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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like your you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy White the per dye Easter morning. The whole week polls Sunday. Tomorrow and this is Niagara traditions just threw it. Jeremy White advertiser as we are with you each and every Saturday here on ESPN fifty point oh episodes available on. The beach here but if America were read consumable. With with one and. IE eight team. I kinda wanna see. That number when yeah. McCain Manning just that I think it's gonna be is one of his last time threatening cam Newton's work now but at same time look at when you're excited about posting yeah. Being in so that's so yeah I don't I wouldn't be that upset defeated team won by the government to root for Carolina policy sometimes I I think Campbell and on my and then something happened in the game for seventy points on the board. You -- offer exciting but the overseers. I well I actually called you earlier in the week. And asked to an emergency question. That I I didn't end up doing but were coming and rehash it here and notes they were doing for the Daytona 500 I called you last week. And I said. All like I can make appear for the Super Bowl prism having people over I thought I should have a beer for this. But it was right on the edge. Of the minimum lot of the minimum amount time that you need. In order to make a beer so I thought you'd get some tips today let's say you're gonna have Bob Daytona 500 party here or you're gonna have a party and you decide. I wanna make a beer and I didn't plan enough where you just have nothing in the Calgary shirt and your trying to meet Phillip as soon as soon as possible for me this is about. What kind of beer I can make. You know we know carbonation we can we can eat fast track that process slowed it will go through that but if I wanna make appear as quickly as possible to be some that a knock in a secondary. I's gonna ferment quickly I can make everything about it's going to be easy. Where do you start. We starter and selecting the beer in there there's no to say one year that lends itself a lot easier to bring quick. But a certain set of parameters. And that is the lower oak hall beard that has the tightly flock killing yeast so the John Boehner appears to re initially turn to our English tales so you know English bidders. Browns Irish doubts worked very well to arm that's not to say you can't to look at American pale whale or something along that lines. And hops or spices are those fencing our American cause appear to ferment longer. On B wanted to kind of select appear based on lower ABB quick from nineteen east. Arm and so I always always look at English better. Or sometimes I'll do like an American pale oil barrel four point 5%. In kind of humpback off hopping. You know accordingly but the first thing you need to do is it's you need to choose beer and choose ceased. When your putting together the recipe to there's a couple of things he kind of wanted to YouTube I hope the used to law and com Bettis who want him. Started and keep it warm so it doesn't start to. Shut down on you but also you wanna look at and wanting. Very often overlooked when doing this is you wanna look at the mineral content. In just about always had some calcium carbonate if not also. You know some other general blunt. To try to bring up that calcium content in. My quick beer in the reason is yeast rarely mean calcium to flocked kill it. And so a lot of time to few Beers are heard Don from renting but they still take for ever to clarify. It's probably because you don't have enough minerals in your water and so that's something. You know American try to get a foul on an emperor beer and I wanna ready in ten days. American charted Veoh had down to human local with a penalty to get my water report then I'm just gonna you know the minerals as insurance to make sure that the appear. Arm terms out. Basically adding calcium can. Speed up a process could speed up the fluctuation so it was due to the finish of the fermentation the east actually dropping out you can use by calcium talent and yup well you might be I usually by a power there are tablet forms out there. If you're looking for a whole blind the most popular one is by far pur water salts from Okie Carlson. So small nice full section you rip open it's liberating your boil them that set and to test can give you full balanced profile even if you're starting with. Water that barely has any minerals. Armed and then the thing that I often forget to do which is really important for you cider and do this you run into Niagara tradition. You grab your premiums you get to Bentley B get the beer in the fermenter. The one thing you have to do before you forgot about this is you got to make your office to central. And you can start looking at not when you started to appear when you need to appear ready by in kind of start backtracking. And say OK I wanna let this sit in carbonate in and you know sit in the Calgary the first three days NET three days or case I have to have this be your clear rate direct X seven. May be old cold crash and put into carb we'd just at a Clara farce or taken off the the U sped Lewis on from mounting just at a clerk prior to help it you know start that process and cold rational open early. Make that schedule. But you have to realize you're not bound to it in there things might come up either personally or with the beer you might give a decision on the you know tons of receive lulled right after Thompson Diana civil suit and a throwing in dried he's packet. And warming it up so when you make that schedule leave yourself a little bit of extra time to you have to appear ready to work three days. Before the event so that when the event comes or your when your. Ranking that you're getting it ready one million have a couple days in future run into any problems. Which are gonna picky so there's no difference what kind of beer you really picked. Stout student funeral lower to properly can impure like PA by you know you're going to be something that's gonna have enough flavor on its own trial hopping is not going to be a real big in Korea got in laboring as you don't have a lot of time I mean in you don't have that one to two weaknesses figure beer for fermentation. You know doing top stand at the end of the boil highly suggest doing something like that you're trying to do you really copy stuff about putting the hops right in the tech mean if you want to. And you've got a little bit of time and maybe don't finish the beer you're you might get more. Matured flavor over time. Could that be shortcut if someone makes a beer carbonate severe thinks. I wanna get a little that little extra kick the door and the cac if you're if you're trying to get ready for Ehrlich say that next couple days are actually more recommend making hop tees were born in some water you know the pint or two on the stove and having your crops that there in the heading into the character flavor. If you put the hops in initial you're American get much flavor for the week or two weeks certain repeat. And then at some point your hair who tried to take those hops out otherwise we'll start vehicle that you know rise in the invention. So. If you're gonna do to hops in the Cagney treatment of string put an impact. The you know weeks on the road when his little strong because little light beer it was slow and alcohol it's not really cut the you know the backbone to stand up to these you know toxicity early paean to overpowered peer Dmitri can get but I really for. A quick conditions when I'm looking for something now while making hop T. There really I've I mean how very ye in the edited halfway through the bottle yet to sail on to want to do something they have this mortar rounds. One economy you know your profile ops Meehan the top team wrote about. Sword or art or a point is you talk going you've got your schedule Odyssey you're doing this you're not bottling your caddie. If your tagging there are a number of ways not that many but there are a couple ways to make sure that your beer if you. Are able to have can get the night before missed 7 PM at 44 hours to 7 PM game the next day. How can I get that thing up to were needs to be in 24 hours well the first thing wanna do is try to get a call from a penny to get a keg carbonated Mercury pursing regret is mighty bag of party ice from the gas station that the keg in to a fight he'll pocket net put the ice around begin rankings appear to the cac. So usually appears actually pretty chilled by the time I'm actually putting CO2 is like two this is like putting a beer into a frozen Mogg yeah are you putting in with a with a cool with ice around it. From the moment it hits it's a little colder in each bid is chilling the rest you've got in the colder you get that are closer to 36 degrees anyway. The easier it's the company for you and that's nice because you wanted to know again and the night before that it's properly carbon agency or go to pull that first time off when people are over in you find you have a couple of phone. Warmer you know flat beer and Paul I effort and start seeking it from that compares. So you wanna try to avoid that check that the night before try to get it carbonated all the way up and then put it away. You know what it's that don't try to move at a at a time is not going to do anything with agitation CO2 but any sentiments might fall while sitting. When it comes to carving what's the least amount of time you can get away. You do the ice bucket method in your sitting there actively seeking cac. You can get a beer keg in about fifteen to twenty minutes now used to do demo we will do it again at the store on what we would have people for beer tasting. And B would tell them OK here's to beer tasting today people come about 1230 tasting with that 1 o'clock in the period tasting notes to opium car we reduced the ice bucket method. In rapidly and carbonated and then start serving on a picnic that people. Rate there option. While it seems like that case. The old the absolute minimum. And seven attended seven a is a limited time you can tell me I can carbonate in fifteen minutes I think seven days. Might have the best period government need you got a hit this isn't something you're entering into the a long competition this is something you just you want to be able to say I'm in a beer. Yup yup and am in a lot of times that starts with these people may be camping your teeth in the open coming up and they say. Wish I am ready to tempering their trying to get one might voices. As of this time of the year. A huge sleeper Munich palace a couple other Beers light Beers. And I put more weight for summer. So right now actually right after you get done with a couple of Beers for you are. Imus are remembering money summer Beers and these certainly Orleans summer peers sees their peers from sit in the back the carburetor and there are going to be there for winning. You know if somebody wants to. Have a RB to order or prepping like Syria a day's last garage cleaning slash you know rip smoking party like that that were taking over the garage for spring. I have tactic of purity. Kinda help so yeah get a bird at a time if you can always have that backup type of deception beer you know otherwise make the schedule. Pick a good beer pickle like something late oh alcohol and when you. Start on your schedule. Be prepared to be flexible. Seen with a deer appeared actually does when you start ferment. So the lesson is always be brewing yeah as if you're always brewing you don't always have something you know run into the problem I get in mutant carbonated and fifteen minutes. If you have their beer and secondary in the back for a tree epic tagged a palace sitting you can get it ready you can you know take it out. All right so I mention these these are Beers you're going to enter into via amber waves of grain competition so before Rita. Our break and our next segment which is going to be weather related because the weather is playing some funky tricks on those that are growing on hops. Let's update everybody on what's going on deadlines and all that such all the stuff for the amber waves of grain and the art appear go out so coming up. So it seems like you you know we're talking about ten de Beers here and I'm sure there's going to be a couple entered. But the he walked entry deadlines amber waves of grain denies opera so big competition entry deadline is mark. Nineteenth that's another reminder and warning to. Star bring if you haven't. Are ready and also we have part of the year takers they've been on sale. At. An ACC dot ORG. We also have part of your tickets now in store so here looking you know immediately get that validation in the paper ticket in your hand. Come on and all right. DN ACC dot org for art appear and Boris who grand of course Martin Gerber stopped or two and march. Nineteenth at the entry to ago this information you need. The badgers have by the way is coming up to. Six weeks and he planned it time to burger stout you probably haven't we were just talking about another four weeks of protests and meet I've never done an Irish stout what makes an Irish stout and Irish stout as opposed to like sweets out of the spring style army that there are your shots are usually. Drier. They do have a bit you know between the balance. You know coffee kind of flavor to the forefront oldest chocolate in the background. Com but the right finishing in the seat a couple of ways in it's obviously it's a little bit of sour. And some people loss from people. Don't kind of improves your efficiency and get their national but more from a toward that that really dry finish. Column. In the empathetic coffee. Lower annual meeting east. In the strike. Though there are three things after trying to make an Irish stout you have some roasted Barley. You have some true to grow may be a little bit depressed here in those pale Walter little bit hosted malt. You vote for the use of props to bitter and you. You know pretty much and the English Irish or something the him thirty year mere cameo he settled. You have the stuff you need to others out six weeks until senate Tuesday by then will winter be over me oh. I mean it hasn't even started yet it fills you well I can never release started Mets. Well that's a problem for a lot of people at. It is it is we'll get into that next if you grow your own hops you might be put into a very strange situation because of what. The winter has or has not yet done. We today next you're growing your own cops what to do when you see bugs and winter is still coming. That's next on acquisitions history. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need. Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 Sheridan drive near military Intel wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. I'm back here on tiger positions just throw it Jeremy life. Dice here I'd be Super Bowl weekend we'll fund it forces tomorrow this definitely we just gave the rundown on how to. Crash course make appears quickest possible it's too late to do for the Super Bowl but in the event that you are ever having a party or whatever the sporting event might be. Great little crash course in how to do as quick as possible so far and then on the man at WE GR 550 dot com. If this first time you're looking keg river since the summer couple weeks ago we talked about what you need to do if you rebuilt revamped your. Old carburetor soco back and checked that after your findings Wimbledon. So with the weather. Supposed to be called for the next two weeks or so and we've had spring like weather or almost summer like weather setting records in the fifties. And this might sound despite if hold your hop rise owns you might. Be seen. But you might be seeing growth where you don't yet wanna see it we've talked. I thought a couple of news stations putting up photos online of people's tulips coming it is you know my two looks might diaper when mr. top prize homes coming up it it. Makes you nervous in Reno with a couple years ago we had the long war I think it was late February. Followed by another couple weeks of harsh cold and we know kind of what. That did two days you know fruit harvest and particularly apples and grapes are around here. And you see the same thing happened. With author fruit so that apple trees started producing buds. Com when we got hard freeze again those bugs frozen fell off and now these apple trees were okay. But those bugs were going to be the flower show we're gonna pollinate the were actually gonna turn into a fruit and so for you have these you know wonderful night's losses. Apple trees both milk apples with a problem for a lot of people. In this we're starting to find out with this kind of warned both had in the past week on people's top prize homes are doing the same thing and I have to emit. This is the first I haven't seen this happen before it seemed my hops come up. During late snow falls where it was you know forty degrees in the year reroute kind of giving some snow build up that usually was gone by night. In the tunnel K and I haven't had to worry about them. But this seems like it's going to be a little bit different this is gonna be you know two to three weeks of what they say is gonna be normal went for whether or not just one night frost cops are usually a little bit frost tolerant. In so we usually joke about how we're always the first thing coming up in the garden. But this year change for a lot of people their way out of the pack you know. And so. What is it should people be rooting for. All or nothing because at the frost tolerant if you have the bugs in the if you get frost on the freeze of the falloff that's almost kind of like preserving a fully formed. Pop right. Is there earning between where it's mostly formed or it's just starting if it freezes at that point I mean is still frost tolerant. Hobson your reckoning it's not the bugs it what you're seeing is is literally the the stammer stalked the plane collective being stalked growing out. When the first come out they kind of have this like almost white looked in the final click expires mere theory tender for a lot of people are reefs are. This is actually where you would curvature props to eat them if you wanted to. Bomb them while they are two hour to a full Ross I've. The feelings like a lot of searching for American MP tower too you know weeks of hard colts I would say we are kind of rooting for all or nothing. After hearing about this comical moment tickle in my price of homes and if they are starting to come apparently buried a little bit more mulch. Or try to cover them up with them claw voters something like that trying to hide him a little bit strict you know keep on suppressed. In kind of also keep from formal and I'm keeping cool on the hot days and keeping them warm on the really cold nights you're trying to keep people close to ground. But it is something to worry about Ian and something that you should group take a look at a few pops clinic OC what they're doing. In again for me a couple of weeks for release are old you might wanna do something to variant tried to hide it. And in more woody what would you do to variant is this where you take a paper towel or cloth yeah damp and I edit it by applicable potato sack or something like that. T I want to interview that repeal the old households lower you know all. You know like you said just mulch depending on how frozen mulch pilots. But it's going to be something like that's something to try to inflated to the ground. And keep it closed ground temperature on this because you want them to trial you want to drug also don't want them too hard freeze so. In part of the problem. It is part of the what we're seeing a problem here is because. The ground really never Harvard froze this winter I'm dog owner I know that yet in your dog it's miserable. It. Every season for hallway in the you know floorboards in there car. In and that scene mud. Because it's not ice it's lightning pops up they think oh it's warm for frost on. You know it's give up through the soil in that routine now so old. I don't think the giving holders and hope it's. In this you know in Mac in his words though helped by. From this point nine use kind of you've been dope cars and economic cure for the capsule that and so. Try to bury him if he can and then when it gets warmer you know go back and turn on proper government and help tomorrow. Busta locked all Alvaro hop farmers out there and crop growers you do image aside their own because you might be. Up against that come on you know this this whatever it is difficult cold spell if we get a cold snap. Yeah if you haven't established rise over probably. Has enough calories stored underground work to lose a couple generations of storms coming up. But if it's a particularly Aronson a second year rise on it's it doesn't have very large Fries from underneath. And so those talks with producing our precious calories and you know were losing. Got about five minutes left here as we continue earn just pro would oil street effort today ending a normal something that I wanted to get in that they actually I forgot to bring up. Last week BC news we only government. Rate on Friday is we were talking a couple of weeks ago about the height of these and other. Orient. Camping in the shop is who ended up. Being the once economy came to table. Open wide mouth from mentors now we've seen a lot of White House mantra being proprietary sold on and they're usually collapsed in a similar to a large pickle jar. Armed with a locking let. Melvin you shop has made 87 and after a six scale but he seven an Afghan. Wide mouth PUT plastic. Primary for mentor. With peace grew omelet with the large Topper Paul so if you wanna do it one way valve. If you want news to the com. Airlock blow off to. You have that might be wide number ten hole and there are so it's gonna match up with all your other mean you shop in better bottle. On stoppers and yet it's so that's really cool I can't wait to use one we are kind of limited to what we can order a nationally so we kind of talk to each other after resold most of the first shipment within the first hour of getting men. And the staff agree that we're gonna buy one until a couple of weeks into them here. A couple were drooling over to really nice that they have molded. Keeneland markers right on the side which makes its common sense and again and I speak live with you know screw cap and rubber gasket so really into temple bottom two x.s and make racking up eighties here. So they've really hit the nail on the Havoc with everything that Colbert were asking for out of the wide miles from and pop when you say why don't you that diameter like visually how how how wide is it. I'm not a small guy. I would say to blow. Eight inches so it's enough that I can and gravel wash cloths and I can stick my hand all the way down to the bottom. Of the seven Afghan informant Turk and cleanup and fermentation injury problems so I don't have to hit with a brush and each will now write him with a paper towel hours you know shopper or something like that. And clean it up when it comes to market share will they eventually be 100% of the commanders and we don't know if we beat that yet and it seemed Ortiz it's all wrong but he's thirty yes mean that because. Homers in the early eighties started with five human fermentation buckets. In the standard today is still five key element fermentation pocket. Now the price on these guys is not the 1450 that we charge for a six and a half gallon L pale. With lit it's about thirty dollars so it's you know quite a bit more expensive. I think a lot of numbers from going to be like me on this they're gonna have one. You know Anemia may have won music for you really high alcohol projects or might loggers for stuff really wanna keep the tentative on during the fermentation. My gonna get one for every single batch of them bitter horror you know pale ale or whine that they do. No I don't see myself developing the army like they have with. You know fifteen dollar fight you know pockets. With these so I think just about every. Experience Perot who doesn't have a big night stainless steel comical or something like that. Is probably gonna buy one way thing to expect to see homers coming in replacing all their primary from doctors with some. No but that's exactly what happened on Saturday there. So. I don't know Woolsey. You know I've always said that the annual things Steele chronicles American replace the you know the fight scale plastic bucket. It's well. Has the better chance. So your base are selling me on one of these is the logical next app it's time to go ahead granite and it's still going to be simple clean and in that swear word comes down to. The reason why. You know I have owned a comical but while I mostly don't regret. It's because that's a lot of fittings it can't just throw it into the sink I usually would have to take it out back. You know fellow with hot water. You know clean it worry hip on the splash from Lehman hosted off because. He could meaning there over top of things and while they were really nice once they got going once I got the the year in the error. It takes up a lot of room it's a lot of meaning a lot of seals to keep track cup. With this you have your regular stopper you have one reverse field in its can take up about the theme mr. market. So while supply lines work I think this is gonna be around. For awhile actually going anywhere anytime soon it's. While leaking tanker how fast we can get. It is that were being limited how many we order per week. We are ordering them around and Tom. In years past as we can and we won't buy time until there's surplus. Geared geared denying yourself or were denying ourselves I I really. Hope I can get one in the next two or three weeks here to start some of my eight. Pierce for a while again would be nice seven race trips new fermenter. That probably would please all sorts of problems with a fermentation. We do talk about every once in awhile. How different from renters to Foreman differently but and hopefully the next couple weeks will have a surplus and I can grab one element that made it appears. Right arm and I'm confident. It aideed going to be settled gimme brewing into because the cleaning itself will just make you wonder it. All right if you missed any of our show are available on demand at W share 550 dot com always senator mornings here and ESPN 1520 you're single Broncos. I'm single Panthers. General signing off and saying co workers. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started with the from a twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.