hard core cardinals who won't. Yeah he's he's definitely had a seeks bank IDB add its Eli to have the blow of a love and the Nintendo. Or in the rink at thing was that the I don't mind that. Don't read those you can tell we're excited here in the show to get you back here into the low down and and we're happy to work that out and you'll be Becker and a couple of weeks now three or four weeks right for the the first offseason workouts that. Yeah obvious obvious differ offseason training stuff I'm excited and then when is he fits in you know start move forward to startle some more football. Great great day heavier congratulations we're really excited to have you back there until thank you very much. Our Richard yeah they before we let you go though you have a bullet event coming up. Yeah what motivated. Mark JT is actually Oakland California. To raise money from AIDS Foundation you know you're going to revise or better that award if you wanna donate here are some people in New York can't come out to that. If you plan. Be more present in the community I did last up last year but I definitely wanna bring more my pace foundation. And a lot more mommy she wore to the to the buffalo area. Can help out these fans that you engineers will still definitely a little Libya morning community this year. Like Hitler until thanks very much re preaching it. Recently got onto Alexander Buffalo Bills linebacker joining us via Skype is he agreed to terms on a new contract just a couple of days ago. Big asset for the TV show radio show now but. I when he's doing it outside of what went to vote now that no amount like tyra but they don't make decisions based on what we need on our show that when he went into a description. Of all the various roles he could play at all kind of makes sense that having a little bit. And yeah I mean it's only physically everything yeah. There are you tired defense and the amount there's satanism and found out but is this is so interesting when you have a guy like this where you see a guy like James Harrison or. The rest of these guys around the league that is Mike really did not there and aids. And there's still playing so much in a plane helping out with best teams still playing defense this spill plan often is it really goes to show how much of a pro and how well they take care of their bodies not. Just in the season but in the offseason to prepare for the season. And you know what else calm this ghost you know the dreaded culture word but. In an effort to build a new culture here I think Lorenzo Alexander is probably a pretty important piece yeah and the folks in this building even even under an old coaching regime got a chance to see. With their own eyes last week. The way he works for the conditioning aspect you talk about. And the leadership that he demonstrates that he said he's gonna be even more vocal leader nevertheless I gotta get through breaker but remember I think it was one of the last week's when he talked about. A guy's cheating and meeting rooms of following I mean in terms sounds to me like Lorenzo is made up his mind that that's Pakistan this year. They can call people on what coach Sean McDermott can come in and he can say listen we want to instill this culture in this entire building. And it's all good and dandy but you need leaders on the team because you know you have so many young guys on the right you need guys that are on the team actually playing in the locker with these guys on the field. Every single day to instill that in those younger guys so bad it really trickles trickles down all the way you know. Yet and porting for the coach to say it but he needs Selena veterans don't I don't like Barron's noted and Tyrod an announcement moral leader. Our two got a lot of talk about it Ager at the rent to Alexander respect we got a lot more coming up on the show including met bold talk about some of the signs around the league and including buffalo the former bill safety who writes for ESPN that down. We expect Atlanta mayor do costs on the show this tonight what on do your duty. He's coming in at some point 1 o'clock hour we'll hear from the podium in the 2 o'clock hour collaborative process and a and the new guy Ryan Davis everyone here and you you can ring us up the phone lines open right now at 8030550. Or toll free at 1888550. To 550. Or via Twitter our Twitter Paul is up. What you to rate the bills free agent moves so far we've got 635. Votes in. Honored wonderful I would do what kind of a letter grade would you give the bills for their free to move so far fifty fibers 54% of music him today. 32% to give him a C 7% say a 7% say gee let's talk about it with the phone lines open we come back in 030550. Toll free 1888552. By fifty. Just get started John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills redeem. The we are back welcome back John Murphy Donald Jones a comedy a live from one bills drive and a one buffalo studio thanks to those of you who join us by. These guys Lawrence joins those watching on enmity those of you tuned in on you want to with with I guess she. If you can work you can watch his son amnesty in this new us on the flagship in buffalo and you call it's up the lines are open. 8030550. Your tool free 1888552. By fifty before we get back into their free agency team. Things have picked up around here and we are now just what a month may be away from. Five weeks at least from the release of the NFL schedule and once again Buffalo Bills back Thomas once is very popular schedule challenge a number of questions they have online. To askew. What you think the schedule might look like of the schedule challenges up right now Buffalo Bills back down my ticket today it'll make him eligible to win the you can go to Buffalo Bills that come. Answer questions a short quiz about the bills 2017 schedule how you think in my play out great prizes for the selected winners. Two club seat season tickets available that's the number one price. Two on field passes for the home opener one autographed helmet every question you answer correctly count is an entry. You can log on right now at Buffalo Bills tucked under the scheduled challenges presented by delicate hotels. And it's pretty fun Donald got to try and you know they ask you things like yet. Widows and opened with a you know open homer on the road what's the first AFC east opponent they'll face what's the first and FC south opponent they'll face. What else right but you start to think about you know on the schedule might play out minute gives you home even more reason to be excited when the schedule comes out. Soul who would be open when. About unity and I'll get some. How many prime time games audits it. Will we know and amateurs and right. You know Monday night game that's the question got to go Buffalo Bills that and the scheduled challenges up. Right now you have a couple of weeks and when it ends but a couple of weeks at least who have played the scheduled challenged. We're talking about free agency wanna hear me the fault lines open 8030550. Tool free 1888550. To 550. I think the bills have done so far in free agency what kind of grade would you give that. That is our Twitter poll I consider earlier five or six and do the math your Mike hi Patrick DiMarco. I walked out the resigning guys go Mike Tolbert Ryan gave us today Corey brown. Jordan Boyer. Stephen how to get leverage to pass it's 12345. October 6. He was in Europe pay 78. Free agents sighing since last Thursday. But the Buffalo Bills and now that's active and on about. And not counting Lorenzo Alexander resigning back downing Jordan mills resigning not counting IBC Tyrod Taylor and restructured deal. And Mike and we humans and grameen they were respectable yet maybe a restaurant in return does that the mean no signs yet but. Is this this bills team has been active you might not like the signing should they not might not be signing that the kind of splash players that you might have been looking for. But man they've got a lot more done Donald than I thought they would be able to given their kept instructed our. I think. First of all some people. For did how many holes. Really on the team. You know also like you needed. Debt that a lot of different positions. And you needed to. Who did some talent at a lot of different positions people look at the wide receiver in the safety position is say that's where we need to go free agency. But there were a lot more holes on this team in just safety and wide receiver and I think like we said they've been Smart in the people that they brought in they have had to stay in that big money. We all know the draft the draft the draft the draft is very heavy in the beast. Corners and safeties it's very heavy it was it's some good pass rushes in this draft as well. And the wide receiver position you know and so when you look at free agency they're bringing guys and they feel like. You know we can fill this position in free agency we can get some debt to treat this and we don't have to spin that big money and and we can go to to the draft. With our six picks and draft the right way did the positions wide receiver probably another state the corner. Fill those positions with some young talent. And then you can move on in Nass we start to build a foundation you start to really build a team. That's what's gonna honored a couple of tweets on this Alex tweets and I like the moves and it seems like McDermott is getting what he wants which I enjoy good starting and depth signing Jeff they've certainly sighing depth in free agency. Bringing in from the outside at least one Micah Hyde you would almost pencil right and and maybe more common as far as. Starters Bob came checked tweets and I really like what we've done giving cap space that's where that's Reiman out of might some of those. Second level jams which yeah I think they're into right now. Bomb in order for its streets and ice I still say to fully transition the organization Russ weeks ago he was a key player in the failure and Roswell report report. A damn about the toll on that Russ yet Russ says. I would say nothing to do I mean he's the president of the entire organization but if you think he's making free agent called you are. Badly mistake. I talk to rescue the day he was in the building was working out. Niceties we ran into each had no mean wrest that you know India's where all of this started at the complex didn't go. Did they consult and yet there's a money were spent in years ago arrogant but. If you think he's making the calls you are badly mistaken it it is it is as an earlier Tweeter pointed out John McDermott. Doug Whaley has staff and you know that it. The cap guys Jim over dork in those days ago and I think pretty decent job of filling in planks with what they had to work with which was not much going into the spirit not much. At all talking about money wise they didn't have. Much to play with and they signed eight guys instructed the deals the right way so that they can get the mall under contract you know and you've been able to bring Bakalar and so you know also it's it's I think they've done a good job thus far with what beef what they have to play with. On this still out there looking as you see their guys were coming on visits and all that stuff. An and I think it's gonna continue for probably the next you know week week to. And then you end up moving into the draft you know in the mid they're probably done it. There might be some some acts on draft as well you know like we talked about we only that it actually look we only have six picks so you might see this team trade down trade back and pick up some you don't do some more picks. Maybe you end up like the Cleveland Browns. When I say experts on this case. I think you would like to see this team Paco did some more picks if they can do that mandates. You can date will probably be the most underrated offseason. Because the guys that they're bringing him the money that they had the plane with that they can get all these guys to play at a high level. Will we be talking about next year. This was a good free agency class. We'll find out in this process and the process is ongoing. I'm more rescue at this point what five days into free agency what kind of grade you would give the bills what do you like what they've done what you didn't like what they've done so far there's something that. And what you wanna see him do next. 8030550. Toll free 1888. By fifty to 515 years call from Tom in buffalo I time go ahead. Hey guys I would probably your mobile or maybe have been in mind that sit just like because it overall it was a little bit of an amateur. And I'm Maria brought to a and I'd buy believe it McDormand make him a call. Now the question I got. It's fairly well is he a number two or number two wide receiver. And that they do want a little overpowering game. And we and number two legitimate. Oh. To do. You know we don't have the wide receiver is another that would do a wonderful code visit new engine from going back. And good I would. Detroit wants him to get more uniformity and abetting an offer to pay and I've got Bob Clegg. Stupid questions Corey brown we don't you know we're kind of spit on your number two or number three I think Donald you and I kind of agree that. In a perfect world Korea Corey brown would be a number three. It Philip and he's never been a number two our receiver. You know it was down in Carolina he was never considered as a number two he was a guy who came in he filled and he was like their number three. And a number four at certain times you know he played a lot on the inside. Work the middle of the field you see him run some routes down the field. From what which you don't see from him is you know him just like run past guys you know and I think that's what you need out of a number two. You're number two wide receiver is a guy who. If the number one goes down. Like this shouldn't be a huge drop off you're like man we don't have somebody who can make plays sports news and that's not. This guy this guy can make plays where you when he's not going to be your number two wide receivers are no I think they're still gonna be out there looking for a solid number two. Through free agency if not to detract. And we'll see mean they've got to receiver in today the draft might be the eight avenue they which they get a good second wide receiver we're gonna again. This is all the process he asked about the tight end Jared Cook who is in the free agent market he had talked I guess linked with the bills in some quarters linked with the a Green Bay still out there right throughout their us by trekked. Has average annual salary and their calculated market value with 3.4 million. And the you know the market value they see is four years thirteen point seven million. Bomb the built in handle that I don't know. I don't know if I'm him I'm not sure what exactly would they have left to spend nominee doesn't seem like I number 44 really good item I mean he. He was making plays on Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers you know so if they can give him in here that'll be huge in this office that they want to run. As zones rest is anymore but more I guess more of a power type of offense what you need to have too tight ends that can both get down the field because you have play action. Those guys around a lot crisscrossed crisscross pattern in the middle of the field he need two guys that can get down a few of them and we all know you know Tyrod has had his limitations with throwing over the middle to feel salute you did. Now you have two big time targets that can work the middle of the field in time and that'll beat you to tyrants progress does call from Alex in Rochester Ohio accelerator and Aramis. It would corner and our initial thinks that taking my call Ahmad wanted to give the build some of rank in on news. Our feet and I'd give them about seeing media people are navy beat acting extracted Micah Hyde a little bit they acting they overpaid and Whitaker that got a couple. More playlist play that position fill a couple of mobile that they want to do. I'm looking at it and let love that the league down pick up I think you India are deleted black turnout practice daily helped an act. All I'm excited he would dividend in the draft and turning time back really showed it still looking for it peavy go navy go. Wide receiver in the draft I don't know cynical willing to give the only other thing lacking. It came when he got in on a content so parents can be fun if people think you take what they have been that. Hours before you hang up before you had to sit there. You are still there are still here star is gone I go I want NASA is that is apparently he probably watched. You know query courtroom play I want to see what he thought accord Romney Davis. A little bit but I want to see as the ever been the guy that's really been asked to beaded number two wide receiver or even possibly number one because if you remember. Two years ago atonement and it went down and they had nobody and they had my to Corey brown who was on the field for them make you pleased because it was like. Who's going to be our guy now we don't have a number one or number two and the rest of those guys actually filled in with a game and made plays with him and you know also. When you look at according brown you know he's a guy who. Is fearless he can step in for you make some plays for him I think that's huge but obviously it is they still need to number two. I hit this point about Micah Hyde I mean look we talked about Friday Micah Hyde yet. Outside a pretty good deal. Mike Canadians by trek talked about it reportedly five years thirty and a half million. With eight million dollar signing bonus fourteen million guaranteed is really the number you look at. Mom is kept it this year is four million nature goes up to six point four. You would look Micah they have a need to take you right we acknowledge that number one and number two. The prize a guy like Micah Hyde away from the Green Bay Packers probably takes a little more money you know you know would bring Bader. You've comfortable there you played there you've had success here you play in post season games. Hum. That's I'm just explaining why you may get to the point that you think they've overpaid mica I'd time will tell these overpaid or not you know and I really is about the same level I believe is airwaves what's. Yeah he is that the thing imitate the essence of the kind of dislike replace the contracts. Micah Hyde is a guy who really has played a lot in this league he's been able to move around make plays a quarterly plays it safe the cover in the nickel he's been able to have success at the par return game I mean for a guy like that. Coming over from Green Bay a team that he's usually right around if not in the playoffs make him beat plays in big gains it was tough to get that got to come. Without paying them and they didn't really I mean you'd you'd talk about spot checked the paid him what. A million dollars over what he was valued I mean that's not really like crazy overpaying a guy you know so. I think it was a great sign me give my god if you didn't you wouldn't have a right you know and I think you needed you needed to have a solid. Play maker at the safety position to replace air wing and now you can go out and you know draft one. Mikey can be debt free or whatever the strong free whatever. But he's a guy who's a veteran actor really help a younger guy move around the back. In the that the and the fact that you overpaid is why you don't wanna build your team through free agency you wanna supplement what you have you wanna. Fill holes address needs but. You know wanna build through free agency we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back but more wanna hear from new ball lines open at 8030550. Tool free 1888550. 2550 the John Murphy show. Presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. We've that was more of that John Murphy she. By one bills drive a lot talk about it and others signing for the you have bills today and a couple of visits. The cancer and Brian Davis a sign your contract we'll pick up his news conference at the 2 o'clock hour the bills with three players in for visits today including offensive lineman. Andre Smith former first round pick of the angles eight years ago. A wide receiver. Linebacker. Late Friday after we are up the year released veteran safety Corey Graham the buffalo native. Start to seem go but I think they're looking for an upgrade their right what do you think. Damning. You know is probably. I'm sure the numbers had something to do with the air but you'll also he was enough there needs in I guess they wanted to be younger at that position you know policy he was really your position of need. And so you obviously you solve them sign Micah Hyde saw them sign pointers while I was still think that they're going to address. They get some more debt through the draft. Like you said it is tough to see him go because he was a leader on the back in this defense. He's the one that really got guys and everything was. Crazy last year when you know they had. Ten DBs on the field and everybody was ram around would confused he was the one guy that it is best to try to keep guys in positions so. When you have a guy like that is always Tutsi in the used as a doubles from here from off. Yet. There's just a lot of moves to catch up on we've got a couple more hours to do it coming up in the next hour. In a little bit at the league wide perspective with men on from ESPN former bills' safety who has. Covered the league for a long time and as great analytical writing for Met ball ball and joins us after the top of the hour of course will have plenty of room for your phone calls as well at 8030515. To 031888. By fifty to 550 we hope to get letter to Cox. Bills' offensive lineman in your 130 in this news conferences from do costs and now Ryan Davis covenant for the 2 o'clock hour stick around a lot more ground to cover. John Murphy show presented to you by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills radio.

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