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It's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy why they. First diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight traditions. Just Pruitt happy Thanksgiving in advance of course this as a Thanksgiving week so enjoy times spent with your friends and family. And now hopefully we talked last week about Christmas sales hope we've got things rolling for those I'm Jeremy White protesters here's wealth and traditional morning good morning. So it scared and to me that time where. People don't like to talk about Christmas before Christmas for the holidays before Thanksgiving but I think that we probably showed it. We're gonna get it out of the weight now okay the only Christmas music here American heroes and every Saturday talk about a holiday gift giving guide from you know Google's number 28. But today you good data will be the last rights good data do that because. Black Friday is running exactly shopping season. Hits and Black Friday now is even too late now we've got 1 am Tuesday Wednesday people such a relief freak out so I. Gift giving guy first off let's get the hours out of the way for anyone that's thinking of coming tonight tradition it closed on Thanksgiving. We'll open regular hours both Wednesday and Friday and Saturday. Routes will be close Thanksgiving will be eleven to seven. Wednesday and Friday in the intend Ford announced Saturday will there be Black Friday specials. We'll do a 10% on startup kit but there's going to be no door busters hunters and I will probably on Friday could be brewing having a small tasting and kind of working off the Turkey and going over from the day before. Two if you wanna common interests have a beer and an evening out if you're free to do that there note door buster sales don't have to be generated open you don't either you know have our report closed. Otherwise a pretty regular day tradition tastings and I it's working for Turkey option are right so let's do it the first. Ever first annual nod to tradition. The least radio version holiday gift giving died. Where you start summit gets ball as if it's too and if somebody is thinking about starting a home during the eight don't have any equipment just. Get them are basic you know startup kit it's gonna have all the tools that they don't party have their home kitchen. It is that kind of thing we tell people you can kind of hit the ground running so can you get a box take it home that night and meek really good beer with out a lot of research just reading through destruct instructions. Of course it's how we try to put it together and if you do run into problems you can always give us call it a bottom line and we'll try to talk you through but if somebody's interested. Just go ahead and do it you make about a 120 dollars. Were severe for a hundred dollar startup kit so you know if they do it once and decide to on what this wasn't for me he still made out twenty dollars and beer so. You know you're not wasting your money you can get the equipment on later if you want but somebody think about it just get him into. Despite the bowl form are given the cat now one night when their home girl board of the south there to do. Funny I it. I had. General growth and Tellme. After the fact she was gonna give me. A brewing kit and that which you mention that I at the times is years ago I said. I don't know I mean to I wanna get a gift that makes beat you work a day I am what an attitude I ran such a jerk. And turns out once I. Hadn't did it. I've become a home brewer so you know you know double think about it as well. Because I and the person thinks this way to give somebody something that keeps them busy and the answer is yes yes that's a great gift. You wanna give me your that they look at wants so that's cool moment when I don't know you wanna give the gift where they start you know giving you a six pack may be out of every bit younger that it you afterwards and the friends that you brew with of the frenzy can chew into brewing a buyer for you if you buy nuclear pause banner for your wife for whatever. And wind kids of course to for the holiday gift giving guide to they're gonna have always think if you can always thank you so. Do your homework and if you're thinking of brewing of their thinking of rank. Give them a start at another thing this is where a skip this step and not a lot of I don't know what percentage of people skip bottling altogether varies probably less than 10% requires a bigger financial investment night. A lot of times or say you know I wrote him also people who went straight to. Angers me be a hand me down or be mentors situation there always are remembering with somebody. And they've seen the bottling process and they say to one on harmony in and to come and bite the bullet pay the extra 200 barks. And just go Cagney and because it really opened up the range of the Pearson you'll do. If I was only battling probably wouldn't to the three and a half percent includes bidders are Munich palaces to those kind appears. I'll Wear your really drinking I'm almost you know twenty ounces at a time. Would be. Ring beer's more appropriate to drinking announces that it. It also you don't mind sharing this marks there's a really good feeling to spend an hour and a half on night bring the fight healing keg of beer. You bring it to a Barbeque and you watch your friends you know really enjoyed it and talk accountant you know maybe two to three hours and and that's okay. But when you spend three hours battling and you watch your friends drink that same peer in on hour two hours on hours. And there are quite a different feeling that some folks there hand on the tagging. Not only makes it a lot easier for the person brewing. But it also makes them more willing to share. Took you wanna try somebody spear if you wanna be able to come over and say fault but our need keg. Right and for me I would say decaying system makes it so you're more likely to brew you you can still obviously. Bottle to commit to I have a two chances and so I've got two Beers on. And actually becomes a motivating factor too because people come over there when he got on tap and when I'm out. I feel like a bar. I'm sorry I don't have anything on and that's what forced me to brew last week and was people are gonna come over they're gonna look for a beer to drink and I I have to say. You know sari be back in ten minutes not ready site hybrid last weekend and that'll still have one and the tag. And rather than just you know filling bottles that are go on the freighter gonna go to beer fridge it becomes people come over they expect me to have beer and it's. It's quicker to the turnaround time is much quicker and so if you are procrastinators which I contended beat you wanna make a holiday mail. Well bottling you better get right to it can egging you got a couple weeks to work with here because I get a carbonated gated serve double in just a week's time tops. It is a personal thing for somebody who's caring is the late night before the holiday party to be in their basement meal frantically ranking Pearson two kegs for him into the friend Neil foraging giving him a quick shake of CO2 in the morning. In with you know under an hour's work you have five gallons of you know really great draft beer out to folks in the I love having him being able to Dudek and putting some projects on car always. And then within fifteen to twenty minutes one night deciding hey wanna cactus and wanna try it from our. I'm I'm ready for now that's a very cool thing anything you can do with homer at. To save yourself time in the un fun parts of the process which is really only. Follow cleaning. But really makes you a lot more to do it there's no there's northern part of the process I think that you know give home urged more grief than bottle. Right and it's funny I've I'm at a summit snob here but I don't know what's that that what that's like because I've never done it in in fact one of the very few times that I did bottle. I went on Amazon bought 24 bottles. There were on used it was three dollars sort of bought 24 bottles and can emerged. Gave him a quick clean because it investigate old beer out of them and and it's a strip off beer from other Beers that I bought it was Al here's a Tony for pac. Bottled close keg to the arrest still had bottles and still celtics'. And that's another thing if you're buying gift for home Burr in the don't have accounting system there is nothing wrong with giving them like a case or two of nice clean bottles. It offers the affecting you gave me gift that you might see aflame. To them that's three hours of their time back as well as some you know fumes from my speed and 22 or flip top bottles. There's some bottles are gonna hold onto and try to save. But by giving them make if you to save them 34 hours of their time and it took me awhile I think. To kind of see that gift like that rice and think oh I'm hearing somebody bottles. And then I think the first time somebody gave me a case of even the white Solomon and never autumn a case of one leader flip tops. Mean I hold on those things like gold you some is where our equipment real special Beers and too long I still the one case they have them altogether. Really great gift. I'll sue managed to become the diversity and solid competent but you're gonna if you are bottler maybe they don't have. You know all of the answers that would have if your bottling you have the opportunity to RC sealed tops on and I've turned that into if I don't feel like drinking all hole. 22 of some imperial stout on just go get an old cap and my Boller and just like Clavet down and bring the rest tomorrow which if you don't do that too often that's where your. Pop bottles come in when you're talking about you could trigger on a pop bottles of parties in their. All right so yet get them carrying if they're not taking they'll thank you. If you are wondering what kind of you can just buy them vote of the freezer. Yeah to a less than 200 dollars by a Black & Decker freezer and then say here turn this into the keys are way. And he is you can maybe give me gifts are terrific tonight a tradition too they can choose their Sherman Staten find out whether they need one with a freeze or not. They can pick out whether they want a tower faucet for Fossett how many caps say Juan whether they wanna go. With a collar or whether they wanna be near the outside. And so it's kind of a gift the keeps saying giving because you've just kind of sent. You know off with a major financial investment but now they get to do all the tinkering a project which is. Really cool and one thing you probably notice here we're talking a lot about account different types super group. And after thinking about giving a home during gift for somebody you know that whole numbers. You got to do a little bit of homework here and you have to kind of figure out what type of brewing beer already doing so to speak tagged do they all green energy they extract. And the best thing you could probably do is go brew without. See where they get stuck see where they start having problems when me off they immediately are always constantly looking for their re fret Dahmer and in the find it in its program. You know given my current target high drama hopefully there'll printer refresh commoner broken the give them retract her. If there are you sitting around all night waiting for the beard a chill in the driveway and more chiller. You can receive we're young brother having trouble on the processors where the longest points are or where you're independent with some down time. And given a gift around that but knowing how they brew when you committed nagger traditions say. Hey everybody gets me really great beer I wanna give me a Christmas gift and we say what it beard and a vapor. Ruth you know and advocates kind of tough and we usually point to to a book that gift certificate or even ingredients because homer always go through ingredients and finally we did on Saturday. Last Saturday rather lose an interesting to do a hodgepodge here. So you know people line Lee chose cops behind each other back me up urban pop and we found out on when it. South that's kind of fun to. You're duke rain some time soon because I actually came in couple weeks back. With a plan of making a beer from what I had that I came and Ambon about four greens anyway so that's still left him even more than I. Had when I sort of the clean out clean up all those things he mentioned. Bottle washer. War chiller if you're making the process easier slash worker. Then it becomes. You know think about it this way if you have a friend of his and they live five minutes away the do that every day and live two hours away it's. Wanna see this person is at work all this effort and work chiller basically saved you hours of time so against another. Small purchase if you know a friend or your husband or your wife. Our Webber's make yogurt doesn't have one of those it's a great great gift. Every time neighbor your gonna get them to sleep a couple of hours earlier persona can be waiting and emperor apartment specially in the winter here on our tap water it's cold and you're looking at ten to fifteen minutes what was maybe three hours of having improve upon in the driveway here in the sink what's lobe of the water around. You're talking about a lot of you know your friends' time. In a back in their pocket because of one gadget. Another idea for good gift giving guide. Might be let's say you have a friend that that bruise and you're interested in it but you're not quite ready to make the jump yet bought time he'll need a mentor. You can pop in and Iger tradition and a couple box kit. And then say here I'm giving you this box can of beer teach me how to out of Peru. And you bulls get a beer out of it that person gets the brew they get to make a beer you get to pick what kind of beer you might like Cubans. Read mail or who knows what and that's you spending money on them. But also public spending time together you. And you know national learn Olmert there was a couple weeks ago so. A lot of roads extend. All right when we get back we've got lots still to get to one tell you about deer is Beers and cheer something we talked about last week at the event coming up. And now we want our brought the flavor in beer the alcohol flavors all that coming up how do op managed that alcohol flavor what kinds of flavors you get. And again information on tears peers and cheers which will tell you about coming up at December 5. Donates money to a good cause. And gets you here. That's coming up next here tonight this just. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season Braugher American count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brew dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just throw it. Back here and I can traditions just threw it Gerri what we're nicer. Tears tears and cheers home bring competition sponsored by the assault with a sweet it is December 5. From one to four bit iron works we learned a little bit about last week so let's run through some details so there's going to be. In this of what I love about these competitions. Now what fits style guidelines bass boat what you actually like that's what you would love to drink more up in it in homer for relief to throw some screw balls. Out their peers that they normally again wouldn't wanna drink 55. Years of personally. Which ends up happening if you end up with a bad experiment will be here. They get to kind of play around with that so homer club but because we get on its feedback from you know all nine year. Educated people people who were just saying it like this is is in my classicism from me and really enjoy the I would love to have more. We get that wonderful feedback as well as you get to try. Kind of whole world experimental purity you might not even know it's out there commercial buries won't brew something unless they can sell. Usually thirty to sixty barrels up. A homer doesn't have to sell any so we'll make anything. And this is going to be great event again December 5 one to 4 PM. Visit salt in the sweet guy comp ticket prices only 22 dollars 25 years 22 boxed the is going to be tens of basket auction. If you can bring a unwrapped child's Christmas toy valued more than ten dollars you'll get ten free raffle tickets so come on down the supporting a great cause the men urban hope senator. Come on down have some beer. Buffalo iron works the fifth. Most of the summer so out via. Be part of it should be good time one to 4 PM I like the mid afternoon thing through Saturdays are always I get the mid afternoon going OK so. Alcohol flavor in beer and you wanted to talk about this and know what what brought this on a watery and talk about your. What we were you know at the tasting. Couple weeks ago now we had a a lot of people bring in you know lower alcohol Pearce high alcohol Beers in one thing that I think kind of sometimes. Not a spurs always priceless as the case you've got to spear of its 12% alcohol. And it doesn't taste is who's a year case not a strong is my peers say seven or eight. In against the on the does this short stories that call alcohol are created equal I feel like I cannot taste alcohol at all anymore. And it is an Odyssey in a beer. It's it's rare sometimes in an imperial for you've got to get for me to be like 12%. Stout supporters Mora. Really really strong Belgians treaty early taste are all in in there actually might be kind of a core relation there from what we're gonna talk about. So you perceive a call to flavored little a lot of people say somewhere around. 8% in May be why you see a lot of Beers from the Austrian have to four point eight is because your not gonna cases much of the the actual cocoa. And tickets higher EC other's countries' social so there's definitely kind of like sixteen or eighteen mark may be rules the tenor twelve. Markets while Newton kind of perceive. A little bit more. But there's also the hot earthen berm that a lot of people talk that's good it has a lot of burn. That's not necessarily. Speaking highly of the beverage you're drinking. In a lot of times those are what we call few shall Oca ultimately your referred to as usual oil seed in the early in oil. Com in you tend to feed them. In kind of rushed fermented high alcohol Beers or sometimes in in cheaper liquor in the reason they're called futile oils and speak the leave you with this. Slick silky feeling on the Hong and it like ports and liquor has this liquor and have yet to do with shot of oil liquor drink liquor. You come away feeling hot key to good liquor talking you know to take them down in. You're drinking them in so much not on the hell you noticed anything but I of the moral fact that they make it past the Pallet in the pallets as almost as good a pick up some Vanilla prevailed copying known in this. And then you get actually to the oral factory in Dayton and that says holy crap there's alcohol here we watch out. So. When you're when you're looking at this again not all alcohol are created equal just because something Kate's hot does that mean at methyl it probably has. One of these a few social calls. Now what these few calls all calls are you all might know that alcohol author. You know bonds between primarily. Hydrogen and oxygen and what happens when UTE I'll call you begin chaining them together. With a carbon they become usual. Now this. Park is actually a lot of times calming from compound created by the east during stretched from inpatient. So that's why you know one ever might be able to produce a beer 12% the tees are very clean. But another upper resume watching so much about again coming back to caring for each yet again on the show. And supposed to release happier 8%. Because they have high pastors in these pastors have a lie out for these bonds will be created between these alcohol chains. Making this heavier dancer alcohol. And that kinda hit this again like that onto it and then soak the fuel afterwards. Com and you wanna watch out for growth I mean obviously there are few things you can do to kind of reduce that. It's usually caused by high Temps lower PH and loan nitrogen content so low. Higher Temps watcher temperature the temperature match a sikh Indian a year around your from actor that actually take the temperature. In your estimate metric can be either with the probe. The laboratory thermometer. Or even just with one coast accounts from bomber on the side they to a really good job reading the temperature liquid and not the ambient air around them so I really like those. Arm and then his first that PH in nitrogen content nature you're using. Nutrients if you're using at junctures mob has a lot of nitrogen in Newton in phosphates in inquiry nutrients from the east. But if you're adding NC a lot of pumpkin brown sugar table sugar corn sugar. You may wanna beef up those nutrients that you don't end up with a you know battery apps free beer because that's gonna come back hunch later. And there's a number always do this you're talking on the east's stay away from yeah I would specific strains are there if you're doing a high alcohol here you wanna stay away from anything that has high masters in whether you're worried about few shall alcohol or not on higher after east they're gonna produce more restaurant during fermentation to not only you have more fermentation so more answers but. When you have a higher alcohol and more sugar tolerant. It creates more structure so that's more answers as well slowed the tees are and produced exponentially. More masters as you go up. In. Alcohol and starting gravity so I'm I tend to look at you know 1056 American ale is a great choice for us. On a lot of the German Paul Pierce also very good choice they're all very high it and you waiting they have a fairly high tolerance. The will from meant just fine. At the cooler temperatures that you're looking forward tried to prevent these master formulation. As well as they're going to. Yeah you know finish out higher attenuation. Fewer officers. Handle cold temperature. Nutrients all east Newt nutrients but in the they're really gonna handle the answer production up so that you can without the alcohol. Otherwise you pastors I alcohol and treating lobbies crucial alcohol and taste one question. Me on yeast in this goes back to all the way back a few weeks when John from Y east was and put together a recipe I was the real rapport that I've made some put together our Gambia immigration bill you know. Asking for advice from you from you know I've run the shop about tops the use and I went to him about yeast. And I'm making a quarter and he directs me to the West Coast IPA. Yeast. Which I thought I was I thought they would be bits that's so strange that you think about. I'm making a port which is the exact opposite and then I PA when it comes that I'd be used to be way low use and an ounce of ops if that. And here I am using a Wesco psyche still when when they're talking about their yeast and whether the differences in the east. What does it mean to be a West Coast IDA yeast doesn't necessarily mean tenacity Maine and West Coast IPA. Don't know and in in really in in the was interesting at this event talking to John with holiday named their yeast because they name their he's often which. What they think you'll find it that's for. But that's not actually often what do we use commercially for. Even when it was originally intended. In with like the using the West Coast IP if so what are you looking for West Coast BIP. Good attenuation. Low Auster profile may be a little little bit of residual sweetness but you want that low Auster profile piece you want the flavor of the hops to come through there. Armed now you're doing the right Porter who just like you want the Roman flavor pop culture. You want that spice team this almost kind of Ian all heinous in the note and then that nice and eighteen on the tong and you know little flavor. Predominately right when you drink it in so. Having that useful cover everything you need during fermentation that kind of step out of the way for the flavors you want to be in the beer. Now certain pierce coach the exact businesses Buick olds and Cezanne and English bidders and the union really. A lot of different pals and peers are kind of focus on the east. Different American Beers we we tend to kind of dropped from European stock economy are more flavorful yeast. But all of those pierce hurt low hop profile. On in their relief kind of showcasing the east in most of the Belgian cities on Earl you know and some type of pills are pale malt maybe a little but a week. You'll Ingles multi now each region has a very distinctive. You know based malt. But the more distinctively each marine uses a different yeast in the even try to ferment completely different here in the US role in specially homer. Seems like all trying to get to the scene. And common goal of a perfectly controlled fermentation. Where an England Durham were worried about consistency through doing the same thing every time the kind of sometimes putting in the same flaws every time. To kind of create a distinctive flavor. Remember if you don't know what do fly as and you put it to your lips and you get that butterscotch flavor of an English better you're like oh that's wonderful you know word of back come from. Somebody more experience a sale it's buy gas electric keep that I appear that you might like that now he and it it's kind of the only decent balance for the yeast it's primarily. Primary flavoring agent in the beer. But sometimes you want it to. Flavor with nothing you want it to be kind of bland too like your other flavors come through. I know with like nine with Akio beer you use that West Coast IPA as well and that's more like them pure real American brown ale. But I wanted to open and won the karma malt Allen that little but the coast among equipment and be the forefront. Want this to be a mall and would focus beer. Not a cop in east focus spear but. That east as well for. As your wrap up a wanna ask you something about Thanksgiving and we're talking about it's we're approaching Thanksgiving first off. Are there any I know is not a Turkey beer. Is there any such thing as a Thanksgiving beer we know there's fall we know there's Christmas. Is there a Thanksgiving. I have a friend unload com a very large amount of cranberries. Army one time and so I tried to do few cranberry Pearson three gallon size. And it was very thievery experiment on things amber Susie don't care a lot of labor you do a lot of PH from that Twain in 20. I did a style very light iris doubts turned used to parameters of an souring agent he wouldn't. Guinness and then I did the white error chemical white cities on and Tammy and use that you'll PH for optimal between that. Hi and a pending a over the cranberry flavoring. Kind of at the and to give middle of the Roma but that was kind of one of the past I can always come out points. I mean really though I always think it's Thanksgiving being the prime time when I'm ready to kick in to my holiday Ailes. I'm the only tapped my a my pumpkin beer about two weeks so have a little locked that means you rate your serve in the pumpkin time. So you know frozen pie terms probably get those out this weekend. And have the pie have the beer together and then like you know he mentioned previously come the next day. It's time for closed it's time for ginger it's time for Christmas so really to meet Thanksgiving it's like the using the last of my harvest off. Up before you can get into the winter season when ever came of that pumpkin that you made with a hops flavor. Student and another once took and a better so kind of strangely. May enter a familiar flavor and an unfamiliar place wizards you beaten Agassi yeah it's gonna want those things review unit again it's not in the forefront. But it have to be happy bitter aftertaste of offense that. So you kind of get in the first you know by very sweet you know it's incident flavor. And then a little bit of IKEA and the background like what was that the and other parts and ethnic out and kind of a cycle there. It's kind of funny because nobody really notices that include you mention it. And I want to mention all of us. And it and lets out via the from teacher in there a lot of public what happened there. And then all of a sudden Buchanan obviously a when I do producing nag traditions first Biden oh. People wanna buy it or at least it. Maybe a small slice it it once well there's one wave if so pumpkins available. And if you want to do this you first have to carbon sanitized pumped in May appear inside set pumped in forget to rent out said pumpkin very well. And then puree it also has a lot of props Hillary a lot of work to make that I should be summoned for like five on a bottle. Night. Okay Plavix circuit everyone happy Thanksgiving. As you celebrate this upcoming week remember the gears peers and cheers. This. Senator is the fifth and Starr were couple weeks out still Saturday December 5. One to 45. Buffalo iron works a home growing competition tickets are 22 dollars at the door or available at so homes of swig. Dot com thanks for joining us every episode here funniest in 1520 post it online at WE GR 550 comp. Happy Thanksgiving and the co brewers. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by night for traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.