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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just really brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy White and bird sliced her. Good Saturday morning happy holidays to you Jeremy White Burke director here this and just threw it good morning morning. Well we are approaching the the big data big colleague as a close on Christmas Day or close our Christmas Day Christmas Eve open tender three and then boxing day which is Saturday 26 opened ten to five. And we've been saying for. We know weeks. For gift ideas from Niagara tradition the website is a great place to kind of get ideas and he homered icon links to the winemaking case she's being it's. Obviously the group kids. Somebody actually told me the and I forget because this is built into our website. And I don't always. Look at it appears the new and top selling. Future and so somebody did pick up border where they just looked at what was new was top selling purchase boast. Hand came into the storm picked it up and so the starting nice impact cash outrage eco focused right of course you try to beer and then at capitol. You can horror at home in order home and picked up in store. Area well there you go nighter traditions and T home brewed dot com and of course on. Sheridan drive near military we've got played to get sued today we've got some new products as well. On but before REIT that. Beulah the brink of something called beer futures this is basically what you owe somebody who gets to start a caveat. So my sort of it was given to me by my father and I don't think there's much debating that's he's owed beer futures for life. And who kind of want to talk a minute about you know we're we're to people go with that because I know with a lot of people who. Are given a startup kit there's always that obligation to go right you know I should give dispersants and your back in and you should. You know I think this is the sharing time a year as well as entering its definitely. A very popular sharing hobbies and why he probably don't drink after the Buren Peru and I'm very excited to give it awaiting get other people's opinions and see that they like hit that feeling no matter how long you numbering never goes away. So calm if that's the question how old. How much you owe that person for how long I think we might all of them. When they are in the mood for something you say make sure Albert that. I think if you got a really stellar he always value from at least two bottles to bottles if you had a home run even years later after the if you look at the at a given at least two bottles right. Yeah all right C that's one way I think if year stumped you give them. Kind of like executive privilege here or jewel like you know I'm in the mood for a belt all right make you Belgian and you. You kinda get severe to even though it's it's for them you can also make them gears for a sort of dollars so somebody gets your startup kit you do. You know the old them victory carries while that case you have to out and they can always thought grower yes. Yes your homered and they're lying you decaying system than any time they come over it is. In you you of your promise them is always had something on. There yeah it's audio and having on Tappan and they have complete access to a are so. New products that are on. The bottle rents are and we've got new mall talk about as well last week we talked about just quickly thermometers and thermostats and the new yeast for implement this as well so you can. Just recap those if you want because you know those relatively new was well. So on this new product is something that I have been. Op blogging every Greece representative that I have ever Matt a buyout for a couple of years I'm not saying this was because I mean I'm sure there's a lot of other people doing the same. But I didn't notices a DNC comeuppance in new product some deals ordered its stock is priced at. And I'm walking through the story the other day in and Iowa cup and crises Vienna malt extract. Experts say it like pick up the candidacy if there was something wrong here you know quote. Go to Greece's website me truce with and seasonal or something like that the breeze has released a Vienna malt extract which I think it is awesome. I love to see new baseball. Come out and extract form element when you. What's going into the extract as well so you can kind of build a recipe just flick and all Greenberg would armed you don't have to go to full match if you don't want to. In Vienna mall is a mall that is often six row under modified it you always have to do protein so even if you are ordering her. In you don't have a lot shorter time. This can be a tough bird and appealed for three or four auctions scripture matched aperture. On so that the animal extract. Is really gonna and open up the the types appears that you can and often. You can see was like when preached that the Munich mall tax structure especially when the did the mine malt extract. All the solo homer for operating tons of Munich based beer or towns of IIPA's. Because there was available was available for robbers matches or in your experience are these. For the most part home runs with regard to staying true to the mall they are. When they when they make the transition either usually are I mean I people left this all the time around me beer here pressed for time. It's got Aubrey Apple's internal. Speakers by extracting exe yes I mean. He would be pretty bold myself to fail I think they do a better job matching breweries and the great job. They really get a good deal of emotional flavor ferment ability. Out of their product gets set for people worry about it they. Release urging the green Abby to try to get and the you know more efficiency than sacrificing flavor. You would get tons of forecasted any altering the who's made that mistake trying to really push their efficiency note. That you would be able taste not allowing the fact that it would be acidic you have. None of the the peace flavor. But I haven't had a chance try to be in a multi extract but if it's anything like the Munich it's anything like the rise yet going to be packed with us. On the flavor it's going to be the Hillary week. Too gruesome via dial peers com or supplement them and two year recipes you have anybody who's in America. Hooper Christmas they'll probably wish this was an option a couple of weeks ago. Because in my one had them east host the kind of flavor. And your beer and this would been real easy way to do it well if there's a good beer to start with this what do you. Why would you suggest he's the enemy with this this extracts so. Look let's do it Sunni bullish start with me I would post for a simple beyond our beat him. You know touching tasting it smiling and oil I would agree he took after I'm determined personal. Horror. HP used to bitter and you know under after amount of your choice German finishing top. Either of these two and leaves or the 3470. From for Memphis. You're gonna have a wonderful Austrian style Villa and appear. There's really only one example the style that I like instinct though that we feel round match rusty chain. I mean there are two man whose you know examples that are imported and so on stream by. Otherwise it's not a very wealthy populist style among. You know my upper but it very popular peer obviously for prying eyes and we keep people coming in interest in making clone of it. War with the all over hand it's great balance of post slavery and in every day. You know drinking beer extremely high alcohol as an Eiffel mall he finished vote as a might hold for the Pallet. But it's still not the large term program but he can't be bitter rookie beer. So it is the good intro style for people who're just getting in the craft beer. Are worried about kind of giving an overpowering in flavors and appear. Our final something look out for on this brewing season if you are off each and picking that up a new product. Don't forget ending. We're gonna talk about the product highway here to bottlers do via these aren't new products your higher but I'm kind of stuff that we're selling a lot of in this kind of that we think of miss Christmas gets a guest. Kind of putting him out here and air and roses one that you. Others really conservatives because who obviously I can't wait to carry it did so I was selling. There's some modeling I mean I. But yeah I I usually can I get I'll just come you know take a draft in to a bottle and then follow up from there. But they still need to clean those bottles nineties so the tolerance or. You've got to and so what this is is the thing even in a bottle watcher it's a reservoir. And Alec piston style pomp. That you use who sprayed her plans or sanitize or up and cheer bottles now. Whenever you bottle full batch of beer if you don't have something like this for you end up doing is soaking. All 55 bottles in bleach water starts since this means either. Filling up you know hold basin on a big wash basin sinker to six and a half gallon buckets full of sanitizing and d.'s. In this can be very unpopular. In the home owner's house so let me say that's one. If you're tired coming down to your thing confining it filled with beer bottles from project from the night before five gallon buckets. Blocking the laundry machine again filled with sanitizing beer bottles. This gadget on loan me your life be you be easier it'll make Bieber in your life. You know work a lot easier so instead of soaking the bottles you just pump them on top of this machine every time pushed down its priests and sanitize or clones are. Back up into the bottles some under twenty dollar gadget. I was looking at mine the other day I've had it for about mil and years now. And I'm thinking about how much time and effort it state mean how much storage space now it's true it saved me years and in the prices. Eighteen dollars and 99 so. Little bit big for stockings suffered but it together here talked about you know but it it's going to be that are standard something like that good price slow its rate. Time saver. That's gonna pay for itself in time saving and 1 that should I am one years certainly the bottle washer to follow watchers another one singular to ruptures experts how water into the bottle. Pretty simple. And it saves you taking every bottle filling it up a third of the way shaking it during that 45 times so. The bottle washer states who about a minute per every bottle right from Mexico and it's even meter even more. Again if you want somebody to continue on numbering. If you wanna continue numbering if you make that on far flung parts of the process a little bit more fun and like communities here more likely to do you know. All right well we've got to come back and talk about Keller Beers and also Christmas tree beer if it's possible to Vegas Peru spear. The answer is yes but no so. Yeah yes but notes. Stay tuned for that next on nighter traditions just ruined. Jeremy White here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com nighter tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I'm back here and I deficient just threw it. Funniest in 1520 on demand anytime you wanted them here but if you. Not council of talk about a Keller fear what makes a Keller beer. What it is well it's. There will say eight homers convenient definition of a Keller beer. And then what a true collar beer is it true collar beer something along lines of the colts that instead of being logger is just seller from Germany of course mr. style beer. And armed. It's one that is the usually a light beer but again because not locker missile usually a little bit sweeter. And also lobe at thirty year. And Tennessee in Munich palace or something like that. Now the reason we talked about color pierce is because. Somebody hit me up on Twitter the other day. And they were pulling a locker out early because his holidays. And a lot of us I know I'm starting at this point in the holiday to here is where I'm running out of beer. You know kegs of beer that it's at all set this aside for rainy day or bowels they're slowly starting to go. Somebody comes over you know visit. And I haven't seen him in a while and now here the bottle line here's a couple bottles of beer take home with few. And the next thing you know you're running out of peer. So often when you here's a home ever. Pollster locker out early maybe after a week for me because the logger a larger call in the communion answers its calendar. And is it gonna be exactly the same known but if I found myself using this excuse a lot yes. Armed so there's going to be some you know subtle flavor differences won the yeast isn't going to be quite what you usually haven't calendars might have a little bit of sulphur re tone to it. But other than that it it's sure one not of people of color beer. We do this a lot of helpers former Covert not so much the whole numbers and I an only that are Christmas party a couple weeks ago. And it making in Prague beer it quickly turns into. You know lots of how do I build a recipe for the spear and who I wanna at a couple Beers and I wanna try this new model wanna try this new crop. It always gets thrown into the pot. And then later on and you say OK one million call this thing and you really don't know until you taste it. So. You know what I'm trying to think if I'm a deadly had a Keller beer before right. I don't know what that one of the other fame one of the famous Keller anything of anything its commercial Stiles is one of those spears it's intended to be consumed fresh. So to appear in Germany her it's not logger postings do not really even its preservation so having carbohydrate protein in you suspended and it. I'm soaker in Germany try one if you ski. Heber you have one on tap give it a try. Again you're gonna if you had a cold ocean you've had with the wheat beer expect similar flavor from those two Beers inside this one. Or. Cobra and you know give it a try to lot of recipes out there. I've never again brood Keller beer aiming at a Keller beer with and another blogger that's you know been consumed early companies agree excuse. So also somebody brings over Keller beer. To your holiday party you can now at some is this truly color beer and. Running on now. All right up next Christmas tree Beers tis the season but it's also up not necessarily a season so. You know we we do it for pumped in. We do it for shanties in the summer it's the season of Christmas trees can I brew a Christmas tree beer. I had just finished Decker this one doesn't come from a customer. The country use when it comes from me. Can the question I had to answer for me it's also. I had just finished you know trimming. Are cleaning up all the pine needles out of the hallway the kitchen or bedroom with seem to get everywhere in the house. Just got the lights up and sitting down with a beer. And I'm thinking back to that speakers bureau had a couple of weeks ago. Your fears and yours again I it to my vote in the air that was my idea papers these days in it and hear it tastes like Christmas trees it's like Christmas tree but a gas after a little research. Not like experts tree does around Christmas so spruce tree is your Christmas tree. So it's one of the a lot of us have been exciting avenues Herter girls really well while around here. Tote and. Am. Short needles. Tight to the branches while the needle on the for you're trying to identify them. On here and I immediately epidemic here in kind of began examining. In the first thing I noticed is I had no fresh tips the tips were all very small paper should now. And it turns out that is not the time a year to makers spurs appear steadily it's when the fresh tips come out. Net going to be closer for a us through. Army. Not really the time a year you're looking for experts here except. On the fellows that the competition of the UC extra argues the trek several times with beer marine success has won those things it's 18 that. When you put in but the one thing I expected really good preserving. Is the kind of secrecy flavor. In. Experts now this is only you. Found in the fresh growth the key driver beat it beat Hubert taking tips now or YouTube just Robert reps in needles. You won't in any event citrus flavor. What you will do it's kind of overwhelming the rise in labor so something probably don't really want. In the beer. Can you mimic us a spruce fir pine flavor through hops. Meet up there's some out there that you could you who were revealed fuel Columbus fuels on key you'll sit for. The little bit of its tiny hops. The one that the prices warriors as it would be flavor to a news from the finish and it's now one. The people off the news in the finished secrecy would be flavor to do it but the experts extract is available. That's unreal product that is our official flavored. When you pick it up it will be obvious that milky and off Hawaii on sues you open up it's got a lot of labor and one thing about it is again and you want a tribute to pass it won't have that you know citrus flavor. For upper weekend but the spurs tip studio extract will start to go and progress in the labor. So. Settle the no not me and I'm justice disappointment here. You cannot make beer with Christmas tree. What you could it is Omega will be what. Other Christmas holiday staples can you make a beer wit candy canes can I get that. Flavoring to appear demand that seizing cookies. I had center that she's in ginger disease he would never from fruit cake in the matched on nine. Yeah I would. Sharon I think the other staples that they wait a minute whether it's a chocolate orange mint or. And product that and at the low that was when the your peers and cheers the ruling could close now. Next means accurately and honestly if you don't want a lot of and early on in the tags blog clothes that settled the recruits melons and it's important and it seems he got the first couple points out there it's really it's nice. Subtle style with a you know. We'll see you know. Great low Roma and interest in subtle flavor not enough to kind of close camp that can over power. And that's. There's another one we've never talked about and myself think in heavier we talked about a little bit and we got into. The agree Christmas Pierce's is over a month ago now. We talked a little bit about and it's again it's a strong spice you know you're gonna buy whole package and probably only gonna use. Warner curtain to. Little capsules off and it's flowers flowers 560. Capsules often hears from the take one or to those of you use a little. The seed it's on the inside there. Com. At one that is agree novelty bureau I don't know why and the Belgian and it's triple. Sit around for about three years never with a bad beer at any point. On but never was one that I would trinkets are phenomenal growth path. So. Kind of something might wanna play and we're talk publicly one gallon secondaries might be something play around with with that first that we usually boils. We've got about three minutes slot before we're done here so one or thinking about. This time of year. Other long term plans in you're talking about for this spruce spear your have to wait until May when pressed growth is there. One other Beers if robbery right now is thinking about you know when when are we talk on October fest in March because it's that Marsden. Mall where you're gonna have made big six month plants. Ending around this time a year that you could planned long term for. I mean really now. And I've asserted a mighty economy yeast ordering at work if kind of stirred prep with this and I always say I'm gonna do it but I'm behind in my winter appears right now some are trying to get a couple of those. But surely trying to get ahead announcer actually the timing and you know mainly differently and yet we could consisting cold weather for. Canister during your bloggers for summer. I try to get a pills into Munich callous. In the kegs set aside in the bottom of the basement somewhere blog link so that I can haven't calmed summer. In these are great times when you're stuck in the house and a cold one point 31 of Peru something. You don't really have any free space for you to sit and some bureau are ready. Bruce then you know Munich Kallis to prove that look you know log here coal something for the summer colts actually it probably would wait and conspiring to do. The brew that appear for the summer now what at logger that six months. Might not seem that with winter really not a promise but. It's been really only about you know four months away and we're going to be into springtime here if you're trying to give them beer three months to locker. You wanna get on top of that now and so. My vote would be to start looking your spring and summertime beer are ready so not only will you given the chance to locker like the really need to be. But also this is the easy time year fermented we we talked a lot this summer about. You know ways to turn here he grew Nash time or your war chiller in pompano third setter you know using frozen water bottles to try to keep. You know that on your cool during fermentation. Well my basement floors up 48 degrees right now which is easily just about absolute perfect for pitching temperature for chuck tolls are. To calm in northern new Swiss blogger he said I wanna uses that rate round it's sleek you know kind of five degrees off its lowest sensed that would be a thing about perfect. Trait that could start on it now that it's that time if you wanna play around with Clark she don't want to invest in the fermentation chamber that extra equipment. To go ahead and get started now. I said we have three minutes we actually have three more minutes from here and if I look at the clock Bronx we show a little more time to kind of wrap things up this you know our our last show before the holiday so you're close on Christmas Day but opened right up until that. Last minute tips last minute holiday gift giving tips. For anyone out there that you know if they're looking for that last little push any and you get. Earnings in the purchase that Niagara tradition if you grabbed the wrong things and most intimidating for people would come in win somebody says. All I wanna work trailer they come in to us and we have three different plate Childers we have fort different I'd different commercial insurers. Tom if you get the wrong one. You know anything you purchase in our tradition without a receipt. It's still good to bring it back in and he can exchange for full value after the holidays. We don't too and he kind of clear out the shells post holiday. Australia and no no inventory dump at night perdition part of the reason is the stuff there were pushing on you during the holidays are. Turn the of people buyer gets on the scene scenes that we stock radar up. For after the holidays from numbers come in to kind of by the gadgets that they didn't theater once that they need to seek and a work in this you know. Winter of brewing here so. If it's wrong thing big number of factors are going to be sale price of the full value that the YouTube purchases. With with tax. In the can get the gadget they need. Oh. Well. Org and be Elvis happy holiday enjoy the the Christmas Day often you guys are right back to a on. They before and after so it will be quick term but well you know and enjoy poignant. Quality food in between be recharged for boxing day. Now everybody up there has a safe and fun holiday in. Indeed and soon New Year's and then resolutions stood. Brew more or make more beer or have three kegs of larger path after it and make better beer whatever you might wanna do. All right each and every Saturday morning we're here are ESP in fifteen wanna be sure to tune in here home brewer if you know home brewer you know. Keep them towards us in the push them towards the show. And on demand WGR 550 dot com happy holidays from us and Iger fission and you're just Pruitt and go through yourself. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by an average traditional blue. Whether you're season brewer or just want to get started with the for the twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.