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3-13 Schopp and the Bulldog Hour 4

Mar 13, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I know bulldogs joined hope now with some second graders and I've played connect four with a second grader and beat me. I feel like a second grader and an adult is a good matchup can connect more. And it's obviously that now Haiti because I lost it. You're 72 and Mike show this kid not beat a one time that we played and it wasn't like it was just sitting there holding staring at the board right. I mean there's no excuse though. There's no excuse for losing to a seven year old would explore and bulldogs the every three different ways at the end and twice. He missed. The winning play down and then the third time he had another like three turns in a row yet winning play. And like so how jobs that for me. I'll read your job is really connect poor three match points treatment for. He had three match points Africans might show and the bulldogs the second time Mike. And I'm surprised you didn't see that that's or give it to them and then I make my play it like he's going to be one. I didn't see that at all none WGR. Sports Radio 550. And you're talking about drinking and and Saturday yet. Tell me did some. Lengthy. And all no not lately just. Early the dish. Our power it's 4 o'clock it's not that I don't know early that's you know let's happy hour time almost but it Saturday it's late. So you but that was that was it now I'd been out Friday there was some drinking Friday but again not late. In only 9 o'clock until about midnight. By Saturday was like you you know we're talk about hockey game what would have to come out flat and I don't know I was asking I didn't say game set I had some Beers I don't know hunter and I don't I don't know that OJ advocates say it all day they came out flat atmosphere like it's only 5050 who didn't but goals one and no more I incident angles definitely when him and him have that happen no doubt me but I don't lawyers call that run being flat when they're not really flat they just give up goals. I can't I wasn't I'm not able to discern because of the because of the afternoon Beers I'd I don't know we'll tell you my problem. I am I drinking on a considerable interest by way I was in Philadelphia Saturday but Sunday morning yesterday morning. Dramatic. Baseball draft with some friends there. What from all over one guy from Texas Saint Louis got the support I've from Saint Louis had a slicing Lewis to Charlotte to Atlanta to Philly. And then going home he went home through Cleveland. What what kind of travel agent put them up where that. So people from all over so setter today. Morning. They're drafting a league that I'm not in the corner valley forge and super cold and I walked around valley forge national park. Near Philadelphia that seems like an appropriate time to do. Yeah freezing freezing the right literally went with a little breeze and points famous catch the spirit of befitting of the you do and it's you know twelve degrees. I walked in I was all. I didn't see anybody there was so Cole twenty and windy in Philadelphia probably disclose the same here. There walked into the building marked Washington's headquarters. And I hadn't seen anybody for ten minutes. I opened the door and there was a woman they're dressed in colonial garden. But this is the first person I've seen in ten minutes. And I I thought to ask her. Do you work here are Regis really into this. I come every Saturday dressed up we just like are you just maybe someone. Like me to just see in the place or. She worked there yeah I do think it was a funny and so I'm. Saturday afternoon and meet the guys the drafted their draft is over a meet them out for cheese steaks you know. Cliche and then dinner at Ralph says it's seven. And Rouse the oldest Italian restaurant in the country. By one measure anyway continuously owned by the same fail so are we'll look at it we shall separate them in Philly I don't even need a ride to this place aren't with Glen MacNow on his wife. I'm gonna have a couple Beers at home at his house and we get to Ralph's Chianti. For dinner. And ralphs is Ralph's pumps us they loved Latin. It's so they can't just a whole meal then and this is such a great move. This is such a great move I've never been lucky enough I I don't think in my life to be at a table where this happened. We. The waitress comes over and says. John or whoever would like to take care of your meal for you. For all you've gone for him whatever that is. And then the guided John the manager guy and don't worry people at the state three alt that you meet and going and his wife okay. The the met manager brings over Sam Boca a bottle Sam Boca. And three shot classes with the espresso beans and a there was a scene in mad men were Salvatore and Don Draper routes dinner I think it was called. Symbol got a cold while Moscow with a fly. The three beans are presenting that in the drink I don't know if you have doesn't Boca yeah slick Koresh mean. So shots December Oca. And the guy ate the power move all time the guy left the bottle. Right like that's when you know he loves you right or beat the manager left the bottle at the table so onslaught commander. I don't read too good Beers. A Chianti and no district in San Brokaw and Bob was sooners were waiting to be the understand politically Glenn's talking and looking at the Bobble. Like Oregon. And I don't really like a good night I'll defer to him right don't ask right and then. Then on his wife sort of talking he reached over and took the bottle import more click OK good. So we did that two or three times. And then. Walked it off this the Italian market down Philadelphia this great section freezing but I'm feeling good you know a cup of beer at the white and the simple call that. All walking off but eventually we get the car back to back to his place Japanese Scotch. And assure that means Japanese gunshot from Japan I'm a studio I know old so I'm sorry I lost in translation. So torrid time. The box by the bottle it's a song Torre on it. So I had a double espresso. Before low grade the symbol could not knowing there was going to be simple right. So I've gone and you're all set beer beer you why then you're inebriated but also completely on reasonably caffeinated bu that's a tremendous stake you yeah. Bear beer wine. Double espresso. Symbol critical while most god yeah Japanese go true three Japanese Scotch. So. Were sitting around it's now 1130 all right worse and it's short your clocks forward right. The drafts attack and two hours away at a drive to northern New Jersey to the draft the next morning. So we'll be doing is wife goes to all of that is also sold into me I mean I know you made it public that all. I never doubt none at all now with the terror bottom to do so Glenn's wife Judy goes. How are you gonna be able to sleep. As that I got that falsely said that during the espresso I'll sleep. So why am I did but I had possibly I'm certainly this takes a long. Is this is the reason I brought it up. I had possibly the most intense streaming overhead and figure. Net combination of please in your book due out but it. Great right now we can still see the intimate. I tell you sure I haven't told that you have to types I I I I'm willing I've only told my wife this and I will eventually tell at least vice my sister's connect tonight you just give me an estimated just got to put gauge just how long comfortable world to be hearings are not at all OK good not not really it all up to bet on someone like I think maybe my father would be uncomfortable I don't know that was a dream right. It's not just a dream it's a dream driven by. Symbol go espresso Keon of the beer beer Japanese scotched its. Order. So the the remember is the end of the it's the end of my sleep like a wake up right after this. My paternal grandfather appears he died before I was born. My paternal grandfather appears and he is back. From the dead to. And my father's there and my sisters are there and everybody is crying there so happy. And he's you know I don't know I don't really want to describe what it looked like. But it was sent K and we we took turn is older young. Palm old. Now he died are younger man but he was old. And we took turns hugging him. And he said your Michael. And that I woke up. It was very intense I can still see. His image. Like right now is a tell all. Come on eventful is that the dog close enough there well. The key is like we can't tell holder did well. Executed was really like you guessed it that's the that's the thing that's pronounced about it but that's right now what really happened not a lot really have not agree to no report. No but euros this. Is someone I've thought about many times very special person in my families and he he died when my father was seventeen or eighteen years old sixteen years old. So. How about that. I don't know you're right it wasn't about a great story but it was so real here. And I woke up after that and like I just went to Edwards told Judy like oh I slept. And this happened and I just didn't give details but you know. I had no. I didn't have any there's so few Beers it's all hope. It's all too few Beers mountain shall. Try try my mixture I don't know no for try that Ryan he's tribal thanks beer bear Chianti. Double espresso assembled guard Japanese guy that says the order mix in the doubles. Press so in there to be quick beat whenever I hear click lots of liquor. Work hearth a healthy amount of liquor and and I'd like super caffeinated something. It makes me think of something we did we were a lot I was a lot younger and glee from Philly pork. And weak and number Jolt Cola will round forget you or college rom Angel Cole was the big. Like Joseph Cole had like so much caffeine and all the sugar or whatever just it was just the worst pop ever made was it local so why don't know. I never knew who was local so that we needed it and like we would mix we've mixed that with liquor yeah I like that how what did you then do for a period. It won't need you like I described my complete you due to drunk. Bought all soldiers. You really think you can 20. Which is contrary though OK don't do this like can I mean you'd figure it refuges not you're not. The mental clarity that you have a lot of being extremely dry. Today it's a quarry easy combination but I do and I really don't. Don't try this it was not a help Romans Holtz CEU can. Still I was told you you you have Robert Angell we had a fantastic product came and he 24 ounce can call for a logo. And that had all the caffeine and alcohol he needed 12% alcohol loads of caffeine you were good to go after two you if you want three. You're having yourself how often did at the BB anyway that they can bring all he had nothing if I did already announced. Already maxed for a bright yeah I got bad real panacea missed. And it. But it that you got you got there are walking around affiliates so cold I was named COLT what I didn't have a good winner Coke. Yet you feel impervious I I thought I was so good right and we just don't usually go to new dream paid paid good dividends. He picked fifth Israel ago we do enough. We got a little. Weak us. And if that's what withdrawal Poland and Rome would be just like to. I perfectly happy or. Does she know I want to share this would keep. Right if I'm right. Yeah really maybe until all slob but it people also maybe I'm too old to have felt I had my doubts at a rate that's happened out. All right so that's been thing I promise you though yeah right okay. And maybe maybe this is something we talk about more tomorrow because I think this be something where people would give us feedback. Very rich rescue my favorite that's been guy headline is it okay. To order delivery during a snowstorm. Moon. He writes I guess he both sides. Your hold up. And dull thing would taste better than him you know what ever Pete so he right general sound check and write whatever it is. But how much of a problem are you causing by ordering it. And many people poses does the delivery person and why that's so they get paid. Does the delivery person who want to call ups and they're just sitting around otherwise not getting paid. I think in articles but I I think the question. Has to be answered. By taking into account. Drew Arenas don't look like a ball quite oval blizzard. No means just that that is not cool which it could if if it's unsafe to drive. If there's a driving to and which there will be tomorrow in public Philly Baltimore right. Then I think I think I think you go with Knoll are most you know place that can deliver on foot to you but it. But sending someone out in their car. If you are supposed to be to -- mean you like to bring your wings yeah I think is not I don't that's I don't that's cool but all right if you have. You've got a foot of snow. And it is stopped snowing and what people can drive. Then asks the I think like having worked in the business. My guys wanted to because chances are now this is not without fail but. Wouldn't you expect to get more of a tip from each place you go what if it's really bad out click yes he is saying 50%. Minimum tip. And you're talking about that bad storms so right read this this question is really about like. The worst case scenario right of what you're describe how I I think if you hit safely get to. If you can't go out then you should order. So. Okay but like that's a rule yeah the hype the height of the storm to hit the mirror company executives is saying no Ol unnecessary travel. In the city your account your whenever a towel and then Europe tool bag if you order to completely completed if some places still gonna try to fight through that. They shouldn't be and you shouldn't be asking them to. In addition close probably end boss though when it's moat or call your place like the phone just rings rings because they went home because they can't deliver and there's your answer. So otherwise but once it's challenging to get around what people can get around. Then absolutely. Like that is I think if you deliver. You want. Like you're the you're that guy or you wanna go out in which lets you create your book and for the extra money. And you probably were closed for some stretch during the storm. So have at it here's Johnston on WGR adjustment. They got. Aren't I you know her. And Concord which is right I really get the railing at our car. Owner that desperately daylight is being. And if talks would argue it and I thought they are averaging you know. But you'd expect so little or no matter how bad karma ball and I bit my vehicle election I drove it he Eric you during that I am. And let me tell you know they all were money you didn't outlet. Well the big and he flatly called your kind of miserable it did tonight you're out here and he you are not the work. And most people at least Justin would like recognize what you went through to get to them. It. Well would it pretty well. I'm your gay. Or in the people that don't normally order delivery he beat people don't get out where. But they're not appreciate and you would make that it on the night he never really mind. On a night he. Knight wrote the well. Good thanks Justin. Yeah I'm still I'd still like I mean. With all due respect to whatever you know lose bit the river there advising you to not do in the weather. I still like when you can. I've multi did not drive at a time when people get stranded like our war powers which were not in a rush hour so. In all but the worst hit every is is you know it might take me twice as long to get home from here. And that's not a bad. Even if there's traffic. But like slugging it out there are out and that kind of a night I think there are some I know it still gives you good feeling but I love. They don't you get more distance from the things you did in your past like you know working at pizza place for low ball the length of time that I did I tend to. Only remember the great things about it and not think it all about the things that were really annoying and an even what you don't like to squelch about it like how close smelled dreams curled up from its recent oil whenever you were surrounded by. But the best days and nights were Blix storm it's. There was us who scored their buddies been up here let's roll so it must call an article we'll do it still it. And there was counted beaten people even people would show wallop to come into the restaurant. Would be shaken up the storm in U but it made me feel good to be there for them like I'll always just like the whole vibe Alex storms. I guess is what you're getting your foot putt I just did when it happens. Well I think it started. A little bit here and Amherst and we have. Channel two on in here and I've been watching their weather as were talking. And so elect. I look up on the island along the water but not too far in its snowing right now. And region there was just on basically by the wrong through she just laid out. This thing will be all day tomorrow but mourning tonight tomorrow and then over by a may be new moon. Wednesday. For say Erie county Niagara and Erie county over so the warnings were tonight through Wednesday night. But this. This my prediction. Is tonight through Wednesday morning and if that. Tomorrow's the day tomorrow the day New York Philadelphia. Flights and on my in laws are flying tonight they're off their off a lot of money by the airline to move their flight and they chose not to do that bill a lot of people are trying to get out. Looks like for us and saying here at least you know buffalo Erie county that area this area. Tomorrow. You know all all day men with Wednesday's better Wednesday's digging out. All right the bills are signed a what you've heard about a lot of free agents. Visits. The draft is coming up now the tyra itself from last week will hit a lot of that with shell of module also Stephon Gilmore. Who is more the reason Gilmore isn't with the bills anymore is it him. Or is it the team. We'll put that question to sell to. Much over the bulldogs Ryan gates has the nightcap all week. Unbelievable I mean is that a first. Five nights a week knowledge is going strong there during training camp for awhile. First time in awhile with the sabres playing in California 10:30 and 10 o'clock games. So Ryan will be done at seven get the tournament this week baseballs coming closer. This the snowstorm notwithstanding all the Bulldog will love it. These are fun times. Much over the bulldogs back with cell after sports on WGR. And Jeff the reports the bills are signing Jeremy Butler. A wide receiver was reported earlier today to be in buffalo for a visit with two others. Butler has been on the ravens and chargers. So far in his two year career caught two passes. Last year for San Diego. 31 for Baltimore. Your before. Talk about your joining us on the AT&T hotline seller be impressed if you could can you tell us anything about Jerry Butler that we didn't just say it. Know pretty much everything you said that he only dead in the league a couple of years I think in us he has a daughter named as well. He'll chat lazy step back you'll have about. He has a daughter of by the name of Tyrod Taylor's wife I don't know what are payments and I would be something well what I saw his name come over earlier Jeremy Butler. I took a look at them and I realize and I did see he has. Look at all is execs to so it's not like an overly huge wide receiver but he figured in the design. Couple days ago the Carolina Qaeda Philly brown so little room. Yes so you know I mean they're going a little younger here what the Russians are younger used it by but the going with. What I thought they would guys that the receiving corps which was. Pretty much Philly guys. Guys you think are ready to make the contribute in this league and then I'll probably add at least one early in the draft me the other one later and that is still out. All the list in the obviously there expecting to contribute this year we'll see where that goes and will any of the other guys that we're here we're real about Justin. Owner for example sell its. He boast someone who was added once the season got going he's available to other teams do you think it's likely that they like to bring him back we need. The big body and he caught them talks. Ounce guys like that are more guys that think that you wait for the dust settles on them because this feels like to me. They're looking for a little more than what you're willing to pay and I I would say that as far as Zach brown you by the way and you know he's still unsigned at the Jiri at that tells me. Of the 32 teams. He's probably asking for a little more than what there was any given especially. You'll hear buffalo where these coaches have been really reviewing film on him probably where they about this echoes for just an article by the way did visit the pits. Urge Steelers in that area. I think this is a good question now. Wide receivers that are signing safety Yzerman has been movement safety of course fullback running back if you want it. Have they done any thing in free agency cell that would. That would eliminate opposition from. The first round of the draft for them. You're on your domestic and I know I'm trying to think is that the most significant here that they would not do something in the draft out even Tyrod. I guess although Tyrod of course was here already. That quarterback will be the only one I would say at all for the little I am even though it would still be possible to getting really kubert loved right immediately possible but. I think it's less likely at safety but still it's a possibility. That it's still a possibility at linebacker it's still very much a possibility wide receiver. So I don't think they've done anything here that if you wedding chew. A month ago cricket or breathe easier for the Tyrod contract Brit that I should rip that. Is there any spot do you think they can go first round since then I think all of those spots are still in play. Dollars. Breathing Alexander back. Remove the likelihood. Or saved I don't know what's realistic here to the Alabama kid who got sent home from. Columbine fall to ten cut cut. Does resigning Alexander and of course having Bragman impressed and brown here. Take you out of the motor would that still be something you'd strongly consider. I think it's something you'd consider I would not. Think that it woods if if if Ruben Foster sitting there at ten and your review really like imposter having the reds and Alexander. Is not going to preclude you from that that's what you're saying but for what they've done would not at all. A tale I don't know if I don't know if they're played as ruler that's allowed it to be three down guy I mean he's gonna play a lot of special teams. He's going to place it linebacker and he's got a rush the passer sometimes but I don't think other than the special teams that he's gonna be doing the other two. All whole heck of a lot that says these are not come off the field enough to justify. Plus you have Preston brown going into a contract year and he's been average as a linebacker last couple of years I think after he performed pretty well under Jim Schwartz a couple years ago few years ago. And you have Reggie Bragman. Often ACL injury and then those two guys are still. Very similar in their skill sets so. I don't think so at all and I. You know I look at the number that we ran those making racket known all heck of a lot but still pro a nice a nice contract for him and I think part of that is because. Of what he breaks in the locker room with Sean McDermott obviously clearly values and is trying to you guys. Sell about yo without us much over the Bulldog here on WGR my guests to this question would be hide. Who has some forgetting somebody who TU is the best. Player they've signed in free agency. Cutting their own might be Tyrod Taylor. Well you can again and he wasn't technically a free agent. Check writes I would say Micah Hyde has relied. Micah Hyde is clearly and if you guys go back in I did an article on possible bills free agent targets. Outside I actually had a plan going in the article my plane was OK I really wanna see lake. Where they usually try to allocate dollars if you notice I didn't put Al shot Jaffray analyst has their marketable outside Hauser Everett knew that right. So we looked at the wide receivers or guys and there are that I thought I mean. If that guy to get a lower salaried I I think I highly trump prior that was even I think there's probably not likely. But my point my point is that the EPA's oldest the safeties. Or the only group the only one that I play actual names out there that I said they could go out paid for because I thought Beckett appetite bodies Tony Jefferson. Or Micah Hyde could be the guy that's how it turned out it was Micah Hyde. And I. I think that that is a really good signing it is a good football player he that's what Sean McDermott wants to do and I would answer your question as Micah Hyde is it is. Not only the best player they signed I think it's so it's a it's a good free agent signing around the league at ease some all world player but what you're getting in the player. For the value got a four I don't think it's all that bad at all. And to me like the the the money is put that significant for them I think I told I told you on Friday sell when we're together. That I did not go into this free agent period expecting them. To give up thirty million dollar contract really to any one. You know I mean recognizing that they had money to spend. But at the same time I just didn't I guess I just didn't think debate gold. Fishing for something that they. Yeah I talked about at high hides specifically or not right yet I I agree with you and again I mean if you ask currently eighty some would say well he's really got that big. He's not he's not there very of course he's. You know look I mean I would make the argument that Mike I'm healthy Micah Hyde is better than Aaron Williams Colin back at his editors if you give me a choice between. Mike hi that his particular health right now and Aaron Williams going back I'm taken Micah Hyde all of this I've no idea what I'm getting from Aaron Williams and like I can do. Pretty much anything you're asking airwaves to do. You're just swapping out contracts for a guy that's a year younger and much healthier. So. We have the press conference is now you've got players introducing themselves through the media here in the fullbacks both have done so the offensive lineman today or one of them. We've got a defense of men now here sell what Tom. Here's what I wanna ask you I just sort of stalling I guess there was a tweet citing numbers from the NFL PA. That had the bills with fifteen million ish left in cap room is that your understanding of where do you think they won't end up. Yes but that by the way is. I believe that number is not including lake that includes I mean taking off what you're gonna need for the rookies. So you should have that much available for bats that I think it's going in that you. Going into today. I believe it was about 21 overall you're gonna need about six for rookies so they kitchen at fifteen. And I think they're gonna want to end up probably. Maybe 5000006. Million. On top of that because you're gonna have to budget for. It might end up I mean I go to camp because you're gonna want a budget for. You may have to sign a guy for a vet minimum or so much caution million dollars Beasley tenured guy here you know heck I'll happily dollars visa for five year guy. To bring into play because of injuries though. I would be surprised that team even below that but I think they're probably still willing to play with nine or ten million here that if they can't doesn't mean they have to but it they care. What is the likelihood. What cup how good an idea maybe use as a better way to put it. I'll give ideas Andre Smith so. Look I think I think almost any right tackle or now's a good idea and I say that because they just they have to start. I think somebody who can be consistent player that position and here's a guy that came into this league. As a top draft pick pretty much you know it was strapped in the top ten. And he comes he goes he was disappointing early on his career they turn it on at Cincinnati obviously he's he's gone away from them since then. But I think that if you want to bring in a guy that at least might have the potential to done in this league. That could be you know you look at you costs here I don't think from talking to dale that he's gonna play right tackles he cigar but he's willing to play tackle. If they unity Jordan or shall attain two million what does that say about where you value them. Obviously doesn't lean meat that you got million. As an everyday consistent starting tackle that would've given them a better offer to make sure they got him back and now we didn't data for two million dollars. So I think that almost anybody who's confidently play that position in this league would be a good idea at this point. Maybe it's because on some subconscious level. I am trying to get back on your good side but I did making a culture related tweet today cell. Oh what was it about not yours up my good side yet. Got so much as units I think and people were very good about it I lots of great feedback on Friday it would happen and then most people. Just said they don't really summed greeted is some disagree with me sums and I think it's a great debate. Yes I feel exactly the same way thank you. More with sell about GO after this much over the Bulldog WGR. Welcome back joke about Joseph joins us now on the AT&T hotline talking builds. Not a tweet puts the cup I was talking in here about. I guess it could it could fall under the category of culture. What I mean I'm not gonna guess at this specifically because who knows but. Gilmore was a good player vet at times. Head. You questioning. What his commitment level was. And he goes to the patriots. I feel like he's a player. That if so inclined to be would say this would never happen Bulldog kind of counted there. I think Britain would never happen I said you'd wanna be careful wanna beat blow it out for him and I'm curious would sell out McDermott could use Gilmore. As a motivational tool. For this team but this guy he was too good for us he took the money. We are right I thought this other at about other coaches as they arrive racks and and Malone. World love were that were the team here bulldogs make a point earlier talks about his doing time. There there there could be guys the can be a lot of guys on this team were drafted here feel like. You know is this ever gonna work good players may be like Watkins who think about the day someday they can do with Gilmore just dead. Who knows. Howell. How likely is that. That a coach say you know Sean McDermott here would try to sell all that sort of a mentality to his team. I think it's very likely the general sense. I think it's unlikely he would use a specific example of stuff on I mean I I believe that he absolutely. Would make it known to. His team. And one of the very first meetings about what you're talking about how this is not about money. This is about building a winner and being part of something special in a championship in those kinds of things. If you're in this game to simply go out chase money like some people obviously have what a chance to come back Caribbean part of what you're doing what we're trying to build. And that's not the kind of person we want in this locker room so I just gave you this. The I think in general and and a general sense like you're saying. It is almost a necessity like I would I would expect it is much of a cliche is it might be. Who where I think the risk comes in and have been your hinting that it may be agree with me mentioning deal more specifically. Could be a problem for guys that are friends with them for I referenced Ronald Darby is an example it. For well are we right now most of them do more secure he's got for you mean to host here indeed so good there might be personally on that level for metallic Darby. There and our role like and we talked about you know. I cannot let that out say this I would go beyond that even the most coaches assistant coaches head coaches they're gonna tell guys to a book. If you if you do what every what you're supposed to doing your part of this and help us win will pay into it well we'll pay you you'll make your money here. Thank you don't have to worry about going to get it somewhere else have you demonstrate that you're the guy that we need here because we're gonna pay for the guys that they are talented. He wanna be here at C are great for what we're trying to do here you know it so I think that's that's an Italian try to get. I don't think you ever wanna get the message of hey you wanna go if you wanna go play for money go somewhere else you can take last year. We definitely want to make sure that they understand. A look at just about the money it's not a bowel. Be part of something special and building out what you have here in in staying here and be rewarded here. Then and that's not what we're after here we like guys wanna be here be rewarded here financially as well. He got to have success to make that work well. And are in the bills obviously didn't and what I don't know like how much of that specifically Stephon Gilmore fault you're home but it would be interesting if he. It needs to know how would have played out if they had been a playoff team at any point here during his time here or even in this last year to. It may be very inclined to meet his demands because what we're good. And you mattered. Us look at it. This I don't blast me to say anything about it it's either eight last meet or beat comes off as. Sour grapes anytime you say anything bad about Bill Belichick or the patriots but obviously this. They have made great value signings over the years they are very good at that because players go there for that very reason that go there to win. And take less I can tell I think they overpaid for Stephon Gilmore and I'd I I don't know why I keep it figured out because he saw firsthand. That you know him getting beat by Chris Hogan down the sideline even though quite adamant his fault or whatever. He's seen that he's played Gavin Tom Brady has torn up this defense that that I was a part of for over 400 yards several times in his career when he was here. And I've said all along I believe what I think the bills approached us about what's right in this case which is what you're a good player we'd like Q. We don't think you're one of the top I've actually they paid like that in New England. I don't know into by the way it plays different scheme and they're gonna have a matched up against top receivers sometimes it Malcolm Lee's especially gas. I don't know I just I I don't think that that is exciting. The Buffalo Bills should it should have made and I'm glad. An and I interest at a Y knowingly did it act I think that they overpaid for step or maybe just because they might do it. So his Gilmore gone more because he wanted to be gone more because. The bills wanted him to be gone at this point considering. What the dollars about would be. Who who Libor was more responsible for the fact that he's not on the team. I mean a player could get to free agency MB like talk to really want I'm Lehman and its William could just say we don't want you back. Did I don't know I don't pay that because both sides are Gilmore would have come back to buffalo the bills would have brought back. But he absolutely wanted fourteen million dollars a year whatever rate around he wanted to be paid as one of the so hours in this league in the bills were not going to get that. So to me in the don't question the way I'm thinking of at the answer is dead Gilmore is the reason is that back because of the bills would have paid him. Well no I guess those are the ridiculous offer him a half million dollars at August and he got in the got more and I don't know that he ever went to the buildings that this is the offer on the table or you wanna match that. He probably didn't do that sell out out from. My understanding. Is the basically wants. Once it got closer to free agency the bills had resigned themselves the fact that we're moving. Wait we we know what he wants we're not in that market he he might get Eddie might not but we need to start making other plans. And they could have also given him a franchise tag Imus in the show for the could've gone rats in which case they're culpable for the fact that he's not on the team anymore I don't I don't. Right by asking all about all this I don't really think that he needs to be on this team we've seen so many good players through the years coming ago. And the bills in a certain more literal sense didn't need any of them. Because they weren't winning. But they they also wouldn't you know you might dispute this mean is is this right or wrong they have. They have a problem. In that with a losing has met are already a small market say what you want about the facilities of the stadium to whatever extent it matters or is even true. How it might be less than. They have this added challenge when it comes to keeping guys in signing guys that you know certainly New England but many teams would not have. I think if it something that's over Patrick had overpaid to make sure Mario Williams and leave the building I think that that happens. But I don't get that sense with guys they have built like you guys I think I think it's a recruiting problem with guys from the outside. I generally think it hasn't been that bad guys that they have like Jerry Hughes like Marcel you know like I don't think Marshall Daria said. I really don't want to be here unless you overpay it's just I know how good I am this is what I wanna be paid. Jerry Hughes the same thing that your users from taxes that's where his wife is from. You know he didn't have to stay but he agreed to a contract extension I don't think they ever really had that problem. With their own got a big head OK I don't we really like will overpay courted. You know I mean they they put the franchise tag him and he was very amicable to just working something out long term. So it seems to me the problem is simply getting them here and get him in the building getting him. You know if it's as a site here's region's once they're here. I don't think they have to make as much of a sell job financially they just have to work out what the players value believes he has ray. You guys in that they signed a couple of safeties already hide employer the kid from Cleveland there's big Knoll you don't talk automobile more here in his leaving. Right now let's keep on Seymour street. On the draft of course could change that what we've beaten and I think what we will but certainly could change that. Is that it's said to be a deep draft and corners and they could draft Stephon Gilmore replacement. Mean round one if they wanted or may be wrong to. So but this is it is it noticeable to you that they haven't gone out and brought in even depth corners must admit something. Not a it is noticeable to me because but I think I always remind people of this. You have to eat at the site ninety guys. And they're gonna sign guys they're gonna go into the vet minimum that they don't sign anywhere after you know a few weeks go by here and they realize what their market value is. And the reason why teams are waiting to get that that cap relief for the middle of 4000 dollar savings so teams are like hey we gotta wait we're not gonna give you. One point three billion account at all when we give you one million it'll count 600 brand of it. And I think that's what you're gonna start to see those that site like a quarry white last year like a sterling Moore last year. You know and then and then you know what watching and the team obviously so I think that's what you're gonna see those guys I would. Say you guys ask me a little while ago if there's any position. That may not be on the table anymore I think now the positions that are on the table that might not have been as quarterback. Through the first little while regency. I didn't think it was always a little bit possible they could go quarter and first round. I think it's much more possible legal corner in the first round because. Since sounds like Durbin the the release a couple good options there'll Sidney Jones from Washington forest killing is at the Prodi and he might have been a first round pick. Sell in just a few seconds have you heard EJ manuals name once since free agency started. Only from bills to ask you what's going out and I've no ideas no answers seem here I mean Macau and Dallas. Are evil and Macau. I mean I there's not. I've heard one rumor about Manuel. Now the other must see what happens goes it's on the be bored what about geno Smith. Have not heard there was something about him today what they write some of something that doesn't have this somewhere I can't remember exactly. Where that is I do like tubby why did I did. Put feelers out about Mike jealously with his situation appears. Here here's the situation that though the running back market is not strong teams are not just going out there and grabbing a much running backs and the ones that are visiting our guys who are not gonna cost to a fifth round pick as good as Mike maybe overall market available. On the guy because the bills did put that even though it was a little tender teams are really gonna rush out. Get out get out the fifth round pick so I think from what I have seen the bills are gonna slow play this. They believe they can get him back as long as they wait let you know they'll they'll weigh their options because one of getting off. I agree there are lots running backs in the draft you've got a TV is Maria and Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson eighty at least see on the market did you name him. They're all taking visits and he's not from what we know what does that tell you mean that he is not willing to give up an asset for a. Opposition appears though there's a lot out there right now bulls in free agency in the draft they shouldn't be I think that's probably right because it makes sense self thank you welcome. Thank you so much over the Bulldog Ryan gates has the nightcap next join him after this on WGR.

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