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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara tradition home brew here's your host Jeremy White. First diced her. Good Saturday morning welcome it's neither traditions just brewing on ESPN 51 Jeremy White with Byrd dies to the last two shows you were listening. We were. Judging and breaking down the Niagara homegrown homegrown competition. We congratulate all who entered and had fun tasted some really good Beers in this competition. When I stopped in the store this week you guys still have a couple more of the orders kind of a little the last remnants yes that was left. And so on Saturday when you came in we had the Pete Hastings and so we have some of the people who entered as well some of the judges Bob from. And packer mall in and we did epic tasting and it was a big success. And the winner of the competition joins us on the you know fallen about Jimmy AV who had the Schwartz spear. Which was when I went in. I was looking for morbid Jimmy because when we tasted it here on the show I was a big tent. And unfortunately it was and lots of you gonna make some more for me. I I'd be interest power AGB congratulations and I welcome Michelle. Thank you. So tell us about what's our with a recipe the Schwartz fear that that wins this competition. What's the inspiration how long have you been making at the or anything like that. Well the it's actually the first time needed. There was. It was an inspiration. For a steer saw and a Turkey magazine and I believe in December 2010. Some eight published they arrest PRs were spear. To commemorate the the legalization program in Oklahoma. In two out of ten being an Oklahoma. Ira I saw stressed burial like rely they don't symbolism and there are nearly did bill's sponsor his. Weston what sorts limited short spirit speak. They used to victory malt personalized personalized victory success. An independent and so I really tried to toast Aristide's camp in the Packers mind. And Fred in my ordered them out in October 3 party this year and you don't make all the the proper students sauerkraut the pickle they X. Genuinely make a Martin forms so. I'm immersed in back in March. And Abbott jockey box have been astute (%expletive) sucked so bad history in one ear so I wanted to make a second year the party united artists shorts purist he would be great opportunity. To make it first party and just happen to coincide with this competition. As sole. Arafat and a little loose. To be opportunity for me tickets and beat back to see how well was the most. Extremely surprised. If you're he had the October fest party. Yes. It would our report for. Our. That's it that's how it's on October fest in Israel is an Indian you in Germany to do in September September October was a beer a big hit. Oh it was there was. The not mark actually went first. But there're a select few people that are really really enjoyed the spear. Better than the person out one of them. Not audio to do the party prefer this beer well and now looks like copying make in this they were target apart. Was it a difficult beer to make. And. Now with atypical it was packed assuming mostly because our own blogger for. For a period time for the party so it would don't. It'll be smoother here. I better tasting beer. So it goes it was typically attract assuming that the actual brewing brewed it was was released on who has to look at night needed here to make. Because at that Dumars and beer and made. I really focused on using as much major Gregory selected not but this spears you know just in America increased local ingredients. Our and while with the biting greens for. I saw the entire mall there to honor our current about it and I can decide ponies that built and all of Appel bought it and it is going to post. And it just happened to be that. Arrest again over 80%. Of the principle that mall so that's why injured appear in the competition. Very cool about this is a bit of believing question but Jimmie how many competitions have you entered before. The proper sport. So on I'm sure that's making a lot of birds out they're jealous right now I can tell you I've entered you know well over doesn't competitions. And with the past mostly you know updated 108 years of bring. I you know apple and a social. And anything from small scale competitions to large and it's tough to have your beer not only. Matchup to style but then as you song we did the judging last two weeks it really has to hit. You know of the notes that taste in the memory of the judges to it appears that they've drank commercially in the past and you're really hit those marks for all the judges. I've. I bite Dow appreciate. Uttering you're saying I edit and I'll trust that I have a feel that they looked brighter epic it pretty. Seven buried in a very thankful and grateful I had no idea it would it would do so well. And still kind of in disbelief and shock basically. Well I'm sure the local clubs will be trying to contact you soon has to fight over you for the the other local competitions with her. Here I win great year venture movie actress and. Ontario thanks again for joining us tonight congratulations on the competition victory congratulations on a spectacular recipe and spectacular product and great back story Tutu exactly six years. Thank you as Jimmy AV who is the winner of the Niagara homegrown. Home brew competition. Great competition great entries and a great champion Greg has to show there. From the Schwartz spear from Jimmy I'd pack on the other side we're gonna talk about well national learned a home brew day witches are around the corner but a certain styles. I PA's that that we've talked about before. We've touched on it once or twice with some questions who we never really devoted some time too so we're gonna do that and I just made one so I'm ready for. That's next on night attrition just brew it here on ESPN fifteen point. Jeremy White here for Niagara. Tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger's additional be there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become more season brewer on our can count. On nighter tradition to be there with the supplies and the advice I need Irish edition home brewing supplied. 1296 Sheridan drive near military entitle wanna open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. And NT home brewed dot count Snyder tradition home brew. Paid him a visit and remember to just Pruitt. Welcome back to back traditions just threw again he gradually so as to what Jimmy AVR winner in the united homegrown homegrown competition stories. Schwarz here national earned a whole group date is on the way. You have November 5 and so we're gonna have all of our usual major festivities we're gonna have a beginning during class and the tickets for that will be available online soon. That usually starts about 11 o'clock morning and runs 202 PM. At 2 PM will start are all green numbering demo and tasting so will be offering beer. The OB a lot of experts here to comment on how bordering beer and answer your questions. The you might have futures looking into all seen growing. You amber were also be sales and we haven't determined what those sales are you apple wall watching on the next couple weeks. So demo. Tasting classes all the good stuff that's coming up on the fifth the day is then and now they'll learn homered is the fifth is that Al. Almost around two the first Saturday guy ever you gotta gotcha it's exactly like armor being the seventh before but it's the first Saturday November so you guys are open and good to go for national learned homered we will tell you about that of course many times in the coming weeks. All right one of the thing you want to mention stainless steel for renters. Something that I am very excited about the size you are going to be using one soon and also popular for posts. And beer wine Ian tiger me here's our stainless steel from a terse. From now these are not your. These are. Basically and ten gallon in fifteen gallons stainless steel buckets. And they also have evil locking the lid on the top that has an axle cone all wring your titan in the small amen hole. In the middle fear airlock so these are absolutely perfect for a one people who are worried about. Since his nation and wanna be sixteen their ferment her. Or relief and there was some horror. Two and a tiger's also great for those making say wine insider who were pressing. Or crushing from right into vessels is going to be able to take a lot more abuse and plants so if you need to stir in depressed in the container. In arc and worry about scratching the nature like you would play that's not so these are. Much cheaper than in all other stainless steel options for fermentation. I think a little bit more. Easy to fall in your norm tempering your team will say. And the price is a lot lower you are starting in about a hundred dollars compared to most things you chronicles. They're starting up fight country so if you wanna Bruins stainless steel you want a complete. Airtight seal. This is by far the cheapest way to do. All right so. Even out the for those at the store at nine tradition ice onto our style of the day knew wink and style I've PA's. What makes the New England style when you talk about that Vermont style and why we call Vermont's council will look first at the the classic a year ago won the pennant defying the John a few detail American Pelé though. Was you know possibly define price Sierra Nevada in that maybe you know on mirror can I PA was defined by a stone or rogue. Arm on the East Coast in the kind of the horror. Recent bring explosion. You've seen the kind of style amount index of the New England or from months ally PA in the classic example was heady Topper from the alchemist I've never had a head Topper I had one or two over. The years in this is I think why that spears becoming so popular with home brewers. There fairy few. Rees doing these Vermont style IP it's just not that many they're they don't have large production. In their fourth they don't have a lot of distribution. So in the last few driven up through the mercies her friend has gone or you worked out of Bure trade we'll send notes is that. We'll see a very valued puree now penny but he Bure trade so if you go to Vermont and picked up. You know twelve pack you won't have problems getting rid of two or three cans on the way back. Hum. So that's usually how you had heavy can't just go to your local beer story now in. You know our area of new York and by Etsy basically had to travel had to trade. And debt said. Even if you went that way it might not always be available because it is so popular because it's such global production numbers several other you know operate during these are whom does one. Some offer local marine company's Q1 I know beat pitched a one that's you know talked about a lot. But again the reason why I think a lot of people home during them it's because simply like in the beginning days wondering if you can buy. Union something I think we kind of look over right now and growing is that you basically can go into your Sri story in pick up. You know examples of probably easily dawson's isles appear in any good grocery store probably you know three quarters of the BJ CP styles your going to be fine. Regular grocery store. 1015 years ago we were lucky to find a brown male you know coupled on German or traditional style loggers. In May be peek at that hear them somebody at minority then you know purchase at all. And talking to other poll numbers about. Buying in conceiving the years when you would see him at the trees are mute scheme from Alex heard about a big foot if you saw that there you grabbed up on because you could H. So just like 1520 years ago scarcity relief kind of drove home growing. These from on AL are being driven by the number by the same scarcity you can't get and so he might not be trying one int hole you rue. And therefore they become a popular favorite for a lot of numbers because not only can. It's something you don't often get to try to something that your friends even if are going out too good beer course might nod off and get to try with a couple different characteristics that rule we can talk about northern the hop profile when you put those and how the cloudiness. The club audience comes from two different things in Tennessee this with a different recipes. Some recipes is pretty simple with the you know what has something like we we flicked oats often and it. In there doing this to kind of build the kind of preening but light. Body. Of the government TP Aso you're using a lot of flight to probably and choose polls are to some American two row pitcher based. Arm bigger also been in a lot of things in there to combat the Hopson had had pretension and yet body without adding any significant you know coffee year. You know real. Large car in two flavors so you wanna look at like American ducks from all German terror foam also fleet oats whole mall. Seems he can do to kind of build the body and also. At some chewing some he's had the beer. Now the second part of the haze comes from the load of trying opting that you usually two on one of these governments alike PA's so. They have some bickering tops the may or may not have some flavorings props section you were talking about you or earlier with your group. But the definitely. An overload of finishing in. Try things oh. You know after fermentation is complete after the boil your loading up appear with tons of trying. And that tends to actually make appear Cloutier itself. Sometimes. Who will you also sometimes seats not just cloudy elect chunky. Chunky yet. And and again that comes from it is the kind of mostly copying profile with these Beers. And we talked about before with the different times you like your beer sit on a dry hop. You'll end up with different flavors. Well the real juicy flavor secure after in a Vermont's style right PA come from theory short term aging on the hops. Sybase you this lower new sometimes oracle repeatedly with this you know kind of light delicate mall built. In and you. Very quickly after fermentation. Thrown on just a 122 week strike opt in to really looking for achieve equality would really suggest one week. Drying up time. He and you're gonna move on. In you don't get the time for all the stuff to kind of settle out. Like you normally would when you're sitting appear on dry out firstly to three weeks warriors having something at a secondary. In because these. For a chop these juicy flavor to sleep appears you have the with a low too juicy. Go away over. And so if you're really trying to join him at their peak are also putting in Montana compiling them while freshening and consuming them while they really don't hear of as much time to drop out. All year. Author yeast all their proteins and you know anything left over from the hops and when it comes to using the hops you know flavor comes vs drowning he's Vermont's styles it's. Normal to really not even use a few that labor and a lot of homer recipes are really haven't seen any commercial recipes and receive news recipe for heavy operate like that. But that definitely seems to be Trenton and that really is what he sees. And I PAC sneaker from c.s are not you know beer set. Ball State you know hop heads are definitely creeping on the also appeal to kind of now on how pads while people who normally only drinks a from pierce or something like that. Really like peace pierce and those are kind of flavor you kit that different you get from not boiling Thompson not having him in the for a fermentation. So it appeared that perhaps he put into the peer into the port evenly into the oil. One you're gonna boil awful lot of Q Malone a lot of airmen Alex that you would otherwise keep. In your also gonna lose close here mastering fermentation from the sheer production CO2 taking those flee for out of the beer. So when you do these stripes who really retained those flavors. R&B you also really kind of lose some of the flavors and if some of the more bitter elements that you get from adding them to the oil. And these are really kind of some of the fourth one. Flavors now. You have eight or country truffles those and you also. You have to use a lot watts hops team kit that efficiency there. So what that means is you're treating and efficiencies you're gonna have to use the law cops are gonna do all this you know kind of finished copying all in the trying hopping. On but you're gonna yet this wonderful juicy fruit flavor. For your troubles. To the juicy news deferred in his comes from the dropping when you say more hops less time. You've got to. So us us. It's not unheard of to dry up a fight he'll bat with five counts of hops for anywhere from we've seen three to seven days is probably the most common. You're really starting to lose in kind of a Jean's mother flavors after about ten days two weeks so you really. Three to seven days that's all you're keeping them on their and I have to admit is one another it feels kind of wasteful. On adding five ops which would normally through an entire pale and he just for the dry hopping on this year only to sit on the air for a couple of days. I would recommend kind of to get everything count and giving the hole for meant for swirl after a day or two to make sure you're giving some you pierce cycling through the hop. And when they make appear like this right you are fined two Ryan popped in my primary from inter with the act so I don't wanna do this in part we it's really worth from monsters and show their own. But I like to put mine hops for these kind of Beers in a bag if I'm doing lead especially that way the under the dry hopping I can hold hops out. In ring amount with money you know. Some quotes on you know sanitize bust I can and the reason is because you only get three to four years out of eyes ounces. A belief pops amendment merely a lot more eager to your poll on a six pack out of here now out of your and that's. That's a deviation from normal practice when you talk about. How to handle especially when you when you have like one out half the amount to dry up and figure talking about losing five ounces appear it's not worth the risk. When you're talking about appear that your going to purposefully consume as fresh as possible. And you're talking about losing. You know six beer. You wanna get all votes. All those pierce back off from the tree and get the pressing kind of you know school ringing up these hops. Major and a lot more kind of efficiency of those troops he flavors are looking for. And then when you go back you may be able to use props and at the cheapest labor so the Vermont sciele I've PA any other. Had a note super citizen tricks like what what what you can do mean it. You've talked about creamy and it's about Malle feel like as mull the Dexter and something you use in these are non IE I would like to and to be quite honest on the I think better ones are right hand. Have used that because of the rights of theory very neutral sweetness and neutral body to appear. For talking about how we don't want husky we don't really want any karma only flavors and makes an easy way to do it. So instead of using crystal ball since that abusing. Like Munich or something like although we do often see you know Munich and funny Maltese Pearson's while. Arm that's going to help you build your body. Armed you're also probably can use English style dailies or some kind of controversy to Wear the east in all laws that what the heady properties was. And there's a lot more information that's available from if you want it in. Just about every and for liquid he's now. Has the version. Of that east which a lot of people. Clean to beat Washington style east and if you think of body tense yellow appeared can he can pick who lean mean now feel on the and low attenuation finish it and it CYA east is so popular and that's that's a London style oil doesn't quite end up. The kind of fruity elements as say some of its counterparts. In woods our yet species. On but still lower attenuation. Really great mouth feel the hand in this that's a great excuse to use all those wonderful new topsy combined the might be sitting. So few spots in New Zealand or Australian ops that they're talking about stone fruits are talking about. You know tropical fruit flavors those are prop two wanna use in the spears it's a great excuse to use. Seven ounces of a new experimental pop if you want to include a home. Like galaxy if you if you still have some galaxy lots you know moat who aka as one that. We did. Like two year career wrote that was really popular but also on mosaic comment now would be great opts for PO like that's the 438 used. Have that one is that they'll have one now may be looking back at them because I made what amount to be like a parallel with that that probably would have been a great candidates and not even bother with finishing in just used for dry out yet. And the other thing with that paella I willfully so they are making. It just goes to show is super. When you. Don't end up even if you Cory beer it's not what you're planning usually will disappoint and even if it's agree beer from what your goal to. But at 430 it would definitely be a gory crop. For purely this is you were talking about kind of felt over UC last time yet might the you know. It just felt sir Peter Meehan like if the finishing cops are at the parallels proportion like I wanted to more crisp so. And probably you know one slight variation to make on that. All right Vermont's style New England style IPA's Eddie Topper is the gold standard mortgage mentioning others harp who owns harper has won. And they know on paper and one from big picture that was really great up their hay burner the but they don't know if I can't remember too because it's when it's in the cans. Very good. All right well let's one more time remind ever won the November 5 is national or the homer day. And you guys have everything going on major festivities so for new and wants to get involved it's not the website yep you will be cool giving up its website. A we can also get them in short or or the phone if you want to is while. And just a reminder to anybody who entered the home and home competition everybody got prices which you can pick up in stores any time yep let's hear names and more prices you have. And unless we hear from you in the next two weeks surrogate email. After two weeks we will be sending your boss or she's back out if you want to her come on in recap me that your core prices that now will be sending at least score sheet and some smaller prizes. Within the next two weeks. Are. Are well that's all right till next time if you been looking for Vermont LP can't find any combined Goldberg yourself. It's. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Rock you've by night for traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.