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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara tradition home brew here's your host Jeremy why they. First diced her. Good Saturday afternoon welcome tonight or traditions chills through it and hear me like the history here as well. From the exhibition you guys are open today. And get ready for Father's Day we started telling people last week to get ready for Father's Day. Here we are go through with that figure out what you are X another full week of preparation you've got like lots of time to get the Father's Day. And now we can announce what the sales are going to be forefathers got to us they start today. Arm and he pierce start at any five gallon pierce start that you get your immediate fifteen dollar gift certificate to give he had on top of that so. You're gonna get him the equipment verb it's gonna come with the ingredients of group. But and he's also gonna have a fifteen dollar gift certificate for the next beer some more gadgets her book or whatever he wants suspended. Fifty dollars could be used on. There are there a number of little things that can help along the way that might not come with the kit that that the original kit what comes with the full on original. We have your primary for mentor which is six and a half gallon from hunters live in airlock Weaver bottling market spigot. Oppose wracking to bottle filler micrometer. Thermometer. The ingredients. Our camper caps cleaner bottle brush option and might have left some things will with some of the things that maybe you know you can use that fifty dollar gets to get toward Libya were chill. Like to be a perfect addition once you know what you're doing a work chiller makes the whole process go a lot faster it's a little bit easier and I would call it. It's not an essential. No numbness and little close if you wanted to have a really seamless and in my opinion much easier process and I tell people all the time especially my friends are proving the easier and more enjoyable. And the more of the less enjoyable parts of the process you can take out more like huge yard do this and more fun you're gonna have so. Curing the big communal hot war we're you got something the density of motor oil and its 200 degrees trying to find a way to the past media after a couple of Beers and put ice around it. Can be a little difficult. However turning on the garden hose is quite easy for the war chill makes a big difference also the the bottle watchers to. One city either spree cleaner up into the bottle or wants that ring tomorrow you conceive you a lot of time when you're certain they're filling in refilling and shaking and emptying. You'll bottle street four times instead of giving it one little blast spending a lot of time so anything you do save yourself time right in the. They're gonna be a little things along the way that you might need to add whether it's a stopper or. In one of the valves that's gonna bubble for electors tiny little things. But once you buy the the kit starts off like yards so it's Father's Day you give your dedicate the appears there you follow instructions by the letter of the law. The other thing about I think when Alex we're talking about the dad who's making its first match. You're gonna look at all the equipment you can look at all the in charge and you think. Men see little bit intimidating but I think it's important to remember in this is in something that Bruce would now. There is like a one week break in between you know the area throw these sound like ivory take a breath. We did everything right. The next step they can even come in and talked to you about oh went negative questions. So while it looks like there's a lot right at the start it really is not that difficult it's no different I always make the comparison. It's like making chili. Ingredients if you do it a little bit different from the rest he says you're going to be fine it's just gonna taste. A little different and united and the difference because you know you've never made before so it's it's I think it's hard to screwed up and while can be intimidating process can also be very very easy. Or that once people get through it once or twice as they these search realize how easy it is and he really start to explore a lot what's recipes and ingredients. And it's agree creative weight and you know cook but at the same time you don't have to consume and all wants I know I mean kind of pulled pork. Com for no reason the other day and so nominee be dealing with this pulled pork ever fed me beer. I could just be drinking the beer he keep it in the basement consider filling the freezer or fifteen dollars. Gives bigots with each beer startup kit five gallon cats. You can also mean you recommend getting a second car boy if you're gonna get a beer yet. If you're gonna serve bringing known. You're lightness injured drinking a fair amount your product yet give a second car we. Because you cans double up the patches you can stand Berman you can really have about three times as much stuff from process with just one extra second or fermenter. Also taking carts or that we got 20% off all of our draft kit so these are home brew kits commercial it's Immersion kits. Our glory for summer and we talked about time savings. Instead of cleaning out 55 bottles when you're taking you clean out one. Consider filling 55 bottles you fill one instead of waiting for two weeks for them carbonate. Or maybe you'll also get to that later. You can wait fifteen minutes with a bag happy ice Cilic down shake it up and have Biersch serving that night. It was taking kids think this is what I've done I've I've done so much for taking. The cleaning is easier the cleaning products you know you're not rolling through those so quickly they're gonna last a long time because his decision claiming a one bottle and it's another thing like. In this process sometimes of the people get intimidated the cleaning. You have to clean allot the but it's not hard like commit tee are united they're scrubbing if anyone's wondering like I know. Creating a lot's on the a lot of work well the the chemical or whatever the of the solution might be at its gonna do all the work for. People all the time these the start to Bruney come in they get their start in the federalized I disinfectant my entire kitchen. And then we tell them that's a little bit overkill if you're really only cleaning the stuff to your fitting in the one pocket or the 55 bottles. You're not doing a big whole load of sucked your just really focusing on a couple of little things. 20% off draft gets you know on a 10% off. Box gets you got those are prepackaged boxing greeting tickets on if you feel like the Paul site PA's sultan the sweet amber mail all on the news Cezanne box that we've talked about last week we're gonna have that ready as well we've had an untapped if you wanna give it a try and come on in and try marcos' award winning series on recipe how many award winners you haven't boxed it's he had one from the amber waves of grain from this year. It's it's hard for me to say me me sexy thing about this we have. Armed his stays on. We have animate try to remember all of the boomers here. As they go through we of Tim Collins. He has a right here as well as earth breweries and we have keys for touch use and be ill we. Op politicians. In robbery dot com we have mice smoke Porter reaped my Brothers summer now. And there's a couple of others that I am premium my mother's Belgium went and nearly got in trouble where. My bell my mother's culture in which it is also an award winner that that's on a shelf. And that's really the story behind a lot of these pockets either. They were the recipe that we were already making and serving to customers on to happen and we decided to tweak it and refine and put into a box hit. Or it's an award winners so a member of a local club or whatever customer for one of our employees have had a beer that they're really really well. And so we put on national. Excellent so you can get him startup kit he needs fifty dollars. Just to get with that. You can also go ahead and get a draft kit and you can get or whatever one of these box kids that's an award winner so. You know you make the beer. Yes that when your friends tell you that don't doubt this is great your naturally it's tell them well. You know somebody yells recipe but you don't work. Bring us together bring its most of process and any of those errors I just mentioned will definitely tell you that that the the recipes and this is why Bursa thinker so open especially commercially. But what they're putting into their beer. It's because it's really the process and the care that goes into the fermentation that really turned to great beer. All right so the stays on box it is on tap the box Kate is ready. Is that a recipe of the week assays on box. No I think we can give him another one organs and we we we've we've moved around summer Beers try to keep them light. We're we're kind of makes up the shoulder width they were gonna your question of the week. In this segment rather than wait to the second segment it comes in from Mike who sit and this question to the website you can email us at and T home brewed dot com. Or tweet at us at and T home brewer at and T just Pruitt right so here is his question it she says is a couple questions first. Wondering evening transferring work from cattle pot to fermenting bucket by pouring through strainer is a bad practice. And should should siphoning always be the only way to transfer. First question. Go ahead and pour. Are to restrain you got when your blow a 180 degrees. And you're from within within the first twelve to 24 hours a fermentation. All of a sudden in only during their twelve hours oxygen is your friend during any other time in this process when the war top. Or after the appear fermented you're really trying to keep oxygen out of appear after the fact that only that your folks dale oxidized. The ingredients but during that like initial phase when the Easter butting up you wanna give them as much oxygen as possible. Here is little or reiterating the beer racer here reading the beer right pouring through the strainer you're giving out any of your leave pop server and he large too brief stuff that might clog up an airlock. It's agreed idea I do when ever informant in the pocket the only thing that makes it lol but difficult is you have to sanitized restrain some. I have one of our stainless steels trainers and do trust equality on it. And so what I actually do is I throw it in the group up to what might work chiller my blue spoon and everything that it's in the air the last fifteen minutes. To get boiling it pastor Wright's. And sets it easy way to do it. There are a lot of nooks and crannies inside the strain or so after going to chemically. It probably wallets for a couple of ports to a few have like completes bucket and actually no bleach would not be good for stainless steel string or be good for plastic one. R&B you're probably looking at iodine Starks and to sanitized so to float so what's your primary from actor throw in the bottom your primary fermenting bucket. Analysts that in there and should be nice and sanitized port. So the aeration of the beer and city using a site in which in which case should take me from fairly isolated. Our primary yacht or whatever the work is is in a pot. And just dump it in the primary and then close the top just cannot limit the oxygen availability so when you airy DeBoer does that mean the the yeast will. Be be more active over the course of the fermentation process Willis starts soon earls and our sooner and will be healthier all the way through towards the end of the fermentation Minnesota moral boss just a better process. Yes yeah. I would say that means a lot of times it ends up being more robust and I have to say and no one of error rated while because they come back and you know twelve to 24 hours later. On in the beer is rolling in theory quickly. Comes up high praise and I'm giving east oxygen during the early part of the fermentation really when fermentation hasn't started. Allows them to build better membranes throughout the fermentation awesome the pot a bit better. Two with the oxygen while you don't want a leader in the process because in the presence oxygen east actually don't make alcohol. Our and you want it really early because they're gonna story and they're gonna use those nutrients leader on to have healthy fermentation right so that's the answer on the first part of his side question. He also wants to know whether any drawbacks or benefits the bottling beer in plastic bottles as opposed to class. I actually really like this question especially right now. If you've been to a lot of outdoor events allow you to bring in your own operatives a lot of them are not allowing. Glass and they're not allowing extra dimension line this is a new thing actually at roll wealthy affable and you can't bring cakes yacht which was. Heard that news is devastating a dollar a moment and take the cap out of my tail yen. But. Plastic bottles earned nice option meaning can be as simple as taking two liter bottle which I do all the time and filling it acuity grower from your cap. Or you can Bonnie we sell the U sales and a two liter plastic Polly don't just mean but he regular old pop religious said. Just clean it out and you gotta use nearly Q would your bottles of your regular cleaning gear the only thing a total ports won the plastic bubble should've held carbonation ritual. So we want to be you you know pop bottle. Worse sparkling water not the water bottle elected juice bottle. You've got to. In the other team wanna do is put some hot water in the air clean and give it its net. There are certain. Elements route Peter. Anything with winter green and and in some release it for C. Pops will tend to have flee person actually linger in the plastic. It's important to know that these pop bottles are not the same material. As sheer light tight and CP ET part leaflet better or closer to lake city of Poland Spring Water bottle container. In just the that the density isn't there while we're bright team all three. On the tenth season they're in over time the yeast are gonna start to microscopically cracked the plastic. So these are the continual use thing but the other nice thing about a pop bottle is it the year at Ralph Wilson Stadium. And you don't wanna teach these and these home if you got a bunch of two liter pop bottles you can just room with everybody else's and the third and get recycled. You know you don't have to worry program home having a bunch of middle class going around in the back so this is just. Treat it like a regular bottle you've got an electorate hop on is even easier you've got this case. Tampa now it doesn't matter if it's clear if it's green if it's our army would you prefer it to be a darker Boller in beer bottles of garden a lot of these pop bottles are clear. Yep arm in the through the the main reason I would say today that moles. You know by glasses color is because it's cheaper. Recycled glass it's hard to make clear glass need you know fresh material. Is Percy oxidation which in the UV light. It's a reaction that's gonna come to completion and then finish. In so if you put a clear bottle out you can. Afterward you know an extended amount of time to post can be at the same place and there's no gonna be no more change to happen however the clear bottle will get there a couple of minutes faster. That said it's better just keep your beer out of light period. Phillip your plastic bottles Weiler head out in the sun I never would have thought the hugest you'll plastic bottle I I guess so now with. He with crawlers. Animal and the thing out worry about is the sealed because if you're doing the pop bottle you're doing underscoring the top on him and relished the top on crawler can only keep at least in my experience but a couple days you got to act and images are always guarantee a couple of days at the same for the pop bottles or is this seal a little bit better this feels a little bit better. On board orders more threads right more threads there it's possible that more level in this film hero or which help says while Serena building up as much back pressure behind camp. I would say they're very easy to seal usually from just filling them from a camp or something like that I'll end up reusing the camp that originally came on at. Where if I'm doing. They like I'm doing this weekend. A bunch of half of five cents an ambulance to a twelve packed in plastic bottles on either. Because them bottle conditioning them and doing and had a time ams and purchased bottles from store read due Carrie PET plastic reusable beer bottles. Hum but I am gonna to want to have the license the reason is I can take those two young man. Mix them up and drink right out of the bottle because your intended to for advice and with the east. IE down and attend to relieve like this method and I would say that if it's a fresh bottle you can keep it just as long as he. Glass bottle beer. However if it's a re use one I would want to. Get a carbonated giving cold in the reason is she worried about that plastic holding and he. Microbes that could inspector beer now this is not something that's gonna affect you in a month or two it's going to be months down the road. So these plastic bubbles aren't the ones to save long term but for bringing out two outdoor answer to barbecues or something like that victory is there anything to learn. From this process when it comes to filling crawlers because as a mentioned and there are couple different designs of crawlers are some new ones out there because. I think in you go to anywhere you come tonight tradition filled the grower you go to the gas station told the grower. I'd I don't. They'll find myself having too much faith in the in the crawler process. Even if I and taken out threw off my own tap into grown try to bring it to a friend's house just feel like I'm losing a lot. And maybe that's because I've got bad growers or. I don't know are there any tricks arrays are common is it about how much room we should leave as there is there a better way I guess what I'm asking to do the growth yeah I mean there's a lot I know a lot of people. On if you're in a hurry and I do it myself just go right to the tap the growl or up to it and to start filling. On there are a couple of things you can do one is giving equal power filler tube that's can either be about Lex corporate should few standard fonts that or if you have like the pearl workers told stander frost took their colony of gadgets that will stick up in your faucet. Created CO. So that you're not living appeared trampling through the crawler is also prevent oxidation. But also provide some back pressure to appear coming out of the tube has a little back pressure from the bureau incompetent in the hour and today and to prevent it from foaming. On having the beer and the grower cold. Pop that's a big mistake we hear a lot of people making its ill Nino rinse out the grower hot water and on the of the scholar 220 degrees and they try to Philip. The beer at the bottom immediately phones because appears warmup with per hour so arm reach it was cold water. Afterwards sometimes leaving a little little water in the bottom albums. Arm just to stop bubble with the Asian. Others in the area called grow our. Grower filling tube. And you really have to have a good pouring cap if you got the wrong side associate the wrong link to post here already having foaming problems if you go to put the Broward there. It's going to be a little bit disaster. In the last thing what do gleeful as you get to the top in the apple over the foam in the neck go ahead and keep filling up the phone. Leadoff this is where's my seven drip tray or enter carburetor in the basement or garage. We don't have to clean up abatements. I'm very good thanks Mike for the question of the week that's good stuff in the armed growers and plastic bottles and hopefully can take advantage of that. The benefits of plastic bottles which Albert says thumbs up on its thumbs apparently short term long term of course you're never gonna get away with that all right what do you bat when got a recipe. Of the week and a bit of stuff also. On nine kegs we did relative of bottles quick thing on how to carbonate to pick properly you've got that system how to do it over the course of what few minutes few minutes you have overnight. That next on Niagara traditions just threw. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means either you're home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need. The Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military Intel wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brew it. I'm back here on night vision. Taking. Right Father's Day is on the way. It is a week from tomorrow. So you have time of this week yet today go to sort pick up ourselves for today appear circuits. I'm with fifty dollars off I'm sorry for delegates to be it's though all the things that you might need 20% off draft it's 10% off. Nighter fission boxed it's in the cities on box Kate is on tap. And that boxed it is ready. So Father's Day it's a great opportunity for it right here in you've got time. If you're listening next week you're going to be like oh my god I've got to run of the story into the store right now. Here you've got a week but you know you could make it today's story opens today and outrage who have given the deal on Father's Day. Okay so our recipe of the week. What are we got. Go for smoked pork now I know a couple weeks ago we got in the new whisky smoked malt. And Evan trying to kind of formulate appeared to guard recipe with that and it's not quite there yet. So we wanna give your recipe to use this new mall. I have a wonderful smoke Porter recipe in this tunnel worker it was from the ski mall. So we're gonna put that out there remember the miscue ball at you had yet at a jazz fusion anything yet or not not as a primary. Ingredient that was a focus of the beer. With supporter it's kind of the focus is appear there's a lot going on but it won't be in the forefront. Armed supporters going to be a chocolate be pierce can have a nice horrible note to it too and so. This kind of Barbeque. Smoking and should go great with the girls sitting currently flavors I'm very good rest. The week you can pick it up at Niagara tradition once they open up vote as soon after the show so anyway. I'm tagging. Taking in. New units how many minutes host if you're taking a beer. And your little behind schedule you've got to party soon what's the least amount of time you can you can actually carbonated keg of the year we actually did this. Port sea and the last summer where we. Timed how long it would take to tag five you don't appear. From a warm car we're room temperature car brewery to cold clear pint near collapse have we got the Beers clearest possible in the car going. And then the trick to really carbon needing your beer is giving COLT fast. Now we've seen a lot of different ways to do some people run it through the cold barker something like that. But a lot of times the easiest ways to take your five human caddick put into a bucket and put a bunch ice surrounded and then begin ranking into the right next week. We wrecked appear to protect which is sitting in the ice so as its rankings. Chilling down. Once we filled it up we hooked up to CO2. And this is where we get a lot of no questions on carbon dating whether you should immediately go to 230 pounds of pressure or go right here serving pressure usually ten to twelve pounds. We always go right to your serving pressure. The reason is it's not conceive you that much time to harmony at. Thirty pound pressure to actually knocked the net effect how much sued CO2 it'll quicken holder. How fast it's gonna dissolve. Actually. Really does all not just the force and the keg but dissolve into the beer. The temperatures gonna do that to getting the beard down to 36 degrees as quickly as possible is really gonna make it easy. Once you get it down on whether that's you know in a bucket of ice or whether this is opening in your fridge overnight. It's a very quickly you can shake the carbonation into it. Just like you shake a can of warm soda when it's above its holding capacity in the CO2 once come out if it's below holding capacity. And you shake it that increased surface area thing increase educational the CO2 does off faster. So keep it at ten to twelve pounds of pressure get a call. And then shake it shake the keg operate I don't really like the rolling it on the ground even though I'm the guy who sells you your disconnect us. Which probably will break trying to roll attack on the ground keep it up bright. In kind of shake it rocket back and forth violently trying to trees much splashing in the top of the cache near the splash you can hear a splash and when the other team will be able here's here's CO2 so under the regulator. Bob diaphragm kind of peaking either like a whining or like a rattle in you'll be able to hear the diaphragm letting CO2 through. Now if you're working at thirty pounds of pressure in your gas. To working attend twelve pounds of pressure you just keep shaking. Until that sound stops. And so you legislate come notably Simpson fan I always tell people the kind of you know that homer our relationship and that kind of good. Sheikh there and that's what you're shooting for. You wanna get a carbonated quick and it took us from in the car going to into somebody's class about 1520 minutes of just consistency you've got it all we were counting by minister rack which there have been site and we let it sit there for five minutes. And then we got one of our younger interns to take filling. I was able to say I mean it's it's it's heavy work -- you get a five gallon keg filled it's not easy shake not me not I wouldn't say too many people are gonna pick it up and shaking your discount rocket back and forth on its edge. And listen for the splashing and Catholic thirty seconds bullet or cows is exhausting yeah. I don't stop everybody wants to stop and take a break. But once you get the CO2 dissolving want you to bubbling into the beer if you actually stop it's going to be harder to get that process started to answer just stick with that. Keep shaking. You become BC who works nice have a nice long CO2 lines you can sit down. You know couple feet away from the refrigerator not paying into the Richard you're trying to shaker connect. 81 of those the paint mix of they have in the paint stores are always want I want for my kids these great. All right well that does it for us reminder Father's Day is coming up a week from tomorrow and out of your start up kits bring with them a fifteen dollar gift certificate. On to Niagara traditions so whether your. Brewer yourself if you wanna get dad started you wanna start yourself with dad it's a great idea for Father's Day sellout. You know happy father's dates you went to him and yet just become brewer because it's a lot of fun. Burke thanks again thank you Jeremy thanks Mike for our question of the week on straining word on plastic bottles because we all learn to supplement their plastic bottles for a. Your bare and thank you everybody who sends in their questions and always told people last week better questions give us a chance have been a bit better showed together and have better answer for you. If we don't get your questions we save them. So we didn't answer your question today. Tune in next what you gotta tune in next week we keep from around we have a good time a good fit for questions that when we're gonna put in there very good if you joined us late on demand WGR 550 dot com and of course on each and every Saturday here. Onion skin 1520 this is not traditions just Pruitt. Happy Father's Day go brew yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening did just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started visit from a twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.