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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like your you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just brute brought to you by Niagara traditional blue here's your host Jeremy White. Or diced her home brewers welcome to Niagara traditions just threw an NE as in 1520. My name's Jeremy wife with me as the case every Saturday morning revised zero niner tradition. Morning good morning real lots to talk about we're gonna get into new for monsters richer and the sides were talking about watering. Local hops as well and we've got some exciting news on local pop rise mountains that. Borders start with the calendar which is generally what we do with star of the show the art of beer are beer is this Friday march force. Just if you're planning to come in the store also note the will be closing early on Friday you know we sponsored the event we to a lot of work down there and sort of sort staff volunteers. Our and so on make it easier and sort group one of us to me if we're actually gonna close earlier Friday at 5 o'clock so piercing about coming in for a weekend group. Make sure he had an early if you count and it's a good deal what you're gonna get your bank for your book for broad money. For all heard appeared definitely and you know there's a lot of different you know beer Casey's is one where. You actually have a lot of food vendors as well. In some of murdering you know food and beer pairing. I'm really kind of get treated to the in all of a whole night so there's gonna be life dancers going to be artwork there's going to be. You know some differently outside raffles and competitions and stuff like that as well as there's. You know absolutely tonne of beer and probably literally more than a time. Appear at the event itself you know come on down. It's going to be a nice 90 falling so. The NE CC dot org anything if you go org we have tickets also available on store and you combined with the door. And also of course a log April 2 will be the the banquet nagger brewers dot org I want deadline march 19. Yeah we're gonna viewer entry click Waltz into a casing that day and will probably be neighboring something. You know not competition where I am thinking about points or stop by. So that's your count are those of the things need to know for thinking about. Top prize on anyone talk a bit about that we've had just we've been drenched with rain lately we are wondering at one point like. How sick in a work with the winter or people were kind of getting some crowns on their top yeah me camel nervous and bright winter came for a week in and now it's gone again. So it's been a crazy cat like you're seeing tulips come up probably in all of this week were talking about high thirties. Yeah so we never know exactly. When we're in Europe are prize homes and we we've put in an initial order that did that doesn't mean the can go online or come and distort reserve cops still we always order extra. Com. And if there's like a certain variety that you really want to average your heart set on I would definitely column for the pre ordered so tend to be either really popular varieties. But they're really easy to grow toting Kurds and anybody who you know want sued you know put little ornamental that they might get something back out of in the backyard or perennial vine are McCarron you're signing. B after five dollars you can elderly a lifetime of popped in one of the questions that we always. Give it the story is all what crops should I grow what crops grow best. And we actually exists in what's called the electors coffee belt or actually in the hop belt. So. You would say that all the cops actually like about the same climate and similar conditions. Just regionally they built different you know kind of the flavors and characters are there cops if it appears that they are making. But then said was a little little look in here just about any cop will grow and I've I haven't had any variety. That I haven't. Got to three years and harvests and frightened and that goes for in all I have the ten year old science. That while the production is not nearly as close to the election that's down fans. It's still more than enough size and I'm and used in the year and it's too gross really really well. In just remember how high your troll this is how much space you have these are all going to be issues. You know total yield now whether your high priced homes will grow at all. In a lot of people and I would have to state owned my rights homes are established myself included. I grow them prime me early as an ornamental because the harvest I get off of any of the rise on Stephen and a bad year is more than I could possibly use myself. So if you're thinking about growing crops. Just go ahead and do it's going to be easy. They're the don't release require much care compared to a lot of other garden varieties. You know ornamental and you know they're gonna get something back is of the top five thing in the world for bank for your ball to. I would definitely say so like five dollars a rise on a couple years you can split that occupants are far. From that one rise compete in a couple of years if you want you can just pick up the rice don't clip and in smaller places move those trimmings around. Armed and again to SE a one high rise on should I grow woody usable stuff. In our united chinook and sized because at that time I was ordering a lot of kind of the you know. Really happy pills donors and really poppy I PA's and so I went for those two ops he's who's won I was using most of involving. You know some interest in one's always you know cascade I think it's always interesting to do. Because the kind of tear wise with the soil meaning cascade grown in my backyard is probably increased a bit different. In cascade growing your backyard while the big in all heavy also help opt. Can attend to taste similar you know. Mitt where you. Arm. The kind of along the seam line and then two we're actually gonna handsome locally grown crops in stock very soon as often have you done that before have locally grown ha. In in small batches. And we've started people your corn crop cooperative. While some of the varieties might not be available year around I think it's going to be. Pretty close to available year round we're going to be curing it in four ounce packaged these are crops grown in Niagara county. We're gonna have cascade chinook mountain hood in Columbus and they've been alpha tested. And one of the reasons we're going with four ounce packages is at that four ounce pact were actually going to be able to solitude. Competitively topsy woods the out of you know Oregon. Or Washington in the West Coast. And so you ever rear wants to you know eat and drink local and you know sometimes hurtful but it and at a price that. Well it's I think it's farms get established. For cops locally. I think we're gonna reach a point where eventually or local hawks are going to be cheaper chipping animal away from the West Coast and then they're doing a wonderful job all the task testing them they're going to be televised. And can be packed. And they're yeah can be about four ounces can be nice for pale loyal our big I Pia yen and argue you guys have done a lot with local malts especially recently so. Knight got the ability to go you know even more local burger joint. My hometown. Well you know. One of the things he also wanted to get to the for monsters you guys have another size of the from monster of the for monster is the name for the wide mouth plastic government from bin each. And it has been. Making splashes I know that I said that I was going to one by this week you gravel yet we sold out. Well they sold out with good reason it is glorious. Glorious and sucked the soul last night IE. Racked went from primary to secondary so I actually got the experience of cleaning it out which takes about. Minutes now instead of you know fire hose down there with a brush. Or a note that the plastic bucket has a minute from the cleanup Trulia but. Just it's light it's easy you can shake a living daylights out of the American Spurrier can do anything it's wonderful. And the other thing about it that I it might do for the novice home brewer. If you're someone that's been using the bucket of them that LL. You know you see the number one question you get is how commits up public alchemist now public why I used to blow off to with my Bob the plastic the from monster and I had wracked for two weeks because it was still gall. And you know I know yeast you told we use was a it was a clean yeast I was you know pick and how much timed to like give it on the yeast and I thought. I think two weeks is healthy and good ago dogs can move the southeast now and it was that sealed it was it was the constant bubbling you know it's float. But it was that that I I always made me impatient when I was using the Balkans if not it. It's done right out and that seen anything happen not hearing anything happen with the for months that you're seeing and hearing everything. It I would have to say arm if we had to boil down most of the questions we get home members shocked into one answer it would be it's okay. Just leave it there another five to ten days. How many think a lot. Homer for so nervous about having their peer in the primary for mentoring something happening to them at moving a little bit earlier in their peers takes a Little League marine. Arm because of that or something like that from actor and every year from nineteen in the clear vessel. You not only can see what's happening awfully good to see what's not happening that you're not forming helical mold. But Q said the you're seeing a little bit more fermentation. But seeing that kind of suck it's reassuring. Because home for. It makes it's I'm just especially for like the guy like me Reno I brew once a month if that once every two months and it's just. I get impatient I get tuchman hasn't started yet how commits not healthier hasn't stopped and all those questions are gone so I probably I think just by. You know we talk about ease of cleaning and how that's such a big deal I will probably end up making better Beers now because I will just give a the east the time that requires that to do the work. Yeah and and like you said that's bigger than the number one thing Wii TM home numbers and so. You know I can't wait to get my hands on one. I've been doing. That. Porter. Recently. And we sold out on Saturday morning somebody had actually come in and already purchased one. They came in and purchase a couple war and we sold out by the end of the day by the time I was pitching. But it was you know great reviews harm people love that they can reach her arm all the way into the bottom. Yes now I can't wait to experience it myself and dry hopping too if you wanna use it as a secondary one of the things you mentioned Cigna or some people what you're talking to you we'll check and it. They know there. Fermentation stunt their comparable with keeping him in the sealed Russell even though the neck his funeral quite wide. For you know fourteen TDs in all twenty days. And so a lot of people have been doing is they're just try hopping it in the primary so there are taking off the lid. The throwing in their crops as soon as he sees the kind of massive amount of gas production drop schooler right back on and if they had any problems. We'll see a form will be able to move on here often to a tiger bottles according if you if you under that we are there different east that you should and shouldn't do that with. Affirmed in two weeks to three weeks or something like that I would worry harmonies. Are we carrier Iranian from new home so. It so. I should even acted then. I could live my entire life out of that for monster and now. All right now and I'm still I'm still gonna be doing secondary is because you know some Beers do have to sit there for a long time and the other thing about moving appearing to a secondary is. If you don't get to a if something happens you're not able to that your. I don't have that little bit of extra. Hum. You know all assurance that it's sealed doesn't have much exposure. Miles at an army five or so you know have to compete goes up a bit like my pockets before currently trade him and for some for monsters night Z haven't if you haven't picked up one yet can't recommend it highly enough. New wide mouth plastic from Rogers just fantastic it's. I mean it's common sense to me is admitted that like this on to become a thing but it's in and Jeff you you've got a problem you know there was other ones up there in marketing many shoppers are very trusted. Brand hand they've kind of been teasing and we kind of been keeping a little bit about it for almost the past year. On that there's been will fail a lot of Fiat from meant originally from linking all mr. beer kits to. You know other kind. Cheap or expensive and some sort from you know. Cheap plastic re purpose PT containers. To. Very expensive stainless steel and they didn't wanna rush it's and I think they've hit could price point of you know about third the two dollars. For the larger size and we're also gonna have a six point five key elements stock. So if you have limited space reduce smaller batches for him six point five here on stock this week. B I think they've really kind of hit the nail on the had I think they've solved a lot of problems that you saw and other white mount for men actors or container so not only it's clear. It seemed free and has tonight's it's grown lit one piece with the rubber ask movements. Really minimum number are we get her out log during wanna get back. Makes bloggers you've got some suggested recipes. Here from suggested east Germany. The beer he made last week Heath is a German all plausible mark so. Can achieve little so hopefully. One of these will be here on the lotteries. All right we'll kick it around we get back inside Niagara traditions just threw it here on ESPN fifteen. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means either you're home brew order thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military Intel wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brute. I'm back here inaugurations just threw it. Jeremy White protester. Stores opened today of course and your calendar reminder art appears this Friday he NE CC dot org for a commencement tickets. And that they want deadline march 19 banquet is April 2 that's. Niagara. Well it was a meal Niagara brewers dot org you go out of it as the website that want. I'd still. We wanna get people into a locker yeast what do I gotta do to get you into this yup this log I'm still trying to still trying to hit him we see a lot of holes a home versions one with things kills me is. You know experienced person team to almost heard scare. New Rupert sometimes away from doing a logger yeast in. They talk about some properties that not even every locker east cast and a lot of Merck gonna be really easy for you to work with yeah I think that the general the thing that I think is I'm gonna have to ferment that is 53 degrees and I don't have the ability to do that but that's just not necessarily the case. You got an and I've actually picked out here threes. Part of why east side and mentor either your week keep in stock multiple packs every week every time a year because they're so popular. And to be quite honest I don't think any of the three would even from meant at fifty degrees on the would Neiman start up and and that's because again we talk about Lockerby east. We're we're talking about kind of maybe two or break it down in the three properties or we're talking. About eight process so we could be talking about the fact that the east at the bottom cropper from and from the bottom you know if that. Kind of ski cap and large amount foam off the top. We can be talking about power produces higher levels of sulfur dioxide which means if you're in store for a long time. They can produce AE. In all our cleaner beer. In yes some of them may be about half to ferment holder but it just about heavier one album. Requires shall we have talked about before is that I counsel so each one a from toast requires some and time. You know 68 degrees 65 degrees somewhere in there. And desk and I kind of clean up. Any mistakes you might have had during the colder part of the fermentation. In so I picked out from three traditional use here and wanna do is I'm gonna put peace on the website. And I'm also gonna put recipes we'll talk about peace in the the appears to kind of go along with some. But I'm gonna put down six recipes for the threes that we you can use on the web site. That anybody can check out so after trying to get a larger and before we get to official spring here. Yeah the ultimate jury. I'll make you do the I don't mind next bureau make a lot I've not done yet so we use one of these recipes what kind of Beers are in the connector will talk about that we'll talk about the using kind of appears to go with them in the first one I'm going to pick on going for first. Because a lot of people are probably going to be pointing out at home you know maybe two. Whoever the listening to the show west or there just gonna say or read out loud that's not a true arteries and that one is the German Holtz. On 2565. For why he Seles comes from call Cologne Germany. In a lot of times they call. Our cross ovaries while has some of the properties of alarm curled up that are attenuation. I'm a little bit of a storm keying known. It's actually not a true bottom corporate toast topped product is still show some of its AO characteristics. But that said if you're trying to do with pseudo pills sooner if you're trying to do you. You know entering calls for cream in all this has agreed yeast to use you Karen fermented Warren. Quickly bottle let. And you get like a troop kind of cold where you get this kind of fruity. The year is that the east honestly since suspensions now protein. It's not from him that in the hammer clove flavored. But you'll still have a little bit of effort the UST flavored beef and also take these peace cold fracture logger appear stork hold. After fermentation after the beer's been bottled. And what that's gonna do is crises kind of work back again it's. Couple extra sugar but it's also gonna cause so it's Easter falls off some extra proteins to get this really crisp green beer. You can use it for like the cream ill you can also uses peer. For fruit Pearson wheat Beers and we see a lot of people to kind of leave kind of holes section pale. So kind of dry finish poppy fruity beer for the summer. Yeah nice addition in the call shall probably. Probably the most for gaming and about seventy degrees and as were usually topped out at but. He said he even in the summer you're using and you'll find a place 6570 degrees and here idea and a so there's a pretty good window for the easily for these east's yes in interest remember it's a hum. Just because you're from analog priest a little bit too warm it's not gonna ruin your appear in might be a little bit Astra. Arm in sometimes be quite honest the masters given off by lock Kris win. They put when he degrees over their temperature range. Arms to a locker east at 75. Will taste much better. Then eighty say English dailies for rented at 95 degrees or something like that. So really there's I considered the log Greece actually have a little bit bigger range sometime in the Yale eighties. I mean the lotteries in 95 is probably going to be much work to me in those bitter I've never quite had Congo that hot. To find out com put they are very for him. And I'm I know I'm going to be doing this because in the last couple days I've had giver have were like a beer that you had had before maybe was six months ago pops in your head you can remember like. Beaulieu. I love that beer for me while I was in Munich at around October. It there was a Bavarian picket hosted Bavarian German logger and it was just soul. I just started thinking about it earlier this week and by can make something like that now aisles or pack because there's just there's such a good. Think it's it's it's you know ails the rage around here right in and out of the rage martyrs probably don't get much love lately. It's 21 or two if I think a lot of people's and mental depiction of locker. Because of where we've com. In the past you know say ten years in our craft your culture. It's kind of one of the big Mac Herbert yes you are used to. And I'd I don't think all American lager boring god in order in and on people think afflicted the German Pearson and puts a lot of micro breweries as well these large established and traditional operates or in Germany making these. You know beer read distinct products from and very flavorful. Dark Beers hoppy Beers. Palm when I think of a pollster I think of a very dry hoppy beer and we're. Perception wise sometimes you can come off more bitter than when in my pale sales or something that you and Mikhail oils or finish focus with. You know really sweet ball bill. Armed but the logger to think it a bad rap. So okay the next he's gonna talk about. It's a time when he won twelve California are on this one it's a true larger. Lot of people call the steam beer each sector anchor steam that's kind of along that style. So you can obviously you're trying to meet that hopped locker this is another one that's great start. You want loaded up with so. Some tickets intercede hop usually the most crucial being northern emperor which actually gives a little bit of a Lemony flavor in a lot of people don't use that finishing only bickering. Hum beef and also turn around. In take this east to save me a Mexicans or face org in all American and quite Barger prenatal. The survey says is always I think kind of an interest in peer to do because it's usually. Depending on you know what beer you're talking about a little bit of a clone of you know. German brewing with the Vienna mulch in Munich malts or maybe a little bit toasted mall. But still a little bit of adjunct to keep the body light for warm climate now that she's also likes about 65 to 68 degrees. So even in the summer you're going to be able to find a place usually. In house to rent this one out. Com. Great flavors really dry finish. Arm again if you're looking for example that anchor steam anger really kind of provides good example of that she's. Now the last he's were talked about on this one it will be especially interesting for you and if you come into the store re actually have a Vienna styles of the varying yeast fermented with the bohemian locker because we did not have. Cold storage available because her locker for it was being taken up by the Swedish kind of amber lager that time. The deaths of 2124. Bohemian some people call the Carlsberg style or some political points to honor lark little confusion about where comes from. But this is agreed beer for Munich callous. Block com if you Stanford yen in all other Munich styles as well. Arm but it's also very forgiving and when I think of what you were talking about having a Y eight for giving range I don't think them not people give this one credit because it will ferment on 55 degrees. Beer and usually won't finish out bomb. But even if it's fermented at seventy degrees all the way through which I've done in the middle of summer many times. It's still produces a very mean beer with just a very subtle. Multi finished just not quite as trite and you waiting the other which is why your team used in the Bakken Munich Alice and stuff like that. These are a little bit sweeter finish Beers. But it's very forgiving it really has. Calm and very soft nosed twit which you can't really say it's much for you know col switzer is kind of fruity flavors. Or you know on the California was kind of skunk he knows. The the bohemian lager relief comes off really neutral and again topping out 68 degrees. You really don't have much of an excuse. I'll tell it when it comes to health waters that's not it as that's on the Hedrick a lot of oil and when you say Carlsberg style that means. It is it generally in so if you are distinct yet if you if you're disappointed that we were talking about fruity Beers and hoppy Beers with these arteries. Arm that Warren is EC you can do of theory light. Actionable summer drinking beer room temperature. In it it it is I would say very forgiving. Be here and I think also the other misconception is that these light bodied column. In all light alcohol years like flavor harder to do. And I would actually I was gonna disagree that the bigger IKEA higher alcohol not only you're trying to balance more stress on the fermentation. The EU also kinda release apt to. We're chrome balancing these bigger flavors from flavors or release subtle as sexy too easy to get him and everything if you're trying to get in your face flavors it's hard to do that now. Overpowering one. I think about. Carl Berger Beers like that I think a good beer to sit and drink and watch a baseball game weather watch a soccer game with lectures it's and it doesn't have to be. The boring American blogger that you're thinking you can actually you know. Tweak those of his much your tweaked any hail out anything else your enemy. And if you like the boring American blogger thinking about well ordering it there still hope for union. You know not only to me you know here for American walk with a true arteries that may be part and a put some specially Harrington now some finishing apps and all of a sudden mixing you know we have a balk. What got to brew this this week because next week we can talk about anyone needed oysters doubts and I love sounds I don't know why I hit oysters. Its offer and posting about oysters. And you know I was kind thinking it's been awhile and oyster shells stirring in the bottom oil so. Terms it's on the be talked into doing that through so I gotta get this this. Bavarian knocked out quick so I can make myself to a oysters are right that's it for us again Friday will be the art of beer. The NE CC dot org for that deadlines approaching four a dog have a good time have a good weekend. And to the competition we got a message reliably is and to the cup yes you know. Bergen if the twentieth anniversary I can tell you worst throwing Maxtor prices. But even if you don't win anything I guarantee the price will be each the year you grew after you get those sheets back is going to be better option. All right well thanks for less than thanks for joining any episodes available on demand WGR by fifty dot com in the on demand audio section. And we're here every Saturday and he is in fifteen point. And as we say goodbyes we do every week. Over yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started with the committee 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.