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It's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional home brew here's your host Jeremy White. First dice there. Good Saturday morning act traditions just brew it here on ESPN 1520. Had to build season everybody the bills are at training camps so while maybe you want a group of beer for the season. And bring it to the stadium the other is their train milk eggs are not allowed anymore so we talked about that vote two liter pop bottles yes if your gun Lamotte that's that that's still almost mind blowing things I've learned that you can just put him into leader. Soda bottles pop bottles that's never even thought of a new tone a sort house. Make those caps that are. You know carbonated. Are we can for the quick connects and then just puts their two on and shake the crap pearl. Perfect Jerry white advertiser from our tradition we brought Dave Collins from resurgence back for another week it's much fun last week he talks and talked and talked find it on demand if you missed it the story for surgeons and you know what's going on their really cool so you can always find dollar shows on demand. At WGR 550. Dot com while also mentioned the fifteenth. To do its cancer event and it resurgence with a all of the home brews that are submitted so you can not check that out that's the beauty aids cancer event at assertions on the fifteenth. Of this month quite so we're gonna start off this week over the for going straight to question the weaker at the expertise of YouTube. You're massive knowledge of the brewing and all that stuff. Peter writes in through our website you can always right and at and T home brewed dot com. Or you can tweet at us at and T just Pruitt. Peter it's an average new couple extract kits a year for three years now recently tried to go to full boil. Bulls six gallons of water ended up having at about a half gallon to the fermenter to have five gallons. He's having gravity problems my owed she was really low 43 instead of in the neighborhood of 55. Should I add should I just ingredient amounts. To account for the full boil. Is there too like he used to help and future kits and the second question is he was short and OG and a partial match as well so when it comes to. When your numbers don't hit on original graphic what I guess. That's that the gist of the question 11 of the remedies. Well I think I think it's interesting that normally threw just in the the partial mastery be talking about oil leak grist to the archer mash low enough density are you getting enough fresh water on their disbarred. Armed if you're giving it imposed extract. In partial match brewing I think it's something that might be universal. The one thing. That we get a lot of questions. At the store with. It in my reading my height micrometer right in especially on per day ms. maybe you've been drinking may be opt out. Maybe your nearest hot which will cause the gravity to actually go down so when you warm liquid up usually the density. Drops slicker motor oil has supposed to discuss these. Once not once cold in your work and him the same. There's a lot of temperature correction. Apps formulas html web pages. That you can use economy an adjustment you have to have a good thermometer to get a quick read on here. Worked in a final. You don't know if you know what that temperatures in this gonna change quickly. The couple. Give yourself an honor yeah. Or yeah ya and make sure that you were schooled attack. So is he checked in yet you know pre boil post boil or. And the you know or is he Poland a sample on mr. on you know I drummer and then you're not gonna have the ray agreed. And it and it cools air temperature changes it but not much right. Does Mike it's just ideally. 66 degrees and that was supposed to 68. CA is multi zobel 74 in your apartment house your car drivers can read a little differently but not to whom. You can get a really what I heard more expensive I drummers. Temperature correction in side. So little. Their mom Mercury thermometer inside the bottom yep yep. And those agree but yeah. ID when we have men actually for a lot cheaper than a lot of things that but I candor about the same price is buying like your standard like five or seven dollars from mama her plus your driver seven dollar high drama in her. But what I find is. When I used it and I break it I'm now missing post mind thermometer and it sort have neither so even if I wanna take that sample over to the scale. I still can't measure the temperature on ending and having some problems so. I tend to have one reliable thermometer one to back it up and then an army of high drummers with I think the most developer program and one day at three. He before the before and to the data and yeah that I can't tell you yeah. But when it comes to an and original rhetoric it's really low you mention a couple potential. Problems like why you might have that you should also look at scorching on the pot to. You know I've never I've loss you know some gravity never significant. Part. To scorching but in the the home bring futures bought this big pot new park this giant you know propane burner. You might be doing a lot more BTUs you know four or five times what you were giving and even in good homes stove she might be scorching a little bit. As far as food the boil off as you boil more water you're gonna you know Boyle lost more watered annual six to six and a half gallon starting it's not. Low means some of my pot in order put in seven gallons especially if I know the Pearson have a lot of solace in the bottom of the primary from inter. These you lose some volume there two and also using some liquid. So we have to account for all of that by the time it took our beliefs make sure that you have five Yeltsin is located top off with a little bit of distilled water you just wanna make sure you keep the time her temperature down. So that the east doesn't interest annually some more sugar. When it comes to. His question for carriers about adjusting it once you have your gravity. You approach have relatives are you're not gonna be able to tweak it it it means that either you. Forgot an ingredient laughed out of step or as you as you mentioned that your musical with temperatures in the vote count the clerical points. Could it mean that like you measured something wrong because sometimes like. After green was sitting around for awhile and it's really humid out. The grain is gonna read naturally absorb some water and nine year prior ability goes down so the crack won't be as good. And you're gonna have a lot more whole colonels gangster mill instead of you know cracking open and exposing that starch to water so. There's a lot of variable variables there but. Really say you know if I'm using green that sat around and maybe somebody spilled. The beer on it or something. And I miss my age gravity by half point yourself. You can at a baggage extra dose you know or so on of homers Skelly and battle but did have decks trust land around. And if your. A little high on. You always add. Basically filtered water. Tunic is Beers you know 95% water anyway so you could Attleboro water to it during the Boyle make sure gets boiled obviously. But yeah I mean they're you can go. I know to express what my dry out your recipe a little bit so if you're looking for big like thick old male stop them IP. Not that great option for a photo give you more from animals and you you can bring baca. And if you if you don't realize that so yeah tendencies he kind of normal starting gravity be here at one of fermentation or you do and get. It's much stay with like the partial massacre tied to bag too tight you didn't do as much under special ingredients as he sought. You some boiled molten doctrine to. There's a lot you know I think the third the five from October from about 38 points per pound per gallon. And the our quarter for dark strokes. And so you can use those kind of boost it up and you can know what you need to put in your five human patched him. His second questions from Peter question Peter get his money's worth. And and actually this is one that I think it's pretty good he suggests that week. He misses the show and says suggests week we do little more help with beginners and this is a good thank. Any suggestions he says a friend bought the ingredients force his hand to get in the additional equipment of a partial match he wants try them more. Says that recently tried converting on that that's where the problem came but when he goes to. Partial match from extract partial match it's like the rest stop on the weight all grass obviously requires not as much as all the rain. But in my experience have done a few partial matches and I find it to be. It's more involved but for meat we went through this last week it might be easier because you can control temperatures. My still is a disaster when it comes to trying to control efforts to. And on about trying to IKEA I'm gonna electric stove that I can't keeps the steady because if it's here it's at 148. In the night. Next I look at that 180. Undone partial match and knock generator that problem so. For a beginner to make the leap like are there materials what he's asking what kind of materials are there to make that jump to partial match. Because they're a book basically so you wanna go to partial match and if not because derided me about it somewhere. A really good sexson and John Palmer hot pepper. Where he gives you a lot of different options on how to move up into partial match and all incurring a lot of times using suck you our. One who doesn't have. To be me. In the home be mashed konduz and to be an igloo fifteen gallons with a big false bottom and it. It could be your Coleman cooler that you take camping you take fishing mutate to Ralph Wilson Stadium. You know given a good cleaning first put some hot water and they're given the task make sure you don't small and biking balls are heavy plastic. You can use that. As far as stuff the your needs you're gonna need a full boil the other ever Peru Prague that's big enough for that you should apple works especially this year for gonna do full boil. That's a lot of thermal capacity need to get it down fast and it. You also want to make sure you don't boil like crane you like if you cook that grain and it too high temperature you know Leach all Pollock theater all that ten and office. So. You're gonna have a really tack tasting beer and you know red line or something so. You don't want those tendons and in the rear seat never want your grain to go up higher than pretty much 175 degrees. But I think you could get a little small. Side pot right so you have your big pot that you're gonna put your extracted and with a few gallons of water. And then you have aside pot and get like a muslin bag. And he of the water to one temperature so bring it up you know to a few degrees above your what are what are you wanna mash which is usually 152. To a 55 bring it up to like 160. And then put that Muslim bag on it. And throw the grain and their mix it around a bunch and then let it rest and separate top on it let it rest in their four. You know 45 minutes or so and then take that top off. You can basically pull that bag out and you'll have basically extracts you know ornery extracted from that drain. Below it and and you know throughout ran I would sit rinse and drain off as much to. Right in your brew product you have plans barge watery if you had your big group are going to give it started up while your in your little mini mansion just thrown in there while you'd. Deal with the refs who stopped right in that can be any. Pot that isn't Teflon for aluminum. So if you got like an enamel Cammie product Seattle it's a stainless steel stock price usually used for spaghetti or Chile you heard you have your little louder. So. So it yet just do that and I ever did you know your extracts should be. Just a base. Like at two row extract you know whatever and on your specially grain. That is what you're doing your partial mask for writes I do and your crystal malts they're caramel monster you know earlier it shot talk a malts and roasted rallies and stuff like that on your side pot. And then you write you take that drain out dump underwater you'd have now in two. You're big pot and that kind of ranked south migraine as best you can with real was really warm water and that's talks barge but it is you know I don't. Two dollar in and and obviously it's up what I was gonna ask as you said if you want it between 152 and 155 he said the key to 160. Is that just because 160 is safe in your accounting for to slowly come down. It's gonna come down when you put the grain and because the drain is that ambient temperature. So. Like my mil and fifteen bags of grain might strike water which is about usually about seven or eight barrels of liquid. Is at 74 degrees Celsius and I know it's gonna come down sixty senators sauce so we do. Went to school Briscoe and candidates. Everything in Celsius but. You're you've got to account for that green bring in the tamp down if you mention. Ordered yet mill mass in her grain. At 155. And think it's gonna all I want 55 you're crazy. So it's good because it's gonna that you're going to be basically gnashing at like 145%. You're gonna lose temperature. Depending on how much green you're putting in and depending on what the ambient temperature of the grain itself as south you had it in the and your garage and it's negative three degrees out which we've seen often. Then and you grab your grain bring it and that's gonna bring your lottery you know time weighed down when you when you know that into your waters. There's those kind of variables but I would say that's safe that is around 160. And that should bring it around 150. And that new restaurants where five minutes or an hour depending. And these calculations that you do based on what kind of grain how much therein is right so. When you're going on to calculate your what your temperatures going to be that's basically voted yes and it in if you got a little intimidated there there's a lot of apps again html format stopped to help you out on all that's fine it's. But there's lot of ways to get those numbers with the fewer. You know if you feel intimidated. And just remember if you started this process and you feel like you've screwed something really up you media three or four dollar were the green and then your route to toss and you know twenty dollar first of extract. Hold up give us a call you don't tell you everything one all right and then continue on tonight break time back on the other side with. More from Robert de served our tradition. They've called tumor surgeons brewing here on nightly tradition that just ruins. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just throw it which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open Monday to Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I welcome back here. Happy artist it's and I divisions just threw it Jeremy White organizer from the vision and it counts of Mercer and throwing and this week we did a big. Question of the week Peter wrote in about impartial my stuff and actually requested that we target some beginners and get some typical beginner problems for those. On maybe just starting out so. What's the and what's the begin a problem you hear about I'd imagine over we talk with a slob but for you gave you got to want people meet you. You've got to have a rumor like Bruin whole life and they that wanna I wanna talk like idiots like me like that you know. But you obviously nick. This community the summary community ever when always you know once talk about it's like a golf community your fantasy football it's very much shot. Inclusive so what is the number one question the number one problem you you hear about the people wanna ask you. What you can help look what should I do our low satellite view this. On Tuesday. I think there are a lot of good questions from around and to light you know so my beard informant down. You know how to fix that and like low. There's a myriad of problems that he could have there and it's about. Did you get all your shares converted did you use healthy yeast. You know and it's saved informant down line but you know all your other methods were right. And some Maurice you know that's fine you might just had a bad packer you know. Especially. Sometimes you know I've had those why Easter or. White labs used packed like those backpacks and stuff like that just not go. Get a dry east that stuff never fails. I keep one locker one English one American right east always in my freezer probably about two years old to even at that age and a free Google stole. Kicked off five gallons of fifty points ago we overnight. Plan to I always keep from around you know you don't have to worry too much about blending UCL one's gonna kinda usually dominate. In can be the majority flavor and then sometimes you end up a little bit lower on your finishing gravity is TARP out earlier can meet them properly quickly with some alto Dexter and also if you had. Yeast problems and one hasn't finished out. Our new chances are they've left over some stuff besides sugar and there's going to be some funny flavors and there that you need something fresh to eat up. So now. And you got to remember it's robberies oh it's supposed to be fun and you know. I always tell people that others. Had determined the industry called brewing at the label so if something. Didn't go exactly right. Right I meant to make it right Allen made you know this. Or brown area aren't well I guess I'll caller Brownell and sought that hit ethic is there's that term describes about 90% of my beard some time city Texas though. But it Sandra have thought I Jarrett I screwed up and this. In format out. Throw in some say is unease that'll kill like that stuff pop and then take over everything benighted and battled Belgian darkness and stuff that cool. So you've made and I kid informant down. Now I got Belgian PA done in that school sent a book. Just experiment try it and then you'll be surprised most of the time. That that Peter came out really nice you know especially. Like I said it is currently in Trappist Easter something and turn. Stout in two. A Belgians doubt you know while that actually came out really neat you know run. I don't know if I can repeat that red. You know we used to do that and arrow when her own bring my brother. We have to do that a lot more like that load made this. How orient week what are we gonna do right throw me leaves intimately dry you know that thing yeah you can't do try it now. Especially if you made one you know he made five counts Sampson. Throat two gallons evident to a separate car boys and spices and now you know not yet to different Beers. You know that now. But I would also be careful on like bottle bombs they have now you're like you know. Nine my bottles exploded what happens like well what did visible on the easy to check your high barometer reading growling time for Somalia. Did you crash it in had to people that it did the yeast not a solution did you. You know that anything in the ended and a little bit. New east and the right amount. Priming sugar to give it to carbonate properly in the bottle now. A lot of a lot of people's numbering problems come from kind of taking short cuts and because her new emperor who don't realize where the shortcut certainly given problems. And so the end up giving them late around to not checking your height drummer reading do you think everything's just going to be okay and it sure everything's fresh. You know on your ingredients. Not says bothering to whom case should tap water of the day your bring a case of water bringing a truly hiding chlorine and you don't hit scoring mutates and 83 weeks later. Now you're struggling trying to wrap here and around you know what and they've gotten to hear from and. And that that's actually a good point is. You know I would I wouldn't use tap water. And home brewing in all hiring you know because you don't you can't trust you don't know what the city's adding to a especially in the summer that water Stoddard and add more caller means. Just get. Spring water from the store. And and on and boil that and don't use DR lionized water. Because that has no minerals and sent him and the east needs minerals to be LC so. You need that calcium magnesium zinc if you did TI and I smaller than you're you're talking about adding. You know minerals. Usually will say right on the bottles to a using some little black following permanent from the label down in the bottom all say DI and ninety's RO filter. Or will say. The cheapest would be distilled. And you wanna try to avoid that if you do find it there are like prepackaged mineral packets do we have like technical Burton water shall repeat dump the packet and sturdier. Distilled water will now be like. Burton yep but you won. You wanna know that I had a top. Just yet. And that's good for English style Beers and I PA's you know to burn natural order. But if you're trying to make Ali Larter something lighter or Belgian style beer you might not want to burden nicer water you'll you wanna add some. Mineral if you have DI nice water but you don't wanna burn eyes and I don't want 230. Part per million calcium. I think it's higher than that there isn't like Maria fifty something like. Wanna come so homers do you guys find that people get too ambitious at the start or they don't get. Ambitious and off. Other plane to safer they are they've thrown to much and know usually about batch for five BB slower firsthand speak over ambitious that the common thing we say the stores say. They brew beer C a Porter in this Porter and sort of having chocolate malt they had an extra two ounces of black mole was the best Porter they've ever brood too they determined the black small must be the best small however so more of a good thing is always a good thing select put a pound. And in my pills here. And see how that turned out and it tastes like bad dark coffee in your Catholic what happened and that we see that a lot those problems or drinkable. So those are good wants to learn you know there's not any fouls labor than there and make some black content or something like that but. Yeah that's that's an okay mistake to pick me ten. You know I mean sometimes you to have those lake. You know Tiffany's where you'd be put something in there and you're really scared me don't know the amount. And she try to inflict you know dates as to be subtle about it you know and try to service lights placing. I know went on that mostly current month and then with the results even a hint of the card amount played in the beer later on work now. Yeah wonderful especially you know your beer can change over months of time you know I'd. Like that even that and outs cliche example but Malia heading Topper they'd they'd once they packaged their beer they don't let it leave debris. For twenty days because they noticed that the IPA taste best. After twenty days but then you wanna drink it pretty much within the ten days that they saw that. Which you know so that's pretty small window. After talking about a packaged products but. You know so say you throw that car bomb in there. And that you let it rest for you know two weeks Triad and then couple weeks later taste totally different laws are better horse you know. And self you're gonna do that again you know do you wanna poll attire mom you know out of that car boy with a you know Molson Bagger something. Within this amount of time kind of thing so. It's edited is up about playing around. I've I think a lot of people to play it somewhat safe. But again I'd like to make a lot of trees staffs I'd have to. And I think at least through another thing certainly new brewers probably we always stressed sanitizing. Having good water could temperature something I don't think it's stressed enough is having good note I can't tell you how many times people come into a store and we think it's a simple fix. But they have no idea what happened and day you know not only may have known note but no recollection. Kenny remembers talking about you numbering at the label or you know on and they're asking us we have a guy came in the east I think hatred of her pale well I don't think it turned out while the other government picking on him here we have a bunch of customers that the count report vocal sample glasses. And I first guy comes up had no pardon conversations with us IP they've had all year and it was a phenomenal I PA but he reached short on his volume. He added an extra ounce hops that he found in his refrigerator and work labeled me couldn't even remember if you add them or not. And so now he's seeking it's like might have been some arsonists would be flavor was very bidders from meeting with some like you know warrior or something like that and then there. But on greed on key day in owning mean who's shooting these things for pale oil and will never make it embassy of Noah no idea what went into. So if you take some good notes he can at least replicate it. Did something Bruce sheets you know and make a standard Rasheed on an excel sheet. And then and print them off and you'll have a standard sheet and on the back commitment if if you have a lot of notes. Right down and outs in on this is what we debris and I have been guilty of forgetting something am like oh wait what do we do that you know and as has happened even on our scale fifteen barrels of of a beer and I'm like. Shoot I know we'd spice that's Obama I can't hold it that well. My notes always start off really good and kind of by the end of the page are getting little sloppy in spill than. It is gonna have to go back you know to reach through brew logs and. And when you go to make you know make a note guys aren't all. Which appear aria and then you have you know so you got to make those notes retroactively and stuff like that. I think that the other point yet in case of beer and go back in right those notes in if you have a bad recipe. Rated down right down why it was bad keep that recipe in the front a year Bruno book. And then when somebody says like in on our Unum Group you know the style beer form you can go to your recipes and conceive when you definitely don't want yet. Right Dave thanks again for coming and yet in our leading gas with two appearances. At the regulations. Are always welcome back again yeah. Keep the titles two very good all right August 15 is the due to aids cancer at her surgeons you can hang out and ought to home brews and maybe somebody finds an accidental LL IPA in their thought it was a was the pale but it got pretty. Our core holders that are you know top of capitalist I have I want with a reliable recipe with Arnold paper. Which one. Smoked pork smoke. Summer brown importer nice to be there for the media the smoked pork we're back next week once again here Ernie has been fifty torn if you missed. Any portion of the show wanna catch last week show the week before. It's. WGR 550 account talky next week. Head of the storm pick up materials and go over yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.