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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like your you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy why they. Bert diced or good morning. Wherever barks you may be Jeremy White bird dies dirt which actress is just threw it. If he really network mothers day for the moms out there happy Mother's Day to all the mom called the marine moms including my own yes. In. Again if you have a mother in the house and she's not ever. You should probably not through tomorrow we know clean some bottles can motto of the way here you know. Or go to my position today by a broke it and introduce her to Burlington now that's an idea if maybe you've got a beer that Europe. You know open up today at the symbolic or keg. And I you made for mom if you Ehrlich some allusion a particulate oats morals mothers that would have been a good idea. You know some of apple ready for mom but all right just the sick so I gave other states all the moms out there tiger tradition of course opening up. 1 o'clock this morning Cunningham Ted and himself via through summer rubio I mean around our hours is it officially summer. Is I would say it's officially summer and we haven't made any up pushed a summer hours I think we're just gonna keep from the same. This year through Summers previous years in the in the heat of the summer we've. Either I know some of her older processors are we used to be closed for a week just to clean Howell three do shelving and stuff like that and nowadays we have enough staff that we just trying to fudge through it and you know help you while we. Do inventory levels charts show old R&R just kind of moment you gotta go so will be open through right we've got lots to get to we've got a question which comes in from Jeff about. Filtering tap water that's on the way a recipe of the week is gonna feel a lot more summary. And now brewing outside is our topic of the week today and a lot of people obviously grew outside. You mentioned something to me to BJ CP guidelines yeah those that BJ CP and what are their guidelines and how does it affect a home brewer well the Arby's ACP Stanford emperors judge certification program. Now they set of guidelines appear as doesn't mean every beer asked to be with in the guidelines they think Mini Cooper should feel challenge to group your outside the guidelines which causes them to make expansions like they did this year. And this is a big change for number two people who were justice because since really 2004. In the new revision in 2008. These guidelines haven't changed. So if you learn them in 2008. You have on hand to do really any real thing since sent. Now the new style guidelines reflect a lot of these new beer says people are bringing there's a whole category for IPA and specialty IP days as a black IP Ryan I cut. Is Wallace styles appear I've never heard of Kentucky comment. It's a new one that should dinner. Derby to a beer maybe next year so this is title like if beer had a family tree yeah ground elements of its split off and if a few more branches and then. Kept her so you receipt terminal steps which each beer so how bitter how sweet they should be. What the ingredients. Usually are in them. In winner this actually gets used is one for home Mercer colonel looked down for inspiration if your number you never look at these guidelines. For a copy out start checking off the Beers you've brutally notes in the margins on those Beers. On the the other seeing this means is when you and Turk competition. Judges will be taking a look at these guidelines based on what you Bruton kind of comparing the two. End it gives them judges better tools aren't some of these weirder styles appear to kind of refined say OK when my drinking and what should it be like what should net him. And better definitions while for better judgment and one of the things about defying what your theories and and now it's judged you mention. That with some of these competitions back for a while you wanna make sure the you enter your beer in the right categorically you might have a great peer. But US or the wrong category then you know he got so there there's all sorts of competition topic a lot of time to see small ones may be done by a brewery. Club organization and in a restaurant where there during hampering competition is just the best beer that they just have annual judges up there and I'm not a guy insistent in the agency which one you like. The Basque and a similar to a lot of thought small line making competition. But in BJ CP sinks in competitions. Is not about. The best beer. To the judge has Pallet. But which one are represented to classic style the box to your being judged based on the commercial be yours them before you. Adoption of BJ CP guidelines changed and we must change with them. Well okay so the weather's turned it spanned eighty this week temperatures climbing and up forecast today as four. In 86. While you hit a so through an outside. I mean people might wanna get outside might be better grow outside in the fall the winter's freezing you know you're. They're in trouble with frozen hose yeah being temperature always heard the summer it's 86 but hey all right followed a broadside today would be advantages to bring outside. Well one that you're not trapping all that humidity and pissing off anybody in the house that maybe. Not too happy with the the smell. Armed but there's there's not a lot of policy advantages for the beer itself but. It makes it a lot easier for you if you have a boil over your on your driveway to brief outpost. It's that comes up to me to bring outside nice and who wouldn't rather be sitting out in the backyard and drawing a cold beer and hot day while the group. And there's a lot of different ways to do that we're doing a lot of questions about at this time mere one year old dressed first. Arm is bring on a Koran gas growth with just your regular. Pro thinker can be done site earlier lodges have in my house you've got to. And so if you have a good sized -- one that's gonna cover enough for the Bernard the year actually catching good percentages heat you can brew that you might not be able to give five gallons to open it pretty good side. Right side because sometimes you have to have a cyber but it's nice it's definitely nicer to have. Arm but ideally a lot of people are going out and kind of buying pots chiller and Bur for right now. And so I think we should kind of talk about a little bit what you're looking for when you wanna buy one goes yeah. On the when you sale on your home really just mean like the thing I Coke. Sausages are grilled chicken inner fire up the gas grill. You out of gas because you got to regulate the heat chart you'd ever do you well you could do charcoal if it mean here's one thing to be hard to regulate the heat for C seeping agreeing to gnashing or something like that. But is longs are not constantly boiling. Over I think to be kind of cool but charcoal fired him beer I mean I'm really gonna get any flavor. In his lungs this meant damaging your equipment the war should only reach 212213. Degrees and kind of hold their respect beginning hotter. The national Laker an opponent like Q would making Stew or chillier are something like that. I guess that makes sense mean grills I think anyone it's integral as the temperature gauge on and you closed lid is up to 500 prisoners are getting. War 212 should be to be a problem so regular disabled pot you'd put on the Soviet but not right on the grill. Yeah and you're saying some people like to coat the bottom was Selig. And they're favored to show or something like that to try to prevent any of the carbon sticking directly and really giving into the metal. I tended to put it on there and deal with the problems later in the auction that's how it started during my first part of human remains on a girl on a now you said not always five gallons of Jimmy net for the sidebar because of that division to grow the regular Greeley could do a full month you do get a lot of deflection in the heat now all of this going right in to the park so the outside yeah I would say we had like. Crummy Grohl I think we bottomed special like you know value or something like Patton. And don't think we pay more than fifty dollars for. On back to parliament with like three gallons working and so what we can actually get to a boil arm but it can be can be done all right. But if you want the Bible or something a little bit bigger and it is certainly they look more industrial for anyone it's just gonna make the sleeping do this they look like. A pretty significant things but they're not they don't actually cost too much it's. It's affordable it's seems pretty practical that's tournament if you're if you're gonna go this drugs consistently looks like something you could do pretty easily yet and there's there's a big range of amount that you have to look at the top. Mostly support me and poor when your paying a 150 dollars for it can be natural gas or propane it's stainless steel. It has Angola steel. Lay eggs and lake extension so you can bolted to withstand you can bolt that year. Garage floor if you want to do that so it's going to be nice and study has pot catch but there are a lot of cheaper works out there on cheaper ones are still made in the USA to. We tend to sell mostly king cooker and in the have a lot of different models on different options the models and this is what people asked all the time what's the different between make Turkey Fryer burner. Am the king for her but through you because picking her current archer you seem to have much higher BTU rating its actually not a lot of times in the burner itself but in the regulator attached to you see higher PSI. In once meant for steaming your boy wearing a brewing compared to those meant for frying. The reason is so you don't end up with large planes wrapping around your pot when you're trying fried Turkey or something like that causing a big fire. So that's the first thing to look at is what's to PSI in the regulator it's higher PSI option. And also most complete halt peace if you got seven gallons possibly stainless steel pot that's a lot of weight too and you may want to Politico weight rating for each. Kutcher and many of them are built in oh blurred the flame comes from the bottom and it's at the one and I've seen. It is to imagine in my top and my IP story enough to have a full boil men getting getting the work up to that full boil for anyone that maybe. Hasn't done a full on because it you're more likely do it outside evidence that I would think we are human animal popping enough to fit on your stole what are you doing to begin with maximum most. Myself included at the microwave overhang so the really big pots I'm gonna struggle to get on myself means a fumble full boil. Is the process of getting an up to that any different is the boil over anymore like island. Vial by those essays and more likely to happen so yes boil overs are more likely. You're looking at the the cheapest propane burner we sell about a 105. Or more thousand BTUs. Steps like almost double all the perks and stove. And any give from point. So it's gonna come up a lot faster. You have to worry about the loop heat deflecting to anything it's gonna be around it. You might want a public appease the plate metal underneath decree heat shield for an thermometer to ball well so the demand. Melting than eyeliner is I have a couple of times cracked the collapse and your thermometers trying to bring it up. But it's a lot more heat is gonna come up faster which is really nice. But it's also the boil over going to be a little bit quicker on the more violent cheat you advise wearing. Gloves I mean you should really be kinda it's nice to have around and prepare silicone gloves and we have some two sets really feel empty once in the story of the fox who swimming close Richard the B. Had the black. Nine on or near premiums are gloves that you attend seek commercial bird raring to go all the way up have a full sleeve. Those are awesome. They're insulated you can grab on to something you can reach your hand into him naturally quick if you drop your thermometer dropped a match battle. Then we also have some silicone on public mingle switched don't protect you as much against heat. We'll definitely protection against splash but there are people and like those because she couldn't seem a tighter. Gloves really quick to reach into from intercede structure from amateur now in two year. Bring barker right after you dropped in your match. So you you've got your Boyle you've finished the boil and now. What do you do with a giant gala five gallon boiling their water is hot that you've got outside in your garage or on your debt. Yet you can't just carry that inside and try to get you to think concluded an ice bath partially because it's really dangerous. High density and hide job over Scott city of war tends to mean is gonna burn you really bad if you got some of the Sonja trying to carry five gallons into the house. She need to at least drop the temperature significantly while you're still outside in this were war Cilic comment. And we always suggested if you're gonna do a full boil if you're gonna do all greet you need to work shall first a lot of time to tell people this is the first investment station. More chill of the use if you're growing inside you got it and am against them rector it's Osaka. They jump is what you're doing is what if you're inside like myself a cup sink base and and about the attachment from you guys the spurs run on a book the sink base in the saints often have elected the threats. So same deal except your hold your garden hose that's. And a little break your garden hose you're gonna wanna find something to do with that water coming off the first it's gonna be really hard part so. Wanna clean that Carter's something in the driveway like that watch opening that pressure on it you don't wanna put like that. And you take bitch. Garden sprayer or something and the and where the hot water coming out to the hole is going to be able socking wanna pop off your fillings. Alden but I would recommend a copper Immersion or chores going to be easy to clean is going to be easy drag out to the backyard American need to make a stand for me just toss it and during the into the boils sanitized so easy to use cheap you're looking at usually seventy dollars. For most it could work shores to meet him yourself they don't kid. And as good of exchange and generally the ones you buy which are more brittle. That are comparable to harder to bend at home. On that they're the cheapest way to go on their by far the easiest to and I like them. Standard size same size this as you would for your current insider yet you would you fully submerged. Now are usually the leader paint her release that the fittings hanging out that's what I would they're getting steamed in the top their trauma to word about and then they're pretty good dealing with the heat but rhino Richard motor Sanwa obviously with a were chiller in the hotter the hot water comes out the other and you -- to him yet you wanna be here but after it you run it for an even ten seconds thirty seconds it tends to dip back down to close doors to gotten a lot of times it is doing it's it's pushing out the boiling water that was sending in your ward shore. While your boiling nuclear option. You say one last thing get a handle yet get a handle it in in this is this is where are a I've heard from real money. Mir and home during Sony announced sad stories for somebody spent all day bring appear in their backyard. Column in the others Philipp into a six and a half gallon car blew week. They're carrying it down the basement stairs and they're tired they may have been drinking your hands are now wept in the hardly slept. So get a handle on it appeared that using a bark if you're using carver refer primary from hunter. Can handle it Peru Holler get something to give you a little bit of good grip when you're trying to get this since. Inside. We see a lot of boomers have problems with that we've heard of a lot of extreme set ups people running Lanka. I think Walt hosts from their garage linked. Rooter backyard and into their basement flushing it was star stand in running the beer into early fermentation chamber. We've heard of Bruce moving their whole Furman team in to enter into a shed in the backyard. So a lot of a couple of guys I know have that kind of young Einstein brewing shed all encompass. Service static we controlled heat and cool to keep their from renters warmer Cole I wanna meet together at runs a whole news. From the from the get the work into the I mean that's. Now that's amazing. It's amazing but appear if your brew alone if you got a bad back and you gotta get a than merit sure there might be the easiest way and if you're sitting there worth five and a half gallons a war that hosts would look pretty appeal. The kind of guys got to fire pole as house because it's convenient you know that's like the whatever the works for me. All right so brewing outside vessel looked you up their bring outside a little later in the summer rule talk about temperature control because when it is 89 degrees you might have to worry about the Angel bit differently. Right now I'm I was since they were low on prepared for that but. You know try to get him into a water basket and into missing creaking put some cold water around it or just try to find a corner in the basement it's still nice and cool we should have that for a little bit longer. Once we get to June and July that's not Campion often will start talking more about how to precisely control your temperature. You know down to a two Greer to target. Question of the week is on the way you're listening to Niagara traditions just brew it here on ES in 1520. And of course on demand if you join us late on demand that we tier five if not compliment that wishing all of you. A happy Mother's Day tomorrow back on the other side of the question of the week and our fear of the week are recipe you can pick up. From Niagara tradition that's next here on just threw it. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military in tunnel on open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I welcome back here Jeremy White birth dice to run just threw it on ESPN. 1520. Nod to tradition you can go to the website into your home brew dot com on Twitter we are available and he just threw it and anti home. And our question of the week we ask for. Questions each and every week you can be submitted forgets to begin mentored when he instigated we huge question and Jeff writes in. Our question of the week what would you recommend for filtering tap water in high chlorine and high hard water areas is buffalo high chlorine hi our water. Neither party got this I might stand listener from. Pro about where I would guess if I had to guess without the without knowing its area in particular. I'm guessing either further Isa Citicorp's lock pork further giving their water Arafat reservoirs. Or down into the East Coast town for a lot of people around while longer. And that's kind of the will say the two extremes so if your. In a landlocked hearing you're getting your water for reservoir chances are it has height or interfere misspelled it just him the greatest water treatment plant. And if you live in an area where you have well water arm it's a gamble what kind of mineral content you're gonna get in these are actually two different. Serious workout in in their gonna require two different types of filtering. So the chlorine we'll talk about first because that's the most common and Ian and that's easiest to deal with in this a couple of different ways to get the easiest one is. Pull your water overnight heated up and let it set. The chlorine is mostly in either separate out our find some sodium and it's going to turn into salt. So the easiest ways to warm enough you can kind of give it more sodium by getting sodium megabytes all fight to it as well. Camera will do this any time from an hour or two before they brute right before the group the night before is obviously always better. Now if you're gonna be giving your water. Instantly. Your temple it's some type filter for the chlorine you can use activated carbon. It's gonna take out any solids is well received from the chlorine and good percentage. That's the come we will see the most common problem. Now as far as like Buffalo's water in general usually just leave it out tonight before and I don't even Hugh we usually have pretty low levels of chlorine. Again it's it's individual events leak waiting events road construction. Where your levels it individually spiked in a lot of times for going to brew that gain it's really chlorine you better off just not ruined. On its first hard water. Def slow but harder to deal the first thing I would anchored to deduce tried blowing in the water so little. Minerals will precipitate out of this film and your pot to deal with the boil the night before let those minerals precipitate. In try to wring with that water. If that kind of stuff it's not working so offers really don't help you're gonna have to look at median osmosis filter. Now the osmosis filters gonna take out most of the minerals on all of them. But it's gonna do it too well. In now when she's in osmosis filter which are very expensive to you're gonna have to be in ending the morals back to appear. So you might wanna pick up some Burton water salt forward pack carbonated tips on anthem. Epson salts to try to Boeing the mineral content America at that point ages suggesting going to tap are going to blow water. Haas the now I have some when he customers a couple of friends who brew in the south count to half of I eighty. While water problems. Ian and I would say all three of them that I've brewed with that location. Have. Worked out some way combination of things. To hit. The water for brewing there. Because if it's like a Saturday morning you realize it's raining and are gonna be mowing the lawn that might be all of sudden your prime brewing time might not have time to run down to local grocery store and get seven gallons of bottled water and the other thing was buying bottled waters in lets you been doing it kind of the different brands have different. Tom different places and we hit it. Might have distilled water that might have osmosis filtered water. So you don't know what you're giving his first mineral content oxygen Kan tan in order on intervening and it goes. So it's a lot easier sometimes a lot more consistent to try to fight through your home tapped war. With my friend they grew the most with in the south towns into weapons falling. The carbon filter pakistanis supply valve in his garage so he captain to. An existing cold water line in and ran it to. Chlorine filter and then when Boyle has water at a time transfer to another product you're off the minerals in beacon brewing. In that worked out well does he know what the mineral and tennis no idea Dick de Beers turnout while. Really nice so. If the kind of the proof is in the beer. Not in the news you know analysis that you and giving back from. You know whatever companies choose to do it tempore. Jeff thank you for the question the weak onto our recipe of the week our bureau of the week. Fruit beer base could summary kind of beer summary of beer. Goodyear for mom finally gonna. Whenever but on the Bieber happy have you others imam what I'm doing for you is I'm a slave away in the kitchen for a couple hours brewing beer and cleanup by math and Cleo amass and my gift I'll give it to you a couple weeks ago so three appear base there we were talking extract brewing with. Extracts of all these fruits because then you guys have been able we have tons of both artificial natural what's the weirdest actors. Coconut. While global put spruce up their spruce it's somebody who's been brewing for awhile we've seen a lot of spurs Beers so it's not as we're if you hadn't been bring people committees and pine tree you're gonna. It's it was used in the America is before rehab hops for before rehab hops ourselves in one have to buy it from the European. Powers to be so. First we used to line that these that flavored beer with. I nerves down while the bigger which are one of the I don't know if truth Sam Adams one of founding fathers Easton Torre's. You lying in the bottom of the smashed on with. Spruce needles much like we would do rice halls which of course in part no flavor. Today just for better efficiency better flow more voice base in the match. But how is he we have some Indiana in there you feel like watermelon and peanut butter. Which is becoming increasingly popular. Recently but when you're looking at a for a period. You want to appear that you usually especially if it's gonna be for somebody who might not be your craft beer fan. You want something that's relatively neutral and canola the fruit flavors come through so this recipe is going to be lately sweet. And an easy one for anybody to Peru and if you went for anybody to drink and its content and can be appealed your own for your recipes who's gonna be basic instructions. To kind of build the individual for yourself all right so. A recipe of the week that is a little bit of its usual adventure Uga will be Madeline for for right Mo get their 10 AM this morning. Attrition opens up at that recipe of the week nick of fruit based beer from beer based. I like I'm I'm. You make experts forming a wanna try desperately tries presented on tries securities and we have to I have I have that wearing them from Bruce be your recipes or your mind of books of which one out there and admit how many area. On the upper based yes I doubt it's been a while and actually turned out really well yeah I mean it's on those. Skull open has no idea that how to you know natural bottom I try to ensure profit is. Yeah it's probably you know these are Greek projects supporting Allen author of your second here before and maybe do a nice little twelve pack as opposed to the 54 bottles at least until he gets on the work now. Well Burke thanks very much thanks for him happy Mother's Day to all you out there if you missed the show online WGR 550 dot com this is benign conditions. Just Pruitt Sherrod today before Mother's Day but if you go through earlier as well. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by night for traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel wonderful online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to. Stop that a special viable is 69. Right now the future.