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May 6, 2017|

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You didn't know you. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just really brought to you by Niagara traditional route here's your post Jeremy White. Merchandise there. Good morning general it was for the eastern here on the East Coast but is small business Saturday privileged few. But he still. IA world Erica we're all you know good coffee from you pump pileup overs. After the long. Happy belated Thanksgiving. Related. Black Friday. With regard to your story and every door busters. No Black Friday Crennel knows piano Blackmon and we try to avoid that through the snow lake in column number exe galaxies opts for a dollar order for. You know Glickman from centers for 75 cents or anything like that just our regular you know store prices. In great service and you know probably some beer on tap we still have the jackal beer blues from the appear from maintenance and pumpkin if you wanna try that. It's a little bit holiday spice into that beer. Piano at its other white fee early we are busy we're busy but were otherwise fairly. You know regular reports. Just Friday not like it is just fear Friday here Friday and small business center of today is be a little. Little Fuzzy OK okay so. What happens now you guys make a bit of a transition. We last week and our holiday gift giving guides company wants a full guide and holly gift giving out that his last week's show you can find an on demand at WGR 550 dot count. But if we get to be good Ronald one run through Leo with those first note here. When it comes a holiday gifts start of kids are obviously very very popular but the gift certificates are at the top of the list because that's what you can buy for the brewer even though you might not know you're doing. You got it in at the gift certificate is always really nice because you're letting the per kinda choose how and they don't often using gift certificate. Mean some people who just so you don't give more ingredients are next batch. But a lot of times Bloomberg. He's a gift certificate to buy the gadget that they've wanted but he couldn't justify buying for themselves whether that's a Cold War chill or its brew. You know and I mean controller further Calgary later and others had to. In all caps and another tag. These are usually gift certificate purchases so. If you're kind of on the fire ants you know proud you know giving what to get a number given some stockings suffers every hole number use actually multiple talk about later. Every number uses hops. These are seeing seat and put away for a year and a half to longer. So if you wanna get some of those talking suffers go right ahead if you don't know how the super and we talked about this last week. If you're trying to buy for home over Peru with them talk to figure out how they what they like to use what you know what equipment they don't hand. Otherwise giving gift certificate and your gonna give them whatever that equipment is that they need. And you don't have to quite to all the research by the degree. Wait to. You know sometimes you wanna give a gift but also involve yourself like say maybe your son home brews and you don't. You wanna kind of gimmick gifts while also spending time together you could give them a box kit and say here I'd like to drink a small Porter. And I'd like to spend time to use a show me Woodard is that you do when you brew up a beer and you know you provide him with. Everything he needs. A lot of mostly you know you know come over slate that where multiple people working on one betcha there's a lot of father son teams out there to know that Hawaii. Got my a brings our whispering with my dad. And we see that a lot so maybe the sun was out of town he's around for Thanksgiving in the end holidays or something like that the daughter and so. They make the vets appear around Thanksgiving week and and then during get together and vote take home a twelve pack around politics. I'm so that's really common if you wanna do something like that I mean you know get started now and start planning and but. Yeah a lot of people do that you know I wish it did more which it did more collaborative Bruce you always learn something. And it's fun when your neighboring with both somebody who knows more hurt somebody who doesn't know anything at all. You really help my own you know especially if you're you know if nobody's really interested in your your home during. You know experiments and stuff like that to have somebody who's you know. Right there which economy anticipating every tasting racking his ruling nine. When it comes to. Wine and cheese same kind of timeframe for both cheese is actually a lot quicker most people well and eat can be awkward girl the most popular sesame to a much roll again that's been picking up around the holidays. More and more every year it's a process that people say first time you'll be an hour maybe second time effort and to thirty minutes of 45 minutes. Com but it's something that's ready right then and there. So. You can start this mozzarella in the morning may be in the you know have it with Thanksgiving dinner a few pins you know like if if you think. Two days before Christmas and you can army chief before you monitoring homemade cheese to Christmas party. It's not too late to start. Unlike brewing you know and bright yet we weeks at the cheese making. For you know some of the tree fresh mozzarella uniquely that they are too now and it comes to wind making you know we would talk about home brewing it's Aldridge supplied and its home brewing shell. How big is one making for you guys how many people in this area are brewing want an is that I making it's always been very big in our area idea for home burying became very popular. Winemaking. Even when there was no central place for people to get supplies ingredient. Winemaking was still very popular Harry area palm and it's partially because. You know the different cultures you see here and I'm partially because. After our region kind of lost its its crop growing. Farms in a lot of grapevine for planted in Staten on people have groups that do very well. In their backyard police are the big deep Spanish and Italian rats are often very popular and read to carry those juices. For local customers who want him make that line as well at home. But there's been a lot of winemakers. You know relief throughout you know pro bitch. Two and hasn't new York and it is very popular though it has Nestle had declined because the numbers always been epic you got to me I would say one thing BC's new generations getting into a year after year and it's kind of interesting to the car with his heritage to what they're doing. At the same time they wanna take it'll pull every generation wants to make it a little bit better pickle that further. And we see that now and so the one thing if there's a lot of funeral just like during her a lot of home technology available. On the Watson before in winemaking there's a lot of gadgets are a lot of process. There really was for. Before only commercial you know wineries were really doing them more now on winemakers. RT gassing and chance at balancing it all sorts of stuff that really. And Flickr home brewed beer. It's hard to tell when you have a side by side of the really well homemade wine in the could commercialize its hard to tell which which analysts are familiar. With visa grapes and where they've come from more how the winds traditionally made. Just like the beer you can't tell home the line from home made. You know be your first error when we knew we did the father something. Wooded typical home brewer enjoy the process of making lined the city one of the same thing except maybe your mom she likes red line you or whatever went like. Would a typical home breweries think enjoy that process beat anything self arm and there's certainly it's a lot more patient in waiting and a lot less tinkering personally growing process. Readers are with the Jews crushed through our whole group. Crushing you take that juice dollars from other world. Smaller points and tested balancing and you know we knew what you want to do it and Coker something like that otherwise reduced its art fair starts filming Asian. The product is good a lot longer than appear you can set. Even you know fairly light delicate cable line in the basement for three years and really not have to worry about where if you try to take Alexia. You know like pale oil put in the basement for three years you'd be hoping it doesn't blow up afterwards. Where's wind you know it's just sitting are getting better it's nice a lot of home her star making wine because they wanna have a wine cellar of the kind of wanted to experiment they want to learn more about Juan. Umps to begin in two we also feel a lot of winemakers starting to me be here. Because there's not enough to do with the wind that arm and they want something to tinker with the wanna fast on around you when he knew they want something that everybody's gonna enjoy their household winemakers. You know often say that you know set certain people love their wander if they're not. The wiring on drinker they've just have no interest where it's just about everybody is you know beer drinker. Tote slot more. Well more popular. When hovering over you know couple hours or check the bringing over couple balls line of both her greatly appreciated. They're full gift giving guide last week's episode find an on demand. Other things so in addition to have you know things that we had. All the time which start kids' gift certificates. Beer wine. New malts are in the of these Danish swain malts missing it right on swan on. And they threw an. Different and now what decide to Panama. Well we've we pick them up because there are available. And we've always tried to do this is far it's at your own anybody's come in and passed cyclical and you get this hop. You know I tell people on my you know two or three pounds of just about any top pro by fifty pound factors about Andy especially or based malt. Ought to bring in for folks because. I'm very interested to try it and there's a lot of you don't number out there regardless. Of you know sponsors don't really bad reviews of the product if it's mostly you know for Erica. Hum. They're willing to try it in the wanna do this and a lot of numbers get into it. These they want something new they want something different they want something that they can't. And a lot of times these ingredients are like that on the swan malts I'm. It started to be carried by one of the US distributors. We are already ordering from three top talent. Very quickly into picking up blogger a lot of their specially months because obviously you can import small amount of specially malt. They're only using a pound or two of action that can really imparts a lot of flavor. Were also stock being some of their base smoltz now they are you know in Netherlands so we're gonna stock anything primarily. They're you know like polls only call child malts is walls he will I think bring in some of their Munich. If there's something else from them that you wanna trying you know as we don't have it in stock. Com. Give us call. Come on and awesome program and we can usually. It is in in about a week to with a to have all big every very honest and cultural care won't meet just about. Every variety of mall and the reason is a lot of times primaries too. You'll save a bit of money instead of working to reckless one monster again harder you know. A benefit to having a large customer base and selling a lot of Malta we can work with many different monster. Obviously usually get all the malts from one place but that means that monster has supporters of variety. Enough to keep those batteries happy. So they can differentiate their peers so usually every monster tries to me just about every mall. We try to grab the ruling notable ones in the really classic ones. So like we carry Peta moll from Scotland because why would you be repeated mall anywhere else if you can get it from Scotland missing teen with slate. You know on German Munich's Wiegert German Munich's for monsters around Munich Germany. Now it a lot of final. American homer for very loyal to their American plans and I you know. Really agree with that and in some sense that when your poorer in working with the product for you wouldn't know. What it's going to contribute it to be helped when your formulating your recipes beats if you can hit a mental picture. Of what's something tastes like you're able to add flavor to that very easy. But I would also encourage people to experiment. As much as I have sat recipes in my book I've always kind of trying some new ingredients because he can release. You know open up your world to you know hold the rams will be here talking about this could pima flee or had not used bits in the mall in awhile. Just you mentioning it and I used two different biscuit -- my past three Beers. Just to play around with some hand because I Aetna. So these mall to kind of your gonna bring in new flavors BBC flavors and commercial pierce. From the Netherlands you know our real talent that you can't quite get out of the ingredients you've been using. These ingredients might provide that last bowl he also just in galaxy hops you limited stock of these stats we do what makes him special well it what makes him special is because they were so popular like camera lows Zeus Nelson's have been in the past armed these Earl different pariah it'll become very popular maybe one year when their brand new and then the current popular he falls on the galaxy. One of the pierce I think have always is big pitches galaxy right Houston all galaxy red ale and if you had that appear. You realize why the top is so special as a very nicely passion fruit tone to it and really wonderful kind of again tropical fruit. A Romans. Now they're with if he can issue with a lot of thickening contracted. For next year in and several. Very large commercial breweries trying to scoop up whatever they could. This year's crop. So we were told initially that they're probably not going to be any more available so during the summer we used to what we have on our contract. In otherwise we are trying to get it here in there as it with available. I got a call last week galaxy cops were available for a limited time so it's a supply that they have. They called us up first instead you know hey we don't you guys want me these has been on here in order shooter kind of whistler for a while. And I took as much as so kidney if they offer that again we will get more. As of right now the price isn't exorbitant the high peace it's a good time in the year. So if your interest in trying out some galaxy cops we have some don't know how Long Will have them I don't know. How long the last no I want outsold the entire crate to one. Person so and try to keep from around as long as we can fair enough but concert tickets are gonna make sure you gotta spread amount number amount of are on the other side we're gonna talk a little bit about some of the mall that you might choose an. What each. Flavor comes out of those and how those small army. That's coming up next here on Niagara traditions just threw it on ESPN fifty. Gerri well ID here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just Pruitt which means either you home brew order thinking about it wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional be there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need. The Irish edition home brewing supplied 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Pay them a visit and remember to just brew it. Welcome back to dagger traditions just threw it Jeremy White was quote. Prepare for a post Thanksgiving. Bruins these places. To be the hype he's not going to remove. Its for a lot of people. Now I I'm moving so why I did this thing where I've rude and it can get and really want a brew again but I think you would mean moving up for men terror so then. Now I'm not gonna I'm just gonna wait to elegant in my new place because so I'm in between but as soon as I get settled then I mean I'm gonna be grown face off the next couple weeks of snow. And anybody try to move an active from mantra from household per household. It gets very Matthew and I would nodding her ticket I have I have yeah I would say gets messy moving a secondary because even though it's if you got in and it'll outlast our boy you've got it. In your. Front seat seat belted in I learned this part. Splashes around in the pressure's gonna pop the thought they it is you'd think. That much you mean what's the big deal but it will. And a change gonna turn off gas the same thing happens I've I've actually try to move. I think one of them with the original urology. Com so we've made a beer. App urology week took the liquid yeast. That we had on historically ended her microscope and we pitched it into the beer. Armed and I got stuck in traffic trying to get out after the event and then a little bit. Turned around. So I wasn't able to get remnants of the 198 and so on just kind of slow the you know going through you know street's oldest known saying on and get home eventually. And then I can hear the fermenter gurgling. In the back and kind of turned on the interior light too soon notice like a backseat was a completely covered in foam. And I stopped at a gas stage and being bought some trash bags in his mini. As many paper towels that they would give me hand. Dealt with this plastic hoop for a can Thompson never try to move an active for men Turk. If you have and you know any stories sentiment in the I would love to hear him. Arm but every one I've ever hurts and it was a mass. Blunt talk about malts here in specialty malts because I just finished up ripe or it's it's currently gagged and upon tasting it I have some black Malta and there. And I think that might be where. I gotten a ploy awry and chocolate rice you can taste that your opportunities the right and he's a little black ball to darken it up. And I think that the tone that comes out of up like mall in his right is like a burnt taste or what what I am getting up and Bullock burnt he had a little bit of acidic out of that. On kind of more. Burnt smoky than some of the roasted malts emblem yes coffee tone to them. Arm I would always say watch out was among black because it's a very high test also has that PH effect to. And we often have this problem where somebody. They may appear with black ball we told at about two ounces might be for kind of slight hurt flavor in a little bit the collar. I'm the best bureau they've ever made they decide black smoke must be the possible to ever the city at a whole pound the next batch and it tastes like old coffee. And they're not to app. But so you'll always be cautious. With the volume of these small but you know black smoke is one that I find myself adding a little bit to almost every beer. On any darker beer and a little bit too trite to. Tweak the cult flick and you'll have have that perception of a very dark appear even though all a lot of multi might be putting in there. Are not super dark malts reporter for one of these peers are put in a lot of mid ranged hosted. Cardinal small metal but the black mark mall only fur collar. Armed blessed are a little bit about I am a note out I'm opening a brewers front I used four ounces four ounces at best the great great moments of probably contribute it. Lot of flavor even in an otherwise wrote Steve Beers yeah. And a lot of chocolate Rai a lot of rye chopper ride. Some rose to borrow this caramel. One of crystal once once won me. But I think it turn out just by his oldest spice and that little. Burnt coffee. Thing kind of acts with the spice it's nice not upset about it just a little flavor that I. How I wasn't sure was going to be was going to be their second appointees that he would sort of an how we go while making these malts in the in the flavors that eventually come off of them so I mean. We're talking about multi here we're talking about especially for those of you that don't Peru who will break down the mall and 23 different categories here. One are based Molson and jokes now these are our early. Oates right core and bomb that are managed in used to promote sugars that. Eight alcohol in the long. Now this is anywhere from seven the 200%. Of your mall bill is gonna be your base smoltz now we've often talked that they provide the canvas that you. Apply your specialty malts and in hops to. Armed with a specialty malts kind of really. In part the most drastic. Flavors and here on in we can break those into two categories. Car analyzed malts and roasted models on now boast or taking through a hot fueling process 180 to 350. Degrees. On the roasted malts are done completely dry throughout this process on differ mulch or might have different tricks up their sleeves but generally. The strike notices everything. From a special ropes that might impart any reason flavor. To the black malt to Curome Belgian coffee Mol to that app obviously off the flavor. Biscuits and that have a red flavored two paramedics have a very keen on the flavor and you computers are great. You know a ray of different and subtle flavors that are all coming from really toasted baseball. On now some of these roasted malts especially the ones are black men only use the power a lot of color but they also we talked about the black mole du Som. You know PH changing. At the most you might see in mall they'll have about you know when he percent usually often under 10%. For roasts Atmel. Armed because they impart so much flavor. For home amber obviously be small for just steeped in before you had direct strikes you don't have to quite go through all Blondie in gnashing. There were a home over for every five to six pounds of extract assume that to be ten pounds of bass great so if you putting in five pounds of abstract. You're safe to put in about a pound for a black mall would be one notes still kind of be a little hesitant at a whole pound. Now the car analyze malls are actually soaked in May actually we would usually pressure during the match it trees simple shook urged. But it's done hole and what. So they submerged into and so they bring them up to about a 14200. And you know sixty degrees. And what this does is briefed sound the sugar urged starches into small sugars. Now what's to ride out in scale just like the roasted malts usually not as hot or not is long. In the sugar start forming doc strange news. So they start bonding together around my coaching groups. In making these long chains of sugars that the yeast can not from meant that teachers are so prize and after the east and archer fermentation. Now he's karma malts. Kabul. Provide any car Moeller coffee. You know light sweet flavors with like the karma pills Mars. Com and impart you know and it's generally a sweetness to the darker ones some bitter. To the beer but those are kind of the two different possibly malts and every beard just about has a little bit especially mall in there. Every specially mall is quite different between molesters between you know regions. In between Sobel Kristol writing some people say oh. You know I want to be or a little bit later menus crystal when he instead of crystal 48 but crystal poignant parts completely different flavor. Light car more compared to. Some of that dark rich coffee you're starting to get in the forty a problem so. I really Kurt perverse to play around with these Crist multiply around with the origin they need one around forty blog about. We have of one you know from about five different countries. In some of them doubled up all around forty love of currencies went from Munich Germany in the American pale to see kind of what different flavors in them parts. But we have currently. Currently meaning mechanic checked this last night. Over 75. Specialty malts currently in stocked in package that's not a reflection of completes stock the what we carry. But based on season based on the man that's what's actually sitting ready to be purchased. On our you know store floor. These molds come from US Canada Belgium France England Netherlands Scotland to name a few countries have. You know I mean producers of these small. But each produce different flavor and I really incurred super secret try. You know it's different if you're not ever be buying Christmas if fervor and you've heard us talk about basketball you've never tasted peanut flavor in your friends peer. Grab my pound of this amounts young children in their stock I love when people bring me new ingredients to just kind of play around with arm. You know we are one we're talking about the 646 top Citic dot com throughout for an airing through resurgence Burlington and I had no idea and I purposely looked up just about nothing on those crops into all the home Saturday that we haven't learned home Thursday. And with all the people showed up for the demo we haven't you know obviously the whole store for all of you know over 75 specialty malts plus you know you know probably about a thirty to forty baseball. And we just opened up the package we smelled it in baby. Wind and it was a lot of fun you know we gonna make blueberry Romo like with it in the first. Unanimously. With plea blueberry with a little bit upon rain in the background. Out of hops and you know everybody started saying I think that will go with us and I think this will Coca with this. And between you know 45 guys finger on the populace you know a lot of other people. Who worse novice but just excited to kind of see this process we were able to put covered in great beer that only tried so far going into second period we had briefly. You know aren't after the distort. A small sample of but com we'll have again and yet these are great experimentation you know so don't ever be afraid if you're buying a home for something to get them some ingredients. Now once topped with weird names picked out malts was kind of good smells. You know even though we do a good job sealing them there's enough grain dust on there if you give the packet sniffer we always have some samples to a different new greens out at the counter. Come give must now pick them up on the news tracked. You make me wanna do a hop heavy beer it's been awhile since I have my last three or four of then. Porter's style it's a way it like I just haven't had very many hop heavy viewers lately I've been I've been on top heavy kicked. Not because mr. through the that's what I've been craving to drink. But there's been a lot of new cots available and there's more coming. Because it harvest time too we're doing prototypes from last year. Bombs harvests of which we are told there will be you know for varieties are for this year so it's a good time for trying to experiment all right. Good time to brokered time to go hop heavy if you want and yes stop and all week it's it's the holiday season but neither traditions hours are. As normally you've already missed Black Friday that's okay it was just Friday it'll be the same next Friday. And the Friday after that will be open to eight. On weekday nights and five on Saturday now other than that will have a regular hours so. Very government what happy Thanksgiving belated everything's give he's never out there we're always on ESPN's 1520 here and also on demand at WGR 550 dot com happy Turkey day and go brew yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening did just threw it. Rock you've by night for traditional blue. What your season to prove or just want to get started with the from the 1296 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.