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3-13 John Murphy Show HR 3

Mar 13, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In free agency they've agreed terms with defense of and Ryan Davis who comes to the bills after spending. Last season with the Dallas Cowboys a product that with some equipment came into the league as an undrafted free agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars and 2012 Brian Davis and it was Buffalo Bill. Three free agents out of visit visiting one bills drive including offensive tackle. Andre Smith the former first round pick of the Bengals in 2009 played seven seasons in Cincinnati and help the angles when three division titles. Played four games last year the vikings before going on injured reserve also went through visit. By the for the Buffalo Bills today a wide receiver Jeremy Butler who was with the chargers and linebacker. Over the weekend the bills made to move signing a wide receiver Corey brown Philly brown. Who comes over after spending the last three seasons with the Carolina Corey brown signed to a contract by the bills that falls is gonna return. To the Philadelphia Eagles on a two year deal worth 111000007 million guaranteed. You'll be a backup to Carson went there in Philadelphia the field is set for the NCAA tournament all 68 teams including the buffalo bracket where the action starts Thursday. Top seed in the east the defending champion Villanova Wildcats coming to buffalo to play. Either mount Saint Mary's of the University of New Orleans there tonight 7:10 PM after that Wisconsin Virginia Tech Thursday afternoon the tournament buffalo starts at. 1215 to keep banks that are with Notre Dame and Princeton followed by West Virginia and book now. And the sabres take to the road for a three game California road trip off the San Jose today they came back from a three goal deficit Saturday night to beat Columbus five to three. Goals from buffalo from Jack McCabe Matt Molson him right now to entertain. And Jack I go sabres on a three game California road. And that's the update from one bills drive the John Murphy show presented by. NAPA Auto Parts John Murphy and Donald knows we just got done with Vlad do cost. He is at the podium across the way in the media room answering questions let's listen in its he would let accounts as to say to the media here in Orchard Park. It is I mean going Baltimore last year's I in the what to expect. Well wanting on the meets our normal working. When you work we've been without overtime so. So I mean not illegal nobody's outside picked. Overview we reworked and then I'm sure like those guys who do should the same thing bush is in the is known by you know tried to bite. Meet you had to end in sight teaching and working with old maneuvered into you know you feel comfortable out there. Terms of competing for starting your own you expect that it happened just like our view. Edwards after all. I mean I then the in my head Knoll. Mimicking gored in the opening there and if so book in the game and decide. And Chicago. Years ago which word. In the it was going to be Garko. Right tackles O. You expect the unexpected to Baghdad react how long which is pretty versatile and all this though so. So is titans you got that title old line you know. It is accurate pointing. Me except Sampras. Practice. Test vote man. I mean you've you know clear around with the whistles like. What lesson are they have to do that because Baltimore and his pursuit was to see you because via the good debit tackles but 1000 Chicago. Practices imposed the coach bags. We are to the practices. A little bit just just of you read the conclusion that even though you never know so. This team believe earth and Romney who lives and Mary. What impacted that. There is. That I got exciting because I'm like much it is. In the running game I mean. I mean I'm office of mine. In the who. Mr. it is running game missiles in this. Week index. Quebec aside. Vietnamese say you know I'm here because. Those Garmin is running well I mean when you on the ball who weighs. Yes posters do. There are all important. Wasn't in his soccer so. But I do focus our basketball so. But I've known you I news the game I've got here on my that's a quote. You really aggressive about times and me Kevin Jones in his. I remember Columbia high school he told me you know policy Edsel first came in the state. It yet so more so in the wild years so policies seen in Terence Evans and a book about it. It was like if you stay one more year and it teach you. I promise you this ousted and that's the way it ended up happening right UMass and and that we want equal teach me bases got humans who doesn't get in the problems. For me to. Yeah. Lou with her aunt uncle junior did you. How what part thought that this was it impossible but it. There was football American football future for your work what kind of thoughts is it as a person. Here. You heard talk about it my main thing was I was almost all schools is passable and not that goes by. Are you going here for education you know go to college you regain your education and but then somehow underwear high school home. Corvallis Archos in Europe earlier ozone. Was like around you in Haiti UN school news all sorts of like saving you don't not until like 56 yen. And you Karen tobacco by twelve books and said he got twelve different passes so I'm used states bells different almost done early. So rather about time so I needed to something. So in those are in basketball and food bowl and in the vols more interest into rages on the that by itself aligned. Blows all right into line just because of our size by those yeah. Can. No problem thanks thanks guys. Take you Vladimir to cost we just Adam on on set here a moment ago and then he goes to the podium answers questions reaffirms the fact that. Is primarily an interior offensive lineman is flexible enough play tackle. What is it clear Donnelly has no interest in playing satisfying. Than twice and at 15100. That's that are independent and I think. Who must that are men snap it and normalize its political bone in its call from John in Arizona I John welcoming on the air with its. You know and I think the bill. Create these terrible. We pick up Tyrod Taylor. They don't 54 back now they don't have a year to win three receivers. I think but lately wants. Taylor cook fail. I want that benefit him. I just let what you do and about to receive at the same thing like last year that would happen we end all widely viewed or. And how would it how would it benefit Doug Whaley for direct him to fail. 01 and how would benefit him. For that to succeed at terrible. How would it benefit Doug Whaley less than a minute answers question. How would it benefit Doug Whaley for Tyrod Taylor not to succeed how I. Your Unita answered my question they have picked up receiver by the way how would benefit him to have tyrant but they. Orbital. They have no legit two and three receiver. I that your question you wanna engage. Listen I think. The always did dead right now and John and I was just talking about this you know as time moves on. You have is a lot of receivers out there. That people tweet me about. They should sign this guy is designed Corrado Paterson and and whoever else is out this as time goes on the team gains more leverage against all of these players. And so ultimately you want to get the best players at the cheapest price right so. You know I would think it is probably going to end up signing another receiver and then they're gonna draft wanted to attract and I would think fairly high if it's not the first round I would think in the second round. Or third round you know I'm so. You can be talking about your number two wide receiver coming out of distract. So you know the you can't do say oh it's it's terrible we need to receiver I era other positions on the team. This that there were a lot of holes on this team and they've been doing a good job of filling those holes right now but John and Arizona. Anybody you can you can argue and give the bill whatever great you want you can see the trees he's been terrible that's fine we'll we can discuss that. You can't I you have a hard time and its immediate benefits Doug Whaley for Tyrod Taylor to fail which is what John assert. You think they need a wide receiver well they have signed one. They have signed one right Corey brown yesterday they have another one in for a visit today. Do they need a receiver yeah through the draft or free agency they do which get to do the cost of bringing in a number two receiver glitzy Corey Davis I think most would agree. Is probably in a number two. We just spent a couple of minutes in the time before the hour talking about come marry it would be I think a viable number two receiver. That they may be able to get to a prices that they liked I'll bring. How I would think so I mean. If they're talking to him they're trying to work out a president any other receiver that they're gonna bring in here they have to make sure it's at their price if it's not. If they bring in another guy. And he's not to number two like you said Corey Davis and Mike wins whoever OC take. Early in the draft because I do think they're going to take a receiver early in this draft. That guy is probably going to be your bona fide number two receiver on the team next to Sammy locked in so. You know you can't do is look at regulate everything it is doing is wrong because they haven't run they haven't made a big splash some brought in a receiver receivers cost a lot of money. Because number two receivers right now cost 1012 million dollars a year and they just don't have that type of money so they're trying to work with they have money wise. And bring in the vet. Guys that I'm trying to find a list of the top wide receivers available. Anybody come to mind out of them it's TVs out there he you do and you indicated seek it out I can play anywhere right Cordero Paterson yeah. Can you afford and can you bring him in that beat them in interesting with the signing of the bills it would just an honor to think we talked about him. The thing is and and we've seen this with them first of all hiring coach McDermott you seen this with him hiring new staff everything that they do. It's gonna take time like they are not just quit to make decisions like that right so like I keep saying the longer it draws out. The longer these guys are out there on the market the team has leverage over them to say listen. You've been on the market this long. This is what we're gonna gave you guys typically if they're sitting out there and got to take that especially at this the only team that comes that you know also. Like you have to do is understand this stuff takes time. They are not just making decisions like them how how far away and to read in five days right. Started at 4 o'clock Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and even forties and quite frankly things happen you know contact on Wednesday so forties. At 4 o'clock I was so I mean that's process is a process that and it's that drawn out process understand that put. Don't expect this team to me anymore splashed. Signings this is not an app right so the people that they end up signing. I mean I don't even know if you're going to be satisfied with the the receiver absolutely they do is drag it through creates its absolutely do I think it to be honest with you I think at this point you're number two you bonafide number two wide receivers compute. Even if they sign a guy like mark he can be your number two receiver but I don't think it. You know he would be right to the door number three receiver on the team and it was still trapped when abuse them. We'll take your grades on the bills free agency so far he can vote on Twitter he can no ring a seven let us know what you think. 8030550. Or toll free 1888550. To 550 it is a process that is not going. Will be forty tenement right predators and not by days and at 4 o'clock and it. Right Friday Saturday Sunday. Friday for Saturday of course it's going to be four days and at 4 o'clock forties and so still some moves to make absolutely you disagreed so far as we move into the you know maybe the next phase of free agency. But if you're gonna say that Doug Whaley wants to representative Ellen you're gonna have to defend that right you get pats from L yeah it. You definitely can't throw something like that outdated if Tyrod Taylor throwing dollar wise it's Aaron Taylor Phil's done Willy bills and Gabby loses his job yet it doesn't make sense doesn't make a lot of sense at all. The state call here from Bob and a cellphone hello about. I notice I it would be possible or are there and that they sign under a minute. Or. They sign a sort of grim date period and it was my outlook on. Yeah as far as your apps I want OJ power shall better. I thank. Hope they don't go past them if you don't want you gonna be up. That's my. And there and he's a good positions direct to get it to a guy like OJ how they punitive positions or arm Corey Davis keeping our great as opposed to. Or it might win if you like Mike Williams you know I think one of those guys those with a ten did you know what is this. I'm already here and maybe current house. You know as hard as men I think he's very athletic. I think he's a guy who really keep you down at duke for youth and be like. You know one of these tight ends that is as jets in all types touchdowns where you. Eric impairment gardens. As tough as it's always hard to compare somebody to like a great player and Ari because they haven't stepped foot in the league yet you know so just don't know how would deputies good. I think he can be a good time announces got to see how it gently to him though. Right thanks thanks rob 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To 550 Jonathan calling from all the hello Jonathan. It does now all I get looked solid B because a lot to do a lot what they do a parent Taylor at all by the media about them on. About and I'm one wire to fail and hired a hit they'll at him I only could live believe that we only site to make all backed by a lovely day with art Taylor. Yeah okay. You know that that has a lot of people's threatening. You know full backs did and the two fullbacks Mike Tolbert I gotta say they're. Two totally different players you know my Tolbert is a guy who won or he can play fullback you can also play running back you know so he could be like your third street and a bag or use. It's my due mostly was here and it's not looking like the running back market is it robust right now so. You know chances are as of right now my it was pleased though on this roster he's number two my two Overton can at least compete for your number three spot at running back. And if something happens with the fullback. My torches that would be useful I look at it it's all situation Mike Tolbert. DiMarco it's going to be altered to which I think that's way I would look at it. Here is a great in Rochester are great. Couple things to let go talk amount owed an hour I hate epic attempt. I remember the last guy compared to America out you'd Eric. We got. What the name nick O'Leary in the fifth amend the number two tight and I think just stick with him that await an ice pick in developing exact. Might try to stop you there for a second I am inclined to agree with you Greg I am not a a big tight unless there's a special player and Gradkowski was the second rounder because of his medical issues. The lesson it takes a really special tight end for me to go top after the first proper time just in general and I don't know that OJ Howard sets special type of tight end. I mean OJ Howard is a guy I don't know how complete view is I know in the Senior Bowl is something that he wanted to release showed he can block you know at a Alabama. I don't know if at Alabama he did a lot of cats and for them and score touchdowns so obviously yes in this lead to pass the ball a lot but in this office we know they're going to run the ball they're going to be. Run our own policy run have you won in the be more balanced by you have to be able to black and so I don't know men to take a man number ten. I'm not even still I'm not convinced that the bill's gonna stay at eight. Yet they did number two or cutlery wide receiver I know everybody wants one but I think people got to understand that. Number you type that in that bop band did not in appealing place for these free agent wide receiver they might be put an upper and they're an island big guys are just holding out. I mean think about it we have we have locked into the definitely want clay is probably number two and you have accord coming out of the backfield want to sign out to be a fourth option in our offense that doesn't pass the ball I think you know these guys are look at their career than you have the saddle up there's nowhere else to make yet dollar book I would any of these guys I'd be waiting. I remember thinking we don't need to spend money and a number two because we are often go without a without a number two wide receiver being at. Are out there there's some valid Bob did not appealing quorum present that never develop point Greg I don't agree entirely. I will say this the I think one of the reasons why it took things not one of the reasons why we're all the many of us our interest in in the number two wide receiver is because. Of the way the injuries decimated the bills wide receiving corps last year. I mean they got doubt it's street guys you know Brandon Tate they get down the street guys in the lineup and play at wide receiver. And and with that in the back Carmine mixes all the new wide receiver and this. Honestly the injury to Sammy yeah you know him even have inserted this offseason right after the season you know so. You don't know how that's gonna react moving forward if he can stay on the field. For full seasons and that's why we all talk about a number two. And a number to be in my salad receiver who can be a number one of Sammy can't play. But I just feel like. You know use these guys were out there right now first of all time will continue to tickle on the team will give more leverage and. There are receivers and mr. at that can be number two arms and the other thing Greg said which I really think as ability to it is that any receiver knows that Sammy Watkins is going to be the guy. We have been targeted number one guy in fact. There and the dome some evidence that maybe that's what old and he made Robert Watson in May have been good and look around and say hey I know I'm never going to be the guy in buffalo let me protests though my games. More out there are certain offenses. Where users know. Like you know that guys are number one guy he's always gonna do. You know 1012 targets in the game you know so it really limits what you can give as a player and to be honest. Players want to be the best Mike regardless if if people look at Q was the number two they look at twos and number three. You look at itself as the number one. And so you want to be able to ball out just like Sammy Lockett so even if you go somewhere else like marquee so like Robert Woods and you're not considered the number one. If you know that often spreads the ball around. Where you're still gonna get your targets Nestle that you look at as a wide receiver you know has any any position IQ look at schools on the team right now. Who might be in front of me. What type of system how to lasted in lobby able to play right away and make plays from a linebacker. This system is designed for needed to eat up watch out enemy tackles you know these are things that guys look at so yet receivers know in this offense Sammy Watkins is gonna get the ball when he's on the field he's gonna get the ball there and it's it's. Hard and fans are the two infective he doesn't get the ball pupils and people get upset that the effect right. And there's call from Canon Rochester a look at what a show. Yeah our guys totally disregard about. Really want them to Salem makes no sense because that would cut clearly though job ready. Still hanging out with by fingertips. On slim makes no actually no scientific Gary Condit through logically but my question for you lunch. Where we are where it is hunter. I mean I would like to see up to come back outside that you wish progressing. It was a great touchdown threat. He that the industry to a peculiar to open enough or across the middle he had his that is highly in his outreach ability looked like god you know. To me that Tyrus on the rely on him a little bit more. And the they've got such a remote chemistry they're developing especially on the red zone but. I do you know anything about where you visits are treated. You know I'd like to me to answer your question Angela I think Donald is already in the perfectly articulated this. Where are the bills with just an honor wait him out getting his price to hone W they have an event that that is in the you know gig you would jump on Justin uttered a word that he's gonna get away probably not. He was out on the open market their one week to this place here we two or three but there's gonna come a time when. They get to the right price point and that's when that probably company go public. What do the question goes to granola New England bottom and it was look at candidates well too had not. Are probably information planted by his agent may be made of isn't maybe did I don't know. Right I'm just polls against the what I told she'll then maybe there really actually bring them back into it can make a great third receiver up. Yeah I I'd definitely agree I think he's he's eat that he has the skill he has the height he can jump on these city Ingraham but now the top of the back forcefully in the noise. One had guys like that around. Like this you gotta get him at the right price and lets not. Forget that a lot of times you know a team might offers something. And the players like I you know I merited they Padilla still wanna tested out the you know and and chickens again which it really is like. Just because guys have been signed doesn't mean that the bills are not actually out there looking for guys I mean they're looking both players way. They wait you know like I think something else. They come available for me and what happens is. That's something else doesn't really come available in the and you have to as the player settlements say you know what out duel one utility and number. And that's what ends up happening you know also. That was the bill's work there working out there working right now at a trying to give receivers I'm sure. They're trying to did. Maybe a linebacker on shore but it has to be categorized actually bro went in today for a first round right tackle has to be at their prize this call from Wendy in Jamestown. I went. Howry error great thank you the. But they can make I just find you know that I know. Yes I patent applied the body and do what did you tell when players credit details but he left veterans act. Aren't really wanted to but. How well you know GA let's put that. Nat Nat wound could not. Well at least you know believe. I have worked in a game on hype go further. Or 23 years and all member when he was a high school student uh oh. Well let's let's was young they went aiding and what's that what's the student was young. Well I think he meant that he we doubled and soldiers didn't. Well you know it he went in trouble early this kind of one of those that always got away with that. He knows exactly what to do to get away with things. And manner I have to I have to say hi to you because. My daughter Megan did an internship with you several years ago. From where you're jail sentence for channel seven and Megan. And she's now out in California eleven mice. Okay. When he bet that's great I'm glad you kind of did Donald for Paula you've been here seven months now the Donald's been wondered about jays are down roots nobody knows. Yeah I order I alpha and lately I was argued from day I think it was an alias maybe he was like in witness protection it's up. Look feel like you've wicked people don't realize this can count figured that you back. I know Jamestown battle is never passed through Jamestown I know Jamestown. Are well down down on the you need to come and NC game out. You know I'm gonna have listed young. You know where he got away with different than we still stuck at seven tempering them because it was still there and bacteria. Yeah there ago. Wendy thanks thanks for cleared up the Jamestown routes we are worried about that and where we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back we may hear from the north Buffalo Bill beef demand right Davis in the final half hour to show. Anyway would like to hear from you at 8030550. Or toll free 1888550. To 550 John Murphy show produced by. Presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one of those practices buffalo overeating. Though we may or may not hear from Brian Davis the defense event. Signed a contract by the Buffalo Bills today he is scheduled to meet with the media in the media room hope we can. If Pete speaks we will pick up that debt. News conference obviously and that is a part of the news of the day which we should review of the bills agreed to terms with defense have been Ryan Davis. Who spent their last season with the Dallas Cowboys before that Jacksonville described as a run setting defense of and three more free agents visiting buffalo today including duck offensive lineman tackle Andre Smith former first round pick of the Bengals also visiting today. De L wide receiver German Butler comes from the chargers he was not issued a tender offer by the chargers twelve NFL games under his belt. And linebacker a who was a restricted free agent from Green Bay and now on the open market a strong side linebacker that really amendments and anything we've had news over the weekend obviously but. The weekend stuff you know about the accord brown signing Lorenzo coming back Jordan mills coming back. Hum. Mean that's about it I'm just dynamic to read we have and left and thing you know when you look at. Obviously Davis they sign and a run setting. Defense and to have another one in on a visit today it is looking like they you know they want to make sure that they Athens and as guys today at 43 defense. You know you have passed pressures but you have to be able to stop it stop the run as well you know also. That's something that hurt the Miami Dolphins you know they had upon to pass rushes but nobody really. Set to edge and stop the run or use and so. You know it looks like that's a position that they're really looking obviously to tackle the right tackle positions on that they're looking and wide receiver. We keep saying they're not gonna make a big flat don't even have the money to me to be its last anymore you know they'd have the money to be debates last going into free agency. Now they they definitely don't and now that the point where they're just gonna keep going in and let. It's on the am receivers obviously at the front of our mind and some of our callers we want you do bonus in with the a letter grade on the bills. Free agency so far and discuss it with a us. And that's some of the names out there Cordero repairs and we talked about mark a can we've talked about and may be some possible interest from the bills Michael Floyd bomb. And a new name today and an old new name and on Bolden is gonna come back and play for fifteenth season according to ESPN's Jim Trotter it's just spent one year and one year deal with the Detroit played all sixteen games 67 catches 584 yards. Eight touchdowns. Three time pro bowler up there and age I don't know his agent owns 36 years old. I love and fumbled and I have for seven area I think he's he's been outstanding player at 36 would scare you away when a little bit. It would definitely ski and thought it would deter right he finished the whole season eight touchdowns you know sixty plus catches I mean it's it's hard. You can even say like you production fell off I mean yardage wasn't there but he's still catch the ball scored touchdowns spores you know so. With what's been number two he would at this point probably number three. OK the guy who is really helping out my last three whose last three I would think he's but he's you know he was never really fast fast guy. And now he's really up there in age so it's the news. Bright note did he's done I would think he's probably in red zone target there red zone guy really helps I'm fighting for big body guy. Whom I love that they get there. How much money would he commit basket if they have me you know if he willingness. He probably. Coming back I mean does he wanna go back to Detroit. If it would be a great signing if you can get them. Com but like you say what type of money via athenaeum music tumbled 36 years of me to see. Here's a call from Georgia in Jamestown it's James founded on the show I tourist. Sandler. Virtual collector of Apple Mac Q I am a great job you're doing. Since a band metal I passed away and I. I really think you're doing a great job. Number two little I think as you as you may Andy Lee sang Taylor quarterback. I don't think that linger a quarterback is still going to be needed. And I would like to see the bills that can't stop by and Shawn Watson on the planes. Carb plan sent to me Watson could be acting damn good. And that. Typically they've have a rookie quarterback would balanced. It's easier to pilot him so I picture on Watson's could be a long term answer. Yeah I mean disown Watson is. You know he's he's a guy who's really nobody really knows where he's gonna ago. Obviously everybody thinks that you know well a lot of people think you can go and its option on the as a talented known atop. But when you talk to so many different people some people have minute top ten some people have them late first round some people with cities and take one quarterback in the first round this year we all know quarterbacks will end up going in the first round because teams need them. And they reach for them but. You just gotta look at you know with them bring him back Tyrod Taylor. Does and you only have six picks doesn't really make sense to take a quarterback in the first round when you still need talent everywhere else. You know on NASA something that you kind of got to be realistic about it just doesn't make sense. Yeah I'd be surprised but you know I haven't really. Via aspirin so focused on free agency last week and so I really thought reverend release wondered wondered if relief. And dive into what the bills that it. The show Watson IBC's with the keys right there and I don't know they view him as they knew you hear people outsiders problem polian. May people who follow the draft pretty close to say now echo so these are not. Top ten quarterbacks maybe not even real first round court and if so class if you if you just signed Tyrod Taylor back. Com and you really only have six picks right now and it's it just doesn't make sense to take the top in quarterback that's the like a relief than it should they're gonna have to at a quarterback or to the roster in the should be on the lookout for. A franchise quarterback I don't know that that guys in mr. ray and east. 8030550. The number toll free 1888550. To 550 or via Twitter our Twitter follows up a few minutes left in your welcome to join us on the Twitter poll we got more than 1000. Votes cast. On Twitter on this simple. Question pretty basic rate the bills free agent moves so far. What rate what letter grade would you give the bills for their free agent moves four days into free agency. Right now with a thousand votes and 56% of you give him a BE. 29% of you give him a CE. 8% given manei. And 7% give him a gates. While ports forty's and it's a process and were in the middle process now that's our wonderful 8030550. Tool free 1888550. 2550. Let's go to a done in Rochester hello John welcome. How do you deal in. As far as the free agent. I'm looking at the safety is signed and the pull back from the big thing is versatility. This is more of a vote for the coaching staff. What Herbert cow taking the coaches can have more than the fact. So I really liked that I give them a B maybe iffy and have a clue what they have. Bomb as far as the draft so. I really think to build on looking at the top wide receiver that cornerback and you have three top safety. If they don't get those five. How much can they picked up by moving from the tenth spot down to say the mid twenties. Com thank you all listen here you reply. Pilots it. Well plus is first point about versatility of some technical and talked about the you know he. Said listen I'm the guys that operate on this team we're going to be birth going to be able to do a lot of different things. And it's really Sony knew people that they aren't as far you know guys that can really help out and special teams. You know some of these guys notches in my making tackles would actually in the return game you know along with Lacey the and play nickel complete corner. On often this boy you talk about the fullbacks that might over who can play. Fullback running back he's returned takes in his past he can help you out specialties this is what we're talking about. People look at and say we need you know he signed two fullbacks. Well you know we need help with those teams as well we need help and other areas of the team so I think what they're doing is as Smart right now and it worked in it. Is doing a good job getting it right he. Has call from John Paul and what Seneca hello temple. I don't. Doesn't give a call and graded I'll be. Built so far I'm feel pretty good about what they're gone. Definitely had a lot of pieces. I'm not not the big names and everyone else wants to hear but I think quality depth guys that are very personal when he had kind of been talking about. I got the hit on moving me from the beat it a I think Andre Smith. Great tackle that the heaven further that would be it. A quality guy that would bring good competition pops which started the right tackle and end. I think as a wide receiver Eric I really do like Marty can collect the money was put up 40 we didn't get a big paste but. I think biggest things that number drops really like the last year was due to the fact hoopla. Canada involved more common back healthy and get in 86 catches in. Peerman coming back healthy from the rookie year those numbers drop but I think with. He can get definitely number two on the Buffalo Bills. And. He does work and nice. You know as far as Camara and his numbers as numbers dropped off because. You know Mike Wallace was there Steve Smith you know he came back he's it was going to be you know one wide receiver. You know enemy and what pattern as well you know so with those guys. Tomorrow was their number one receiver win everybody got hurt and he produced. And Mayo came back and like which is when you right back specialties that's why he. Would not go back to Baltimore seems like an atomic Jimmy's got the whale all you know so he's he's looking for an opportunity would be. A guy on the team not just on special teams he's willing he knows he can do that but I doubt it plays an office. And talking and yesterday. There are so I told Mike Lewis and you know. That there is nobody on this Ross the really names like yeah I know that you know to your recruiting Kumar go to talk to talk. Excellent yeah or else. Nobody nobody is ahead of mark. He's only one of these receivers that are really know personally. And talk about that went down yet he's you know he's. I would say he would be interested in the in the bills. The bills as happy give him at the right price and you know all parties have to be. Happy with. Bomb the caller also made mention when his earlier point was it was a good one too I thought about them. The versatility right about and that's important and what they're signing here today I would see some some versatile players in. Will CO plays an important to note that we are in the process here for a free agencies right. We're just in the process were in the middle Jeff calling from Syracuse allowed Jeff welcome. Harder than I enjoy your show. Mike Mike comes with a ball. Pre agencies but what degree it must be a pretty net Q what they've gone and you'll be plus two and A if they actually signed Andre Smith. Just personable. Just with a gut signing and battle for quality quality lined up in battle for the right tackle drew up. And as far as the draft goes. The wide receiver likes a lot of western maturity. Or in the draft Europeans. Number time. I'd like to see him the wonder of an emergency law in which our local begat. But whether he's taken or peace still there although the guys that are the animal down and in more pixels well a couple of these guys but I really like movement Foster. The linebacker. In this defense you've got to go wrong side to side and that he's the best linebacker in the draft so that. It's missing this Foster at two minority crowded field with a Preston brown and review wreck and so it is. Do we now fosters a guy who think he definitely comes downhill but I think he can you will be more athletic than organizing can go silent silent right so. There are questions as always you have to ask yourself. And they can do this because he is that talented you wanna put a rookie. At two weak side guy asked him to cover running backs out of practice and asked him the cover possibly Iraq and how's the wherever else you have to cover. Weekend and week out that's always the question because. In obviously we don't study the college game that much I haven't watched Alabama film. Might that so I don't know if he was asked to cover anybody right at Alabama you know also. That's always a question isn't it great I mean if they drafted him in the first round yet they need of the new world linebackers. This foster's recent escapade at the combine or just I don't know that there's some the next week we wanted to talk to him we're running out of time here but over the weekend he really kind of the worst possible. Situation for draft prospect pro day at university Washington out Seattle. And one of the top prospects at corner Sidney Jones. Came up with a very serious injury righty on tore his ACL I believe it Achilles Achilles separate tours Achilles and no this comes at a work out and he's trying to put his skills on display that's a tough one guy who is projected as what topic of the first round and yeah. It's tough you know. An Achilles injuries all the hustle and artisans are reason really come back years you're young as he is he's the year. So if you he he's done it too is gonna drop off in the draft obviously he's not gonna drop that far but it passerby to a team that. You know has somebody right there on their roster are ready images Japanese got for the future you know projected him out for the future. And not like oh we need a corner right now to come in its star right now you know so. It's it's not this though I think the worst part about it is. There was literally his last rep of his pro day. You know those like that that's so. He was regarded as one of the top a cornerback prospects. Todd which they had them is the number thirteen overall prospect and Sidney Jones. Milk hyper and it was a number sixteen overall prospect top half of the first round now second round their browsers it's a regular future you know. But it doesn't do it would you have to look at promptly symbols symbols a lot of money announcing relief. It's thinks it's gonna break where we come back in that talk a little bit more about the bills in your weapon of choice and. 8030552031. 888552. By fifty to John Murphy show. Presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills really. Things he's not John Murphy show on. And now what have we learned from today show you presented by advance saliva running questionnaires homes and businesses with the fight isn't security at home theater. The preferred alarm and home theater provider of the Buffalo Bills we have a good show today. Otherwise I'm surprised. And but we dead including. Below down Lorenzo Alexander who over the weekend Saturday. Agreed to terms under contract with the Buffalo Bills that we tackle Lorenzo Alexander about securing his future here with the bills. Definitely wanted to write the best feel myself river that we'll buffalo and I mean my friend because giro so obviously. This is a great on the did a great start pointing to edit or condone my age of you know start Beckett played to this topic to tackle money on average. So this is that he's a great guy is far from me my family now if you were blown down but definitely without pay to get out of it. Money lied guaranteed money and the biggest thing you know was shocked garnered and I'll keep that belief in in my going to be coming in computer don't keep visiting team alone in the locker room. So that's little more excited about and I've been paid volunteers. If you saw this playoff not really make my office here like we're championship. Lorenzo Alexander coming back to the Buffalo Bills also we have one of the newest Buffalo Bills. On the show in studio with a slit our letter reduce costs offensive lineman veteran who comes to the bills played. On the interior of the office of line here is what led to constancy. The size of me being here is just. And just you know on this in my position you though those are already who regard and so I just come and in the old hopefully you know and fulfill that in the back of rules do you welcome. Back when he. Letter to Cox news Buffalo Bill Lola. Our wonderful today dealt with the free agent moves have four. Four. Days and create see the bills adding eight players to the roster seven of them unrestricted free agents. Are critical so far forties and how would you grade the bills free agent moves so far we've got more than a thousand votes in. And the final tally right now about 56% of you say they get beat. A letter grade 28% say give must see 8% seek him today 8% to give him a. You know I think I'd have to do movie right now as well I'm I think. You know we most people. Are being. Most overlooked and at the big picture and that's why you have that the green obviously we had one caller that called him and davis'. Basically and asked. So I'm sure a lot of people who feel like we're some people feel like there's enough but they're doing a good job right now. You're doing okay with seat that long ago when we might even have that. Poll up for the next week two hours a couple of more moves are made the bills let. With the move today signing defenseman Brian Davis and fortunately he has yet to take to the podium so we can get a chance it. Hear from him we'll hear some of what he has to say tomorrow. And three free agents here on a visit including a former first round traffic offense of lineman Andre Smith who was a former first round pick of the Bengals. Back in 2009. But seven seasons there are starter at right tackle got hurt last year. And he's an air service that we'll see if that turns and anything wide receiver Jeremy Butler is in for a visit today and linebacker. Will the news on our world tomorrow if they would have sorry mare in the new DNA DNA in valleys the these mob would get to work done. Hey thanks represented sponsor NAPA Auto Parts. Find your local Napa store online at Napa online dot are to come forward up today. Is. Great wells of production assistance from. JJ to Rio George blessed to fall victim of some of the James Donovan producer. We'll see you tomorrow at twelve noon from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills read.

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