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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. You might hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional home brew here's your host Jeremy White the first dice there. Saturday morning happy new year and just through Jeremy Langford nicer here tiger traditions weekly show for the home brewer. Kicking off a brand new season morning happy new year good morning happy here. We are we you guys are back to normal hours. And that means ten to four on Saturdays are today closed on Sunday and monitor running back usual salute the holiday reel the holly Russian policies in this. Violent behind us and we insert the brings us 36 days until the Super Bowl so we can talk about a timeline for that. On anti homered dot com you can so of course use that it. Order online and pick up orders a you guys to grain crushing quick turnarounds that kind of stuff. Com and a lot of people really been taking advantage of this and we we would really and encourage anybody else who would like to. Eight you can you know pick out your ingredients online put him in the cart them when you're ready to Peru. You know all. Click that submit to order will crush the greens for you if you want us to. And we'll email you Becker if you call what are your preferences and isn't ready to a lot of people are taking advantage of that. Just to stop in on their lunch break if they don't have time for your own twenty pounds of green to be crossed while they wait. Or third sending some believe they know we will remain to pick up greens. Ingredients as they passed by the store. So they don't have to pay for prepaid forward arm line also your local area customer we have some Greek shipping rates for locals to. And the kitchen through the the winter Bruce here or go only to the timeline and the suitable moment but first. On tablets or what order you guys got on tap we have a wide emea IPA and looses they're heard this IE didn't hear that. Before the bordering demo with why east couple weeks ago. And while we are making the right PA there somebody started. Asking about the hot and I haven't I've no idea I've never used him. Didn't have a lot of descriptions we threw function to an IPA we are capped it with some want him that on tap if you come by the unit attract. So we also have people what what's distinct about the why me IKEA it with. Here he lying need for repeat. Peary set procedure the pungent so. And agreeing flavor now if anybody knows that mean almost poignantly the apple. But. Via know something interest in trying so I'm. So that's on tap and what else we also of the swinging moll amber locker so we use economy handful of the different her from targets one mile. That were available and we kind of put a girl amber you know winter lager for folks if they want to comment. Item one call swing too for anyone that's listening in me wants to Google it's SW EE and who looks like it should be swing in all yeah. Socially and all ever a lot of why me I people's revolt on tap for public that the sample those iso 36 days until the Super Bowl. To brew now is probably of good window to get things done if you're bottling its gonna be tight. It's it's gonna be you should be burying today if you're bottling like a big IPA or something like that through Super Bowl EU should deeper ring today your hands in your ten days. For our primary. You know at least 1014 days for secondary. And then you're kinda gonna be crossing your fingers. In all hoping that it carpet ain't. You know often in the you know the last seven days there. So maybe should look at pale ale. Or maybe if you are planning deeper thing about having some needs to pollen in time. Obviously. If you're tagging. Don't worry about another week. Right but lots of lots of time what's what do you a favor it's a good brew for a super ball trying to think like for that kind of day you're gonna wanna drinkable beer. It's not something that's exactly making anything that's going to be summer bearable if you're good easy drinkable. We're having a party kind of beer. It I mean I would like to go to lake a toasted. Ale something along the lines of lake and yet be. So appear vets. Has some light hopping through its economic conflict within knees by few foods or anything like that and you know hopefully. Is an overwhelmed by them as well but something has a little bit of a sweet piece to it. And when and whenever you're you know don't know we're going to be sitting down from the TV with Tom order for you know three hours plus. You probably want to appear that lol. You know lower and alcohol Soviets these firm 5%. He makes sweet note to it on penalties the importers from Finland and has always favored a mind game and after your favorite team and all that on that would be. Happening for the bills which you could name it. I don't know that to your river player for ever team and hope that he's playing that day and a cute and frank exactly. Or if you do gentlemen just keep her in your beer and a whole lot better so Super Bowl timeline is important for anyone out of the ones that's something done. I knew we have some more ideas don't line but also some events coming up the art of beer it's going to be march 4 from six to 9 PM it's the tenth annual. Art of the year you've got lots of time on this one but it's one of these events that. Every tenth annual it's a big once a great one. You know mark your calendar now and and and plan accordingly. It's bigger every year it's. I host in to benefit the nag her arching community center. Which votes art galleries as both a lot of children's after school programs. It's a great chance to come through in. Not only you know have some great beer and food to check out the artwork they always have some great beer seemed our work. I know I try to come home with a piece every year to hang up on the walls and the you know maybe take down some of the old beat up posters are kind of blank spaces. And via. It's all for sale. So as you're walking around -- of a price tag and if you went by working some of the benefits will go along with the young to the actual Mac facility in the programs Africans. Third our pre sell 35 of the door. Art of beer march 4 that's from six to nine. And their tenth annual so again you've got months here three months to prepare. To a to make sure election two months ago as for two months to prepare if you if you're gonna be there. But we highly recommended and Cheryl you know we'll talk about a much more going for. There we don't have actual paper tickets in the story epic they are available at the Mac dot org compete and that's THE and ACC. Orgy. And I mean we're gonna got time here. A good to busy season for all these events on talk about ends up being. From march to June you know he walks coming up entry deadlines are gonna come up the amber always remembering competition this year around so updated time lines on that. Yeah and in so I mean I don't have an entry deadline for a walk yacht McDonnell little bit poking and prodding and sent out some emails with superior replied back hum. But and I'm sure well. Last year the entry deadline was march 15 I would kinda if you're looking neighboring calendar and thinking about what you're gonna have Peru. I would probably. Start you know marking those days down now so might be a little bit different but I'm sure will be around America and I mean it's a busy time year for usually there's not a lot going on. Because of you know heavy winter I think this year and you know. Shaping up the saints have instead of being snowed in were kind of you know swamped and now this year so. Same attitude different weather have you formed your game plan yet for me along I haven't I did start looking at me with thinking about the new year and in new styles appear. I started looking at tropical stout. And the new BG CPI. Don't I don't know and one the reasons I when you have going today log website to kind of start fishing around us I want to see if they're gonna use it 2000 and meter 2000. And fifteen guys it's and so that's a new style with a 2015 guidelines he only one I could think of this Jimmie without by big city brewery found a couple of orders royal arcs reliance stout meter boat ever ever. Had before. But I picked rip that to me it's stout I think it premiere and then one time with the first army had it would actually was brought by consumers to art appear the first time ever tried and that's a very sweet in. Fruity stout. And it's a little bit like a for an extra. But don't expect those big coffee. Heavy roasted and now old still strong still very sweet and most of the freelance is coming from the east not the hops. But a little bit lost on the ropes. I can't say ever had anything like that like a tropical stout I'm trying to even picture like where where it's taken it to a darker version of like Alice in four. The near Belgians balanced out in Belgium are out Seymour he'd be if you're gonna get an English east or thirty minutes. Out of that. More than you will if if if and now it clicked cheering notre something although that doesn't sound at a Belgian style also while I'm here. But calm him metropolis outlooks that night I think it's always the point that I meet it's interesting. People warmer climate poll we usually think oh it's warm we drink the you know the latest and appear. You know here they are there drinking. A suite 7%. Stout. And one of the reasons for that is that he's good warm. And with spicy food. Giving advice for anyone it's the it's the here Amy entering this year the emirates Greenberg competition. Would you say route to maybe improve your goat Toobin and also maybe get a little bits. Now creative nest are some entirely different things over if you're gonna get two different aspects a feedback from your. Coach to beer you're gonna get a general all. Review of how well your brewing overall it's doing so if you have appeared that. Are you know the recipe itself and you feel like your experience and bring with say east during that you knew all grain belt. Com the judges might find a little bit of room for improvement and appear that you otherwise I think is perfect. In the experiment polls always kinda cool because it it does save like how well you were doing at those one off B or so's those kind of experimental Beers. Your and I don't know some nice little. Campbell every once in awhile it's usually found among those surprised pierce have gotten me medals over the years. And some of those experimental pierce have turned in to you know you're laborers from miso appear that Jimmy Key you're in your camel to produce. Ending. Just before we get on our next that or talk on New Year's resolutions for brewing but they're the holiday season is over. What did you see it that might have been different this year India the home growing market mean obvious uterine generic. You know what sold a lot whether the community sees you moving more towards cash gain. Or if you're just seeing more new faces more people switching all grain when the out the home growing community as a whole do you see any direction. Well one thing and obviously we'd have a lot of numbers this time me. Arms of their obviously buying the gift they don't further prying for somebody there's a lot less hesitation now and even the the you know holiday shopper little more educated. You know about home bothering them in the used to beat and you know it's great work lumber for educating the matches. But you know became man. It is first years past they would say oh I don't know he likes craft beer. You know this here these tea Ono he likes no English titles doubts or an honest person likes IP through the deal likely on pretty much a team drinking. You know German markers so you but it seemed like that. The people coming in buying the gift for folks knew more than ever richer at least they've seen in the past. About what that person actually drink so it's a topic of conversation now. Which is really cool hand really beneficial somebody partnership you know appear at the bar it's probably come along way since. This is legal right yeah yeah I think that we see at that question all the time it's like you know it is actually legal to wasn't mainstream people. He hadn't in all heard of if somebody doing it Palmer didn't know anybody doing in hand now yet certainly we haven't got back auction at all that your. I'm very good. I've back and aside time for New Year's or brutal years now now -- work on New Year's resolutions so. What are your brewing resolution would give us some ours some ideas going foreign me via UN makes similar resolutions get to that on the other side. Tiger traditions just through their open today from ten affordable normal hours are backed closed on Sunday so late Saturday as Europe pick your greens. And now the U the Bruins again happy new year back into the side of our resolutions of 116 on just. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish traditional home brewing supply. 1296 Sheridan drive near military Intel don't wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At and T home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just. I'm back here and acquisitions just Pruitt chairman white bird dies there. Thank you for joining us thinking for me it me when he fifteen. You know a big year for night vision for the show I mean I'm hope. Being that when people coming in the store over to the reference saying the listening erroneous in 1520 or on demand in our website at WH ER 550 dot com and on our audio level. The MR I'm always so Carlo off guard by it when I come break from here. You know raid into the store and somebody immediately comes in right after and starts following up the conversation that we are having here. And that truly awesome thanks for listening I sinks forgiving your import. Obviously if we have a conversation at the store often you might see. Those topics come up the next week in the show and you know thank you for those ideas and effort and keeping me educated on what's going on with home coverings have been getting great feedback from customers. Who was someone just the other day told me that they elicit the show and really enjoy and they've thought about home brewing a lot of my holiday season we're gonna get toward New Year's resolutions here. A lot of it was meeting new people you know you go to a company party or a family party and they talk of you know I used to brew or I've been thinking about getting back into it and they always won and Al. What it's like so would you ever any questions. You know just pop in and I tradition and and of course the guys there ever accuse help you know whoever is on staff I mean. You've got no matter which are for using -- Kyra but the whole staff is like everybody's a wizard of brewing in and they know everything you're gonna need to. Got a wall have a project going to back that we can showy and talked about you know we've all we all Peru and and that's big because there's you know comment. Not only in here I know what to do what hey I've made that mistake before. And so that really helps from the brewing not only to. Say that these are you know. Somebody you can you know find your problems and help you assess them but say listen I have these problems before I got through you know you can do this. Opulent. What about. You're judged in terms of the New Year's resolution. I know it's probably not feasible figures in workshops every single weekend or every day obviously but you've got a lot of interest in the workshops do you do on the boring workshops so. Are you an idea been pleased with how many people come out to those of you thought about more thought about different kind of scenarios that are kind of sucks is that certain. We always are penetrating to look at how we can fit more those classes and and I have to really think the you know volunteers and folks who come down who teach some classes. On because it's not always mean usually turn to give in fur is menus I can to help out on the we have some great instructors. With a variety. Of backgrounds. From. You know the engineering. Two. You know educators to you know nationally recognized in grand master judges. Commercial boomers. And if they're really agree crew guys and Iowa poking my head because every class is a little bit different in if we can have a New Year's resolution for the store. It's to try to do. More. Events in classes and maybe I was gonna say. Do we often you don't see yes dude the sign up kind of class for you pay for a ticket at a time we do those who will be doing those. Going forward now because the time year there's a lot of new purse is now allowed to to do outside. Boy also try to keep the number of demos and kind of new and interesting stuff. Going on. Upon social media up on our website and election all bouncy and come down and take part. Com and Kirk Hastings. Every time we used to do the tastings consistently. One month. And around about the summer but from the winter certainly like to get back to that. They are very popular where customers. And I always think that kind of shows something about our customers is that they are super excited to comment. Give away their beer. In have people give them feedback and so if you've never been to one of these facing come on down if you don't have a beer there's more than enough to go around. Come down we always have some stuff to try and bottles and I'm draft but I you know anybody who's been brewing. In wants a kind of blind opinion under peer. There remembering your peers to. Enters the whole life for knowledge here so there's a lot of people were. He really educated have been lifelong burst and then their spokesman. Don't know much about -- know what they'd like to drink and the have brutal little bit so there aren't the W below that he back in kind of what they've. You know been through themselves. Back to normal hours at Niagara tradition get their shared in the military or their on Sheridan drive. Ten to four on Saturdays closed on Sundays now that we enter a 2060s all right New Year's resolutions or resolutions to rule. This new year all give your mind first and see if you can. Find a way to kind of helping encourage me. I think the thing I have to do is I asked a branch out a little bit more in one I've rule I've made a couple of PA's couple wheat Beers. A couple horrors importance doubts I like a lot I drink. Ticket Jirga as much poorer and style as anybody because I just. I like that style beer right about now. But I should probably go to some other stuff whether it's. I don't know and I should locker I should. Eight iced Hamels struggled even to think of the types of Beers I could make because of soul. In this box that I men that I don't even know than what to name that I really should Tryon and branch out and go for. I like what's what's the next level how to YE motivate myself to make different kinds of Beers like that like a double life PA could ever make a double IBA have salute I've never even thought about a double life via a media wanted to double it via. And that the one thing we're never gonna make beer outside your normal comfort zone which is usually outside their normal drinking don't you might wanna think a couple of bout. If you sinks in that is how long their peers and keep four and you know. Or an abstract and keep for awhile how big the bash you wanna do so before the show we are talking about you know we've had only BA and wanna start doing some three gallon batches. In that your gonna do say like you were talking about like farm house sales are wanna try something like that. That's going to be perfect for the tree Gail and perhaps it's usually going to be a later beer. Something will be ready for summer. And give it a try. It I'd encourage you that words of encouragement is people have been doing those fears and farm house is for you know 6700 years so. You'll be OK and you know your kitchen with a lot lot more control now than they ever would have. In eight also encourage people that. You know going out on a limb to make appeared doesn't mean it. You're gonna have a bad beer the first time it's a guarantee the American in a perfect beer the first time because that's there is no perfect beer. And if you keep good notes no lingering have appeared even joined now. Beat you have appear that you can improve our if you ever decide to go back to it. I tried to brew outside my comfort zone. A lot when my resolutions was to may mean that not experimental. Ingredients. At times blogger you hear me talking about like this one yeah IP AK I've never had to stop before. What means for ordinary and I really did you get a new toy UN play the right away you got it where is I'd really like to go back and actually kind of explore some of the this guy yells. I've kind touched once or twice from the B. Have never. You know really done their second or third Bruin recipe look at those old recipes in Kenner reformulate them and try them again. But as far as thinking of words during curtain and as you know people have done it before. You know eat you haven't exactly. There's known once dialed. That's especially. Easy. Getting into big guy PA's and all green where it up the bad especially for you was your own not necessarily setting it out. To be easy during a farmhouse beer brewing within Munich callous and you know just working analog Greece internal set up. Will be not nearly. As hard as the initial jump poise and all the neighboring. Boy did the I've done a couple partial matches in the most recent BR did turn out really really good. And it was exactly that I decided that all right final I'll I'll take that next step you know I started as. Completely. Having done none of this less than two years ago. And the last permit as a partial match and it's more intensive and there's more than yet to do but. You know you get to tell that you you reap the rewards that so like I guess I have to make the commitment. To spend that little extra time cleaning spend the extra time going with a partial matches policy you know all extract which I've done several times just steeped in great league to just make the time commended because the beer you get out of it. You can tell the times and. Yep and I agree from the completely and I love picking out. Like ten pounds of eighties and new based malt. Horse ten pounds of the familiar. Based multi hit it this smells that come off the match. And then the kind of having that theme smelling those seem flavors two weeks later. There's a nice connection there between when you're actually drinking the beer and Peru day. In say it was like you green like gold and promised sleet you know and I mean all the Beers and all the birdies and all the drinking. For me before that there's a lot more small from your blog more the process to it. And I I think his home numbers people always ask me. Is altering your batters and extract beer noble we tend to put a lot more time and effort into it immense relief when it comes down to movies you can click here for those who appears. A lot more than you would just say that quick extract I. Forgot about that one little bit long in the primary and then maybe it doesn't get the time it needs strike hopping because you. You know to listen to our warning about the Super Bowl coming in moment of breaking into a keg and right before. A home but penal a and altering be yours that you you look at what style you you've picked every single malt in every single temperature your gonna hit you tend to put just a lot more. Care into that beer. Then you would. One just and a recipe finder on the Internet being counted for some command carrier. What else might be your resolution for someone like to tinker with may be. This is the year that really start to work on water. The quality of water the PH of mile water something like that. I would point to fermentation control first partially because when I met with the biggest I think leap in my personal numbering is part is. Not only you know luck quality control so what's Beers kind of taking off hard or calm under ferment king. But also. It really real we. I mean the difference in my ability to use. Or make new Beers and use different east because. Once they set up a temperature control I was able to just dial in the starting temperature you know rest temperature for every beer. The arsenal like always that she's gonna work while in my basement. You know and wonders there. But it's an the you know. The small steps for the improvements later on the water. The water profile we have a good water profile and carriers so maybe if here. If you are outside the area and especially if you need to permit reporters it is an epic Greek casing at least precipitate all over the place. You know every single beer at the right to seems to be either you know have a mineral water like mouth. Cleansing effect or that it's at the opposite end. In the kind of sticks to the pal little bit too long these things have not teaching my promotional appear in yes judged her home beer and repent commercial beer. You know. But yet he might wanna think about water profile or make 2016 the year of yeast starters there and that's yours tell me. Do starters and yeah to begin especially if you're using equities and you're doing bigger Beers Q starters they're gonna make a difference as far as my personal. New Year's resolution. I'm an go into the back of the fridge to cap back quicker and I'm starting to drink through. All my on labeled bottles autonomy in these words just I didn't have labels to finish some of them got thrown into cooler may be taken out Quebec and the efforts but I am drinking those. I am accepting donations. In the instance that you need to get some. All right we're back now let's hear what that happy new year were back next week good luck with your New Year's resolutions. Again any episode on demand WGR 550 dot com and every week here any disputed the twenty store opens. At 10 o'clock back to normal hours back to brewing on just Pruitt and he homered dot com and is always go brewers. It's. It's. You've been listening did just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode. Just from.