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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by now every traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Bert diced her. Good Saturday morning home brewers Jeremy White with the guys here and act traditions just throw it we are one week out from national home. This is the big fight for a in the home. He befriended hope your day of the ball on the benefit dinner. And you know the ball it's kind of. To see you know you have a lot of different you know our sport season starting up you're getting ready for holidays. On to that we get slow busy. But it national home date has always been my fever because this kind of from means the start to the kickoff to summer am the candidate Dave I wanna say OK I want my. Last beards for June and July 8 in the from enters ready to go. Arm in this year's period actually. Have some great recipes so every year part of the HA national homer day they do what they call our big blue recipes. So the have the entire country. Altering the same recipe at different locations. Arm in the here they actually really have some great summer Pearson or your paths are kind of crew size from start summer. During pure real style to be. You know super cop I PA's but this year they have age range or wheat ale as well as the German all year. Armand will be bring one of those in the store on Saturday is walls will probably grew the other one in our starting class in the morning and ginger I haven't moved and not never you really talked about it and talked about a little bit here and they're talking about spices but it's a really. Fund spicy can use it to ride him in music in the boil. And that will give you more flavor if you take some fresh ginger put into Frankfurt the end of the boy who actually coupled with a that Boley in there too so if that might refreshing and a Chris bite from the ginger. Interest thing so. It comes to. All the spices and everything where I dig and why such ginger beer recently music just came blue chip beer or whatever you think it just seems to be one of these. New age Nouri ingredients again. It's a pretty popular especially if you a couple of examples and English during the means the ski Miree now. I'm BC variety of ginger over everything from aid bureau a little hint of ginger. On to something where you are the primary from Apple's is actually the table sugar and it's it's extremely sweet in Dubuque borderline soda pop. And so we see a lot of different com. You know ginger Beers made at the store Syria have a bunch of things going on at the story you will witnesses a week from today so we got the 11 AM beginning in classes is an extra class that is sit down class a beginner brewing class you mean if you've never seen a thing before now or earlier in your first cut at pastors you want to make sure you're doing everything you know writers you know away that some but he has been doing numbering for twenty plus years at the hour on usual walk proof instructors and there are all numbering for fifteen years. And they'll be helping you through and the first batch now tickets are available for that on line you do have to buy a ticket to a man we got to Portman to come after that the you don't meet our feet before. So 1 PM a starter case the word that how much are tickets twenty dollars. Dinners growing by 11 am on Saturday and it's gone on assignment now. Obvious spots you have received twenty. Twenty become a look at what we're going to be doing for the demos and stuff that David determine how much space we. And we usually tried to you know here on the eighth and keeping a lot of space for customers because people want them these things we have so much from the spot. Briefly maxed out up one equipment. And it from my experience walking in any time you guys have had an sort of symposium borrowing class or anything you you get good attendance oh yeah we have a lot of people coming a lot of people who maybe. On don't have much alarmed just wanna check it out on a pass on their information to new purged. I'm so there's a lot of people during these that Donaldson casings are speaking out looking to answer your questions looking to talk about beer so but we talk about what you have nobody in the household who wants to sit there talk about the finer points of gravity vs IBU attenuation. We will talk about that aren't. So. Class eleven but that's not the only opted owners on the 130 as well you got whatever all remembering that the one where people be making the all your think it's one we're gonna do altering. And we'll do that at 130. A lot preparers who urged making the jump from extract all grade. You'll have a lot more parts the process. Work volume of water grain. Arm. In tickets lol intimidating so we don't do it all agreeing class anymore I was about 45 hours and you know once we got to boil people were actresses stick around because. You know it seemed that before they've done a boy potentially on fermentation. Armed do we do and all going terrible 130s or clean out the seats in the classroom. The people class file out from in the hot water ready and we'll start peppering the all the dispute chance and see what we're doing. You know see. What. Altering looks like what equipment is that's what equipment through realities and I think with that we're gonna try to keep it basic things as we often do with these demo. To treat you view good insight live 22 we released. With the basics are to start all grain bring and that's really what most people are using it whole people don't have fifteen gallantly circulating water on. You know they igloo coolers will work so often we use for the animals. Archer so beginners and eleven. More seasoned brewers coming in 130 for the old grain brewing demo that's. Saturday of next week now you only take us at 11 o'clock one so not only 130 years pack command however shows up shows up gotten for the casing will appear on tapping you obviously your. Three to bring in your own if you don't have any ready that's fine too but if you wanted to kind of bring critical. You know critique here appear. Numbering and on and it was on hand to to do that critiquing we have the number two of our all our staff is on him dispose on should be pure treasures from the night her so she's on vs both couple from the sultans of swing. Always come down to these opponents south and we thank them very much for doing so we really enjoy it happened around I learned a lot as well the human and you'll inspiration to. I don't know if it was at this event. Let two years ago or whenever was right at the potato chip fear that an unforgettable Beers in me brought in this with the misty mall that you guys I've rally sweet potatoes and yet tastes like a potato chip of a beer and she's Kenny is seeing that not only to numbering in your own veered Tatis to but it you know try somebody else's and find some inspirational online and a lot of country giving away your peer to your friends or something like that maybe you don't they might like beer but they've they don't know what goes into the process everybody here Romo goes into the process. So when you give him a peer. That's what he thought it would appear to say how precious novelty that cool their say while this took a lot of planning this took a lot of wrecks acute shouldn't you know and you gotta balance salt ball homer date is Saturday we are gonna start the sales early on Tuesday said you're gonna start you Celso take advantage all the way from Tuesday through Saturday. You've gotten so we got a lot of sales were doing it the week up prior three of mother's day of the week after appropriate up mom on Sunday in Saturday's derby day you've got to so. Yet get an early get your ingredients forgiven him a chance here. We have 10% off all ingredients. We also have 15%. Off all whole sacks of grain. Arms or any fifty or 55 pound sack crusher and crush our 15%. Off. Are we often have 10% off draft circuits taps in and use in new tax. Arms so if you're looking to kind of build up your summer bargain a couple of for catch for Harvard. You're like me and you wanna put away a few Beers to locker this is can agree chance to come and get some work who preached chief. And then we did the couple hop deal so we we had done these past year was one or two varieties. And people were partying in the W I really wish I wanted to make an English beer on me pitcher of beer which had some. You don't vote for Heidi so we actually went and you look at what we can get. Fairly cheaply this here. And we kind of put together some package feels so we're gonna do some bite to get one free select ounces set to 99 counts and so. Pitcher we have pearl Mount Hood power Powell has worker. Auction block challenger emperors called Ian will lamb who were obviously panel limited. By you know what the current market price what we tried to really co op their. And we'll get a couple of top so that you could really grew and the style beer. So we have those two for free her to attempt by to get one free on the ounces but there are beef 15%. Off. A low one pound price will have below one pound price after. The week of sales for votes but the 15% off he got to come in that week for a archer. Pops some that you don't normally have or anything that are bogey herbs are always an and so we have in either. All the really common pop super west so a lot of time to hop so we'll have we'll be cheaper will be. They experiment role. Booby uncommon though PM old year's. You know cycle but with Vick here Reid decided to get like a bunch of cops trying to cover English American in German cops. Arm in these are property commonly use props and specially if you're talking about. Election tonight he's willing Emmett and you'll pale Elster English style pierce. In Hoon has proper and all of you know determined to pollsters. I'll support them is their rate limit on the number of note there is no there's not so by twenty get ten free yet. You can load up on hops for illegals are individually in the one of the reasons he tried to go with it's instead of doing all packaging of four ounces something like that. Who won the buy two get one free. Because and you can put away the simple they're going to be. You know and mylar bag Q2 function back in taxi you can take them home put away and onto on what I'm missing a piece should not for the fall. When it to a peak right here on the how long can those bags stay yours yours yours so arm once you open com you can wanna use and fast in the better you can Reese he'll put him in to a freezer bag determine year old owning if she's the only opening. The small bag amiga or one compact yet chances argues in the all around one batch and if you're not you're not really gonna. Too much about. Austin in one averages are usually talks in its apartment numbers ethical calculating just awesome and courtroom Pulitzer. I so my case up next Saturday or starting Tuesday should say basically a stock up on ops for long long time there and drink. Now 15% laughter you know fifty contacts have on Greenberg. You know it is definitely something to take advantage of at least expect it to grow it speaking and giving it all into the Jeep I start. What do you know about the history of national home brewed. Arm and it was started years ago. A while before I would lose starting to Peru. Is the kind of this celebration. Of the re legalization. And within seventy or 81. On home. So after prohibition wine with neatly away but on because of virtually. Alabi from BP brewing industry. Hungary was shocking via. Still legal opt for a long time after prohibition and so is the kind of an inept at their work. People you know doing it and I don't think there. And morally and team jurisdiction up there hunting down I'm making English style Porter in his basement we can have a decent beer spotlight. On but it technically was illegals of people were talking about people having clubs and social meeting. When it was legal. I think not only that act turned a lot of people say hey I didn't elect couldn't do this but I can do this now. And that was kind of the first. Jumpstart a hobby and kind of coincided with Ehrlich Casey's new complete joy at home so it was kind of the beat John force industry. Also I'm I'm looking at it's always the first Saturday night so always coincides with the Kentucky Derby and not a babble tradition I mean I've had Kentucky Derby parties for several years now and a part of mix in. And brewing on derby day. National day and I think they would complain no I don't think so either usually I invited him back in right usually I brew for this event and I didn't this year. But on you know Bruin under every day you've got obviously a lot of I'm killed rep for the race which is mentally you know by 6 o'clock and your evening and so actually here in Kentucky burqa style. And I'm I don't think you'll be quite as good I don't think people we lining up outside for it but. The KBS that limited release site. I hands on some it is a little bit of that let's happy I'm Alex so optimistic are right nice conditions just pro rub against break back on the other side. More to get to but don't forget national home brew day is Saturday next Saturday so. Pop in starting Tuesday at this we can take advantage of all the deals offered at night tradition Beckham at a time just a moment here yes you could. Jeremy White here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish traditional home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military Intel don't wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brew dot com and Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Peru. Are back here on not efficient. Just threw it. On ESPN 1520 all of our episodes are available on demand. Website at W two yards as well here you're nicer as a celebrates national home. They were few that's next Saturday specials are. On Tuesday of this week leading up to Saturday there every day and national homered as take advantage especially upon going on. 11 AM beginner brewing class tickets in store or online and anti armor dot com. 1 o'clock is the bombs are 1:1 o'clock tasting. 130. So it is clear that up a little bit alright so other things you wanna get into before our time is up today. Sandy point youth told me what your new miracle. Material between them as we got in the store immediately went for that the big packets I got home ice cycled through mine hotly Kurt thank louder target. Cattle it definitely took up some water precipitate those were things are already hitting with citric acid. Starts and every once and while our vinegar to try to put an apology from. And with like oh while that was night. Nice things about the sand between its it doesn't foam so when I was cycling through my louder and it wasn't falling out that I was able to use it for a couple of different things because. I didn't have made real helpful phone and equip. Mean a lot easier tenant. Dealing muscle but then. Starks him. But as I did this again about one year later said OK I haven't answered wants anemic stainless steel. Let me run it through. I started to notice I was giving a big part of the world bit communal water precipitate some of my other reasons notably my work shall. Com some in my car Luis as well as mine glass bottles to normal bill you've got a horrible food markets as well. On and so I at this large batch of sandy clean and it just started dunking things in it in to see what they would do. I love my more merchant or chiller it's you know Borger to clean because he get in between all the ribs of it. I'm kind of working menial Bloomberg notes it's messy process of getting yourself what kind of spinning the singer promising. Because of that I know that most of us don't really clean our worked to host mark that the under the table and lament the next actions we are pasteurized. But I don't we shall there. And there was the instant reaction. So I can't have kind of all around in national there's no greens become of the classical look at dirty proper covered with you know different types of stone that if blackened it. I dumped it into the Sammy clean I pulled down about thirty seconds later just look at it in there with instantly you know I have the right Chinese copper. So it's are running around. Atmel Belgium also I thought I was gonna get rid of because those had a bit of water stone and while those cuts soaked in the sandy cleaned in the human rights. Some old car and we salute our world you know pretty much on the under their life cycle I didn't actually think with water perceptive on the but the thing and he cleaned. Took it out and and really kind of want and not take some a robbery setup. Arm because I haven't been in the practice of using the acid cleanser in his also. Answered cleanser. Along with my deeper PBW I can't tell you how much of a difference in me especially in those last card wheeze the work chiller. And so you're looking deceive yourself. A little bit elbow grease and doing you know vinegar shake hand. Kind of you know rubbing it with a rush over and over and trying to help give off that stone. The thing in the clean work pre affected. By organic Volcker Rule that dirt and assistants or workers react to that foam ball in kind of release me fueled that difficult and white that stuff down seat collier cleaning is going and calm really was great stop. So anything not just bursting with steel and why I purchased this a year ago in only been used once or twice and all that it tennis scene what is gonna do domino products as Philly does the commercial Alex clr paranoia but how many products is it going to replace for youth. There really agreement. It's gonna replace the vinegar in the citric gas at I don't think I'm gonna be using it on when he comes to sanitizing I like the foaming at starts like the fact they only need a little bit. With sandy claimed that it chokes off. It's can replace my starts. But the citric acid in the vinegar it's a very expensive piece you accuse a lot of an injury appease a lot of citric tested usually making small now. Think he's about two ounces per Keeneland. So every time I'm making Keeneland sector casket. It's costing me two hours like it's that I like to clean out my entire. You know how liquor tank. My louder tonne in my cattle that's in their age fifteen gallons. On so I really wanna do it right in lumps sit there so pass the fight for power to. And spending thirty dollars or mean by Biden talked about when he box on sick for apps it. The distilled vinegar and New Hampshire effects are probably going to be a lot more to kick quite expensive. If your action washing with citric S open so Starker anything's gonna be a lot cheaper. Am from personal experience I can tell you it's a lot quicker. The reaction giving off the spears zone is just a lot faster. Involved lots physical scrubbing with a lot easier on me so I don't think it's any means can be collecting dust in my room anymore it's going to be part regular. Kinda Washington routine especially because again it is so cheap maker using pounds per week into all this is news to you guys have had this for awhile and courier and one of the things were able to the splash. You know when it first came on the upper east he. A lot of other. You know boomers he bought into it initially and then kind of in question you all what is this for placing on rolling now march and it is the only good news that because it. You know kind of in wanna bring something new into the routine. But it really works great he said Steve Neal at a oboe and Agassi meet some equipment. And so voting purge anybody else who's got a bottle sitting around who hasn't tried it yet maybe you don't need to buy the B 32 ounce Ehrlich guided. But try that sample now muscle or around sample bottle is going to. Mean Q about twelve gallons that's going to be more than enough to real clean out your artwork chiller you know two times. You attract. Look forward Don we got to get to something that you're gonna say because you try to stay in coming out of Santa multiple times Reich's Stahl and Gardner rang constable Brian heights Scoble so after we got our first show last week it went into the store in and we were talking about Earth Day which was the following Sunday and stuff like of course social media blew up and with the 500. Anniversary. Of price Drupal which are purity of flying bodies into the big celebration. Com have some limited our peers who want to talk all about that is we kind of forgot that last week. On to Ryan thanks ball is the German purity. About 1516. It was the law across the area. Arm but originally stems from Munich where for about a half a century had been along there. In and what it did is it limited numbers to only using. Cops. Barley water and then later they edit yeast. In a lot of people saves with the German security law to say that old German pierce could only seen. Be meet with these curing greeting it's only good appeared to come from the ingredients but that's actually not want to be regionally meet the law the originally mean the law. To fix the price of Brett. Because of upper using you know different greens as well as using a lot more than papers. On the price of red was going. Well up in so what Ryan kinds couple did was not only kind of control. You know the amount of grain being used to beer drinking. But it also fix the price of beer sober Reese couldn't undercut each other crisis at Mimi keen. Europe the same quality 100%. You know green is archer from rentable. But the price its effects. So what this meant was they weren't in competition to undercut each other with add jumps from making these really high alcohol beer or something like that the got to me appears that they. Kinda work best fit for the marketer. And they can kind of help the speaker's office while also lowered the price of green. So that the price of bread with little more effects. And again the kind of spread all prosper very 1516. Was originally in Munich law. But then it moved to all of the area. And 1516 and again once in relief to affect the quality of Peter's meek at a high quality with the takeout kind of be the lowest quality you're kind of your that was being passed off you know is all mulch or something like that. But it was also too. Kind of control the price of green and prevent. You know price of bread from rising too high. On so while it did trying to create this you know Peary both secure German beer the next 500 years and in was really uses quite a marketing tool as well by German emperor. It was originally there. To prevent. You know the breweries from. Raising the price of food. And that the loss. Doesn't stand as it is today doesn't have a name like this does not quite the same so the added yeast are on to it and they haven't before yeast. Hope that in the didn't quite know that before right so I just thought it magically happened you've got to and and so if there was always makes sense of worshippers did know. That is what is the room. Automatic but I you know I guess that 500 years ago. Saying that hate. Drinking that the heat of micro organisms and mean towards its fine divers that we love every day. And on over to while the you've been in prison and probably killed you know these people have been in worse for saying that the world right O com. Yeah I think it was kind of a little while it was known to be there. And that the new it is I think for a long time that they thought meteor was in and sign reaction to self replicating and sign. And then the audience for Port Louis fester. On what once hampering company. The yen to look at micro bio products explorer under a microscope these you know. And catalog these small micro organisms and of course that's what. King from our arteries we know today when he's certain from the mitochondria around from Champaign knees and all kind of trial and error. And up with all of arteries that we looked at and the great German Beers that are. So. Identifiable that regional area now in India and in that you know thinking about you. You know Belgium. To you to your lot to of course they know classification of style using all sorts of pat Jones. This is also animal weights that German society and protect imports. On so that they weren't. The weren't as many import Beers at pale. Right the things you can learn on the show Walt and I am Rhein heightened Scoble heights Kabul line principle in high basketball. And just remember to folks hop right on. Arm we don't have anymore and lower Centennial year thinking about growing crops this year and you have some select Fridays you're in your hands on. Now's a good time to compare among because we probably won't mention Karachi ace is gallery. Great. Everything about it as we probably should order more one over me your kind of during the Kris it would give them in the orders forward. In rose is not the kind of topped the use routinely we order to be piloting anyways thank you folks. So we took the gamble. On. But he kind of jumped in and go beat interest that the Tennessee right trees turns out in western Europe's. So on that answer and it's a very interesting already but to be interest to receive the kind of assets seen kind of tropical. Pineapple coconut sleeper when you earlier years when you mountain. Pacific. Very good. It does it for us this week or back next Saturday it'll be national home brew day so will be taking advantage of that. Join us next Saturday and join us at the pasting. At the beginner session at 11 AM next Saturday 130s the all grain. Go to anti Allred I've come to pick up your tickets if you're gonna go VP dinners. Version of that you do need tickets you pick him about the store or online at and T homer dot com see yet. Next Saturday on national homer today and so on orders. It's. It's. You've been listening did just threw it. Rock you've by an average traditional blue. Whether your season brew or just want to get started this at about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.