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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. You might hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional home brew here's your host Jeremy White the first diced her. Good Saturday morning and welcome to Niagara traditions. Just threw it my name is Jeremy White advertisers. Here every. Saturday morning on ESPN fifty point talking home growing would you supplies techniques to answer questions. Reading your tweets anyway you wanna get a hold of us and website and he home. And tweet at us. At night and into evil or the show with at and T just. Morning our morning. Good data bro yeah nice weather we've had this weeks ago I think a lot of people are getting outside and no I have. Growing outsize nice if that's in touch does the weather affect burrowing. Ever. In certain way aiming doesn't affect the bachelor so it's really cold and you can't keep temperature and your Keller how liquor tankers neighboring outside. I mean we see people are different Beers you see a lot of people during the light Beers now in the whimpering bigs to out some stuff over the winner. But com besides fermentation. And if you have some neo inconsistencies with house temperature what effect troopers so. You have temperature control he grew whatever you want and the ten year. Of them it's nice to be outside you know and you have to bundle up early exit in the garage or anything like that my cents. All right we've got a lot to get to today as severe allergies so anyone that's heading to via science museum. You guys will be down there what exactly where Levy where shall work of people find USB urology the event is sold out of it and tickets. You know better luck next year or maybe you can call friend who might. Manufacturer something but its assault lot of edits a huge event it's a great event outlook we expect from Niagara tradition today and urology. Will be down in the basement will be right next to the Niagara solution harbors were going to be making beer again they give us a great full kitchen. On the usually when we grew defense like this might get a hot plate and some hose water. Here Reeve before captured three of everything you'd normally have at home to Peru it looks like a home kitchen so basically we're going to be hungering. At the science news in. As far as what wall have set up we'll have you know some displacement educational stuff we try to keep its science oriented here because it is you know science center. Yeah will be in the basement right next to the kitchen. Come find it so can people understand the growing process better by learning the science of it. Definitely definitely in you kind of see what pitfalls you might have. With doing anything to tell people are wanna make it appears that 25% alcohol he told them while the highest powered Japanese we have this 18%. You can realize there's a hard limit there and colonel looking up those. That background information cheer pierce ruling makes it different. And when it comes to each level the process all the time after watching TV. And they're making a pot roast in although pretend to put it in the oven and then they'll come out like on this will taste like at. Bureau OG we you have different stages of the growing process as demonstrations or is that a good place see that kind of thing. We're usually the first people there in the last people believe com we will have. We try to hit right with the likes keeping your mansion packing on whether we're doing Auburn boiling right at the start movement. So if you come back every hour we're going to be doing something different so won't Buick TV show were we have a national missing time is a boil. The same time we have something from renting. We're gonna take a pierce start to finish through the event the guests would be encouraged to loop around a couple times that his advertiser will see something different in Ghana but you know. By the urology that's Saturday out what the just open your group. Arianna talked to a guy that augment. But it is the best to demonstrate is Arab a beer that's better than others if you're trying to show people what's happening because you know the matching process of the Steve been processed. To to meet. It can be impressive to get those dark callers out some of those malls you know you're coming out when you have a stout when you mash a stout comes out and it just looks like. Motor oil we get the idea like uh oh that that's what waters pulling out of these grains it's caller it's sugars in the to me. I like watching the matching process just because of knowing what comes out of there. Our analysts the flavor she get off of that and the smells are great watching the match change. You know I think if you remembering all green for awhile you know when you figure conversions just by looking and smiling at the issues he these. Definite changes come from like the milky cloudy. Managed to all of a sudden you can start to see some clear even at fifty all black beard color motor oil and you start to see this clear from the rich in amber to. As far as that the event I think. Postings that we've done I think it's fun in the past we do IPA's where we have people who were walking by can't hop sort. So we tell me you know propel out of hops out and say pick informed you liked him precedent for the boil we've done a couple of those we've done imperial. Stout it's been boiled for two to three hours during all day event. This first. What we would like to group probably like an English bidder wheat beer something quick because we're trying to do and hauled in usually within the span three hours and anybody who's done it before. And mean if you're doing this at home and human Don and while you can spend three hours giving your equipment together cleaning everything up so. Will be ready to go read the starter event and hopefully will be finished by the right. All Saturday it's at the museum sizes and if you think it's probably Arnold the details have not and so when asked you to go he should be should goats can be a lot of fun that's. Beer all achieved but the science of beer I would tell us to get to. You mentioned tossing Hopson at the boil. It's close to home for me this week I had wrestled oil like tossed my tops and we'll get to that minute but you guys have rise homes in have been saying that for a couple of weeks. Still. More adding more to the other better Verizon's. Or in our people lower actually starting to lose our fault so people who are pro procrastinating. Top prize on planting season is here. Com we've already run out of will land that we still have lots of other varieties available and lots of other. English and American variety so if you're looking at more Hammond and you are really disappointed are socially get something in the ground this year you know get something you'll use and put it in there. Com and that we got tons of after they're fly ago popular varieties are. Will start to go out of Stockton and you know you kind of have some of the more unknown or Newark Friday's. We'll kind of linger shall always have those but I would encourage people to comment given in the fast the key meaning to put up a picture and Twitter or mine which are hurting growing. So reactive and then there is time. Was well I'm in a situation where let's just didn't have a lot of that or is it really popular one for people by. We have a fair amount of Ian reed did indeed. The always Estes for pre order you know we submit one that they don't know what these rise arms are gonna look like until ground thoughts and they can actually start taking him out. Amen to what happened was calamity is the had to cut everybody's ordered because it was in his healthiest they thought from the previous year. So we have enough to fulfill all over pre orders plus have come out for a while but after three or four weeks now we've run out of we have every other variety. If you wanna look at that with sobriety go to our website just look at top prize homes or come up right as its own category you can take a look at all the priorities we have as. NT home group dot com all right now. Another thing may seventh was announced as national home brewed day. Back in 1988 we mention that the rest celebrated this year on May second and so derby day. That there's a million things going on that day it's also national homered. So while you're watching the derby who might wanna be me and smear it's. Now it's been busy day earlier today and I national home rooted in its may second of course will be on that they'll celebrate that there was nobody else big Rubin at Niagara tradition so. You guys are trying to decide which are gonna proof of that. But you'll have tastings demo classes and so maybe some dedicated to beer algae can mark may second before you head out to place your bet side to be whatever you gonna do for the dirty. Sup by Niagara tradition there. And help us decide what we're gonna make it is a guy and if you go to the American Humber association website. They always have some options for the big group here and were undecided so if you have an opinion and you wanna come by the shop and have a pint or two afterwards tweet us. Emails was a we won a super. One of the nominees yet nominee yet I'm looking at the culture now registered a colts. Probably in January. To subsite for summer. And think I have about three balls are critical business and to me the colonel. Full says the perfect summer Beers from which is so light it's so good to make your own goals. And of the guys that resurgence. They've never that the government had an untapped when they before they opened up and I went Mecca blind deaf and Judy chip and Dave. And they had kiwi colts which was like this you know. Taste buds on fire like this is the perfect summer Beers between students tiller you know put that out into that pattern on I've never actually seen some. All right so question of the week well his a couple of I've got 11 is that the benefit of being co host this show is that I've got a problem and you gotta help me. So I brewed up our. Derby bourbon stout I've got. He can go eight ounces of oak chips a toast them like you said it broil them. And they smoke great innate smoke up your house or parliament but for the broiler on high and you open up the oven that whoosh this big cloud comes out smells like burning fire. So that part went really really well put him in Mason jar there soaking in urban right now. That's right. The beer. Did a stout and only called for one ounce hops sought hybrid a pretty big batch it's a five gallon I think I was. For Clinton and it would five gallon. I've got a four gallon pot. And I love it like three and a half this thing got a little high purity pushing this look of what this what it got so high. That I had to put some of the work into a secondary pot and boil there today and add late but to try and just like. Almost two it is too wants via and knowing him. I've overdone to consider how my measurements were way off that I had ever auxiliary pot and I still had to boil over to the boil overcame. Edit of any problems with thumb. Batting extract through trial to extract which you know usually that'll come up a little bit but it did. I threw the Hopson and that thing went trees one ounce hops I don't know that I've ever had a hop oiled before. Anytime it's hard come up it was before the rolling boil I was role and I was good I just dump and hops not thinking in any issue and it came out. Beat up. Yeah. It's it's impressive how quick and what you saw there was you're probably the same time you're achieving your property which is we're separating your proteins in the war there from grain. You also added Hopson gave it great bubble nucleus from point. So what that meant is that any gas that was trying to get the release from the beer that tarred. Bubbled on those little piece ops gave it something to cling to and and that obviously almost bubbles came up appears gaga. Hard protection Creighton. Means that all the sugar makes it foam easy techniques that money to. Staying near its other molecules. In and yes that turned into foam which came up and out of the group makes held on Mattson yes you talked to anybody from home during this. Is one of the late major. Headaches doesn't ruin the beer so don't worry there's going to be did not. Dump I felt like it did a good job of saving I immediate lift it off the heat which shall immediately go right back down yep that's the first thing you learned it was from movie aged pull up evened out and it shall make a different story and it comes over the sides so you like a kind. Clean it up on a clean up the cell and I tried to scrape the hops are on the exterior of the pot. Any hops that you get back in there I wanted to in there because you know it's only an ounce the battery I didn't have any other ops so I feel like. I have a Bergen stout Robert urban yet. But I have a stout. It only had one ounce of bettering hops and threatened conservatively 75% of my collect pulled out and earth to like. You say it's not ruined. What do I do. Got to also hear we'll have we'll take a look at the operas are so we'll first take a look at how are you wanna fix that thermal take a look at what you can do to stop or prevent. So to fix that you need to me like basically hop T. On to read bidders appear now this is where your bring calculators come and they can really help you. I'm Neal was down for years what we're gonna do is we're gonna take a court water. And we're gonna boil with one ounce of fumbles and an F four point 5% AA use. In what that's gonna do is once we Boyle was for sixty minutes we take this multi import into the beer at five gallons is an equal to about when he won. I'd be used in the pole beer what you should have been. Just about out. Com when you boil. No you never know what you are who don't want to just dump this and you wanna add it to taste usually around bottling time. To kind of tweak and to be quite honest if you tasted Neve console takes Harper's. I don't know anybody besides one or two people who would say that they could probably put in our AB you. Might chased down to a number. And even the people that tell me that I wooden. That would take your life aria. So you wanna do to taste and you always wanted to err on the side of caution I tell people a Swiss top tees with it's spices for flavoring. On if you go over borders of flavor can kill appear quick where few and the creep up and you just have subtle hint of a fair. It just about always works. So that's usually how you fix. Would that boil over affected the gravity. Not really. On the stuff that's lost lost sugar in the blow it means that you have to lose a significant volume of liquid usually what gets pushed out the top is deadly the hops. The protein which we don't. Neither one anyways. Arm but usually small amount so as far as the volume of beer hasn't changed. Sometimes the finishing gravity might increase a little bit because of the excess heat and the burning scorching you end up with all the more compensation. Those longer chains of colonel archer molecules are not commendable pencil stick around and linger after the beer not a problem with the style still. A fund and make this team I'm basically gonna put into the match so prominent practice from a primary to a secondary. And then put in there. If and use it like wine thief to taste. Or had a lot of filler works while racking to be using it like a point about putting your normal for one and putting it into glass trying it. You know certainly no more around and you don't wanna you know wanna frothy you don't want to pre world war. When mixing stuff in there but just gently mix be patient with him (%expletive) and little bit and I don't at all court game. Try a little by little see how much and it might not even really need any it's just matter of figuring that out. OK so one quart of water an ounce of fumbles he said fortune alpha sixty minutes it's basically just wrote a beer without any of the stuff squirrelly put it on and it'll boil ago. About preventing that next time I mean I've got to I've got a pretty big pot. I you know when we put together that respite that we did a report on oil size and I shouldn't be British should be doing that much so when it comes to. Pots like. Bigger cops are always better to right right there pops Carter. A little bit better too because it's more the heat it's actually going in OK if you feel a lot of these new pots and other real expensive pot putting. Aluminum. Insulating place on the bottom of the pots are they actually add to the thermal capacity and actually add to the deflection so how much heat is not going into the peer to can shut off to the side. They also become that edits or Macbeth he would you try to take the hot off the heat sometimes. The insulating plate is a lot hotter than 212 and so that he still gonna be coming into about your peers still going to be. Boiling over but a bigger pot is always better just gives you more had space what you see what's going on. Also always watchable and only say you know normally don't want to boil in bring always watchable. It's gonna make those last couple degrees real quick and all the sudden. Rated Lleyton heap of separation so right in the water starts to evaporate in turn into gas got me bubbles. Then you're gonna see your boil over to you wanna be there you wanna ketchup there's lot of products you can put in their. Smaller irregular. Shaped molecules usually like plastic quarter. Sometimes from mineral that will break up these bubbles and there's also. Boils you can put some people used to use olive oil which is not as. Popular safe by start to former something like that. Which puts a small slick on the beer. Arm but will prevent it from boiling over now I tend not to use these partially because. Most of the time numbering a big enough pot I still have boil over I used to play the beer at all. Nobody we should leave the last a little bit in the hot or in the primary or secondary or all three to try to let these oil councilman from breakdown. So the idea is that David breakdown during fermentation and they won't be there to. Killed have protection on the peer leader. But. The best way is always the bigger pot and there's a couple things you can do what you search see this boil over. I would try to have a glass or super serve cold water from during the fifteen yet on batch outside I just use the cardinals. Now you can break that latent heat of operation really quick by just adding some cold water so if you receive the level start to come up a small splash of water. Even on the 510 Gail boil. We'll make a big difference and knocked that foam down. And you want to have this hopper you don't want to avoid it there used to be. Spread about. Yet again or just like the from grade taps her Home Depot Laura and I recognized their allies are just as I know you're going to be boiling it for sixty minutes so just from cold tap water will do to worry about the core needing your matching the PH reporting from now quicker and it's going to be a small amount don't and I've seen some people put a fan or top the blow air at the top two parakeet phone. I've and that seems a little bit. Over complicated forming. Mentoring set up is big enough as it is. To find a fan trying to please to mount it on another extension cord. If you're in your in your house you have a like a fan nearby yep that definitely works. Palm's. Other little things you can do always try to get your property and again you want to property if you don't have your property you're gonna have a cloudy beer. Armed you wanna have to operate generally before. You read the hops that you're gonna have another one inevitably when you have the house so be ready for. All right won't happen again cleanup wasn't as bad as I thought it would be no it's really easy especially if you get to a fresh on everything there came from. Water there was soluble in water an army itself you. I thought I'd electric drops Obama thought would be the relief of pain that wasn't at all. All right we've got to get to a quick break back into the side of the question too weak a recipe of the week as we continue here on night or traditions just brew it. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just Pruitt which means. Either you home brew order thinking about it wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need. Now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 Sheridan drive near military Intel don't want to open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Pay them a visit and remember to just brew it. Had to be urology day welcome back here and actors. Just threw it Jeremy White bird die through here pretty for our question of the week and here we if you don't know urology from. Buffalo museum besides them. If you have tickets. I don't know I'm telling you. Tickets that are very big event but Knight is traditionally down there in the basement stuff by growing up Leo will decide for. There I say at a working yet we're still working a talk I know I've talked about equipment we've talked about. Logistics. Power gonna get the equipment there who's bringing water. If they actually talked about organ. All of the majorities that are putting Russ beat down and people via you've got time by arc. Question the wake you can email us to go read the website and he homered dot com and submit your questions or you can tweet them this is from Jordan. He writes in a always try to improve mash efficiency in the last procession as playing with the spacing of my Barley and ultra list. I overshot and ended up with a stocks barge any tips for improving efficiency while avoiding huge maps. Core talk about the start sparks person really quick easy way to get around sucks barge is too. Try to start running from water into the bottom of the matched on. So to try to force a smaller molecules to cut down to the bottom again is usually bit of protein and trump. That our art clogging up whatever you have at the Bosnian national and city for people who don't know Gregory you're trying to rinse sugar off the grain. Except the water isn't going anywhere stock he got this like cake of harder to watch this protein down at the monitor national. Crosses the pursing and obviously obvious he found out a finer crush always kitchen more efficiency. But to fine and you get a stocks are to restart to get some panic flavors. Especially if you're. Fly Spartacus is a big deal batch partners batch marching through hard. To get a sucks barge because you're dropping the whole water column once if you have any particulates are just gonna move with the water column through your screen. And it's actually the grainy usually catches all these small particulate so the first thing you can do. Is re circulate. While you're cashing take them with with wood off the bottom and gently pour back on top fuel pump great just have a slow trickle always going to. This is gonna prevent those finer prop particles from building up at the bottom and it's gonna cause them to get filtered out by the green that at the top two and still pass waters true. The other thing he mentioned execution idea having right now I don't in them for every bench but their certain batches that I will always said then sings I look for. Wheat oats pumpkin. For trying to add pumpkins the national food price you always edit the Boyle talked and he Humber whose work was pumpkin it can be an SOB. But rice calls re circulation. Can help solve these problems. What you're using for mashed into makes a big difference. I like false bottom. Dour little bit more expensive to give you a wider surface area battered more even draw. The real we really needed and louder towards something where your medal Russell where you're gonna heat from the bottom sleeper right makes void space. So you can heat your ash could if you're doing German Beers scorers anything records that match. American light Beers is well. They tend to like those manifold are really good I've built a barge from an awful Torre years they work relief wells especially in the coolers. Disadvantage of that is you got to build it yourself there's a lot of cards spent with either Trammell are hacks. Trying to put holes into this PVC or some sort CPB easier copper pipe economy could train at the bottom. Screens are good for coolers only really when your arm patched arching income don't hold on hold for flights barging. In two and a note he didn't mention this in the email but if you're using the braided hose. We see a lot of people out there using the stainless steel. Paraded. Supply host with the do you think he can actually be. In the the breeding off of a laundry supplies host in the use that the problem is is not reason enough it collapse. And you're just marketing and draw because of hoses flattened. But. We lose rights holes if you're worried. To find a crush is always going to lend more truce talks barge to course lower efficiency. But the other thing that people don't look at a lot is to dear you're doing. Later Beers. Later in gravity are always gonna have higher efficiency feature giving a better. Water to green ratio on their also gonna get less stocks margins as well. So I think they're kind of leads us into the bureau of the week and I think we should do a coach. It's going to be an easy beer certainly have a lot of grain to your going to be kind of prone to higher efficiency you know what you tweak these things. While your brewing single match infusion system to roam all light on the hopping she can really see how well you're doing at the mansion process. But. Yeah that's the other thing I tell people always look at the later Beers big IPA's they're always gonna give you problems a lot of times if I'm trying to do one may big. And dying 10% you know. Double triple like PA's what everyone to call it. Are amusing and extract so I'm doing my comfortable fifteen pounds per five key elements in both throw in three counts of the I mean at the end to boost my gravity. And I feel like in doing so much more on migraines that act strictly pays for itself. Because they can so keep my high efficiency. But. Debt in the long way around it is if you're gonna improve. Pierce was high crushed grade. And they're gonna be big Beers and they might have again wheat oats any type and jumped in fully greens as well. You're gonna be running into these problems from making English bidders or something like the colts week after week you might never have a sex part. But see certain pierce that caused problems too when you look at your grits recipe wanna say like. Haven't done something like this before could cause a problem to someone as an extra rice calls or some extra spark quarters much a strike water trying to make up for. All right thank you for the question Jordan and we are just about out of time quick thing just very quickly for those that might amid the derby Bergen. When it comes to adding Bergen and the chips just the chips. Berman and the chips. Personal preference personal preference. Odd depends on the beer. Sometimes we are just the chips who blogs token they're gonna do just chips when Alonso choking their for at least a week a lot of times he uses to add just suburban. Palm Beach and Edyta flavor extracts so and like to secure during your hot tea command in the Bergen as well. Arm or you can do folks if you're doing both were few during Okie just one case of every once a while to see how he's cleaver term maturing. A lot of time to find when I owe something attempts ago rate from. Nice chocolate Vanilla flavors coming out of the close right contaminant out of the word to would toothpick. Which you don't want. So case in every once in awhile it's up to you if you want to bite the urban if you want that little bit of burn go ahead through them there. I think we're going to him but if you were looking more for just the flavor and you don't want increase he oak on you don't want to bite to it. And have them boilermakers a fact and opinion just so what all right. Thank you Burke went back into your monitor and see it beer allergy and if you wanted to pick up some brewing supplies of course. So opens o'clock here and reopened for Niagara traditions just brought its Saturday morning so we say go brew yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening did just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether your season brewer or just want to get started with the committee twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.