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May 6, 2017|

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It's. It's. Do you like here you wanna learn how to make your own beer it's time for just Bruins brought to you by Niagara traditional group here's your host Jeremy wife and her diced her. Good Saturday morning while an acquisition just bring. One feature went for guys they're happy Saturday. Team. No holiday for now there's not as I say it is not a single break the you have your weekends oh. He met with him all right that the Pro Bowl and national football this weekend either too silly if you are. Why don't openly if you're someone that's kind of committed to gonna launch in sports and stuff it's you know can also are kind of weekends so good brew weekend. I would gusts up to what you know about before we get into the meat of the show earlier the eleventh annual art of the year. Is on the way. March 3 thirty dollars for tickets available at Niagara tradition and this is an event that we've talked over a couple of years the big one it's a fun one to. On because it's a fund raiser that Sobel it's a little different than Mike the usual beer fundraisers one. Thing that we keep getting compliments back out to. If that arm we bring in not just a local breweries from members is not necessarily appear tasting. Specifically this is a fund raiser for vet bill and immediate tons of help from not only local breweries but bars but also restaurants as well. So one point other. Beer tastings the food is included. And it's not just gonna be pretzels and pizza hmmm the restaurants always to a great job of bringing out some excellent dishes. And he really go first off the kind of fits with scene. Offs we've seen restaurants and Marreese worked together to make those kind of food and beer Perry. And so that kind of stuff is just you can really nice when it matters in their annual you're coming home from work he Wanamaker there may be your coming straight they're thinking order need to get their first. Com hunger. Because there will be food. And it's march 3 marks the third out tickets available at night tradition in the event is up at the town man hurts and cultural. Falls. Com. And you'll repent and that wants them. Now. After that. Is the deadline for a while the amber ways agreement rowing competition deadline for that is march 12 this year judging to be on the 24 and 25 so. Get started on your Beers now. For a while because that's. That's the mother ship brightly debts. Benefiting big ornament in New York that you know with the over 600 entries reliably every year. It in them makes it harder for contestants but a lot of times that's what you're looking for me that your gonna get better flights. You're gonna get better competition with in the flight. On injured and have a better selection of Beers. Now while with lower your chances of winning it increases the amount of information and feedback you get on the speakers. Arm and so I think a lot of upper some kind of has a snowball effect whisperer. Trying to get their peers into this competition. To get the best feedback possible and then when you do win. You get to know how many Beers you beat out and so you have apple but it Brighton too you know if you are for small. You know competition and say there's only like eighteen entries in the win. Are right. But it there's. Fifty to 75 in your category. You know and menial mortar break. And there are other competitions of the way you guys are drops not just for a while but from the ones up and over unique is always comes right after it walks unique the upstate New York home climbed one have more information and a packet of information coming to this week some time. Up what we are also a drop off that light for unique. Now that means if you're coming in turn toward the end of BA walked that line in 21 country and great group couple words and they also put together Corey competition they come in the work. A little bit and commerce come to judge for a war Gartner. Fellows go over that there's some kind of singular relationship. And with them having their competition about. Two weeks usually it is four weeks after. A walk. If you have a beer that wasn't quite ready for they walk won the set out to monologue like I don't think I got a you are quite. The show I should have on this beer at Stanford in two unique haven't given another chance. And so drop your written your Bure. Models offer both. Again tonight for a while does march 12 Sony dropped the ball off that day you're going to be in in fine shape that entered through different competitions. Are other things going on at the store. Pre ordering hop rise on its own little funny because it's critically winter coat on this when it and this this schedule lately with the with you know planting in and everything when it comes to how are the ground is an grounding frozen I'd imagine a hop rise in the top schedule in. Has been completely thrown off the last few years. Aria and this year looks like it's going to be no different looks like we're going to be giving him early because we're thirty starting to get some information. Are from some of the growers we work with about what's gonna be available. And how much it's gonna cost and soul. Work and open up what the pre orders. Next week sometime. And if you've ever thought about growing hops is obviously a number of reasons to do it. If you pre order you can basically you know is a commitment to my issue. You've you've you've ordered your rise owns and you're an opportunity to add them in your garden yeah in in their prime you can pre order with options you can one you can come into the store. Talk to us with inferiority without advance payment. But we can also pre orient ship it right here house who soon as we get it we're gonna put it with the ice pack. Into a box words on the team said notification we. Sending rice on your way. The other good thing about the pre order is sometimes there's limited varieties I think the big one last year with Archie ace. The birdie you know was kind I think on the fence about ordering when we got it in it with the first one ago so on the nobody pre order and that being for one ago a lot of people wish. That they got on that early to take a look at what's avail the Berger have multiple listings to Seoul as we hear back from different virtual CS put up war rise so check back again if there's. Certainly once you're looking for there's anything you're looking for that you haven't seen us on the pass let us know proper Salina on the website and we'll take a look and see if it's available. When it comes to. If Simmons deciding they wanna grow ops Howell. Easy is it to do you need a year trial is basically once on thank you grow up but how about with other. Elements of a garden I know this year I'm going to be the moves in our house to be building like a raised bed garden when it comes to. Mean cops we talk about like wheat but it grows up it's not gonna it's not gonna Grohl flatly across any sort of soil service. Won't do that you can kind of train it to grow horizontally across offense a lot of people are wondering I would love to use that to cover my chain link fence and you Karen do that and then in the fall be a simple matter of cutting the rice home back off at the ground. It's not gonna Kendall took offense he can just polar right now. Our empathy do make a wonderful backdrop because they're gonna grow Berkeley have these big broad at least in the cover usually the whole space if you're trying to kind of make up. Official beer all worked great. And one of the reasons I think we refer to as a weed is because they grow so easy you know in a variety of soils for ideal locations. And we tell people all the time they're looking at all you write a really should have an open field and you know point put trial us. You're not going just for commercial per dark she but he has a rise omits. Established for 45 years they can tell you at this point they're giving more than they know what to do. And so with any rise homes for five barks. You're in your lifetime hops out of and that's was minimal. Effort had so I would just say go ahead give him in the. So all information on pre order you can get in an email you guys have been sending in all the information you can register at and T home dot com the senate committee now you've got to. And every time we find out about new rise on available send out there. Also hop spiders yeah so this is I I know I have tried to talk people have tried to explain. I don't think very well how to build a hops partner because whoever went for years to just happen in any mean brand once available for. Reliable retail. There is now the main group jacks has popped spider so all stainless steel. It's reasonably priced comes in a box in who's spent hours in the basement cutting yourself aren't stainless steel screen. For anybody who kind of personal accounts fighters yet and it says it seems like spite of all things on the side your pot. And it's a large stainless steel masks canister. And what you do with instead of throwing your opt in to the general boil where they're going to collect rob in the kind of grocery pump maybe works or. You've thrown into despite. They still have a large surface area plenty of room to boil. But you told him that all kind of trying to deal with that would be. You know Nance of ops at the you can poll what's up you press hops out. Pretty lol but more flavor. And really trying to treat yourself from work and cleaning your arms the count afloat Tillerson programming clogs to. Using either. Right back and at a SATA or talk about Irish doubts and Irish red l.s as well. We are approaching that Saint Patrick's Day kind of violence so as you you know get ready for a water may be whenever something for right around that time. That could work root beer for him pad Thursday and to the table so. Will be inspired by the Irish when. Here at night. Jerry white here for Niagara tradition home brewing supplies. You're listening to just brew it which means he. Either you home brew or your thinking about it. Wherever you are the process Niagara tradition home brew is your source for everything home brewing. Do what I did give circuit and you'll be well on your way tiger traditional there to answer your questions give you advice and as I try to become a more season brewer on Norton count. On nighter tradition to be there with a supplies and the advice I need tiger traditional home brewing supply. 1296 shared drive near military in town want to open monitor Friday eleven to seven Saturday's ten to four. And 24/7. At NT home brewed dot com and Iger tradition home brew paid him a visit and remember to just brew it. Last week we talked about Russian styles. You Russian imperial Orioles and this week we're gonna get to a different style the Irish stout as we. Move things along here so. We we we can learn the history of the Russian style last time. Let's start there with the Irish felt that history how it came about in what sets an Irish stout apart from other steps. Well the first I was from a little more interest so it if the the Russian imperial stout had a very murky history. The are you are stout has the very kind of clear history because it really focuses around one Parikh and of course we all of that TP. Kenneth they open their doors and sort of during quote unquote style porters and 1799. So they've kind that the foreign style. Andy tempering them for a long time. Now long can it just like the Russian imperial low over the years the kind of recipe change formulations local. Armed but was always special. About on the kind of Irish Beers if you compare them to the English spears at the same time these roasted are particularly black ball. Now the English birds were not really using animals that were part TrueCrypt theory using your number for normal which while their very deep or are. Com they don't really have that kind of coffee. Home that these roasted malt hand. And so they started using black ball about the 1820s. And inserted using the kind of classic roasted Barley. That we know after a wall wart to. All the time one number are still trying to using a traditional pale mild brown in him but rarely venturing into the really dark malts they're having dark Beers but they're using these satellite animals to build up that big rich. Profile. The kind of story of your style to this kind of a story of kind of post war war to. Temporary expansion so it was. Monday's robberies were trying to push their product. Human immune overseas especially you're looking at emerging markets in Australia. On New Zealand in places like that America is so was Guinness. Our but being the kind of won that large Berea I wouldn't have a little bit. Easier time developing a boy ran the kind of associated flee for an end to that program because they were kind of clear. You know single definition of this dialogue and they were really kind of setting that style. To really decided it sounds like the Genesis of the terms outcomes from. Guinness early yet all of our style reporters that the debt to they were making your own variation. Of an English beer. But to set aside your little more rich flavor the reasons blackened roasted Barley in the English were only using kind of the amber my doubled. In it really set the peer up part in any kind of gave it's pitch black collar. But the other thing and allowed he starts at it's pitch black caller with a fairly thin. Body. In that kind of thinks really set them aside that's one of the funny things that you'll ever hear about Guinness. Is people talk about Guinness like it's Tuesday when in reality it's very thin now. There's a reason that some guys don't Elwood avenue to drink six of these and saint Patrick seems to walk home they're up 3.5 percent now. And 22 ounce can not a lot of CO2. And during a one armed so they're competitive advantage says you know he's TV's channel later. Peers often teams like the kind of working man's so here. Why why does Guinness have the stigma the reputation of being a heavier Beers at all mouth feel. Think if you talk to your people there at the acquitted him off the sleeves a lot of and multiply our early which gives that richness and chewy goodness yes but it really actually doesn't make it any. Thicker arm and so it's kind of a perception. Issue any case. It makes you feel like your eating something what you could drinking Guinness if you were kind of hungry it feels like and it's that there's so much to it. Even though I I agree it's not a heavy beer. I I just know if you ever talk about a bar on people that may be on you know Africa's many doubts hers may craft Beers or so ago let's wait too heavy for me even though you know it's not. In that often shows that maybe they haven't tried it yet. Who it is another and others who becomes a there's a lot of I think. People up there we will look at that have V had its just sticking on the beer real fine bubbles of course we know that the nitrogen. In it just you know. Seems to screen meal into glass to a lot of people but. It really is not to fairly thin beard that it's easy going down on nights after case we're not talking about in here for really any kind of Irish stout and put like he'll be missed some peace and that same category and if you look at it. Can it be mr. Murphy's oil we see trying to be kind of an alternative. Guinness and that's give us has won this kind of sets the style. Com and really when you look at like the BGC. Keep guidelines but they'll say moderate coffee like a Roma in Maine have slight chocolate tones or roasted secondary belt. And when you look at that. But the the kind of vital statistics and and you look at the starting gravity in 44 points at the highest ticket you mean before point 5%. And at the lowest seven point finishing gravity. Sounds like an American Kareem. You know when you can look at that terminal stance. Now the arch is always kind of sold are innocent are sold three variations of the spear and really the recipes are very similar. And it's kind of the streaks and such an art course we know that it's. In a draft the kind of act strike in the foreign acts terror for export. And you'll see those go up to you know six point five and almost 7%. I'll put the finishing gravity is still convinced day fairly low. So compared to see the big Russian hacker dollar peak English and pure porter's. Usually even a foreign Oxford style Wallace hire an alcohol. Still has a fairly you know thin body at the finish and on the airports fairly easy to turn. So that from the Genesis of Irish house to. Making them you know last week we talked about making a Russian imperial and whether you might need to. Have two different yeast pitch to for yeast because you're you're you're gonna have so much alcohol so much sugar the trees up making an Irish stout is it even easier than Barack. One of the easiest Pierce's. And I think it's I think it's theories so if the the Russian imperial stout is it's appeared emperors of spire to and then find out what he this was easy. The easy when you're looking at it in easy when you actually do it I mean you're looking at a very small clean bill. You know kind of low amount of ingredients that can last. Margin for a year because of and you tend to get relief could efficiencies. Arm in the Irish tennis stout is of one of Beers a panel of two. Give proper recipe. Because that fits the mold a cheap recipe in the bureau that it's easy to correct in this that hobby. We're not just doing this to. Get drunk we're doing it because we wanted to do been brewing in your only career Russian tanker stuff you are only offering BI PA's and you only drink too with those tonight. That means only get number one month. Palm so there's this kind of effect here you know when somebody comes and they look for mayors start recipe. I normally given something's gonna take on even an all green maybe 33 and half hours because it's ash times are gonna be shorts are urging its. You know after the first couple minutes of the sparkling aren't getting anything in religious can run it through fast. So. It's gonna save a lot of time and it's going to be pretty cheap recipes are only gonna go over what clicked mind. Kind of no Irish draft clone would be and it starts with five pounds of payable and we do have and our Irish available now so if you wanna go super authentic. He goal rate for the art are small but I've always use English. Two pounds of unbolted flee our own mimic begin this process in a full pound of roasted Barley. That's it for the grain we got eight pounds here. We won four pound especially mole no crystal ball. And it's pretty simple knowledge you can put the optional Porter promise powerball if you wanna kind of mimic the sour matching the Guinness does. This is samples of having cork Powell and the German. Kind of lactic acid base tolerable through either the Dusseldorf normal or determining signaled the German asset malts commute cleaner flavor with a powerball game you'll look back kind of funky. It's now. On one ounce of east can Golding to bitter ending kind of pick your English cheeks you know obviously why east 1084. It's really popular Armitage WOP 00 fours here are rich tale. You can also use you know Windsor Martin's older and you really a couple of different varieties. Com. It's art you know when I mean and striker could be very simple about two and a half gallons for strike about five and Afghan experts barge. Going into a sixteen minute boil and you should be able to get this bureau about three and a half hours. Now here's the kicker. I all added up the total ingredients for the spear you know how much dances like a four pack right usually like ten box right. This whole recipe. Is under 25 dollars. So few. Thirty home Berlin you're looking to bring over something for Saint Patrick's Day upset bringing over there you know 14 pack of Guinness are Murphy's. For the same price bring overhaul tag. An entry will be a lot more popular in the pot party and this is why we we do so you you get enjoyment out of it you also save a lot of money. And these kind of lighter bodied import Beers are the ones who can really save the most money on is this arrest Regis dirty gathered to clone something else it's really a pretty if you go on line is you enter Zia if you search Dennis. You know all draft clone you're gonna see a lot of different yields might see different bettering malt. You might see a different scale mauled but they're fairly open with their recipe. Com and again kind of being a single example. Of the Stein L. It kind of makes it easy to say okay this is what I should have these are one example misses what they'd do all and so yeah if you go on you search. Like Irish strikes out you're gonna find him onto recipes. That are fairly similar. Now if you go online search Irish red ale. That's not going to be a lot more variation there's going to be a lot mortar additionally if you want to look at the stories are ready. I mean that's a little more a modern story. Com. Our receiver for trying to compete with. English personal effort that the chemistry and style pork and other also the competition with includes bidders and standard. You know launch time beer or you know standard later beer. England arm these bidders would have you know just English pale malt maybe a little bit at that juncture like honey. They were able to crystal ball and they would have some finishing cops to. Well Irish spurs kind of want to put they're all. And the VO flare into the English kind of standard drinking beer. Arm and so what they did is they basically took a standard premium paper sometimes may be an interpreter and they just put a touch of they're roasted malt to. On a little bit of warmer you know for your fermentation to kind of kind of extent we toast hoppy flavor. Send me the multi flavors but really it was just a very simple English better with a little bit roasted malt now when you look at. Even are you were travails today prudent lawyer and there's kind of variation you see some that are com going to know really have any roasted tones that I think about his formal yet you see some there amber. He could rupture roughly almost takes exceedingly Porter something like that early an old style you know pot Phil Porter there. And then you look over at the America is. And the red mail can be just about whatever you want it and it seems like in the home person I'm not to think purging that's that's a lot of times I do myself. You end up making what we call the martial law fail you hold it up to light when your all said and done it in your gonna either Paula or read health or brown ale. All because it can be a little copy can be a little roast he doesn't have to be either of those two does have to have a little bit of a red color. But can be almost all the way to Perot you know. I'm so it's really wide. In a variety of styles one's really been kind of the and keep Pallet I think have the a lot of preparers. It seems to me that red. Is like the lost word when it comes to. Beer because it never really the because you're ordering a beer and UC read the universe are needs me I never drawn to it. It never it doesn't tell me what to dearest. I think that what you're saying almost a new standard. Color of beer yet who I don't know if I'd I think it started noticing is about 56 years ago. All of and we went to dinner last night we had. The Belgian triple we had a punch a single cut. I PA's and looking at everybody spear at the table even though we ordered a big variety of start up. Just every year McCain to tables local amber rat. Com and thinking craft breweries who sought more specialty not being used. Opera star wanna hold back they wanna put in that little bit of you know were small to wanna put in that little bit of a rich crystal ball. In so that we can nude default color of craft Beers slowly turning I think to you know kind of this number rat. And I think that's a bit. Yeah might make it hard sell red beer but I mean. Think he says it's marginal people usually but they're out appeared tasting flight usually go to the fringe and like I wanna always this way way that way and read can sometimes just feel like well what's around dale you know with Toronto to me I've made a red double for a red Irish Allen. Who's very popular and I've never made one since that probably should because. Peel people like him. Oh yeah no and if you wanna talk about they have that same factor because really starting grab these are going to be similar to the stand there like our air strikes stout so it's another one of those Beers. The your minimal recipes easy to drink could crowd pleaser not a lot of time numbered. Com so you're looking for another recipe economy for Saint Patrick's Day you don't wanna meet the stout and we're doing the Saint Patrick's Day show here. But we wanna give you the time to brew the beer. All right. The eleven Daniel art appear on more rundown of the stuff the fund raiser which is going to be marks thirty can pick up tickets at Niagara tradition. A thirty dollars of those tickets the a wad deadline is the twelfth of march you do have time to get brewing in. I enter something in a water and again Internet answering to the unique hot competition as well. You can just dropped the same bottles off the drop off they want you can drop modern art tradition as well there's there's no. Set deadline for the. Yeah there will occasional soon we talked to on this week we are drop off point and it's our information packet. So I just want to give everybody an early announcement coming in to drop off year you are appears early you have you know high entries save yourself the trip for human. We'll storm rated makes 5862. Degrees in Tel radio and get into those top prize them as well Purdue got after special variety you're looking for. Give it our mayor or if you just wanna make sure you get higher priced homes this year you wanna get into the ground early will probably struck set another episode prop growing. You wanna plant from his earliest possible don't worry about late frost frost power given in the ground unique purpose the first year. And doesn't Ross all right and if you're looking port saint after Tuesday January 25 dollar pegged to bring to the party better yourself. You do you do. It's. You've been listening to just threw it. Brought to you by never traditional blue. Whether you're a season to prove or just want to get started president twelve by 86 Sheridan drive and tunnel want to book online at and T home dot com and be sure to tune in next week. Another episode just to.