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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like to hear you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just grew brought to you by Niagara traditional blue here's your host Jeremy White. Birds oyster. Good Saturday morning welcome tonight exhibitions just wrote via your rights in this Jeremy White for nicer along with are two special guests this week. We it's emirates are flying by isn't. And Tim Collins as well they are judging the Niagara homegrown home brew competition. BJ CP guidelines and everything I'm looking at the forms in front of me we've gone from seven down to four. We're to our final four racked. Which is supper when we have left your coming here we have an we just kicked out the American IPA so there's a Belgian strong now. A dark European martyr a pale bidder European beer and a check locker those are the our final four overseeing them and have for this competition it was all. Who at 80% Niagara malts any surprise at all that we've got such it seems we have a pretty unspecific. Trend here that Jordan's. The ingredients are definitely lean drove the categories and so we see German lockers were out there in the an American blonde males and Belgian blogs and cities unseat. They'd definitely. Dominated this competition. Arm and probably why you're saying like this fort spear kind of stands out our list com. On this placement because it was one of the only dark pierce entered. One of the things we talked about off Mike is that the the quality of the malt is really evident here so the farmers Walters everybody who's handled this through the brewers. Tremendous job well done everybody. It and I think to the overseeing what the emperor's critical to looking at like two two or three of these entries in thinking. I have to keep reminding myself tyranny with the same based small and because he can tell the matching techniques were completely different in the finish pierce word you know. Are completely different in the kind of flavors the papering our are practically embassies in theory. Mary German like him when he needed that the smell of overcoming office told Jamal is extremely. I actually. I didn't interfere in the competition. But I I didn't brew appear with these malls. And actually went through an exercise of calculating out the extraction rates and moisture and things like that. To see how it compares to. Traditionally Malta from one of the big malls companies. And this came in very close I was about 1% lower. Extraction efficiency. And about 1% higher on the moisture which I think equates almost exactly to what you would think. But the beer turned out very nice news is very clean beer and I was very surprised at how good the mall laws that it was a real. Our Zoe we've got our final four. And you know we're we saw the first exit gulf fairly quickly the second was fairly quick that the third was a bit of a discussion. So I had imagined things get a little bit tighter from here so from four. We must go to three. Has been tough hum. We do have more beer over your parents if you need anymore so to. Owed desperately need just more of a sports here determine bills we got some more over here. About German pills. Is in a sulfur in the nose that's appropriate for style but I am I'm getting a little bit in the finish as well. So it's. Again not a bad thing wrong thing. Just takes off style little bit visual east. Funk bulls sulfur note that's a little pain in there I don't think I'm gonna swisher. I. That the sulfur in there is it is. So they actually look for when I'm drinking and turn polls. It's something you don't get out of most malls but the chairman Coles and malls give you some called the amounts. Which is gonna have a little bit of a corn and a little bit of assault for her to. And and I find that to be very pleasant atmosphere in the loop that the veteran in the spear. As is impeccable. Really and really the homework both the German pills there is bitterness. He is supposed to be in the race dominating bitterness and this one really nails and and and I still think you know I'm going back to the Czech. Check pills I think is a little light on. All if it hits all the right things up but it's later on them than I would like them to be where the German pills there at the right level. I'd. This is kind of interesting to look at two DM pastime hassle softly it's something we've talked about previous shows as a flaw. Just saved appear from possible best of show round elimination it would just go through all of in the you know parents and her little tongues of the judge. As far as you know all in in the guidelines have what's an error one beer is critical and another in where her you know we tell people with a few sanitized. You'll always end up with the year or drinkable stake. It and you're gonna hear the words a lot if you haven't heard of law already appropriate for the so that the amassed noted that in this you're talking about appropriate for style. All the flavors and the one that Tim wants to winning now. Appropriate for file. But I'm gonna have to side with at this point just as we don't have all week. That that. In cool percent more puts you get on for style and again this one's just stepped away from the line little. Will may be just hit the fainthearted. Really well made and one of the things that I loved about this beer we work with the German petals and malt and it has this really delicate. A needles. To a when you were a long pale malt and missed checked pills even the dog and agree with him and stayed maybe it's time for that ago. That Knowles is perfect that's really try. To be honest I really loved the beer yeah it and it's. Super. Super drinkable if you got this in this if this was the pills and you're getting from Salem bats are nothing like that you'd be really happy. Because it's got all the nice delicate flavors it's just less than I think he should have wouldn't hold your breath and Mercury athletic offer. I thought on what could be this one's a check pills could be just a bit boulder. Police for goodness agree this morning and really well. And bring it to us. OK so from four to three our remaining. And trees a strong Belgian now. A Schwartz fear that there are your current lawyer and the German pills as well we've we've had. A little discussion about that the two. The dark European. And the pill bitter your payment up the strong Belgian haven't heard a word about it and got him you'd mentioned you're reading words down preaching so you know just to introduce us to this spear. Before going from three to what words of yearn for the Belgian. I think the words for the Belgian was Denon. It. And Belgian bonds actually kind of an a new style. Even in Belgium it's not so who's been around for 300 years. So the breweries that actually originated or else the makings here. And in this actually tastes almost exactly like one of the hallmarks appears that you get from Belgium. And it's kind of why we didn't talk. On too much. Country. I don't think poker and they're a little earthy and a little boozing. Again this can be a strong style. But. Heat from alcohol. I think Texas stuff off the life. Fifth. So we have that we have the German pills which you you two talked about extensively about in the outage reports here that that's the one the dark one it's got the rose the net engrossed in his two it seems. It's it's. Schwartz Spears' style beer of that a fight blindfolded you and debuted this beer the first words audio mark wouldn't the oldest is a dark beer. So it shouldn't be. Coffee roasted it shouldn't be dark chocolate tasting. Their can be hints of those things. But they shouldn't be out front. And I think this one's a good example of that I think it's got the the really soft. Knelt good that the gross characters that you're gonna get out of this isn't going to be like Thompson coffee it's going to be more almost like a milk chocolate. And and possibly milk chocolate with just hints of turmoil and and it. I've been searching for this beard this Schwartz here and since I got back from Munich and. One of the bills were there last we went two of mica. Beer hall and drank German beer and I drank like six of this perfectly. Well. It was ship and I've been looking forward everywhere and it's that this is pretty close to what I was drinking that night and I was just in love with them so it it's. My tong I mean just fantastic. Lest lest jurors in Germany ticker group of people on a beer vacation. And we went to this office beaten path for that you would never hear the name of the country Marie that you hear about people tell stories of Tony one of these stories now that they had a beer called it sent 200 people attached to the brewery with an outdoor beer or in the price set 200 more. You couldn't find 200 people within. Thirty miles of that place but people show up there. There. Short pier was. He's an overused expression to die for and it was gorgeous. It's 4% incredibly drinkable flavorful but not lose the wonderful soft round. I'm an analyst for recruits in mind that it's off balance balanced a mistake I'm I'm good talk but you can do and time. Well I'm actually I'm I'm gonna flip that that things on him it's that right now because. You're risking what I wrote down. I only wrote on the check Merck foolish words there. I knew that was gonna win. Right away. First sip I didn't try the other two Beers after it but that was my opinion that Pearson's and tried. So. I'm thinking not again. The showers are always those ways to go for go from elimination to say okay we might have a first place. If we're to talk about the swears there it's the only thing I think we need to say. Number one market talk about the for spears then that I couldn't because I'd be drinking swimmers here. It. And urgently coming out of work here this is the kind of thing that is not that unusual where. As judges sit around talking about two were three left like. Boy both agree this one's the vast right and you you come the first place. Before you come to second place you don't necessarily have to count now I would say very it's here it's more positive points. Harder. And the other two again diligent bulls really go Beers really well brood tremendous job. But. This one is a nearly religious example of this I'll. And I agree 10100%. I'll agree if I don't have to put term. Hundred intent. A dispute gives a hundred time present myself. Hopefully there's somebody out there was who entered a sport spear me Carty accidentally said it was the only one anchored who meet the doing jumping directory. It's not a beer. You see a lot around our military and make it's it's it's an uncommon style it's hard to make even in Germany with the right ingredients it's hard to make what makes this so hard to make. To get that balance of the nice multi flavor have the hops via just a balancing note. Known as we didn't say or they use hollered talk ops leaves tightening hops it's not that noticeable it's just their attic to keep the mall for being too sweet. There's definitely dark multi year by appearance of color little hosting is in the nose. But it's not roasted Barley it's not English talk football this not that big. It's it's a nice soft everything is playing in harmony. Everything's gimmick along very nicely on this playground. And could feel the re Sorenstam and anybody's phase. This is also appears that it doesn't last long. And in that not that you drink it quick but. If if you let this sitting around and it's not gonna taste good three months from now because it's such a light. Alcohol beer it doesn't have a huge amount of alcohol or malls and keep it keep it going for a long time. And so you have to get this at the right time as well and sold them to refer this made a beer that was able to last long enough to come it's to the competition. So it in and it's as an almost perfect point right now. Yes if you have any and is reluctant different strict. And I definitely. So we've got our winner we are where. Now we go for the second boys who who show grab the crown if the winner is unable to perform his or her duties at a science and don't go anywhere just yet they get the OK but not the session. We do it two Beers these guys have them both at very nice things about won't rank them number two and a reprieve when we get that we have to break here. Wrap up this. Judging its best in show of the Niagara homegrown homes through competition here yes in fifteen point. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means either you're home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger's additional be there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need now Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot count Snyder tradition home brew. Pay them a visit and remember to just Pruitt. I welcome back wrapping up here and tiger efficient just threw it funniest in 1520. Gerri what advertisers we've had tea. Two part special edition of the the best in show judging of the Niagara homegrown home brew competition to her talk of flying by isn't. And Tim Collins a grandmaster judge for BJ CP right got that right bulls here we've already awarded our best in show I believe we. Agreed on that we beliefs Schwartz fear the one dark. That is the winner best in show we do have. Two Beers whenever settled between second and third place via Belgian strong and the German pills so. Take it away I think UV said nice things about both. And markets at all the time to save some bad it was German tells was on the chopping block two or three but then got saved ago pills. Tells us out mentally bills is it and tells us to. If that's. You don't we knew we do remember I believe birds trying to keep all the peer to himself and wants an over here and he. And to place there right now is deserving of for the real judges but a judge will wanna put a splash on top and it doesn't need to be much. It's just something to refresh the carbonation two to bring them knows. Back up to the pop. So and appear like this where it's kinda delicate that way and it's a good thing to do. So exalted as a sort of trying to decide tendon area give you the play by play everybody has just gone for a re fresher on both the German pills and the Belgian balls and so we've got two really good Beers here. Which is the pastor of the two. And this is one theory that if I can interlude for a moment. Initially I said in and what these guys are trying to really leave out. And and I have to admit there were other judges that say that YouTube attendance. Would not put Belgium on to the final three and they've proved that wrong here my Golden Retriever was named shenae all right oh. He's done them so in any of the bureau when the competition live. Will undergo Belgian triple. But it just goes to show you have to kind of when you're judging leave your or kind of preferences odd in the first thing I said when I said late about the Belgian artist. It's very appear I don't personally. Like it just hit some categories that I don't personally it doesn't mean it's a bad Peter I think it's very well done but in. Yet you have to take those kind of personal. You know preferences opera and and lesser splitting over here you really wanna go home that day than you can probably bring personal preference is back. Now here's here's your story of why you should of the spear America to Belgium a couple years ago were in honor of gents we were out at pops festival beer festival. From everything in Europe they call it something I'll stressful it's really possible. So we did we get back to our hotel and there's any music mob. Playing in the courtyard hotel people that showed up. With instruments and playing as great joyous music. They wheel out a heart with to pick your readers and it. Spread Amal bit and they start pouring this Belgian blond ale in goblet. He paid a Euro deposit for your glass if you walk away with backlash you've lost that Euro. And you've got this goblet class and got this beer cool rainy kind of crappy day in the plane under this. This beer and music and that day and you would love this thought yeah this thing. Like trade idea of the deposit on the nice appear class because that you can walk out with a very nice classy feel so guilty important part. So. But this beer is it's it's not our armed. Hot day refresher. This is cool damp doesn't a bad football beard and if your home. Kind of gray and rainy outside to watch the bears play the vikings. As your beer. All nicely for breast pocket she's in Xavier but this this is a very well done. Version of it I'm gonna reinsert that alcohol seems aloha. And again not a big flaw. Just takes that step off the line. The other thing I've seen is that that as this here warmed up a little bit it didn't stay quite as true to itself. The fruity character that balances the alcohol and in the displacing us that you get in there. From the from the east it's feed it a little bit so it's it's been the balance on the beer has shifted a little bit as we've set here. And I'm in a 100% agreement with stupid that one should go number three. Am tempted him turn your comments the positive on the German pills. This one has not come apart as it has really held together it's it's every bit what it was from the first pork to last pour. And this this is you know as all of these work. Really well brewed Beers on this one is just closer to dead on for style. Then Belgium won so great Beers all congratulations brewers. You have while owed us seven times. Well we didn't do a traditional. Score sheets. You know we're looking at a look at these or she's the score she was gone for the categories ST dew category is a for the categories you elaborate score sheets and the best in show is generally have more of this type form right is more the rock star moment. You know get out of my court it anymore that's the year. You know then why it is. Personal scoring your your trying to rain and make gutsy you can see the format they went quickly what's obviously out. What's obviously and now. Well there. And RC well since those Springsteen inaugural Ross are up we're looking for the Springsteen here this thing can play for four hours and nobody wants to leave the arena. And I think we've got house now. And it would make sense mean if you got fifty Beers you're gonna have to shrine numerically assessed values all of them to try and separate. The ones that are worth a second rose second go round and an investor show. And it's not uncommon for competition to in that first round you've got two or three words those judges are saying. And now we got to you know 3838. Era 37 and a half at thirtieth let's look at those again. And build two upcoming mini best dish film and in trying sorted out there. And 37 and a half might get him signed score boards moved up an extra point. Because it's just a little closer and where they taste of him in the ranking that data mining had ten Beers one was the first one was the tenth. These law goes into. And to give you an idea that's different day different judges and in one of these years. Was actually. Tied for last place through one of these pierce it's when he was tied for last place in the judge's. But they felt so strongly about it. They couldn't knock it out. You know and I mean it will be added up the scores it's a Demeco back we do we sit down even extra mileage these we try to knock out one of these two and it was like now we leave and I'm. You know they both made it on our initial impression they're gonna the move on what is it when you zoos type a last place remained only raced up the com scores are literally two Beers. The American blond ale or gamble. All of the German coast there when the judges actually went down in the scored them these two were both tied you I wanna say 34 and account for. Third the 35 and a half points so they word that I am by half a point. I. And we were going beyond points we are going down quarters arm so it was like your immediate Tiger Woods. Really quick discussion do we eliminate one of these and then a very quick cancer now we're both on the boat time. We can't meet the judgment right now and given to women in Los Joyce last place for buster shall not last play yet it's on yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it was first place in its category. With you the last entry to slip in for us to show up in and called on me I. I've got to stay with us this is an eighteen beer competition. In most competitions we have around here eighteen Beers is a category GAAP. OK so you see you may have eighteen pills and isn't normal competition. Put them the quality of these players for eighteen Beers we are having trouble when we got down to five out of eighteen. And and normally we're running competitions or maybe 600 and some entries. And have 28 peers on the best to show table and and it doesn't take us long to get rid of the first fourteen people. So so the this was a tremendous competition. That you can't see it now but Tim and I've actually broken swept trying to trying to get through this. Will the the initial idea in the initial concept Niagara mall was and we want to put this on for feedback now so I think the feedback has been theory good out of all the Beers maybe can tell you bunkers. And no there's no there's no grassy and is now Huskies got it now and there were a few hours I know who these were there for sponsoring rooms so the decided to step in all angering to try to get into his competition was a scandal last porch. The needed area porch or in the BRD enemy hatched on. Set up. But they wanted that little extra push and that says and so. People are probably interest that no at home right now were the winners and walk walk off home runs brewers aren't aren't. Now so we got our first walked off we have in third place with his Belgium blonde male market Babbitt. He is unclean files from clubs he's not a club right now so you creation opened up and taken. In second place with his German pills we have Kevin that are and so who is in a club in my favor I think he's and I don't know its home berth. Arm in the and in first place which is fort spirit that we will probably be talking about two other people who work here for the rest of today. Arm is Jimmy Ivey and he is also on claims of fuel and OK you guys. It's either number I'm blackened timbers are from getting to the phone numbers. Tim hers I was actually the originators one of the homegrown clubs in the area. And then sultans of swing again and that's not actually my home group club itself. Opportunist who we can do it to capture some brewers. And we are having a case being in store today so we have some of these beer soft over you guys wanna come in and you wanna try some of the piercing ink and they you know what you heard people talking about eight you wanna. And the case those yourself. Com come on in and so will be drinking beer. All day in talking with some of the people who need it as well. Have a chance come on down. Tim and Tim the Tim said at a known as the Kansan on the judging community news and you have a hate you name him to sit on this joke one here that's my favorite now you really don't know wanna know what they call. Well gentlemen thank you very much for your right your services and thank you to all the entrances well yes thank you very much I threw everybody who are Entergy you do wonderful beer we kinda threw a lot of hoops attitude to jump through in new you've got through all well and you did a great topic you can throw scoops so new ball new bring products factors and you put together some real perfect Beers. They'll do it for us thanks again for listening and makes these regulations to our winners and we will be back next Saturday same time same channel ESP in 15:20% in the morning at 9 AM. Until then go over yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're season through or just want to get started president 1296 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to work online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.