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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. You might hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara tradition home brew and here's your host Jeremy White. Burton does stir. Saturday morning and welcome to tiger traditions just threw it Jeremy White bird dies dirt. Weather is not yet broken to my satisfaction it's called that I like to be so that means. Saturday through days of the morning Berkett through Morgan. We are of course at and T. Home brew on Twitter at and T just brood as well for this show you can not any time. Send in questions and you know will try to get to those who got a question of the week coming up from Scott Platz. Soul talk about dry hopping in the benefits of that we've also got gear algae coming up two weeks from today. Remind everyone. Great event it's urology and you'll talk a little bit later to go along. But John we've been talking for double expert about the amber waves of grain competition the a wall of judging the competition is over the results are results are in a we've got winners to congratulates and I'm sure you've got some Beers and talk about the want. Sure we got a couple of them here we had markets and John when are sponsored. Belgian and French late Ailes. So they had a really nice Belgian cities on the they're gonna come and improve worse off than you'll be able to come in and pick up their recipe. If you're looking for another award winning recipe the thirty on our website the group did ski probably our. First two shows recipe won a silver medal. And it's category of historic and specialty Beers are good so the grow. This DA recipe of the week on the show wins. Silver medals for specialty on markets and the Belgian and French you guys sponsored that they obviously one of the sponsors of the overall competition the amber waves of grain. But the Belgian and French L which they titled. Beer Clinton was was a winner. What about what makes a Belgian or French hill what is that is the defining characteristic between those two and why it's kind of mass choir Belgian and French lumped together like that. Well they Sherlock importers to post use similar hops mall in east. Early I mean you see the similar styles the farmhouse AL's and pol Lawndale so they tend to lump them into others. Going to be individual kind of difficulties might fuel more likes Baltimore cleaner east in the French jail in the lol more currencies Syrian caddie hops. In media Belgian -- there really similar and so they tend to get lumped in together and if you look other where in the competition to see other place like Carter grew to ski with a historic pier. On the probably think with about nine or ten historic peer centered competitions who. In order to put it in a larger pool appears to cut combined with a couple other categories so they tend to combine light Beers with similar low numbers and trees. In order to kind packed the categories you can see it's you're looking at the listing of all the winners there there's still a lot of category Yeltsin's side. Absolutely so you're gonna turn this into a box at the people about dipping into walker in the resume robbers recipe the original members instructions. In a box pre measured ready to go for difficulty level foray deep you know home brewer for an intermediate home brewer Belgian and French hour to put run difficulty scale the later later side of the Beers later in gravity here in our caller com. Are definitely easy and actually really easy in the summer especially if you don't have central air conditioning or anything like that says the years you know park manor house might be reaching temperatures in the eighties. Those are a lot of times the only appears you have to group. But I think markets and jobs will be great example and I can't wait to have him in the corporate so we'll have a ready. In time for summer and in time for the one and you guys have them into Bruin and be able to down the line sampled bit it'll probably have I think we'll probably do a double match let them take home keg as well we'll have a cat. On Tampa work coming in to do collaborations like that not often enough. Who wish we could do a lot more the tent and of doing it combined with a lot of other events classes bureau of the week and stuff like that where we have an excuse amber room. We might pee in case like urology working with fleet in Niagara association guys and where he talked to them about what equipment from the store Oregon news and what ingredients they might need more time to a case collaboration Beers there. But on few and far between which would in Milan more. And the gorgeous key you have that respite anytime so people want to have that you can just kind of they're booked on our website more Havoc for paper copy at the store any parent trap and now is a look at the results here for amber waves of grain India all the winners IC. In Niagara association of home brewers special operations brewing networks opens this wig is in the near salt city group club that must be from Syracuse they came in for that I'm guessing. Bonnie beavers organ brew crew. I hit it highest seems like it's a little bit like NASCAR. Like you have a team and then you go and it's she heavier it's four or its Pontiac won the day is it other other clubs kind of competing in the same way the. Especially the local clubs are really working together and I don't think the competition would be what it is today if you didn't have multiple clubs working and it. That that is a low point of pride. Yet. And is there a little but it jostling at the awards ceremony in all of the joking in between about especially people who might be members of both clubs. What they put on their entry forms or club they couldn't. You can do that I can go both sides. Interest thing because I'm I'm thinking you know there's competition. But in this case it would almost seem like in a competition like this or is this the way that is all you have an element of teamwork the can be kind of fun. You brew beer. Maybe you're thinking next year for your religion and turned a want you to recipe you work over and over again you bring to the meetings and say what you think it disguised people be able sailor. You might on this or this to try and improve on the recipe. Death and ended the club actually some of the winters are winners this year work collaboration Bruce at the club set ups they do something called Treo. In the pair club members opera world group them in groups of three. And they have to grew with each other set ups and each other's houses and worked together on appear. And actually a lot of the beer CC on that list there our trio because you have to read. Operas we have gotten past the basic level they've now decided they're gonna join a club and they've gone further than that to say to wanna I wanna I wanna brew which people processes that are unfamiliar to me. So I can learn and those spears really tend to be really really good. Investigation overall congratulations to is that Robert. Robert pile on best in show for a light Belgian strong male so. Regulations and and you know winners all about the a log PM ways agreement breakup is when's the next big. Through contest we're actually thirty taking and trees for. You know how that's upstate New York commerce association which is based out of Russia through they also post competition. Not sure of the entry deadline off the top my apple have that information for use on a two week we're party taking entries we already have some. Piling up at the store on the third period. Fairly often I would say they're more common in western new York and the kind of like early spring late winter here there's not a lot else going on a lot of People's Bank. Whole winter in their basements bottling ranking in brewing so it's a good time to hit people up for entries for comfort in the city in May be good spot or if you meant to register for a wad and you have a couple Beers while you didn't use osment list and to upstate New York this would include just how many people or one how many regions for this one will any of the competitions. Are open national and international and so anybody can openings you concede. We have some places that are sending Beers from clubs from Utah Oregon organ double another one here from artists I know it's in the boxes coming into the store a couple of entries from Marxist. As well as the south east and you see a lot of people countries around the different competitions have. Different draw in the bigger ones tend to draw more people intrigued because they wanna see more Beers in the same category in more Beers you have more charges your head you're gonna have been. The better review are gonna get your beer. So I'm I'm like I appeared got a double models the first thing issues bring it to you guys that tell me where I should entered as. I think it walks the line between black IP and something else that anybody wanted to do that you could help out with. And entry along those lines or a prominent and we've done country clinics for amber waves of grain but you're coming into turn in countries through you know. We'll take it will certainly trying to bottles actually turn him down again what you know we've obtained a two bottles dip to about the urgent. Have you guys just take a look identical with figgins the Lagos. All right. That's cool another competition on the way and I'm on this one. All right so congratulations to all of our a walk winners and contenders as well the numbers were as high as they've ever been there right. I think we're almost at 700 this year and there was a number being floated around I think the almost repeat this very good. Also exciting news for those of us that. Want a plan rise owns a grower on top she talked a little bit about this last week I was in. This past week and I saw in all the box right there are full of rice council hop rise ons are in at night Richard not all of them yeah. We get him in for a bunch of different places to ensure wide variety. Of different types hops and we have about a third of them. In the right be more money going to work today and find out but. Yeah we have about half minutes after sinking of planning we have a lot of the American hops we have some German and the English are still on the way. But I'm we have them in and if you want a plan earlier is better. And this is of a good time right now the F cut off about. I mean we see plant people playing them all the way up until June and in we do keep some around re hereby of people taken home and they do will last for weeks in your refrigerator you just keep dropping over the fresh water in there every a couple of days. But. Earlier the better Friday had the time this next week to do it I would plants and for Fries arms because. There was a first thing on the ground to make curtain from trying to give them that head start. Now a lot of times or band of doing if I end up being that guy in June was planning an NC it was the whiskey barrel or something like that I'm really at that point not gonna get harvest this year. But I'm kind of giving my head start in the next year. Speaking with Burt diced or I'm Jeremy White this is just brew it obvious in 1520. Niagara traditional brick supplies they're open at tanning in this morning's you can head right there here it's Saturday Aberdeen and pop rise owns as you mentioned aren't another way for brewers to save money you know you often mentioned you make your own beer you're saving money vs craft beer and hop rise owns the return on investment it's got to be much higher and that still. Do you after a couple of years post marketing pounds of harvests often individual or rise -- really more than you know what to do with. I probably. Package but every three years. So giving so much saws north number amount including and one more right from which escape smearing them. Have been I'm giving so much of those varieties I don't need to. Tennessee from every year when you're giving a pound for actually topsy and put into a food saver Bagger to sell payments that block. You don't have to harvest every year and I he would feel kind of bad effect on any of those for items noting how much say taking improvement freezer now it's a good option is stupid little thing tapped. Add to it give you more of them and even more of gardening feel to it's it's it's got more afield you're making your own an island and against Hewitt you know. He's got that feeling of how not only is it your beer with your offs next in Ottawa. Earlier on grain noted that there are few people I would not suggest that that it is. Anybody who's the researcher will tell you it's a lot of time a lot of work in a lot of courage. Right do an annuity you'd be surprised and Oleg how much a month and how many acreage it takes to produce the keg of beer. She's all right well just brought here on ESPN 1520 when we get back we've got our question of the week we've got our recipe of the week as well and I've got a question for you. About for the beginner homer was the question you. About the buckets and the airline because I think it mind. Not quite but it's it's a bit harder really hurt yet play tricks on exactly we'll get back of that when we continue here on Niagara traditions just broke. Jerry why do here for nod to tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did gives orchid and you'll be well under way now additionally there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more seasoned roar on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need the Irish traditional home brewing supplied. 1296 Sheridan drive near military Intel wanna open Monday through Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and tiger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew it. Are back here on just threw it obvious game 1520. Join us have with the show you can find this on demand that WGR 550 dot com. Tweet us go to the website and T home through dot com. You can submit questions to the show will be tour question that we estimated. It's from Scott blots on try helping to get to that in a minute but you can tweet at us at and T just brew it and of course you know. Analysts check a sour here. At time 9 AM every morning every Saturday morning on ESP and fifteenth what are my question of all evil airlock and I wonder how many homers go to this problem. I'm currently doing the recipe of the week from last week which would in the California common now so I'm. Pitch in the east at 64 which that you said and then it's their 65 means down. In my keys are at 54 degrees I know I've got fermentation Kazaa account peak nine opened up just just to make sure. A government patient got everything I don't have any bubble in my airlock Burt. And I think to myself and is like the third or fourth time that I'm not getting much action in the airlock. And you know the feeling you see the bubbles you think are right weren't business. No bubbles in the airlock so I think. My bucket must be broken. But then remember might last year pollute the top off my pocket so. What's the deal a look at what does a guy like me. Actually the number one question we probably feel that this out alerts about all the things you could ask this that's what we get the most I have you know gone down to my basement group may appear two days ago. And just not bubbling must not be for mentoring first thing we tell people do with. What you did open open it in check in and usually it's yet Bowman like crazies to the figure what's going well. The pockets are a complete airtight seal which is why he when you move him we'll talk about the tunnel that when you move the beer on to a secondary fermentation moving into carved week. Which are really small knack in really tight seal. When you have a bureau it's going absolutely crazy may be over from renting a little bit it's pushing so much CO2 route to its filling all the cracks along the edge of the lid. And blowing some out the airlock. If you have a slow study fermenting Ehrlich this larger might not credit at my order Brees wouldn't expect you expect to be a little slower yeah. I'm doing I'm doing and the beard. I'm a little bit how to view from the beer from week but I'm doing the mine. And I'm just during the pushed it up to. To his rest temperature and I would say it was giving about a bubble through a cart we about a bubble every. Fifteen to twenty seconds out of a car so again you have a perfect airtight seal. These bloggers too slow from ranchers in this part of the clean flavors that they're kind of taking. A little bit more time in their metabolism and then when you do the rest are going back and kind of again cleaning up. A little bit more. By products of fermentation. Arms loses normal. And there's not producing much gas in these colder from hunters and it's not gonna blow the top quite like your big IPA's similar tails off and do. So no worry no worries and in terms of opening it. It's not a big risk just be careful not to drop anything in in the first three or four days or find open. If it's not from renting now you're gonna do something to get a fermenting so it's gonna start producing an ICO two and sulfur dioxide. If you. If you open up and it's foaming there's obviously so much CO2 coming out there it's been re blanket that beer with CO2 within a couple hours north onward. Novel that's all I solace foam and I thought our right I've openness and often done and not done that enough times and yes California columnist recipe two weeks ago is last week was. The my rock and this week we've got to get to a pale but first our question of the week this comes in from Scott Bob blacks. A question to NT home brew. He writes and advantages vs risk in dry hopping in second fermentation is at best to always racked to a second from a 21 trial hopping. Or any other infusions amount offense but not like to disturb the primary during its three week for imitation mentally that adds or introduce risk of infection whenever you wreck beer. And the advantage of stronger flavors enrollment in clarity. As you remove most of the yeast cake at second fermentation I've been favoring the racking to a second just wondering if its worst worth the risk. So is it worth it racking to a secondary is the question. I would say. Us and I need keg most of my beer so it's important to me to a very little note sediment. In the keg because he got to wait for all softball around the bottom so if you're planning to keg of beer 19 drink at the next morning which you. Off general the next afternoon Hossa. Do you often don't wanna be drinking cloudy beer if you spend all the time to get a clear through fermentation so are you really need. He was secondary for just about every beer. Now the three weeks in the primary fermentation might be a little bit excessive and I would say he is right if he's doing a long primary fermentation. That after a power tools say the weeks to five days. The beer loses its ability to blanket itself and CO2 so if your. On the fence about doing a secondary and he pushed it passed a week you might not want to me wanna just what that your clarify in the primary from hunter. In moving over rate to bottling marketer cac. Com who you really wanna try to catch the beer in the first. We'll say 45 days really when it breaks quarries and foam starts dying back and disappears on the top. The bureau still fermenting still off gassing CO2 not so much is gonna blow the car blew. And it's kind of done from entering C hopefully shouldn't it and I gas or from these going back and re eating sugars and it didn't need in the primary fermentation. But this. Blanketing it CO2 is really is what's going to protect the beer. Now the other thing you sir and ask about it to dry hopping and whether there's like an added risk to dry hopping and if done right no one impartially as trying to catch it at the right time and again it's the same time that if you're gonna wreck over to a secondary. You wanna catch it in for a lot of times the same reason. Amman and what do you from dry topic here so I know Jeremy you I do make a lot of IPA's a lot of pale Olson yeah the first time you drive out to it was a world the different. Yet not only that I've I did something else this last summer I put leave pops right and the keg which. Was mean Q coach in terms of Roma and tasted it tasted so fresh to do it that way when it comes that the secondary I've racked secondary. Every time. And I've heard people that just kind of don't even bother with a secondary if you're tiger he really showed you that think that Mike would align Oreo of demarcation is if your tagging. Go secondary now should there be a a gap of time between Iraq to the secondary and dry hopper connect to the same exact you running theme day. And it because when you're adding these hops. There is bacteria fungus on them and this is often why you see people say at Hopson boil. Or if it don't end hops in the primary fermentation. Won the the fermentation in the CO2 is coming off the peers actually gonna. Take off a lot of that fresh Roma so what you put in your immediately and lose. But the other thing to do with that is when the pierce fresh before you have a healthy fermentation producing all the CO2. Sulfur dioxide and alcohol as well as lowering the PH of the beer. On those microbes could take. Now when the beer is almost finished. The lower PH began the alcohol and these what we call chill factor so Tiffany's have different kill fact of your ability to kill other microbes to preserve. Their food source. Will kill off the bacteria on the props to your you really trying to catcher Roy when you move over to a secondary. And right when the beer is just about done for mentoring so that it can blanket itself again in CO2. Is first to dry hopping you're really gonna get to individual flavor that popped in the in the super you start to get the real big citrus Tino outside of flexing cascades perennial. Both total and utter partisan most of Roma it's identical and have flavor but it will not have bitterness on your American while you're gonna extract oils because he now calls and make them a little more soluble. You're knocked an extract all facets so this is why a lot of times you'll see recipes for the bitter and have it in Belfast that units how much acid you wanna put them. In for the finishing the half complete volume because they're you're really giving the kind of profile dramatics of hops which is oil which are. Fairly even among the hops commonwealth finishing Friday's you're not giving any of the fast. Very good all right Scott hope that answers your question of the week when it comes to dry out and I'll just a little kind of piggyback on this. What to what level should I want to hop to come in complete contact with the Beers they float. So my getting everything I need to what should I shake it around to China. Get them wet and I want them to be beer soaked it with thank yet and you want that they should start kind of absorbing the beer liquor spots in the should carry up into the Hopson and some of on the lead cops are always gonna blow too easy for wracking a lot of people wonder if they're getting all the flavor on the mechanic gases the proof is in the the pint. If you're getting tons of flavor. You know Armenians during their recipe over and over and don't bother shaking their sometimes of Aussie can ensure we think programs via the hops are wrecking and and when you get tortilla and there are some dry once upon top and probably let it sit overnight at BO OK but I go ahead and give it to shake. Also sometimes giving it shaken he Easter trump card in the drive hops like after a day or two we'll fall down to the bottom and that we can when your racking. Or get to denial all right that's our question a week you consider it and submit your questions directly to NT home brewed dot com or tweet NS at. Anti just Pruitt for the recipe of the week last week it was in my rock night got a pale ale. Soul what's distinct about this pale Alvin makes it recipe of the week world. Well what we're gonna do with this one is we're really tell you what we did so we'll give you hops in the amounts that we use. Who the recipe is gonna be set up this kind of we'll see a Matalin for home number. So you can take a look at the recipe choose crystal ball you want choose the pace smoltz or liquid extract that you want in choose hops in the kind of hops scheduling. Is gonna reflect to what we're talking about earlier so we'll give you what we did who will also give you the total number of a user HP'S_C. one news he legitimately hop that fits that you guys at ten alpha offer sixty anyone here. Pops its near tennis what ago the other or you can we can do is take the offensive percentage from multiplied by the way. And that will give you what's called the home version which is great for working with five gallons in one ounce packaging of hops. So that if you're doing a little inconsistencies and alpha accident a variety you can meet those adjustments to your innings in bitterness in Minnesota. One ounce of thought are one ounce attendees to one's life. And welcome. So whatever hop you want nets for the boil and for twenty minutes and that. Dry hopping announce Aminu just this is going to be wide open it's an extract recipe primarily yep extra aggressive recipe primarily. Armed first hops can go sit received from the floral. Bomb a bass pale those really good for profiling hop and you Selig the popular idea of community Bure works like Cingular thirty series which is on mosaic. I hope right now. Hope there's still some out there and it's really nice to your profile of that individual on an individual cops have. Flavors from coconut to pine apple citrus to meant to would now and the one thing about we got about a minute here left. That I find is when your brewing appear you're gonna drink some of it which you do have to have friends that will treated to an parallels are easy to get people to drink. To very easy it's easy drink for anybody just about. And if someone comes over you got a beer. In all. And imperial oak aged out is and always with somebody watts they want one beer that's 11% in us you're gonna try something I think details are related start the and it's a good start for people who might be in for appears to Belgians are only drink wheat Beers because the pale oils. Are really not bitter focus but again a lot of times kind of we're seeing more of the American pale oils go to finish the flavor Roma. So could come up with a fruity via kind of nice summer there aren't. Protester from Niagara tradition they are open at 10 o'clock this morning so law happy Saturday brewed a head out there are reminded the eighteenth two weeks from today. Is being urology at the buffalo science museums saw. Get an out there it's a great show it's great time racial I've never been before it's my first time enough their sonic said about you guys have a presence there as well you know we're we're usually tucked into the basement but that's where you wanna be that roomful kitchen as. We're usually down the Brooklyn the other beer vendors when I'm alone in the basement. But it's replace if you're looking to cius brew a lot of guys from local clubs will be there to brewing. Assertive. Non formal way to check around that's the eighteenth so each tickets and get to be your Knology the buffalo science and Burke thanks very much talking next week. Accuracy and just Berlet. On ESPN fifteen wanting in we always sit in the show you want beer. Overall though ruin yourself. You've been listening to just threw it. Ron you might never traditional blue. Whether you're season brewer or just want to get started president 1286 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.