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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. You might hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just ruin brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy White. Or dye Easter. Good Saturday morning welcome to a very special edition of Niagara traditions. Just through it I'm Jeremy White with. Protestors here as is usually the case good morning. I'll let you set things up what we're doing and now what makes today and next week actually gonna do it to barter. Are different so what's going on today we are not in our unusual situation and. Don't know their Mir are normally I'm pouring down 04 times seven different rounds of the year started every program here. But I am today and so what we're doing is we're doing the best of show around for the Niagara homegrown homegrown competition. Bomb and so we had eighteen total entries we had judges. Last night. Kind of seek the Beers in the works both problem down to six they gave a seven. And we are beginning to. Kind of juts amounts of pouring amount. Let me kind of do some introductions here we. Tim Bert sock. I'm from flying by tampering company also one of the founding members of the sultans of swayed. I'm in January. National judge along point off your dad oh. Now. And that he's a professional brewers that then me the big differences in the and then we also have Chiming in there Tim. Marc Collins who is a Korean after. Judge and from the Niagara social nation of home room. Yeah so. Who goes there it. So we've we've whittled down to seven were pouring them out now in and work in and start. Drinking and judging. Kind of talk you through the process as we eco ninth and I've got. Multiple sheets in front mean to be your score sheet it since you get a look at. You know all the things this is a score sheet is a city. Official one that is an official official scorching. And you can see kind of breaks down the beer so the first thing you'll notice is on the left hand side of the score sheet. They are is a lot. Kind of off sleepers and check boxes. For the judges and these are terms that I hurt here you use all the time and I wonder. Like I've you know to I I probably wanna keep this because the off flavor that I see on here I can then Connolly. Reverse track and say you guys in god well. What was the small what caused the idea tracked it down and taken out the next recipe. Is this course should available to anyone who just want to print one out lakers are available online BJ CP dot org I would recommend anybody do it because if you're gonna and our competition you know we had. And trees for the sub decision hammered out before I think. And get a look at exactly. How it's broken down. And all these off flavors music had to be so clearly identified conduct. Definitely be a hell of a person comes in the UN says in a it tastes mastery here in that you could. Probably help them with that if it wasn't supposed to. So what we started with a preliminary round as we had two panels that judges in each sat down. Witness. Nine years. And what they did that day is the first now what we're doing today for ranking and so we're gonna try to put these. Pearson an order of one to eight to determine whose first those judges the other night. What date it is the scored them too they really went down those sheets in the broke them down in the looked at the different and trees and a it you know compared to flight so we we had making it the first flight in group a was if three American blind jail so they put them down next to each rather they judge him independently and then the judge that against each other. So what. We kind of have now is we have the past years lopped. And what these guys are gonna do today is kind of trying to pick through rink and to really determine which one hand it's. Examples that set it out and horror that we are hurting all of these beards don't amp flaws are all could be years. Now we have to try to do. Break them down angle that more and only one winner. Will will really be splitting hairs on that's worth something that we're talking about as as the shouldn't be there this it's not a big flaw. Commercial breweries could have these flavors but we're really. Didn't have a fine point of no when it comes to. Categories vs best in show can you not be the best in your category but be best in show is that ever happened like maybe one beer is more. True to what you're looking for in this other beer kind of I don't know it it just dances between two categories that ever happen. That's the way usually it works is that that. We trusted our judges to put the best beer from that category. To the best to show table. So in order to win you've got to get there so you better be the best one in the. I've got to win your division to go to the playoffs basically is physically yes there's there's times when up the judges will do it together after the the round is over in the score sheets are filed and NC while there were there's a beer it was really good beer but it just wasn't true that's files sleeves. Got to kind of dock at some points you know what you're great beer one you'd love to have your fridge. But it's just not exactly that tells her that pale ale style. So there EO geysers and he might actually enjoy it more but you do have to be adhering to guidelines right so that the good of the guidelines for you do them. Hope efforts go it's encyclopedic looking back and thumb and that's what the judges go by. So were all very familiar with those in his 28 categories in the Brooke about sub categories. So stout is dry stout oatmeal stout and so on its launch on. So it might be our great beer but it might not purely classic Irish stopped so it's it's not gonna win the date pointless. All right so I'm seeing we've got. Categories and sub categories births are one your laying out all these peers. How Howard these ultimately arrived upon. Well us. We. We sat down I mean obviously that we talked about their you know we had three American blind Elster and only end up with one in the long and Ian what we did with these years as we kind of took the two flights. And then we looked at all their scorers. Like they were. One. In the reason we did that is in case some of the flights by category ended up with better speaker than the other and we kind of had some talks between judges cross panels. Kind of make sure that we put off. Are putting forward. The best be yours they're now all the things that too with Hingis remember these are all done blind. So while I'm pouring out these years here we have some amount from line to us we each have kind of place. Com now all the time the beer bottle it's an entry number in east all. And that's it and that's all we haven't replacements so each of the judges don't know who the beer. Oh how they brew the beer horror what potentially. You know. Went into it now this is kind of the job of the Stewart. To kind of be that operate in so I'm kind of acting is to work rate now. So I have been a close folder beneath me here and of course finding means and entry information. For these different Biersch. Bomb but I also. And arm. The people's names that I got kind of absolves me from judge and I know within a small but to show like this which each year you know who brewed it. Terminals on Mitt. We'll say. In Turkey's youth some of the recipes as I've talked to the first so. I'm insult. To these guys are completely. Blind so sit down seven Beers and a label placed men and trying to it first I'm sure this won't elaborate but you're probably not looking for the past notes you're probably looking for once you immediately knock off. Exactly. The move the easiest way to started off astute to get rid of it appears that are near the bottom of the set. Then you wind up with two or three Beers and a steel cage match and America and so we actually. Kind of start talking about the different styles that we. Here. We have the American pale ale if American IPA. A strong Belgian own form of a Belgian blah and the dark European marker Schwartz beer. We have a pale bidder European beer and Germans built. And we heavy truck Clark a check premium hail larger in the room finally a strong Belgium hail cities. So we kinda have quite the gambit. Of the year. And he me too little. He pot because you're comparing apples oranges yacht it's not the easy. Easy job when they ask you guys as judges is it tougher. To judge cross category like this yes in category you can pretty much tell. Yet your your you've got one set of guidelines everybody walk in the same road where. On here you've got it would just to Pallet and your brain and your. Memory of the the reagans. Is this the best example of this style is is this American ball on the best versions. And and that's kind of a nebulous categories earlier. Here in between come as German coal each American gold NL and there's there's a lot of fears this could be now. Where you get to something like gut check pills. It'd better be done on. To be appropriate for stock. It's it's it's kind of difficult in some ways that there's so many different beer styles now that are very similar. So is saying well is this a better key lime than this is a you know those beverage bar line or. It is it a better Meyer lemon. And so you're trying to compare some very subtle details. Natasha. So what worried over merely what's. We've got seven Beers and promise me you guys have then sifting you've been. You know just just kind of does this. Were warm ups before the football game of the kickers and honors out there just kind of get used the field the football mean the teams are feeling themselves OK okay the rebels illnesses is first quarter were were trying to see who can run compared everybody's had a possession at this point what he sees guys that it possessed and I was talking too much from kind of kept possessions you mean we're drinking beer or something to buy it. Armed. Know your panel and down the rank and file this is where if you frightened kind of breakdown how I went here so even though we have written down despite entry number in this flight. I kind of went to immediately the American blog and I kind of went to. The German in the bohemian pill listeners. Now I'm probably gonna go back to the Belgium blind ale and remember kind. At that point move onto the next one which would probably be Swartz there IP today. And cities and the reason you do that is you don't want to and now your taste buds but the one hard thing about doing about the show. Which you don't get in preliminary rounds is you got to go back. So you go back in force and can kinda. Be tough to kind of pick out those same note he may be just wrote current place Menem and ago. After you who have judge Shiite PA's if you think only be one of these pills earners received counsel tie in the bitter and value. You kind of wanna give the fuel for that before you go over two year big American yet. Immigrant so. Somebody leaders saw as an honor. I think the first thing we're trying to do it is it is we're probably gonna kick out a couple of Beers. I was actually trying to figure out from the caps that are on here from collared whose Beers they were. But there all seemed to be caps that we can find everywhere there's nothing distinctive. No all the bottles that are oh so we're gonna have to go to the aroma and flavor of particular fears that where you got us. I'm cruel and harsh at some point here is really not bad people. Unless stalked or wise tonight. I'm I'm gonna make the first suggestion NC the American blog ago. All right I was gonna say the same thing just me solvent in the nose and even before. I've put my myself. And again it's a good beer might be happy to have a glass of us bought compared to some of the other things on the table. It it it's not as debt out. Yeah you know that there's those that thing continue looking for American wines is used to actually looking for some some substantial molten there. And and probably a typical American flavored hop. And the hops come from different parts of the world they have different flavor characteristics. And in this one seems to taste a little bit more like. Actually a Belgian beer. If you tasted he may taste a little bit of displacing us in there that's not really typical tour and American partners. The Butte this is a little used forward where it should be a little cleaner maybe a little bit drier and showing hint of citrus or. Floral maybe. And I'm not yet and notably apple yet. And again he's used notes rather than the should be. Not it's shouldn't second ahead but there should be east. Where you can state. Reminds me a little cascades or reminds me a little Centennial. That Friday's pops. And mine and I'm not quite get the use that term solvent. You know element of of from the chemical knows which would tell me that. Things probably will battle warm fermentation. And that would bring east notes up and salt and is something that you can get from any yeast fermentation. But if it's a little too warm that note is too noticeable. This is this is doom the American bar and is this typical. Group hug. Lawndale. So it's it's not actually supposed to be something that's got a lot of alcohol to it which is where a lot of the solvent don't come from. It's supposed to be something to compete with the traditional loggers that we had to Frankfurt sixty or seventy years. Burn anything that now know that that's sounds good American it down so we got looks like that the American blonde. Is knocked out as music Goodyear I would agree with everything and these guys said partially because there are certified no more than me and he so that yet on that the first one out is the American law and. McLaren. Gets tougher from hearing tougher with the each and every. It's never elimination. With every beer and and sometimes you end up in the competition where you really can run through title one really quick. Some competitions this one that it seems to me like the brewing. You know. Prowess of the people Leonard is pretty high. And it was a really debt on stuff has come into Putnam. And kind of being I think in all grain bring competition because we limited the the based green only nine and Kamal this year. And it attracted more experienced first I think competition I think that really. Showed in the the preliminary rounds in to give you an average score I would say. You know really be in during the twenties meter good beer meanings you should be happy that you government if you're in the thirties. You have a really great here in May be it's gonna move onto another show up into the forties it now who are up to a forty you really have an exemplary. Beer. Up all of these fears scored in the mid thirties higher and there are very few pierce. That score in the twenties in this competition so there was a very narrow range but that said we were in the preliminary round. It would be easy now that said we we sent one more durable exposed to until the final round but the Beers that stood out relief. Stood out we'll try and suffer through that extra gear so let's take a quick break come back in knock somebody else out immunity is give you quick break to really think about who's out next. It's not a traditions just threw it on ESPN 1520. The the final judging Nokia Niagara homegrown homegrown competition. Back on the other side here on ES in 52 in just a moment. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need. The Irish edition home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military into I don't want to open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot com now Iger tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just brute. Welcome back to a special edition of Niagara traditions just through with the that's the best in show the judging of the Niagara homegrown homes through competition genuine effort by mr. Also ID feature titles like grand master was in there Tim Collins grandmaster or. 3-D DCP judge okay. And emerged argot of offline buys it and just below that certified will be OK they're very good. We're down to the final six. Now we have. Knocked out again all of reveres his opponent with great scores via the American blog that the blond ale gone so American IPA's strong Belgian now. A dark European longer a paled that are European that the German pills. They check blogger and a strong Belgian cities on so. Yes someone else test ago it's time. Time it's time to take one also and I'm bacon Cezanne. Months ago. It's oddly enough on. OK at this thing can happen fluorescent. The beer is supposed to be it's shows a lot of good character it's got a nice alcohol to it it's cuts and citrus. But the hopping here is really pretty herbal. That's feeling that equates in character with with the traditional Cezanne. And cut just in the background Mosul two of digital characters. Which I think is something lingering from the. Herbal hop. There but otherwise pretty good example relief and great flavor I like Belgians I think if something's. I've grown to like him at the warmer into the fermentation easily spicy close the Belgian Beers now I kind of certain grow into the deferred the new law makes the juicy fruit and well but the man passed her in there. There's also I would take quite war. I wouldn't say it's. You know a lot of times in say appears higher alcohol and its muscle and here are some error. This one the news. I would say not portly ferment that but is the booms year. That him exactly hot you're hot you're Rosie your guys think it's probably within you know style but maybe my on the high and what you know if you look at the style guide. That you know and chairman's got over their next album candidates can say that you can have a series on the strong. But they didn't say it was strong. So you can be boos he went to strongly you can vote and and nine and a half percent. So. What does it does is constitutional and it is showing us yet. It's showing its I'll call which is not a bad saying it's nothing really wrong with the beer but you're dead and two. It's got to be perfect for style that it takes away from perfection. So well miles out there playing nice things you guys are in and year I would say whoever it is it's tasty spearmint another you're not saying it's Oreo WB does appear analysts are bottle with the idea of but it to be dead not some for style. That just takes a step off the line. All right. Seoul. Five remain. Five remain on your placement here. We have the American IPA. The strong Belgian now the dark European longer the pell bitter European beer. And the chuck blogger tonight I just ask thoughts before even knock went out just maybe you know along the way. Just because there's one that's. The dark blogger seismic stands out on the on the place that has been very different so rather than just you know pick them off one by one. You know so going time what you think should be knocked out next but. If there's any other beer that you're just you keep gone back to a year you're you're thinking about at all. The above all of this point the ball got some some really nice. Character to alms and added I would say that from here on its gonna get tougher to take these out. In the last two nothing wrong let them. Com but there're little minor dings. I find fewer dings in the five that left it that this is words and a and roll the sleeves. I've you know people out there and his cancer you have written down for five words for each of these players and that's that's. My initial impression on each room and and in these fears are actually changing a little bit as we sit here. So. We keep taking a sip and and see if we we have picked up something that that isn't quite as good or something that has become better. And home. Along the process usually take tinted for judges to sit down and go through this as long as it takes him. Take politics I think I have seen whole competition ceremonies held up because of best of show rounds going and it's not looking pretty at the other patent on there's arguing that goes on there it's you know. You know up push. You know on certain pierce or you know maybe two judges are really pushing the state quality you're not piecing what I east in this beard need to do that might be saying now it's time to eliminate it. And you know they're if they're a little bit of you know both will say. The go in and a little bit of you know temper yet there and. And of the one part about judging met. Doesn't often get brought up but it's always the 800 pound gorilla in the room is the human factor. Your palette is sensitive to different compounds the mine and I'm sensitive to different compounds and yours. It doesn't mean your blind to it I'm blind to it just means that your experience your taste experience your beer tasting experience. There are certain things that jump out at you more than they do me so that that's. Part of the gig. And they seem to recall you asked how long it takes there was one year we we argued over two Beers to take best of show. For over 45 minutes of some some guy named her his dog he was on one side men and somebody else was on the other side. They don't expect more. I thought. A bit but we came down to India and somebody said I don't think this one's made with our 100%. German malls. Well it's kind of hard to taste the exact difference between malls. That this one was grown in that country in this and grown in this country. And that's actually how we ended up deciding. Which one won and said if it was all German malts it wins if it wasn't. We kick it. To the new adept when you go on and look and find out like that predate the they can go to this to work om and the lookout for some of the things that I didn't ordinary. Round is there were that your specialty Beers at mid. So all I've worn the judges not kind of things usually end up on the bottle labels but it's presented the beer you worn this one has meant to hold that thought he noted that in. Arm they might also ask me questions. In the new BT CP fortunately have some query. Kind of fill in the blanks where they asked me kills or anything about how much cops were you what yeast with Hughes in the spear that. You know with the Belgian or what it flee the Euro. European AL east. Arm can you you know how old what they're like what they were looking for its part says starting and something like that. Arm and so those are really kind of keys for the judges that can kind of Tea Party thinking something about this beer here put this tournament that. Meals at home for spectrum firms. One thing new sense of the time his radio so. That we go from five to four before we going to show number two. And bring our final bring our final four into part two of this. Someone's got up and they think my suggestions going to be checked pills. And check pale. It it has all the right flavors. All the red Roma I just don't think it has an awful many of them. I'd I would resist that because. And has that balance and has. Soft floral but it's cut tiny champagne bubble head with him really well made. Munich an alternate suggestion American myopia. Them to pay. When you think about it. This is talking with. With what would reasons you have for for and he knew and kind of perfume any tiny nose. The the citrus Coastr great for Ryan White pith of great for really quick. It's it's hazy it's a little beastie. That again these are not inappropriate things but I think it takes it to the. Enclave it did I I really like the tiny character in the spear both. That's actually the best part about the player. It has allayed alcohol that you can taste mean now things are closed session here. They've they've got to backgrounds. Citrus in the air behind the tying I think all of those are good. Book but I do agree it is on the rough edge and that does not have a typical. American citrus he hop character that's a little little lighter brighter type of character. And actually that was my next one now so okay so we're gonna go with that. You know the American there. It is tasty tempting as it is really I really like on a hot day and that's good for imported beer and so I won't we've got to get a wait part to it back next week. So tune in for that were on our final four Niagara traditions just brew it we've got more beer drinking got to Avastin showed around so be sure to join us for parked too. Next Saturday. Brokers. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to work online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.