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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy why they. First diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight sufficient just Pruitt on ESPN fifteen to one. Your humble host Jerry white perspective from an exhibition. Are you good are you there. Sweating all yes it's been it's been. I like summer. Yeah it's it's been it's been convenient if you know any day I've had off has been a wonderful day for what ever. I wanted to do not a great year for garden. That's for sure or long which. Slowly disappear born it's hot out the Beers are a little bit colder so can be and you can sober talk about today and union some non. Temperature regulation east's. Adjunct saw economic good stuff coming up here on this edition of just Pruitt but. As we view each and every week we got a reminder of the Niagara homegrown. Home brew competition. It's. To celebrate the explosion of borrowing hop production in Western New York so you guys are pairing up with Niagara malts. To sponsor this in house competition entry deadline is September 10 notes hours no specialty Beers. And you have to use 80% Niagara malls but there's no entry fee after it though these get a chance to make up some beer submit three bottles because. It's not only competition and Stalin being used as a tool for the brewers here. But now it mall also wants of the use this competition as little bit of you know sourcing their their clientele. No they were they want the feedback that's what they. The U became too in Austin and in the offer you know we talked about a couple of different ways trigger feedback form. And Bob came up with a tightly goes oh buffalo you know. The competition and it seemed to. Really. A good question your with your ball I don't know what the odds of you filling that out are sending him back him. But with the competition is definitely mean quite a business Turk. Being kind of a focus competition with everybody working with a single malt and it being all green it's really got the attention of the more experienced for now these are usually the folks. Doing competitions anyways but this one you know pick and little more fun with full work. Lucy who CN or some of the club members are you know doing albatross trash talking between them. Are ready so will be interesting to see what comes out of. You guys the they have thirty you have a number of of competitors are shooting for the plan on I didn't. You know to want the entrance I mean there's no entry fee and you've got until September 10 set imagine this could be. Over the course of the next few months they can they can really put together quite a stockpile. I I knew I would I mean what I'm expecting to see is as many entries is he would have an a will say. You know medium. I entered style on the local competition. So I don't expect as many entries this say in pale oils are peas that are local western. New York competition IR two more than you would see in state historic beer or rules shoot somewhere around like half of Verizon's her own term German hail loggers. We were hoping to get in or anywhere from our you know twenty plus. And trees and so be it will be interesting to see what we get. We were expecting is spending I think initially. Bomb but we've seen a lot of unforced error than we initially. Soccer and a and so we're expecting more entries and that's fine were ready for. We're until tomorrow. Collection of winners. Now I guess the in the next question I have is this again Niagara mall once the find out in held in an cannon sourced their of their product will. Will they know the grain bill that's in each of these is. Mean these are the people that actually of course have the mall so I think that they don't know on the hip to ultimately they are you know fear leave. Both the potency to a pills are all pale ale. It and appeal to grow. In so. Knowing that all of the malts are there to be able to quickly tell. In all walks. Which one which use. I think in appear but I think overall I mean he interrupted due to tries Wallace you know and especially trying to Cuba took his commercial. Clientele to say OK what what months. Or what styles appear putts that mine. I guess I'm positioned me like how you're gonna how they're gonna do this would you in these scenarios can you do that without knowing what. Anyone who won't what the other ingredients are what yeast were used what hops for use you until normal in the beer competition yeah. So when you sit down arm to. To judge Peter you're gonna know the based LC of a general idea. What usually goes into the beer and that's where those will come especially notes are. In your entry form to ask you to put in any ingredients that kinda run outside the norm. Of that stock. And then often only. Often competent to especially Celtics satellite the united cherries and oranges it's a cocaine are your ego from pierce and you're no longer and but other write Timmy that's kind of ignore the different it's not knowing exactly when into the beer. And that's part of the lower that to me means you're looking at a as. Comparing it to the classic. Examples but if it ever but he brute classic example that wouldn't be. You know very exciting to you kind of know what you're gonna keep you kind of know the ingredients that would have. Gone into it and the more that you tastier and more that you brew beer and he said afterwards you be into recognize ingredients so as they get feedback and we we did know your ingredients and we talked malts awhile back in baseball's. Can name change the process by which things are the what can they learn about their malls again. And what did they mean what can they change the verdict and it all. If they had with say everything that was centered in the German lights or anybody who entered real Kohlberg you know our bohemian lager Bavarian blogger. CPU all came back and you looked at all the score sheets in the east. That they role that he's a don't think this is necessarily in the culture but he's they were off easy deficits are looking at is approaching end of the green or something like that. If you if you notice that they've again and they came up that the mulch for me beat at happy cans in flavors or something like that. He meaningful that what he's doing during the the multi processing during the roasting meat to back that awful. On but I think he's now what would what you get is. How the ball turns out for a variety. Of errors in and com. I think that's going to be the most interest because. One of the reasons why do we want to keep an open is again and you can see what. Styles are best hitting the malt arm but it's it's also seat you know same product peeking through different process. And that will be interest as well on it associate there's a big difference between those who protein rats those who don't. No entry fee. 312 ounce on marked amber balls by September 10 so you still have no good two months roughly to get things done point two months. Make September seem kind of close in Iraq. No it took to work exterior walls halfway point summary notes search fading fast so. You know took that summer you know checklist out and start trying to knock from a fast and if making gear as one of them still have via the Niagara homegrown home brew. Competition all right so we've done a lot of know your ingredients kind of stuff little over the last couple weeks and and today you want to bring up. Yeast in and kind of get into the for fermentation process is. The reason her the burg during a short one we're going to cattle out of since we kind of party of talked about individual groups have yeast. Pricing for a new burst in and and really where this. Came from me is is having post my buddy Kevin and Erin who you know in the store the other day in finding out. You know. Cabinet never used week. In clerk for a cup of and era had never used an English AL east. After. In there were a little bit if fear and apprehension fumbles and not knowing what they're giving in to. And that's why I wanted to coming over with you don't know your ingredients or the other seeing who you're talking about somebody was coming and they were. There are wondering about electoral from the news Kara pills specific crystals that pills her you know you know. What does it mean if it's Purcell and what qualities you do with that it's over some topics of conversation came up. Accomplice gonna give in to the the yeast here into we're gonna talk about failure similar talk about English ill at ease first. Now English L uses is I was telling airing if you actually dirty bird books and he has been drinking play any of years. Brute post local team and to me nationally that had English. AL east and them even if the were not calling them. English dailies in the wanna think who most of the since thirteen 32. Nor swaps which it was is a staple for a lot of local Marreese. As awesome national Burris on the West Coast but is it correct English ale yeast. And so the I guess the epiphany is that that a lot easing the sale east. Don't really need to have much. You know more care or you know fermentation time. Then you would where it's see the US so five or something that he may be only used you've ever prove. Armed to the English elites tend to have a rich kind of fruity flavors Sunnis or anything from liking so pineapple don't they took me only like butterscotch flavor from the theory easy to control console production. They're also theory fast from enters the English dailies if you're trying to get the quick and you're out. Mean you really only have two choices and that's English dailies and the old currencies are. But the English AL east some of them are so neutral with a 1020 London which is abiding change east. The almost have no Auster profile NC from ferment them anywhere from sixty to 72 degrees. And produce it's fairly clean lightly fruity beer with a little bit of residual sugar. In this is Iowa's gonna say it was funny for me here these guys talk about it apprehension for English dailies. Because this is how I started brewing is younger and remains we went through a lot of beer the English hill east suited us well this is harboring every week enrolling over and re pitching. It's a suitor Wallin and why we sought it is very forgiving and if you're giving thinking about getting into home rink the English dailies will be agreed. Pop place to start and their very forgiving me too great with the lower alcohol. Yours it and they have rapid turn over so you get to see your product a week two weeks down the road that you just per couple weeks since before and so that was always fun for us. Com and Germany. Now German males or something that I don't think are utilized enough I don't I don't feel like we sell enough of them. Pop from what people tell me they're looking for when they come to power. The are very clean have a nice try finished and you can really very quickly faith dialogue with them. When he Murphy a lot like Macon and all that tastes like a logger would say you put together a blogger actually you you really look Munich pallets on you don't have fermentation control. Anderson all summer menu would really love to have a full keg in Munich calloused. You can put together say that you know after Munich have told channel Caracol small built very lightly popped the kind of beer you'd normally put in a lark or yeast on. And then put on the German elite Ehrlich 107 or you know Tintin. On there's also some cane 97 is an author on the top their solar three different Germany L east who we always have in stock. Arm and they're gonna produce secure a clean very dry finished. Similar to how it locker what was a very low answer production. But they're gonna do this error. Room temperatures from 58 to succeed decreases in general range and some will leave from goal but warmer world record on the Germany L yeast. But really there very forgiving them and the kind of if you if you are saying on economic McComb beer I like bloggers are but he told me bloggers were hard to Peru. You know based on all the American light beer commercials you've ever seen. They're not in the other thing is you can put together the entire recipe and use and you know you still on the back off so appeals that are very similar finish. On the American Middle East now this is what we see probably. Though most as far as so what we tell the stories in I always tell people. You know people say you'll what's at home flavor from with some you know flop before I think the science hampering. Has come a long way and that's definitely spilled over and on spilled over the other way from the holder market. Ominous additional real you know not everybody's using Martins are strapped in table stripper but there were twenty years ago there's a variety of ingredients. People mimic the commercial process anger commercial quality of hope a lot of times people say it was simply you know kind of home brew flavor. Would have to say it's USO if you know that the most common trite answer because it's these sources the same strain it's so ubiquitous that the U we've probably sell. For every five US apart or 1056 we sell one other right east or liquid east and if so people I think what that homered flavor. I say it's USO five in a lot of people will say and giving. A light fruity citrus chiefly for my beer even when I traded to a premium or something like that makes it Waller using the scene you see use for your right PA's and stuff like that mostly via. In there giving those same player person so the wallet again a sweet finish lately fruity some people leaving chip citrus off of that. Great attenuation heroic 7275%. So it's good for you know on high tolerance I think that ten elevenths so it's. Good for you know high alcohol Beers and you know it's fairly clean he can do. Pretty wide range and I have to admit personally if I was gonna pick one house she said maybe USO five. But at the same time I was in Kurt people who kind of try something new. But that's that it is agrees. And then Belgian geez that pretty much exclusively. I know what I neighboring with the stymie you're in a lot of people are as well. Now the Belgian east would be having a great fruity flavors but what makes him so special specially with the hot one either. Is the fact that the produce desirable. Concerts and females now of the three ale yeast prima ancient if they get relief too hot during fermentation. They're an expedient producing females we probably won't beat desire mean you have anything. From you know sour. From flavors. To band aids to. You know one that I always get off of from interest on out of control is with electrical fire. For Robert. Coming off there and those are very on desire however the battle to have been read to produce desirable female. So some of the cease really like it hot and we're talking up to 95 degrees for seat belts and cities are now most of them work in the sixty. 272. And maybe if you like peppery for clos V kind of feel. But again the light hip hop in a personally I kinda like the more high passers awful lot of these balls and again you'd cheery notes. You know they've been Neeon an author and fruit to finale flavors. On the third grade if you don't have any temperature control fewer than an apartment like me. I these are your only choice this time here that my kitchen may be stays around 75. You know Ole. But here and I can't what I go home in the and I Alia and Mike Cook dinner it probably gets up to 95. While. So not only do these ceased not mind east temperature swings. The peaks will really help lament sometimes you wanna maintain them depending on what to look but he countered very forgiving. If you like Belgian Beers. In you'd. Don't mind having a little bit of you know mostly consistency issues. I loved just kind of throwing essays on the east into a small from mantra in my kitchen and kind of with the random and your audience and to see what I get out of on I still have to keep track of the temperatures even though it's fluctuating back and forth. But against very interest seem to do a suggestion or any buddhas couple small batch Belgians in their house is definitely feels like the epitome of Humber and to me. We've only got about nine minutes left in the show also were able to get a quick break. And yet moments in the locker yeast yet so well we've got to get to those as well and a maybe if we'd been going off on that we'll move veterans the next week we'll say the superstar when they're. I'm not a British is just brew it here on ESPN fifty point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions and give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I'm back here and not resistance just threw it and ESPN 1520 reminder. Niagara homegrown homegrown competition. The September 10. 80% of your heart rate go back them all those hours no specialty Beers and 312 ounce on mark ever bottles. Tune acquisition by September 10. That's a quick clip notes version of joining us late. Go on demanded WGR five fitted our Connery as in 5020s website we went through a lot of the competition it's coming up in best of luck you are right. So we went from. AL east now locker yeast and copilot and a temper control and no lottery got so aren't. Log Greece again there there's a lot of fear when it comes to peruse with large eastern I think there's a lot of good apprehension. Some of them require some you don't strict temperature control but that's a very few of them. In the also tend to make Beers that are quickly falling out of fashionable favor. Bomb and so that's over two reasons why I think tipper have kind of at least a lot of upper have never group with a larger cities. But there's only a few of the relief like it to be cool coal is only a couple of relief that meant 45 to 55. Degree temperature range and that would be a few of the classic wanna think of at the chuckles when he too. Seven the eight. Who really likes cold start into severe rescheduled rise in temperature. But there's a lot of arm that. Relieved you'd don't mind room temperature. Also owns that would be like 2124. And that's a true bohemian. Locker. It's inquiry beer for doing a briefing from Munich. Telus to of the Yemen. But again it also doesn't mind being from meant to threw it sixty to 65 degrees. So that's out of mining. Apartment. Certainly in a don't have much cools basis furs refrigeration at home in the Spaniards usually devoted to keg of beer. Arm so damn one's going to be kind of out from me but if you have a basement in Western New York that's going to be a BC you can just pitch and forget. Syncing would be like 22 most except a great block quit at room temperature as well as one mean 42 the Danish locker. So those are quick you know three different logger stylesheet Carlsberg alchemy community callous and in you could meek. The you know home or Bavarian style. You know oratory bohemian style pills proceed you have three different three different classical repertoire ranges. All of those regions you cease from that well at room temperatures. On now there's a few beacon go even warmer and a lot of times you refer to species as crossovers because the share some. Ale like top cropping so loggers who mostly from inpatient at the bottom. Some of these he still slopes from Il tendencies therapy colts chiefs or California blogger. And will do some top cropping took fermentation. Now those preferred just kind of right in the middle room temperature so we're talking about you know 65 degree sixty degrees. Through a single. Stage temperature would be perfect for the postseason if you kind of wander a little bit it's not gonna bite chip. But the gun locker east. You tend to get Chris clean flavors. Some of them have a skunk keynotes or a little bit of Woolsey musical. Hey. Equality. To the notes. But the really just because he's a larger eats. In you lose a little bit fermentation controls everybody thinks they're gonna end up with a from intra full of rotten eggs. And I can vouch for the fact that I've lost control on the log a lot of blogger for impatient over the years. And they've never opened up my from hunter to the smell. Ron. Mean maybe you'll get a little with a bit in the airlock or something like that but it always dissipate by the time he finished fermentation. It's usually something that comes and I have some control in the first 2448. Hours issue. Com the line as he sick and the produce wonderful flavors such as room temperature. It's annoying Curt Flood operative thing here that's over and over again on buying tip from Marino and brother father. They like craft beer. You know I really only like you know American life currently you can blogger for once in awhile. But I don't think I rate of home. You can even if you like like blogger she can still home group in even without. Wolf they advance for ventilation controls the last summer we talked a bit about ways you can quickly cool your beer. In and I signaled a lot of bumpers what they don't hand out. A nice digital control in a lot of these Beers were paid for a long time before you had any digital. Control throwing first verse is still triumph and there's a couple things you can do it always make marine appear political. Cooler than your room temperature pretty easy. In that simply putting your fermenter and tighter quarters and took a homemade cooler can be cardboard box with a little bit. You know blame cute or styrofoam around it in just exchanging frozen water bubbles are popped bottles and yet you're gonna have to be able but it antidumping and open up to a temperature on the beer. Exchange water bottles every you know 1224. Hours. Home but it's not that bad. It is in the if anybody who spent time you know up burning out. You know Solder lead that it trying to meet the only tools speech controller. Warmer who has you know all fought with the you know pumping glycol system. Can tell you into 11 sometimes they wish it just you know we used to swamp cooler. Because you know after moving stuff around it and kept intimidating. And breakdown and you pros and pop bubble never breaks down frozen pot Bobble Towson Rico glycol into my basement all over the place insult. I guess you're asking is it worse seed in the financial and the you had eight. They have absolute control over your fermentation not always enough for a pre scenario and for a lot of scenarios. You don't have to. Since no right melons are paper for a lot of birds out there who feel like. The campers certain styles because they don't have the space you know financial means to set up in the you know big fermentation control. We're always shoot there's a lot of opera where issue. In you can still do it. About two minutes left you make it sound like the basement is your best friend appeasement is your best for you go down there doesn't seem like a place you want to be because may be the damp basement it's your Beers best front. Yeah and and we were talking about you're asking about like humidity and stuff like that you have a close fermenter don't have to worry about mold or anything giving him their. Arm pain in my basement stinks and smells damp out and got a seal from entry if you really that worried about it two year racking upstairs. Do your traveling upstairs the pampering from interest out the basement. Arm and then maybe you remember that in the history of beer it was invented whenever but everybody's basement and every. House in castle was dank and small and damp down that site and you know beer. Peer found a way he in and you look at some of these you know basement emperors and ultimately refused to clean them from the because they're worried about changing the consistency. Are they appear invent Societe appeasement is really your friend. I believe this is the first place I've ever live hasn't had a basement and I can't tell you how much I appreciated it and now. Arm it's a very simple way to just kind of through your from entering core and know that around here especially Western New York. Even at this time a year and still basement you're gonna be getting 6065. And a dark corner. Really not much more and that is really of watching for home during. And again I can't say how much I missed that so few have appeasement you have no excuse. You can make repairs. Well it does it for this week's episode we didn't get to the adjuncts so pencil that in for next week something for us to a to tackle all the sugars in moments are few and again and you have your big long list of stuff to get to. A minder September 10 and I'm in no sour a specialty Beers 312 ounce on mark amber balls. Four the Niagara homegrown. Home brew competition stay cool. Treat cold beer anger over yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by night for traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started this at about 1236 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.