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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like your you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just really brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy White. Per diced her good Saturday morning welcome to Niagara traditions just threw it your favorite I'm convinced that we. Your fans in the last week if your favorite homer's show but also we do a lot about. Why me things like that which read it. Dabble in a little bit today so thanks for being along with a serious in fifteen point Jerry white advertisers here your humble host. So all summer is almost. Over and a little like saying that they'll only hear it either but I think he's the deal only hearing are saying is they forget that it's just wanna be people's paper holder that truth can be tough. What it's usually really nice until like November sometimes all the way to is amber yeah and allies and I I would agree especially after summer like this one seeing some coal mines in on activities so that and it's you couldn't spend most of the summer two hours outside of some summer heat strokes show I think a lot of people and judging by the people coming into the store are starting to read. Discover the outside that they haven't been venturing in since he is ignored the last ten bills seasons and how many beautiful games therapy and where it's been 72 degrees in October and even in the November so. And we get the idea that the end of summaries the end of nice weather that is not necessarily the case the season ends the other business certainly have Cuba. The weather's just getting good for yeah all perfect in all those waters just starting to come down for chilling you know your hose water sitting at like you know 7275. Degrees and killing can take a long time. And who wants you count in the garage next to a hundred. You know thousand BTU propane burner when 85 not me I don't even like me can dinner one it's as hot as it's been a summer. All right so summer's almost over and it's that time a year or people start thinking about making line is this really the time of year where that kicks up this. This is the time your people are starting to think about it early exit is the people who are thinking about it and I have a timer will say in time. It is the time to start thinking about this Greeks are going to be coming into season soon as well as a lot of other you know apples pears and stuff like that. But if you wanna start making some seasonal wind now with some time to start thinking about it. Into your beer maker you already have all the equipment you need to start making line and just because he starred using it for wind doesn't mean you can't use it for beer. Anymore I'll winds a lot easier requires a lot less attention can sit and needs a long time. You know when you make that light beer and you sit it in the car Bowie for three months and you just sit there agonize worried about it hoping hasn't gone bad. Well in winemaking you've actually done it a faith in you view aged at lightly open moral Mowlds lines especially. What most people drink would be you know a rat table wind like this in the bottle for a year year and half. Now that doesn't mean they're not good a couple weeks after bottling the same thing only can be Barley wine or something like that shirt it's good. A couple of weeks after bottling but it's a lot better. You know. Nine months down the road eighteen months down. With an awful lot talking about over the past year and a half when you guys it's something new that might make. Brewing a little babies here has has winemaking. Had similar leaps forward other new. Devices maybe some broad line 67 years ago and the kind of got boring Erica got stagnant. Have there been developed that make it easier better more efficient and better tasting anything like. Yes in three full not only has there been. Will save more equipment and especially cheaper equipment has come on the market partially will save the homer and kind of drive. Pushed. The wind equipment as well social audit these companies. Mum. Will feel like and they need shop. And I think firm attack who would be wonderful examples. As he began selling more they're more their products to. Beer makers that allowed them to expand their products war make improvements. Improved quality and that helped V one meeker says Wallace both pump out more gadgets. With the Portuguese bottle fell or something that really. New wasn't imported martian Wu was you only automated bowel bottle filling options and yes winemakers Digisette. Automated. Bottle filling were completely automated electrical around 200 dollars or a couple of other kind of hand one to ten works so great. Around fifty to sixty dollars that now you can get an automated bottle filler for fifteen box. And it works great it works I think better than the sixty dollar bottle or I'd been using for years before. Sadly beer makers know there is no automated bottle filler yet for you. But winemakers yes sir it's in the coming the process a lot less messy indicate meek yet. What quicker and you you lose a lot last line. What how does that exactly work refer maybe someone has thought about buying them away for Rothman mom. Winemaking equipment come out this this device that makes so much easier what does it do it has the and shut off valve and a snorkel out he put into the top of the bottle meet Cecile. You open up the shut off valve in the and it fills the bottle and a look at some sparkle wealth onto its historical well he can not. Com get the push the wind out of the bottle can push air out of the bowel camp put wine on the bottle bomb at that point it stopped fall. And so few answered the phone if you're dealing with the Parker you're trying to you're not overflowing Apollo which is something that. You know every hole number has definitely done if they've Bobble it is. You know taken the spurring out of a bottle Fuller speeds things up into the and keep your hands free may be capped the one bottle filling in next. And of course at some point. Something it's billed you get distracted phone rings. Whatever happens in Euro from flowing girl on the floor. And so is definitely in the race yet okay so. Gadget have gotten cheaper and better for winemaking. Com Peter equipment is available now. He used to be that if you want to buy a state peak like fifty gallon Pratt's horror the large motorized pressured he stammer something like that. You probably had to find a distributor. Online use usually had to calm maybe. And immature act or something like that and then go pick it up. With more home shops. Spreading out there been better distribution for the large scale wind making equipment NC you're starting to see it available at your local homer shock and we are already starting to get it in for this season. So if you are one acre injured two programs or you buy a ball grapes or you get them from the local winery. In you work still hand crushing them. You know handy spamming them you Natalie wanna come take a look at what we have beat him over for stock that stuff. Operate in the front of the store so you can take a look at. Arm. The it's there it's available. You can talk to you complain with that and then if you want you can certainly by and take it home with you and its enemy like a lot easier. And then the last of all who probably mostly on the simplest and in the cheapest stand. The information just like beer drinking wine me teen is not a stagnant education. Not only can you always learn more but there's always kind of new processes new techniques. Becoming popular with signs. Becoming a little more well known behind those techniques. Armed so if you remembering. Wine and you haven't changed anything in the family process and your grandfather made it. You probably could be making some better want. Or release a lot easier on yourself with some with a lot higher percentage of success rate. In so coming in picking up a book. Coming in just taking a look at what's available for new yeast. New ferment church racking equipment and back and it's awful not only. Make your life a lot easier ball Samie to whine that. And can always in church beer drinkers in winemakers to pick up a good book on the something new something in a revised edition. You're looking forward you know how to prove winemaking wanna go to techniques. In home winemaking by a dean and probe bills via the leaflet maintenance and that is the creep book she's actually worked and wineries just over the border. I'm the Canadian wine trail in and that they believe he's from the southern Ontario area. And so he talks a lot about our region our climate. On the struggles of trying to proven their fraud and non Burnett for region. And but also a lot of the modern science of winemaking some of it maybe not so. Modern to the general but it again you're doing grandfather's process that you haven't changed anything in your winemaking since the day you started. There's more you can be doing it here and. Are you one to believe that winemaking can be a good supplement. To bear making two brewing ordered people tend to choose one or the other arm. People always start with one or the other. And if they continue on as a lifelong hobby they often end up in via one you know not everybody in the household mean. Share common beverage so maybe there's somebody in the household that would be. Will say. More accepted tear wondering masks if they had the wrong I'm taking just to put the idea in people's heads up there so. You know winemaking. Definitely keeps me popular around the household so I always try to keep patched. Going. But it is a like I cannot stress enough how simple of a process. It is in so I think it's a good steppingstone. If you say I want to me beer but I don't spot for key user you probably have to keep the colts tort. It's agreed steppingstone or would always have the equipment you need to make beer. And you'll meet the colts Speights who won't neat idea hike tunnel since it something in a bottle for three years and again you've done at a fever. I think it's an easy switch over but winemaking. You save a little bit more money by making your line. It's a very simple process be making you still save a fair amount of money but it's much more labor intensive. But this is cop. And so the labor the Bruins are urging you know any means the boiling the watching the fermentation so racking the beer smelling the trump feeling that from the funeral party. Fuel your spine east and trouble I would highly suggest that. In currency especially if you use the same fragmentation. In yeast fermentation over and over again by feeling it smelling that frog you can kinda. Well mostly hat off problems semen added a primary fermentation. And I think it's also good representation of east health as well. Armed. Beat yet it's. It's easy and keeps addressing this how easy that wind making it and that's what pushes one meeker or would appear making. They're looking for more time to spend on the hobby. And they're looking for more to tinker away. With the end up moving to beer let's get to them moved to beer wanna give. Accurate once a while we cannot talk about. Starting a friend down the home brewing road ever really pretty much gets there courtesy of friend. So how to start your friends or your friends to jump in obvious that value but it was this show you're probably well in on. We'll get to the next stagger traditions just threw me on ESPN fifty. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger's additional be there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com Snyder tradition home brew. Pay them a visit and remember to just brew. Back here in Niagara traditions just grew on ESPN 1520 we talked. Winemaking in the first segment and now. Two home brewing. How to start for an. National teacher friend home birdies in four months straight November. It's this is this seventh or that celebrated on a Saturday on street first errors and the ever seventh it was over for November 7 is last year. Anyway it's early November so this is how to convince a friend home brew day. Courtesy offs sent a national dailies at least so cute teacher friend in the fall teacher friends and each and armed and national home birdies. May. Think learn something or at least trying to recall things that we learn in the past. Are so what's your best advice to you and you mean you probably convince plenty of people that start Holmgren and walk in the store on the cell like I think I should probably try this and then. You know it's sharper the big part of what you do is to make them think that he doesn't matter given on this before you can start. Yeah no end in the first the first thing I start off with whether it's a I'm teaching. Friend in the garage how to home brew horror I'm teaching a class the first thing that IA. Tell people. Is that it is. And human hopped. For about 812 house and here's the pending and who you ask her what you consider beer. Arm and so there's many many generations that have been successful before you. And you have all that information all those mistakes that you know you can wore off of before you first beer. But. It's it's not in comfortable and there's always I think some cute things that you can keep reminder couple points when yours. Kind of guy eating a friend not just on an initial home day. But through the entire process and their first couple Beers that keep in mind that will not only make them more likely to keep brewing. Who will make the process a lot stressing on you. In the first thing I can say. Is keep it simple especially when you're doing that first time home grew with somebody. Heading gauge what tape Hamburg and your friend is an MP Mahler and if you really dive in to things you know two days. Take over the eighteen super. Do you think they're gonna do extract purses all grain and what type of years do you think their and the maker of economy I keys are million making English Beers at the enemy German like lockers. And then base that first appeared that you meet together around those factors if you think to our north. I could see him getting an altering but it's not going to be any time soon he really rate now own drinks like on the American lite style. And so was set him up with American blond ale for premium owners that something may be all ball. On the still keep that to a light beer and if you don't think they're gonna jump right into altering. Don't make them worry about altering start them with an extract that I mean try to encourage most of my friends actually start with the canned cat so we tell them. Arm more you don't wanna hear this the recipe is probably the least in part. The least important part of the home ordering process I would definitely put stress on processed. In fermentation. Over your recipe. And so. Giving them McCain kitten. Having them worry about sanitizing. Pitching temperature variation. Fermentation control. You know. Good clean bottling techniques and and bottle conditioning. Is gonna make every beer no matter what the recipes are making better for every beard that they Amy from here now and so. Keep it simple keep the recipe simple keep the process simple you also don't wanna scare them away with three fret commoners you know 6 AM. You know PH test severe water and deep organization. Have the water ready had a time. Starting extract group try to get him out of there in under two hours and you'll be able to keep their attention for the entire upper and. That picture again when you say why you wanna get heavier than like beach for the first one is rewarding but when the Beers done. Is say here's your beer in the and they like him and now mannequin all right I'm into this now like this beer I just made this beer. That's a big part of maker warning I'd have had a couple friends asked me if you know. Commute take me through bring prices would also say make sure. Like there's little psychological things. Don't do it on a busy day where there distracted by other things you know don't do it like during a bills game because then it's just like. Doing something over here while really there just watching the game and they never really got a part of a process yeah. Don't start after 10 PM Wright made that mistake working afternoons many time itself and in usually. Your somewhere during chill in your pocket cleaning. You look over in anybody's eyes are closed so he's not and the thing right there. On others that you can do keep them involved in all parts of the process so you have been there for birdie and I think I've made this mistake a lot and sadly kinda happens with our classes to the nature in all the time constraints. But they're they're for the brewing which we discovered was probably the least important part of the process. Haven't come back and dear to later see the beer sitting near 68 degrees in your basement cede full cores and with violently fermenting and talk about heat ball and talked about. How important is to keep temperature control during this phase of the bring. Bring them back for bottle like one it's not fair to introduce them for home during with Howard showing them the difference between bottling Cagney in the global preachy the honesty. Down the road and then most of all make sure they get some beer product that's not just come over and try one. Give him a six pack given a twelve pack in my whole case if you can and have them be able to take that appear out and protect about it to take more family members or other fronts and say you know Haney emperor means journey meet this beer together you wanna try it. And they'll have something to brag about so will be proud of it. In Albany and showed off to friends and naturally in the trying to Holcomb and decent wanna be able to share that appear again. But the other things here there regal more tricky for the home brewing process. Is don't give men in the gas silly questions Phil over teach the science but also donor self assign yes yes yes and it's liked remember remind everybody that at one time. They didn't know every finger is sin though a pile beer. In that person is at that point and so you don't want to intimidate and you don't wanna see like they have to do. You know I've read several textbooks do some studying in order to make their home beer. Armed and just remember that every question you answer for them makes them a better Palmer hopefully has off a mistake that they could have. Further down the road. On the other thing mechanics tell you to expect if you're teaching somebody double numbers those next morning or those late night phone calls from somebody. Comes homes they have a couple of Beers you collect them with a bucket in their basement and now they all of a sudden get the admiration ago chuck Conner and whether it's bubbling too much not bubbling and if it didn't efforts side bubble. Would be the remorse come and things usually get a call or they decide to open up the live and they say. Hate this smells funny it's been informant in for two days and it's mostly you know example red. And you have to calm them down from those things but don't get meant you were there yourself. You probably called whoever. You were learning to home brew or you called us in on we answered your question patiently. Remember that when your talking your friend who's called you six hours after you left his house to say his peers about. What about showing them the different tools you're gonna use whether it's bringing a friend to Niagara tradition like to buy all the materials. But also introducing them to brewers friend or some sort of website that does. A war does a lot of the work for a person that is. Tinkering like all you wanna put together your neighbors recipe. Familiarize yourself with the you know would this website heard the the tips and tricks. The trip places I would send them initially probably not to have her friend appear code because again and it's especially for first amber I tell them don't think too much about the recipe worry about. Processed so I would send them to a place like how to proof. It because that's agree resource it's great not only seen the second half of the book. Great reference material on the disagree arm chair reed for anybody who doesn't even brew beer from just likes beer. To know a little bit about the basics of the process. In how you get there earning over could places are repeat you kind of have to watch out was some reforms like home for talk and stuff like that. Not to say there isn't to read advice and Greek research done on the air by a home individuals the author of it and lot of jokes. Trolling and kind of everything off the Internet has to offer the use apt to. Work yourself through to make sure you're an honest answer so into you know a bit about home brewing. I would say stay off some of the forums. When it comes to. The process and whether or not you're gonna get a friend in vault but how much. How much input do you want them to have you want them to be wrong about things you eat you is that why you're keeping it simple leaders into. You know I I might take a friend with silly what do we applaud bananas and this spear like you is gonna try and steer them away from specialties. I I definitely would and lasting only drinks fassel and animate them. Tried to. Like so through the next few friends who only drink from pierce and only mean and tigers and soft like that and so. I am going to point them to look for beer and knock them and help them meet a friend wise right off the batter Lee Simmons well. A soft start off with like it EBC blue barrier pearl street in. Cherry wheat you're gonna keep it real simple. And in its. You know help them through that process which isn't going to be a much different with appear like that the site media having a little bit and we talked about the before. Fruit in the beginning to save you have put in there and get yourself full color and relief and a communion that. Kind of balance of fruit flavor the and and natural flee for extract. But it's I mean there's. Many Beers I would stay away from for first time Federer we get this all the time where people come and they say all the meet me after I rushed out a day after Peru. You know eighty pale oil or something copy to cover all the off some treatment first beer and that's not true. Brew the beer you think you're gonna drink or brute appears that your most familiar west because you're going to be able to help pick out. Flaws and stuff like that and in the us will say is to bring to your friend. You should never lie to them. You should never. I would say tell them anything that is he's failed to batter they don't know this now. They don't have to worry about it he won all of them these things because if they do make a big mistake. And say oh that's you know one of the big known analysts are gonna feel silly other than. Question their products and probably never gonna wanna home pregnancy you have to be honest about it and don't let him cut any corners. And you know they will. Enjoy your during the are also know what's fully involved. In in if I could say the last thing overall. That I want to talk about is that eventually helping somebody in their beer in the start bringing their own house. There are hampering you back appear that they brewed on their own without your help. And then they're gonna ask cute too. Judge you're facing amateur beard judgment and try to get out of giving them any direct face to face the deck is he tan and you have to do it. And again I would like to remind you that there was a point at which you didn't know everything about beer and they don't either they might not Casey's major flaws and stuff like that. And this is gonna be white a balancing. Act you don't wanna talk around any flaws that they have and ignore any problems. The eagle when it Alvin that this year it is disgusting that you would entering the answer something like that matters. You know. Good words to say is I would be with us. You know I mean this is a good beer it could get a lot better have really positive reading urging words form but again you can't hide any major flaws. So if Heidi. Somebody. This has happened to me a couple of times forum on all right prude on Saturday night with somebody. It's about low fourteen days later and they've taken it upon themselves to do the rest of the process Franz who on this you know who are out there. And they bring me back over say that quote unquote color beer. About seven to fourteen days later I hit a Honda. Things I would say to that is not the spirit they think it's relief I think it would have. Done better. Though with a little bit of agency wanna be released kind beat wanna kind of point them in the right direction so they can make improvements. To leave their beer there's nothing worse than having a bad product and not realizing. All right let it do for this week this is Europe public service announcement now that we have entered football season the most part. You can use to their pop bottles for beer because they analyze mechanics of the state senate. I hit six on in the car just a reminder pop also or Craig. Two leaders. Jeremy White bird die Easter happy Saturday happy brewing and scope group with somebody. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by night for traditional blue. Whether your season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode of just threw it.