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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. You might hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by now have a traditional route here's your host Jeremy White. Per diced her good Saturday morning welcome tonight or traditions just threw it here on ESPN 1520. Jeremy White professor here on. Your favorite home brewing show. And if I mean on our. Five of people with affiliates and local. What exactly your local we hope your in your cup. If I hope your your top ten if not a truck yeah exactly. All right so that's what we spent some time. Beers are Brazil if you wanna go back and listening any episode any point they're on demand at WH ER 550 dark comedy is in fifteen points website as well. It's a blunt talking Olympics all that stuff. By gonna move. Forward this week to. Preparing more for of the changing of season ranked yet as we kind of purity is its draft season yet. And as such as fantasy football draft that's working on your draft season taking your beer because it's much easier than modeling I know this. Because seasons found locked. Better than and a fall he and his honor and are beginning to fall sorry I know that drastic are that keg easy years I've done it for nine 9% I think there bottle like twelve Beers since this sort of brewing just mystery to connect. So all right if it's draft season what does that mean for the home brewer when it comes to pegging. While I mean with summer coming to and and your football season starting in hockey right behind it. You end up. Consuming a lot more beer at home and maybe sharing with friends come over to watch that sporting events what's been summary been talking about putting your beer in two liter pop bottles that take it to go. And so now. He kind of wanna focus more and what you're gonna consume at home. And as you can attest you know draft it's a lot easier. And it really feels full circle as a home when your going down to your carburetor your point. You know and nice ice cold these towns sampler twenty ounce sampler however large you one example that ninety. And you put in your own frosty mug really feels full circle when you have draft beer home emperor. Arm in the other thing I wanna talk about this it's a lot cheaper I think the most home for pink. The goal our line in the might look and you know largely three bay bars or stuff like that in the seat prices within thousands and you know prices within that both say these don't thousands and the patent systems emergence as well I'd first like full convergence. But you can use your old refrigerator most home members choose to buy the HR three Republican Acosta about a 150 dollars. Pair that with the the 200 dollar patent system from night tradition and you have your own keys or exceed their own. You know carry greater that you can move around you can show off to friends and you won't have to deal with all of the empties. You know Monday morning. And you won't have to deal plea deal with anything more than a couple. You know collapses and is in Meeks a clean up a lot easier not only that day after drinking but did you on the prepping the beer. You don't clean 54 bottles you clean one very large. And it's easy to claim two guys that's the thing that I could probably clean tag it fully disassembled quicker than most people between now. As much more convenient that's for sure soul. So our kids stress start up kits that would get two on Google Talk bad about that mean for 220 dollars it's it's the kit that I usually recommend. Promote starting home orders that's come to five pound CO2 so on under dual gauge regulator the shot off chuck bell and a pressure release felt is Ellsbury in new backers this connects hoses lines clamps the keg rebuild kit for the keg. So in six months down the road. When you have a leak when year taking anti frightening night or something like that you have the parts to fix that leak are you there. Hum in the picnic faucet to start out if you wanna go for you know for it Fossett back it's only twenty dollars more. But I suggest going with the picnic fonts that first and then adding in either power or referred Austin later. Arm but we also have some kind of mostly more economy kits especially after only doing commercial beer we have some simple CO2 party system. On kind of the old standard of your have a CO2 so laundry have regulators you have a mile camp in the spout your just gonna put the keg into a you know bucket of ice. And that starts at 150. According kegs of where we're talking right this second part we're talking about saint key experts are talking about Courtney checks all of her home kits all of our home Burkett. Com with the Cornelius keg in dispute to sell another question you asked a lot and a lot of cutesy order on line usually are missing one of the two ordered boats for shipping reasons. On whether your ordering them online order picking it up in store all her home markets calm with the Cornelius cut. And one of the things we talked about orgies a year ago was about price of corn gags that. At one point before the home brewing explosion. You can give him for a I don't know really cheap. And now that are most mine for about 25 and now they go for. 5727. You know depending on the type in the condition. In its bureau releasing its supply and demand in the market price and it take over for those. If you're lucky you are to be lumbering early you know you might have a big collection. I would see with the and you know after just starting out now really treasure keg that you get take good care of him. I'd never use bleach. Because they're gonna be released and that perplexed if you treated the right way you know I never used leisure use in the right cleaning materials you're keeping its. What are your ears keeping an eye on it and didn't care how long can it last indefinitely beat them theory confidence they've they're three or four stainless steel. On all the ones that we sell are only stainless steel. Their only the American in an Iranian made once or meat to the you know regional specifications. As well as their food on national food safety certified so bomb their. Replace all the rubber seals and am as long as you treat them at all all it likes and acidic environment like the beer. And that's going to be in important definitely and I'm confident to say that because you know I have kegs that I've gotten twenty years out of and you know Pepsi cola cut one years performing you know and I care TO another one more. Well I've got a question to panic just jumps on this topic I'm moving again my my actual home brewing it's been. It's been stalled because of a process of moving clean up the idea of doing didn't need to get too much into it but. I'll have to move my Calgary Erica the freezer with the temperature control and power with two taps. And I have at least one keg in there and it's had a little bit of beer in it for way too long like Olmsted the spear is probably grown into the sides of the other quarterbacks. Another is empty so for the process of breaking that down. I one side move into the new house I'll probably go through cleaning process we talked about that before but in terms of breakdown storage. Anything like that. Are there any good tips or tricks when it comes to using a unit like that I mean it's it's a freezer but it's been regulated as a fridge. And I've drilled a hole through the top of its like the warranties on because. It MIA better off to. Take it to a friend's house and plug it in. A much better off to put in storage like what tips and tricks and someone who's going to have to break one of these down for any reason maybe it's that time of year or maybe it's because of a move. And first thing you wanted to use it beer out. And that's about it you can blame your roommates for you know drinking and ultimately got to. Anti U wanna open up you can you know put into bottles were put into growers get those into the fridge and try to save what's lie to make your own judgment call on that. On. But after that first thing you wanna do is clean out the lights you wanna use be very key BW PLC your favorite you know lying cleaner to flush out. Both can take it while you're doing any human flesh out the draft appliances while. And then repeat that with water and then start or antique it really kind of prefer. Starts in for a long durations over that that doesn't have a color precipitate so maybe they're the precipitate their I don't see it makes me feel better. But any you know in acid sanitize her were looking for here immense again to protect the medal but also protect in the supreme watchers and stuff like that. On once you've done so to. But with up to soak for exude. Your leaving it there indefinitely until you go use it to him OK so so yeah it's going to be sitting in the air for the specially to start him for however long you know take you to get itself up on the elder and the dutchess notes out from the put. A star sense solution with how much water all the way copper now you mean you only have to do quarter two enough to flush through the lines not to leave some liquid into the tag B do not have to happen. So I have a quarter of a keg. Of water with our sense solution and then leave that in storage with the stars and in it you got it. On the other militants hard will it with a with a with a chemical call off the water and treat the entire keg. Know you hear anything like that meld the two on what if you faucet through which are CO2 system that you perched on most of the oxygen you've purse out any year or anything. Are really within calories out of the line on and so your life with water. I opens acid. CO2. And so we've created a very docile very acidic environment at the same time by removing the oxygen you've prevented any yours heels contrite rotting hostess from this caller com. Yet through that that's going to be the easiest easiest way if you leave it. XE if you cleaned it and laugh did try you'd you know dust. You're gonna give me water precipitate it humidity from the gear and so the inside your cat and start looked like there rusty battered. Precipitated outside at Keck and that's what you're trying to move for. On once you have the keg lines flocks. If you're gonna take it apart I would suggest doing and they would suggest giving any rubber fitting the two visible for the post O rings. The inside of the disconnect oval but the Keck. Just again your those are going to be exposed to air by putting in just a light greasing around those fittings. On your stop any errors but when you say flush the tubes you mean keep solution in the tubes on your discounts OK now I'm not a Farrah Fawcett plug put that on him while. I also have from you guys this giant jar of really green solution what's that. I'll little cap of green that I think it's the flush my lines in between Beers and its BLC yet in the PLC while you don't want to leave that long term that's great short term cleaner and it really. Obviously Lee corrosive. Hand it really gets help your stone out of your line without a miss and -- agree cleaner use before it starts man or any clean. So you get all the organic matter out of there where you put away the green guy first. And then flush with star Sam and then me since arson in tubes. And story that. You gotta in his pars the refrigerator. Then you don't have to keep it plugged in but that the main worry with refrigerator. Is it tickets moved around tickets rocked. You need to let it set up bright and I don't wanna lay twelve hours via the you don't have to keep apply again. Com. Yes I know I know what you don't like down because that's one of the reasons it was without like Gregory her for so long as it is now. And adequate vehicle to get it from point a to point B. If it does lay down you see any twelve hours to sit back twelve point four hours most of that back up what you're reading forge your waving. For any liquids. In the sanitation system to trip back down for the rest of foreign to go through some pretty fine lines it's going to be slow drip. Option on the move that thing soon I am moving. Over the course the next couple weeks have already moved everything into storage. And yeah its just going to be whenever I'm glad to do that I'm glad to get separate companies are poorly again and I'm ready. And we're gonna talk about the federal and something we'll the next so from the maintenance of your own stuff to what to Peru. And a fast appeared for October fast so what is a fast fear. And just how late are you won the group one lead that next here on Iger traditions just threw it on ESPN fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies you're listening to just Pruitt which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season Braugher American count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 shared drive near military Intel wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brew dot count Snyder tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Bruins. I welcome back tonight the traditions just what I've yet and if what is a best beer and there's still time to make. So a lot of people have been asking me you know. What happened my October. I couldn't wait for October fast season. In now I don't teeny October fest in nineteen fast spears and I'm seeing my persons what's going on here. On and we'll talk a little bit about why you're seeing that change here. So in the 2015. BJ CP guidelines. They split up by October fest dial in to two different Beers. One being the kind of October fest Mino which is the Mars and and now Mars and obviously means march so this is the slightly higher marks but slightly higher. I'll call first and it's going to be meter mark to which much darker mosque and have to post year almost roasted malt finished. Arm in the system Warren. The you know this is a style that goes back to 1841. Main bright spot and in you'll still only speak multi year with a dry finish in the traditional beer most October fossil operations. On what happened starting in the 191970s. In Munich Germany its people worked drinking. I know this sounds a little funny that people October fest Munich. They weren't drinking enough but they found it hard enough October fest or did you stop drinking they were drinking enough appear on its parts for the news. The festival organizers were concerned and barber and so they had these. You know big. High alcohol Beers that people were drinking to the reader only drinking one. Or there drinking if you and drinking too much testing and so that they had to me indeed you know kind of policy and nice happy medium here are quite a session but. They wanted to make it more drinking water you got it in in the I think the the best quote that if you go out there and start looking and it goes all the way through that BJ CP guidelines. It's head cover it calling her and probably some form of you know. The only mention a nice German accent here that he needs appear it's quote unquote in his English more accountable now. I'm in this where is quote that goes back its first in 1970s. And he they started looking at the style and the didn't wanna just making Munich how they didn't astronomy really. Light thin body beer. Other was really more a summer appear that they wanted to still capture some of the flavor shall what they thought with the I mean flavor in October so. They started making what they call the fast beer with the Bjork kind of like you know for our and the jury Sony. Fair we have our own Yuri county fair beer in the October fest fassel they would have their official. That's beer made by Tom spot in hand this was basically their traditional October bouts with some ingredients removed. Arm and so you're looking to make effect spear that's the same thing you're gonna do tear paper October that's recipe. And to a patent that having this in all in all red amber appear with all the sudden a light kind of golden collar it was closer to five to 6%. Not edging and the 6% and over. And it didn't quite have this much of that body but still had that really host the hum profile that people were kind of used to and they are thinking about these October fest beer. On and so of these became a hit in Germany and took kind of a wild to come over to the United States but it's also why. If you're you know it could drinkers year of these German thought spears who are used to seeing everything from red collar to the light beer and you know kind of some really dichotomy between the style much similar DC to some American styles like I hear something like that so there was a large. Body appear until the PG TP. Hum guidelines last year kind of split them off into two. Ends of the spectrum. And so I'd look at mine October fest recipe. Imus are with by county tolls Hamilton keep that in my last year. I'm usually go with three counts of Munich and Vienna. I'm gonna reduce those boats in my fest beer to from three pounds to two counts each. Amid keep rank your pals arm and keep my A basketball. Beasley still wanna him that kind of sweet. And toasty finish it appear what I am gonna drop out its core office three special. And the Caro Romo might relate to our crystals down these are things that can give that your coffee in almost like toast he works he wrote Steen knows. As well as pretty much all of its call. And so while really we still have the Munich this late honey labor. We still have the Vienna the kind of community labor and we have that bit skaters Graham cracker flavor in the care repeal. Who we just don't have as much base so we don't have its high of alcohol appear and we don't him. Those darker moments that mean in 1970s Munich have been steering away some of the tourists from drinking in the local beer. Is there a specific famous one you can think of that falls into the fast beer. Mean the spartans Stein and that's the one yen if you if you want to look at. General to a few if you look at public spot would be more of the Mars and style. Bob it's rich has low but higher terminal gravity the most the other ones and then if you look at the polling leader. You really see. More of the the opposite I'll polite slightly you know toast the style appear in those are actually two of mine. Favorites and in the art mean two different. The what makes it separate from Alice. Well Hollister is. Going to have just Munich small pills beer and it's going to be fighter who wider second him your. Toasted malts and usually it's also national director for a little bit longer low cooler matching temperature. And that's gonna get youths in a profile in match. Here's suggesting get these started now yes and if you're coming into the store state today. And say hey no I sort of group this march economy and October were gonna give you the history of the facts appear in try to point you. To a little bit later appeared it's gonna do better with the German all yeast. But still you know give you that toasty flavor. A little bit of a German finished the nose of the beer. And can be great for your October fest party so if an October fest isn't made over the course of like six months year. What what about it are you cheating. Really that that one you've got to take out the locker used. That's for sure. While there are some large Greece are going to finish. The primary fermentation and rest in time. You're not gonna have the time to let it sit there and kind of relief in doubt about he would appear while you are. So using all east is going to kind of reduce that time you can still put into cold store to store a benefit from the cold storage and you got a month to get it started now. Com. But it's gonna do better in the short term since American create. As many of you know hurt structures in the notes and it's also it's gonna eat through that your efforts to get through. You know it's a futile I'd quicker in hand you don't need the temperature. As well which makes would be different. So you're not too late you can get going you just can't have the true with you yeah you can and him that exact one that you necessarily want which isn't. A bad thing current and I always tell this from people are serving pierce house cast. Is you know probably accurate upper you probably know more about the beard than anybody else at that party. And your flipper so what you state coast. And if you ever host a party and serve and October fest in someone's as you just doesn't taste like you brewed in March and I mean via coupons ever in the face Annika who is ever and I think that's probably start a wonderful your conversation about it they're like oh my god how did you know that who whatever no. Now you're not gonna make the Niagara homegrown homegrown competition deadline is October fest. Or get to that in a little bit but you do still have time what other Beers are this time of year. Well especially people trying to get something. Foreman was German style Munich's I'll fall fast style is code that goes thing I want to bring up it's a Keller appear. If you're trying to tune in for anybody who knows if you're really having an October fest party and pushing it away late. Meaning you're not listening to this show or you're not thinking about your October fest party here for another two week or you're not moving in your Orion is struggling order moving. You can still make that. Fats appear is kind of the collar style if you're gonna keep the toast Somalia and keep in Munich Vienna the pills smear. But then instead of using a all Easter logger Easter and use the colts' future crossover eased. Com and they would use economic color beer from a policy of the logger crossover version of a half applies. And so it's fermented very quickly. In usually consumed while still a bit he seems still a bit yeast deep in I think it's a joke among the whole neighboring community. Arm that a lot of times you went to make the colts beat you into making Keller beer. Hum because she didn't make it in time incident taking it rapidly drinking in the Middle East is still cloudy. And the joke is off amid Keller. But if you set out to me thick collar beer will be a wonderful color beer. And you should be able to happen in time for October fest. Even three weeks now. Alcohol level on the uses usually lowers going to be easier especially here and rushed we usually on the October fest Iowa State. For fats a year anywhere from like four point 85 point eight and then usually about five point two to six point five on the martians. Very good price and that's how to make your fast spear the differences between two and go ahead and get on that now you you can still. Have a party in known known separate super not be friends you've got it and if you wanna talk about pumpkin Beers repeat imperial. Quick follow Beers we are getting into that time pumpkins boy aren't ready yet here and I can be able to find that local pumpkin for a couple weeks here. But. You can get starter was Loeb and canned pumpkin or if you want to start making a spikes here for qualities you want and use these Lance warm weeks of summer. To try to keep that high alcohol pierce target especially after using a belt and sell you after Christmas. Got a vehicle from me and and we'll do this maybe a couple weeks on the line. My next beer I think I wanna have a winter warmer which is something that's you know a good December. Here rich that rich party multi. Spicy kind of went to one Republican and get one of those in the week that's that's off down line. Update on the Niagara homegrown homegrown competition entry deadline September 10. All styles open peers must use 80% now normal no entry fee. That's nice and of these have no entry fees theory you. The holidays right here these are you since you're using of her feedback for Niagara malt you got to immediately we we said okay it has to be used in dire Kamal. We decided we should drop the entry feet. Also because it's home shop hoping posting competition. Instead of a club there's a lot of our facilities and a lot of stuff that we're going to be able to use it normally club would have to pay for. Everything's such as tasting glances to relieve the place to do the tasting. Lucky enough we have the shop and where we you know host the tasting there yet till September 10. Three twelve ounce on marked amber bottles most hours we'll specialties but again if you eat you too late tee good drive and think about that of your point of the Beers will have two weeks to sit for anyone who's considering some of these little more about conditioning are going to be sitting at about I think we he. Took temperature the other pain in the spot and be keeping him in is about 66 to about seventy degrees at the man he usually a perfect sixty. So if you have appears that your bottling last Manning yes they're gonna give a fall two weeks out of sunlight. Air conditioning temperatures. To. Among the very good that a good for us this week enjoy your Saturday. And get on that fast beer ASAP. Stores open so you need to get on your rock taking equipment and all that stuff. No time like the president enjoyable talking next week and go over yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by night for traditional blue. Whether you're season brewer or just want to get started with the committee twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to vote online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode of just threw it.