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3-13 John Murphy Show HR 2

Mar 13, 2017|

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    league as an undrafted free agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars and 2012 Brian Davis and it was Buffalo Bill. Three free agents out of visit visiting one bills drive including offensive tackle. Andre Smith the former first round pick of the Bengals in 2009 played seven seasons in Cincinnati and help the angles when three division titles. Played four games last year the vikings before going on injured reserve also went through visit. By the for the Buffalo Bills today a wide receiver Jeremy Butler who was with the chargers and linebacker. Over the weekend the bills made to move signing
    those practices buffalo overeating. Though we may or may not hear from Brian Davis the defense event. Signed a contract by the Buffalo Bills today he is scheduled to meet with the media in the media room hope we can. If Pete speaks we will pick
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    them come up later in the 2 o'clock hour. To talk with Matt Bowen former bills' safety about some of the bills moves and some of the league wide moves coming up with a 1 o'clock hour. But joining us now via Skype is a good friend of the show. Very happy I am back on the buffalo bills' roster he agreed to turn for the bills. This past Saturday just two days ago happy to have Lorenzo Alexander back with
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    coming stick around you can always follow. On archer or I'm a Buffalo Bills that. Cleveland Browns still waiting for the other shoe to drop the Texans and the browns. Made that deal Brock asked whether goes to Cleveland.

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One bills drive the Buffalo Bills continue to be busy they signed their eighth player over the last we are so new player anyway they agreed terms with deep sentiment. Ryan Davis who spent last season with the Dallas Cowboys defense event six to 260 pounder. He was with the Dallas Cowboys in a part time role last year appeared in nine games suffered a knee injury in week sixteen that landed him on injured reserve. A steady run defender he's described as a guy capable of setting the edge three free agency in port visits with the Buffalo Bills today. Including former first round draft pick offensive lineman Andre Smith. Bengals chose him in the first round in 2009 point seven seasons there. It was a starter at right tackle for six consecutive years also went for a visit with the bills linebacker. And I'm restricted herb restricted free agent Mike Green Bay now on the open market strong side linebacker. In a back April for Green Bay and the bills also bring in for a visit wide receiver Jeremy Butler. Who comes from the Los Angeles charges those three knots idea. Around the NFL nick falls returning to the Philadelphia Eagles after a Kansas city state and eleven year eleven million dollar deal a two year deal for nick will also service to back up the arts and went. Cowboys now not expected to trade our Tony Romo. Possible teams appear unwilling to take on his contract he's 36 years of age. The NCAA tournament field is set in buffalo including. Via the Villanova Wildcats the defending national champions they'll play either mount Saint Mary's or university in New Orleans Thursday night at 710. After that Wisconsin and Virginia Tech on Thursday night. Thursday afternoon the tournament buffalo starts at 1215 at the key banks that are with. Notre Dame in Princeton followed by West Virginia and Bucknell and the sabres out west off the San Jose today to begin at three game. California road trip they came back from a three goal deficit Saturday to beat Columbus five to three. Robert letter written went into the game with a start the second period may 24 saves on point four shots he was first start of that game Saturday. That is the update from one bills drive John Murphy and Donald Jones and our show on this Monday free agency rolls along and joining us right now on the subway fresh take out my enemy and keeping an eye on the free agent market he spent a long time in the NFL as a safety including this season and amp with the Buffalo Bills. Now and ESPN insider in ESPN writer and Happy to have a good friend of the show mad ball on. On the subway for his take line with a set met its John Murphy and Donald Jones we thank you very much for joining us here today. Murders start earlier there are not we're doing great that they met obviously played safety in this week so I have to start off with. The bill's son Micah Hyde in how you deal with him as a player and the bills actually getting bringing him here. But first vote on mica. Jack that. Outside Iowa like I the first you're getting out you're forward and get answers skills and the guy out super high character. This sort of fit its currency culture I think is very important in all look at. You don't hear it fits here and there talent level and Sheila and actually the first thing I looked up coach. It the second or locked. Is your maker to better keep your air fitter deeper and like and it is here that are are cultural specialty I think that's the first you get with Mike. Extremely archer what did you do on the field. Pretty much everything I mean that that's a great thing about like any good she barely watch. Take agreed that. It is to place security middle we begin by strong it to roll down over slot in the slot corner of forty. Your player record on linebacker inside your split the attack on the long do you saw this. This past year and rebates are in the playoffs had some injuries. You walked outside and Albert said he would like quarterback like Colin factor. In the eye and another thing he gives you this specialty on the recovery kick this go to return kicks. As upon maturity during warm welcome back our kickoff return and do their view as well the market is an. It was 43. 44. 44. Are more affordable for five terms state. But there's football intelligence is football instincts allow the plate even faster whatever stop force feed you op. They integrate their ideas because what the league is going right now. I really think your policy differences to this state. Or really reduce the principal especially to deal with certainty on sub package delivery opposite the peace deal. You have to be elder abuse don't worry. About it and I won't say about Michael backcourt star. It is high character crowds are terrific culture but warning cobalt is also coming from winning programs that means a lot. And that's just gonna get to that mad because you know some have questioned that. The amount of money the bills paid to get Michael will hide here and Donald and I'm wondering. Just few minutes ago with you know maybe you need that kind of a financial incentive to leave as successful. Winning programs like Green Bay and come to a a place like buffalo what do you think. I agree and I also think that sort of market value is right now on the back to storm up. Especially say it is going your receipts in the top of the draft. Or Adam malysz you'll. Emily cook more hospitable Smart vocal mop the floor one block away to safety trap and stop. Typically warmer premier position as an actor because a person still. But they the price despair and also go back which is mentioned John Wooden is a little warning program believe that worried program go to program that's it that is. Rebuilding with a New Coke OK you wanna hagel. That comfort knowing that have plagued the programs that have warned it is important playoff series that they get helps football team because they lead by their. Matt you talk about the market going up one BBs and one guy who really got me. Was a guy who actually lifted and went over to doing with defined doing so what do you think about that signing and what does it do for. Butler out there. Why aren't your partner I think the better spirit now recovered awful beating in urine. Other currencies and buffalo has more so great ski are you see some more cover version covered you and I talk. But in Gilmore what he brings it more Mac coverage for you guys aren't. What Bob spears ordered all the public per you have in terms does well in the future career as a goodwill. Because we wanted to play more under cover part of what prosperity to great start to. I think she. Which are getting because of local fire leaving. We're going to turn it seeded number pressed her optic opposite opera great I don't know what's gonna happen with Butler. I don't even stay I don't know you know this artist Bernard betrayal we don't all that stuff yet but right now on paper. What it would work have very little as a player and her place what so well again it is I've tried to be updated common money. I'm happy for him all the player get a much you can create like he did I try to separate I think it shelves. What Bill Belichick and the greater value to the skills that they want or they want got. Gentler tack on Monday also appeal to play precedent and it's really good fit for him going into it. And it's it's funny incident the guys to the moon about right. You can do a lot of that the person after the season your met this past year anyway Stephon Gilmore. Like I don't know I'm others table a very much it would I repeat I don't think you put it that applaud lecture no question about that. There you go backwards in the year ago. The SEC you look at the tape and then you look at the tape earlier this correctly understand why you wouldn't have looked. He didn't average that season but he's a good fit. It now I guess it also goes it's still like you know people wouldn't put Stephon in the top ten corners in the league maybe top fifteen. But to get these types of guys to come to your program even if your New England. You know you have to pay top five type of money. Right here and that's you know they warn. Our create your pack you are no question about. I almost see it going avoid. You don't want bill to address they wanna. When it comes to free agency. Spend money in terms of that second or third tier marker creators. Funny Gaza can plug into your system finally got a great word debt under roster on special teams guy and all so. Building a great vehicle traffic and that's what really creates you're about you'd like to build the bridge that drafting a good example. Beyond gracechurch Chicago's with the bears and now. There were huge blunders on the front but they got. Two quarterbacks the incumbent improve their that the group competition. Improved overall roster. We get a little bit more flexibility. Conant addressed it and I guess while since you've more options to look it if. What message you brought up the bears we gotta talk about women and the money that he got out there. Do they really feel like he's the man moving forward or is this a bridge to next year's draft type of thing. That's a great question bickered. And there are a lot of unknowns like I go to peachtree or hear about Michael on the last week it you don't watch 2013 to eight. Okay there's got work in the that currently give us some quotes in the league you know changes over but I can see why their interest in him. Okay he's six foot seven. He's got bigger on he's gotten actual schools the position. Not yet limited mobility he does not have offered to our lettuce that you reformer port count part. Their children are used to brutal for you to improve a strong platform or to pressure property you have to coach up. Like I understand wanted to look. Here's the best option for possible release Jay Cutler and we have failed to develop quarterback presents and art. And eighteen that a position like that you don't draft development pre teaching environment at the quarterback position this is what you end up. We have to be spenders and they won previously. Or perhaps a quarter draft now. Mr. look there's this quarterback might be a good round guy will regret the top five because we have a desperate need to position. Will work. It's become gun culture out there what I'd love to coax Michael under relentless because those actual tools because the other high ceiling daddy not closed yet you have to develop that Hewlett. But the wherever contractors structure there's really one year deal that are part stick to one year from about eighteen point five light. And you know bears fans don't want to hear that number however. Again that's pretty fair market value effort QB one right now me and tell that are thirty to 32 of those jobs in the world. You don't pay up for that I'm very interested to see how it's struggle or system what they act and do. He reloaded job pot store with his or back. There wanna win with the currency specialty here wanna take calculated risk in the past in the water logged football. So keenly that that probably but still want you reached their theory. If he QB of the future I don't know he has it I don't know I don't know prepares. Does that prevent them from draft report back I don't think so maybe it out that number three I'll be really parts that they're not at a lucky on date to later. We're on the subway fresh stakeout I would Matt bone spent seven years in the National Football League one of them here in buffalo LE ESP NFL insider and writer for You Brit or American patriots make your read about what the addition of Brandon Cox. Means to the undoing the patriots and it at the very least it provides Tom Brady with the kind of target he really hasn't hit there and while. Yes a lot of street we at first thing that jumped up the paper burn coastal back to play this college football electric speak amount of ability Arctic catch. You can move Veronica formulation flexibility and you'll see that went up it looked at their hero is repugnant to their system. But now that freight a lot of extra stress proposing deeper without Iran round count he would respect which would Julian and would bring Coetzer but Chris Kroger. But not commit to what they get aren't doing your work here. What the running back fairly you know the subordinate Garcia twice you're a quarterback Welker underneath flat. But the order action I'm actually there are a lot of weapons all sorts right now art or secret or greater perspective who would you take away I was prepared. Important personal care in my defense coach who want to take away. The grounds out here that element not you have cooks. An outsider what they're gonna create space debris that's there they're there create space gear knuckleballer run after catch. And now would be part of respect for that a lot of targets a lot of match are you to deal what. But again you look at Bob football back per person that's why he's an Alley. It is act like you know it might not support the traitors like you to create so much it's a bigger hole. There's there's very deep principle vulgar personal pool ball the ball well built perspective we see what do in order to. Men who knows that I got out in New England I mean. Granted they're receiving corps they have a lot of receivers now and they typically sometimes they'll only have four receivers on the roster and so. Who becomes that I guy out. We'll be interesting because this unchartered 200 enough votes don't. Do you but I think that's what I would walk I really believe that because they can flip the script so what they dropped the ball in Oakmont for a lot. Although local mountains of China. Our military goes to try to answer to wide receiver is your spread but it looks like to buy cheese spread formation because the versatility of Veronica. So I think that's what they want it and I've always felt it was Bill Belichick and there always credit for the future but I always planning for personal moves in terms of the future. And I think it gives them a lot of options don't go forward and fugitive as insurance there if you used our for golf ball players get hurt try force to see it. Because in the search the future they'll war god but the water resistant to check poke ball. There have versatility and that formation flexibility but a lot of ball over the guilt and really at the end of the day. It gives you the most lack of ability right now you know. And add another zero and ask you about your written about ouch I'm Jeffrey who will. Nor is all sorts of Demi looks apart but the production is right there and yet the Eagles really dove in with both feet there than it. Yeah I think that you know we're not they had to because he looked at Carson once and the issue of to a doctor Siebert lack distort with the drops. You know the lack of production he situation suffered third down red zone. Unique dark and great players freedom or other car went separate really I actually like I think you're very good football players who play a lot of dues loosely. But you have to give me some help I think the reason blog getting Alec Jeffries one the red don't much of ability. Who is prepared to their often you know Philadelphia still want the old West Coast appease you within your reach in cities and stuff arc saw early 2000. Figures in your region tote up the same player. Those are deep inside breaking cut actually wanna go outside never ordered Jack that's what Jeff is also. I think you don't you interpret he did he grow. Who care what it would Jeffords covered so you Richard that you saw all the time here struggle with Jay Cutler and just to get what he's covered he put the ball and go do it. Because it has a massive territory. And now with the also edition of course let's not torture its odd you're here is what their entire football team they would approach these are. But he still has that these false be over the top. And I got two more targets to more much art. The facilitate even more brought in young quarterback I'd say don't mean to create any movement go to eat right on the opposite side of the ball. Have to be directed at the development of course we're represented pretty. They met and they said you know they had that's been the money is sixty house unjustly there. But for that price for a guy that really hasn't I mean he has its own ladies and number one receiver you know maybe like a one B. Or even a number two receiver did that contract kind of surprising. What they're but I think it goes back what is that quick answer to one year deal. You know uncertain on paper warn your fourteen going we will look at the far stronger which I'm not what you want bought five. This still. Reported by my daughter a lot of work real mode but. It's one year and I get a form that I give you 45 record you are certain other one year in the jeopardized opportunities or create. I think they're betting on there's there's more bailout bill or dark availability and of itself. Let one Portland general I want to play or want your young he is. An embargo your. Did he champion tree you're in the training room that was my last are awful yeah and I'll about you know it. And it shall I am Leo because if you're gonna turn around you're not available or also not gonna take up more importantly. You're not productive not part of the game plan. That's pretty that they would care pre you know alive he had injuries yet before he suspension much here here to Iraq. Don't think that's why you're looking at a one year deal you know could use that term appropriate illegal truly year and that's what it's going to be. If you want 45 year contract he's not beyond till the very products but it turned this game. Or with a young quarterback with a big dog was beaten football I really like to get there it is actually show. MM before that you go and as we slide into the almost the second tier of free agency now is or anybody that sticking out their do you think is a great value for a somebody coming up. No they're particular about you know our that desktop free agency now. We have the first couple days and all the hype and and her you know kind of lose steam all weekend like this that's how we build football. And the so factor especially at about trading options throughout the draft. You want upon deeper about salon back. The provide debt. Second start on your specialty dessert great aunt created he finally gotten in played seven years. It bounced article seems but it helping you look at this it will all first ball. He can be one of the leading productive guy ever kicked off and conquer. That sort of bring him in your he also provide competition to our roster. He makes purple ball he better he's got our character. He's comfortable winning culture either topic argued are right now. There great that competitions who weren't going to treat you. It's not just the competition for the top detector is traditionally football team that's that you want your guys fighting your battle. To that number two Walt linebacker or strong seat he tech world we have a wide receiver Eric can produce on special teams as well. A physical wide receiver who blocker and the run game. Think I would do something to reduce corporation you bring it went on the Golan are at heart and she differed. Got quite different rules and all legal backer special teams guy in the richer the football team. They met two names on that ask you about before we let's go though Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles when do they come off the board and we're used to doing the. It's great question because. Update them. The quarterback mark it's very low right now I think to have the barriers to good class from the out suit from the first album. You're getting good running back in the U quarterback in this class with the round draft I think right now what's hurting Peterson Warner's agent in the entry should also. In the NFL right now. It's your not a productive player. In the offenses so tired or antivirus program. Do secret Max capacity. OK Peter Peterson is the first second comeback right now it is very good first second down back. But it dire decreases because well he he doesn't agree that impacting your office and they're down which is great matches in the past. Out of Walt Charles camp but you know to Alter also are looking at the injury history he looked into NATO also what their has informed the market. You begala regulation. You know Eddie lacy you all are who Dutch you have that guy on third down toward Israel Adobe is will there. We talk about like art opening about versatility to saying what they're running back position so you have a rookie that's come out strip from the gossip text book ball. It's 43040 grabs. In lash her out those guys are actually carry more value. They met thanks for this we enjoy your work any history and we love and c'mon now with a us the talk about it thanks very much. Harder Rick. Matt Bowen former Buffalo Bills safety seven years in the NFL now ESPN insider and writer for covering the NFL some. Interest in recent posts on branding cook announcement Jeffrey when he was just. Before it got off when he was talking about random acts of detestable about out of the back to you know the bill signed two guys that can test deploy out of the backfield fullbacks yeah well you know it's over is it different that would guy can play both. Com book open those guys to test the ball out of the bathroom and I think that's something that was really attractive to two Doug postmodern. Yeah we're gonna hear from one of them up Patrick DiMarco at a news conference here on Saturday will pick up at a moment. By the way Matt Bowen joins us on the subway for sake island subway eat French phone call here Jeff and James downs been waiting a long time Jeff. Thanks very much for coming on the the over the city we appreciate. Oprah my guys doing today. Hey I got a couple questions. First cut right to talk about free agency and the other one would be. The draft. First the previous Q are you guys have any updates about. Is that Browner. Just honored. And my second part of the question is you know the free agency. I realize what they've done. I think. Quite brown is a good pick up. And he's not really yes slowly ran a 43740. It's become mines. And he's a punt returners so that's good to him on income here's my. Jeff before you hang up. Okay you know a guy named. K where urban yeah. But now as the second man you know our producer dean has this from Jamestown movement on everybody who calls up from Jamestown. Odyssey they know. I don't know. Exactly police blotter day you might need my Seymour in there thanks okay. Thanks Jeff and if it an interesting question Zach brown. The bills haven't signed him we don't even see reports of any visits for Zach brown I get the sense Donald that he is not coming back here. And eventually find a home in the NFL I think that it doesn't appear to mean and if so what we're here and around the building that's been amp. Here fork you know it Zach I'd be on another one year. Proven type of thing you know it's gonna it's gonna be interesting to see exactly wind he ends up coming up that board but. You know he could be he could be a guy who is sitting on the couch waiting until. You know many kansans and through training camp really took something happens you haven't heard anything on background. Right now like no visits nothing about you know and it doesn't seem like he's going to be coming back here. Maybe he would come back if if there's no market value there's no market for him that he didn't get a Matta much cheaper price and a guy who. It's fast a guy who can really help you out on the weak side so. You know maybe he doesn't affect have been is going to be at sings the words we're here and we are anything either on Justin Carter led to the red zone production for the bills and haven't seen his name pop operate either in relation to the bills or anybody else why did see on you know last week. Pro football talk they were talking about I'm going to visit the knowing agency too you know and haven't paid. Have signed every receiver. In free agency now typically gonna bring him in as he's got to be another interesting guy you know he could end up back here obviously you're not gonna happen paid big money to give them. So it's going to be interesting to see illegals. We're gonna be back in studio and a couple of minutes with liberty cost new low office sublime and for the bills and we got questions for him. The bills of course with the the big two fullbacks I mean that are really got excited about. In a negative way Thursday one of them was here Saturday. Patrick DiMarco we just came office Super Bowl appearance with the Atlanta Falcons to the news conference here on Saturday Patrick DiMarco talked about that talk to the media about coming to buffalo NY this that was a right fit for him. The slapped down here and now I'm super excited to have. Kind of want to continue to take my game to the next level and mufflers and a great place. Running backs and everything here it's slight talent so it's. Over to the next level. Oh. Yeah I mean it's Monty it's. Committee missed a phone book he's super talented and supporters seems like everything kicks malbec field block and surely you look at your tribute to walk all over world. You you know I did I convinced her doubt protection stuff and these last year's. Kissed him back fields. You know he doesn't happen much but when your opportunities gone yet to make plays so. Yeah I mean we'll soon equipment eagerness. To Eric Annika. But his team and come Genesco. Ultimate place. Patrick DiMarco sign of the Buffalo Bills we talked about this a lot late last week totally different than Mike Tolbert they'll be confuse the fact that they have. Two fullbacks adults adults who those guys. I don't know I don't see them anything like each other and o.s of both on the roster when it it's an excellent. The one thing I try to tell people was right now you look at that everybody who are signing. Tom let some guys might not be on the rocks at you don't know what's gonna happen when it comes around. I think you'll always need to sign need to get debt you need to have that for can't. He knows that you have great competition. The best competition will it would it would bring out the best in everybody you know and you can really. Separate. Who's going to be on the team rules not. But if you have. Guys who rely clearly above everybody else. There's no competition so it can't you won it but there's nothing that's what to do right now. Are we're gonna take a break here we come back Letterman or do costs would com you can read between. He's gonna be taken antsy right next to Donald over the air and we'll talk with him about coming to the Buffalo Bills in 2 o'clock hour duke costs will be at the podium along with the the bill's new defense of and we got a lot going on here today we're glad that you're part of it come back for more than John Murphy show presented by. NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills radio. Those have been busy we talked about a date signings in the last week or so with a lot of talent coming in including our. Our guests who joins us right here on on stage with us is an NFL veteran comes to the Buffalo Bills after spending last season with the Baltimore Ravens have a to have office of Ayman. Levered it costs and studio with a selectors have to be here. Welcome to buffalo Bill Clinton when talking to the coaches. Don't willow and everybody would he say I'm pretty much in the side of me being years has just come. And just in on this and opposition you know on the dollar salary who regards this site does come and you go. To compete in the rule hopeful the you know and that the tobacco rules book movie you don't come in to be back you wanna compete you. We're talking and the Q adjustment and up but. What they had in mind for interior offensive line outside and I mean in the oh in the haven't. Talked about it you know. I mean Gaza office of mine you'd be expected I mean for me updates are on the Paris oh. Just expect I expected but it means boats and does not them positions at at at. Senators right there and then you play left or right properly shopping malls the game and that animals news right there. I'm surprised we want to mention B went down as a product these famous. Choke artists. I don't know what is talking about it all last memory you know week week and talk of I mean you'll have to well on this thing you know it was in the lockout if I knew there at all that's a free time so we averaged. I just working in the morning and just go courts in the known. You know and so whenever we goat beard was bored movement as there. And and build schools like ridiculous I mean you know. Who's been on the prima gets them back any by the right so he's like just a pool ball guys and that only means. And and so races a very with a bomb again so they sec football all over again on the racetrack and so we all driving in the outside. And down low and Barton was like you know that the leaving always winning. And and David Harris came into this these and so everybody's drive and sold. I'm thickens there is down blown relief fast and dvd players in front of me and somehow or squeeze in there and bomb David Ayers and he reads like 360. Some common alma aren't real fast indeed there is just say right in front of me is either out with whom or is right. Ago that they have. While on the we use the we needed the leaders for the season that. The smoke. And other critical ultimately throughout the the now. Heartened that angels on the every guy there everything in my and they do things on the side. Ago in the helmet goes good team on David Harris has card yet you elected. Me I'm 340 now right this I'll be fine force a man that needed. How dangerous was partly. The whole thing old analogue hole by everything all the tires schema is everything just below are old news by. You realize and a whole tumbled Monday everything miles I think as a stigma of the the. But made it even worse. And we'll get back to review maybe you wearers are hadn't gotten GQ one time come right GQ magazine. And he's he ended up raising. Right and so we're racing and is due crashes. And and a break in his arm on them like he whipped through the entire thing and broke bizarre things like well. I. They're little news because I. Leverage tosses in the studio with us John Cho presented by no co. A couple of things about your background which you get to you were born in 80% of graded it what fourteen. Yours is for Connecticut yet on what you remember about him you know it's it's pretty talkative leisurely. Your over the over the last year or so it's pretty difficult right yes for a difficult. I mean obviously aside from. There is no ports thus like in the on the allow Hulu vacation in the army are Osborne and risen au prince right but you know there is I come and the main you know where a lot of people haven't difficulties I think he is in Polk friends. Because you know people leave my. You're watching guys cold you like on the countryside. People leave that you know farmers all that's have taken their big guys get a better life in the comparable. Well once again there is site. Easy you just competing with everybody else and so you're better off like you know Spain. You know boy you know does does our partner in the oil and and now we're back for the first time home since I came last year. And and you know and also I change you know but once they go happens is that the old building you know the fix in the road you know houses so though critics. And see who want to and from talking to leaching who's a native of Haiti as well his. His foundation right now actually. What to try to do is to get materials in place to help Haitians. Build permanent resident or would stand earthquake you know and and you know I have a bill themselves rather than just send a much money and. I mean you are obvious view on it and I mean for me aside cartilage is doing which is good because. You want them there in the if you do only view and view do you want to the product being billed itself as Austin monies aside. Everything and you'll so we've been in and you know and wanting as a home. We go my grandma she doesn't I'll work with she does have organization is hurt my wife. In goodies they pretty hands on the move everything to do so do I you know helping people you know you know their houses and you know. Churches although that's your family still there right there among all my grammar lesson there I mean your house came down about rituals she was in the house vote in those who have aren't they yeah yes and our quick vote my houses were still standing so thank god for that. Now were you able to speak to her when an earthquake happened though army under DOS right around knows it and ready for the but draft and so when the earthquake happened happened with Clinton. A couple of days though the Memphis you'll and that's it on the house. But I that that arm than that everybody was like you know Texan and you'll feel you do. I'm wiser about Texan then you know I got to work on the next video stream in Jericho. And the next morning and a gentleman that. Abuse in painting has been going on. I'm I know it and the next to me and he wasn't in you so that's off on the odds and talk about it. To two weeks. Glamour to cast circus tell us about the process of prosecuted Stamford Connecticut and then eventually too you massively college yeah it goes on so much that. There's been an education. And say we're in the himself you know always in the books and and the easiest thing was like you know. You go with the state and education. And you know alms hole and he was Luke was in post move cows especially when you have a degree in the United States decide. That's pretty that's beat then. So. We move on Stanford to suit him uncle. But somehow in those assortment football because like you books from you know their cart been under way to teach in school as site. So you were about seven and 6 in the morning he's not until 5 PM over the course you have black and you Karen aback by like twelve books. Over that quote you have twelve different classes. So when our guys here was different yet it was our policy easy what that's like you're right there that hey I'm though my homework while my god do all the sudden it yet. So bomb. This allows pretty advanced in my map from the couple's though. To look when you put me as a sophomore in high school so so by that time I got there aside from. Yet just so it might be basketball football and next thing you villages in the rest is history. And obviously you're always been in an audio or I'm not in the same way as I schools so. They I read somewhere where Tom in your years UMass in the NFL scouts for coming by particular view Victor Cruz thought that. He benefited from heaven although scouts come it is to look at you are now this they always say that whose Vito was you rest you can see these guys play if we took grizzly IU has now though is site. Or one man's soul is why it. And is Lou closed the outside while also have decency and doing well with the giants because like everything he was at giants who was the same thing. Our ass in this may make people miss by crazy during the game it's like. I'll I'll I put this man. And you quote about well Google to pay aside. Just see dollar each or problem or who is he scoring that goes down so few of the receiver now ever since that year when you guys came out I mean UMass has been putting him out every year most recently ties it Sharpton Jackson in those Dugard receiver and and from. And eagle on the he got drafted and I've heard like other kids though you know peak probably picked up the agency would allow the feuds Mora. You know ever since I feel like your mass humans in Kokomo move into one therefore Lanka ever since it did you know more and more people are going to ever since. You know Victor cools him Alice I mourned mourned in the receivers. I mean I UMass or receivers has always been strong so this is good to see yeah whenever you're getting set for what your eighth season and it's not it's isn't we're arguing your career right now we've had good years with jets and some of these other teams what do you think. But the future looks like I mean you know for me it's always again been there and wanting. You know I'll always in my game you know with the jets and New Coke first couple years I struggle bit. And his size. But are horrible always saying god because when I got to the ravens. You know couscous TO you know on fuel line coach who was alone. He really help me is so full and you've produced pretty much summed explain in court he's like. He's a coach who is also teachers and everything goes you know learning learning was is got weaknesses. And his biggest things in states where you know which you are too taught me how to stay square. Is on the scene that you will learn about self. He's doesn't seen it show when you're in his speech in your on the field. He knows he and you fiesta you feel up to five miles per hour on 200 miles per hour to do that unto you get it so. Really that's cute my game kind of beat up another level. And a note thanks who's coaching and in spoke. Now the last time I talk to you was. Mindedness news and probably go to our use of them like you didn't have a family yet. Now and now you have family there married I got a son Ahmed Maher wipe out tomorrow for a service of those fourteen years old. Cause our marriage shirts I was moved closer Graham nine and the mom and empowerment of the bowl quest who is so those on the horn and most by the you know. We. Guys. Those men go to next week. He's always. It's it's the fifth that a vote is his is licensee like every week it's IA. You saw my calling you daddy's arms. He's a schoolmate school music oh and coming. I mean the years to actually hear right now so. I mean whoever I would have to go that's my support system that is. And you are based in New York these yes this yeah. It's great to hear that and you only its second topic the jets. Ten. These many years. A plea against you guys against Morris those. Know this is this funny because. When I was down its rating. You know was appointed jets players and some giants players I was only person from the bills and so tomorrow Wesson was will minimum to molesting her name area. And the nice to talk about the bill Mason like madness. And yeah buffalo. And it matters it is. School school. That's the business in there was ample block child. The book or I mean it. Found that out years the ultimate move sleep before the game. But powerfully against on the positive appalachians. Both of them it's Friday. Peculiar at you can and that might take from me in like let's say in my who element eggs Leo as. Army when the goes in the win column on the other side you have to do more so one more so on the other idea you cows those lines on the things I'm on the other partners announced yet. We're glad you're two letter thanks combined with an issue that ever discussed bill's new offensive lineman signed in free agency yet. Just last Thursday joining us here in studio back of more moment John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts on Buffalo Bills radial. John Murphy she. Expected to show we like it went coast drive John Murphy chauffeurs and by NAPA Auto Parts John Murphy. Donald Jones just said Vladimir your costs in studio with a split. He says it's okay to be called implant right yeah don't give a general view was on you know those kind of inside the environment and out. That's back at it now and it's that anymore but the that was it was good talk with him and it is seen them back story in pristine taken berries things and looks like he's here to at least provide depth on the peninsula and the arts and that's. I mean that you you know first of all when you have an offensive line and you never won. Like you want to office the line to be attacked all year if you look at the teams that are used me in the Super Bowl. Or in the playoffs deep into the playoffs their offensive lines have been attacked the entire season. Once you start to have to sub in and out different guys you know it it's it gets a little Dicey if that is tough but. When you have you have to have still good debt right so you know you have Roy a guy who could fill in everywhere. But don't grow. Right right right the peace sign. He has on the standard while you go so many new blog that we know. Glad our city he can't place and so. Don't Gregory back you know you gonna need a packets and but you you got to have depth all over your team and I think. That's what they're looking at right now is trying to add debt and Aiken gay guys who will come in here compete. You know you know B do keep glad he has this history want to steal also concealed knows him and that's a good thing you know for him. But I think. When you look at this team and you look at it all over the boot them all across the board. You just wanna make sure that you have debt so that even not for just this year coming up on future years as some money's not here you have a doubt if that they're in it to mine Imus and. I just double checked on Greg because you know the weekend happens in the bills or make so many moves but yet he has not signed his tender got the lowest. Restricted free agent tender when make one point eight million approximately from the bills and reports like from Adam Caplan. From ESP and the greatest on interest from at least for the team so we'll see if Wrangler comes back with gets it it's adept move there's no question about that. We we wanted to. Get back to our Twitter poll and spent a lot of time in the third and final hour talking about this and get your thoughts on that you know the pills free agency so far. Eight signings from in the last week seven them unrestricted free agents yes some players have left. Most notably Robert Woods mark he's Goodwin and Stephon Gilmore how would you grade the bills free agent moves so far you can vote on Twitter we've got more than 900 votes and right now more than half of you give him a beat fifty cent 7% of you say. The bills ever to beat in free agency was still more time to come 29% say. I give my C 18% give them in a 6% give him a I guess shingle and ethnic. I mean he did you call you know if so many people have amended be I wanna know what. What would put them up to and hey if you have been great to be so definitely call up the reform beat could be. The tight end. I mean in the do that would put. Migrate them and Erica does a good in I don't think he's been a lot of plays out out there and Green Day. That would be great signing if they can have him answer both played guys that can get down the middle of the field for you and really attack is and might work the middle. Did they can also did all the way down the field though like be deep threats that's huge to Tyrod Taylor in this play action type of all else like a good wide receiver and you have a wide receiver in mind. Yeah I mean talked about that talked about I've actually had people. We knew about yesterday tomorrow Aiken I had a good chance talked tomorrow yesterday him. People were treated me like a man ET I talked you boys so Loko and Obama might eight minutes out of my hands down you know have anything to do with the right now from. You know Kumar what he would love to come back obviously this is a team that brought him into the NFL he would love to come back. Just got to see how close I know that you know he works a lot with Tyrod Taylor down in Atlanta. And that's a good thing you know if you if you could bring a guy like mark here. To have him partnered up with how erratic guy whom they work together almost every single day in the offseason that's huge you know also. Move forward it'd be interesting to see if they can that they can make that happen I'm obviously you've seen the rumblings of him talking and with the bills. Master of Nestor and you know discussed and the fact that tyra works out that might indicate there's some familiar with. They beat which direction it could push the bill and mr. you know people who want me to zone was tyrant with them. That they couldn't find out hey we got a lot or talk about gonna hear from that it costs that podium in the news conference coming up in the next hour and maybe get a chance here from the new defense have been. Brian davis' well so come on back for there. For that we wanna get your thoughts to one built in free agency so far despite season. Well let's open it 0305 if your toll free 1888552. By fifty or by Twitter. John Murphy show company alive from one bills drive presented by NAPA Auto Parts Buffalo Bill tree.

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